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Nancy : décès du sexagénaire roué de coups par des jeunes

Great to see @unit17wsj heading off to North America for the #WorldScoutJamboree to meet Scouts from around the world and learn more #SkillsForLife have a brilliant time!


Llevamos más recuerdos del viaje a la #Luna en @rtve que del descubrimiento de América, o de la vuelta al mundo de Magallanes, o de un sin fin de heroicidades españolas ocultadas por la ley del silencio. Televisión pública de todos los españoles, dicen.

To all my dear friends Good morning, afternoon, evening, night, wonderful weekend, nice Saturday, with my beautiful greetings


#VengadoresEndgame: La idea loca en la que Thanos aparecía con la cabeza del Capitán América en la mano O.o #SDCC

America has important things to handle now w/Iran. Meantime, Dems will have fun with their insane accusations and new anti/America Squad leadership. We no longer have time for games, but We will enjoy the votes your Squad guarantees Trump in 2020! @HouseDemocrats #KAG #MAGA

Trump Türkiye’ye yaptırımları görüşmek için senatörleri toplantıya çağırdı @nerinaazadnet #Kurd #Kurdistan #Nerinaazad…


William Pike breaks Australian record for wins in a season…

I can't tell what's parody anymore.

Racing: Pike's record.. eh.. there'll be a law passed in WA today that u cant mention he got rolled in 4 straight races on $1.65; $1.40; $3.60 & ***$1.10 favs.. #WA #spell

He did it. It’s done. All hail King Pike. #backpikedrinkwhatyoulike

Zaratite for Sir William Pike! 224!

Everyone please watch #TheFinalQuarter. We have so much to learn. This is humbling and heartbreaking Remember that Adam’s story is an ugly public example of how people of colour experience daily life in Australia I’m reflecting on how I can listen, learn and be better.

Bring on the mountains as the 'real' racing begins tonight when the riders hit the Pyrénées and the infamous Col du Tourmalet finish! #sbstdf #couchpeloton Tonight's coverage broadcasts live from 8:30pm AEST on SBS Australia (9:20pm in the ŠKODA Tour Tracker App)

Check out the tunes #TrollDJ busted out Stages 9-11 including a Bastille Day themed Stage 9 and a massive #sbstdf #couchpeloton fan favourite. (Sorry we're a bit behind with these compiles, the next lot v. soon we promise!) WATCH:…

Mark left one out... “Because I am racist and I don’t like the colour of his skin” but i fixed it for him. #TheFinalQuarter…

Some are bothered that Tom Cruise wears a People’s Republic of China patch on his jacket in the upcoming Top Gun 2, but I suspect he’s only doing it because those Gobi Desert re-education camps offer a possible path to rehabilitation for Suppressive Persons. Very hopeful!

I just feel that KyoAni's art books are much more precious now, so treasure them if you have any.

Hollywood Bows to Chicoms: New 'Top Gun' Movie Removes Japanese and Taiwanese Patches on Pilot's Jacket… via @gatewaypundit HOLLYWOOD NEEDS TO APPLY FOR AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP,....SO WE CAN REFUSE THEM! THEY ARE NOT AMERICANS!!!!

Honestly though, why didn’t they do it properly and get James Corden to Murphy it up and play ALL the cats. Why?

For my extra followers, hello Just so we are clear, this is mostly what my feed is about But, who doesn't love cake? (Cats.....ok more controversial)


Me: “Yea I watched the trailer I was both confused and slightly turned on” My coworker: “haha yea it’s weird they rebooted Top Gun but Tom Cruise is still hot” Me: “oh yea for sure” *laughing nervously as I delete the Cats trailer from my browsing history*

Apollo 11 has begun lunar revolution number 3. #Apollo11 #Apollo50

#Apollo11 is beginning its third lunar orbit, while Charlie Duke takes over CAPCOM duties at Mission Control. #Apollo50


Apollo 11 has begun the lunar orbit circularization burn or second lunar orbit insertion burn (LOI-2) to lower the highest point in the lunar orbit (the apocynthion) from 169.7 nautical miles (314.3 km) to about 66 nautical miles (122 km). #Apollo11 #Apollo50

The new #TopGun trailer just released! Did you know the original Top Gun was written by alumnus Jack Epps Jr. and former @michiganstateu screenwriting instructor, Jim Cash? Read about their successful careers in screenwriting, which started at #MSUCAL.…


Hoje se completam 9 anos da estreia do delicioso remake de #TiTiTi, uma novela maravilhosa da Maria Adelaide Amaral que misturou várias obras clássicas de Cassiano Gabus Mendes e conquistou o público com sua irresistível comédia romântica, merecendo demais o sucesso.


