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Chelsea lack cutting edge as Lampard enhances case for Cavani signing | @Matt_Law_DT…

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hits back at Ian Wright over Marcus Rashford criticism #mufc…

Michael Winiarski: Skillnaden mellan Trumps och Gretas tal kunde inte vara större i Davos - DN.SE…

PSG waiting by the phone as Lampard's desperation for a new striker increases. Chelsea may have to pay big for Cavani #cfc…

#RockySaaS #Davos #WEF2020 From January 21 to 24, the 50th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting was held in Davos, Switzerland. Tian Ning, Chairman of RockySaaS, was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech on the new global economy.


Seeing Martinelli I’m wondering if he is our Bale type exploding superstar when he emerged out of nowhere at Spurs We need someone to just bolt and lift us to another level. Just thinking out loud. Martinelli is starting to excite everyone which I find a bit scary

چین میں محکمہ صحت کے عہدیداروں نے خبردار کیا ہے کہ اب تک نو افراد کی ہلاکت کی وجہ بننے والا نیا وائرس میوٹیشن یا تغیر کی صلاحیت رکھتا ہے اور اس کے مزید پھیلنے کا خدشہ موجود ہے۔ #coronavirus تفصیلات


I really want 20 million Americans to descend upon #WashingtonDC chanting #FairTrial and shutting the city down until #MoscowMitch does the right thing

Join me in voting once a day for @ddlovato to win the #ShortyAwards. Let’s vote for that bitch

#ilikebernie he fights for justice even when it's unpopular

Tutto quello che c'è da sapere sul Virus cinese - GUARDA LA GRAFICA #coronavirus #ANSA

Imagine @ladygaga saying: "Because y'all listened and leaked 'Stupid Love' I'm not gonna release it and lg6 will be rescheduled to 2023... ya'll would deserve it haha #LG6

Buongiorno solo a Stupid Love

Congratulations to The Captain, Derek Jeter, on his election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. A true hero, the like of which we may never see again. #Yankees


Rapid release of data is always important in research; in outbreaks of infectious diseases all the more so! Prepublication data sharing and preprint deposition never affect considerations of submissions to @nature…

Hazard reduction is being spun as a more 'practical' solution than cutting emissions. Except ... What about the long list of other climate disaster impacts like drought, water shortages, sea level rise, flooding, ocean acidification & species extinction?

Fact check shows that once again our so called leaders in parliament are either lying or don't have a clue. Or both. @ScottMorrisonMP… via @abcnews

Am I missing something on this Josh Reynolds video? It doesn’t show anything illegal, we don’t know the context and it appears to be filmed without his consent. I know he’s facing serious charges but he’s entitled to his day in court.

Tennis: Kyrgios eager to represent Australia at Tokyo Games

Things we don't talk about enough... ECW used to run the indoors part of a Greyhound Race track in New England


The @WestsTigers have made an official statement regarding the disturbing footage of Josh Reynolds being circulated on social media.


A defence so astounding even the judge called it brutal: Christian Brothers concede one of their own repeatedly raped John when he was 9 but say his prospects “were not good to start with” ⁦@australian⁩ ⁦…

#ILikeBernie Bernie is a socialist and people might not like that. Some people might not like him because he's Jewish. Lets remember that Hillary, Bill, and Donald were pals with #JeffreyEpstein

«A #Venezuela le irá bien. Solo vean»: el mensaje de Trump (@realDonaldTrump)en Davos


Since this has been going on, I like Bernie a whole lot and I hate Hillary Clinton's guts. No one likes her, besides a very small group of Washington and New York media types. #ILikeBernie #ILikeHim

BREAKING President Donald Trump attacked climate scientists at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland today. Trump compared climate scientists to “foolish fortune tellers". In addition, Trump implied scientists were fearmongering on the issue.

INBOX: Pres. Trump is sitting down with @SquawkCNBC co-host Joe Kernen tomorrow in Davos. Interview will air on CNBC at 5 a.m. ET.

#ILikeBernie Interesting how #VoteBlueNoMatterWho isn’t reciprocated by the centrists.

List of execs who dinned with Pres. Trump tonight at Davos, Switzerland: -Gianni Infantino, @FIFAcom -Patrice Motsepe, African Rainbow Minerals -Dilhan Pillay, Temasek International @Temasek -Börje Ekholm, @ericsson -Mansoor Al Mahmoud, Qatar Investment Authority 1/X

Hotel booking website Trivago has been found guilty of misleading travellers into believing they were getting the cheapest holiday deals.

Trivago mintió a usuarios sobre tarifas durante años para que contrataran a sus clientes.


Dissertation: Looming. Hunger: Growing. Stress: Creeping. Hotel: Trivago.

Everyone jumping on the Kyrgios bandwagon...sorry there’s no room left as the originals have all taken their seats! #kingkyrgios

Saint-Maximin not in the squad, Shelvey on the bench. Longstaff brothers play, along with return for Christian Atsu. Full team here:…

A grande ênfase dada à importância da Educação no discurso de Paulo Guedes em Davos contrasta dramaticamente com a forma como o tema vem sendo tratado pelo governo brasileiro.

Greta Thunberg: "We need to start listening to the science, and treat this crisis with the importance it deserves"

To make up for the lack of violence at the Virginia rally, democrats will propose moving all future protests to gun free zones

DUH! We got our sums wrong! IMF FINALLY admits Brexit Britain will be world a force…

منظمة "غرينبيس" تدين قيام مصارف وشركات تأمين وصناديق تقاعد تشارك في منتدى دافوس بتمويل الطاقات الأحفورية التي تساهم في ارتفاع حرارة الأرض. #الأرض #دافوس #سويسرا #التقاعد #غرينبيس #الطاقة_الأحفورية #الأرض

AOC GASLIGHTS: Democrats Are ‘Conservative’; Virginia Gun Protesters Had ‘Confederate Flags’…

Virginia Delegate Proposes Limits On Gun Control…

Dunkin 711 McDonalds or Starbucks? Which is your go-to coffee? Comment below and donate $5 to cash app $HumanityGives, Venmo - HumanityGives or to sponsor a coffee cash giveaway. I will do name shout outs with love <3


Couple questions about the most recent 2A march in Virginia,,, 1. Do you HAVE to show up looking like you raided an Army Surplus store? 2. What portion of these people do you think have any military service? Listen to the rest at

Risma meminta Dinas Kesehatan (Dinkes) Kota Surabaya melakukan antisipasi penyebaran dan pencegahan datangnya virus pneumonia yang berasal dari Wuhan.

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