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STREAMING ON TWITCH! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3...FINISH THE FIGHT w/YoVideogames (7-21) Click to watch! ►►►


Did Renata even pay for her Americano? #BigLittleLies

Avengers defeating Avatar for highest grossing film really just means more money for Disney. Cameron will come back with a vengeance for Avatar 2 and plenty of people are going to want to see him take over the title again. Disney owns Avatar and Marvel. Either way they win.

Marvel's Comic-Con panel confirms movie release dates in Phase 4

Received about 200 notifs because I said I didnt like Brie Larsons acting in Captain Marvel. oof.

Marvel just revealed 14 new MCU Phase 4 movies and series that’ll be released starting next year


All I ask is marvel to not drop the ball on fantastic 4 casting. Those motherfuckers BETTER cast Jim

eu vendo que acabou NO MELHOR MOMENTO #BigLittleLies

La amo a todas #BigLittleLies incluyendo a Meryl Streep. Las voy a extrañar!

That #BigLittleLies finale tho

choose between two mcu characters 1. peter parker 2. bruce 3. peter quill 4. natasha 5. bucky but fuck u 6. vision 7. gamora 8. steve 9. thor 10. fuck u drop emoji for questions

choose between two mcu characters 1. doctor strange 2. falcon 3. peter quill 4. natasha 5. tony stark 6. vision 7. pepper 8. steve 9. thor 10. loki drop emoji for questions

Three-time Grand Slam doubles winner Peter McNamara dies at 64…


Chris Wallace Shuts Down Stephen Miller's Lie About Racist 'Send Her Back' Chants… via @Yahoo. Plus Trump retweets Nazis&white supremacists,so how can he bring up his supposed Jewish heritage on top of making up lies?

Stephen Miller Shreds Ocasio-Cortez, Omar Over Their Comments, Policies #Topbuzz

Confirmed Liverpool lineup vs. Sevilla: Lonergan starts as big guns return in defence: Jurgen Klopp has included Andy Lonergan in his starting lineup as Liverpool make the second stop of their US tour […]…

Labor signalling it's inclined to support Rex Patrick's motion to set up a Senate inquiry into Christopher Pyne and Julie Bishop's new lobbying jobs, after PM&C boss Martin Parkinson found they hadn't breached the ministerial standards #auspol @politicsabc

Moonee Valley Council has partnered with the Australian Border Force to crack down on illegal brothels in the area.: Disgusted shoppers say a Moonee Ponds retail strip is turning into a “red light district”

Peter McNamara won Wimbledon doubles titles in 1980 and `82 and the Australian Open title in 1979

Rex Patrick is threatening to call the Prime Minister to a Senate inquiry he wants into Christopher Pyne and Julie Bishop's post-political careers. The senator is unsatisfied with a review's findings that gave the former ministers the all clear #auspol

"Being an advocate is as much about listening as speaking" - @GeezaColeman delivering a strong message about being an 'agvocate'. @InnovGeneration #IG19 #sowingchange

Peter McNamara won Wimbledon doubles titles in 1980 and `82 and the Australian Open title in 1979

Very excited to be zooming in to learn about how to effectively harness social media at the #croakeypopup today!

.@AlysColeKing the vision is for every person to have a #safetyplan and having one before they need it. The #mentalhealth equivalent of wearing a seatbelt. #nspc19

“Don’t let embarrassment kill you” - @AlysColeKing, encouraging people who feel suicidal to ask for help. Same goes for health professionals - don’t let #stigma stop you talking about #suicide. #NSPC19

Excited to be learning more about the world of social media at the #croakeypopup and how it can help connect clinicians and researchers to translate research into practice

Be sure to visit the @LifeinMindAU booth at #NSPC19 to find out more about the #YouCanTalk collaboration – a national collaboration aiming to encourage, empower and equip Australians to play a more active role in preventing #suicide.