Stop sending me such callous messages. There are many amongst you - myself included - who have been suffering in silence with little to no solace in sight because we are dreading updates about the condition of our friends & acquaintances at KyoAni. Please let me grieve in peace.

Kyodo reports that the death toll of KyoAni's tragedy has now increased to 34. I really have no words. #PrayForKyoani…

just in case you run into some salty Adelaide supporters

ciesze sie bardzo ze zrobil sobie te wloski jeju mam nadzieje ze zostanie tak dluzej, albo odrobinke podetnie, bo sobie oczy wydlubie


zostawilam na prywatnym ig tylko osoby które wiedza ze jestem bi, albo przynajmnidj jak sie dowiedzą to wiem ze mi nie zaszkodza

Jennifer, Tiera, and Adelaide. If you click on 'Discussion' after clicking the link, I've posted their announcements. More will be posted there as they're posted. ☺…

My afterrnoon session at #MASA2019 yesterday titled "Useful Puzzles". I had eight puzzles I created around the room, and we worked on them in groups according to the Ground Rules I shared before we started. (PDF of puzzles here:… #MTBOz #MTBOs Fully Funded Scholarships, University of Adelaide, Australia #Jul20 Beasiswa FULL + Biaya Hidup di University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA #Jul20


Há exatos nove anos estreava o remake de Ti Ti Ti, de Maria Adelaide Amaral, baseada em clássicos de Cassiano Gabus Mendes, a trama fez sucesso com personagens divertidíssimos, como Victor Valentim, Jacques Leclair e Jaqueline Maldonado. Poderia entrar na fila de reprises, né?


The winning ride. If there’s one Frenchman that appeals to a global audience it’s Julian Alaphilippe. #sbstdf

HOLY HELL Alaphilippe!!!!! What a ride! Speechless!! #couchpeloton

On Thursday Mum said Alaphillipe would win the time trial and retain yellow and I told her she was daft. The I TOLD YOU SO will be epic #sbstdf #couchpeloton

Fan bloody tastic ride by JA, keeping the Ibots out of yellow #sbstdf #couchpeloton #sbstdfKelOnly

Love this shot! Is the Kruijs missile back to his 2016 Giro form? #sbstdf #couchpeloton


Solid ride Richie Porte. Tour de France back on track. #sbstdf

You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I’ll rise. -Maya Angelou #TheFinalQuarter #AdamGoodes


I am halfway through #thefinalquarter and I'm strangely unmoved by it. I think using archival footage is really effective but I was trying to figure out why Im not having the same reaction... Maybe because 1: It wasn't that long ago and 2: I feel this format overlooks the...

Andrew Demetriou, Nathan Buckley and Co covering up Eddie McGuires racist behaviour shows how the settler society works against black bodies. #TheFinalQuarter #strayla

“It's great, isn't it? Freedom of speech at its best.“ Some Americans outside the White House defend those who shouted “send her back” about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar during a Donald Trump rally. Others describe the chant as “inherently racist”.

Good newsletter from @IanDunt, on Trump, Brexit and fascism. @brianklaas’s The Despot’s Apprentice: Donald Trump’s Attack on Democracy, is well worth reading. If Trump is the despot’s apprentice, then Farage is the apprentice’s apprentice.


The “Cats” trailer scared me more than the “IT” trailer.

Eu estava obcecado. Não conseguia parar de falar sobre o trailer de Cats. E quando não estava falando sobre ele, torcia pra que alguém ao meu redor puxasse assunto pra que eu pudesse falar um pouco mais sobre o trailer de Cats

we are still angry about cats lol

Die #Bundeskanzlerin distanziert sich „entschieden“ von den Äußerungen des amerikanischen Präsidenten Donald #Trump gegen vier demokratische Politikerinnen. Solche Einlassungen konterkarierten die Stärke Amerikas, so Angela #Merkel.…

Donald Trump going after @IlhanMN and his supporters chanting "Send her back" are the worst of what America has to offer. We need a leader who supports ALL Americans.

