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I'm on the BBC World Service here in a few to discuss Conor McGregor's victorious return at UFC 246. Tune in and so forth!

Impresionante demostración por parte de Conor McGregor ayer en el #UFC246. 40 segundos para acomodarle 19 madrazos a Cerrone, y no recibir ninguno. El tipo, además, tiene una fortaleza mental de admirarse. Por eso @TheNotoriousMMA puede caminar con esta confianza:

Great night of fights last night! Who do you want to see McGregor fight next? #UFC246

#INDvAUS It's a great learning curve to play against the best in the world: Aaron Finch after 1-2 series defeat…


#IStandByAsim Whts wrong with these people.Why do they target him every wknd.Kuch na kuch bhalta topic pe!How can he be blamed for Himan's broken mangni.What did he do. He ws vry respectfully honest. Agar utni maturity uske fiance mey nahi hai toh woh kya kare! @BeingSalmanKhan

#INDvsAUS | 3rd ODI. AUS: 286/9 (50) Smith: 131 Shami: 4/63 IND: 289/3 (47.3) Rohit: 119 Agar: 1/38 India won by 7 wkts.

Spring semester begins Tuesday! Get prepared for your first day back with our new campus map:


Nuestra labor continua. Milagritos estaba en el medio de la carretera en Cabo Rojo. Estamos con ella de emergencias en el veterinario. Coopera: * ATH Móvil: 787-612-8587 * Paypal: * Correo: PO Box 538 Boquerón PR 00622-0538 ¡Contamos contigo! #Sasfapr


If you think music is too vulgar these days remember that Loretta Lynn (the OG Queen of Country) wrote a song about her husband being too drunk to get it up in 1966.


Jika dia memang ingin pergi, mau sebagaimanapun kamu berusaha menahannya mau sekeras apapun kamu memintanya agar tidak pergi, dia akan tetap pergi.

We don't let 17 yr olds work 20 hours a week at Chick-fil-A because every time someone brings up laxing child labor regs people jack off about how you just want to send them to die in coal mines, but nobody gives a shit civilization is built on the backs of 3rd world child labor

If you’re not moved to tears by race performances this morning, you have a heart or stone!

Big news: "@RepJayapal a rising star in the Democratic Party's liberal wing and one of the most prominent women of color in Congress, is endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders for president."…

"Liberal Indoctrination of our youth" Why? Because since 1973, they've had less and less of their own kids to raise, and still need Party numbers. How do we know it's struggling? Because they're now tryna get illegals in the Party. Just some things to think about...

The post-Orange Book Liberal Democrats are the last free market rightwing party still standing in British politics. There is no meaningful sense in which socialists can form a 'progressive alliance' with them.

#e2341 now has over 90,000 signatures. It’s the second most signed parliamentary e-petition ever. Do you hear us now?! @JustinTrudeau @BillBlair @liberal_party

Eminem “Music to be Murdered by” expected to sell 325K first week.

A privelage today for @Princess_AUST Sun Princess to be the first #cruise ship to return to #KangarooIsland after the bushfires. Hopefully the first of many cruise tourists to return to this beautiful island and support this great community #BookThemOut


theres a us space force now? sign me up thats a dream

mf's been trying to cancel eminem for like 21 years and they still can't lmao

When you are on the sidelines, being a Labor cheer squad member, attacking people who have been at the coalface, so to speak.


Talking up South Australia to the rest of the world. There’s no better way to promote God’s country than while the Tour Down Under is on. Get on down to SA, watch the race, visit the wineries (ours are the best) and take a trip to KI. You won’t regret it. #bookthemout


Turnbullism is alive and well in the New South Wales Liberal Party.…


“Ok guys, we’re beating the Liberal party by default, which for some reason seems to be our preferred method of beating the Libs, so literally all we need to do right now is not be them and we should be fine” Albo: Hold my coal.


I am sick to death of the waste by this pathetic, do nothing government. $76 million will go to Kerry Stokes, ad agencies owned by foreign entities & public relations morons #auspol #ScottyfromMarketing #ScottFromMarketing #sydneyrain #Sydney #Australia #AustraliaFires #Melbourne


From December: WA Liberal Party treasurer Graham Greenaway charged with $2.9 million ion fraud after native title trust fund theft…

Corruption, nobody does it better than the Liberal Party.…

Never forget that One Nation is a cadet branch of the Liberal Party

Liberal Party president Kiko Pangilinan on the party's 74th anniversary: Lolo na ang ating partido at marami nang pinagdaanang pagsubok. @rapplerdotcom

What #ScottFromMarketing, thinks about global warming is: Hey China: you wanna buy some more coal We’ve got fucking shit tons of the shit Special offer Every 10,000 tons of coal you buy, we’ll throw in the charred remains of a koala bear @JonathanPieNews

Speaking of which...has ANYONE seen the other #ScottFromMarketing recruit...#ScottyFromHammering Cam doing ANY TAFE or trade support or development? How good is ineffective celebrities earning more graft from politicians?…

Valete: ayo 360 em breve manos! Valete: ayo Homolibero está quase! Valete: ayo Em Movimento vem aí! Eminem: mais um álbum, com 20 faixas, sem avisar.

This generation is used to songs about meaningless shit with a catchy hook. Times have changed. Doesn’t mean Eminem isn’t still top 5 of all time tho…

Some ppl hate on eminem because he’s lyricist and he says controversial shit in his songs. His bars are so complex you literally have to listen to the song multiple times to catch the double entendres. His music nowadays is for smart people that catch bars

Camo in space?? Stars on a black background??…

The show went on, with the help of some 'wiggly friends' who wore Page's signature colour.…

check out this site for beautiful designs by artist Greg Blanpied Shadow and light work ... 3D printed candle holders that shadow out amazing #SacredGeometry #FlowerofLife


so help me fucking god if greg goes i’ve truly got nothing left...…

20.01.18| معلومة ذهاب بانقتان لـ الولايات المتحدة قبل الموعد المسبق هو لـ الترويج، بقي أسبوعًا على أدائهم الأول لـ Black Swan. لذا من المحتمل أن يكون جدولهم الزمني هو التسجيل المسبق لعروض أخرى أو أحداث جديدة وغيرها. @BTS_twt

Os cara discutindo que o Eminem é mais rápido que o twists por "meia sílaba" meu cérebro só consegue gritar ""VAI SE FUDERRRRRR'"

Noone: Absolutely noone: Haters to Eminem: "i hate you but i need you"


se re pudrio todo xq eminem tiró una barra haciendo apología sobre un atentado jajsjajj si supieran q fifi tiró "tu flow está muerto mac miller" fifi is canceled

After all the comments I’ve been reading on #ScottFromMarketing , I’m 100% convinced we have the most pathetic PM in history as the leader of our country.

”I spoke a lot to Virat (Kohli) and watched a lot of videos of AB (de Villiers) and Steve Smith for that matter and how they build their innings,” says @klrahul11 #INDvAUS

Mosman Rowing Club donates paddle to assist Bridget McKenzie escape shit creek… #BridgetMcKenzie #ScottFromMarketing

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