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From N1.5m in 2017 to over N1.5b today with the help of Kiakia™. Even the Vice President was thoroughly impressed! What are you waiting for? Partner woth Kiakia™ today! #mrk #kiakia #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all find that extra few percent this week! #mondaymotivation


.@reaIDonaldTrump how did your wife (your third one, that is) get into the United States on an "Einstein" Visa and how did her parents got in via chain migration - which you have campaigned against?

At long last, we can say...IT'S MATCHDAY, GOONERS!!!! Hope we can see y'all out for today's clash against Sheffield United. #COYG

Saya kecewa kami tidak bisa datang ke sini dan menampilkan performa terbaik karena saya merasa kami bisa melakukannya hari ini. #LFCIndonesia…

Not just based on yesterday but Henderson is a passive player, has ability but only plays exceptionally when the team is. How many perfomances can you name where he's altered the flow of a match? someone like Keita does. And I think we'll see that switch in the coming weeks

I vote for Keanu Baccus of @wswanderersfc for Hyundai @ALeague Goal of the Round.

Thin lines between success and failure leaves Eddie Jones feeling no sympathy towards Australia As Jones prepares for the semi-finals, Michael Cheika is looking for a new job #RWC2019

Boa sorte a todas as louies que estão concorrendo aos ingressos, as que conseguirem ir aproveitem ao máximo, apreciem cada letra da música, e o mais importante NÃO VAZEM A MÚSICA, curtam demais esse momento, boa sorte #WeMadeIt

Anyway I hope fans don't leak any parts of #WeMadeIt . I want to enjoy it when it comes.

October 21, 2019 at 02:52AM هل يكذب إعلام الطواغيت على الدولة الإسلامية ويشوه صورتها بسبب رغبته في إظهار الحق ؟! وهل يكون الحق بالكذب ؟ #MUNLIًV #اقاله_وزير_الرياضه_الزمُلكاوي #لبنان_يثورّ #جبلايه_التزوير_الامُني #لبناْن__ينتفض #اغلاق_المُحلات_وقت_الصلاه

October 21, 2019 at 02:51AM هل يكذب إعلام الطواغيت على الدولة الإسلامية ويشوه صورتها بسبب رغبته في إظهار الحق ؟! وهل يكون الحق بالكذب ؟ #MUNLIًV #اقاله_وزير_الرياضه_الزمُلكاوي #لبنان_يثورّ #جبلايه_التزوير_الامُني #لبناْن__ينتفض #اغلاق_المُحلات_وقت_الصلاه

They still haven't released the findings of the Parkinson investigation into the sussan Ley scandal. #righttoknow They have hidden it from the public for almost 3 years. FOIs blocked and bullshit reasons supplied. #auspol #abc730

Erin Brockovich sounds alarm over PFAS contamination after more Queensland sites revealed: Australian Broadcasting Corporation… MORE w/ EcoSearch - news:… web:…

I made this #WeMadeIt headers let me know if you liked it @Louis_Tomlinson @LTHQOfficial #WeMadeIt


‘Traditional’ media groups are joining forces to highlight the fundamental difference in ethos from digital platforms. #RightToKnow

Great talk by our PhD student @JMSchoonejans presenting her work on #metformin treatment in obese pregnancy at #dohad2019 @DOHaD2019


Vivir es elegir. Pero para elegir bien, debes saber quién eres y que defiendes, a donde quieres ir y porque quieres llegar ahí . Kofi Annan United Nations

"This tragic end of the American intervention to support the Kurds would mark the beginning of the back-and-forth relationship between the United States and the Kurds that still exists today."…

Wong v Cormann in #estimates Cormann refusing to answer anything and just hurling abuse. This has been going on for years. All those media employees who suddenly want the #RightToKnow seem to have never been aware of how Cormann and his colleagues refuse to be accountable.


