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"Estamos en guerra" dice el weon, atacando a su propio a país, con milicos que son superiores en armamento, atacando a civiles #PiñeraRenuncia

Lamar Jackson @Lj_era8 is a once in a lifetime 22 year old NFL Prodigy in the making. PERIOD. A Pro Bowl NFL QB passer & A Pro Bowl NFL rusher (5th in NFL in rushing yards) That is the true definition of a MVP and not even trying. He just trying to fulfill a promise. #TheTruth


пришел на остановку, было сразу два моих автобуса и не успел я дойти как они уехали;)

I’ve seen this take a bunch of times and I guess I don’t get it. He threw for almost 5,000 yards in 2016 with a similar offense and weapons. He’s always had high highs and low lows, even last year. Did people think after the Bears game he’d become Casey Weldon?…

He should have called himself Pierre DEFECTO MITT IS DONE! 'Liked' Tweets from Mitt Romney's Secret "Pierre Delecto" Twitter Page Show Man Obsessed with Trump Hatred and Leading GOP Resistance…

"The Chicago Bears are not salvageable. Not this season, anyway," writes @nrarmour for @usatodaysports.

Странное поведение некоторых твиттерян: Подписываются на тебя,а когда ты в ответ делаешь тоже самое,сразу отписываются. Советую раз в неделю открывать вкладку "читаемые", и подчищать любителей халявных подписчиков...

Armchair analysis of the Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky was a terrible reach when he was drafted and frankly just isn’t a franchise QB. May be a solid backup for a good team. Matt Nagy? He needs to grow a thicker skin and stop blaming the media for asking legitimate questions.

If there are any Bears fans that still think the Bears can win with Trubisky after tonight, or that the 34 prevent defense they are running won't be exposed in a superbowl. Just remember. Could have drafted Mahomes or Watson or signed Bridgewater.

I’d be interested to see Mariota in Chicago with Matt Nagy next year. He’ll probably be the best QB on the market, unless Foles becomes available. It’s not a great option, but Trubisky clearly isn’t the guy. They gotta make a change, and they don’t have a 1st until 2021...

TAZ: Graduation boutta be like #TheZoneCast (credit to lordchung on fb)


#Bears RBs combined for just 5 carries against the #Saints while Mitchell Trubisky attempted 54 passes

Troubling loss today. Confusing words afterwards from Nagy. He answered my question about first-half play selection imbalance with “simple math” of a “productive passing game” being the reason. Clearly, we were watching two different games. My story runs in the AM.

i personally think weaghan sounds like the perfect non-descript, pseudo-fantasy NPC name but that’s just my opinion #TheZoneCast…

#DallasCowboys (4-3) get the fast start that has illuded them over the course of the last three weeks in win over the Philadelphia Eagles (3-4). Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East. #PHIvsDAL #KTSM9Sports…

Начни свое утро с чашки полной ( ) ( ) ( ) _)__(____)__(____)__(_ \ недосыпа. мне /_ \ так хуево что / ) \ я б этот день /__/ \ сразу и. / \ закончила/ \. /

Well, Nagy can cross the egg catching completion of his list.

This is a spot where Matt Nagy needs to show his team the replay and get on every one in the room for not stepping up for their guy. I talk all the time about how the coach/manager's job is to run the room. This is where he has to run the damn room.…

.@EzekielElliott rushed for 111 yards on #SundayNightFootball. He is the only player to log 100+ rushing yards in a game vs the Eagles in 2019. The last player to do it? Ezekiel Elliott, in a 29-23 win in Week 14 of last season. @dallascowboys

Сразу виден вожак в стае

.@dak scored his 21st career rushing touchdown on #SundayNightFootball. That breaks a tie with Roger Staubach for most by a @dallasCowboys QB in franchise history. Staubach reached 20 TDs in his 112th game. Prescott passed him in his 55th game. #SundayNightFootball

Уебаны которые считают что нужно обязательно попиздеть на лестничной площадке сядьте на бутылку блять

In five appearances against the Eagles, @EzekielElliott is 5-0 with 118 carries for 574 yards and 2 TD's. #SNFonNBC #PHIvsDAL

