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Lo de Luisito comunica es una cortina de humo para que se nos olvide lo del área 51

"Wer Ursula von der Leyen wirklich ist." Warum soll mich das, nach über 10 Jahren Innlandspolitik, plötzlich interessieren? Vorallem was genau? Das ihr Vater Heinz-Dieter heißt?

If you want to turn America into a socialist shithole like the rest of the world, telling you to go back to where you came from isn't merely a racist insult.

AKK und von der Leyen teilen Europa unter sich auf?

I can’t believe I just saw my illegal ass cousin who snuck into America posting pro-trump memes on ig. ICE will still be knocking on that door beloved

Ibu Tujuh Anak, Ursula von der Leyen Jadi Presiden Komisi Eropa

L’Afrique du Sud rend hommage à Johnny Clegg…

Ursula Von Der Leyen Elected EU Commission President… via @Politicalite

as we relive the apollo 11 mission, you can hear all the crosstalk--radio calls stepping on each other because of the signal delay of a second or so. if we ever land on mars, it'll be a very interesting situation because the delay is much longer... more than three minutes

Johnny Clegg has come with on roadtrips to Peshawar and the mountains between Booni and Chitral. Songs that you, your friends, your parents have danced to. Music for when missing South Africa. Here he's singing Asimbonanga at a Cape Town concert after Madiba's death in 2013

Son of the soil, trailblazer, national treasure. Johnny Clegg you will always teach us the true meaning of unity and reconciliation. Forever in our hearts. #RIPJohnnyClegg

Disney's live-action remake of #TheLittleMermaid may have found its Prince Eric in @Harry_Styles

Partial lunar eclipse begins on 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's lift-off…

I seem to have missed the news that Johnny Clegg dies today. RIP.…

Guess karein @iamsrk ke expressions konse emoji se similar hain! Let us know in the comments below! #EmojiDay #ZeeBollywood #WorldEmojiDay


imagine thor 4 introducing noobmaster69 is actually loki i mean he is isn't it?

Dejen de comentarme con "ay y tony y steve también merecen 4" bla bla bla porque es el momento de mi hijo, es su momento de tener las películas que realmente merece y que el personaje se levante. Es momento de mi Thor.

"Thor: Ragnarok" director Taika Waititi is coming back to write and direct "Thor 4."

The Greens’ hypocrisy is simply breathtaking => Richard Di Natale stands up for Bob Brown’s right to campaign against a proposed Tasmanian wind farm…


ABOUT TIME APRA SLAM DUNKED. $800 million per annum Monolith of Uselessness. Same goes for SISTER ASIC $450 million corrupt Regulatory system. Howard and Hockey's TWIN PEAKS Model has been disaster and remains a disaster. The Secret Society

"Monsieur, Vous serez sans doute étonné de recevoir cette lettre d’un inconnu qui vient réclamer de vous un service..." Un énième spam reçu pour vous réclamer 50 000 euros ? Pas du tout. Il s'agit ici d'une escroquerie remontant au XVIIIe siècle…


OH MY FUCKING GOD, YES!! Rick Astley is coming to Australia!!…

Democrats do not care about your health. Democrats stole $716 BILLION from the elderly's Medicare to pay for the Obamacare giveaways!…

Kellyanne Conway: Trump admin is "sick and tired of many people in this country"


Hey @BernieSanders does Medicare for all include free food? After all with the tax increase it will require in order to pay for it, must of us will be starving.

אם אני מבין נכון את הלוליינות ההיסטרית של אטילה אז הפרסום הזה הוא התערבות זרה של יד ישראלית בבחירות. הגיוני…

Well today, July 16th, I celebrated my 64th birthday & I’m crossing over into my final year before Medicare. From inquiries from friends I am not sure I want to journey through the process, but I am glad to be healthy & alive & to live in this great country.

all of bangtan could fit on his lap in trip to jerusalem

Dick Smith wasn't obliged to tell everyone about his franking tax windfall: not today, not two months ago, not ever. By contrast, journos had significant #resources to do more and better than merely simper about "controversy" or #balance

Kamala Harris: My plan is "absolutely not" an elimination of Obamacare Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris discusses transitioning the current American healthcare system into Medicare for All with CNN's Kyung Lah.

