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Imagine being zlatan, what a life and what a guy he is

non capisco perchè vi state indignando per il film su Cats????????????????? il musical è uguale ed è anche abbastanza famoso quindi bho non è una cosa che si sono inventati a caso adesso

Good for a picnic lunch at the weekend (which for me still needs to be inside) or for packed lunches in the week: #RecipeOfTheDay is Mini Meatloaves…


Sometimes tweets grow up and become newspaper stories...…


Any showers will be very isolated this morning, looks like we are in for a beautiful Saturday. Tomorrow not looking too bad either, highs of 22c. Have a good weekend everyone ☀️

All these people saying they can not like Goodes and still not be racist are right but they are missing the point. I don't care what your stance is but booing someone with the rest of AFL Australia after he stands up for his culture it's a racist act and done by racists.

It's a Top Gun Playlist day.

nayun: can i buy you a drink? nancy: i have a girlfriend nayun: [counting the coins on the table] it's okay, if we add her then... you two get a big and i'll have something small :D

Parody accounts are run by arseholes.

[4K] 190720 모모랜드 MOMOLAND 어마어마해 WONDERUL LOVE 낸시 NANCY @ 캐리비안베이 By Slee... @YouTube 님이 공유

ライトセーバー・チェロの対決:動画 Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel - ThePianoGuys…


#Nancy : Un sexagénaire tabassé par des "jeunes" dont l'un venait de sortir de prison en état de mort cérébrale (MàJ : Il est décédé)…


i need to get off twitter when im sad i start tweeting like a 21 savage parody account

Tom Watson is the British equivalent of Nancy Pelosi. They are both corrupt and serve the interests of donors, not the public. Pelosi’s corruption handed victory to Trump and Watson’s corruption will hand victory to Boris Johnson if not checked. #ToryEnabler #ResignWatson




[4K] 190720 모모랜드 MOMOLAND 짠쿵쾅 JJAN! KOONG! KWANG! 낸시 NANCY @ 캐리비안베이 By ... @YouTube 님이 공유

You all realize that in Nostalgia Critic had happened just a few years earlier, there would be gangsta parody shirts of him labeled "Thug Walker," right?

Solidarity with all who raised your voice around Australia today. Our political leaders need to end the suffering, find a humane solution and cease asylum seeker policies of which every Australian should be ashamed. #ClosetheCamps…

Have the Blues got their man? @chriscavanagh1 reports with another win, @CarltonFC is burying hoodoos - and winning games of footy. #AFLBluesSuns #BoundByBlue


William Pike, the new national recored holder with 224 wins in a season, with 10 days still to go! ZARATITE - Belmont Sat 20th July @PerthRacing #NationalRecord #WesternRacepix #WAracing #BelmontParkPerth


Some very smart people have responded to this not realising it is a parody account. This reflects far more on Roberts than it does on them. The parody is no more ridiculous than the senator.…

It took him a little longer than he or most anticipated but William Pike is Australia's most successful rider after guiding Zaratite to his 224th season winner, eclipsing the previous record set by Allan Robinson. #pike


Men detained on #Manus have no control over what happens to them. “Even the most intimate decisions are made for us. Our lives have stopped. And every minute passes, as we have lost six years already." ⁦@Shamindan1#SixYearsTooLong…

There he goes. Zaratite takes out the fifth at Belmont to give Pike 224 winners for the season - setting a new national record. Fair to say the natives were getting restless...

William Pike breaks the Australian record for winners in a season after booting home Zaratite in race five at Belmont

So happy For Kennedy, SPS showed his skill, Weiters and Jones hands were the difference and thank the lord for the Murphy resurrection. Special mentions for Fischer, Levi and Lang. And Screw the stinking umpires! #AFLBluesSuns

Pike riding another favourite here at Belmont

.@lennyp23 player of the day votes: 3. L. Jones (Blues) 2. W. Brodie (Suns) 1. E. Curnow (Blues) Blues win by 24 #AFLBluesSuns

Mystery Miss outgunned at $1.16. Belmont bookies enjoying one of the great fill-ups of all time. Pike still winless

Pike having an absolute mare! $1.10 and $1.30 shots beaten. Not to mention the two other favourites getting beaten, from 4 races.

Back Pike, spew as much as you like?

