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So, politicians are noticing people don't want to slave away in service jobs. Instead of realizing [As a free market should] that they're being underpaid for their labor, they're looking for ways to end assistive programs and force them into it. That says a lot.

U.S. employers added only 266,000 new jobs in April, a sharp slowdown from the 770,000 jobs created the month before

Y otros que luchan con labor silenciosa son los K-Popers. Que gran batalla han dado tumbado cada # uribista. ¡Grandes! #ElParoEsViolencia

هیچ کاری به جز فکر کردن به اون پیتزای تو یخچال ندارم دیگه تا فردا.

Congratulations to Kaiden Rose(2nd), Blake Botterill(3rd), and Brendan Aughe (5th) on their rounds today!


Rose is shooting 46.6% on jumpers this season, and just 49.1% in the restricted area. He's basically been turned inside out from his MVP days.

From the Financial Times: “The India controversy has highlighted how Australia, previously a global leader in handling the pandemic, has struggled to reopen to the world because of a botched vaccine rollout and leaky hotel quarantine system.”


While the Scott Morrison government seeks to pump even more money (while nobbling people's retirement savings) into an overheated property market these two promoted tweets seem to sum up where we're at pretty well...


lily james is one pretty white woman ill give her that

will be busy thinking of lily james as pamela anderson at least for a day

The city's major commercial districts and trading enterprises reported a 26.8% retail sales increase to 12.475 billion yuan year on year. #happyvalley #hotel #restaurant #ScenicSpots…


Journalists like Laura Tingle are few and far between. Bravo Laura.…

Results for Urmston Con 1101 Lib dem 147 Lab 2214 Green 324 LABOUR HOLD Turn out 44.9 pc @MENnewsdesk

Pessimo risultato dei Labour. Ma quando si dimette Corbyn?

Fun to pitch in #WMPitch today! I wish I knew an agent saw my pitches but it was really encouraging to see lots of love from fellow writers! You are all bringing some beautiful stories into the world!

Former Richmond Kickers player and coach David Bulow died Thursday morning at age 41.…

#WMPitch Mathilda the hen wants to be a mother so much she tries to adopt a golf ball, duck eggs, and even snowballs; but when it seems like her dreams have melted like snow, Mathilda finds an orphaned fluff to call her own. #AdoptionStory #PB

Well just finished #JupitersLegacy I wish we had more then 8 episodes, but I loved it!! Bravo to @mrmarkmillar @stevendeknight and @netflix can’t wait for Season 2 when it happens! #JupitersLegacyNetflix #JupitersLegacy

u don’t know ego till you’ve met a brown guy

Alexa play pretty brown eyes by cody Simpson


ہجر بیتا تو خدوخال سلامت تھے مگر رنگ چہرے کا گیا، ہونٹ گلابی نہ رہے #متروک

William Ruto is the single leader with the huge following. He has numbers. Facts are stubborn my friends William Ruto- 83 MPs. Raila Odinga- 59 MPs. Uhuru Kenyatta- 57 MPs. Kalonzo Musyoka- 19 MPs. Musalia Mudavadi- 12 MPs. Moses Wetangula- 11 MPs. Gideon Moi- 10 MPs.

Chaque fois que les mauvaises foi du "psg" me dénigrent, je gagne des followers qui sont reconnaissants pour les infos données et me recommandent en plus. Merci pour la promotion.…

The CS for @EduMinKenya was at @Starehe_Boys this afternoon for a brief ceremony to mark the end of the National Marking Exercise for KCSE. This year Starehe hosted marking of both the KCPE English Composition and KCSE History Paper 2. @ExamsCouncil @JosMwaura @FredOkono


Pub on punt road flooded with Geelong fans, love to see it

Interesting watching the game with a Tigers mate for a different view. Obvious frustration from him that Guthrie, Stewart and Duncan were so good. But high praise for Touhy’s cool head & surprised how young Sav is. Good analysis from him between my mocking hoots. #AFLTigersCats

Can't see how that Selwood Mansell incident is a MRO charge, it's the nearly textbook "two guys contesting the ball, only one turns sidewards" situation that's been getting dismissed for years yeah?

