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You don’t wanna see my Spotify wrapped thing It’s not worthy

Ryan McMullan will wake up this morning wondering why Belfast City has about 1600000 more listens on Spotify than it did this time yesterday

my spotify wrapped was so underwhelming

awae is the only show i have watched that has so much of its story that NEEDS to be told. i love other shows that ive watched w all my heart but lets take stranger things for eg (im the biggest stan y’all dk) if it was cancelled i would be sad af but not unsatisfied #weloveanne

#DepressionFeelsLike a toxic friend you have a need to impress, prove yourself worthy of, but nothing you do will ever be enough for them. It will have you feeling like you don't belong in your own body. Depression is not your friend.

#DepressionFeelsLike Tired. Can't sleep. Tired. Can't eat. Tired. Sore body. Tired. Can't move. Tired. Why isn't that fun anymore? Tired. Brain swollen. Tired. Useless. Tired. I wanna disappear. Tired. 4 weeks unread. Tired. Can't leave home. Tired. No one gets it. Tired. Done.

MIght I add. If u don't have your won Netflix account start one ONLY watch AnnE and cancel it after you binge watched AWAE S3 only! And give the reason: AWAE goit cancelled, no need to keep a netflix account! #renewannewithane #weloveanne…

love how the awae fandom has literally been told to cease and desist multiple times but we just stay like [#renewannewithane #weloveanne]


Two great Space Station passes over the UK this evening. Follow @VirtualAstro for alerts and visit #SaturdayMorning Elon Musk #WeWantStargate #ISS #SpaceStastion Have you got tickets for the Night Sky Show yet?


Coucouuuuuuuuu tout le monde ! En ce jour, déjà je mets ce super HACHE tag #WeWantStargate ♥ - ♥ Et comment allez-vous today ? Quoi de prévu ?

#WeWantStargate i havent used twitter in years but am back to ask for a Stargate series #StargateSuperdrive

USのトレンドにでていた #WeWantStargate#WeWantStorage に見えてしまってもうダメ

After a slight impasse involving Twitter jail I would like to thank @BaronDestructo, @StargateNow, @StargateNow_EU and all the lovely, amazing fans and cast that came out and helped make it clear that #WeWantStargate! I was a blast and I'll be here for the next one! :)

Donald Trump has set the American Standard for presidents. #toiletgate #ToiletTrump

#toiletgate Yet another TRUMP WTF?!? His new “ISSUE” is an investigation into TOILET FLUSHING!!!! Anybody that says TRUMP is NOT losing his feeble MIND has LIKELY already LOST THEIRS!!!


Le petit malin du jour : Sans pitié, Chris Paul obtient une faute technique improbable et décisive -…


Chris Paul is the Dwight Schrute of the NBA.…

Chris Paul came through wIth a key assist for the Thunder on Friday. “Call it what you want to”:…

Well poor Larry will probably end up in my dreams somehow. To all you wonderful people enjoy your Saturday no matter what it brings. To all our Officers, K-9's and First Responders be careful out there please. Goodnight my friends!#LivePD

Not sure there has ever been a player that knows the margins of a basketball game like Chris Paul. He knows ALL the angles, rules, fouls, etc. Saw every night for 6 years. Appreciated it then and appreciate it now.

Ecopicnix Wooden #Reusable Cutlery Set packs of knives and #spoons make it easy for you to add your style to the #table. . #kitchen #cutleryset #rusticdecor #eco #ecofriendly #zerowaste #lowimpact #supportlocal #kitchenlover #goodfoodie #CLUBTWITTER #VerifyDNP3


I actually just spent the last hour blocking people that are making derogatory and hateful comments about #LivePD . It's amazing how many people disrespect police officers on here. I really hope they NEVER need the assistance of their local PD. smh

1/2 hour to go. Most of it is commercials. #LivePD

See @Sflecce? #favouriteteacher's been trending for hours as ppl talk about how important teachers were to their lives. Nobody's buying your 'lazy teachers' crap. We remember guys like you from school too: the schoolyard bully. As Dee Snider said "We're not gonna take it". @osstf

Geneviève Bergeron Hélène Colgan Nathalie Croteau Barbara Daigneault Anne-Marie Edward Maud Haviernick Maryse Laganière Maryse Leclair Anne-Marie Lemay Sonia Pelletier Michèle Richard Annie St-Arneault Annie Turcotte Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz #December6 #Poly30Years

Oh no, he bit the cop! #LivePD

My #favouriteteacher was Joy Kinsman. She recognized and celebrated my individuality, introduced me to music, stopped me from dropping out of high school many many times before I did. Teachers do it with class!

I’ll coach the Knicks. We’ll foul the FUCK out of everyone. That’s my promise.

This year I indulged so much by drawing everything that popped in my head. #Artof2019


Dolan owning the Rangers is annoying. He has a blueprint of a successful franchise but doesn't that thought process / decision making to the Knicks. Hella frustrating.

Lembre - se que da outra vez tudo parecia perdido quando a série foi cancelada, mas só foi o fandom se unir e trabalhar que conseguimos a renovação. A série nem estreou gente. Temos tempo SAVE ANNE

Was that filthy piece of toilet paper also “hijacked” by Klansmen who stoned MLK in Cicero, brutalized voting rights marchers in Selma, and blew up four little girls in Birmingham? Grow up, Ms. Haley. You’re too smart and too old to be this ignorant.…

Fizdale is a fine coach, not his fault the Knicks are the worst franchise in the NBA. Blame Dolan.

Fiz got $22m to not coach the #Knicks. Topped only by Larry Brown getting $25m to not coach the Knicks. Im available to coach or not coach the Knicks if anyone is wondering

WNBA followers have thought this often before, but we're reminded by events of the day: With all the Knicks' follies, it's amazing the Liberty survived (and even thrived a fair amount) under MSG/Dolan as long as they did. Here's to @nyliberty fans' resilience, and the future. :)

‘Deal with the devil’: Nikki Haley calls out Canada’s UN vote against Israel…

Adam Silver Says He Will Not Get Involved In Fixing The Knicks Because It's Not His Job…


I know Ray J be gaslighting tf outta Princess

I’ll gladly take the Knicks head coaching job and hire John Hennegan, Stephen Malkmus and Joanna Bolme as my assistant coaches. I guarantee that the Knicks win at least six of our next 22 games at a fraction of the cost to the Knicks organization.

Y'all's dishonesty about what Nikki Haley is worth fighting over, you dishonest thing, you.…

Gluten-free folks, we’re here for you.

Some of the pictures I was most proud of in 2019! #Artof2019


Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley says the "Confederate flag represented “service, sacrifice and heritage” for people in her state before mass murderer Dylann Roof “hijacked” its meaning."…

Stephen A. Smith just said on NBA countdown that current #Lakers assistant coach Jason Kidd is "a name that will come up" when talking about how the #Knicks will fill their head coach vacancy. "I'm hearing he's someone who Dolan really likes."

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