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City Stadium to be renamed Joe Kadenge Stadium after the a successful request from Raila Odinga to President Uhuru Kenyatta.…

#DemissionDeRugy et la couv’ de Riss pour #CharlieHebdo et dire qu’il aurait pu être président ! #Rugy #touslesmemes #touspourris


"No vull tornar a la Lluna. Vull anar a Mart", diu Michael Collins, un dels tres astronautes de la tripulació que va arribar a la Lluna #Apollo50th


1973 jimmy page is my prince eric


I heard that the former president is advising the current president on how to promptly respond to issues of 'isolated security' incidents. That's life. One day you are in Aso Rock, another day you are on ordinary rock.

Tuhaise: What would you want the president to do? Barnabas Tinkasimire: Nothing. He has been the Head of State for the past 34 years and nothing has been done. #NBSMorningBreeze #NBSUpdates


#Secondus who addressed newsmen on Tuesday in #Abuja, said insecurity in the country was escalating and called on President #Buhari to also resign. #DailyTrust #Nigeria Read more:…

do it marvel studios, have Thor 4 lay the groundwork for the next big endgame level event; The War of the Realms. do it you cowards.

thor 4 directed by taika waititi

we getting thor 4, black widow, john wick 4, the eternals, 355 2020s r for the gays

Thor 4 should be called "Thor 4: The War Thor" only because it sounds pleasant to say.

What if Thor 4 but it’s about jane.

harry styles is playing prince eric? we didn’t ask for this

My daughter is 13 today. Gorgeous, intelligent, kind and fun-loving. #Proud


prince eric is being played by a white man

of course he would play prince eric. he’s fuckin perfect…

Just sleeping in the shadow of a Moon Lander on #Apollo50th No big deal.


50 Years ago today, three Americans aboard the Apollo 11 spacecraft were on their way to the moon. Relive the mission in this NASA historical film @NASA #Apollo50th

Lots of people have theories about Neil Armstrong's "one small step" quote. Here's what we really know about it #Apollo50th

This is a week for reflecting on where we’ve been and where we dream of going. I hope you’ll make your way to Seattle’s @museumofflight for #Apollo50th #Apollo11 #DestinationMoon this week (or at least before September 2nd)!…

Short version of the Uluru issue: the legal title to Uluru and Kata Tjuta is owned outright by its traditional owners, the Anangu (since 1985). Like all property owners, they have the absolute say over who gets to climb on their roof. The end.

I've been on the public record saying that Newstart should be raised. It's too low. It's inadequate. Here's my take.…

#ObamaWasBetterAt centering race and discussing it openly and honestly when necessary.…

Does the Ambulance count as an Odd or Even? Nothing can win the next at Warwick Farm #Brutal

did u know for the cost of just 1 of the shitty broken F-35s the US scammed australia into buying, our govt could support almost everyone on newstart for an entire year

About 300 kilometres east of Carnarvan, Western Australia you'll come across Burringurrah. Also known as Mount Augustus, it's more than two and half times bigger than Uluru - making it the world's largest monolith. Listen to the dreamtime story here:

Raising all welfare payments to above the poverty line would be an ongoing stimulus that would benefit the entire community. Newstart payments should be increased to at least $450 p/wk. Abolishing #FrankingCredits refunds would easily pay for it... #auspol

Key cross-bencher .@Senator_Patrick has called for APRA Chair Wayne Byres to be sacked off the back of the scathing independent Capability Report and says he’ll be raising it with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg…

Hey @PeterKhalilMP, would dearly love to see my local representative join those Labor MPs asking the party to support raising #Newstart – any chance of you publically adding your voice? #AusPol…

“Please don’t climb” - I visited #Uluru in December and the wishes of traditional owners couldn’t be more clear


I have just started conducting a review. Now it’s finished. Raise Newstart. Now.

