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Woman at Mass wearing what appears to be a red velvet cowboy hat in place of a veil. Now THAT’S inculturation.

Call me Mcgregor bc 40 seconds is all I need

Conor McGregor gifts Ochocinco a new nickname after his win at UFC 246. MORE @


Conor mcgregor beating cowboy cerrone, who's lost 7 of his last 11 and 3 in a row has his fans believing he'll beat khabib in a rematch. LMFAOOOO

“Why? Did Bob Orton break his arm again?” “She’s not talking about that Cowboy!”…

La exorbitante cifra que se llevó Conor McGregor por segundo de pelea…

Me imagino el que llegó 1 minuto tarde a ver la pelea de anoche entre McGregor-Cowboy.

I reckon I could last longer In bed with @KateBeckinsale than cowboy lasted in the cage with Conor mcgregor. But not by much #ConorVsCowboy #McGregorCowboy


como va a estar armada la pelea McGregor la rompio como siempre si es el mejor

No he didn’t. He just said 85 in Irish. Conor McGregor gave Chad Johnson a new Irish name…

I wanna see Kaitlin Bennett in the Octagon with Conor Mcgregor

i could beat the shit out of Mcgregor any day of the week, except sunday... church day.

Lessons of last night: Conor can matchup against 170ers just fine, Pettis is washed, judging hasn’t gotten better in the month they had off, the disrespect for Roxy needs to stop, Maycee Barber has championship heart, and cowboy has no business being in there with Conor

Throwback to the nursery that I painted for my son based on the Disney short “A Cowboy Needs a Horse.”


Heat check... Dynasty. Who you taking?

espero que pronto te recuperes, toma el tiempo que necesites para descansar. aquí te vamos a esperar hasta que vuelvas sano y fuerte. te amamos ♥ #GetWellSoonYunho MMA: "Dana White priorizará McGregor-Nurmagomedov II"

women be on twitter talking about loona bsides instead of cooking... you worried about the wrong heat bitch

T. Lynn Karl (1990) plantea que en las transiciones democráticas en AL se ha restringido el ámbito de representación, reduciéndolo inicialmente a las clases dominantes, creando condiciones que desmovilicen nuevos actores que pudieran contar con apoyo popular.

Even Dana White is overlooking @TonyFergusonXT Can’t believe he’s already talking about Khabib/Conor 2 Can’t wait to see El Cucuy end those plans. #shocktheworld

OK folks, who is in favour of limitless, affordable & clean Nuclear Power? I say let’s do it, we a way behind and affordable energy will attract industries back to Australia & create thousands of jobs. Let’s make Australia Great Again. Who’s in?…

台北アリーナ! 乃木坂の横断幕がしっかりあります。


Voir Conor expédier Cowboy en 40s, sah quel plaisir #UFC246

Bravo Conor mačko moja mala

"So Babs you reckon they'll give me the job straight up or let JP take over for the rest of the season?" #WSWvPER.


"What have I got myself into." #WSWvPER.


Bring back the old offside rule where the linos would just put their flag up straight away #WSWvPER

.@BFornaroli becomes only the 3rd player in @ALeague history to score a goal in 4 consecutive matches on 3 separate occasions #WSWvPER #ALeague Jamie Maclaren - 5 times Adam Taggart - 3 times

Somehow don’t think this trick will work two werks in a row... #WUNvCCM


Assuming Berisha is credited with two 1st half goals, he rises to =6th all time highest Aus national league scorer, with @FrancisAwartefe 240 gls Damian Mori 137 Rod Brown 133 John Kosmina 129 Archie Thompson 127 Pablo Cardozo 124 BESART BERISHA, Francis Awaritefe #WUNvCCM HT 3-0

eminem'in pr yapmadan pat diye albüm çıkarması gerçekten çok başka kafalar. dinleyicisine falan güvenmesiyle alakası yok bu işin bu adam bence her her şeye karşı, herkese söyleyecek bir şeyleri var. cesaret böyle bir şey olsa gerek

Hang on... the fans are suddenly to blame for Leeds losing? It takes bollocks to stand up in front of a stadium and take a penalty I’ll give Bamford that, but I ain’t taking the blame for a penalty softer than a floppy dick. #lufc

#ChartbusterSid (tweet kro new tweet keval vindu ji kr rahe hai) jago bhaiyo tweet for Siddharth


কুদকূযুদ #ChartbusterSid

Guys come lets improve our worldwide rank #ChartbusterSid

Hannity previews Trump's final defense: So what if he's guilty? | By Greg Sargent…

Pourquoi personne parle de l’album d’Eminem ? RÉVEILLEZ VOUS SLIM SHADY IS BACK PTN

Spotify US : Eminem : 20.5M streams Mac : 18.5M streams he really got close to Em with 8 less tracks

people really still listen to eminem????

The best rapper between 1999 & 2002 was between Eminem and Jay Z hands down but post that I disagree

JOKER akan dapet 80th Anniversary Super Spectacular yang terbit April besok! Talents seperti Scott Snyder, Tom Taylor, Greg Capullo, Jock, Paul Dini, dan banyak lagi akan berkontribusi untuk oneshot ini! Seperti biasa, anniversary ini akan memiliki decade variant cover Mr. J.


TEAM NEWS 1 Jeacock 2 James 3 Senior 4 Pennell 5 Daly (C) 6 Thomas 7 Kotwica 8 Hanks 9 M Jackson 10 McClure 11 Maxwell SUBS - Hamilton, Parker,Ebutt,Hainault,Maher

Rutgers football recruiting update: Greg Schiano and staff start the contact period off with a bang


I have some new followers after tweeting that Yes Minister clip. So hello to those of you that hit follow by mistake, we've all been there. If you've come for incisive social commentary/breathtaking wit, you REALLY have come to the wrong place. I mainly tweet things like this.

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