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#FaceApp Hande Fırat'ın 15 Temmuz gecesi Erdoğan'la canlı bağlantı yaptığı telefon "Hafıza 15 Temmuz Müzesi"ne konuldu. Hadi şimdi gelsin iPhone-u Şerif


Tickets to #Saints Training Camp presented by @Verizon open to the general public on Thursday but you can get early access tomorrow if you are on the Saints waiting list! Sign Up Today:…

Me, when good-looking people are trending #KurtaTwitter #SareeTwitter #ShadesTwitter

im confused if you don't have money for treatment in America do they just let you die or like??


Macron vs Trump. Yellow Vests stop Macron taxing French more. So now he taxes hi-tech megacorps (many US). Trump rides "America First" pose so he threatens France. Likely another failed threat (like those against Canada, Mexico, China, etc.).

It's time to bring the 2026 World Cup to Kansas City and introduce the world to the Heart of America. Here's how you can help.

can’t believe when i was young i used to rate america so much

Just got @away. Next stop: Area 51

I really wanna try a slick pony but I look like an alien with my hair pulled back and I ain’t tryna go to Area 51 and end up having to stay cause they think imma cousin or sumthin...

Me voy al area 51 a cazar aliens


You know what, biggest question mark I ever had will be solved if you guys could really raid Area 51.

If you're tagged on this post! Congratulations you've been termed Saanp! #WorldSnakeDay #SnakeDay #SaanpDost #BewakoofBelieves


Dear snowflakes, being in the military is hard, it's meant to be. A war fighting organisation is not a branch of the Women's Institute, it's members are not saints, they swear, they call each other names, but they love each other in a way civvies will never know. Just get over it

Okay, I tried to resist, but well.... #SareeTwitter


Funko finally gives us a look at the latest James Bond Funko POPs! Coming soon ~ #FPN #FunkoPOPNews #Funko #POP #Funkos #POPVinyl #Bond #JamesBond #007


Sean Connery was still the best James Bond. The Aston Martin DB-5 was still the best Bond car.



How long will it take for the snake to cross the road? #Texas has 70+ species of snakes, most non-venomous. They're an integral part of our ecosystem so brake for snakes! Know your TX snakes at #WorldSnakeDay

I asked whether the presidential candidates touting Medicare for All would hurt Dems looking to flip Senate seats in toss up states. Schumer says no – and that Democrats would present different options to voters on health care. “Let it play out. I think it’s good.”…

If you want to see how the adversary spin-doctors history to turn the world against the Saints of God, read Mosiah 10:12-17, then see the narratives being spun today against eternal truths & Christ's Church/Prophets.

Luxury Homes, Cars and Yachts: How Medicare Fraud & Your Tax Money Is Paying For Them...


Action shots from @costareports's #PostLive interview w/ Senator @BernieSanders this AM. NEWS! Sanders said for the first time that the price tag for expanding Medicare would likely be “30 to 40 trillion dollars over a ten year period" Full playback:


Adana Demirspor, İrlandalı golcü Anthony Stokes ile 2+1 yıllık sözleşme imzaladı.


Alan Turing: 50 poundluk banknotlardaki şifrenin gizemi çözüldü…

When "Kevin McCarthy" objects to socialism, he means Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the ACA.


Sanders fires back at Biden's "absurd" criticism of Medicare for All


'Arise Sir Ben Stokes' Both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt promise to make Stokes a knight following his World Cup heroics


Royaume-Uni: Alan Turing figurera sur les billets de 50 livres

Alan Turing chosen as new face of England’s £50 note


The #Emmys nominees for Lead Actor in a Drama Series are: Jason Bateman Sterling K. Brown Kit Harington Bob Odenkirk Billy Porter Milo Ventimiglia


Emmy nominations: Lead Actor, Drama Jason Bateman Sterling K. Brown Kit Harington Bob Odenkirk Billy Porter Milo Ventimiglia #emmys

16.7.2014 Arriva alla Juve Massimiliano Allegri 5 anni nel bene e nel male Ecco il vocabolario allegrista, da Adani e Zidane di @SandroSca…