Saying goodbye to Sydney today as we head to Uluru to see Ayers Rock - heading to rural Australia so we will be sure to shake out our boots in the morning! One last pic of Sydney and it’s iconic skyline at dusk


Ilhan Omar... -Believes Jews run the world through mind control -Pushed for light sentencing for ISIS, supported life insurance payouts for terrorists -Probably committed immigration fraud by marrying her own brother…

Astronaut Michael Collins returns to Apollo 11 launch site 50 years to the day since moon mission lift-off

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar (also nicknamed the “squad”) are not letting Donald Trump’s racist comments slide…

4 months ago after Rep. Omar suggested Jews are not loyal Americans,House Democratic leaders refused to vote on a resolution singularly condemning her words or anti-semitism Now they have no problem voting on a resolution labeling the President a racist…

Rep. Ilhan Omar Reports Raising $600,000 More for Re-Election Bid…

Klopp and Henderson are all smiles as Liverpool arrive in America ahead of pre-season fixtures with Dortmund and Sevilla


Trump’s targeted tweet storm against progressive women of color who serve in Congress works to further divide the Democratic party, while dredging up America’s racist settler-colonial past #RacistGOP

#Historia | Un 16 de julio pero de 2011, Uruguay vencía a Argentina en su casa por los cuartos de final del certamen por penales y tras igualar 1-1. VIDEO ►

Let's start more food fights. Tokyo is the best food city in the world and NYC is the best food city in America. Thoughts?

Folks in England still salty Rapinoe tapped that ass. You love to see it.


John Ellis :" President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee raised $108 million and have $123.7 million cash on hand, according to revised figures announced Monday. That’s more than the top five Democratic campaigns combined." @vdare

#TuckFrump Not one Republican votes to allow debate on resolution condemning Trump’s racist attacks… @realTuckFrumper @RawStory

Old family friend just died. Miles was one of those New England men, out on the boat every weekend. His church was a fair sky and a good wind. One by one my parents' friends are slipping away.

I wholeheartedly concur! We will never again, in our lifetime, see a POTUS as great as Donald John Trump!…

Harry saying I came from England was one of his best moments

#PoseFX co-creator Steven Canals sees hope with Emmy nomination #Emmys…

For one day only, THIS SATURDAY, as part of our Apollo 11 50th Anniversary celebration! "Moon Tour LIVE" - a special LIVE tour of Earth’s nearest neighbor and immersive, 3D-360 view of the iconic Eagle spacecraft and landing site >>


Can’t wait for weekend 1 at Area 51


If she doesn't win I'm taking all of the #occupyarea51 people and we are storming the Emmy's!!!!…

"Se cumplen 50 años del lanzamiento de Apollo 11"…

bro what happened to this guy did they take him to Area 51 or nah


#ObamaWasBetterAt nothing. Trump is doing more for his hateful voters than Obama did for his own. We wanted Obama to end wars, empty jails, prosecute bankers & war criminals, help refugees, give us actual healthcare, not health insurance. Stop fawning over Obama, he's a fraud.

#ObamaWasBetterAt Speaking...enunciating...elucidating...pontificating... riffing...joking...uplifting...ruminating...orating... listening...encouraging...supporting...the list is endless


67 ans après l'avoir condamné pour homosexualité: l'Angleterre choisit Alan Turing pour figurer sur les billets 50£…


Does your organization have an effective incident response plan in place? Accurately document #security and #data breaches with this easy-to-use checklist from Report on Medicare Compliance. #PHI #HIPAA #Medicare #RMC

The GOP has nothing to offer, so they always revert to screaming about socialism, knowing their rock-bottom base is too stupid to realize where their social security, disability and Medicare checks are coming from.

Greens always answer. Q1: No new pipelines. Period. Q2: Energy proportionality clause of NAFTA has been removed in CUSMA. Otherwise we rely on Art XX of the GATT to protect natural resources. #climate #trade #MissionPossible #GPC…

A bit of water on greens (Infinity’s) and walkways (590’s and PRN nozzles)on the Postage Stamp at Royal Troon this morning @ToroGolf @ReesinkTurfcare @OcmisLtd

Should be a good links test this week at Royal Portrush. Excited to get my new @TaylorMadeGolf Spider X rolling on these greens.


Rub of the Greens favours #pafc as Duku goes down under challenge from Sawyer and referee Marc Whaley waves asides appeals for a penalty.

