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W.Waszczykowski o nowej szefowej KE-von der Leyen: „...zaproponowała politykę skrajnie lewicową, czerwoną, zieloną.” A Morawiecki z Kaczyńskim krzyczą o sukcesie PiS... Jak to zatem jest? Sukces? Dramat? Gubicie się...

Aliens when Area 51 raiders set them free


Liberaron a la clarinetista venezolana encarcelada por denunciar en las redes que el régimen de Maduro la despidió por razones políticas…

Me trying to communicate with the alien I stole from Area 51

Daß auf von der Leyen nun Kramp-Karrenbauer als #Verteidigungsministerin folgt, zeigt, daß Merkel nicht nur kein Gespür für die Truppe hat, sondern diese ihr völlig egal ist. Für sie ist die #Bundeswehr nur ein Pfund, mit dem man im politischen Postengeschacher wuchern kann.

felt cute, might delete later @ Area 51


Kellyanne Conway admitted at a press conference, that she and alot of people is sick and tired of this country. Kellyanne Conway spilled the beans on how the Trump administration and Republicans leadership hates America!! ROME IS BURNING!!

Ursula #vonderLeyen gewann ihre Wahl nur knapp, weil viele Rechte sie doch nicht unterstützten. Sie selbst sprach von einer „proeuropäischen Mehrheit“:

SA musicians pay tribute to iconic #JohnnyClegg Fellow musician, Majozi, says his best memory of Glegg is when he opened for him in Durban | Listen here >> via @JacaNews


SA musicians pay tribute to iconic #JohnnyClegg | Listen here >>


In non-rugby South Africa desk news: Johnny Clegg, South African singer and activist, dies aged 66…

Michael Collins didn't mind orbiting the moon, but not walking on it: “I had this beautiful little domain. It was all mine. I was the emperor, the captain of it, and it was quite commodious. I had warm coffee, even.”

If Harry Styles plays Prince Eric my whole life would be complete.

One rollercoaster. Countless emotions. Share your #FlyingAces emoji face with us this #WorldEmojiDay! #FerrariWorldAD #YasIsland #inAbuDhabi

"Thor 4" kommt und der Regisseur steht ebenfalls fest: Taika Waititi, verantwortlich für "Thor 3", wird auch die Fortsetzung inszenieren.…


Think Free settles back, peels wide and wins with ease for NSW members at Warwick Farm who averaged $2.95 @cotchinsoda

Excellent piece by @SamanthaHepbur2 in @ConversationEDU re #Adani demanding the names of CSIRO scientists reviewing their groundwater plan…

thor 4 looks so good


So we all gave Dick Smith 500K for money he didn’t earn. Meanwhile, those of us with pensioner parents watch them suffer. Excellent.…

Medicare office in Sydney tells me the wait is an hour and asks if I’m up for that. “An hour?” I roar with laughter. I have survived the US immigration system, the New York DMV and the Liberian presidential press office! You don’t scare me Medicare.

Excellent advice from Jody Hart of @TAFEQld about marketing in the public sector. Build relationships and everything else will follow. #imds19


Maybe Bob Brown read this study? Growing evidence of wind farms’ horrific toll on wildlife: This time from India…

Thank you to our valued member, Silver partner of the 2019 Victorian Tourism Conference @GordonTAFE, for being an official coffee cart sponsor of this year’s conference & supplying 400+ delegates with their daily caffeine fix. Team VTIC really appreciates your support #VVTC


CEO of New Young Consulting, Bronwyn White, dives into the phenomenon that is ‘The Disruptive Demographic' and provides the tourism industry with tips, tools & info on how to review strategies, marketing and destination management plans, at the 2019 Vic Tourism Conference #VVTC


#APRA the truth is now going to come out about decision making made in collaboration with the banks you are supposed to be regulating. An absolute disgrace.…

Flying the flag for tourism! We’re at GMHBA Stadium and ready to kick goals at the 2019 Victorian Tourism Conference. Looking forward to two days of action-packed workshops, networking sessions + world-class speakers! Thanks for having us Geelong #VVTC @GeelongBella


We know that face! Big thanks to our host with the most, the dynamic & delightful @adrianbyrt, who is back in 2019 as MC of the renowned Vic Tourism Conference! Very excited for the 2-day, action-packed schedule of speakers + interactive workshops ahead. Watch this space! #VVTC


Jack Higgins your health comes first. Get well son. As a recently diagnosed epileptic there is a chance mine came from heavy head knocks from sport. You’ll come good and we are thinking of you @jackhiggins99 !!!

