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[#AlbumSKZ] ยอดอัลบั้ม #Clé_LEVANTER [2019.12.09] สิ้นสุดวัน เวลา 23:40 KST ยอดขายรวมของวันนี้ 18,080 อัลบั้ม ถือว่าเป็นการคัมแบ็คที่มียอดขายอัลบั้มสูงสุดของ Stray Kids จากอัลบั้มทั้งหมด #StrayKidsComeback #StrayKids_Levanter #스트레이키즈_바람 #StrayKids @Stray_Kids

Yes, that is awesome. I was speaking to some Jews of Color yesterday about how synagogues that were built with slave labor might address reparations directly.…

I'm a huge huge fan of KPOP but I agree. #BanKpopAccounts. I don't like people shoving their idols on to unrelated tweets. Yes ARMY i'm looking at you fucks especially. BTS are normal people who worked hard to achieve where they are and you fucks are being toxic about it

Are we included in this category as ARMYs? #BanKpopAccounts

Next station Miss world ลุ้นมงเเรกกันเถอะ #ฟ้าใส #MissUniverse2019


Atlanta (DNN) The Winner of @MissUniverse is South Africa’s @zozitunzi, crowned Sunday evening at Tyler Perry Studios. #ZoziTunzi #MissUniverse2019 #MissUniverseSouthAfrica


BIG USMCA NEWS: Trumka says there's an agreement on USMCA and that his team will be meeting later Monday to discuss. Trumka says deal includes major victories for labor, suggesting passage could be smooth. by @ericawerner @davidjlynch…

La labor de denuncia de los Crímenes del régimen chavismo es gracias a personas como @TAMARA_SUJU y organizaciones como @ForoPenal El grupo encabezado por @jguaido NO ha creado una comisión u organización que denuncie los asesinatos, torturas, secuestros y heridos del régimen…

The new @WonderWomanFilm trailer is here. Set in 1984, it features a brilliant version of "Blue Monday". Will you be checking this out in the Summer? #WW84…

"Crecí en un mundo donde una mujer que luce como yo, con mi tipo de piel y mi tipo de cabello, nunca fue considerada hermosa. Es momento de parar esto Quiero que las niñas vean sus caras reflejadas en la mía”. #MissUniverse2019 @zozitunzi

Huyu Dada ana akili nyingi sana Wale mamiss Tanzania nasikia walikuwa wanapewa maswali kabla ila wakiulizwa wanashindwa kuyajibu, Amefungua milango kwa wadada kuwa na confidence lakini akaongeza sio uzuri wa sura na kichwani fit Siyabonga #MissUniverse2019


This week we are joined by @DruManchuComics from The Comic Corps as we discuss the new trailers for #WW84 & #BlackWidow. We also get into our new comic reviews! YouTube: @OutrightGeekery PodcastNetwork:…


Yes hello @WonderWomanFilm, will I still be able to follow #WW84 if I haven’t seen movies 2-83?

Big Bird/Oscar the Grouch meant a lot to me as a child, Caroll Spinney meant a lot to me as an adult. I worked for him on a short gig in 2014 & it’s among my happiest memories. I’m devastated but thanks to the lessons of Big Bird, I’ll remember him fondly so he’ll be here always.…

Este fue un fin de semana lleno de diversión y aprendizaje, compartimos con niños y adultos nuestra labor. ¿Estuviste presente en la peatonización de la Av. 9 de octubre? ¡Cuéntanos qué fue lo que más te gustó!

breaching new levels of navel gazing nitpicking idiocy with the porn discourse. the only political concern of pornography should be in regards to labor rights and encouraging cooperative ownership of production, like all other entertainment production

Behold, the most 2019 meme. #WW84


I just found out that the same guy played Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird, and now my entire childhood feels like a lie.

RIP. Big Bird. Thank you for helping us see Mr. Snuffelupagus. RIP. Oscar The Grouch for Swamp Mushy Muddy. RIP. Mr. Spinney . May flights of Muppets sing thee to thy sleep. #Bless


Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch died yesterday and today is Monday. Coincidence?

#qanda I urge the public to peruse this site to discover all the things you are not being told about ‘green’ energy. It’s bad. Very bad.…

#qanda Hard to listen to imbeciles who actually believe that we can control the climate by covering the earth with highly toxic renewables that require vast amounts of mining, land, create mountains of waste & slaughter millions of rare birds & bats. Stupid is as stupid does.