Dogs defender Taylor Duryea says @stkildafc caretaker coach Brett Ratten is “one of the smartest football people” he’s come across.

Archaeologists have discovered an 11th century moat just outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls—the first hard evidence of a fabled Crusader siege against the city 920 years ago.…

MEDIA RELEASE: Adani could face further legal action and lose ability to operate in Qld…

'Take on us' - Legendary '80s acts A-ha and Rick Astley to play two New Zealand shows…


[ABC News pre-prod meet] "What've we got?" "Dick Smith! Received $500,000 in franking credits and will donate to charity!" "What a legend!" *cheers* "Wait. Isn't Dick Smith anti-immigration?" "For reasons of sustainability/infrastructure..." *awkward silence* "Racist!" #ETW

Darley's Shooting To Win sires his ninth individual first crop winner with the James Cummings-trained homebred filly Special Snap breaking through for her first victory at Warwick Farm.


i just learned that rick astley and rick ross are not in fact the same person! crazy!

It rules so much how the Liberals are willing to do any number of backhanded, quasi-legal deals to get known moron Alexander Downer’s daughter elected to any available political office and she still fucks it up. Love a dynastic political faildaughter…

Millionaire businessman Dick Smith says the franking credits scheme should be means-tested after revealing he received “ridiculous money” from the government in 2016-2017.…

Warwick Farm Today: My prices to win 5k at


Brisbane commuters are being warned to expect delays as Adani protestors threaten to disrupt Wednesday peak hour traffic.

Brian Cook Cats CEO presents to VTIC Premium members at VTIC Conference. #VVTC@vicchamber


Up next we have the dream duo, Mez and Saf from Online Marketing Gurus, to share some secrets for optimising SEO and tried and tested PPC techniques #IMDS19


Gee it’s great to be in Geelong for the 2019 Vic Tourism Conference. Excited to be joined by 400+ industry members to unpack this year’s theme, ‘through disruption, we find excellence’– set to challenge all to embrace opportunities created by the forces reshaping our sector #VVTC


Check out my full meeting preview for racing at Warwick Farm which includes Track Play, Early Pace, Best Bet & Best Value Bet…

Dr Jordan Nguyen kicks off the first Keynote at VTIC Conference #VVTC@vicchamber


Today plays at @atc_races Warwick Farm #1 Splendid Surprise 5u @ $4.20 #2 Academy 2u @ Tote #4 Front Sight 3u @ $2.50 Happy Wednesday

whomst among us could've seen this coming! whomst!!…

Stand out from the crowd... big crowds at the @InteractiveHQ Digital Summit at the Royal International Convention Centre. We’re proud to be a sponsor again and are capturing all the action at the @TheEkka today... #imds19 #marketing #Conference #photographer


A-Ha are touring Australia with Rick Astley next year…


Great talk from Cathy Tanimura from @Strava on what a company driven by data looks like. #IMDS19


Cathy shares how Strava offers 4 ways to digitise motivation for, by collecting and displaying user data: 1. Leaderboards across the community 2. Memorialise achievements 3. Accountability 4. Self improvement tracking #IMDS19


A growing number of Labor MPs are pushing for the party to adopt a bolder strategy on Newstart, with one backbencher calling for it to be lifted from $275 to $400 a week, writes @msmarto #Insiders #InsidersReading #auspol…

!! Labor's Mike Freelander says the party needs to "show a bit of guts" & commit to a significant Newstart raise. Couldn't agree more, King…


Sending our love to Jack Higgins.

“Pretty clear breach” The Government Could Be In Strife Over Georgina Downer FOI >>


#exclusive: Georgina Downer was given the inside running on local hospital funding bids by the SA Liberal Government. An interesting look under the veil of a fierce election campaign @abcadelaide #thread…

From Electrify America: It’s almost #WorldEmojiDay—but there’s a problem. There’s no electric vehicle emoji. It’s time to change that. We’re starting an #EVmoji petition so everyone can show their EV love. Who’s with us? Learn more here:

Breaking News: Trump goes back to where he came from, under a fucking rock and the world rejoices.