Excited to be part of the Aboriginal Health & Ageing Team at NeuRA & embarking on the Our MOB Study - phase 3 of KGOWS that explores dementia & what growing old well means for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander ppl in urban & regional communities #CroakeyPopUp @neuraustralia

"Border Force broke my husband": A harrowing story by @nicole_hasham…

Excited to be at @InnovGeneration! Steven Bradbury encouraging us to take 1 hour every fortnight to sit down and think about the big picture #IG19


“Border Force broke my husband,” said an ex-Border Force Officer’s wife, describing their life as “pure, torturous hell”.…

'Pure, torturous hell': The harrowing story of a broken Border Force officer and his desperate wife… via @canberratimes

People in the gym- exercise the body as well as the mind -#IG19


The violence will not stop until we force it to! Trump must close the border! #MAGA #msleg #mselex…

Most #RedSox RBI at Camden Yards, All-Time: 1. David Ortiz, 81 2. Manny Ramírez, 46 3. Kevin Youkilis, 39 3. Mookie Betts, 39 <<< 5. Dustin Pedroia, 36 5. Jason Varitek, 36 7. Mo Vaughn, 34 8. Jackie Bradley Jr., 31 9. Nomar Garciaparra, 28 10. Trot Nixon, 27

I am NeroTheJoker and my favorite marvel character is Deadpool, but in the game MARVEL Collect it's my new card Thanos!… #CollectorsAssemble

Head down, Work Hard, Humanity bows It took 10 years for #MarvelStudios to birth the highest grossing Movie of the world. I bet every Marvel fan is crying on this huge success. Today be the day history is created for #AvengersEngame . @ScottMendelson keep watching

La potencia de la voz de Seokjin y el manejo que tiene él sobre esta son admirables. Es un vocal increíble que no hace más que mejorar y transmite tanto con ella y sus expresiones. Es un gran artista e intérprete. #MTVHottest BTS @BTS_twt

RTTT theresamariedb #MTVHOTTEST Little Mix Lady Gaga

RTTT deereis #MTVHOTTEST Little Mix Lady Gaga

Filmes dos X-Men e Quarteto fantástico com produções confirmadas, anúncios de Eternos e Viúva Negra, Blade com Mahershala Ali, novo filme do Thor com Natalie Portman finalmente detentora do manto de deusa do trovão... Pqp MARVEL VC É MEU TUDO

According to Kevin Feige, what was announced last night IS the full Phase 4. That means the three 2022 movies, Guardians 3, Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, Blade, Fantastic Four, and the Mutants are going to be part of Phase 5.

Skip Bayless has been very critical of Kawhi Leonard going back to his #Spurs days, and Uncle Dennis had something to say to him. #Clippers #Raptors…

Boxeo: Manny Pacquiao venció a Keith Thurman e hizo historia en Las Vegas


Y’all are nuts for thinking Wesley Snipes should be playing Blade in 2019

black widow post credits scene should be yelena making an altar to nat and clowning her for dying for jumping off a cliff and nat is like “i’m right here” and yelena says “sometimes i can still hear her voice”

FIU releases statement on the tragic death of former defensive back Emmanuel Lubin, who started 13 games in 2018. Lubin, a North Miami Beach native, died in a car accident Saturday night.


All these fools mad that Wesley isn’t Blade this time and not remembering that he’ll be 60 by the time they start filming.... #BladeMCU

Manny Pacquiao vuelve a dar cátedra y gana la corona welter con 40 años… vía @ElUniversalCtg

Valkyrie Will Officially be Marvel’s First LGBTQ Superhero


In the trailer for the upcoming CBS All Access series "Star Trek: Picard," the titular captain is facing a new final frontier—retirement

We don't have all the answers for Phase 4 but #Marvel does

Marvel Studios is kicking off Phase Four with high-wattage star power.

La mitad del MCU ahora está en TV con Disney+ También se confirmó Fantastic Four y eventualmente X-Men, Se anunció Blade con Mahershala Ali aunque Feige confirmó hace instantes que lo más probable es que esté en Phase 5. Hawkeye! @MarvelStudios #Phase4 #SDCC2019


Natalie Portman is Thor, Mahershala Ali is Blade and more from Marvel | CBC News…

Phase 4 was such a big let down

torn b/w continuing to catch up on buzzfeed unsolved or watching blade tonight

Jugadores con 10+ temporadas de 30+ jonrones: - Hank Aaron 15 - Alex Rodríguez 15 - Barry Bonds 14 - Albert Pujols 14 - Babe Ruth 13 - Mike Schmidt 13 - Jimmie Foxx 12 - Manny Ramírez 12 - Jim Thome 12 - Carlos...…

Regarding all the complaint of phase 4 not looking super-exciting: MCU is essentially starting fresh with this phase, it's the situation with phase 1 all over again, except with mostly more obscure characters. There isn't going to be anything that matches Endgame for a LONG while

