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Music and Muppets was great. The rest? Not so much. Sorry Geoff that was bland as hell. Where the hell were the announcements? #TheGameAwards

..No? No Smash announcement? ..Laaaaame.. #TheGameAwards

Which Game got #TheGameAwards?

So no Smash Bros DLC announcement? Thanks speculators for keeping me up longer than I should have. #TheGameAwards

MANOOOOOO, WTF, achava que smash ou RE2 ou o death stranding iria ganhar o TGA, mas WTFFFFFFFF. Sekiro!?! ESSA eu não esperava mesmo! #TGA #TheGameAwards

V/in Diesel being the mysterious special guest at #TheGameAwards is so funny to me

I have no words for how terrible #TheGameAwards was. That was the biggest waste of time I've ever sat through. Video games were a mistake

Com direito a recorde de Lamar Jackson e título da AFC North, o Baltimore Ravens bate o New York Jets no Thursday Night Football! #NFLBrasil #NFL100 Foto: (Aaron M. Sprecher via AP)


Erin Andrews asked Lamar Jackson how he feels to break Michael Vick's record. Lamar: "I didn't even know when I broke it because I was so locked in." Mark Ingram: "When I told you congratulations." Lamar: "Oh, OK."

Ravens make it 10 in a row, defeating the Jets 41-21. Lamar Jackson threw 5 touchdown passes in the victory.

Thinking about how there was a quarterback controversy involving Lamar Jackson and Joe Flacco in the year 2018.

Lamar Jackson. First of his name. King in the north and of the AFC. MVP of the league. Mover of chains. And father of Ravens. THE KING IN THE NORTH.


Sekiro winning Game of the Year is just as surprising as having Green Day paid to perform

Fuck Grimes and Green Day just have the orchestra play video game OSTs

Do people pay Santa to just sit down in some chair because I bet Santa does not like having kids sit on their lap and probably cry the entire time while they take a picture of him I bet they pay him to just sit down and just greet the kids #Santa #Christmas

Quebrando tudo, novo álbum de Harry Styles, "#FineLine", já se encontra em #1 no iTunes de 53 países, incluindo no Reino Unido e no Brasil. Já na Apple Music, se encontra no topo de 34 países.


This has been the most dramatic demonstration of the idiom "Turkeys voting for Christmas" I have ever seen #GeneralElection

Yearly tradition of getting baked and watching how the grinch stole Christmas.

All I want for Christmas, cannot be found at a store. @mor1019 #DyisIsItManila Stay With Me This Christmas by Fumiya Sankai

quanto harry começar a cantar falling no show eu vou chorar tanto #fineline

Vocês sobreviveram ao furacão chamado Fine Line? Que cd foi esse meu Deus??? #FineLine

unironically better than grimes and green day

Vikings BB with the 76-74 win over Green Canyon on day 1 of the Preston tournament

Soviet Christmas decorations. Russian vintage Christmas ornament. Glass CARROT. USSR Xmas decor. Soviet vintage home decor. USSR glass toy… #soviet #vintage


Soviet children's book "The Bear and three sisters". Russian folk tales. Vintage russian book. Old book. Kids book. Illustrations.USSR 1990s… #soviet #vintage


Green day Trailer de Aves de Rapina Vin Diesel I DON'T CAAAAAAAARE I WANT VIDEOGAMES #TheGameAwards

uighur emang t o p dulu penjaga kafe dibawah tempat training dedek2 uighur juga, bisa banyak bahasa, russian, han, arabs, english :3 bedanya petite aja ga kaya mbak dil…

全世界で使われるWebサーバーの開発元「NGINX」にロシア警察の強制捜査、従業員拘束&機器押収へ - GIGAZINE…

Mola porque Reggie te viene a hablar sobre la grandeza de los videojuegos mientras que luego te meten a Green Day y a Vin Diesel porque ahora se irá haciendo tendencia de decir somos mejor que Hollywood pero aquí os traemos un cachito de Hollywood.

Parnas ran a political influence operation with Russian oligarchs and criminals like Firtash as clients. Somewhere along the way, he realized the services could go both ways.…


U.S. Senate Confirms John Sullivan as U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation…

Джонсон заявил о получении консерваторами мандата на брексит — РТ на русском…

Anna Kournikova, the Russian tennis player has been living in the USA for many years. On the account of Anna Kournikova there are no serious titles, but nevertheless, this girl is interesting to journalists.


Я уже не могу шутить про мужиков. Своим поведением и словами они подтверджают САМЫЕ АБСУРДНЫЕ ВЕЩИ КОТОРЫЕ ТОЛЬКО МОЖНО ВЫДУМАТЬ. Отличный общественный эксперимент вышел)


Вашингтон согласился на назначение Ельченко послом Украины в США – СМИ

My Christmas list is as follows: -Trip to real farm -Go inside a casino -Whole thing of fries -Boots -Lasso -Tiny saloon -Worm -Planet Hollywood residency

ok I’m over my hair I have decided no one gets a Christmas gift until my shit grow back

Preparing for the post Christmas belt-tightening period is an annual event; as familiar as that rush to take back all the presents you didn’t like. Our latest column from the @CitizensAdvice helps you prepare for the Post Christmas Debt Hangover: #covhour

15 Fun Christmas Horror Titles You Can Stream Right Now -…

We've found 10 perfect party looks for Christmas and beyond:

The Lake Cumberland Chorus will perform A Christmas Concert this evening for the Somerset community, at 7:30 p.m., at First United Methodist Church. Admission is free and all are welcome.


For a magical Christmas experience, make sure you visit @BlackthorpeBarn this December with its large Country Christmas Shop, famous Rougham Estate Christmas trees, creative workshops, country café and the most talked about Santa’s grotto! > #BuryStEdmunds


К вопросу о том, что представители 5 топ-чемпионатов вышли в плей-офф. Для этого и меняли регламент (по 4 прямые путевки от Исп/Анг/Ита/Гер в ЛЧ), для этого и вводили ФФП. ЛЧ - турнир для избранных. А остальные будут играть в Лиге Европы и Лиге Конференций. Браво, УЕФА!


да идите вы со своими лигами европы не очень то и хотелось

Три команды из РПЛ на 4 месте в группе, одна на третьем в лиге Европы. Но позорит всех Спартак. Не перепутайте!! Кстати, всех кто злорадствовал над нами что мы брагу не прошли-пламенный привет! Жду, как вы так же будете говорить о своих командах

#Japan's energy majors may invest in #Russia’s #oil megaproject in #Arctic


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