CNN: Former national security adviser Susan Rice condemns Li Jianzhao, deputy chief of #China's mission in Islamabad as 'racist disgrace' following incendiary tweets by the envoy.…

Actor en drama : Jason Bateman, Sterling K.Brown, Kit Harrington, Bob Odenkirk, Billy Porter, Milo Ventimiglia. #Emmys

For sky-watchers this is the best of all possible worlds. #9WX #9news #9newsmornings #cowx


Never know who'll you'll meet while hiking around here. #9WX #9news #9newsmornings #cowx


While it's not a permanent fix, two EB lanes of US 36 are now open at Wadsworth Blvd. for a half mile stretch. Two WB lanes also remain open. The express lanes and the shoulder are being used as through lanes. #9news

America's stock market is on fire, registering its best start to a year since the dotcom bubble days of the late 1990s.

This week, America


Socialists are the enemy — and that’s not racist to say - - @washtimes Socialists — which is what Democrats have become — don’t belong in America’s government. They have no business representing the people. They have no right taking the oath of office.

the ratio of people signing up to go for Area 51 and people actually going to area 51 probably higher than the ratio of people buying erc20 tokens and people using erc20 tokens

#auspol @AustralianLabor must block the roll out of the (for profit of LNP Donors) Indu card - Labor says Coalition must take action on Newstart 'right now' after pensioner boost…

Former Bolton, Wigan and Reading goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi is considering a return to England this summer with a number of Championship and League One clubs are weighing up moves for the player on a free transfer. #BWFC #WAFC #readingfc…

tu alien del area 51 etc estoy hasta la polla


Get used to it. It's going to be awhile before U.S. 36 is back open eastbound, The crack is now a hole the size of a football field. A bridge is crumbling, and #CDOT is looking for a contractor to fix it. We'll have updates and detours on #9news.

統合版v1.12(ニンテンドースイッチ)で スーパードラウンドと呼べるモンスターが出現したよ!! 合成じゃないよ、実際に起こったことだよ。 みんな見てねー #Minecraft #統合版 #NintendoSwitch ▼YouTube動画はこちら▼

“If you are not a liberal at 25, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at 35, you have no brain”. @derek_mafs, you forgot the last part...”if u continue to support the #RacistPresident after #Charlottesville, there is something wrong with your brain and your heart”.


Ça serait tellement bien que l’agent 007 dans le prochain James Bond soit lesbienne juste pour trigger tous les racistes sexistes homophobes et autres reacs afin de pouvoir sortir un giga paquet de pop corn en les regardant étaler leur sel.

Live! Probably my last day of Minecraft for a while... Lets have some fun creatively :) Back to the RS grind tomorrow as i feel ready in my brain! Come chat!!

A very good morning to you all and a very happy #WorldSnakeDay to my very favorite danger noodle #GoodOmens’ Anthony J. Crowley. Here is a thread of him being just lovely.

Queensland Government prosecuting #Adani over 'misleading information' (At what point does government say that this company is not a fit and proper person to hold the approvals that it has ⁦@ScottMorrisonMP⁩ & ⁦@AnnastaciaMP⁩? #auspol #qldpol)…

Today the Department of Environment and Science (DES) has publicly cleared Adani of unsubstantiated allegations made last year by activist group Coast and Country about Adani's drilling programs. Read more at the link:

Adani facing prosecution for allegedly providing false information in Carmichael mine report… via @ABCNews

BREAKING: Adani is in court AGAIN, being prosecuted for lying to the Qld Govt to cover up landclearing and other work at its mine. Adani can’t be trusted to obey Qld laws. Governments must hold them to account for their terrible track record #StopAdani

Good one Victoria for action on combustible #cladding. Now it's time to put safety first & fix #buildings around the country with full & immediate rollout of Shergold Weir Building Confidence report from last year #architecture #putsafetyfirst #auspol

Last #rbe2019 session of the day and the participants in my workshop on #studentsaspartners and #inclusion engaged deeply & meaningfully. A resounding theme was summed up by a participant in saying: 'through partnership we remember that students are human and so are we'.…