Miami Hurricanes head coach Manny Diaz praises defensive line recruits in North Carolina ($)…


#Cubs vs. Manny Machado and the Padres at 1 on WGN today. #GoCubsGo #EverybodyIn


I watched that entire Picard trailer and they didn't include any of the main plotline about Captain Picard's recently divorced friend Worf moving in with him

I am SO damn happy Mr Taika is coming back to do Thor: Love and Thunder and also so is Miss Natalie Portman?!?! And she’s gonna be THOR,,, we really do stay WINNING


richard madden and sebastian stan arguing about who looks like who


Marvel Phase 4 looks great.

I'm so excited... Now that @MarvelStudios has announced their plans for #Phase4 and I can't wait for #ThorLoveAndThunder #Hawkeye #BlackWidow #Eternals and many more. Phase 4 is going to be amazing. #MarvelStudios #SDCC #SDCC2019 #SDCC19 #SanDiegoComicCon #MarvelPhase4 #blessed

> El verdadero Mandarín en la peli de Shang-Chi. > Multiverso a full en Doctor Strange 2. > Natalie Portman como Thor mujer en Thor 4. > Peli de los Cuatro Fantásticos. > PELI (O ESO ESPERO QUE SEA) DE BLADE. MI PUTA VIDA.


Lady Thor hakkinda hissettiklerim ektedir


Dear @MarvelStudios, question about Blade. Will @TripleH be reprising his Blade: Trinity role of track suit vampire? Because I hope so.


Literally going to be giving Marvel all my money until I die. So excited for Blade in the MCU.

"New Blade" vs "But Westley Snipes" going on in my head I trust Ali and he's the one guy I would pick up for the role but fucking Snipes, man

thor: love and thunder'da umarım gerçek bir tanrı izleriz endgame'de mahvedilen thor'u toparlasınlar daha fazla göbek ve bira esprisi görmek/duymak istemiyorum

Pacquiao’s win and Marvel’s Phase 4 announcements...we’re winning!

Renner liking a post about the Black Widow movie??? He's so supportive of Scarlett I wanna cry


love and thunder doesn't come out for a year and a half and im already planning on being in love with it since it'll be super gay and badass i just love tessa thompson SO MUCH

#Marvel announces #Thor: Love and Thunder, #Waiti to direct with #Hemsworth, Portman in lead…

Stunning scenery Hobart Airport. A wonderful few days. Met so many committed people and fabulous to meet @Connectwpeople trainers cc @JaneAustinAUS @simonehaigh Now excitement mounts for @SuicidePrevAU #NSPC19 and representing @4_MentalHealth_ & meeting many more wonderful folk!


It might be raining pretty hard out there, but "cats and dogs"? Highly unlikely. Condensation can produce water droplets, yes, but not charismatic fauna…

Drumroll please.... Our top 5 campsites are here! In no particular order: Heath in Brooklyn Trails, Pilgrimnation in Infield, Rhonda in Whitetail, Charles & Deb in Big Rig, & Nancy in Graves Farm.


last night, @NickBurnside and I took the descent into Cats madness. here is the result…

Let me guess, Nancy. Someone showed you polling data which showed your attacks on the Squad were hurting your support numbers. Am I right?…

Congratulations to @LGNDStatusGG on making #CWLChamps we are so proud of you guys! Amazing job to our good friend @SeaGeXTheDon on such a amazing weekend!!

Geraint Thomas left disappointed after losing time on Col du Tourmalet #TDF2019 |…


90 degrees out so I opted to stay in air condition. haven’t sat down at the piano in prob about 4 months. good ole @SaraBareilles classic. happy weekend all x

Got to the ground at 11.45 for our game today. It was wet. Then it rained. Then the sun came out but it was even wetter. It was 5pm before the umpires called it off. Productive afternoon.

It's the 1940s weekend in the picturesque village of #Appleby in North #Lincolnshire. There's a #Jeep, #scarecrows and even a vintage #wedding show in the village church. Here's a few photos from today. @VisitNorthLincs *not all scarecrows are war related.....


