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The Rangers Football Club 2012 are SERIAL losers. It’s etched in their small, insignificant history.

#UELfinal ¡CAMPEONES! Eintracht Frankfurt derrotó 5-4 al Rangers en penales y se consagro Campeón de la Uefa Europa League. #Frankfurt #Rangers #Catragol


Taylor Swift speaks at NYU graduation ceremony in Yankee Stadium | full ... via @YouTube #TaylorSwift #NYC #YankeeStadium #USA

Ghanaian Ansgar Knauff helps Eintracht Frankfurt win Europa League


Whuh? Margarine Trailer Greene says Republicans aren't racists -- But some mysterious group of ACTUAL racists is able to,... scapegoat the GOP into being seen as racists.…

The most streamed female albums on Spotify yesterday: #1. SOUR — 9.82M #2. Planet Her — 8.13M #3. Future Nostalgia — 6.93M #4. Familia — 4.32M #5. Happier Than Ever — 3.96M #6. Red (Taylor’s Version) — 3.96M #7. 1989 — 3.88M #8. Lover — 3.65M #9. Dua Lipa — 3.63M #10. 30 — 3.50M

Pues yo no seré Egan Bernal, pero mi voto si será auténtico, sin intereses económicos. Será por @petrogustavo

and when we find out the august date is actually the beginning of nayeon's presidential campaign in the US…

prefiro acreditar que a nayeon já tava trabalhando no solo dela desde essa época pq é algo que me convém mesmo com uns covers lançados

witness protection secret underground tunnels hazmat suits we need to ensure ramseys escape from rangers back to civilisation is done in the most safe an secure way

Con el tanto de Rafa Borré ante Rangers, son 4 los futbolistas con goles en finales de Copa Libertadores y Copa UEFA/Europa League.


Scenes: Eintracht Frankfurt lifting the Europa League trophy. They are the first German team to win the Europa League since Schalke in 1997. | #UELfinal |

“No defraudaré la confianza que me das”: Fico agradeció el apoyo de Egan Bernal para elecciones…

Johnny Depp y Nodal son el claro ejemplo de que cuando el hombre es el que saca pruebas de violencia, manipulación/chantaje, etc. no les creen o los tachan de ridículos por haber sufrido abusos. Sociedad hipócrita.

Taylor is now on Twitter. Her handle is @tmsilverman, and I can personally vouch for its authenticity. Give her a follow!…

احنا اتخلقنا من ادم وحوا مش من ادم وادم يولاد الاحبه #WeareallIdrissa

حينما يتعلق الأمر بمبادئنا التي لا تتجزأ والمساس بها ،فلابدَّ لصوتِ الحق أن يعلو ،وللمواقف أن تبان ،وما فعله أدريسا جانا يُعبر عن موقفنا جميعًا ،وهذا ما أكده أبو تريكة مسبقًا "احترموا مبادئنا وعقيدتنا". #WeareallIdrissa


.@taylorswift13 offered NYU's class of 2022 some "life hacks," "because now, technically, on paper, I'm a doctor." Watch her full commencement speech:

Podcast @Alden_Gonzalez talks about the Red Sox and a looming sell-off, Bogaerts, and the two teams that might be most aggressive if the Nationals trade Juan Soto; @ToddRadom's quiz; and Jason Heyward's legacy in a Chicago community.

It didn’t end in glory but this is a culmination of 4 seasons of Europa League work from Rangers. The growth in the likes of Tavernier,Jack, Kamara,Aribo,Kent & Morelos in that period has been unreal & allowed them to progress further each season. No fluke,just European pedigree.

Dosta je indikativno što igrač koji je imao ključni fudbalski potez na meču (asistencija) i dao najvažniji penal u seriji (za preuzimanje vođstva) nije dobio ni sekundu pažnje nemačke tv tokom slavlja, medju 10 sagovornika. Bukv su ga se setili kad je uzeo pehar u 00.15. #Kostic

Si los que aplauden la adhesión de Roy, el cura Hoyos, Benedetti, Farc / Comunes, Julián Bedoya y el "perdón social" a corruptos, son los mismos que insultan a Egan Bernal...

La pelada Dizque traición de Egan Bernal por votar por Fico y mientras tanto Petro unido con lo peor de la clase politiquera colombiana...

Entré a Twitter por 8 minutos y solo vi 4.422 tuits de la bicicleta sin cambios de Egan Bernal.

Velma, reimagined. @MindyKaling provides a first-look at her upcoming animated adult series coming to HBO Max.


Kostic comunque se Perisic va dalle merde lo prendo ieri

George Carlin’s take on the modern world would be a priceless ticket…

lil meech didn’t steal shit and he isn’t going to get 60 years. lmao the way they making him out to be a bad guy over something so minor is crazy. leave my babydaddy alone

Bustamante parece un bull terrier

Glasner diciéndole a Kostic que no se quede en Sevilla y se vuelva a Frankfurt para firmar la renovación. Y Philip diciéndole " Me dehe"

James Tavernier picking up the Europa League golden boot award


Been knew lil meech was a wild one. Taperless Niggaz can’t be trusted. Nobody ever listens to me.

Lil Meech Out On Bond After Allegedly Stealing A Watch…

Aún no he asimilado q voy a tener delante a Bustamante peleándose

una persona del barrio del carmen se acaba de achantar para pegarse con mr jagger -1000 puntos de cojones que tenemos

Mister Jagger le hará "el aquello" a Bustamante

George Carlin said you need to teach your children that bullshit is coming, no, teach your children to avoid a shitstorm.

"You know what they ought to do with churches? TAX THEM. If holy people are so interested in politics, government, and public policy, let them pay the price of admission like everybody else." -- George Carlin

Rinku Singh, what a heartwarming story.…

#CricketTwitter in awe of Evin Lewis after Trinidadian's stunning one-handed grab to dismiss @rinkusingh235 seals a thrilling win for @LucknowIPL over @KKRiders #IPL2022 #LSGvKKR…

Aao baccho Aaj khud ki team ko lecture nai de sakta , tum hi sahi .. #LSGvsKKR #KKRvsLSG Gambhir lecturing Rinku Singh n Rana ..


I remember Deib's line in the trailer after Belle said she loves him so much: "You made a promise. No lies. No secrets" With all that trust he has given to her and to tito Boyet, and yet they both seem to have failed him.. HIH2 CRIME AND PUNISHMENT #DonBelle #HesIntoHerS2E5

アストライアにローマ属性があるの今初めて知った…… そして弊デアで育っているローマ鯖がアストライアしかいない…申し訳なさすぎる(なのでマイケルが来ない理由もまあ理解した)


今日のおやすみ 弾きまくる夜の歌 残高665円、ホントならすごいな 現金、ありったけ実家の庭に埋めたのだろうか… ダンス日本一決定戦! もはやバンドよりダンスこそがメインストリームなのか… また明日〜

三角関数より金融経済, 優先度の評価軸がよくわからないし, 仮に示してきたとしても議論になるだろうから, まああれだなぁ...。

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