His Dark Materials se dévoile dans une bande-annonce de haute volée


こうやってヘイトスピーチをする輩って、NGT叩きと同じく自分のストレス発散が目的で、犯罪への怒りや被害者に寄り添う気持ちなんか1mmもない。ただのクズ。 【京アニ火災「犯人は在日?」を根拠なく拡散 トレンドブログが複数掲載、ヘイトスピーチも】…

Pray for Kyoani 応援してます


Finally watching #TheFinalQuarter reminding us no matter how hard we work. No matter how "good" we become through the lens of the white man, we will still face racism. The social climate of the settler society maintains a space where we can never fully be safe to be who we are.

C'mon Labor, I was disappointed with the Election result, disappointed in the backing of the Tax cuts, disappointed with the neglect of NewStart, disappointed in ignoring Jacinda Ardern. I'm sensing a pattern of disappointment, how about standing for something? #auspol

Read: New from Caroline Wilson on #AdamGoodes and all the work still left to do.… #TheFinalQuarter

People of Australia. If you were watching @TheFinalQtr last night, the chapter from my new book "Carn" which recalls the Adam Goodes controversy is available to read on the @afl's website. #thefinalquarter…

The surprising age group that is most reliant on Newstart - The New Daily… A long over due wake up call. The Lenny has dropped for Barnaby how much longer for Scott?

A cartoon about how the ALP appears to be striving as hard as it can to not be the alternative government. A principled stand on Newstart? Not on your nelly!…

WATCH: One day after a Trump rally broke out into chants of "Send her back!" Rep. Ilhan Omar arrives in Minnesota to chants of "Welcome home Ilhan!" Learn more: #11MSNBC #11thHour

Donald Trump Is Deliberately Distorting What Ilhan Omar Says About America We know this because he’s cribbing lines from an interview with Omar on the Next Left podcast.…

Who's watching this grill challenge with me tonight on @MASTERCHEFonFOX? #MasterChef


Come on @CaptJamieHough call it what it was—a sh*tshow! #MasterChef

App que te deixa mais “velho”, o ‘FaceApp’, esconde grande risco aos seus usuários ->


niggas grant apple, google, and facebook access to their pictures,emails,passwords,personal info, information about their friends and family but are worried about security with faceapp. Anyone who formulates their own opinions and ideas completely on their own are rare nowadays

So, I gave in and tried that FaceApp thing.


Carlos Bolsonaro também entrou na brincadeira do Faceapp.


Donald Trump Is Deliberately Distorting What Ilhan Omar Says About America via @thenation…

Donald Trump’s Michael Flynn scandal is finally coming full circle – and it’s even uglier than we thought…

Ivanka Trump is avoiding the most urgent crises created by her father. Her silence is specific and self-preserving

Ooh. A BBQ elimination challenge. THis is going to be real good. #Masterchef

O presidente Donald Trump disse que o avião não tripulado se aproximava de um navio americano…

Mitchelton-Scott double-up on victories at this year's #sbstdf as Simon Yates won from the break, the Brit now with a stage win in all three grand tours…


Life imitates art: The House of the Seven Gables has been remodeled to match Hawthorne’s description. “When he first visited it, it only had four gables” notes Beth Luey. #sharp19

.@ljayes: Should Newstart be increased? @mattjcan: When we have the means to do so and the budget is in a degree of strong position then we should look at doing that. MORE: #firstedition

Ok, I’m already drafting an abstract for my #sharp20 paper, “Invisible Labor made Visible: Tender Portrayals of Bibliographic Work by Women in the Novels of Barbara Pym.” If you would like to join me in a panel on bibliographic work done by women "on the margins" dm me? #sharp19

The only genre fiction research slide we need #sharp19


Signal boost for #sharp19 goers: how can you diversify your Book History Syllabus? THERES A BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR THAT…

Bahrain-Merida bus just scrapped the side of the Jumbo-Visma van leaving the compound. With a stack of press around. Couldn’t make it up. #tdf19 #sbstdf

The #couchpeloton after realising Tomo has no new news about Rohan Dennis. #sbstdf

I'm going nowhere. Bring me the gossip. #sbstdf #couchpeloton

“I don’t think there’s many people in Australia who could’ve went through what he went through” - @DJHeadland1 on the mistreatment of Adam Goodes #TheFinalQuarter #TheFinalQuarterFilm

Dan M from our support team as an old man #faceapp


Va falloir que je me fasse une nouvelle pp. Et non, pas du faceapp de ces morts.

It’s a real problem that, thanks to her own incompetence, Pelosi can’t credibly defend Omar.…

久しぶりのTHIS IS AMERICA! #prime847

If America wants me to come through, I’ll be there bro.…

Rand Paul hates America.

