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New: Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal: Martinelli takes centre-stage as Gunners show real character – #arsenal #afc


The night Mikel Arteta came of age: How Arsenal manager learned as much about himself as he did his evolving team | @SamJDean…

Africa's richest woman, Isabel dos Santos, skips Davos as she faces allegations of exploiting Angola's mineral wealth via @QuickTake

فيروس غامض يُصيب المئات في #الصين.. ومخاوف بأن يتحول إلى وباء عالمي #CORONAVIRUS إعداد: #محمد_سويلم


Greta Thunberg Just Dropped a Truth Bomb in the Punchbowl at Davos – Mother Jones…

My friend Francis is flying frm Singapore to Bali. His flight packed w White North Americans w perfectly-annunciated non-regional American English diction talking about effect of Wuhan #coronavirus and the impact on stocks

Scott Morrison isn't just lazy and stupid. He is an actual menace, deliberately destroying the things we love and hold dear for his God, his version of the Rapture, his idea of the Good. #auspol #BushFireCrisisAustralia

அமெரிக்காவிலும் கொரோனா வைரஸ் தாக்குதல் - சுகாதார ஆணையம்...… #Coronavirus #Epidemic #China #US #WHO

I’m on a night shift schedule and #ImAwake! Ready to watch every value America represents be tossed out by #MoscowMitch and the complicit GOP henchmen.

lady gaga lead singles LOVE parallels: tfm: I want your love and I want your revenge btw: Just love yourself and you're set ARTPOP: Give the thing that's I'm in love I'll turn the lights on Joanne: It wasn't love It was a perfect illusion LG6: I want your stupid love #StupidLove


Congrats to the classiest, hardest working baseball player to ever play, Derek Jeter. No one deserves it more. #RE2PECT #HOF2020


How happy does this image make you?! UTV #avfc


Sport grants: more than $1m given to nine clubs linked to Coalition MPs…

In Magda Szabo’s Magical Novel, a Statue Protects Students From the Nazis

Hoy mi alumno @nicolargacha hizo no una , sino dos jugadas dignas de su homónimo Nick Kyrgios! Como de casi todas las cosas que valen la pena, tampoco de estas quedaron registros! Quedan en mi retina! Pero no las voy a olvidar.

Josh Reynolds clearly being setup by that chick. Absolutely no context to the video at all.

When you are amassing hashtag nicknames like: #CrimeMinister #LiarFromTheShire #ScottyFomMarketing #AuspolSoCorrupt #Smoko It may be time to reconsider your position. What do you say @ScottMorrisonMP? Time to go? And take that crook Bridget McKenzie with you #auspol

Sport grants: more than $1m given to nine clubs linked to Coalition MPs… #AuspolSoCorrupt we’re sure their colleague AttGen Porter will give this disgraceful scam the ‘all clear’. There will b no probity/accntablty #StolenElection2019 #Liars #FedIBACnow

As a public servant who declined cups of coffee to avoid conflicts of interest, this makes me so angry. #auspol #sportsrort Sport grants: more than $1m given to nine clubs linked to Coalition MPs | Australian politics | The Guardian…

Coming up on #tytlive: Trump calls climate activists 'perennial prophets of doom' during Davos economic forum…

Jedyne połączenie kolejowe do szwajcarskiego #Davos, gdzie odbywa się #WEF2020, to wąskotorówka o rozstawie szyn 1000 mm: zelektryfikowana, często kursująca od świtu do północy, skomunikowana z pociągami dalekobieżnymi, obsługiwana komfortowym taborem. (fot. Mboesch CC BY-SA 4.0)


#ILikeBernie, though I don't agree with him about much. Seems like a guy who has the courage of his convictions. What I DON'T like is seventh-grade mean-tween bullying, which is exactly what the statement "Nobody likes ________" is. Even when a politician's targeted.

Zero CO2 emisions not zero net CO2 emissions? She's mad, that means no one breathes, no wood rots, no animals live, no fire burns, no food is produced etc etc etc The should have a plackard saying "The End of The World is Nigh"…

Sad that at Davos, we see a 16 year old telling truth to power and the president of the United States lying to the world.

I love Bernie because our country needs a leader that represents all the people. #ILikeBernie

There has been an appalling failure in national leadership from Canberra.” I tried to warn Scott Morrison about the bushfire disaster. Adapting to climate change isn’t enough | Greg Mullins…

Wecker gestellt auf 4 Uhr weil Djokovic dann spielt. Irgendwann in meinem Leben falsch abgebogen. Mir ist offiziell nicht mehr zu helfen. #AusOpen

Ahhhh. #RortsMinister McKenzie is outshining the #CrimeMinister today. Perhaps she’s going for the top job? Bridget McKenzie approved $36,000 for Wangaratta shooting club of which she was a member…

ביהמ"ש באוסטרליה: טריווגו היטתה תוצאות חיפוש של מלונות • לכתבה המלאה של @TalShorrer >>

Trivago enganou clientes escondendo melhores ofertas:



Давос — как много в этом звуке: Игорь Мальцев об участии Греты Тунберг в экономическом форуме


Virginia Protester to Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam: ‘How Did You Not Know Blackface Was Not Okay?’…

'Our house is still on fire': Greta Thunberg chides leaders for climate inaction via @YahooFinanceUK


PayPal CEO: 'Ethical and moral' duty put staff ahead of shareholders via @YahooFinanceUK


It's Virginia School Principals Appreciation Week! Make sure you share your gratitude with your principal this week!


Says the guy who couldn't get into college on his own David Hogg mocks, insults Virginia gun-rights rallygoers: ‘Put down the gun and pick up a book’…

Les cash cup de cette semaine sont à 18h aussi ou non ? ( je suis pas sûr mon pc)

#dream11... customer care customer~~08509095281~~Dream11 Coupons & Contest Codes: Rs 100 free + 100% Cashback | Jan 2020 (VERIFIED) Dream 11 Coupons, Offers & Contest Codes for Jan 2020: Get Rs 100 free cash bonus & 100% PayPal Cashback. Dream11 ...


Here’s The TRUTH About The Peaceful Pro-Second Amendment Rally In Virginia That The Fake News Media Won’t Tell You (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

Sa panahon kung saan marami ang relasyon na di nagtatagal, huwag hayaang maging isa sa problema nyo ang pera. Kung kailangan ng instant cash pumunta lang sa alinman sa aming 2,500 branches nationwide para magsangla!


There was one arrest yesterday at the Richmond 2A Rally: She was a 21-year-old ANTIFA Commie. She was arrested because for the third time she was asked to remover her bandana mask.…

Confirman contagio humano del virus #Wuhan, mientras que la OMS se encuentra en estado de alerta…

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