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Of all the music genres, it's been jazz that's been struck especially hard by Covid-19, Gene Seymour writes for @CNNOpinion

This is a scene from the #impracticaljokers movie that has my favorite Easter Egg of the film. That’s the legendary Will Ferrell making his cameo as an extra eating pizza. But that’s not what I’m talking about... 1/2


Kapuso balladeer Christian Bautista does a Facebook Live concert for COVID-19 relief efforts in Bayanihan Musikahan.…

Here’s an egg-cellent craft to get you in the mood for Easter! Turn a set of eggs into your favourite characters from Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon! #StayHomeWithShaun #ShaunTheSheep #Easter

ساوتھ امریکہ کے ملک ایکواڈور کی گلیوں میں کرونا وائرس سے مرنے والوں کی لاشیں، #COVID19Pandemic

Continuing our support in fight against COVID-19 @Athrout_Kashmir will handover 6 ventilators & 5,000 surgical masks to hospitals today in coordination & support from our administration #BreakTheChain #COVID19Pandemic #supportathrout


Cross party approach to covid crisis. Hope Keir is very strong voice in this. We need a loud Labour voice in the strategy out of this. #COVID2019 #labourleadership #exitstrategy #covidstrategy #StayHomeSaveLives #COVID19Pandemic #Labour

Are you hopeful we are going to beat the Virus before Easter?

More fruit cakes than Morrison's. The rightwing Christian preachers in deep denial over Covid-19's danger…

Here are some free Easter social media images for your church from us to you!… #Easter #ChurchComms #ChurchMedia #ChurchCommunications

Ο επικεφαλής της Red Bull, Christian Horner φάνηκε βέβαιος πως η F1 θα βγει από την κρίση του κορονοϊού, χωρίς όμως να μπορεί να πει το ίδιο για ορισμένες ομάδες. #F1…

Enjoying the sunshine with a cuppa, biscuits, and a good book in my garden #SelfIsolation #stayhomesavelives #StaySafe #covid19UK @valmcdermid


Here are some activated prayer wheels. We're quietly pushing on in this time of #SelfIsolation We hope you all stay safe and look after yourselves. #gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #indiegame


こちら鋼鉄屋です今日も引き続き 臨時休業致します。 #SelfIsolation #SocialDistancing #COVIDー19

Here’s a song for you… Toulouse - Radio Mix by Nicky Romero…

#COVID19Pandemic: Government issues order to make domiciles of #JammuAndKashmir eligible for all government posts in Union Territory. #IndiaFightsCorona

Punjab cities including Lahore continue to observe lock-down under strict enforcement by police, Pak Army #COVID19Pandemic #COVID2019 #CoronaVirusUpdates #CoronaAlert #CoronavirusLockdown #CoronaVirusOutbreak #DunyaUpdates #DunyaNews

#ScottMorrison: "Places of worship that are broadcasting or streaming services for #Easter will be permitted to host extra people." I'm guessing his friend and mentor, #Hillsong's Brian Houston, has some special guests he needs the viewers at home to see. #COVID19au #Easter2020

looking at all the names on the list really goes to show most of us care for each other during times like this and most of us are awesome. I'm standing with the @UN Chief @AntonioGuterres on his call for a #GlobalCeasefire amidst #Covid19Pandemic. #BetterTogether #coronavirus

Links? Tweets Hotel?... Trivago Singer? Dhinchak pooja Insta..? Twitter ss Facebook? Relatives Girlfriend?... Hand Avengers? Tony Stark

Anyone that has had the misfortune to glance through Piers Morgan's egotistical yet sycophantic autobiography will know he worshiped Tony Blair's shit.

An apology is not enough. Brad Hazzard must resign. Or be sacked. #coronavirus #Covid_19…

Wet Market is a place where live animals and freshly killed animals are sold. Rotting flesh, unsanitary conditions, blood of animal carcasses are hotbeds for disease causing pathogens. Speak up and act now to remove such hotspots from YOUR neighborhood.…

पहली बार किसी राष्ट्राध्यक्ष ने कार्रवाई की मांग की है #Coronavirus #Corona #China…

Nobody has a problem that he might pray, it's wearing it on his sleeve in a multicultural, secular society that's the problem. It's divisive. And if you preach irrational claptrap in public you are inviting critique.… via @smh

Scott Morrison says the Government's modelling will be released soon. Here's why that's important…

The blur of the watercolours should have made grey. Instead they moulded alongside one another to make all the colours she felt love should be; soft vivid hues exploded by the gold of a sun or the devastating blue of cold crystalline ocean. #WVFlashFic20 #blur

In her 2015 address to UON graduates, Joanne said, “I learnt something else that was critical to handling the fear that can rise up when you speak against injustice – that facts, evidence and the truth are like armour against a powerful adversary.”……

Cracks me up that my introduction to most Bill Withers songs came from covers and samples. Club Nouveau, Mick Jagger & Lenny Kravitz (the “progressive” station played their cover of “use me”), basehead, blackstreet and Will Smith. I dodged the s.o.u.l. s.y.s.t.e.m. I think.

Watch Bill Withers reluctantly perform one last time at his 2015 Rock Hall induction

Easter is gonna be a rough one this year Jesus.


But for real how come Jared Kushner looks like a Ken doll possessed by Christopher Walken’s character from The Prophecy…

Okay, no more #MoneyHeist4 spoilers basta STAY HOME guys! Despite what’s happening in the goverment, we still have the main enemy here — the #COVID19.


I finished #MoneyHeist4 in less than 24 hours what am I supposed to do now?


$1.1million Inglis Easter purchase Doubtland wins G3 Kindergarten, most expensive yearling by NASD sold in 2019… @inglis_sales @ArrowfieldStud @HawkesRacing @ChampionshipsRR @Aushorse_TBA


Imagine trying to catch some fish and ending up with pockets full of easter eggs... WTF...

It's probably a good thing I didn't get valorant access because my bank account would be hurting. So many sick skins..

Just watched CRIMSON TIDE for the first time in maybe a decade and holy shit does that movies hold up! Maybe Tony Scott’s best film? Also love True Romance, Top Gun/Days of Thunder, Man on Fire and Enemy of the State. What’s your favorite Tomy Scott film?

I could be in a Hawaiian shirt at water club slamming down patron but instead I’m home playing Xbox because this shitty ass corona

Scott Morrison (Australia’s PM), if int’l students can’t support themselves then it’s time for them to return home as well as those on visitor visa. Australia must focus on it’s citizens and residents. #auspol

Scott Morrison has laid the blame for the coronavirus squarely with China, calling on the World Health Organisation to “do something” about the country’s wet markets where the disease is believed to have originated. #auspol

This is Labor’s Daniel Andrews on how Liberals Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg have handled the #coronavirus pandemic. Can you imagine Anthony Albanese saying this? No, I can’t either. Voters will reward bipartisanship, cooperation, unity. @australian…


scott morrison has done a lot of things in the past few weeks i thought he would never do. that's why i'm calling on him now to ban over 35s from doing musical comedy until this crisis is over

This just means altar servers & the like can assist in live streams of religious services while practicing safe distancing - there’s not going to be full churches at Easter. Calm your farm Twitter.…

When Jared Kushner takes the podium, instead of "Hail to the Chief," the Marine Band plays Dresden Dolls' "Coin Operated Boy."…


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