CBA's - Round 8 Game 1 - Geelong 32 - Cameron Guthrie 28, Joel Selwood 22, Esava Ratugolea 21, Brandan Parfitt 16, Shaun Higgins 13, Mark Blicavs 11, Quinton Narkle 10, Mitch Duncan 6 & Sam Menegola 1

on the one hand, Labour are 9 points down in Hartlepool and have lost the seat to the surging Tories. on the other, there's anecdotally less impossible-to-quantify shouting, so it's impossible to say whether they're actually more popular now.…

Dear Mr Starmer - before you go - can you re-instate Jeremy Corbyn and all the rest you have wrongly suspended from my Party?


Lord Mandelson speaking to @SophyRidgeSky now says Corbyn was raised time and again on doorsteps in Hartlepool - but claims Paul Williams' support for remain and a second referendum wasn't raised once: "Jeremy Corbyn casts a long, dark shadow still over the Labour Party"

Dead in Scotland "Remember when Labour's travails were all Jeremy Corbyn's fault, Starmer to the rescue? Unless Labour stands for something, excites people, unless it steps forward in the wake of our great crisis and articulates a new vision, it will keep losing." George Monbiot

For my international friends this is the joy and excitement of Australian Rules Football. On the back of a group including 6.5 ft/2 m tall defenders this 5ft 7 bloke grabbed this 50 metre punt on the full. Doesn’t hurt he plays for my team! Go Tiges! #AFLTigersCats #Afl


Since the Tigers intensity drop'd off, we've been able to play a high press similar to last week. Need to try and reduce unforced errors which catch us out & leave us unprotected at the back. Playing a team the calibre of Richmond that's a hard ask. #GeelongStrong #AFLTigersCats

What is the point of below the knees contact if it’s not called against Selwood before that last Geelong goal.

Can’t think of another sport in the world you see a scene like this. #AFL #AFLTigersCats…


Election results: Labour suffers humiliating defeat as Hartlepool elects first female Tory MP…

기분좋은금요일에이게뭐람 #엔시티_할리우드_보이콧 나이계정도안되면이제우뜩하지 #nct_hollywood_boycott 계정새로파야하나정말 #Stop_Using_NCT 이것도아껴둔계정인디

Can't wait for Mother's day special of MMK @delapazingrid So excited to watch you again love. Missyou ❣️


공부하고왔는데해시태그바뀌었나요 #엔시티_할리우드_보이콧 다들이거쓰던데좀알랴즈세용 #nct_hollywood_boycott 뭐가어찌됐든무한확장반대반대 #Stop_Using_NCT 이거해시태그대소문자도상관있나요


취업사기당한남성스물세명이있다물음표 #엔시티_할리우드_보이콧 로다큐하나제작해도될정도임 #nct_hollywood_boycott 웃긴데안웃기니까그만해라에스엠 #Stop_Using_NCT 엔시티이름좀놓아줘제발

As every year, our donations dry up completely during Ramadan. We have had one donation for Murphy, who is currently undergoing treatment. Murphy has not had an easy life and if his condition had worsened it would have been fatal. Please donate to help him


J. Cole, Booba, Isaiah Rashad... Découvrez les 5 singles qui sortent aujourd’hui à ne pas rater →…


Dan Andrew’s is at least 6’4”, and Steve Price is like 5’2”, so even if they were in the same room it’s possible Price would have no idea


Porter’s Complaint Christian Porter wants his defamation case to run on his terms. #auspol @THEMONTHLY @rachelrwithers @abcnews…

Liz Cambage threatens Tokyo boycott over lack of diversity in Olympic photoshoots | The New Daily…

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