Bob Brown is a hypocritical NIMBY just like every other inner city soy latte #climate alarmist. This is just one of the many examples of why their “science” is a scam. #ClimateBrawl


So the question will be Ratts or B Saints next year????…

Slides: Media and Information Literacy: creative and critical engagement across the curriculum and beyond #RBE2019: Today I delivered a workshop Media and Information Literacy: creative and critical engagement across the curriculum and beyond… #infolit

And whilst there’s love for Ratts, gotta remember he has been the forward line coach in 2019, responsible for the second lowest scoring side of the year... still has a bit to prove if he wants the gig IMO

International viewers can watch the #4Corners #Xinjiang program here on youtube and decide for themselves who is 'full of lies, distortion and bias' @globaltimesnews #Telltheworld @Culturalgenocide…

Coming from a physics and engineering background, one thing I am still not used to when I attend education conferences is that the room is majority women. #rbe2019

#RBE2019 @AnthonySmithVP tells how the @UCLConnectedC has been useful for having conversations about how to enhance education @UCL_teaching

Fidelity, Client view & Knowledge transfer seem specific to #AuthenticAssessment the other 5 generic to good assessment #RBE2019


Comienza el partido en Estados Unidos. #WeCareDoYou

instead of raiding area 51, everyone should raid ticketmaster headquarters.


Can y’all stfu about Area 51 already,,, I’m begging.

me empieza a rayar lo del area 51 y no me da risa

preparandome para entrar al area 51


Colonization scouts. "Giant jellyfish the size of a human spotted by divers off English coast"…


Korean rock band @day6official leaves us breathless with their upbeat new video for #Time_of_Our_Life #DAY6…

Tom Hiddleston llegando al All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club para presenciar la final varonil del torneo de tenis de Wimbledon. Julio 14, 2019 #FotoDeAyer #Wimbledon Vía Torrilla 7


Alan Turing, who cracked Nazi code to win World War II, to appear on Bank of England note…


What is an Indigenous Voice to Parliament? Are claims that it would lead to a third chamber just dog whistling? #QandA

Hello Arsenal fans the link for Colorado Rapids vs Arsenal : Please retweet and share to fellow gunners #ArsenalinUSA #AFC #WeCareDoYou #arsenal

Julian Assange is one of the historic figures of our time. To some, he's a fearless champion of free speech; to others, a reckless anarchist. 'Hero or Villain: The Prosecution of Julian Assange' is next on #4Corners

Federer.. es para nos.. El David de Miguel Angel de nuestra época... valiente, grande y hermoso.…

most sickening thing i’ve seen in a while. if you think a woman owes you shit for being a “nice guy”, think again. #ripbianca

#RBE2019 @JanOwenAM "where learning meets purpose meets meaning it creates optimism"

‘The Commonwealth must recognise they have responsibilities in this space’: @rwynnemp says VIC will ask Fed Govt to contribute $300m of $600m fund. Failing that, VIC will raise building levy costs to fund extra. #cladding

Michael likes Joanna and it’s okay. Amber shouldn’t even think of anything with that dickhead #Loveisland

Today we talked about -Folks who marry dumb people -High or not High -007 controversy -Megan Rapinoe’s Autograph controversy -Jokers win & Federer’s popularity & likability. And so much more, listen everyday with a FREE APP Radio.NET, search #1210TheMan…

ICYMI Our @4corners report 'Tell the World' which exposes #China's campaign of cultural genocide in #Xinjiang is now up on YouTube #4Corners #TellTheWorld…

Incredibly powerful interview on @RNBreakfast this morning as @SMusapir begs foreign minister @MarisePayne to do more to get his son out of #Xinjiang #TellTheWorld #4Corners…

'Today I'm holding my baby's citizenship certificate ... I want the Australian government to prove this means something to Australian people, it's not just a piece of paper', Uyghur Australian Sadam Abudusadamu @SMusapir #4Corners

Look who’s back for the #F1 #BritishGP… Ojito quién vuelve por el #GPGranBretaña de #F1


News: ICYMI - Yesterday, Tim won the prestigious 2019 Helpmann Award for Best Australian Contemporary Concert for BACK. You can see VIDEO of his acceptance speech here: #Helpmanns #TimMinchinBACK