Documents have given fresh life to allegations that Rep. Ilhan Omar married a man, possibly her own brother, to cheat both immigration and tax laws, according to a Star Tribune report. Watch more on BlazeTV:

another great reason for medicare for all would be getting rid of these bullshit plans…

Another big signing for the club and we are so happy to have him on board this season. Welcome @KaneJellyman who will bring his experience from playing in the Evo Stik league in England and strengthen our squad no end #ublues #welcomekane #internationaltransfer


I'm a day late but the decision to include Alan Turing on a banknote was a terrific idea.

Apollo 11 astronaut returns to Florida launch pad 50 years later

Donald Trump may be calculating that a legal dust-up over the new rule will help him politically, even if he loses

AOC calls Trump a xenophobe because she thinks he hates xylophones!


Raleigh News Trump aide Kellyanne Conway to reporter: 'What's your ethnicity?' – live - The Guardian


Nicolle Wallace: I know Liz Cheney. She follows her father’s playbook. You want to know what the dark underbelly of America is? It’s Liz Cheney, Donald Trump, and anyone who follows what they do and say. #DeadlineWH


Damian Jorden,Co-Founder of Manifest Careers Speaks with “THIS MORNING With @GordonDeal ” on Solving America’s Employment Problem With the legalization of Medical&Recreational Cannabis #startup #Tech #HR #recruiting #life #career #Resume #Hiring #careers #employment #cannabis

"We have some cool, James Bond music." @maxbergmann talking about his podcast "The Asset," about the relationship between President Trump and Russia. Max calls it the story of the most successful intelligence operation in history

50 years ago today, Apollo 11 took off for the moon! For the special anniversary, @nyuniversity spoke to Prof. Maya Clark-Cutaia about @NASA's impact on medicine. #Apollo50th


Area 51 Raid Will be Live-Streamed so Everyone Can See What Goes Down…

Exactly 50 years after the Apollo 11 Moon landing, an American will launch Saturday from Kazakhstan. On one hand, this is a testament to international cooperation. On the other, it means we lack the capability to even reach orbit today.…

Bill Groom – who just earned an Emmy nomination for production design on #MrsMaisel – talks about one particular "happy accident" that happened on set. Watch his full episode of #MagicHour:

Medicare Advantage health plans caught overcharging the government typically pay back less than 10¢ on the dollar. Insurers want to keep it that way.

GOAL! Dean Ebbe puts TNS ahead! Still more work for the Saints to do though! 0-1 (Agg. 2-3)

Every actress nominated for an Emmy this year is a woman. Change is happening!

Despite winning a Golden Globe for his performance, Richard Madden didn’t get an #Emmy nomination for his role in Bodyguard.…

#ObamaWasBetterAt picking a wife. A brilliant, caring, beautiful wife.

#ObamaWasBetterAt smoking weed. Dude admitted he smoked it, which I always respected. Maybe he didn't smoke it in office, but he enjoyed it in college. I loved Bill Clinton too, but always thought it was bullshit that he said he never inhaled.

Despite winning a Golden Globe for his performance, Richard Madden didn’t get an #Emmy nomination for his role in Bodyguard.…

An Engineer On Apollo 11 Explains What Really Caused The Infamous Computer Error #Apollo11 #Apollo50th #Apollo50

Indicados ao #Emmys de Melhor Ator em Série de Drama: Jason Bateman - Ozark Sterling K. Brown - This Is Us Kit Harington - Game of Thrones Bob Odenkirk - Better Call Saul Billy Porter - Pose Milo Ventimiglia - This Is Us


Why Alan Richardson was doomed as coach of @stkildafc, faced Hunger Games odds, before the 2019 season.…

Analysis: "Trump’s racism cements his party’s place among the West’s far right" writes @ishaantharoor

Trump'ın, "Sevmiyorsanız bu ülkeyi terk edip geldiğiniz yere dönebilirsiniz" dediği 4 Kongre üyesi kadın Trump'ın sözlerinin gündemi saptırma çabası olduğunu vurgulayan kongre üyeleri, "Trump sadece bizi değil, çok sayıda insanı ötekileştirip susturmaya çalışıyor" dedi.


