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Un detalle que me ha impresionado muchísimo en Resident Evil Village son los tiempos de carga. O mejor dicho, la ausencia total de los mismos; cuando en el menú principal pulsas Continuar Partida hay un fundido y ya estás jugando. No una carga de pocos segundos, un paso inmediato

Kevin: twerks Everyone else: “Ooooooooo”

Faith stringing along Bear while waiting to see if Eric will bin off Brenda for her #Emmerdale

Guys I fucking did it... I bought Resident Evil Village... I just had to

Selam kızlar ben Kevin nkoudou

.@ScreamOfficial's Bobby Gillespie & artist @jehnbeth's single “Chase It Down” is out now! Chase It Down explores the loss and emotional inarticulacy that a married couple experience as they realize their relationship is breaking down. Watch the video:

I don't cover women's Semipro football. Instead, I get to be a fan. The Mississippi Lady Panthers are my team.


A brand new clip from #StrangerThings season four was just released!!…

minho'ya deri pantolon o kadar çok yakışıyor ki her gördüğümde pilavda tuzu karışmamış kısmı yemiş gibi şok geliyor

Poder Judicial sentencia a 35 años de prisión a joven que mató a su pareja menor de edad en 2019

Selam kızlar ben Kevin Nkoudou mnbzmnvbçnvcm

felix demis ki sahnenin gercekten sakasi yok CANIM FARK ETTIK SICACAKSINIZ AGZIMIZA

would be interested here to see the type of person Kevin Harvick envisions who is “blue collar” and does “normal things” and while NASCAR had ~3x the viewers of the F1 race Sunday, F1 had a 0.31 rating in the critical 18-49 demo. NASCAR was at 0.43…


Wooyoung going viral on tiktok from today's episode I love it

Félix Vallotton (Swiss/French, 1865-1925) First Rays, 1921


Saçımı wooyoung'unki gibi yapmakta bi sakınca görmüyorum

What is the most disgusting "non-joke" jelly bean flavor and why is it "buttered popcorn"...

yunho and wooyoung still trending!!


Why does the media continue to put up with lies and corruption of Morrison’s LNP, are they ever going to do what they’re paid to do and get to the bottom of the lies and corruption? #Qanda #auspol

#QandA sadly I think that discourse on affordable housing by Fiona Martin in response to my question about fixing the gender super gap indicates there will not be much in the budget to help women repair and grow their Super. Just more housing v super.

#BREAKING: A truck has collided with five pedestrians in Melbourne, critically injuring two men. #9News…

Coercive control “destroys who you are from the inside,” according to Shadow Minister for Families and Social Services Minister Linda Burney. Speaking on ABC’s #QandA, Ms. Burney said coercive control “should be criminalised” as “it takes away who you are.” #rmitjourno

China dice que en realidad nos ha sentado estupendamente el arresto domiciliario y la limitación de nuestras libertades. No es que fuera "un mal necesario". No, no, que nos han hecho un favor, sabes? Me cago en los muertos del Winnie the Pooh…

Aluminium prices surge as China indefinitely suspends strategic economic dialogue with Australia. @Manisha3005 with #CommodityCorner…

¡Las tripas en máquina y las pruebas de cubierta revisadas! Esperamos que *Historia del Caballero Encantado* ( esté disponible en #librerías a partir del día 18 de mayo! #DonQuijote #donquixote #Cervantes #Quijotechino #china #libros #milgotas #libro #leer


L’hypothèse d’un lien de causalité entre le vaccin AstraZeneca et la mort d’un étudiant à Nantes renforcée par l’autopsie Très grave de prendre les gens pour des cobayes sans les prévenir !...Un état qui sciemment les mènent à l’abattoir est coupable !..…

#Porter seeking to remove pt of #ABC’s Defence in #DefamationTrial. Court may permit such an applicatn on basis that pts of Defence are vexatious/scandalous/likely to cause prejudice or embarassmnt. Case back in Crt tomrow #auspol

Australian rugby league international Jarryd Hayne jailed for sexual assault…

While other markets mostly rallied, Australian stocks and its currency came under heavy pressure after China cut a vital diplomatic bond between the two countries. #BigNewsNetwork #USD #HangSeng #Nikkei #USdollar #Nikkei225…

肯德基KPRO考伯鸡胸肉沙拉尝鲜。 在朝阳大悦城城闲逛,正好中午,找个地方吃饭,这里的餐饮非常多,但是一个人也不知道吃什么好,来到8层的餐饮区就餐,上了楼梯就看到肯德基K PRO的招牌,那肯定是要进去尝尝鲜啦。


China condemns #G7 scolding Beijing over threats, bullying, rights abuses, says: - Accusations are groundless and grossly interfere in China’s internal affairs - G7 should promote equitable distribution of vaccines instead of hoarding


#ChineseStory Recently, dendrolii nobilis planted in some towns of Chishui City, southwest #China’s Guizhou Province have entered the full bloom period. Local #farmers are busy picking up and processing #flowers to supply the market


Studie zu Astrazeneca-Wirkstoff Thrombose-Risiko auch bei älteren Frauen erhöht. 05.05.2021…

Figliuolo: "Valutiamo Astrazeneca per gli under 60". Adesso è tutto chiaro: le fasce d'età le sorteggia con la tombola di sua nonna. Lucillola @LucillaMasini #6maggio #ilvocio #Figliuolo #astrazeneca #under60 #vaccino #sorteggi

Damn Mother’s Day is the day before my dads birthday.....I hate the month of may dude

hi ru’s sexy oomfs this is gladys

This whole Jarryd Hayne case makes me feel sick.I hope the victim is getting the support and love of family friends and professional help. #nomeansno

#JarrydHayne always highlighted his #Christian faith & confirmed it again after #rape conviction. Victim will have difficulty accepting this unless Christians help restore her life. Rapist Jarryd Hayne sentenced to 5 years, 9 months jail via @InQldMedia

A second local case of COVID-19 has been identified in NSW. From 5:00pm (06 May) today across Greater Sydney, until 12:01 am Monday (10 May), a number of rules and restrictions will apply that will affect worship services & gatherings. Details inside. -…


Jockey John Kissick has been kicked by a horse behind the barriers, prior to Race 4 at Wagga. He has sustained a leg injury and will be transported to hospital.

Federal judge ordered the DOJ to release a memo that Bill Barr used to clear Trump of obstruction of justice, saying 'it is time for the public to see' it || Via: Businessinsider…

Several Mount Everest Climbers Test Positive for Coronavirus - The New York Times…

Nobody cares if Kamala and her husband want to kiss with or without masks on…we CARE about the rigged election and getting President Trump back in office before this current clown destroys the entire planet

Note to @club4growth - it’s about allegiance to Trump, not conservatism these days...…

Werner: “Our team can win against every team in the world” Buzzing. #CFC #UCL

Congratulations to Christian Lucadamo(Thomas Jefferson)Ryan Lockhart(Mount Saint Mary)and Chris Urbanick (Chestnut Hill) on signing their“letter of intent”to further their athletic career at the collegiate level. @msmcbaseball @jeffersonbsb_ @chcbaseball @monroeathletic


Thomas Tuchel: de ser destituido del PSG a clasificar con Chelsea a la final de Champions El técnico alemán fue dado de baja por el PSG a mitad de temporada y tuvo su revancha con el Chelsea tras pasar a la final de Champions Legue.…

Lo de Hazard hoy divide vestuarios. Ojito

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