If anyone on Twitter is watching #SundayNightFootball #EaglesvsCowboys and looks to the right of the screen, you'll notice #tornado trending. That tornado is just north of this in the cell is visible from Jerry World. @miketirico

NFC North QBs today: Aaron Rodgers - 25-31, 429 yards and 5 TD, 97.2 QBR Kirk Cousins - 24-34, 337 yards and 4 TD, 90.5 QBR Matthew Stafford - 30-45, 364 yards and 4 TD, 88.8 QBR Mitch Trubisky - 34-54, 251 yards and 2 TD, 33.5 QBR…

Biker bears sans bikes


This game is such a blowout that I'm now hammering out trades with @seanjwagner #Bengals #Bears…

I had memories of a “confounded” Marc Trestman today, as Matt Nagy and Mitch Trubisky searched for answers as to why the Bears somehow looked worse after a bye. Column from Soldier Field…

remember how Bears white sox and I were winners and have good life!! Bears need Brian Urlacher Walter Payton back! White sox and I need my Grandpa back oh wait Payton and my Grandpa are dead! FUCK!

I've been tryna tell yall bout Matthew Nagy since the playoff game but nooooope I was the bad fan, I was panicking, HOW BOUT NOW???

So beyond excited for the next #thezonecast & the return to D&D!

The #Saints being 5-0 without Drew Brees is by far the biggest story in the NFL so far this season.

Dynasty Guys I’m glad I own: Austin Hooper Josh Jacobs Terry McLaurin Guys I wish I had: Leonard Fournette Dalvin Cook Cooper Kupp Guys I’m worried about: Joe Mixon Julio Jones OJ Howard Guys I’m glad I faded: Zach Ertz Melvin Gordon Todd Gurley…

We are the 2006 @ChicagoBears all over again! Time to sit the bust, sign a free agent #QB in the offseason, and pick one up in the #NFLDraft. #Trubisky #BearDown #ChicagoBears @Mtrubisky10 #GoodRexBadRex #GoodMitchBadMitch #saintsvsbears


Remember when we ran a fullback option pitch to a quarterback? #goodtimes #Saints #seanpaytoncoachoftheyear really should be trending. 6-1. Amazing.

Apenas veo como Lamar Jackson se bailó y humilló a toda la defensa de Seattle en Seattle... Que horrible todo @SpanishSeahawks

Проснулся, в голове играет «твои слова водица». За грехи мои, наверное

сегодня когда ехала на работу, в автобусе пахло морозом, печеньками и перегаром. Сразу так Новым годом повеяло

Важный ночной вопрос (сразу с ответом): почему осенью желтеют листья? Рассказываем:


Дзинннь. "Возмутитель спокойствия и властитель дум". Штрайхеру бы, наверное, тоже понравилось такое определение.


А орден бывает за лучший отсос? Щитаю,номинант на все его степени сразу !! Браво,маэстро!…

Ходил сегодня (вс) в кинотеатр на первое свидание с девушкой. Смотрели фильм "Джокер". Наверное, это был не самый удачный выбор для подобного романтического вечера, однако фильм мне дюже понравился. А моя спутница глаза ручками закрывала во время сцен насилия. Фильм рекомендую.


АТЕНШОН Твиттерский, дорогие, помогите мне в поиске книг и фанфосов Мне очень нужно, чтобы там были либо красивые города - совсем не обязательно много описаний, но чтобы атмосфера была, либо модельный бизнес - описание работы, отношений и т.п. ФФ на англе более чем приветствуются

не был в боровом с 2007 года. снова понял, что не обязательно ехать в другую страну, чтобы увидеть красоту


Логика люмпена интересная штука. Например тем, что все выходящее за рамки их узколобого птушного мирка - обязательно проплачено, куплено и вообще все вокруг их курятника агенты врага.…

Как вы считаете, в биометрический паспорт обязательно должны быть включены данные:

хочу в скетчбуке сделать страницу, посвященную твиттерским. не обещаю, что скоро, но обязательно сделаю~ главное придумать, как её оформить

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