“I will always call [Trump] an occupant as he is only occupying space,” Rep. @AyannaPressley says. “He does not embody the grace, the empathy, the compassion, the integrity that that office requires and the American people deserve”

Congresistas demócratas piden comenzar un juicio político en contra del presidente de #EE.UU @realDonaldTrump por sus actos racistas y xenófobos


We would like to wish our deputy head girl, Katie Birchall, an amazing time as she leaves for America and Canada this Saturday, to attend the World Scouting Jamboree. Katie has worked tirelessly for almost 2 years to raise the funding needed for this trip 1/2


Hola #ComunidadGlobera!!! Os traemos una nueva actualización del #MapaGlobero!! ¿Os gusta como está quedando? En breves tendremos listo el mapa de América. ¿Quieres que tu globo también aparezca en nuestro mapa? Pincha el link y cuéntanos dónde.…


"Hubo cervezas y tequila": el escándalo que involucra a 6 jugadores de la Selección de Ecuador durante la Copa América


I look forward to welcoming colleagues from our diplomatic missions in US & Canada for our regional Heads of Mission meeting. We are joined in Washington by our @dfatirl Secretary General @NBurgessDFA & will discuss strategies for advancing #Ireland’s interests in North America.

England squad for women's Ashes Test: Heather Knight, Tammy Beaumont, Katherine Brunt, Kate Cross, Sophie Ecclestone, Georgia Elwiss, Kirstie Gordon, Amy Jones, Laura Marsh, Natalie Sciver, Anya Shrubsole, Lauren Winfield, Sarah Taylor

#TrueGuruSaintRampalJi Saints and learned men have told that finding a complete Guru is very rare and if you do not get a complete Guru then life is useless. So do not waste your human life, come to the refuge of the complete Guru Saint Rampal Ji and make your life successful.


England winning World Cup 2019 in controversial circumstances is an issue that refuses to die down. #WorldCup2019 #CWC19…

Giroud: “It was tough for me, but it was amazing to sign for a club like Chelsea. It was like an improvement for me because - OK, it's #MCFC now - but #CFC have been the best club in England over the past 10 years. It was a new challenge with big motivation, big targets” (BBC)

Curran is stumped off the bowling of Holland to go for 50. England Lions now 8-260, trailing by 137 #AusATour Live:…

Since it’s a hot topic here’s a pic of my sister and I at #Uluru (2003). Even my immigrant parents with limited English skills and cultural awareness recognised the significance of this site and told us not to climb it and yet some of you people still persist? Have you no shame?


Great session on delivering #socialvalue & measuring it at #sifest19 with @SIMNA_AU. Lineup @benthecarpenter from #london @awerangi from #NZ and here in #perth Simon Faivel & Ross Kyrwood. New idea to think about: are we seeing impact washing as #impinv increases in influence


A village to accommodate a production crew of 300 has sprung up at Cairngorms National Park as filming begins on the latest James Bond film…

Ik zie het al gebeuren. Die vrouwelijke James Bond zal daar een functionele scharrel opdoen en heel MI6 zal zeggen dat ze een slet is.

What did the naughty little diamondback say to his big sister? "Don't be such a rattle-tail!" #WorldSnakeDay #NancyTellsAJoke

Please ensure Bob Brown gets an invite to proceedings. Queenslanders your inept government at work. You know what to do. Kick this sad excuse for a government out at your earliest convenience. #qldpol #auspol…

Does the fact that Victorian taxpayers are footing the #cladding fiasco bill means the Govt is admitting liability for poor governance?