Well my mrs has told me that I’m not allowed my sticker collection on the walls of the flat cos Its ‘tragic’ and will ‘ruin the paint’. But nothing will stop me #newstart

Jeremy Hunt says he would be Brexit Secretary as well as PM, as battle to be Boris's deputy begins…

Team Trump says it's "premature" to discuss keeping #NewSTART limits on US-Russian nukes. Um. When exactly is the ~right time~ to make sure the world's two biggest piles of civilization-ending weapons don't get even bigger? Asking for 7.7 billion friends.…

Climbing Uluru in Australia will soon be banned... but some tourists are rushing to do it beforehand –


Observing my electricity bill cycle since months .. its almost double than what i have been paying every month..& i have barely been home past 3 months to see my bill shoot up.. Repeated attempts of contacting ADANI ELECTRICITY on toll free number has failed. @Adani_Elec_Mum


De vondst bij de ultras van Juventus gisteren. Dat je als groepen onderling ’geen wapens, eerlijk gevecht’ hebt afgesproken en dan blijken die ratten tóch hun raket mee te hebben genomen


Absolutely correct - the ones who want to work the weekends etc are the Uni students who CHOOSE to work then because it suits them & it fits in with their studies #pmlive

Some aged care homes are spending as little as $7 a day on food for each resident.

I would ask all my friends to consider signing this petition in support of Jim Molan. He does truely deserve to sit in the senate. His personal vote was staggering and yet he missed out! Let’s correct that wrong.

.@RitaPanahi on Miley Cyrus going on a ‘birth strike’ because of climate change: People don’t listen to celebrities for advice about who to vote for or how to run their lives… MORE: #PMLive

.@TroyBramston on the Qld council declaring climate emergency: The best way to deal with climate change will of course come through technological advancement down the track, but this is just sort of nonsense… MORE: #PMLive

Mark Latham, One Nation leader on Jordan Peterson to launch free speech website: People need to have a teaspoon of cement and harden up… accountability is important. MORE: #PMLive

Thank you again watching #BODYHACK. Just a reminder that nothing gets made without the amazing and hard working crew. (In Siberia, it certainly helps if you are light, James isn’t). ⁦@bodyhackau⁩ ⁦@Channel10AU

“Neal Brown is one of the coaches that I've been keeping an eye on. He is an outstanding young coach.” - @Big12Conference Commissioner Bob Bowlsby…

Saints players left a club member function tonight to spend time with Richo. Very upset for him. It’s a brutal industry this one, got to remember there is a very human side to it too.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen Andy stressed out in this show! No wonder he’s a brilliant fireman! #houserules

That karaoke machine will be great...........on Gumtree in a few weeks.. #HouseRules

I love Mat! He and Tim are so damn likeable! #houserules

Is George closing the press club cos he doesn’t wanna pay his staff properly? #masterchefau

As annoying as she is, Larissa is probably the only one who takes risks when it comes to flavours. Even if it is 478 ice cream and panna cotta flavours. #MasterChefAU

How’s Larissa’s head going to fit into the room now? #masterchefau

It’s almost become a knock on Richo to talk about him being a good bloke, wasn’t hard enough etc. But he was the model of a modern leader - compassionate, engaged, genuine. It’s what Hardwick and Buckley get praised for changing to. But it’s what he was from day one.

Seriously, #NinjaWarriorAU is awesome TV. Kids love it, parents on the edge of our seats, and top it off with such inspirational stories - so good. So so good


Royal commission hears aged care residents served re-used, cold meals in 'race to the bottom' - ABC News…

read this headline as if maggie beer was turning up to retirement homes and just going to town on cheap meals lol


“How can Adani (with their very checkered record) have the right to obtain private information on our scientists? No way!” Adani justified in demanding names of CSIRO scientists, deputy PM says | Business | The Guardian…

Me pulling Up To area 51 in my My dumb ass 2015 Falling in that portal Honda waking up in horse land


What Alan Turing £50 notes mean to the LGBT+ community: A sign of social acceptance. Milestone. First openly gay person to feature on a UK banknote. My views & those of others on ⁦@BBCNews⁩ website…