ホームの重圧と闘った31人の魂は、人々の心をこれでもかと揺さぶった。「盛り上がるのか」という大会自体への不安を、日本の活躍が消し去った。命をかけた肉弾戦。全試合で、混じり気のない勇気、桜のジャージーを背負う覚悟をみた。#RWC東京 #JPNvRSA #OneTeam #RWC2019…

With 50 passengers and crew on board, Australia’s national carrier Qantas flew a new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner for 19 hours 16 minutes from New York to Sydney. It was the world's first ultra-long-haul commercial test flight

Rival media outlets have united to protect press freedom, launching the #RightToKnow campaign to push for greater protections for journalists and whistle-blowers. @olivialeeming #auspol #7NEWS


Waddington’s heat shock of Drosophila leading to a wing phenotype is frequently cited as an #epigenetic phenotype. Presumably meaning non-genetic. But it’s due to mutations — transposons get mobilised:… #DOHaD2019

More than 5,500 empty seats at the Otia Dome for Wales -France. Maybe that had something to do with the subdued atmosphere. 3,000 empty seats at same venue for England-Australia.

Interesting and clever work looking at DNA methylation as a mediator of maternal smoking on later life offspring health from @iTomRichardson at #DOHaD2019 Full house with people standing at the back (Epigenetics sessions need big rooms!)


Mental health of doctors-in-training: a reflection … Dr @_emxs, Dr Kate Engelke & Dr Margaret Kay from @DocHealthQLD write #openaccess in InSight+ … "Our colleagues are suffering and are afraid to seek help in their own state"…


Craddock: Michael Cheika was a bit of a control-freak and would not be easy to manage.

The outgoing @wallabies coach has been criticised for letting his players down and serving up a "selfish" gameplan at #RWC2019…

Presenting our translational research today at #DOHaD2019 (poster 139) - results from @CHILDSTUDY & mice show adverse effects of maternal artificial sweetener intake on offspring. Great collaboration with @VernDolinsky supported by @CHRIManitoba & @DEVOTION_MB


#DOHaD2019 there are multiple examples of wildlife acting as sentinels of environmental health, particularly affecting population health


Celebrating #oaweek2019 #OAweek recognising and promoting equitable #OpenAccess to research and scholarship #StudentSuccess best practice in #ScholarlyPublishing #OA supported by @UniSTARSConf @qutlibrary @creativecommons @openaccess_anz #unistars


More than 8,000 captive-bred lions are kept in more than 250 breeding facilities in South Africa, where they are exploited for profit at every stage of their lives. FACT. Please sign the petition, to help us put a stop to this: #CannedHunting


This whole "Chick-fil-a closes in England after protests" story seems fishy, and some Googling indicates that it was a pop-up and not a permanent location. They signed a 6 month lease and this "cancellation" is that they won't renew, which it seems they weren't going to anyway.

Klopp: "To be honest, since I've been in England, Manchester United plays like this. One team plays only to defend, the other has to make the game. When we came here this year, last year and the year before they just defended, it’s not a criticism, it’s a fact." #LFC

Thank you Ambassador Maruyama & team Embassy Japan in South Africa gracious hosting special event #RWC19 #JPNvRSA when #ScienceDiplomacy meets #SportsDiplomacy @dsigovza look forward deepened science collaboration our partners in Japan @mextjapan @ScienceAgora @jica_direct_en


Tulsi Gabbard elevated in Iowa by Clinton spat - ABC News - via @ABC @TulsiGabbard @HillaryClinton

:( i love being here i do but man im so much more productive and motivated in england and i miss that so much

Stars aligning for England ahead of All Blacks clash, says Woodward…


Tulsi G is mounting a campaign to hurt Democrats in 2020. Let's stop bitching about her and ignore her from now on. Every tweet gets her name out there. Leave her unknown to most!…

No need to ask Tulsi Gabbard about how she feels about the Magnitsky Act because we have her voting record. In December 2016, she was among a tiny minority of members of Congress to vote against the Global Magnitsky Act.…

Tulsi gave the right answer. You're a hack…

When I was 12 a guy in England held his hand practically in my ass crack for an entire subway (tube?) ride and I didn’t know what to do!!! Woooooo! Party!…

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