It's simple really. Aged care facilities will do whatever they can to cut costs in order to maximize profit & shareholder returns. Until they are regulated to within an inch of their life, elderly Australians will continue to be fed rubbish.…

‘We need to develop a place where everybody feels like they belong.’ Yes @carolinnes9! #policy #sifest19 @KatieStubley @UWASocialImpact


What a joke you are @kevinandrewsmp first why we did not win many projects due to cut cost from rubbish metals on job sits and the government did fucking nothing nothing on builders and know you need federal government help no it’s you problem #cladding @ScottMorrisonMP

Tonight, we're off to one of the most inhospitable places in the world - Siberia. 8.30 on 10. #BodyHack @toddsampsonOz

Belinda Sharpe will co-referee Thursday night’s clash between the Broncos and Bulldogs.…

Samoa Joe's loss at #ExtremeRules marks the 8th time in two years he's failed to win a WWE World Title onscreen. Before he faces Finn Balor on #RAW, @navidschreibt wants us to know that despite his losses, Joe still feels like a legitimate competitor.…

the big takeaway from this whole area 51 thing is no one knows how to spell “guard”

Area 51 guards successfully defending our attack

ok y’all i thought of literally the best super power it’s where whenever i’m in public i have the ability to become invisible to men at will i honestly would take that over flying or teleportation

For all the freakishness of Sunday and those vanquished in marginal moments, consider this : Roger Federer and Kane Williamson share a birthday.

Alan Turing, the father of modern computing and A.I., will be the face of the U.K.’s new £50 note

When I looked at my Queen my Wife before the car pulled up tonight I automatically thought I can’t wait until dinner is over and the club is over! Sorry but she is just super BAD & I want it all #miamiNights #She44 #AyeMIA44 #15YearsOfMarriage #MrAndMrsChaney


#ripbiancaً you are our angel forever

i want to use this to tell everyone to stay safe, obsessive behavior is more common than you’d think. if u feel that ur safety is at risk or even if u feel uncomfortable, pls reach out to someone. rest in peace bianca, no one deserves this #ripbianca

In other words, Federer won the popular vote, while Djokovic won the Electoral College vote.


Best match (apart from the final): PakvsAfg Best new talent: Jofra Archer Best catch: Ben Stokes Best fans: all South Asia fans - you made the tournament Best overall team (batting, bowling & fielding): England Team that impressed most with wins against Eng & NZ: Pakistan

*Happy or Sad ??? Kane Williamson: Already broken


This is what happens when you put Fireflies with Trigger The Fever @NCTsmtown_DREAM #nctdream #NCTDream_Fireflies

“Look lads, I’ve spoken to Boris and Mogg...I’ve done my best but he says that in October at least half of you will be out of here faster than Martin Guptill’s run-out.”


Respect and protection of cultural heritage? Same reason we stopped clambering all over #Stonehenge in 1977: it still gets 800k visitors a year. I'd like to visit #Uluru-Kata Tjuta, but am more comfortable planning a trip for when Uluru's not being swarmed over by total wankers…

Measuring the #SocialImpact that matters for whānau has been a 6 year journey. Changing to outcomes measurement reporting & new systems, embedding an outcomes culture with strong governance support have made up our #SocialImpact blueprint. @awerangi discusses tonight. #SIFest19…

Upper Caste concern for Uighur. What did India do to Rohingya Muslim refugees? Is Modi willing take on Chiba and give political asylum and refugees status to #Uyghurs? We all know this won’t happen just some fake concern for Rohingya and the Chanakya Niti.…

All the wonderful comments on my area 51 videos is melting my heart from all you so much love makes me want to cry !!

Loki, Dr Strange y SpiderMan  presenciando la #WimbledonFinal entre Federer y Djokovic.


Hey, New York and New England! With sale fares to Florida, instead of re-booting for Fall, you can just re-flip-flop. Book by 7/16 for travel 8/20-9/30/19. +Restr:


#WorldControversyCup | Before the super over and 6-run overthrow controversies, netizens think this Ben Stokes moment was the most crucial in the England-New Zealand final…

Isco is absolutely not better than Coutinho. Most overrated player on the planet. Such a difficult player to compensate for tactically. Wouldn’t improve any top 6 club in England. Same profile and level as Özil who’s shit now.…

Entre todos los personajes, @MartinUrruty eligió al argentino Damián Steiner para ilustrar #LaHistoriaDelFinDeSemana Damián fue el juez de silla de Federer-Djokovic, en la final de #Wimbledon


