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So much of the dark side of American history like this horrific event is never taught in schools. It's sad in layers when people realize that event was not a work of fiction. #WatchmenHBO #BlackWallStreet…

Today's cowboys win is not good for us cowboys fans. That means Jason Garrett will still be the head coach of the team. #FireJasonGarrett #CowboysNation #PHIvsDAL

मतदान कर्तव्य एवं अधिकार । दोनो का सदुपयोग कर राष्ट्र और समाज के प्रति अपना दायित्व पूर्ण कर अन्य को प्रेरित करें। . . . . . #votedo #election2019 #electionday #bettertomorrow #lovemaharashtra #bharat…

eliyle tutup yanına çekmesi ve sonra altılı dansta yan yana olmaları... sen işini biliyosun gilbert #AnneWithAnE

Tom this is very become so loving toward Darcy the day before she leaves! Also did you give her a key to a house that she was not allowed to visit or did I miss something??? #90DayFiance

Gilbert Blythe. That’s it. That’s the tweet. #annewithane

#Batwoman has passed my 3 episode test. For now... I will continue on with it. Still think Alice is the best part. But Kate finally became more interesting this episode. Still bored of the dad & stepmom though.

danstan sonra cok pis asık olduklarini anlayan masum çocuklarım korktular tabi hislerinden...... sizi yesem keşke #annewithane


ulan siz var ya siz dans ederken hiç öyle demiyordunuz noldu djksjdhddkdkjrjrkrkrlrk #annewithane


Finally watching tonight5s #Batwoman Really enjoyed that opening sister chat. Actually brought out a bit of personality from Kate.

If you are in MAHARASHTRA, I hope you are reading this tweet while standing in a line to vote. #GoVote #ElectionDay

just another day of people being completely normal on the internet. #WatchmenHBO


Ya hemos visto #Fantasmas, el nuevo episodio de #TheWalkingDead y aquí te contamos el resumen, nuestras impresiones y te ofrecemos el adelanto del próximo episodio. #FelizLunes


You could have an actual interesting show about the ramifications of what happened in either the comic or the movie, and instead it's.. this. #WatchmenHBO #WastedPotential

Weekly cry of someone please send me money so I can watch #90DayFiance on tlc everyweek thanks

Look at the #dog that’s wagging its tale “Oh Wow Muffin is F#ck*ng Sh*t up” reaction. He even turned to the camera as if to say ... Did you get that! #justinbieberisoverparty #WeDemBoyz #tornado #Supergirl #PHIvsDAL #DallasCowboys #TitanUp #DallasTornado #SundayNightFootball…

Utah traded Orrin Hatch for Pierre Delecto? What were they thinking?

Gotham's fate is in her hands. Stream a new episode now free only on The CW App: #Batwoman

Tom leaving the airport after dropping Darcey. Heading t the locksmith! #90dayfiance #90dayfiancebeforethe90days

Pierre Delecto est un putain de crétin

Angela hates the wedding dress but has she seen any of her own clothes? #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #90dayfiance

Aaron spits out some venom of his own, saying Lucille died because of Negan's fault. Then, a couple of Walkers interrupt their talk. After taking them out, Aaron realizes Negan is gone! #TheWalkingDead

It looks like war with the Whisperers is all but inevitable in the preview for next week's episode of #TheWalkingDead… Via @SarabethPollock

"I can't really explain that." Nelson Agholor talks about the worst play ever:

Don't worry @smillsSK, there will be a big focus on #Saskatchewan on #ElectionDay! Canada's 1st Prime Minister from Regina will be with us in #Sask to celebrate #ScheerVictory2019! Millions of Canadian eyes will be on @AndrewScheer, the MP from Regina Qu'Appelle. #elxn43 #skpoli…

#DallasCowboys (4-3) get the fast start that has eluded them over the course of the last three weeks in win over the Philadelphia Eagles (3-4). Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East. #PHIvsDAL #KTSM9Sports…

Batwoman Episode 3 Review | Down Down Down This Show Goes #Batwoman #CW #FeelingsInHallways Going live with @Doomcock via @YouTube

how he stands up slowly towards her just ends me, how he looks at her, how she looks at him. #shirbert #annewithaneseason3 #annewithane3 #annewithane

When he tells you to order anything on the menu #KUWTK

What the hell is this @BJP4India ? How can you do ANY sort of advertisement on Poll Day? @ECISVEEP I've registered a complaint against this on your website and I hope that solid action is taken against this. #ElectionCommission #ElectionDay #MaharashtraElections2019


That feeling when you showed up for tea... but there isn't any #KUWTK

Okay. I was lost tonight, but thoroughly entertained. We should try this again with another games theme. Thank you @technolandy and @CraigMah and the whole #bcedchat team!

And before I forget or get distracted, thanks for playing our game - we weren’t sure how it would work out (or if it could) thanks for taking a risk tonight! #bcedchat

Not gonna lie, I may have suggested this topic so I could find out which nerd teachers I need to connect with to run a Skype D&D campaign. #BCEdChat

If were playing for real..this is what it would look like. #bcedchat The Venger is a rabbit.

Q6: I reply, "Lord Venger, I do not believe in expulsion! I choose restorative discipline" I roll an intimidation check and say "Change your policy and then we will talk!" #bcedchat

Par ses réalisations, la bédéiste @EliseGravel fait un travail d'éducation absolument magnifique contre les préjugés et les stéréotypes. #tlmep

Si tu n'aimes pas @EliseGravel, tu es un peu mort en-dedans. #tlmep

Élise Gravel! Un trésor culturel cette fille! #tlmep

Monaco est un endroit bien étrange selon @OfficielPierre. Il plaide contre l’évasion fiscale, pire ennemie d’une société en santé. #tlmep

Grosse confession de @AlexandreJardin qui nous a avoué, il y a 14 ans, qu’il mentait à tous ses lecteurs sur le plateau de #tlmep alors qu’il a fait ce coming out en France tout récemment.

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