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Leonardo DiCaprio : “Pay respect to an amazing actor...” Also Leo : “me, the actor is me” #SAGAwards

Tanya is awesome energy!!! Love her positivity. It's Tanya time!!!! She's becoming my new fave. Porsha looks amazing per usual!! #WWHL

only 1 hour left to the lone star premiere and here's a little reminder that the original cast support the new cast and both shows have amazing characters who deserve the same amount of love and appreciation. if you prefer one over the other it's ok but don't be assholes about it

Don’t know if y’all know that I am also an Academic Decathalon coach for Paradise high school. My amazing team met this morning to study for our competition in two weeks #aplitchat


This post was inspired by @emilypearsonart .Maybe I'm a bit biased because he just finished one of my stories, but @schiekapedia is an amazing artist! He's kind and talented. He's been championing our project like no other and has brought us both a cool opportunity. Hire him!…

Everyone I've met feels the same way when they visit SD. It's amazing!…

When you give your ONE Thing your most emphatic ‘Yes!’ and vigorously say ‘No!’ to the rest, extraordinary results become possible: The One Thing #MondayMotivation #quoteoftheday

You think the Sanders people aren't Trump-like? Here's an account, theoretically from the UK. - Claims Bernie campaigned "hard" for Clinton - slams the "MSM" for "a lie" - has a more than 50-1 tweet/follower ration and a trollbot rating of 28%…

Gun bitch getting absolutely RATIOED. Literally who tf is her audience. Can’t think of anyone on the right who wouldn’t have her put down


Los mismos que dicen que Conor se dejó pegar por Floyd son los que ahora dicen que Cowboy se dejó pegar por Conor? O es muy difícil aceptar que un peleador es mejor que otro? Estamos locos.

the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it's like to feel absolutely worthless and they don't want anyone else to feel like that.

I'm Black and I'm not voting for Bernie Sanders, come what may.…

i cant believe bernie sanders is going to lose because he didnt get the NYT endorsement

This is a Ewan McGregor stan account

#GodMorningMonday #MondayMotivation Jaigurudev ji prediction about Savior of the world Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj 'Great Chyren will bring Golden Age on Earth'. #mondaythoughts #MondayMorning #MondayMood #MondayVibes #mondaymoanday #MondayBlues #Mondler ☑️

Strong Labor Market and High Inflation can continue to support Canadian Dollar… $USDCAD #elliottwave #trading

The joke here is that Scott Morrison doesn’t know who Matt Kean is. You are supposed to be part of the same political party but it is clear that you represent coal and history and Matt represent the people and the future.…

1st of all he throws Gladys under the bus and now he insults the state Environment Minister from his own party. What a despicable grub @ScottMorrisonMP is. Loyalty and integrity mean absolutely nothing to him.…

2020-01-20 08:30:47 6. johnny 7. Dance Practice 8. #TharnTypeSpecialEP 9. #TumcialBDParty2020 10. #LIVMUN

(5) The document trail linking them both begins far back in 1993, when Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are listed in a "White House Donor Reception".…


The season didn’t end the way we wanted, but we’re still proud of our hometown @Titans This deep playoff run really did brighten up the often post-holiday blues for many in middle Tennessee & western Kentucky. Thanks to the players & Titans team! #TENvsKC #ArmyTeamNashville #NFL


Mari e eu tentando um nome legal pro twitter de @neynamorais @Mariiii_Campos [19/1 22:01] Mariana 2: Neynaquengona [19/1 22:01] Mariana 2: Esse combina mais com ela [19/1 22:01] Mariana 2: Ou putadeluxo [19/1 22:01] Maxwell Carvalho: Sereia do Trairí

A new, limited-run daily podcast, "The Choice," takes you inside each candidate's endorsement interview with the Times editorial board and the deliberations that followed. Hear how the board came to its choice to help you make yours.

Bastards. LNP Crook, Liars and Incompetents. It’s 25 years since Newstart’s last hike, weeks since pollies pocketed their latest pay rise | The New Daily…

Has anyone done a check to see how many sporting clubs Angus Taylor set up in the Cayman Islands? It seems like an obvious question to ask. #auspol

Michael Pascoe: Look who helped sports grant corruption get the go-ahead | The New Daily…

Taxpayers' money must go to areas that need it, not areas where politicians need to shore up votes. The Audit Office's findings against Bridget McKenzie's #SportsRort show we must hold politicians accountable to ensure proper public spending. Learn more:…

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defended Bridget McKenzie’s handling of $100 million in community sports grants in the lead up to the federal election.

.@ScottMorrisonMP .@TheLancet medical journal laments the lack of ‘sensible discourse’ about the ‘stronghold’ of the fossil fuel industry on Australia .@DocsEnvAus .@naomirwolf #ClimateEmergency #ClimateChange #AustraliaFires #AustralianBushfireDisaster #AuspolSoCorrupt #auspol


99% of the area burned by the #AustralianBushfireDisaster contains potential habitat for threatened species. After one billion animals died, those left behind will struggle to cope. Eleven scientists explain how we must help them recover:…

Was that @SenatorCash with Paul Kennedy on ABC? didn't recognise her without her whiteboard.

Bravo Paul Kennedy @ABCNews24 Breakfast for trying to call out the HORRID Michaelia Cash on multiple matters of fact. But LNP ministers are so wrapped in a Teflon tissue of lies that nothing, nothing penetrates. Evasion smarm denial bafflegab Gish Gallop - their schtick.

48 hours after Black Saturday: Council posted this notice on what was left of our front gate. Thinking of all the people—across Australia—navigating the difficult bureaucracy of bushfire aftermath in the coming weeks, months and years #ClimateEmergency #AustralianBushfireDisaster


Capturing this image near our property in Manyana was confronting. We were one of the lucky ones thanks to @NSWRFS. Business is slowly returning and tourists encouraged to visit safe areas. #AustralianBushfireDisaster #AustraliaFires #AustraliaFires


in the middleweight division i have elizabeth warren -125 ov bernie sanders dime limit

Republicans think Trump could carry 40 states with Bernie as the nominee. I’d say 35 but the result is the same.…

Vishal jayega agar eliminations hongi #ChartbusterSid

Woooooah, Jayapal not just endorsing Bernie, but becoming national health policy chair! We now have BOTH folks who wrote the damn bill! #MedicareForAll #NotMeUs…

James and Peirera are absolutely killing us here.

Rhinos coach Rich Agar says Ava Seumanufagai has a low grade medial injury. Hopefully will be ok for rd1. Brad Dwyer sore back.


My favorite gym interaction so far is the guy who saw I was watching Baki during cardio and called out to me from the treadmill, "Hell yeah Baki!"

Oh hell no @50cent is making power chapter 2

Unleash hell, @49ers

I want an in-depth background check on Pereira because there is absolutely not a chance this guy is Brazilian

Reading @curaffairs interview w. @Chris_arnade,I'm struck by how Arnade's view tallies w. Sanders interview w. @NYTimes:"NR: So the rise of Trump is definitely some kind of response to despair and hopelessness, then. CA: Oh, hell yeah."NYT wasn't buying

Love some civility policing from Darrell Issa's former flunky. Maybe legacy media should give Bernie supporters five-figure contracts and wait for them to become respectable too.


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