Alan Turing, el geni de la computació que va ajudar a derrotar els nazis desxifrant els seus codis secrets, serà la nova cara dels bitllets de 50 lliures a partir del 2021

nadie: mi alien que rescaté del área 51 luego de explicarle quien es peña nieto y enseñarle sus memes:

“I lost the perspective you need, that clarity off the field as much as on it." In the new LifeTimes podcast, former England batsman Jonathan Trott @Trotty tells @dickinsontimes how his mental health suffered amid England's success. Listen:…


"hello am 48 year man from somalia. srry for my bed england. ı selled my wife for internet connection for play "counter strirk" and i want to become the goodest player like you ı play with 400 ping on brazil server and ı am global elite 2. pls no copy pasterino my story."

Richo's press conference was absolute class. No matter what you thought of him as a coach, you have to admire his honesty. The fact that so many players re-signed with the club under his watch speaks volumes about his character.

We're looking for CBT practitioners, especially in Wales and East of England to join our accredited national therapy service. If you would like to become an Anxiety UK approved therapist, please follow this link to find out more and apply: #BABCP #CBT


La Bank of England ha rivelato che sulle nuove banconote da 50 sterline ci sarà il volto di Alan Turing, una piccola ricompensa alla memoria di un uomo a cui dobbiamo tutti qualcosa, ma ciò nonostante fu trattato malissimo


Alan Turing to be on the £50 note in a couple of years time. Very well deserved in my opininion. It is said that he shortened the second world war significantly, saving countless lives. Many believe the Apple computer logo is a tribute to him.…

Oh FFS, just stop interviewing Pauline Hanson. It's not that hard. I used to cringe at her. Now I cringe over the people who are so desperate for click bait they still put her on their shows, despite knowing she's a basic cut-and-dry backyard-bbq racist.

New £50 note celebrates 'war hero and father of computer science' Alan Turing. Not Many Will See It!…

Il matematico Alan Turing sulla banconota da 50 sterline…

The father of #artificialintelligence Alan Mathison Turing gets his own bank note in England:

Ben Stokes came up with tweet after winning WC…

Thinking of my friends in #Ubud, #Bali where I’ve heard that there has been a substantial #earthquake — prayers for all of you. @baliinstitute #ARMA #ARMAMuseum @barc4balidogs #VillaKittyBali #BaliDogs #BaliAnimalWelfare and many other humans and animals there.

Blake has been disrespected and should be a 90 #2KRatings @NBA2K

#CSIRO has responsibility for #ADF #defence #science the leaking of defence cleared #scientist personal information to a foreign multinational is #treason #auspol

Live footage of 76ers fans going to bed after facts, stats, the rest of ya'll on this app, and #2KRatings rating been teaming up on Ben Simmons for the last two hours.

Ahhhh the best day of the year rolls around again! #WorldSnakeDay!! This is one of the more elusive Australian pythons, the Woma (Aspidites ramsayi). This one was found not far from Uluru, NT. There are plenty of reasons to visit that don’t include a disrespectful climb!


Emails obtained under freedom of information by environmental group Lock The Gate show Adani gave the federal environment department five days to provide "a list of each person from the CSIRO and Geoscience Australia involved in the review".…

No person who respects religious beliefs and in the freedom of religion should ever support anyone climbing Uluru against the specific wishes of the traditional owners. Discuss. #Auspol

[ABC pre-prod meet] "What've we got?" "Blair Cottrell! Fails court appeal!" "Racist! He was convicted for mocking Muslims by beheading a dummy" "Yeah, as bad as the people holding the signs 'Behead all those who insult the prophet'" *awkward silence* *heads explode* #ETW

Uluru climb closure won't hurt visitor numbers, says Parks Australia.… via @ABCNews

BREAKING , @AdaniOnline Is A Fucking Joke. After Rigging Townhall Meetings , Providing False & Misleading Jobs Figures , Illegally Drilling Bores , Promoting A #SuckenAsset @M_McCormackMP says #Adani If Justified In Demanding Names Of @CSIROStaff #auspol…

Politicians have put a fence up around parliament to keep people from walking up it (as it was designed!) for no real reason - now whinging about Uluru owners banning mostly grub tourists who shit and piss and dump garbage. Fix our ability to walk up parliament hill first!