The difference between a Trump rally and a KKK rally was always marginal, but now has collapsed completely.…

It will forever be heartbreaking that this man, this champion, was hounded out of the game he mastered. And profoundly dispiriting that people will continue to distort what happened to deny the racism at the heart of it all. #TheFinalQuarter #WeStandwithAdam


Despite criticism from Democrats, President Donald Trump intensifies his attacks on four congresswomen at a raucous rally amid chants of ‘Send her back!’ More here:

Revelan imágenes inéditas del traslado de 'El Chapo' (VIDEO)


#MonumentalMediaFail is failing to respond to an attack on America to seat Trump, blessed by GOP by fully informing the citizenry to the facts as they unfold NOT AFTER the 2020 election! @Morning_Joe @SRuhle @HallieJackson @DeadlineWH @allinwithchris @amjoyshow…

Goodes didn't call out a 13 year old girl. He called out the adults around her for teaching her it was OK to racially abuse someone. That was too much for some, so they stepped their racism up a few notches. Arseholes. #TheFinalQuarter

Ilhan Abdullahi Omar was a US citizen before Melania Trump ever was and Ilhan can speak English better than both her AND the Dotard. #morningjoe

Good morning from @Ilhan’s district (where I work). A reminder that Congressperson Omar won with 78.2% of the vote. We support her.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan stood up for Rep. Ilhan Omar and the rest of "The Squad" as he joined dozens of British politicians in condemning Donald Trump's "blatant unashamed racism" against the four Democratic congresswomen

.@NickKristof classifies all the bones in Trump's body as racist, including his phalanges, metacarpals, femurs and fibulas


Shah Rukh Khan please sign a movie. Announce it after the success of #TheLionKing Please @iamsrk

Remember, if you missed tonight's episode of #MadAsHell on @ABCTV, you'll be able to watch it next Wednesday night...

La mia gatta da quando sto fuori non mi fa le fusa non mi lecca non vuole giocare con me però pretende che le apra le porte miagolando incazzata e guardandomi con sguardo perentorio mi avrà preso per l'usciere

Team #wellbeing on tour II ⁦@IPPAnet#wcpp2019@margotvdweijer⁩. Huh did ⁦@BaselmansBart⁩ changed into a koala?


Lively panel discussion on the roles of @NASA and @AusSpaceAgency in the space missions of the future tonight at @OurANU! #Apollo50Aus #MoonWeek


Australia can and should take its place in the future of space exploration, asserts @AusSpaceAgency Head Dr Megan Clark #Apollo50 #MoonWeek


All set for tonight’s all-star #MoonWeek panel at @OurANU featuring representatives from @NASA, @AusSpaceAgency, and Australian-born astronaut Andy Thomas! #Apollo50Aus


PM Ardern was just as sharp, funny, warm and compassionate as I had hoped. Here's to feeling not disappointed by a politician... Thanks for coming, Jacinda! #theArdernAddress


"What will it take? A visit to the Pacific Islands might do it. We need to humanise this." - @jacindaardern on how to inspire action on #climatechange. #TheArdernAddress @ANZSOG @LaTrioli @GretaThunberg


Acts and regulators don’t work to set and enforce workers’ rights. Unions do. #TheDrum

I once helped hundreds of workers to organise into their union as an employer had made disability and youth support workers ‘independent contractors’. It is a terrible practise and organised workers stopped it. Being union is the best way to stop dodgy stuff like this. #TheDrum

John Higgins’ story highlights the wonderful possibilities that life can bring when one seizes new opportunities, the importance of curiosity and the need for a purpose in life that’s bigger than life itself #WCPP2019 #positivepsychology

John Higgins AO entertains the audience at #WCPP2019 with stories of his journey into positive education. @edumelb @unimelb


Looks like @coles is happy to sponsor wage theft on #MasterchefAU. They must be, otherwise they’d speak up on this…

Celebrating with graduates at our Graduation Luncheon. Our Dean Professor Rae Frances recognised the years of hard work and dedication that led students to today, hoping they enter the next chapter with fuller minds, fuller hearts, and wonderful friendships. #ouranu


"Let's not try to soften what may well be the wrong thing by throwing in furphies." Chris Scott says AFL chief Gillon McLachlan is being disingenuous over where the @GeelongCats should host finals.…

#BREAKING: Former rugby league star Mark Coyne speaks after being stood down from the Australian Rugby League Commission, following his arrest in Singapore. Full details in @9NewsSyd at 6.00pm. #9News…

Breaking: Rugby League commissioner Mark Coyne is prepared to resign from the role after he failed to self-report his arrest in Singapore for abusing taxi driver | @smhsport…

Thank you to our amazing panel! These six powerhouses are sharing their insights on developing competency and adaptive leadership with our delegates in Sydney #WLaSymp @WomensAgenda @tarla_lambert @sseomangal @SupplyNation @originenergy

What did the #Emmys2019 nominations get right this year?