When you smash pre-drinks & roll up to the club with your best mate #RSAvAUS

And that is how you kick off the Castle Lager Rugby Championship with a 35-17 victory over the Wallabies. Well done to the DHL @THESTORMERS' Herschel Jantjies! #RSAvAUS


Here's who playing for the EastNo. Name, school Ht. Wt. Pos.10 Alex Kimble Minerva 6- 150 WR-DB11 Evan Appleby St. Thomas Aquinas 5-8 155 WR-DB12 Khyree Woody Canton McKinley 5-11 170 WR-CB13 Blane Himmelheber Marlington 6- 175 WR-DB14 Morris...…

“We might say “Kill the umpire,” but we don’t actually want the umpire killed. We shouldn’t need to explain that because everyone understands it. The exercise of our right to scream “Kill the umpire” does not create a clear and present danger to umpires.”…

Lol who has the heart for these games.. My hearts thumping as hard as it was in the Aussie game earlier.. What amazing netball. I just hope the umpires don't interfere to much in last quarter to dictate the game #NWC2019

BCCI officials have called this another attempt to sweep the mistakes under the carpet rather than address the issue of lack of quality umpires.…

Leigh Fisher can, and I cannot stress this enough, eat my ass. I'm not mad, sir.

BRIS players with 30+ disp, 20+ con poss & 2+ goals in a game 2000 R04 - Simon Black v PORT 2014 R18 - Dayne Zorko v GCS 2019 R18 - JARRYD LYONS v NTH @brisbanelions #AFLLionsNorth @AFL

Leigh Fisher doesn't even have the excuse that he's never played the game and doesn't have any feel for it. What a shocking call.…

Leigh Fisher the umpire no suprise he’s a disgrace.

It’s hard to fathom that Leigh Fisher played the game at the highest level. #AFLLionsNorth

Ben Brown got a free for having no idea what to do in a ruck contest. #AFLLionsNorth

Ben Brown got a free kick for being a poor ruckman. Amazing #AFLLionsNorth

The Cats film has released its fur-st look – what are your thoughts? Catch up now…


I keep thinking abt the cats trailer. Why would they. Why would they do. That

That’s my weekend reading dilemma sorted. This is gong to require coffee. Good, strong coffee. By @DavidHirsh @dr_d_allington @SocSciMcAndrew…

OK back to "normal" tweeting today. I am available all weekend in #Northampton for some good old fashioned adult fun. Care to join me? Khloe x


Sobre el tráiler de la serie #TheWitcher solamente puedo teclear lo siguiente: ¿Sí hubiese ido directamente a Hollywood hubiese sido igual que Netflix? ¿Veremos a Geralt jugar al Gwent? Geralt, el Katakan y la Aracha los únicos que me han gustado de todo.

Richmond has cemented its spot in the top eight, posting a 38-point win over Port Adelaide. @Jacquifelgate #7NEWS

Two footy fans have been charged with assault over a brawl during the Crows - Bombers clash at the Adelaide Oval. #7NEWS

We’ve picked up a big win today against MetroStars, away at TK Shutter Reserve! MetroStars 1 Adelaide Olympic 2 (C. Pounendis 11’, F. Erba 86’) #AOFC

fold the adelaide crows and send them to tasmania

Hey @sydneyswans fans, thoughts about petitioning the club to retire Adam Goodes’ guernsey number in light of his contribution to society (much of which was achieved whilst onfield playing) as well as his footballing exploits?

“How could the Trust have as one of its stated values: “We embrace diversity, value differences and respect our communities ...” and have its most influential member, Alan Jones, lead the bully-boy attacks on Adam Goodes, its most prestigious ambassador?”: @Peter_Fitz…

How could you possobly think Goodes was a fuckwit…

8.4 for Matthew Kennedy over the last four games. #AFLBluesSuns

BLUES WIN! That's four wins under David Teague and two in a row! Carlton 15.9 (9) to GC 11.9 (75). MATCH CENTRE: #AFLBluesSuns #BoundByBlue


Howdy, folks. Just a quick one. How phenomenal was Liam Jones today? #AFLBluesSuns #BoundByBlue @CarltonFC

Very happy to just see @CarltonFC coaches box just then and not very happy looking people. We were shite and average at best in patches. #AFLBluesSuns

Sam Newman has hit back at racism claims following the airing of the Adam Goodes documentary #TheFinalQuarter #AFL

1/2 Scott Pendlebury Billy Slater, Gary Ablett, Andrew Gaff, a just some of the footballers who've been booed. But why the media uproar when Adam Goodes is booed. Because he's biracial. Yes! Biracial, everyone seems to forget Adam's father is white. #AdamGoodes


.@JoshJenkins24 on the Adam Goodes Documentary "I truly believe you can visually see the difference in his spirit and you can see it has broken him. He was so brave and so courageous but everything got too much and it was hard to watch" #CrunchTime

Three days later my biggest takeaway from #TheFinalQuarter is that Goodes handled himself with grace and respect and was hounded by media and punters alike. And yet an abuser of women and all round terrible man in Wayne Carey is treated like a hero with a prime gig on TV...