Brett Ratten got the Blues into finals in 3 of 5 seasons, played a highly attractive brand, developed a heap of players in different positions. Worst year was 10-12. Sacked after a 11-11 season. Saints fans would take that for the next 5 years if he got the gig full time

My tip is Ratten was employed for this very scenario. Put a finals trigger on Richo for this season, knowing a finals berth was never going to happen.

Caretaker coach on multiple occasions Alex Jesaulenko - 1978, 1980, 1989 Alan McConnell - 1995, 1996 Neil Craig - 2004, 2013 Mark Harvey - 2007, 2013 BRETT RATTEN - 2007, 2019 @AFL Note - ignoring temp fill in coaches because of snr coach being away for injuries/state duties…

I’m actually more concerned now to hear that..... My suspicious Saints mind says that Brad Scott will now be the front runner and that is why Lethlean has distanced himself and president heading it up. Hope I’m wrong but cant imagine Lethlean giving up role for any other reason?…

Far-right extremist and convicted racist Blair Cottrell fails in supreme court appeal bid…

please stop joking about brad scott taking over st kilda, it’s triggering me. if brad scott coaches st kilda, i will be 1000% done with the team & i’m not ready for that kind of break up

Defining period in history for Bassett, Lethlean and co. Get it right lads. Big decision this next one.

Reading reports that Alan Richardson is set to step down as Simon Lethlean’s assistant at St Kilda very soon?

why the fuck did pauline hanson unblock me. what is she plotting

Right-wing activist Blair Cottrell has been knocked back in his bid to contest his racial vilification conviction in Victoria's Supreme Court

Here's another "civilisational value", Mark. Aristophanes (460-380 BC) on the likes of Pauline Hanson: “You possess all the attributes of a demagogue; a screeching, horrible voice, a perverse, crossgrained nature and the language of the market-place.”…

TONIGHT last episode of #BODYHACK and it’s in beautiful SIBERIA! Here’s my family...


WHITE NIGHT has been shortlisted for the Davitt Awards, which is a very awesome thing! Congrats to other awesome authors @SarahLEpstein @FleurFerris @twitofalili and Kate Hendrick!! @SistersinCrimeA @AllenAndUnwin #LoveOzYA #YAcrime…


Federer, Djokovic and Nadal extend Golden Era of men's tennis

Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep Celebrate 'Magical' Wimbledon Victories at Champions Dinner #PeopleNow

(quietly) a simulacrum movement to storm Area 51 in order to liberate nonexistent aliens is precisely what you get when the idea of storming actual concentration camps to free real humans is barely tolerable even as fantasy in mainstream consciousness

ice police officer girl fucked bagel boss man inside of a hellcat at Area 51 while off 2 perc 30s #RacistTrump


All the Area 51 memes are great but this is GOLD


why do me and baylee bond over sending eachother ccs..


toy considerando seriamente en meterme a la corrida al area 51

This Area 51 stuff is hilarious

Area 51 Update: Air Force declares event "Invitation Only".


Every once in a while I get this nagging sensation that something's not quite right, like when you have a piece of food stuck between your teeth or a pebble in your shoe. Then I remember that Roger Stone is not in prison.

After reading tweets from #ripbianca I’m infuriated with the type of “nice guys” who believe being kind = sex. Let me find anyone who tries that shit anymore, is2g

Hail Roger Federer..!


Roger Kornberg, Nobel de Química 2006: "Sufrimos dos trillones de daños cada día. Y todos deben ser corregidos, porque uno solo de ellos podría causar un cáncer u otra enfermedad. Esa es otra característica extraordinaria de nuestra química"

8 months SHE WAS NEVER MEAN TO ME, OR COLD I HAVE BEEN SO SICK AND SHE WAS AMONG THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO EVER SUPPORTED , ONLINE, IRL. she was an absolute angel, you people who may have been bruised by her was beacuse of how you treated her. SHE WAS A HUMAN not an e girl #ripbianca


I’m genuinely speechless after reading more into the bianca case. I just don’t understand what goes through some people’s heads when they’re about to do something so life changing for both themselves and the victim. She was so young too. #ripbianca

Siempre que pongo a Djokovic por encima de Nadal en el top histórico se me llenan las notificaciones de bilis. Y sigo defendiendo que ya hay motivos para ponerle ahí. Los explicaría pero no me parece que haya gente dispuesta a escucharlos.

