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Imagine fucking up and failing as many times as Corbyn and still keeping your job It’s almost like he thinks he’s part of an elite that has got a God given right to rule over us

Yes but Boris is not exactly British to his boot straps…


#UKElections "democracy"... how is it anyone still not questioning the vote count, or "exit polls"?? The whole thing is fishy. If clown Boris won with more votes than the Thatcher days.. suure.. something doesn't add up

I hope #scotland manage to get #independence from our shit storm of a country. Absolutely gut wrenching watching this unfold, don’t fucking moan when #BorisJohnson fucks you over, because unless your pockets aren’t lined with gold. Morons. #NotMyPrimeMinister #notmygovernment

Just woke up, conservative won... you man are idiots I stg everyone that voted Tory you are an idiot, watch you all regret this in a years time.

The only sensible thing for the country to do. Well done everyone, ding dong the Corbyn is dead. Right @BorisJohnson get on with it. #GE2019

I feel sorry for people with close family who they know have voted Tory. I would not be able to speak to those family members today. Or for a long time to come.

Live Updates: Labour Leader Corbyn to Stand Down as Tories Secure Absolute Majority in UK Parliament:…

Gutted Jeremy Corbyn didn't win Was looking forward to my 3 day £150 an hour work week, watching porn on government broadband, while smoking free nationalised NHS Weed

Had Labour accepted the referendum result and respected the Leave-voting areas from the outset, its progressive social agenda might've cut through. Big changes needed. #GE2019

Let's deal with 'but Corbyn 2017' 1 - May was a weaker opponent & ran a bad campaign 2 - Corbyn came across better. Magic grandpa Vs grumpy old guy 3 - Perceptions of Corbyn being a danger were there, but they've grown 4 - Anti semitism less of an issue 5 - He still lost

I genuinely believe labour lost cos we voted in pencil and cos Diane Abbott had odd shoes on

I hope Labour stop being the party of the Left and go back to the glory days of Tony Blair. CORBYN WAS ONLY EVER TRYING TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORKING PEOPLE, JUST THE WORKING PEOPLE NO LONGER KNOW WHAT THEIR PROBLEMS ARE. sorry…

Had a job interview in Exeter today and I'm wearing a blue suit, the amount of young people giving me filthy looks like I'm some proud tory is unreal I voted Labour as well guys leave me out of it

Boris #Johnson erreicht bei der Parlamentswahl die absolute Mehrheit. Es gibt also tatsächlich eine Sache, die Engländer noch schlechter beherrschen als Elfmeterschießen. #UKElection

All us Yankees realize that Tory versus Labour is Liberal Democrats versus Socialist Democrats, right? It’s like Joe Biden beating Bernie Sanders. England has no “Republican Party.” (And the US has no conservative party.)

I am absolutely lost for words this morning. I can’t say anything that will express how angry and disappointed i am with this result. If you voted tory you have no human empathy and you truly disgust me. Time for wee Nicky to do the right thing and get us the fuck out of here

Kojima faz um jogo diferente, com história pica, Gameplay diferenciado, melhor multiplayer do mundo dos games para essa merda de Sekiro ganhar o goty. Só pq o jogo é difícil e a mídia gosta de inflar o Miyazaki. Jogo merda! Eu tenho vergonha de quem joga Souls! Seus merdas

In the words of Joe Hill..... "DON'T MOURN ..ORGANISE "...Indy2ref must be the division, no distractions..Scotland has spoken and it is incumbent on all at every level of leadership and influence in the broad YES Movement to set aside differences and unite to deliver.

米ロサンゼルスで開催された The Game Awards 2019にて 空知先生の最終回詐欺の原因とされる 「SEKIRO」がゲームオブザイヤーに輝いたそうです! 空知先生がどハマりしたのも仕方なかったのかもしれない… 買ったけど積んでるので近いうちにプレイしなければ… #銀魂 #gintama #SEKIRO


買っちゃいました。 年明けから解禁します。


Any & all analysis of the #UKElection that ignores the injustice of First Past the Post and the need for electoral reform, where Proportional Govts are returned, isn't worth the time of day. Tories 42% vote = 56% seats Opposition 3 main parties 47% vote = 40% seats. END OF

Boris Johnson muss nun sein Land versöhnen – und sich ändern, kommentiert @DIEZEIT-Redakteur Matthias Krupa #GeneralElection2019 #UKElection

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game!

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game!

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game! Whats better than a sub? A game and a sub.

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game!

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game! Disco Elysium yes

If you’re in Redcar and voted Tory wtf are you doing with yourself

SNP’s Dave Doogan says Angus has rejected ‘hollow rhetoric of division and privilege’ as he beats Tory Kirstene Hair


The only Tory majority I’m interested in.


Ok this is IT!! FRIDAY THE 13TH sale is almost at an end...the VERY LAST Panthira sweeten the deal...whoever gets this last one...gets a copy of Large & in Charge tossed in for free...first copy to be available after MFF… #retweet


be good to me friday the 13th

hellevryone let’s have a good friday (the 13th)

Jeremy Corbyn looks shell-shocked as he arrives at count and could quit in HOURS over crushing defeat #GE2019…


.@FLOTUS Melania Trump looks elegant in white at tonight’s Congressional Ball at the White House ☃️❄️ #PoweroftheFirstLady #BeBest


Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith holds Chingford & Woodford Green - Conservative hold #ukelection

Don't know what planet @RichardBurgon is on, he's blaming #Brexit and "the right wing press" for @UKLabour losing the general election. He would stick with Corbynism for the next election. Pathetic! #GE2019 #GeneralElection2019 #ElectionResults2019 #UKElection #BBCNews

Iain Duncan Smith holds his seat. There really is no justice. #UKElection #generalelection

INJURY UPDATE: An MRI scan has confirmed a right calf muscle-tendon strain for Lockie Ferguson which will prevent him bowling in the remainder of the 1st Test, although he is available to bat. Awaiting a further report which will inform the next steps of his recovery #AUSvNZ

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