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Kissinger: Coming Conflict Between US And China "Will Be Worse Than World Wars"…

antonio brown vs myles garrett helmet fight winner can come back to the nfl

Bottom line: If you or I did anyrning CLOSE to what Myles Garrett did last night we'd be in jail for 15 years. Garrett gets to go sit in his mansion with all his money for 8 months. The @NFL is a joke.

Myles Garrett was wrong. That's an easy take. MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE TO THAT: Doesn't it seem like Mason Rudolph was wrong too? Rudolph was trying to start something w/ Garrett on the ground. He seemingly did something to provoke MG. He's not the *most* guilty but he's not innocent

I always thought the whole "if you perform on the AMAs, you won't get to be part of the Grammys" was nonsense ... and based on this year's lineup, it's clear the artists agree.

taylor is still gonna kill it at the amas idc if she's on stage singing mary had a little lamb that shit is still gonna go hard and that's why she's artist of the decade

I wish I was going to the amas so I could show my support for Taylor :(

Sah Portland leur choix de signer Melo je comprends pas...

Refugee writer Behrouz Boochani was detained for over six years for seeking asylum. During that time, he wrote a prize-winning memoir detailing the horrifying circumstances he & other asylum-seekers experienced:

La ex mujer de Carlin Calvo aclara las versiones sobre el tratamiento del actor: "A él lo mantengo yo"


No special treatment for Behrouz Boochani, says New Zealand…

Behrouz Boochani, voice of Manus Island refugees, is free in New Zealand…

ダンスフロアに さかなクンの死体

why people are unstanning ariana for this? she could fire scooter but he will always have taylor's music rights swifties really hate ariana (read PopCrave's posts on ig) and now are begging for help? taylor is legendary.. but swifties should apologize #IStandWithTaylor

Men become monsters when they’re given too much power. #IStandWithTaylor

#IStandWithTaylor The situation is ridiculous, like srsly... Shame on these men

baga looked shit and was a dick to her mum, cheryl looked mint and smashed the lip sync even though the song was clearly intended to favour baga. not impressed x #dragraceuk

#StarWarsJediFallenOrder sitting at an 85 on xbox and an 84 on ps4 and a 90 on PC.... definitely in the convo for game of the year but I still think #SekiroShadowsDieTwice takes the award.


“We can see there is some kind of dictatorship in Australia — I think democracy is broken.” #auspol

Very proud of my incredible boss @tomsssimpson for winning the @the_shpa Medal of Merit with a bottle of coke in hand in true Tom style. Congratulations!! #MM2019SHPA


I love getting a @SketchGrp avatar! Thanks Deb! #A11yCamp


Top @the_shpa tweet this year - social media is a powerful news and dissemination vehicle #MM2019SHPA @shpaCEO @KristinConnects


#Survivor Wow.. mind blown!!!! It’s girls like Liz and Missy that make it hard for real victims.. Liz and Missy were very ready and very willing to use it is a play card.. Shame on you both!!!! America was watching!! Janet has #integrity and #Morals

Popsicles are here in 5 delicious flavours!! Huge thanks to @Livehireme and @DelishIce - the perfect way to cool down! #Latency2019


Two years ago today, Australia voted YES to #marriageequality. It is a day etched into our memory as one of the great days in Australia’s history. Celebration and reflection on 20 years of advocacy.


And if you want to see an example of how to systematically design for all the possible states of your UI, check out Russ’s example here:… #A11yCamp

Great to catch up with paleoceanography and science leaders and lucky to call them colleagues ⁦@DHSymposium#DHSymposium


I’ll be posting slides from my talk on Accessibility Testing Strategies soon - gotta add some alt text to the images first! Thankyou to everyone who was there, let me know if you have questions about stuff we didn’t cover! It’s a huge subject. #A11yCamp

.@ABCNews cuts short media conferences from fire services officials spelling out the real-world 2019 extreme impacts of climate change to go to political media conferences. Radio National and @PatsKarvelas turned to a Science Denier during #NSWFires only a few days ago #NotToday…


Disney + Dis Dick

let me kiss your entire face you perfect human being


I can’t feel my traps workout completed’ With that being said picking up some Chick Fill A an watching Disney + ...

Bean wants a kiss


朝のNHKに ジーン・シモンズ!!!#EndOfTheRoad #KISS


These are my kind of medical professionals. *chefs kiss*…

Imagine having the choice between a version of Pokemon with or withotu Sirfetch'd and STILL picking shield.

J'suis sur j'vais craquer sur plein de Pokemon et me rendre compte qu'ils sont de type normal T_T.


guys help me pokemon comes out tomorrow and I still can’t decide between sobble and scorbunny

VAMOS En nada empezamos con Pokémon Escudo. Estoy de charleta mientras:

It's 22 ~ 23 pm for European Moos, Goodnight European Moos, Good job! American and Asian moos will keep going! #HipWithMamamoo @RBW_MAMAMOO #MAMAVOTE #mamamoo…

In conjunction with #WorldDiabetesDay, we are pleased to announce funding for four new projects in Alberta. To donate, click the following link :


The worst drought in living memory in Zimbabwe. The worst floods since records began in Venice. The worst bush fires anyone remembers in Australia. Thawing permafrost turning the Arctic into a carbon emitter. What *could* be going on? #GetAGrip #NetZero

Italian council is flooded immediately after rejecting measures on climate change - CNN. Well, there we are. And I love Venice.…

What drinks do they serve during the Impeachment Hearings ? Subpoena Collude-as #trump #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentInquiry @JeffA92234 :P

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