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JUST IN: House Homeland Security Committee Chairman asks sergeant at arms to “take action” against Republicans who charged into the SCIF. Doesn’t explain what action he wants:


In case you don't know, the House secure office suite where highly classified information is discussed is called the SCIF which stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. House Republicans stormed the SCIF earlier today to protest the Democrats' impeachment probe.

them gating THE literal cover art Fallout New Vegas armor behind a premium membership like a cellphone game after sabotaging Obsidian and disowning New Vegas so aggressively is PEAK modern Bethesda…

Homeland Security Cmte Chair Thompson to Hse Sgt at Arms Irving on GOPers storming the SCIF: I am requesting you take action with respect to the Members involved in the breach..I urge you to..remind all Members about the dangers of such reckless action

House Homeland Security Cmte Chair @BennieGThompson has sent a letter to the House Sergeant at Arms re GOP members bringing electronics into SCIF asking for SAA to take action against those members involved in the breach…

Trump is in a vise & he deserves it. Calling mod GOP "human scum" shows he's panicked that he'll lose 20 GOP Senators he needs. Today: -Syria delusion speech -SCIF illegal action -Tax case advances -Impeach Inq support 55% -Lev & Igor cite Exec Priv It's all over but the crying.

Quem está animado para ouvir e assistir ao clipe de #WeMadeit amanhã?

Obstruction of Congress is a crime. If Trump knew House Republicans intended to interrupt today's hearing, then it sounds like a conspiracy to obstruct. Republicans want impeachment on process crimes? It seems they've handed that to House Dems. #ImpeachmentTaskForce…

I feel bad for the developers working on Fallout 76 who are forced to deal with higher up executives being egregious. Maybe they want to make a good game, but can’t deliver because the higher ups are being unreasonable. Blame the executives, not the developers!

Why are you continuing to protect somebody who cares so little for you, he wouldn’t even say “bless you” when you sneeze? #GOPComplicitTraitors #ArrestMattGaetz #MoscowMuleMatt #SCIF…

Wow. House Republicans backed by the president perpetrated this illegal storming of impeachment proceedings while the Speaker is away attending her brother’s funeral. Drain the swamp? These guys are the black primordial sludge fermenting the stench.

Looks like the House Republicans lost. As of 45 minutes ago, Laura Cooper is testifying. They skipped her opening statement and went straight to questions. I'm so glad they didn't reschedule

Либо Беседка совсем потеряла связь с реальностью, либо я очень недооцениваю идиотов, которые до сих пор играют Fallout 76…

I've stuck with you until now. You are seriously going to charge me $13 a month just so I can have unlimited scrap in my bags. F U…

"Storm a castle they already occupy" is both a fantastic phrase and a great metaphor for House Republicans.…

“We heard you didn’t like the multiplayer aspect of Fallout 76, so give us $13 a month, or $100 a year, and you can play the game solo!” Every time Fallout 76 gets in the news I always wonder what more they can do to tank this game... and they always surprise me.…

The #ImpeachmentInquiry has turned up far more evidence of widespread wrongdoing than anyone imagined when the whistleblower's complaint was first released. No wonder, House Republicans are desperate to change the narrative, even if it is THEY who violate the law FOR Trump.…

The fact that Bethesda has the balls to drop a premium service for Fallout 76 is amazing.

serious, how long until Bethesda holds Fallout hostage to whoever's still playing that game and tells them "get a monthly sub now or we're shutting it all down"?

ICYMI here’s the footage of House Republicans as they pulled up to SCIF today :

She kinda looks like Michael Jackson here #loseyoutoloveme


i recently got back into fallout 76 and of course just in time for them making another move that absolutely infuriates everyone

Bethesda announces Fallout 76 subscription service…

You know I see a lot of people saying how Bethesda is trying to hurt Outer World's launch (which is two days out btw) but I honestly think Bethesda's announcement is gonna help Outer Worlds and Obsidian a whole lot more than it will hurt them by the looks of it.

Bethesda stop, you’re actually embarrassing yourself.

Comment les systèmes de paiement centralisés ont appris à accepter la crypto-monnaie décentralisée #blockchain #BlockBlog #technologie #tech #startup #entrepreneur #economie #finance…

HAPPENING NOW: #DigitalCredentials & #Blockchain Panel with Andy Dowling (@digitary) Melissa Pool (@McMasterU) @chriswinc (@LearningMach1) Valerie Thomas (#TreasuryBoard) Jason Weaver (@parchment) & Hans Pongratz (Technical University of Munich). #Montreal #PESCfall19summit


The cool project that watches it as the most promising start-up, gaining momentum, I want the project to quickly turn around and reach the right level of development and recognition #Dualchain #mvsdna #blockchain #cryptocurrency #DPoS #dapps

We've seen already Bart's head. I guess, it is time for another pattern: #bitcoin #blockchain #crypto #simpsons $btc #memes


#China on the move! Cyberspace Administration of China approves 309 more #blockchain firms


No, a mock speech and press conference isn't the sole reason David Ross landed the Cubs' manager job. But it didn't hurt, either.…

Respect the elders Ugogo kaaaade ayibona lendaba! #MmusiMaimane


O video clipe de #WeMadeIt será lançado amanhã também!

Почему в фандоме танглед бедного Вариана сношают со всеми... Господи, он же ПИЗДЮШОНОК его ебет только алхимия

WE MADE IT | O video clipe de #WeMadeIt será lançado amanhã junto com a música!

Miki Davis, the female lead in the #KillMyMind music video, posted about the #WeMadeIt music video dropping tomorrow! (via miki_davis)


Cubs hired David Ross as manager? That’s cool, just wait until the Reds hire Joey Votto after he retires

FLASHBACK to 2016, when @ARizzo44 got emotional bringing @D_Ross3 onto the stage at the #Cubs World Series celebration. (Is it dusty in here?!)…


David Ross, a former Dodger, is the new manager for the Chicago Cubs…

Team! As it happens every month, tomorrow is the day Louies join the beautiful #LovelyLouies hashtag. Let’s try to spread about it and bring even more fans to join it considering it’s the day #WeMadeIt comes out. Let us know if you’ll be joining!

Я: Господи, как же заебало всё тащить на себе, почему я должна вечно инициировать знакомства, общение, встречи, свидания, всю жизнь ощущение, что я за всеми бегаю и заставляю общаться, неужели так сложно дать понять, что это нужно не только мне Кто-то: *проявляет инициативу* Я:


ОХ БЛЯДУШКИ ОЛАДУШКИ ровно! год! назад! состоялась! премьера! богемной! блять! рапсодии! ВЫ ПРОСТО ПРЕДСТАВЬТЕ брайан и роджер со всем кастом сидели на стадионе уэмбли смотря фильм впервые И НЕ ЗНАЛИ ЧТО ФИЛЬМ СТАНЕТ ЛЕГЕНДОЙ И ОНИ БУДУТ ВЫСТУПАТЬ НА ОСКАРЕ ГОСПОДИ РЕВУ

ICYMI: REPORT: David Ross expected to be named #Cubs manager:


В «Росатоме» сообщили, что обедненный уран из Германии ввозится в Россию не для захоронения, а на переработку, впоследствии он будет вывезен обратно за рубеж. Передайте Росатому, что это пиздёжь.

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