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#SepaQue Producto de una alianza entre Hazlo Hoy Venezuela y Primeros Auxilios UCV, se habilitó un número de WhatsApp para orientar a las personas con dudas acercas del virus, especialmente a gente con alguna sintomatología.

Yoko Taro and Square Enix said NieR fans can have a little happiness during these apocalyptic times, as a treat.…

kötü bir şey yaptım tekrar whatsapp kurdum aboovv

14 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Nigeria. As at 09:30 pm 29th March there are 111 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in Nigeria with 1 death. To get latest state by state breakdown of COVID-19 cases, click WhatsApp link below & say "hi"


minha prima de 12 anos curtindo foto das sapatonas de riverdale e com a foto da sapatão ruiva no perfil do whatsapp

me when people tell me to watch tiger king

#WhenCoronaVirusIsOver we should have free healthcare for all, a basic income, free education and a house!

taking a detour from parks and rec to watch tiger king

Learning just how suggestible I am; suddenly baking and watching Tiger King. #CoronaLockdown


I've decided to avoid all things gloomy by doing a jigsaw with The Muppets on it. So if anyone wants to help, I'm currently looking for bits with an edge, part of the logo or anything that just possibly might be Fozzie.

HXRDD I have able sisters Please come but please donate! It’s behind the able sisters shop!! If it’s full.. try again? I dunno! Please donate tho!! My villagers deserve it :( #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #ACNH #Animalcrossing #DODOCODE Also add me! 2939-3988-3464 I’m Jenny/rue

La jefe médico de #Inglaterra, Jenny Harries, anunció hoy que es muy probable que las medidas de #ContenciónSocial se extiendan hasta por seis meses, aunque no tendrán la misma intensidad. • #Notimex


why am i single when wonderful, very useful genes like this exist in my family


Tonight at 7 pm I paint my face like Jigsaw

I’m not one to sing the praises of Scott Morrison, but if you were facing months on end in self-isolation with a couple of children, you’d understand the jigsaw puzzles.

I refuse to do a jigsaw puzzle. You have to draw the line somewhere.

JARS #MakeAFilmLessInteresting You’ll never go in the cupboard again.

“That was the greatest individual performance I’ve ever seen." 50 years ago today, Connie Hawkins' iconic performance tipped-off the most storied rivalry in franchise history.

Anyone for a super quick and delicious paso recipe !!! It’s a favourite in our house !! What you need is fussil pasta @SimplyBetterDS Parmesan fresh basil frozen sweet corn mascarpone cheese and smoked bacon cook pasta in some salted water until aldente (firm to the bite ?


A.J. Michalka #AJMichalka Voice of: Stevonnie Episode: Alone Together Year: 2017 Other Notable Roles: Catra (Netflix's She-Ra) Note: Stevonnie is a fusion of Steven and Connie. Michalka has launched a music career with her sister Aly. #StevenUniverse #StevenUniverseFuture

You must wonder how many times #BenCousins is going to con @BasilZempilas and @channel7 into paying him money for an interview where he tells them . . . . nothing.

#BenCousins has beaten Nat Fyfe 6-3 6-0 to win the 2020 Cooked Classic Tennis Open in Perth.

NieR fans and Xenoblade fans have ascended this past week.


saudade mesmo eu tenho da época que os status do whatsapp era aquele recado que tem debaixo do contato da pessoa. a gente ficava trocando a frase para uma diferente todo dia e ficava horas vendo as frases nos status dos outros contratos época que todo mundo era feliz

Des fois mon daron je l’entends au téléphone « ouais allô? Je t’appelle juste pour te raconter une blague qu’on m’a envoyé sur whatsapp mais je peux pas te l’envoyer pcq c’est en arabe » il raconte sa blague en français il rigole et il raccroche

NieRと出会った切っ掛けはとある年のTGSの大型スクリーンに映し出された高画質トレーラーでカイネさんの尻に一目惚れしたからです その節はありがとうございました

My husband put Coldplay on and that's a few too many feelings for me.

New Coldplay drizzling from the radio. Such an apt noise for this shittiest of apocalypses. An unending feeling of School Tomorrow but on a Sunday that will never end.

Estos dos chiquillos recluídos en Italia aprovechan sus horas para interpretar a Coldplay. ¡Una belleza!…

"Daryl doesn't care about Connie, he never went to look for her" he was CRYING when the cave collapsed, 10x10 he went back and screamed "where are they?" to Alpha. He told Yumiko he won't give up. You don't have to be a shipper to see all that.

Connie and his Philly boys- From the Flagstaff Films Baseball home movie archive

Kykları millet nasıl bekliyor sen terör diyorsun ibiş…

I really didn’t expect to see @BasilZempilas quote Coldplay lyrics to #BenCousins while I was making florentines and chocolate chip biscuits tonight. Isolation is wild. How’s your Sunday?


Accidentally tuned in to the #bencousins interview. He appears quite unwell. Was any kind of medical/mental health assessment to see if he was actually competent to participate @BasilZempilas. Do journalists have ethics?

That moment no one is nominating you for any WhatsApp challenge #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe


Hello @yokotaro. Since we are following each other, I wanted to ask you the following. Do you know if Nier will come this time translated into Spanish as it happened with Nier Automata? A hug and luck in your projects


Voglio essere brutta come Louis. #WeLoveLouis



Holy crap, what a horrendous money grab that was. That's the best you could do @Channel7... take advantage of an unwell celebrity? @BasilZempilas, you should be ashamed. This was garbage. #bencousins

I didn't watch #BenCousins but I have a lot of respect for his father who did everything he possibly could to save his son. I don't think I've ever seen a father do more. It is a slippery slope drug addiction and it destroys lives. Very few beat it. Plenty lose everything.

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