Message from Tony Jones’ last @QandA: Australia’s problems are ALL caused by skeptics of the cost-benefit of “climate action” & the racism & Islamophobia of white & other mainstream Australians. “Deniers” & “bigots” all, no discussion will be entered in to. #qanda

The “bad news” politicians need to deliver to the ABC and the elite is that CO2 is not destroying the planet & that there’s nothing we can do to dial up or down the temperature of the planet. @QandA #qanda

Reminder: #BlackLightning Winter Finale is Tonight at 9pm after #Batwoman Hour of #CrisisOnInifiteEarths you all need to watch Black Lightning because their episode is called Earth Crisis and events in the episode ties in with the crossover and leads to his appearance tomorrow.

MG admitted that they KILLED OLIVER QUEEN in the 1st episode of the crossover for the element of surprise - so people would know no one is safe. So, they killed the creator of the Arrowverse as a plot device. As if, any of the other heroes are going to die. #CrisisOnInifiteEarths

я так счастлива, когда она улыбается: #LenaLuthor #CrisisOnInifiteEarths


WOW. So many changes were made between the preview version of #Silentnomore (sent out to other media) and the aired version tonight. There were literally dozens of changes. I'll have to compare alongside the notes I took at the time, but wow. They clearly fucked up.

Have you ever wondered what 12 dancing vaginas looks like on stage? Thanks to #emrusciano we now know #flapup


#nusnatcon19: i wish to record that at 9:50pm 9th December 2019 Socialist Alternative voted against fighting for 50% SSAF, voting against funding our student unions, stated that we should NOT campaign on education issues affecting students (only enviro issues) @GrokMagazine

Watching the #silentnomore series on ABC tonight made me realise us men can always do more to change the unacceptable culture that has gone on far too long when it comes to sexual harassment and gender equality #metoo

The musicality of this show is brilliant and then there’s the honest relatable humour. Give her a late night weekly ploise @Channel10AU #emrusciano @EmRusciano #rageandrainbows

This is now a Will Edwards stan account #nusnatcon19

Now the ALP is cancelled should trade unions affiliate with Victorian Socialists instead #nusnatcon19

First conference ever, what I've learnt is; Nobody, but also everybody, is the convenor of Unity. Trots don't know how to use microphones. Fed uni has quality Lasagna #nusnatcon19

Sky News contributor Andrew Clennell says Prime Minister Scott Morrison is having the "best year of his political career," as the Coalition continues to edge ahead of Labor in the latest Newspoll figures released on Sunday evening. #Credlin

So I just want to remind every1 that in tonight's episode of #Silentnomore starring @TraceySpicer we would have seen the full name, face, & disclosure of a domestic violence victim, were it not for the / Buzzfeed investigation or someone else picking up /1

Tonight the final episode of @TraceySpicer 's #Silentnomore doc will air on @abcnews . In the preview version there was NO mention of the Sydney Peace Prize or the latest controversy. Will be SUPER interesting to see if they have updated. IF they include footage of SPP but NOT /1

Le rappeur américain Juice WRLD meurt à l’âge de 21 ans — via @lemondefr…

out of respect for juice’s family and friends can people please stop making up stories about how he’s still alive or what “really” happened. half of you don’t know anything and are using this for clout which is disgusting. let him rest in peace and his family grieve.

Bottle that Eastern Cape water .... call it “X-Factor” #MissUniverse2019 #Xhosa

Dear Black Girl, Claim your rightful space in society, cement yourself in your chosen path. You are powerful, smart & beautiful. Thank you @zozitunzi #MissSouthAfrica #MissUniverse2019


Deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Naresh Mitra of Times of India who passed away today. May his soul rest in peace.

lol y’all can call us crybabies all you want, but just realize. imagine how sick and tired we are of getting constantly insulted, ridiculed, and bullied for liking a simple GENRE OF MUSIC. it’s not even that serious, but sterotyping us as little girls (1/?) #h3h3isoverparty

Y'all support him coz you try to be edgy hating on kpop but have no problem about a grown ass man talking about little girls j*rking off, f*ggot and the n word???? How you gonna justify that? #h3h3isoverparty

The first #WW84 trailer has arrived and fans can't get enough of it:…


The #h3h3isoverparty is fucking dumb. He doesn’t like K-POP. Who cares? If you love it then keep loving it. If you hate it then keep hating it. God. Y’all are annoying.



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