The Trump Administration’s Plan to Effectively End Asylum Is Almost Certainly Illegal… via @vicenews

Trump administration ignored ethics rules to replace scientists with polluters at EPA

If Republicans can't condemn Trump's racist tweets, they are as racist as he is…

The Apollo 11 lunar lander and other moon missions left behind some weird stuff, including cannons, bags of poop, golf balls and the secrets to top magic tricks #Apollo50


role pra salvar os aliens da area 51 alguem???

This Saturday 7/20 celebrate the historic moon landing #Apollo50that the Exploratorium all day and night!⁠ ⁠ We'll be open from 10 a.m. to midnight with hands-on activities for all-ages. #MoonMonthSF⁠ ⁠ More info & tickets:


#ObamaWasBetterAt being a good human being having good heart


Apollo XI : 50 ans après l'expédition de la fusée Saturn V sur la Lune…


I watched half of love island last year and could tolerate it, I’ve been back in England a week and watched a few with Alix and it’s the biggest Pile of white dog shit I’ve ever seen #mongisland

President Trump didn’t tweet anything about race but liberals are still losing their minds and busting the “racist” card. They have gone mental.

Stocks dropped today after President Trump stoked uncertainty regarding trade negotiations between China and the U.S. The S&P closed 0.34% lower and the Nasdaq fell 0.43% while the Dow closed just below flat, breaking a five-day rally.

El etiquetado de advertencia está demostrando ser la política más efectiva para reducir el consumo de alimentos y bebidas altos en azúcares, grasas y sal.…

Los memes del area 51 me estan dando la vida JAJAJAJ

Real Good Foods employees storming Area 51 to show the aliens what they are missing out on.


#ObamaWasBetterAt reigniting the #WarOnCops than any politician in history.

My last four outings wearing sarees reminds me that I haven't worn one in a long while and that should be remedied asap #SareeTwitter


Question: Does #TMT have to be built on Mauna Kea? Or can it be built on the Egyptian pyramids, Angkor Wat, Mecca, Arlington, Jerusalem, the Vatican, Stonehenge, Uluru, or Devil's Tower? Just throwing out some alternatives. #MaunaKea

Labor MPs urge party to 'show some guts' on raising Newstart…

Absolutely true.... my electricity bill has shot up too and howww!!! @Adani_Elec_Mum you have to reply to your customers just taking so much money and not giving proper service shows how you are looting everyone! #angry #upset #injustice…

It’s here.... we’re so happy to be here in @GeelongBella cant wait to see everyone #VVTC…

Goodbye Alan Richardson. Thank you for guiding @stkildafc with grace & humility. It didn’t work out but you will depart one of the most popular coaches in our history. I remember how giving you were to having a chat with me. Better things await you @AlanRichardson #Richo #Legend


‘ It’s a win/loss industry is becoming the most over rated quote in footy. How about if ya ain’t got the socks... ya can’t pull em up! RIcho had a pretty ugly sock draw for six years.

Uluru, tutti in fila prima della chiusura: l’assalto al massiccio australiano [news aggiornata alle 13:35]

In 1969, there were three places on Earth capable of receiving the #Apollo11 #Moonlanding signals. 1. Goldstone, USA 2. Honeysuckle, near Canberra 3. Parkes, NSW Honeysuckle's Mike Dinn helped bring Armstrong's first steps on the Moon to our TV sets. @CSIROnews #StargazingABC


“I think Australia has the ideas and we’re showing those ideas to the world. People are starting to realise that Australia can be at the front line of innovation in space” - Dr Megan Clarke, Head of the @AusSpaceAgency on #StargazingABC #Apollo50Aus


"Naivete, resentment and outright racism, roiled in a toxic mix, have given us a racist president ... What’s just as bad, though, is the virtual silence from Republican leaders." -- @gtconway3d. True. Worse, Trump may be altering how GOP lawmakers treat public racism:…

ABD'de Trump yönetiminin kürtaj kısıtlamaları yürürlükte


Watch: Ilhan Omar responds to Trump claim she is pro-Al-Qaeda—"I will not dignify it with an answer"

Jeff Goldblum is a treasure. Also: hasn't he already been to Area 51?