UTS, Curtin universities announce reviews over links to surveillance tech used by Chinese Government…@4corners #4Corners #TellTheWorld #Xinjiang

me showing up at Area 51 and realizing everyone else was joking about raiding it

Area 51 hat die leute behindert gemacht amk

Zayn on his way to Area 51


Training routine so I can see dem aliens at area 51


वर्तमान में वर्ल्ड कप की ट्रॉफी में सोने और चांदी का काम किया जाता है, जिसका वजन करीब 11 किलो का होता है…

The US Military has a trick up their sleeve if Area 51 is stormed!

15 minutes to go. England lead Jamaica 36-44. Can they hold on? Tracey Neville is happy as she punches the air at the break. Find out @BBCTwo and the @BBCSport website ➡ #bbcnetball #NetballWorldCup #Roses


Seth Rollins fans last night after Brock Lesnar cashed in & won the #RAW world championship... #WWE #ExtremeRules #RAW

#WorldControversyCup | Rohit Sharma says 'Some rules in Cricket definitely need a serious look in' after England's controversial win over New Zealand…

This gran's reaction to winning the Cricket World Cup is the most heartwarming thing you'll see today…

اليوم في اكستريم رولز استطاع شينسكي ناكامورا أن يخطف لقب الانتركونتننتال من فين بالور #ExtremeRules


Doc's Etiquette 101: Begone Video Tutorial ( or the proper way to ask anyone to leave ) * Step 1 Acknowledge * Step 2 Dismiss #AtTheDropOfAHat #SECMD19 #IfIWereInvisible #MondayMotivation #MondayThoughts #ManicMonday #ExtremeRules i.e. "You may go now" ⬇️

One last copy, an interview, on #CWC19Final from #London ... At The Danubius, which was the hotel where @therealkapildev & his Devils stayed in June 1983... Who was in my room? Not sure... Property was then The Westmoreland... @cricketworldcup


The cameraman during @LaceyEvansWWE entrance is the real MVP! #ExtremeRules

Panathinaikos - Jimmer Fredette story: That's the timeline of the deal and what happened exactly with the BYU legend, who will come to Greece for the Greens. #paobc…

#ClimateChangeHoax #carbonTAX scam #GreenNewDeal #JustinTrudeau - all HOAXES! NOTHING about them is honest! TAXPAYERS PAY subsidies to promote switching from fossil fuels to solar & wind is NOT a one-time thing. It goes on for decades, to ENRICH A FEW!…

"The last two years I lost contact with my family" - @TuranAdam from the Australia East Turkistan Association speaks with @bevvo14 about what he calls the "cultural genocide" being inflicted on China's #Uyghur population, which includes his family... #TheWorld #4Corners

Dangerous facial recognition technology and practices. Australia needs to recognise privacy as a fundamental human right. This isn't trendy tech to make catching public transport heaps easier. #auspol #4Corners…

Big takeaways from this #4Corners and @Sophiemcneill is that two Australian universities are allegedly complicit (via research at Curtin Uni and research centre with UTS and China Electronics Group Corp which created app to track Uyghurs) and several clothing + homeware companies…

It’s devastating to hear the stories of Australians and their families, like Sadam Abudusalamu, who have been victims of these human rights abuses. The Australian Government must condemn this cultural genocide and do everything it can to reunite these families. #4corners

Families are being torn apart by the Chinese Government’s mass incarceration of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. #4Corners

The Helpmann Award for Best Male Dancer in a Ballet, Dance or Physical Theatre Production goes to Waangenga Blanco for Dark Emu. @BangarraDance #Helpmanns


The Helpmann Award for Best Cabaret Performer goes to Ali McGregor for Yma Sumac - The Peruvian Songbird. @thealimcgregor @AdelaideCabaret #Helpmanns


The Helpmann Award for Best Comedy Performer goes to Hannah Gadsby for Douglas. @Hannahgadsby #Helpmanns


Phew! My education for the future workshop is delivered, and I can relax and enjoy the rest of #RBE2019 without anxiously fretting that the padlet might not work!