Cinque anni fa si diceva"Voglio vedere quel bruto di NOLE dove sarà a 32 anni, mica come il roger che gioca un tennis decontratto e aereo". Risposta: dopo 5 anni è ancora a pistonarvi, e fra 5 anni vi pistonerà ancora, se il roger giocherà per non dover sopportare la mirka 24 ore…

Happy birthday, @heynottheface! Forget Djokovic and Federer, I know who the real tennis sensation is/was.


Anseio por aprovação estimula Djokovic a continuar jogando


i have a confession.. i've been getting hate over this but i'm dating shindong from super junior. please respect my decision it was so hard for me to come clean about it. it's come to the point where i can't be vague, so i'm dating super junior’s shindong. respect our privacy.

.@BLACKCAPS can still file a case in Court of Arbitration for Sport. Eng were declared champions within rules bt the 'evidence' of overthrow count surfaced later. Had it been Ind/Pak, we would've had lawyers lining up to fight this case by now. Kiwis r true ambassadors of sport…

Former New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming’s one-word reaction to the result was “cruel”, while even the father of England’s Kiwi-born match-winner Ben Stokes felt the Kiwis were hard done by.…

I feel for the Kiwis. They didn’t lose that match. I guess the boundary coutnback rule is there to reward positivity but in a low scoring game positivity can take take different forms. Better to do it on group game results (we win) or wickets lost (they win).

#Chapter93: A squid, an octopus and two kiwis walk into a Ballroom. #CCK vs #SPPT. Sunday 28th July, London. TICKETS:… #ThisIsPROGRESS #CheerUpJuice


We ask Jacob the big questions. Hipsters or briefs? And what's your favourite range? You may be surprised at his answers!​ #aussiebum #QandA #undies #favourtie

Yo, imma be stuck in this line for the next hour so to pass the time: Ask Me Anything. #QandA time! I’ll answer to the best of my abilities. #AMA #AskS1ap

If you climb/climbed #Uluru you’re a racist, and don’t say you didn’t know because we all know and ignorance by white privilege is not an excuse.

.@Big12Conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby is looking forward to seeing Neal Brown get to work in his first season with @WVUfootball. Story, @ByNickFarrell:

My cultural heritage lies in a country I’ve never been to. I am indigenous to nowhere. Culturally stateless. Our virtue is measured in a tally of our ancestors and that is a mountain I can never climb. #auspol #uluru #politics #australia #religion #history…

Getting some friends together and taking a shit on the altar at St Mary's Cathedral in a show of solidarity with Pauline Hanson.

Bob Bowlsby on Neal Brown: “He’s somebody I’ve been advised to keep an eye on for years.”


Bob Bowlsby: "Neal Brown is someone I've been advised to keep an eye on for years."

Classy response to ‘disgusting’ question #qanda


#QANDA #factcheck Poker machines in RSL clubs are a much bigger problem in Victoria than in NSW (or other states)?……

How did Jim Molan get to be a General? I wouldn't trust him in charge of an indoor plant. #QandA

Hi @LindaBurneyMP I have a huge amount of respect for you. You are always so composed, eloquent and dignified, even in responding to an incredibly ignorant and mindless question, as you did on #qanda tonight. You are inspiring. #auspol

My face when Jim Molan ruins my question #QandA


Jim Molan cops out on veterans and the corruption in the RSL. How fucking disgusting. #qanda

Jim Molan is a sell out. He has no morality, no empathy. He's a bloody disgrace. #QandA

In a tight packed field, is Jim Molan the nastiest, meanest, least redeemable old white bastard the country has ever produced?