Great rally in Darwin calling for an end to offshore detention. It’s been #SixYearsTooLong


Six years of detention, six years of torture, six years of forced separation from family, #SixYearsTooLong. Thousands across Australia came out to protest that we need to end indefinite detention and offshore processing. Our message is clear, this has gone on for too long.


Surely Pike breaks the record here. Mystery Miss paying $1.16

Thousands sit-in in Sydney CBD to demand those still detained offshore are brought to safety now. #SixYearsTooLong


That was a most dominant display from Sylvia's Mother, she's destined for much better things.

Thousands of people across the nation gathered today to call on our gov to end its cruel & inhumane treatment of people seeking a safe future. It's time our political leaders listen. #SixyearsTooLong


At least the hashtag #SixYearsTooLong recognises that Rudd/Gillard opened Nauru and Manus in 2012/13 due to a flood of new arrivals and after previous Liberal governments had progressively processed asylum-seekers and discouraged boat arrivals to render them redundant.

Will the movie Cats address the Shane Dawson Controversy?


only thing that bugs me about the cats trailer is they didn't make their shadows furry


Do people know Shane Dawson shagged cats? Am I gonna have to tell them the”king of yt” shags cats?

Gonna go see #Cats (2019) in theaters wearing my NEW #exclusive Taylor Swift #Lover CAT ONESIE! I hope you all join me in streaming #Lover by @taylorswift13 on August 23rd and seeing #CATS in theaters December 25th! #CatsTrailer #CatsTheMovie

Question why is #TheFive using air time to discuss the movies Cats and Top Gun when Iran boarded and seized two British Oil Tankers today?

Do i email my professor who assigned Tom Crusie's Top Gun for class the trailer to Top Gun 2?? the email will say "thinking of you (and my ongoing hatred for Tom Cruise)"

As I’ve been reminded some folk haven’t seen #TopGun please allow #Tarantino to refresh your memory Quentin Tarantino about Top Gun


Ew, I stepped in dog poop! #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Mega szanuje gdy dzieło kultury umie wywołać emocje (np płacz) poprzez dobre zakończenie, albo wszystko inne niż takie typowe zagranie jak smierć jednej z postaci

To win from 30 points down with no Daniher, Hurley, Bellchambers, Smith, and Fantasia on the road is a pretty good win #AFLCrowsDons

Players who played in the best team of the 2017 season in the prelim who didn't play tonight: Cameron, Lever, Otten, Jacobs, Douglas. That's it. The rest are the same potatoes that played tonight. What changed so drastically from then to now? #weflyasone #AFLCrowsDons

"It's starting to become a bit of a trend, our second halves..." @mark_soda speaks to Brodie Smith about what went wrong for @Adelaide_FC #AFLCrowsDons

NEW: Dems prep pointed line of questioning for Mueller, planning to hone in on five areas where Trump allegedly obstructed justice, including efforts to fire the special counsel and to tamper with witnesses, as well as contacts with WikiLeaks w/@jeremyherb…

FBI warrants show Trump's close involvement in hush money effort - CNN Politics…

Comments by the 'Squad' Are Helping Fuel Rise of Militant Hard Left, Trump Says…

Way to go Kamala!! // Kamala Harris: Donald Trump is no John McCain - Axios…

What if FaceApp was deliberately created by a group of ethical hackers to raise awareness about ek baar jo jaye jawani phir na aaye!?

See how brands expressed their advertising skills with #FaceApp trend... #faceappchallange #marketing #advertising Check here->…


Nigerian celebrities jump on viral FaceApp amidst global privacy concerns…

"apa cuma gua doang yang ngga tua tua-in muka pake faceapp?" kagak! kagak lu doang. suku baduy dalem dan suku pedalaman lainnya di indonesia juga kaga tua-tua-in muka pake faceapp. nggak usah ngerasa spesial. nggak cuma lu doang!

京アニ放火、世界が哀悼の意を表明 アップルのティム・クックも ──米国やフランス、インドネシアなどでも「#KyoAni」がトレンドの上位に… … … #京アニ放火 #ティムクック

Shatta and Beyoncé: A- Me: #TheGiftAlbum


Animate has express their condolences to the victims at KyoAni and each animate stores in JP are accepting donation. Fans in Japan can go in animate storefront to donation. Nice of animate to do this!