All The Cheap Prime Day Gaming Laptops

عالمی چیمپئن بننے پرگراؤنڈ میں موجود انگلش مداح پرجوش، لارڈز کی فضا"اٹس کم ہوم " سے گونج اٹھی۔ یوٹیوب سبسکرائب کریں: #92NewsHDPlus #SpiritOfCricket #CricketWorldCupFinal #CWC19Final #CWC19

At the end of the day, England couldnt win a WC in a fair manner.... they can celebrate all they like but they KNOW it was Stokes bat which wrongfully gave them the runs to eventually win a world cup where the other side had EQUALLED their score!

my boyfriend will forever be my best friend. like i’ve got my girls and i’ve got him. the bond is so similar.

Everyone talking about the #ICCrules ,lemme ask something,Boult could have saved that for Six,Last ball they could have restricted ben stokes with their bowling,In super over,Guptill could have scored a boundary,no,they didnt, they let it slip and england holded their nerves.

Both tremendously interesting Finals #engvsnz and #wimbledonfinal Skills matched! Luck won as so many a times in Sports ! The "Games" won ! What a gift to us audiences .. And yes #BritishGP also happened……

Please READ the article, she's gonna be 007 at the beginning of the film. She's not playing bond in future films…

Ya va a empezar el prime day y yo asi @amazonmex

#ENGvsNZ match has been won by both teams... The team who lost is #ICCRules Congratulations to both teams... #ICCWorldCup2019 #CWC19Final #CWC19 #CWC2019

Morgan from Ireland Ben Stokes from New Zealand Jofra Archer from Barbados Helped England to win their first ever World Cup. #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final #CWC19 #NZvsENG

RBI Savings Bond: बेहतर रिटर्न के साथ सुरक्षित निवेश का विकल्प...…

A black female looks more like Ian Fleming's Bond than Daniel Craig does.…

ちょっとだけ追記! #プライムデー 【2019年】Amazonプライムデーのおすすめセール商品や目玉商品まとめ!|ズッカズの森…

2.5 hrs til prime day folks get u coffee ☕️ and chill til 2am cst

Is the ultimate purpose of a sports tournament is to anoit a winner at any cost ? #WimbledonFinal #CricketWorldCupFinal

Investasi yang aman, hasilnya nyata untuk masa depan, jawabannya Savings Bond Ritel SBR007. Kupon 7.50%. Gimana? Masih bingung mau investasi di mana? Info lebih lanjut klik #SBR007 #Investasi #bankbri


The stupid step of Trump in Syria will be like doom for the rest of USA soldiers in Iraq so lets just wait and see whats will happen & #EٓxٰtremٓeRٓules & & #ٓMaٓsterٓChefٓLaRevٓancٓha & & #conٓtrٓavieٓntoِymaِrea & July 15, 2019 at 04:30AM

Black vs Cesaro was good. Felt they left room for a better match later on. #ExtremeRules

#ExtremeRules Here's Today's Brand New Life-Changing Video for YOU on my Blog... The Science of Limiting Beliefs Crystal Dilworth on The Science of Limiting Beliefs with Tom Bilyeu


Reports claim that the next Agent 007 will be played by British actress @LashanaLynch, who had a breakout role in @captainmarvel as Maria Rambeau, the titular superhero's best friend and fellow Air Force pilot. #Bond25

Dei tell you kids we won a osi WC da. Ben stokes also. Chumma scene ah podatha.…

Guess some knighthoods are in order. Sir Stokes, Sir Morgan and Sir Archer. But not so sure about the last one.

#England वर्ल्डकप जीता नही है। #ICC ने अपने नकारा नियमो से उसको विजेता घोषित किया है। #BlackCaps ही असली विजेता है। #CWC19Final #CricketWorldCupFinal #CWC19 #ENGvNZ #EngvNZL #Morgan #Stokes

A South African ran out a Kiwi off a West Indian's bowling, to enable an Irishman to lift the CWC for England. And a Kiwi (Ben Stokes) won the MotM, in the WC final against the Kiwis! It's all too simple. #ICCWorldCup2019 #CWC19Final #ENGvNZ

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