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Elon Musk’tan Yeni Paylaşım: “Bitcoin’e (BTC) Kuvvetli Şekilde İnanıyorum Ama…” #Bitcoin #BTC #ElonMusk…

FT. West Brom 1-1 Liverpool

Waiting to get a glimpse of Mondesi on rehab assignment in Springdale but in meantime here is part of Bobby Witt Jr. BP. Lost sight of most but maybe your eyes can track better ...

'The Card Counter' from Paul Schrader and starring Oscar Isaac, Tye Sheridan, Tiffany Haddish, and Willem Dafoe, has received a release date.…

I feel so sorry for Prince Charles.

Eid Mubarak & Barka da Sallah from me to all Muslim faithfuls who don't think and behave like the terrorists we have in #AsoRock presiding over the reign of Caliphate TERRORISM in #Nigeria. May the peace & blessings of your God Allah be and abide with you always. #EndTerrorism


Shehbaz Sharif phones Bilawal, wishes Eid Mubarak…


McDonald's announces wage increase at company-owned sites; move comes amid labor shortage

Estos dias nos hemos enterado de la decisión de que los chicos de Numancia Actualidad dejan su labor y dan un paso al lado. Probablemente muchas veces no hayamos estado de acuerdo en algunas cuestiones sobre el equipo, pero lo que nadie les puede achacar es su numantinismo. Sigue

Terry O’Connor from Bolton has been jailed for for 16 years for supplying drxgs in London and being in possession of two m*chine g*ns ,silencers and 350 rounds of a*munition and £140,000 in cash hidden in his home . Full story and more on our YouTube channel now #streetnewsuk

Every fall I teach about Bacon's Rebellion, 1676, and the fallout. Bacon formed his own army to destroy native ppl + when VA's gvt ignored his demands, destroyed Richmond. He did this w/ white, freed indentured servants who were aggrieved b/c their land was on frontier (1/x)…

Girls’ Soccer defeated Richmond yesterday by a score of 4-2. Jenna Nikles had 2 goals and an assist to lead the Tigers. Megan Brown scored two goals. Caroline Kopp had 2 assists and Bree Stockton had an assist.


NSW Liberal faces sexual violence allegations. Minister for Families Gareth Ward steps down as NSW police from the child abuse and sex crimes squad investigate #auspol…

So this mark of the year thing is wild. The public voted for Mihocek over Bolton. So either? The Tiger army isn’t as big as it thinks OR, people from other clubs got behind the sham of a mark from Mihocek because the thought of voting for Richmond makes them sick. #AFL #MOTY

A very happy Eid Mubarak to those celebrating.

Eid Makes Muslims Together Eid Helps Muslims To Be Close To Each Other Eid Teaches Us To Be Kind Eid Teaches Us To Be Great Eid Teaches Us To Sacrifice Happy Eid Mubarak #EidMubarak #EidMubarak2021 #EidAlFitr #Eid #HappySallah #Ramadan

We hope that Eid-ul-Fitr acts as a wonderful time for your family, friends, and neighbours to gather together and share a delicious feast and moments of happiness. Eid Mubarak to all. . . . #eid #eidulfitr #eidulfitr2021 ##modernites


Is Elon Musk creating crypto market manipulation or influencing with his tweets about #bitcoin and #doge causing markets to crash then recover? Would be good to buy when you know it’s about to crash? $vet $eth $xrp $btc #VeChain #Ripple #ElonManipulationMusk

Huge partnership from ANKR to be announced this week. We are headed for a bullish run! . . . #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #crypto #blockchain #art #forex #ethereum #investment #forextrader #FridayFeeling #cryptotrading #bitcoins #bitcoinnews #cryptocurrencies #cryptonews


I’m buying my Tesla roadster with #dogecoin thanks @elonmusk #Doge4Tesla

All you maxis crying tears are a disgrace to $BTC #Bitcoin

Elon Musk just helped his friends buy cheap BTC. The more institutional money comes in, the less decentralised the space since a single entity can control price whenever they want, in any direction that they want. That's the downside of institutional adoption.

Stock and digital asset manipulator @elonmusk screws over small investors. After having talked up and down Dogecoin, his loss making Tesla corp will not accept BTC after all, citing climate concerns. (Not before Tesla made 200 mio in Bitcoin profit)…

Tesla přestala přijímat platby Bitcoinem, prý je neekologický…

Elon Musk menangguhkan atau menghentikan sementara pembelian mobil Tesla menggunakan uang digital Bitcoin.…

Interesting concept here, but, if you lost a whole ton of money with the recent crypto rout, it’s not Elon’s fault... it’s yours. Manage risk kids. Take accountability. Trading is 100% you.

Moderna #2 made me bed-ridden with worst pain (mostly sinus) of my life for 24h. Apparently young, healthy females get worse side effects than any other demographic. Clear your calendar! On the flip side just learned that Moderna is the most effective for Asians, so still worth

Que dios me quite o ponga lo que el me quiera dar, y estare dispuesta a eso

very insightful article… 'allowing anyone on cyberspace to say and do whatever they want will lead inevitably, toward an abstract notion of freedom.' #bcm325

Considering how real the Oasis is and the impact is has on Wades overall life, it can be argued that virtual reality has such a large influence on the real reality, that is can be an extension of the real world #bcm325

i’m in love with you #BCM325


Death toll in Gaza is now 69

In recent days, civilians have voluntarily evacuated communities near the fence in the #Gaza envelope amid fears that #Hamas will launch rockets with warheads weighing hundreds of kilograms. At this point the military is not evacuating civilians. #Israel…

i legitimately was radicalized by iFunny. i saw posts abt the Gaza bombings back in like 2014 and it sent me on a rabbit hole that ended in me being like fuck Obama and fuck the US at age 13

I covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the first half of the 1990s and again in 2001. It was often ugly. But the violence happening now, if not swiftly reined in, has the feel of a situation careening toward unmitigated horror.…

45 minutes before Tesla announced their #Bitcoin purchases on February 8th, they were summoned by Top Chinese regulators for a multitude of vehicle issues. What If I told you that Tesla only got into $BTC knowing it would make global headlines, and drown out the negative news.


#Bitcoin #ElonMusk #tesla m out of if u r in same condition then tweet


Today's move by Elon LITERALLY elevated all coinz above #Bitcoin

Main saham, baca laporan keuangan, ngikutin berita ekonomi, pergerakan politik, mengamati industri, dll. Main kripto, tweet elon.

- ¿Elon y que te pasó hoy con el Bitcoin ?


Size bayram harçlığı gönderirdim ama cepte bi kuruş kalmadı elon şerefsizi donumuza kadar aldı

"Oasis" is the utopian world and the only way to escape the tragic reality, so you can see everyone is wearing the oasis device, it just likes a horrible walking corpse. #bcm325


I'm going to talk to the microchip Joe implanted with my Moderna shot. Maybe somebody in Washington can help overturn Twitter's new anti-fuck policy.

The Muslim woman Dr. Özlem Türeci who developed the Pfizer mRNA Vaccine. The Black woman Dr. Corbett @KizzyPhD who developed Moderna mRNA vaccine


When Tony Schiavone says the name Fit Finlay #AEWDynamite


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