Do other criminals get to go on MasterChef on Network 10 to undertake rehabilitation or is that privilege exclusive to #MasterThief George Calombaris? #ThugLife

Just watched The Final Quarter. Makes me sick to see the abhorrent treatment of Adam Goodes. Clearly racist, a lot of people come out of this looking like shit and it’s a massive black eye to the AFL

Messages galore tonight: Jacinda Ardern slamming Oz policy as not ‘fair dinkum’; a warning 400000 tonnes of recycling a year could be dumped into landfill; and, Standing For Adam Goodes Get the message: soon on @abcmelbourne


Deputy PM Michael McCormack accused of disputing evidence of global heating That’d be right. He’s happy to see the Murray-Darling drained and native forests plundered for profit. No respect for the natural environment. Profit is King…

If you decide to attend up one of the #MasterThief restaurants and do not care to pay the bill after dining there, just tell George Calombaris it was an accident and you will pay him 2.554% of the bill (consistent with the penalty he paid) as a good faith payment. #ThugLife

.@M_McCormackMP which way are you looking? Even without expert advice, the evidence of #ClimateEmergency is staring at us. 'Deputy PM tells Wagga GP, mum and DEA member that he disputes the evidence of global heating'.… @cbr_heartdoc @BenSmee

Good thing Trump denounced the chant then, isn’t it champ? That’s the opposite of him making it his “re-election rallying cry”.…

The Guardian view on Donald Trump: a racist in substance and style | Editorial…

‘Leftists’ are using trump’s horrible, racist attacks to go after democrats. In doing so, they are diminishing trump’s vile racism and those he’s targeted.

Crowd chanting 'welcome home Ilhan' greets Omar at airport…

'You embody the best of America': UK politicians stand in solidarity with Ilhan Omar, accusing Trump of 'unashamed racism' | Via BusinessInsider…

Trump Rally Crowd Chants “Send Her Back” After Comments About Rep. Ilhan Omar READ MORE:

.@IlhanMN is right. Trump has staked his presidency on a legacy of white nationalism, and the GOP has gladly gone along with it.…

Asked about Trump's racist tweets, his campaign spokesman instead talks about Rep. Ilhan Omar's allegedly "anti-American" statements.

FaceApp is getting people to age overnight. Here's what you should know about its security concerns

Nothing is safe, check and read the instruction before use, stop jumping at every new development because the celebrities used the #FaceApp doesn't mean is right, read agreement before usage. #faceappchallange #TheLionKing #BBNaija

Ilhan Omar. Crowds. Polls. Health care. The wall. Hispanics. Human trafficking. The media. The economy. NATO. China. Veterans Choice. Overdoses. Drug prices. The president made 20 false claims at his rally last night. My fact check with @tarasubramaniam:…

I wrote this back in 2015. At the time it apparently breached FB's "community standards" yet all the abusive comments towards Adam Goodes remained uncensored. Go Figure #TheFinalQuarter The Human Zoo - Mr “Adam Goodes is a Flog”…

The real face of poverty and unemployment is an older man or woman thrown out of work in their fifties who can’t get a job due to ageism - not the “young bludger” or “job snob” we are constantly presented with. #RaiseTheRate #EveryAgeCounts…

Amando o masterchef dos vidros



In the era of Trump, this is never more true.


Last night, racist chants of “send her back” broke out about ⁦@IlhanMN⁩ at a Trump rally. Read ⁦@aabramson⁩’s NEW deeply-reported profile of her from her district in Minnesota.…

This would be a great campaign: pushing colleges, universities, and corporate branded arenas to absolutely reject the racist rallies Trump puts on.…

I’m so very sad that this happened in the state I’ve lived in since 1980 after I moved here from my childhood state of FLA. This is NOT my America. Thank God Trump wasn’t around when my grandparents emigrated from Hungary.…

Semua pada instastory muka di tua tuain. gak ingat ? lu kalau ngaca pasti dalam hati ngeluh lihat muka tua beneran #FaceApp heran gua sama makhluk paling sempurna dibumi.

I'm just glad my kid learned about the Russians from Stranger Things. It made explaining why #FaceApp is a bad idea before she compromised our data.

Why are all of you giving your biometrics away to Russia?!? Yo, check the fine print on the FaceApp. Read the terms, friends. Always.

One thing that stood out in @TheFinalQtr was that the media is largely made up of middle age white men. We need more diverse voices! #TheFinalQuarter

Who remembers these two incredible images. One was ridiculed. The other was lauded... I ask you, what is different from these two images...#TheFinalQuarter @IndigenousX


Así reaccionaron los mexicanos a la sentencia de cadena perpetua para El Chapo.