Title: Saints I don't know the names of #Kazakhstan


‘England’s hidden housing crisis’ - great report from @RIBA featuring @centrefortowns and @ComRes data on the need for drastically more age-friendly housing in the UK


#Video La Pantera Bou se entrenó por primera vez en su nuevo club de la MLS: New England Revolution.…

Here we are! @theRCN members from London and across England having their final team huddle before descending on Parliament to tell MPs about life on the front line of a nursing workforce crisis #safestaffingsaveslives


New #2Guys1Cup was recorded within minutes of the #Richo announcement and somehow we end up talking about Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Because of course we did.…

When have you ever seen a departing @AFL coach pen a thank you letter to fans? What a wonderful gesture form an outstanding man. A letter from Richo…

Did you know #SpaceGandalf was a pearl diver in his past life? Is there anything he can’t do?! Read more about @GregQuicke's story here: #StargazingABC

Many a holy saints have told facts about complete Sadguru ,but they were not acquainted with the one. Savannah Singh Ji of Radhaswami was one of the such ignorant saints. #TrueGuruSaintRampalJi


“It’s the club’s right to be impatient. I think based on the body of work, that this is the right move for the club. Last year is ultimately the year that has ended up costing him (Alan Richardson).” - Nick Riewoldt #AFL360


Saints champion Nick Riewoldt is at the #AFL360 desk to discuss the fallout of Alan Richardson’s exit from St Kilda. “You just feel for an outstanding person. I thought he handled himself brilliantly. Your heart goes out." - Nick (1/2)


Happy #WorldSnakeDay! The elongated and thin body of this blunt-headed tree snake (Imantodes cenchoa) allows it to move effortlessly through the trees of Central and South American forests


Ben Stokes’ innings on Sunday of 84* (98) had a Match Impact of +22.2 - very slightly better than another legendary innings in a World Cup final: MS Dhoni’s 91* (79) v Sri Lanka in 2011 which had an Impact of +18.8. #CWC19

Snakes are magnificent creatures that have been defamed for very long and deserve a day dedicated to know more about them. On the occasion of #WorldSnakeDay, learn some amazing facts about these beautiful serpents.

Healesville Sanctuary’s Scrub Python Kaa has been celebrating #WorldSnakeDay today with his very own version of a snake spa bath!

According to our Expected Runs Model the last ball of the match in the final - the full toss from Boult that Stokes bunted for one - was the second worst ball of the match with an xR of 1.68. In almost every other situation you’d expect Stokes to look for the boundary. #CWC19

**England squad starts Champagne celebrations** #CWC19Final Moin Ali and Adil Rashid :


Loving the new lean mean Tom Watson machine look #WorldSnakeDay


St Kilda hasn't played finals since 2011. But their CEO has made a bold claim just hours after Alan Richardson's departure was announced.…

Three of the ten most Impactul innings of Ben Stokes’ ODI career according to our Match Impact model came in this World Cup: 82* v Sri Lanka, 89 v Australia and 84* v New Zealand. Big occasion; big game player. #CWC19

Petition: Change the city name of “Stoke-On-Trent” to “Ben-Stokes-On-Trent”:…

#CWC19Final "We are world champions; we have got the trophy and we intend to keep it," Ashley Giles said.…

How a neutral fan sees the World Cup final – The Greatest ODI of All Time My piece on World Cup Final. Do read and share folks. @BLACKCAPS @englandcricket @TheBarmyArmy #CWC19Final #CWC19…

Hard to pot Richo much. He’s a victim of a poor football admin, an inept CEO & bland recruiting #afl360

The beloved Australian chef has slammed aged care homes dishing up "inadequate" meals.