Wenn es um China und dessen Xinjiang-Politik geht, werfen muslimische Staaten dann doch die Religions-Solidarität zugunsten ihrer Geschäftsinteressen über Bord #Saudi #Syrien #Emirate #Kuwait #Bahrain #Pakistan, #Oman, #Katar…

Djokovic você é um MOSTRO Federer você é uma LENDA

we are watching Jim Molan's audition/job interview on live TV. wtf is this shit #qanda

Tomorrow night in our season finale, we're off to Siberia in search of the Nenet people. 8.30 on 10. #BodyHack @toddsampsonOz


Bon plan #soldes : le Samsung Galaxy S10e à -40% ici ⤵️…

hopefully dildos and vibrators have some good sales on prime day


Big local retailers are cutting prices to hit back against Amazon’s Prime Day promotion.

Djokovic se acerca a Federer y Nadal en títulos del Grand Slam


Half the crowd chanting "We want Lesnar" are the same ones on Twitter right now on the way home talking about how bad the show is. Lol its #wrestling deal with it or jump ship its that simple #ExtremeRules #FollowTrain

Hey everyone! Here is 8 times @TheBradShepard was wrong in just 2 weeks. Yes 8 times in just 2 weeks, yet tons of websites and YouTubers still use him for their stories! #ExtremeRules #ExtremeRules2019 #WWE


Djokovic, Nadal y Federer: ¿es este el mejor momento en la historia del tenis masculino?

Can Djokovic or Federer please come in and pitch? #RedSox

British media hails 'Champions', Kiwi press targets 'Super Over' rules…

”This is a Bond for the modern era who will appeal to a younger generation ... Bond is still Bond but he’s having to learn to deal with the world of #MeToo.”…

I was going to stay up for Amazon Prime day... But then I got home...

All of the Best TVs on Sale for Amazon Prime Day…


Two of my faves would bond but it would be over minions... I’ve won but at what cost…

I've said it before but one more time: IF THE RACE/GENDER OF THE CHARACTER IS NOT INHERENT TO THE CHARACTER THAN FEEL FREE TO RECAST THE CHARACTER AS DESIRED Black Ariel - perfectly fine Black female Jane Bond - perfectly fine White Major Kusanagi- perfectly fine

I don't want a female James Bond. James Bond is a dashing, handsome man. Good thing I can skip watching such a thing.

We share a bond that people will never understand. I tell him everythingggg. And he’s never judged me.

Hesson: Super Over ruined it


007 James Bond Goes WOKE!........No More MEN!!!! via @YouTube

NZ v ENG, Final ENG 86-4 (23.1) NZ 241-8 (50) Ben Stokes*: 5 (12) null: 0 (0) James Neesham 0.1-0-0-1 England need 156 runs #ENGvsNZ

This year #SIFest19 is designed and led by Aboriginal leaders, providing wisdom to help us all co-plan and co-create a better future for everyone. We’d like to thank our major supporter @lotterywest for their support to make this festival happen.


Queues at @SydneyAirport are blowing out as an Australian Border Force IT outage has led to long delays at the departure gates. #7NEWS…

Passengers at Sydney Airport are being hit by delays due to a security system outage. #9News…

It is 12-12 in the fifth set of the #Wimbledon final, and the title will be determined by the tournament's FIRST-EVER final-set tiebreaker. Novak Djokovic has already saved two Roger Federer championship points.


Novak Djokovic-Roger Federer mücadelesi 4 saat 49 dakikaya ulaştı ve #Wimbledon tarihinin en uzun finali olarak tarihe geçti.


Trying to figure out what shoes I’ll wear when I go crash Area 51.

Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic es oficialmente la final de más duración en la historia de #Wimbledon El récord lo tenían Roger Federer y Rafael Nadal (2008) (4:48)

Novak playing the bad guy roll so well looool entertainment personified

Sen Şampiyon olacaksın Novak Djokovic #WimbledonFinal

Io domani avrei da lavorare, Roger. #WimbledonFinal

Un'ora e mezza fa ho posticipato parecchie robe da fare a "a sto punto le faccio quando finisce la finale". Non le farò mai. #WIMBLEDON #WimbledonFinal

Pulling up to Area 51 with the fit


#F1noGP Hora de conferir os melhores momentos da vitória de @lewishamilton no ótimo #BritishGP de #F1

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