Adam Goodes answered every question with so much more humility and composure than anyone could have in his situation. Nothing he said was unreasonable or divisive. Racists were the divisive ones. #TheFinalQuarter

Before we get carried away can I just say suggesting we need to hear from Bolt and Jones and their BS was really BS btw...#TheFinalQuarter

What would Ronald Reagan say about Ilhan Omar? Was President Reagan a racist? Stop being afraid to speak truth to the mob.

#VIDEO ¿Por qué se llevaron al “Chapo” del Altiplano a Juárez en 2016? “Se escuchaban ruidos en el penal…”


At 3% (the fine on the wages he stole) Calombaris has gotten cheaper finance for his mansion & holiday home by stealing from his workers than I got on my mortgage going to a bank Where is the Minister? Where is the PM? What kind of country is this becoming??? #auspol #WageTheft…

Pray with us for every child, family, and community facing the ongoing threat of #ebola. Lord, watch over them and protect them. Hold them safe, and hold them strong. #Prayer | #ThursdayMotivation |


If we take the reports on Mark Coyne at face value it sounds like he’d had a skinful and made a dick of himself and his behaviour was out of character He’s apologised and admitted he carried on like a dickhead and paid the fine We’ve all done stupid things we regret. Move on

Cosa ne penseranno gli influencer ?? #instagramlikes

During public health emergencies like #Ebola, SRHR needs can easily be overlooked, putting particularly pregnant women at increased risk of life-threatening complications. It’s critical to avail life saving interventions like misoprostol, FP, safe delivery kits & WASH. @DrTedros.…

कांगो में बेकाबू हुआ इबोला बुखार, विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन ने घोषित की इंटरनेशनल इमरजेंसी #Ebola #WHO #Emergency…

Great keynote message from Mandy Seligman - When we think about kids, we need to see more then just their deficits. We need to make them feel there is a place for them in the world and help them find their passions #WCPP2019 #FFTFellow


#lariachetira @vfeltri (Direttore Libero): 'Mi auguro che un'eventuale #crisi apra le porte a nuove #elezioni politiche'…

"FaceApp has been in trouble in the past for providing filters that will allow you to change your ethnicity. That's not an inherent bias in the software. It's a choice on the part of FaceApp creators - who see value in allowing people to swap ethnicities.' @ellenbroad #TheDrum


" Good Government need not be an oxymoron,” says @jacindaardern, concluding the #TheArdernAddress #ANZSOG


Speaking on how to fix complex problems governments face - @jacindaardern #TheArdernAddress #ANZSOG


Relationships bolster and buffer against pain & loss - Mandy Seligman Family is the key place to bolster and buffer - looking through a lens of gratitude at each member - recognizing and appreciating strengths @IPPAnet #wcpp2019 #positivepsychology


.@Jacindaardern speaking about introducing New Zealand's first Wellbeing Budget. #TheArdernAddress #ANZSOG


"Enforcement. There has to be enforcement. The Fair Work Ombudsman does a great job, but needs to investigate and follow-up on complaints. It can't just be legislation." @MaresPeter on wages in the hospitality industry #TheDrum


”gratitude teaches us that we are all connected” Mandy Seligman #wcpp2019 #PositivePsychology

Two amazing women today at #WlaSymp @kirstinferguson @corporatefox talking about the importance of amplifying women’s voices by supporting women in meetings and putting them forward for promotion. Together we can make a difference. @HowDoYouDoItOrg

"Too much to drink" -- that's what former #NRL star Mark Coyne is blaming for the foul-mouthed tirade that saw him spend a night in a Singaporean jail. | @florezcata

#YIAY51 @jacksfilms We have to retrieve it for the Ogre tribe! Btw I made this on phone lol


The most mysterious and talked about episode of #MadAsHell is on at 9pm tonight! @ABCTV


Former rugby league great Mark Coyne says he’s embarrassed by his “terrible diatribe” at a Singaporean police officer, says he’s usually the “swear police” at home - he regrets his actions but owns it, saying he did the “wrong thing” @10NewsFirst @10Daily


And he's still spinning rubbish about being APRA on the right path…

When our regions are strong, Australia’s economy is strong. Important discussion on how we can grow jobs in the bush. Diversity, long term investment and connectivity are key #BushSummit2019


Greens Senator @nickmckim had his passport taken when he tried to visit asylum seekers at the East Lorengau camp on Manus Island

No Gary Ablett or Patrick Dangerfield on the track at @GeelongCats training. And Chris Scott has hit back at Gillon McLachlan’s home final comments. More @AFLcomau soon.

