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The first episode of #WatchmenHBO is full of Easter eggs and references from the graphic novel, and @micahpeters_ is here to break down all the references you might've missed

Mitt Romney's secret Pierre Delecto Twitter account shows he truly is a RINO, including liking tweets about the resistance, other Democrat talking points and attacks on Trump. It's hard to argue any of these likes would be on any conservative's feed.

So much for Matt Nagy’s request to put on blinders and block out the negativity... #Bears


My boss once asked me who I would love to write for if I could write for anyone living or passed and I said without hesitating, @ReginaKing. That response will never change. #WatchmenHBO

Bass Reeves. REAL Tulsa Massacre. REAL Bass Reeves (wrote a script treatment on him once) could be considered The First American Superhero in both #WatchmenHBO's context AND ours yes white americans did use bi-planes to bomb "black wallstreet" in 1920's Oklahoma ALL REAL

Lamar Jackson moves at a different speed

Any dude named Pierre Delecto will try to stick his finger in your butt.

Takeaways #NOvsCHI 1. Latavius Murray w 32 pts- high priority pickup w Alvin Kamara high ankle sprain 2. CHI D allowing 160 ru yds/g in last two 3. David Montgomery: 2 rush, 2 tgts 3a. Tarik Cohen: 3 rush, 12 tgts 4. Allen Robinson: 29.6% tgt share in Mitchell Trubisky’s return

Chicago Bears Fan Starts GoFundMe To Buy Out Mitch Trubisky's Contract…

We want to hear from you on the #DallasCowboys postgame show. 877-881-1053.

Doug Peterson coming out the tunnel tonight like #PHIvsDAL #WeDemBoyz

Cowboys can’t beat a team with a winning record... Beat a .500 team and they’re great? What? #PHIvsDAL #StopShowingNFCEastOnPrimetime


Jim Schwartz takes a lot of hate and he absolutely deserves it and I believe they need to move on from him. But Mike Groh doesn’t get nearly as much hate as he should. This offense has been a shell of itself since Reich left. #Eagles

Anyways... Skewer Mike Groh, Duce Staley, Jeff Stoutland, Jim Schwartz, Cory Undlin, Howie Roseman, and Nelson Agholor. Every job should be on the line this week.

Trubisky plays like he’s literally wearing horse blinders and earmuffs, so the message is getting through.…

#Browns beat the Ravens #RavensFlock beat the Seahawks #Seahawks are supposed to be a top team in the NFL But they still say the #GoNiners haven't beaten anyone worth beating.…

Bridgewater throws for 2 TDs, surging Saints top Bears 36-25…


I agree @StinkinGenius1. I love Trubisky coming from my Tarheels but he is awful and I was listening to the game on the radio. Doesn't matter how much Matt Nagy "window dresses" plays, he just doesn't know how to read defenses

Tyler Lockett explains why #Seahawks "don't even worry about" Russell Wilson's awful INT today for a Ravens TD on a rare poor choice by their QB. He's bailed that out too many times over the years to wonder about Wilson making a mistake.… @thenewstribune

The transformation of the Ravens defense is remarkable. In a matter of wks, it went from allowing two 500 games to beating R. Wilson w/ many new faces & backups. Jefferson ➡️ Clark Smith ➡️ Peters Peanut ➡️ Bynes K Young ➡️ Fort T Young ➡️Committee McPhee ➡️ Ferguson ➕Ward

Yes. But Bears just got him. Doubt they move him.…

СПИД заразнее проказы. От проказы можно вылечиться антибиотиками. Все соглашаются. Но попробуй задвинуть идею распустить лепрозории и закрыть спидоносов в специальных учреждениях - сразу набросятся "ах, негуманно, права человека" К прокаженным права человека неприменимы видимо...

я щас с начальницей по телефону еле поговорила, чуть не сдохла. мозг абсолютно против обрабатывать любую информацию, сразу начинает дико болеть голова. у организма просто какая-то забастовка.

Наверное я уже никогда не буду таким же горячим, как в 19 лет


melvin gordon quite possibly might make me the most angry charger fan. deadass like my guy fucking hold the ball. COACH put Austin back in. NOW!


We’re going down in trending :( #WeMadeIt

Soluzione trovata per migliore la stagione di Manchester United


dressing them in a united kit so they get bullied >>>>…

я очень редко бываю долго милой так что цените моменты лайкая мои твиты а то возможно завтра этого уже не будет ;)


Martin Atkinson was Referee when Liverpool dropped points to Manchester City, Leicester and Everton..... Now look at the decisive decisions in those games eg Keita pen. Bit of a pattern here...

liverpool #LGBTQoftwitter chase edmonds thielen marvin jones #OAKvsGB #NFLSunday waller coppola #SundayFunday klopp origi danny dimes fuller atkinsin morgan moses rojo daniel james robbie gould ashley young #btsbestdiscography raiders at packers rodgers

Daniel James straight into the book of immediately dislikable players. The glances up before feigning head injuries to get a game stopped three times in a week is disgusting

Почему-то в последнее время совсем нет сил и вдохновения. дорамы, анимуха, сериалы и музыка меня уже не радуют возможно я просто устала возможно мне нужен новый источник вдохновения

I think this was true for one of the two teams. There were 20 fouls called by Martin Atkinson, 14 went Manchester United's way.…

Martin Atkinson and the VAR "official " don't even know the rules of the game


Gutted not to win but now that I've calmed down got to admit I'd have taken a point before kick off. We faded in the 2nd half, didn't create hardly anything, but Norwich is where we learn whether we're improving or not. On the VAR. I'd have wanted a foul on Origi if it was United

OGS: It's not often I praise referees but he let a lot go today. It was a derby. Was it a foul on Origi? No chance. We're not playing basketball. He touched him, but it's not a clear and obvious error. It's not a foul.

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