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Meghan McCain blasts Lindsey Graham for defending Trump's "racist dog whistle" tweets: "This is not the person I used to know"


Your life is not over. Losing a loved one can oftentimes feel like it is. Survivors guilt is common for the bereaved. I think our loved ones on the other side would want us to be happy. #MondayMotivation

Junior forward Kayne Henry is one of three Gamecocks competing in the #FIBAU20Europe Championships this week in Israel! He leads Great Britain with 8.7 rpg and 2.3 apg. His 8.7 boards per game currently rank sixth in the tournament. #FearTheBeak #StayCocky


Except those are OUR EXACT words to Obama in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 dont try to kype our declarations to the Dem party. You cant hate America AND claim to be a better patriot than all Americans while you are simultaneously declaring hate for Israel…

Kind of funny how Republicans are using Israel as cover to defend Trump's racist tweets at the same time that his administration is running concentration camps. You'd think they'd see the irony.

If the #NewJersey bill becomes law, it would put school administrators in the position of government censor and could expose them to liability, the groups wrote. The letter was also signed by American Muslims for Palestine, @CAIRNJ #BDS @BDSmovement…

Also up for grabs: two NEEWER LED video light panels, these one here:… Lights available for $50, can also bundle with 4 Sony NP970 7900mAh batteries & charger for $80 Shipped U.S.

SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 3D Printer $160 + Free S/H w/ Amazon Prime -


Extremely proud of my colleagues at Amazon and Amazon Studios today, whose shows scored a whopping 47 Emmy nominations. So proud to be a(n extremely teensy tiny) part of the team that helps to bring these shows out into the world.…

Yaniv Pardo Architects' Sacker Park from #Israel won the WA Award in the 31st Cycle:… #WAawards


I always felt it was racist and hurtful when people my entire life told me to go back home, even though I'm born and raised in America. Little did I know they simply disagreed with my political ideology! Man had I only known! It would have saved so much confusion and pain!

instead of raiding area 51 lets raid the academy for not nominating andi mack

me: if you’re gonna hang around me you need to blend in. what are you gonna wear? alien i just rescued from area 51: i have some ideas...


Se preparan para el asalto al área 51 :)…

President Trump has stood firm on comments in which he suggested some #Progressive #Congresswomen should go back to their “broken and crime infested” home countries, saying that their bad-mouthing of America could not go unchallenged.…

Los momentos más surrealistas del "juicio del siglo" en contra de Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán


No Rubiela, la aplicación que vuelve vieja a la gente no le está aportando al gobierno ruso y a los alienígenas que nos gobiernan desde el área 51 ningún dato relevante que no pudieran obtener antes. Deja de querer ganar atención inventando bobadas.

#NewTwitter is beyond shite. Just want the old version back

#ObamaWasBetterAt inspiring hope and a place for everyone to feel safe and like they belong.

Well, we had a good run, Earthlings.…

#TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMorning #TuesdayMotivation #TheSquad #RacistPOTUS The damage Trump has done to the Office of the President is sad. Sadder still is how his lambs remain silent about it. Trump’s racist comments and the silence of his lambs


it's so funny how guys will sleep with a million girls and suddenly find God to use as their alibi and scapecoat for the choices they've made & then expect the woman they're gonna be with to be "pure" for them......@AlabamaHannah #TheBachelorette

With Royal Traveler, nothing about your trip is 'plane'! Book your luxe ride to make sure your journey is unforgettable. #travel #transport #SUVservice #traveltuesday #TuesdayThoughts


Current status: Awaiting lunchtime & a sandwich on potato bread. #TuesdayThoughts

Can we just get the new season? #13ReasonsWhy

#NewTwitter sucks. I’m glad I never update apps on my phone so my mobile will be the same. But the desktop version is SO bad

#poll Are you scared of meth-gators? -Garemy

Enjoy this compendium of #TheBachelorette's Hannah's scorched earth breakup quotes to Luke

Do Brits approve of Alan Turing as the choice to appear on the new £50 note? Yes: 66% No: 2% Never heard of him: 23%…