Australians struggling to find work need Newstart payments increased - that's the consensus from business and welfare groups as Labor demands the government take action, arguing it would boost the economy as the RBA flags another interest rate cut. @Riley7News #auspol #7NEWS


If ya gonna climb Uluru you are a racist No ifs or buts It's your passive aggressive way of saying fck you to First Nations people #Uluru #Aboriginal #RacismIsREAL #WhitePrivilege

Interesting story by Repubblica: Savoini set up a WhatsApp group called " Salvini Russia" in 2014 to communicate with journalists whenever Salvini would visit Moscow, as Lega leader and then also as deputy PM in July 2018…


Monster Tuesday #AFL360 - Gerard & Robbo with all of the news as Alan Richardson departs the Saints - the club's greatest player Nick Riewoldt is at the desk. Plus Tiger Jack Riewoldt & Demon Jordan Lewis review Round 17 - up soon LIVE @FOXFOOTY

NRL congratulates Belinda Sharpe on debut…

Why is Vic Govt spending $600m to fix cladding? Is this not essentially a “product recall”? As such, why aren’t builders/manufacturers picking up the tab? If my car’s recalled the manufacturers pay, not govt. What have I missed? #auspol #vicgov #cladding

Now is the time for action, the Commonwealth must ban flammable cladding at the border, introduce National licensing in the building industry, implement Shergold and Weir and respond to the Senate Committee Report recommendations. #cladding

Bill Thompson told the panel that he believes "no person living in Australia today should be entitled to any special benefit or recognition based on race”. #QandA

"It's not possible to feed [nursing home residents] with a combination of nutrition, flavour and pleasure — it is not possible, full stop, at $7 a day”: Maggie Beer… via @abcnews

#Labor & ⁦@DanielAndrewsMP⁩ failed to respond early enough to the #cladding crisis. ⁦@rwynnemp⁩ said it was all fine. It wasn’t. It isn’t. Failure of ⁦@VicBuilding⁩ is a key cause. #Labor in power for 16 of the last 20 years. #springst


I'm going to Uluru in November. Was going in October but was afraid I'd be too mad as hell watching these ignorant white vandals desecrating our country's most sacred monument. I will go when the Rock is free of these unconscionable bastards #Uluru #UluruStatement #INDIGENOUS…

Congratulations Belinda Sharpe, who'll become the NRL’s first female referee on Thursday when she officiates the clash between Brisbane Broncos and Canterbury Bulldogs at Suncorp Stadium. #womeninsport @LadiesWhoLeague…

This report on suicide prevention measures, emphasising unemployed men as a key at-risk group (especially in rural areas) lists 'realistic' and 'non-demeaning transitional income support responses' as most effective. If you really care, #RaiseTheRate!……

Popular celebrity chef Maggie Beer has defended the elderly in aged care homes, saying those spending as little as $7 a day on food for each resident was inadequate.

This is the kind of moral clarity we need from the opposition! Well done to Labor MP Chris Hayes for joining the @BCAcomau, the @Greens, @ACOSS and many others in calling for an immediate increase to Newstart


So raise Newstart to the poverty line or this is all just more hot air.…

Bullshit you are. Get back to us when you take action to force the States to implement ever rec of the Indigenous Deaths In Custody RC, raise Newstart, end Robodebt, end indefinite immigration detention, fix Kafkaesque nightmares like NDIS, and invest properly in mental health.…

Oh please, St Kilda, hire Brad Scott. yrs, Carlton fans.

- Raise Newstart - Support penalty rates - Create real jobs - Welcome asylum seekers and immigrants - Stop robodebts - Fund services - Stop Indigenous deaths in custody - Close the camps - Stop being a massive racist misogynist - Also, just leave…

And best of luck to him! Fingers crossed. Molan plans his comeback…

"If they can see that there is a pathway, there's an opportunity, they can make it to this level, then that's really good." Belinda Sharpe chats with @SamSquiers ahead of officiating her first #NRL game on Thursday!… #OurWay


McCormack is a disgrace: Adani justified in demanding names of CSIRO scientists, deputy PM says | Business | The Guardian…

“It is hard to understand, in a nation like this nation, with the wealth that we have that there is homelessness." #QandA

Deputy PM says Adani justified in demanding names of CSIRO scientists Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack says he understands why Adani wanted the names of government scientists who reviewed a crucial plan for its Queensland coal mine.… via @SBSNews

Me hearing whispers Brad Scott locked in to coach Saints.