Learning that a bottle of sunscreen is a good thing to have in the glove box of a convertible. No burns, just for future reference. The visibility with the top down is amazing though.

Trump’s Attacks on The Squad Aren’t Just Racist; They’re a Deliberate Attempt to Stifle Their… by Nida Khan

Just like #NAFTA and #USMCA #Trump wants to take credit, but not do the work. The branding king just renames treaties.…

Trump’s audience at the rally is representative of America’s silent voting majority. “Send her back!” is 2020’s “lock her up!” Trump is the only candidate in decades to identify the enemy and mobilize the base on that identity.

Quando eu falo que mata-mata na AMÉRICA DO SUL o barato é louco, nego desacredita. Olha a diferença de Hierarquia do Guerrero-D'Alessandro pro Lucas Lima-Deyverson....

i am beyond ready for this amazing work of art sabrina has coming. everyone, sabrina stan or not, please buy and stream it. she deserves all the success and love this world has to offer. @SabrinaAnnLynn #selfiesforact2


This wild blueberry chèvre is AMAZING buy some now

Opinion: We can either choose Trump’s vision of America, or John Paul Stevens’s

La embajadora venezolana en Argentina pidió a la Subsecretaria de Estado de EEUU intensificar la presión sobre Maduro


When Craig just randomly starts to yell... #SouthernCharm

This is what America wants


Colin Kaepernick's Nike commercial scores an Emmy nomination


ADX es la única prisión con la etiqueta 'Supermax' porque nadie se ha escapado de ella desde su apertura en 1994. En ella habita una larga lista de los criminales más riesgosos de Estados Unidos.…

El Chapo forfeiting $12.6 BILLION DOLLARS to the United States of America. Use it to build a wall on the southern boarder, and the hell with the DEMOCRAPS.

El Chapo when he’s released from life + 30 years in prison


El 'Chapo' ya tenía el plan para huir (por segunda vez) en túnel del Altiplano



This gif never gets old and another scene with Craig talking about sewing. #southerncharm

The calls to #RaisetheRate are growing. You have a chance to be part of the @ACOSS and @ACTCOSS campaign. My thoughts via @The_RiotACT…

goodnight to Thor 4 only <3

Congratulations to all our students graduating this morning! #ouranu


losing all grasp of reality & imagining Barnaby & I campaigning around New England on Newstart together, which eventually devolves into a Wake in Fright style nightmare that I never wake up from

Unlike George, if your winner gets up in our #MasterChefAU market we'll actually pay out what you're owed.

Terrific that now the election’s over people have noticed that Newstart might be a little low.

Glad to see the #MasterchefAu contestants got a real-life industry experience in last night’s episode, when they worked the entire service of George Calombaris’ restaurant unpaid.…

The single largest group reliant on Newstart are aged over 55 yrs…

BREAKING: Fresh details have emerged of the police case against ARL Commissioner Mark Coyne in Singapore…

Heading to the @dailytelegraph's #BushSummit2019 in #Dubbo today as part of a Government that’s backing rural and regional Australia. #regionsmatter #auspol #agmatters #drought


chris evans and brie larson both being in scott pilgrim makes me very happy

Campaign to raise rate of #Newstart payments gains momentum as cost of living continues to rise


Really enjoyed the #RiotAct performance in Luton tonight. Congratulations to artists and cast for a very powerful work. #peoplepowerpassion @SineadMcNamara3 @SadfaceThePoet


So amazing to read all the positive comments about the #RiotAct play. It really is something quite special with some very thought provoking pieces. An event delivered with and for the people of #Luton There is still time to get tickets… @LBCArts_Culture

You can't have NRL commissioners getting drunk, abusive and arrested in Singapore, then not even telling their board colleagues what has happened. Over and out for Mark Coyne. Time to resign. Promptly. See OZ (pay):…

Just watched Riot Act at Luton Town Hall Chambers. Glad of the incorporation Domestic Violence, Windrush Scandal and its impact of the victims, Racism, equality of women, homelessness etc #riotact #peoplepowerpassion #luton @lutoncouncil @ppvernon @ace_national @ace_southeast


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