The Helpmann Award for Best Musical goes to Barbara and the Camp Dogs by Belvoir in association with Vicki Gordon Music Productions Pty Ltd. @belvoirst #Helpmanns


News: Tim just won The Helpmann Award for Best Australian Contemporary Concert for BACK. #Helpmanns #TimMinchinBack…

The Helpmann Award for Best Australian Contemporary Concert goes to Tim Minchin and Live Nation Australasia for Back. @timminchin @LiveNationOzNz #Helpmanns


Sam Curran takes 6-95 as the Australian XI lose 6-17 in the first hour of day two to be bowled out for 397. Travis Head remains unbeaten on 139 #AusATour Scorecard:…

Mi alien volviéndose al Área 51 porque se le olvidó allí su pijama y su cepillo de dientes


Lord’s confirms woman was ejected from World Cup final after repeatedly shouting “cricket means cricket”.


This King!!! Give us a 'supportable' team and, trust me!!!, Black and Asian people will turn up. Remember the football World Cup last year? Every Black and Asian person you know was supporting the England team (hashtag - not all of them). But we couldn't support John Terry...…

Get in the boys !! Not only did the England cricket team change history yesterday and win the WORLD CUP but I'd say their biggest feat was having me on the edge of my seat and running around the front room for a game of cricket !! #WorldCup2019Champions #EnglandCricketTeam


At the Netball World Cup being played in Liverpool, the @SPARProteas Ladies have won all three of their opening games inc a defeat of the team ranked 2nd in the world, Jamaica, Brava! Ha-la-la! #WorkZone @jacarandafm…

England dominate ICC World Cup Playing XI, 2 each from New Zealand, India, Australia #WorldCup2019…

This is the most effective strategy to raid area 51 tho will need @elonmusk 's help


Area 51 verstecken die bestimmt die ganzen funktionierenden McDonalds Eismaschinen und die Angestellten die eigentlich am ersten Fenster stehen sollten

#WC2019WithTimes #CWC19 #WorldCup2019Final #ENGvNZ Was decision to give England six runs after ball hit @benstokes38 bat a big mistake? READ:


వరల్డ్‌కప్ ఫైనల్‌లో ఘోర తప్పిదం..! #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ…

Fenerbahçe Kiah Stokes ile "devam" dedi…


CRICKET World cup 2019 Finals: NZ score 241-8 ENG score 241-10 NZ did not LOSE & ENG did not win the50 over game. SUPER OVER: ENG Scored 15-0 NZ Scored 15-1 NZ did not lose and ENG did not win the SUPEROVER Then why the f**k are ENG World cup Champions & Nz not? #ICCRules

Yahi super over National stadium main hota tu har ball py boundary hoti

Ben stokes to Buttler in super over #EngvNZL #CWC19Final


England’s Cricket World Cup winners played a super over and a lot of people made the same joke.…


A moment came back to me out of the fuzziness of last night. I was slumped with my head on the table in despair as the game finished and the Super Over loomed. A security guard came to tap me on the shoulder and asked if I was alright... Some people just don't get sports.

England won the Cricket World Cup for the first time after New Zealand matched their 15 in a Super Over but lost on fewer boundaries scored in the match after an extraordinary final at Lord's was tied. #NTVAtOne @IdahWaringa


You have to read the New Zealand PM's account of the World Cup final…

The Helpmann Award for Best Female Actor in a Musical goes to Ursula Yovich for Barbara and the Camp Dogs. @belvoirst #Helpmanns


Scoring 578 runs in the ICC world cup 2019 and his outstanding leadership that led the Kiwis to their 2nd successive World Cup final. This champion rightfully deserves the title of ‘Man of the Tournament.’ Congratulations Kane Williamson on being such a miraculous player!


Pauline Hanson is concerned about loss of tourist dollars from people not being able to climb Uluru but she's not worried about the same from the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef? Why on earth could that be?

Commissioner Andrew Colvin was a deeply flawed AFP boss. He presided over overt politicisation of the force, culminating in an historic assault on Australia’s media freedoms…

Daisy just said on @SkyNews that she heard someone say Bob Brown is a CAVE man. Citizen Against Virtially Everything. Ha! .

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