Newstart hasn’t been increased in over 25 years. Both the Government and Labor are ignoring people living in poverty. If we can afford to give those earning some of the highest income a tax cut we can afford to increase #Newstart #Raisetherate #Auspol…

if i dont find gundham at area 51, then whats the point

on god if i find an alien in area 51 i’m eating its ass

Me resulta totalmente incomprensible que a alguien le moleste, es decir le movilice de alguna manera el sistema límbico y/o el aparato afectivo, que el próximo James Bond vaya a ser una mujer.

You know I feel like this whole week of nonsense faux outrage and film headlines would be worth it if Scarlett Johansson was cast as the next James Bond/007. Now that I would see.

Regulatory clarity fosters innovation and adoption - it's why one of my top priorities @Ripple is to work in partnership with the gov't and regulators to move the collective industry forward. Thanks @megan_hernbroth for a great conversation!…

WHAT A SIGHT! This huge pod of dolphins was spotted over the weekend gliding through the waves off the coast of Southern California. The man who shot the video says "they seemed super happy. You could really feel the energy."

Britain Honors Computer Scientist Alan Turing as The Face of Their New Bank Note

LOOK: Alan Turing, World War II code-breaker castrated for being gay, is the face of Britain's £50 note


Ladies and gentlemen, gird your loins: High-strung thongs and naked hip bones are on the way back.

If I had my choice, I'd do Lesnar vs. Cesaro or Big E at #SummerSlam...but I'm 99.9% sure we're getting Lesnar vs. Rollins: The Rematch. #ExtremeRules

#SareeTwitter शराब पीने और सद्भगति ना करने का परिणाम Must Watch #Video Leave Cricket A Side And Must Know Right Way Of Worship #CWC19Final

só quem assistiu O Jogo da Imitação sabe o que essa notícia significa <3…

Já era hora de homenagear Alan Turing

Alan Turing foi o pai dos computadores modernos; da inteligência artificial. Ele estará na nova nota de 50 libras: #JN

Michael feels guilty for not leaving with Joanna so he took it out on Amber. All she did was tell him how she felt. If he was as mature as he thinks he is he would've been direct with her when she said it instead of being silent then humiliating her later. #LoveIsland

it is absolutely disgusting that “#ripbianca photos” is the first thing to come up when searching the hashtag. why anyone would want to see something like that is beyond me. how would you feel if that was one of your loved ones? now try to have that empathy for everyone.

Trump stokes firestorm over ‘go back’ tweets, says Dem freshmen 'hate' America

What happened to Bianca is so horrific and vile. No one deserves that. As women, we expose a lot of our lives and passions on social media and get guys, just like that monster, sending DM’s and acting the same way. It needs to stop. Stay safe and report all stalking. #ripbianca

the fact that women are brutally murdered at the hands of deranged, entitled men & yet are still somehow blamed is beyond me. there is nothing this girl did to deserve this & anyone who says otherwise are fucking awful & disgusting. women do not owe anybody anything. #ripbianca

I am actually on Michael and Joanna’s side. Regardless of what happened in the past I thought the whole villa trying to force Michael to be with Amber was wrong. The poor fella has already been clear about it. #LoveIsIand

laughable that Michael thinks his idea to stay in the villa ‘for his mates’ without Joanna will keep him in the good books when he gets dumped eeep #loveisland

Melania Trump silent as her husband attacks congresswomen

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack says he understands why Adani wanted the names of government scientists who reviewed a crucial plan for its Queensland coal mine

Passaram-se 30 horas desde a derrota de Roger Federer. Sigo em luto profundo. Acho que vai durar mais uns dias.

Sports News Roundup: Djokovic beats Federer in Wimbledon finals; Rays flirt with perfect game in beating O's…

Novak Djokovic explora trucos mentales para aislarse de las atmósferas que le son negativas…

We will be releasing our 200th episode of Birdhouse radio show. Thank you everyone for all the support over the last 4 years Tune in Friday for a super special guest mix from @GreenVelvet_ and the debut of our new single together as #GETREAL @SIRIUSXM channel 52 at 3 pm pt/6pm et


#Homelessness is not confined to our cities. It's driven by nationally pervasive problems like housing affordability, domestic violence and poverty. It requires a dedicated federal response #QandA #auspol #raisetherate…

if you haven’t watched angus thongs and perfect snogging 179 times you are doing something wrong wrong

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