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how im going to pull up at a Kpop concert when they were talkig shit about juice wrld

Study for exams or listen to juice wrld all day? Hmmm

walking into Monday like #WW84

Urge to UK government to cancel it's arms trade with Israel. Weapons are used to control, injure and kill Palestinians. Sign the petition for the government to #StopArmingIsrael


Men truly think women only like things for male approval. Listen to kpop? You fancy the idol. You like video games? You’re faking for male attention. You like anything that men can’t misconstrue as for them? Then it’s stupid and gay anyway. #h3h3isoverparty #h3h3isnotoverparty

Listen. I'm not a fan of K-pop. But it is genuinly unfair to condemn an entire culture and fanbase based on only the toxic part of the community. Because /no/ the entire community isnt toxic. Its just the loud ones. Like with /all fanbases/. #h3h3isoverparty #h3h3isnotoverparty .

Oh Mr. Spinney, you have changed so many lives! I'm so thankful I got to meet you last year and tell you how much impact you had on my childhood. My classroom is a better place because of you, RIP Caroll Spinney AKA: Big Bird #CarollSpinney #engage109 #Carusoway


In my lifetime that has seen Whitlam, Hayden, Hawke, Beazley, Crean, Shorten and Latham as ALP opposition leaders I can genuinely say none of them have been as utterly pointless as @AlboMP. Why does he bother? What is he trying to achieve?

Where’s the leadership? This is a national security issue, an emergency and it needs action and a long term plan. It’s not a religious debate ffs. #qanda…

The scary thing about the climate debate on @QandA earlier is that meeting the Paris targets is not enough for the alarmist community. But no one can tell us the cost of going further, not even Bill Shorten during the election.@QandA #qanda

Finas CEO, Ahmad Idham will leave his post in March next year. This follows a request by the director to shorten his two-year contract, citing personal reasons.


Me: I want to live as long as possible Also me: Lets not sleep and shorten my life span

Dr. Manhattan: Angela: MOTHERF*CKER

Juice Wrld - Who Shot Cupid -------------------------------------- Listen to the FULL song here: Love you juice Miss you man You helped connect so many people. Mental illness is fucked. Drugs are fucked. Life is cruel.

I'm glad dr Manhattan is a nigga in the show

Fallece a los 21 años el famoso rapero Juice Wrld, tras sufrir una convulsión en un aeropuerto

Kpop is a fandom that spans the 4 big descriptors. But a fool who looks like dirty melted ice cream that talks out the side of his neck with some xenophobic, homophobic, and tiptoeing over the line of child sexualization remarks can't get that. #h3h3isoverparty

Me when Jon/Cal/Dr.Manhattan got taken #WatchmenHBO

Hey guys look I'm trending Ok But for the real reason it's trending Who gives a shit. K-pop stans, by doing this, you are literally proving Ethan's point #h3h3isoverparty


the first draft of Dr. Manhattan’s human disguise


if i do another promare cos i think it'll of them... i like them


I don't want to come off as snotty, but I am surprised how many people don't know the song from the #WW84 trailer. It's such a widely used song, it seems odd. But whatever, let's give New Order some love either way.

Made Galo nails for @mezbee_ to go see Promare today~


Muchas gracias embajador @ezesabor por su labor diplomática en acercar los pueblos de Argentina y #México en el sector empresarial y también en cultura. Éxitos en la nueva etapa.…

#Viral La artista fue crítica a la hora de hablar sobre los funcionarios del Gobierno que no cumplen con su labor

❀┉┄┈┈•✧◦•✮•◦✧•┈┄┈┉❀ Thank you so much for coming into my life❤ ❀┉┄┈┈•✧◦•✮•◦✧•┈┄┈┉❀ @Stray_Kids #stayselcaday #SSD #STAY #StrayKidsComeback #스트레이키즈


A good watch, especially from 5:00 minutes. Frank. Honest. Open. #AUFC #ADLvNEW

Well done Albo in supporting the Coalition’s position on Coal exports. The people of QLD appreciate your stance even though the majority are unlikely to vote for you because Bill Shorten was busted lying prior to the election & the anti Coal lobby is embedded in your Labor Party.


bueno como ya sabran, mi nombre es Alma Giuliano Albo, vivo contracturada y soy fanatica del chocolate, amo los abrazos y a Ariana Grande, soy fan de la musica de morat y el olor del jazmín me da vida lit, me encantan las peliculas de disney y reir #dinamicabyalmilla <3

10 corners Jesus

Mano Eu achei que ia ver Jesus agr, fico tudo branco, tmlc chega tô tremendo

It’s about Jesus being present with us. In sickness, in trouble, in jail, and in every situation Jesus is with you. He is hope when all seems hopeless. #ThrillOfHope @scottvenable @NorthWoodChurch

In the past your mouth has shut down your season... not this time!! Shut up!! #God #Jesus #SundayMorning #tphonline @tdjakes #tdjakes #ShatteringTheNorm

INFO #CCPP L'Impact de Montréal s'intéresserait fortement au défenseur central et milieu défensif Joel Waterman, natif de B.C. Bon gabarit (6'2"), le polyvalent Joel Waterman aura 24 ans au mois de janvier. Son profil :…#IMFC cc @sofianebenzaza

IF*, IF*? Wilder comes to fight every fight.…

Tulog na mga bata. My takeaway from Marriage Story is that I miss writing love letters. I miss the feeling of pouring every bit of raw emotion onto a sheet of paper. In a way, I articulate my thoughts better in writing than speaking and I wish I had someone to write letters for.

Brendan Rodgers explains why he went with a diamond to pack out central area, saying #AVFC like to attack & commit full-backs, thus leaving his strikers 2-v-2, adding he always fancied his two against Villa's centre-backs. BR has luxury of changing systems, says it's vital.

"I don't want to say that three months partying didn't affect me, as to tell you the truth it kind of did." At least Andy Ruiz is honest! Watch:


According to the marriage agreement, the woman solemnised the marriage with Shivam Trivedi, who allegedly later raped her in December last year…

binging with babish’s recent video where he talks about depression and realizing he was in a failing marriage > marriage story (2019)

Sorry but second half was inexcusable. Everyone knew Wilder would have them wound up. Yet we came out as if we were having a kick about..Dig in, sit in and ride out first 10 minutes. No excuse, today we looked like Premier League cannon fodder

Aun no supero como quedó Overeem ayer en su pelea.


watched it maybe twice for the whole year. The whole system is rotten and #insiders is part of the system. didn't miss a thing.…

Would you have given this out? #SheffieldShield

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