Many RuneScape players were tricked as children by people who said they were "duplicating" their gold but then simply logged off. This is exactly how Wall Street traders make their money. America needs a mod who's actually willing to ban people from our financial servers.

I can’t wait for Nicole, Kemi, and Ovi to see how much America loves them! #BB21

When Trump is over, America will be left with a festering racist boil. Not all Trump supporters are racist, but ALL racist are Trump supporters #TrumpRally #TrumpRally

Breaking #FoxNews Alert : Trump slams progressive congresswomen at 'MAGA' rally in North Carolina

So excited to have @AndrewSierraNV on our team! @KamalaHarris is building a hugely diverse coalition of *now 21* endorsers across Nevada because they know she’s the best candidate to take on Trump in 2020. #FITW #ForThePeople…

.@CuomoPrimeTime looks like @kayleighmcenany hooked up with @LaraLeaTrump’s “beauty consultant” and has become more abrasive with her rhetoric. Is she 3rd in line for some cabinet seat or Trump lineage?

People who go to Trump rallies are cultists. They believe the man is a God among humans. The stupid needs to be taken out of them.

Guys, I think the #FaceApp is busted I ran it on an image of Paul Rudd and...nothing


Biri bi denermi artık msj gelip gelmedigine bakacam söz cvb vermek yok bi msj atın bakım geliyomu bana #FaceApp #GuezelBiSeyYaz #bizimyolumuzbaska #instagramdown #ErkenciKus #KızlarFarukaSoruyor #HerYerdeSen #HEDEF29 #bitcoin #facebookdown #ErzurumlusunDiye #ErkenciKusBitmesin

Apple and Google have new emojis: Here's what they are #WorldEmojiDay


Maduro en FaceApp. Hasta FaceApp le recuerda a Maduro que le queda poco! #maduro #faceapp #venezuela #Caricatura de @PatriciaComics


I didn't cave. Somebody sent this to me . I think it may have triggered an early onset of midlife crisis . #FaceApp


STAGE DOOR (37) Fine cast in sharply-written play-adapt about struggling actresses in NYC boarding house vying for parts on B'way. Hepburn & Rogers terrific as roommates, Leeds rcvd Oscar nod as tragic girl, but Menjou keeps popping up as if he were the only producer in the city.


Exclusiva de @Emily_Saul_ en el @nypost. #ElChapo ya no está en Nueva York: va camino de la cárcel de supermáxima seguridad en Florence (Colorado), el ‘Alcatraz de las Rocosas’…

Los grandes olvidados y sorpresa en los Emmys 2019… vía @Seriepolis


¿Qué sigue para Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán luego de la condena a cadena perpetua que recibió hoy? Gabriel Alva, abogado penalista, dará la respuesta en #21Noticias con @fely_carnalla y @juanbaaq.


#IMPRESIONANTE Game of Thrones acaparó las nominaciones al Emmy con 32, un récord en este galardón considerado el Óscar de la televisión. *_

the thunder just scared my cat AND dog Thor 4 is cancelled

Thor 4 : how Thor got his groove back

if thor 4 was to arrive november 2021 then we would get the teaser trailer april 2020 which is only nine months away much to think about

.@ljayes: Why should there be a leadership cleanout of APRA? @Senator_Patrick: These people are given responsibility, they need to be held accountable. You can’t let this high-paid people get away with perfunctory performance. MORE: #firstedition

Chris Scott on a potential mid-season trade period: "I’m not convinced that more player movement is good for the structural integrity of the game."

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) rejects the recommendation from the APRA capability review which would give the regulator the power to veto directors. It will create moral hazard and is regulatory overreach. 1/4

Mark Coyne is easily my favourite Queenslander. Chin up mate! #markcoyne #redv #nrl #stgeorgedragons

'Change is necessary' at APRA, but is the bank regulator getting the message? (Computer says no)… via @abcnews

Financial regulator APRA has warned it needs more funding to carry out what it calls the 'ambitious' task of cleaning up the banking industry.

APRA chief Wayne Byres should resign from his $886,000 job, senator says | The New Daily…

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