Alan Turing, the pioneering British mathematician whose codebreaking helped end WWII but was persecuted under anti-homosexuality laws, is to be honored on the £50 bank note starting in 2021.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis highest-rated duo on NBA 2K20. #2KRatings Written by: @DanDuangdao.…


I regret to inform you that if you bet anyone you'd make it through this whole day without reading the word "meth-gators," you just lost.…

Y’all are triggered over a show that shows the realities of mental health.. there. was. a. damn. WARNING. before. you. watched. it. #13ReasonsWhy

#13ReasonsWhy @netflix shouldn’t have to delete anything. That’s why there is an age limit/tv rating. If u can’t handle tv for mature adults don’t watch the god dam SHOW!!

#13ReasonsWhy: Porque Netflix decidió editar la escena del suicidio de Hannah Baker en la primera temporada de esa serie


Morning Joe panel brutally dismantles POS Lindsey Graham for doubling down and backing Trump’s extreme racism…

#NewHeroes: the dedicated online magazine for young people and teens. Get your voice heard! #NewTwitter #myfirstTweet

pinlaytime kaming lahat ni maam nice kanina. bse 2-1 *reviews david ricardo *reviews robert malthus *reviews stuart mill *di nireview si david hume kase siya huling binanggit ni maam sa mga rereviewhin maam nice: okay let us discuss about davie hume bse 2-1:


Another good but not great match. Seems to be the story of the night with matches I was looking forward to. Fans doing the duelling chant about Lesnar at the end really hurt the finish tho. But I LOVE how Kofi is a world champ who just wins his matches with his moves.


How Zoe the police dog sniffed out 2 missing girls in Ontario's Algonquin Park | CBC News… @CBCHomestretch

Seems to me this deserves a lawsuit against twitter who think its okay to disparage and degrade women.…

Fantastic work by the ⁦@OPP_News #K9 Unit!! ⁩ How Zoe the police dog sniffed out 2 missing girls in Ontario's Algonquin Park…

Feeling sorry for whomever monitors the @VancityReynolds Twitter account, but I would love the $2500 voucher. #FindingRyan…

Ministers making announcements at Davie, Seaspan shipyards today…


Alternative Headline: Lindsay Shepherd, free speech grifter, finds a new way to get the attention she so richly desires. #LindsayShepherd #cdnmedia…

Decided to keep the #29 on my Nylander shirsey. When he goes on to become one of the best players to ever wear a Leafs uniform I can claim to be an original stan. I’m also really lazy to go all the way to RealSports.

Person who muses about putting tampons inside 12 year old girls' vaginas brags about getting Lindsay Shepherd banned. It's worth asking - do people ignore pedophile-like statements if the person saying them is trans? Is that where we are now?…

This is your good news story of the day. How Zoe the police dog sniffed out 2 missing girls in Ontario's Algonquin Park. Amazing!…

Lindsay Shepherd: I've been BANNED from Twitter. Find out why! WATCH: | #censorship #transgender


Good news if you own a No. 29 William Nylander @MapleLeafs sweater. The forward will foot the bill to get it updated to No. 88, which he will wear this season. @Pat_Pickens has more.…

Luka Doncic finished last year with a 87 rating. I thought he would at least be an 88, but if not, I would expect him, Oladipo, Beal & a few others to be the next names on this list #NBA2K20 #2KRatings


The EB lanes of Hwy. 401 are all closed at Mississauga Road after multiple propane tanks fell off a transport truck and ended up on the roadway

Eric Lindros played for the Leafs for like 35 seconds. Anyone should be allowed to have his number. They should give it to me.

Hahahaha seen it all now! Ur never a joiner Davie.


Eric Lindros was my favorite NHLer all time. I love that Willy is wearing 88.