I saw the Cats movie trailer before lion king today and the entire theatre went dead silent Truly magical experience


Me watching the cats trailer


Loving the new #Cats trailer @QueerEye


おはようございますにゃん。 アビさん警備態勢(=゚-゚)ゼンポウヨシ #ねこ #ネコ #猫 #cat #cats


Boo dark-skinned Adam Goodes and you're a racist. Support dark-skinned Israel Folau and you're a homophobe. Leftist PC labels like 'racist' and 'homophobe' are purely confected political tactics to try to silence their opponents. Don't fall for it. Don't ever be silenced.

kinda crazy my cats are the best cats in the world among all other cats who are also the best cats in the world

Somewhere in the world my, first year ROTC suite mate is leading a cheers in honor of the Top Gun sequel announcement

The sequel to "Top Gun" wasn't highly anticipated till the trailer dropped yesterday. Now we can't wait to see how bad it was. #TheFive

I know I should have taken that left turn at Cucamonga. #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Ooh look at that - you can see the Llanelli Asda Car Park from here #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

Hey gidi günler. Lisede defterlerimizde Top Gun çıkartmaları olurdu. Tom Cruise devamında oynamış fazla da değişmemiş. Biz yaşlanmışız.


SPIDERS!! GIANT SPIDERS!!! GET BACK IN TH...*static* #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA imposible no darse cuenta que es Albo.…

Saad's game against Betts was underrated #AFLCrowsDons

Perhaps we need to introduce a new rule. Free kick against the crowd for time wasting. Adelaide crowd ensuring their team have AMPLE time to get back. #AFLCrowsDons @AFL

Only lost 6 followers tonight! Not bad after an @essendonfc win away #AFLCrowsDons

What did you think about that one Bomber fans? Huge win. Great comeback. #AFL #AFLCrowsBombers #DonTheSash #FridayNightFooty


President Trump falsely claims he tried to immediately stop the 'send her back' chant at his rally after members of Congress and his own daughter Ivanka reportedly expressed concerns it could come to define another dark and racially divisive campaign

CUT ME A BREAK! Every day the audience on the View wildly cheers every time those dumb, disrespectful bitches spew hateful garbage about President Trump. You’re cool with that but not the crowds at TRUMP Rallies?

If the only reason you don’t get prosecuted for committing crimes - twice- is that you’re the president, maybe you shouldn’t be the president anymore.…

#BREAKING Merkel says Trump tweets attacking congresswomen go against what makes America great…


Comey Resurges: Americans Who Support Trump Must Be Sent ‘Back To Their Dark Corner’…

Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: Omar, Tlaib 'Closed-Minded Bigots' |… via @Newsmax VRA


GOP senator: It's OK for Trump to be racist if the person is a Democrat

Hasschöre gegen Kongressfrauen: Kameraaufnahmen widerlegen Trump…


Nah fam leave matter. Wizkid owned Brown Skin Girl! #TheGiftAlbum

Nie mam wątpliwości, że wciągniemy tę E-klasę nosem, o ile tylko kupimy napastnika, albo ktoś zechce nim serio zostać.

Morrison: the way to tackle drought is to pray for rain, and the age pension is welfare. Albo: Righto #DontMentionTheLies

My prayer is for those who were killed in the #KyoAni incident and for their families. My heart is filled with deep sorrow and is crying. #PrayForKyoani

Warriors lucky that grub Fifita had one of his standard brain got them a win #NRLWarriorsSharks

FT and @NZWarriors hold on for a 19-18 win over the @Cronulla_Sharks in their @NRL match in Wellington! A Blake Green field goal proved the difference #NRLWarriorsSharks

1 minute in to the Adam Goodes doco and I’m already pissed off with what happened

I'm so disappointed with the world after watching the Adam Goodes documentary. #AdamGoodes #AFL

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