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imagine being the most talented boys ever, seungmin and jeongin can relate

Thank you @saadimugl for the beautiful cake and flowers

i’m so happy to witness something so beautiful and special like this.

she looks so beautiful i love her so much my babygirl she is amazing


On this day in 1903 - New bicycle race "#TourdeFrance" announced - )Win #Bids and #Tenders in #Europe with @DalbidEU


One Its will always be by your side. #Irresponsible_CJ We will always stand by your side. #CJ_새그룹으로_보상해 Don’t forget One Its are here for you.

Top 10 Albums Worldwide ITUNES 1⃣MusicToBeMurderedBy #Eminem


I did say Farrell had put this trait from Saracens on the map of the refs in Europe. Don't say I didn't, because I did.……

#Prophecy_About_SaintRampalJi #विश्व_विजेता_संत Nostradamus Prediction About Saint Rampal Ji Quatrain 75, Century X Long awaited, he will not take birth in Europe, India will produce the immortal ruler. Who is that Ruler? #WorldVictoriousSaint #SaintRampalJi Watch Sadhna tv 7:30


PlayStation Store Is Selling Two PS4 Games for Less Than 20p Each… #Repost #Sony #PS4 #PlayStationStore #Deals #Europe


Emmanuel Macron's wife explains why French president may look arrogant to others @EmmanuelMacron

#SundaySounds #MLK Civil rights advocate Tim Stevens, CEO of Pittsburgh's B-PEP, (Black Political Empowerment Project, a founding org of @FairDistrictsPA) reminds us: there's more that unites us than divides us. Fair districting is one way to make sure we all are heard.

“This is a case of U.S. sanctions enforcement masquerading as Canadian fraud." Trump's politicization of the #MengWanzhou case jeopardizes the rule of law.…

.@BTS_twt ‘Black Swan’ has now achieved 97 #1’s on ITunes worldwide so far✌️

As #Eminem @Eminem puts himself in the position of the shooter rather than the victims in his video #Darkness & demands more gun control laws which school shooters ignore let's focus on real solutions. @dorner_martina @RayandJoeShow @RockinWOAPRadio…

[INFO] 19.01.20 | O #BlackSwan está em 1º lugar no ranking de músicas do iTunes dos EUA, por 2 dias consecutivos. @BTS_twt #BTS #방탄소년단 ©BTS_graphs


Although Tesla thinks they are protected from the Relay attack with PIN2Drive. But we are still able to open the door. So risk still there. Anyway, we just purely enjoy the research. I hope you guys like this one :p

Eveyone yelling Eminem did not announce his new album, like the fuck? Actually he did in 2009. DR DRE 2020! #wemadeyou ! #eminem

I just want to say one thing about their Go Up performance. It was a BLAST. @SB19Official you never failed to amaze us. We are more than proud, i love you all♡ #SB19on5thWMA #ATinSelfieDay #PUSHAwardsATIN @SB19Official ILOILOve SB19


Fuite de followers... je suis pourtant clair dans ma bio. Je suis le plus souvent joyeux malgré toute la merde, mais pas en ce moment. Là je suis juste en colère. Et à juste titre. Vous avez bien fait de vous désabonner. C'est pas près de s'arranger.

Eviter que la Libye ne devienne une « deuxième Syrie » : c'est l'objectif du sommet de ce dimanche à Berlin. Les dirigeants des principaux pays impliqués sont réunis pour tenter de relancer le processus de paix >…


Si vous voulez toutefois avoir un excellent aperçu de la situation des enseignants et comprendre leurs maux, écoutez cet excellent reportage de @vdesc. Ce n’est pas joyeux, joyeux.…

Cinq minutes pour comprendre le conflit en Libye

Vous savez que Bil à Nancy quand il a fait « bonsoiiiir nancyyyy » j’étais la seule con à avoir crier « bonsoir paris »

アヌシー(Annecy)- フランス東部


she’s literally so beautiful stfu…

BELLA HADID was like to me “you’re a very beautiful girl” I died. @bellahadid

Kok ada yg nyakitin orang seperti sweet ini #EXOLBelievesInEXO9


#엑소엘이_믿는_첸 #엑소엘은_엑소9명_믿어 #EXOLBelievesInEXO #MyAnswersEXOis9 SM 제발 들어 줘! 우리는 첸이 EXO를 떠나기를 원하지 않습니다. @weareoneEXO @SMTOWNGLOBAL #EXO

Exclusive chat with Paul Ince on how Liverpool moved ahead of United once again…

オンエア曲[2020/01/19 13:49] FREEDOM / JIMI HENDRIX #fmcocolo765 ●Radikoタイムフリーで聴く↓… ●iTunesで試聴↓…

Heureusement qu’il y a Marc Lavoine avec son élégance, sa discrétion et son talent. Amel Bent est juste insupportable #TheVoice

écoutez Anne sylvestre épicétou bon sang de bonsoir.

Bonsoir si tu vois ce tweet sache que j’ai déjà pensé à te ken

contrôleuse sncf bonsoir


les Lillois, on souhaite un joyeux anniversaire à notre Claude Couchi qui fête ses 61 ans aujourd'hui, parce que c'est lui qui donne la musique


Joyeux anniversaire à Dorine Jeanty, ancienne collaboratrice de Ticket !


Joyeux anniversaire à l'animateur Chiwawa !


Joyeux anniversaire à la chanteuse Alexa Cherrelus !


She's large & in charge! This sweet girl is the pick of the bouquet & loves any attention you give her. Violet is an older girl that still has a lot of energy in her. She can be selective about her friends & likes to meet them first before going forwards. Come by and say hello!


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