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A friendly reminder to not host a happy hour on your company Zoom account:


Tomorrow is casual Friday in the (home) office. Upgrade your video conference with a Bills background:


Dear Zoom Happy Hour Guy- You’re actually just drinking by yourself. Sincerely, Your Catholic Guilt

MySpace Top Friends but for Zoom conference calls with dozens of people on them

Move to more common 18-inch tires meant aluminum wheel (steel way heavy). But w/aluminum wheel & loads, couldn’t find way to make 5 lugs work w/confidence ... my gut says it’s wrong but Len & Eddie Wood told me they r good with it — so now hard for me to get all traditionalist.…

War criminal Eddie Gallagher got a pardon. An aircraft carrier captain who raised warnings about COVID-19 lost his command.…

Good to see the JSH staff today, as well as ⁦⁦@SarancSSTeach⁩’s cat, Claudius, during our Zoom meeting to start planning for Continuity of Learning! ⁦@SaranacSpirit⁩ ⁦


Eddie Gallagher was described as “freaking evil” by colleagues and pardoned for war crimes. Capt. Crozier wrote to save his crew and gets fired?!?!?! #FireTrump #redalert #COVID19 #CoronavirusPandemic #TraitorinChief…

ASPI, a right wing "think tank" like the IPA, publishes OPINIONS, not facts. Twiggy Forrest has just imported 90 tonnes of medical supplies from China. What should we make of this shit? Huh @ScottMorrisonMP? Huh @PeterDutton_MP? Huh @ASPI_org…

Earlier today I made what, to me, seemed like an offhand comment. People got upset, which is fair. I've since deleted it, and apologized directly to the person involved. I'm human. I have opinions and they're not always great. I get things wrong. I love you guys, really.

Now is an excellent time to reflect on the importance of public adhans and the role mu'adhidhins play in the community and why it is so important to establish and maintain them.

The comments section for the Skepta Vs Jae5 Clash was too funny man. Fucking hilarious

if you delete a tweet it officially becomes fair game. i WILL steal it without remorse.

My toxic trait is choosing to fight my own pain by myself. To be fair it’s only toxic to other people because I pull through every time

I hear my upstairs neighbor’s every footstep but they probably also hear my John Denver and Taylor Swift covers loud and clear so... Fair trade, I guess.

hes so fucking pretty bitch its not even fair


In this week's #ReviewRevue, @denimclature unearthed the "excellent guitar pop" of @theposies' 'Failure' from our vinyl library. See what else KCMU DJs said about the LP & support the band's @kenstringfellow + @jonauer through these hard times!


A very productive book meeting, despite @MPTeodoro's excellent choice of background cc:@DavidLSwitzer


LOL, I’m gonna give you guys more content of me speaking. The replies to that voicenote have been hilarious.

The Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta will bring forward school holidays by one week at all of its campuses that stretch from western Sydney to the Blue Mountains.

A look back at the collaborative genius of Adam Schlesinger, who passed away too young at the age of 52 yesterday.…

NSW Premier welcomes news of lower infection rates, but warns restriction measures will still likely be in place for six months.

That Thing You Do - Live in Tokyo. You are a pop songwriting genius Adam Schlesinger.

I didn’t realise that ADAM SCHLESINGER wrote songs too for @TheTonyAwards…

Potential children's names R̵u̵b̵y̵ ̵P̵r̵i̵n̵c̵e̵s̵s̵

walking to class takes less effort than logging into zoom i said what i said

This is BIG! Tomorrow at 11am we will be having a LIVE huddle. Isaiah Johnson, with the Indianapolis Colts, will speaking to us! You can join the live zoom call through our media page: #FCAvirtual


Encore des spéciales #COVIDー19 ? Ça se passe comment le bourrage de crâne et la psychose générale par les merdias ? J'espère un bide d'audience! #facealacrise #tf1 #france2 #boycott

Any Google search of #COVIDー19 research reveals a growing interest in delivering #nitricoxide, a powerful vasodialator, as a possible approach to boosting the #ImmuneSystem and helping to manage the virus. Read @DrNitric blog for up to the minute details.

Ça nous bassine le confinement tels de bons citoyens mais ça se tape des soirées entre amis. Il ne faudra pas faire couler la morve sur snap quand il y en aura un qui attrapera le Covid-19. #COVIDー19 #JLCFamily #LMAC


Possibly the first year ever I didn’t realize it was April fools day yesterday

someone needs to get max out of isolation because he's losing it. but also someone get me out of it because I just found that video fucking hilarious

You gotta admit it would be hilarious if everything completely reversed course and Bernie won the remaining primaries by a landslide and got the nomination. We're in bizarro world already so there's no reason for even centrists not to say hey what the fuck and go for this outcome

[ITUNES] ONEWE Q Feat. HWASA: #1 Singapore #24 Thailand #54 Taiwan #92 Sweden #155 Turkey #181 Austria #191 Russia #288 Belgium #447 United Kingdom #1095 United States #ONEWExHWASA_Q #HWASA #화사 @RBW_MAMAMOO

One of my favorite Adam Schlesinger choruses. Gonna miss you man

Reflecting on the loss of Adam Schlesinger by re-discovering the layers contained in Fountains Of Wayne's seminal album.

สิงคโปร์ ยังคงเปิดเทอม ให้เด็กไปโรงเรียนนะครับ… ลีเซียนลุง ให้เหตุผลว่า ไม่ใช่พ่อแม่ทุกคนที่จะสามารถดูแลเด็กได้ เด็กที่ไม่มีพ่อแม่คอยดูแล ก็อาจจะออกไปนอกบ้าน ซึ่งเสี่ยงที่จะติด #COVIDー19 มากกว่า การอยู่ที่โรงเรียน ที่พอจะควบคุมสภาพแวดล้อมได้บ้าง

A video that was viral in Singapore and UAE last year has now been picked up by Indian social media users in light of the coronavirus pandemic to falsely claim that a Muslim man spat on food in a restaurant. #AltNewsFactCheck | @ArchitMeta…

This video is now viral in India. It was viral in Malaysia in April 2019. It was recently viral in Middle East and Singapore with a false claim. Here is #AltNewsFactCheck… ...…

This video is now viral in India. It was viral in Malaysia in April 2019. It was recently viral in Middle East and Singapore with a false claim. Here is #AltNewsFactCheck… ...…

Where did COVID-19 come from? Don't ask Twiggy Forrest #RearWindow

"Dad Tricks Daughters Into Thinking School Started Back Up For April Fools" Is it just me or does this seem kind of cruel?…

mini series eddie kaspbrak did for sweater vests what muschietti’s richie tozier did for hawaiian shirts

When I first heard the new @pctrsofvernon album, I was blown away by the huge @fountainsofwayn influence. Incredibly sad coincidence that it came out on the day Adam Schlesinger passed away. Thankful that Adam's musical influence will live on forever.

Oh Eddie Large has passed, so so sad! He really was a truly lovely person! So much love to his family x

Tributes have quickly begun pouring in for Adam Schlesinger

Today, millions of people around the #world have recently started #workingfromhome because of the #COVID19 #CoronavirusOutbreak. #WFH is awesome. To help with the transition into this new way of working, here are some useful and free tools to help boost #WFHproductivity.


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