I just hope Luke watches this back and recognizes the misogynistic language he uses and learns to communicate in a more positive manner. Women are not to be owned or ordered about or told they don't truly know what they are thinking. Boy, bye. #TheBachelorette

Am I the only one that thinks that Luke would have been aggressive towards Hannah if cameras weren’t around??? Dude gives off the worst vibes #TheBachelorette

بول هيمان قرر اليوم في بداية عرض راو أن يقام نزال باتل رويال يشارك فيه ١٠ نجوم الفائز فيه سيواجه بروك ليسنر على لقب اليونيفرسال في عرض سمرسلام #RAW #SummerSlam @HeymanHustle

#NewTwitter I fucking hate it and I want it yo fucking rot in hell, stop giving us this "new" trash, it makes the site more fucking tedious to use Caitlin / Bruce Jenner is/was a terrible person #TheHills #TheHillsNewBeginnings

So Bruce Jenner ended his first marriage with the reason that he wanted to transition. then entered into another marriage with Kris Jenner which eventually ended the same way. Makes even more sense to me why Kris was so upset. #TheHillsNewBeginnings

New twitter seems pretty good. Wish I could minimize left and right columns though. #NewTwitter

can someone tell me if there is an edit option? #NewTwitter


Monday’s are meant to watch @brandontlee on tv and him only #TheHillsNewBeginnings

Corey spent $40k on Evelin and they're living in the slums... #90DayFiance #90DayFianceTheOtherWay

Devon saying her evil spawn Drusilla got sick...nah you called an exorcist #90DayFianceTheOtherWay #90DayFiance

Today underlords day ? Or pubg? Start With underlords :D come we have Cookies!! #pubg #underlords #dota #battleroyal #twitch #twitchaffiliate #streamer #streaming #stream #live #gucken…

THE FUQ? I was all about this Justin Bobby revival until he pulled a total bitch boy move tonight & passive aggressively told Audrina he liked Stephanie because she didn’t have a husband or child. Is he for real? Manipulating. Gaslighting. It’s a no from me.#TheHillsNewBeginnings

Reports saying Ronda might be returning soon....she gonna distract Becky so Nattie can pick up the win. Omg


Brandon Clarke is this year's LVSL MVP. The Grizzlies now have massive potential, as @JonathanTjarks pointed out after the draft: "The beauty of the team Memphis is building is that it could combine the best elements of Grit and Grind with Lob City."

The @memgrizz defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves and claim the 2019 Summer League Championship. Brandon Clarke named Championship game MVP


Nattie not with the bullshit anymore! She had enough

Dumbo Breaking My Heart #TakeASongToDisney

Brandon Clarke wins Summer League MVP, Summer League Championship Game MVP, a Summer League Title, and finishes with: 15 ppg 10 rpg 2 apg 2 bpg 55% FG 56% 3PT 76% FT +38 NetRtg 35.3 PER (tops in SL)…

The President of the United States is "stuck on racism because it works for him" Rep. Cedric Richmond criticizes President Trump for doubling down on his racist tweets against a group of Democratic congresswomen.

2019 #NBASummer League şampiyonu Memphis Grizzlies oldu. Brandon Clarke ise #NBA Summer League şampiyonluk MVP’si oldu.


Brandon Clarke, Summer League Per 36s 24.1 pts 16.2 reb 3.3 ast 0.5 stl 3.0 blk 55.5% from 3 76% from the line .637 TS%

Former CJ Maria Lourdes Sereno when asked if she calls for People Power Revolution vs President Duterte: “Kung ano ang gusto mong characterization ng panawagan, sa iyo na ‘yon...’yung mga hindi natin nakikita sa ganitong larangan ng pagkilos, magpakita na ho kayo.” @gmanews


Cedric Alexander Talks Doing Nothing On RAW, EC3 In Main Event Tag Team Action, Stephanie McMahon…


Joe Biden's pledge is that "he won't take away what everyone has worked so hard to create and to keep the Republicans from repealing." - Biden campaign co-chairman Rep. Cedric Richmond on Biden proposing massive new subsidies to make coverage through Obamacare’s exchanges cheaper

Life update: years have passed and I still don’t like Spencer. Who burns through 10 million dollars in 3 years on random stuff like crystals????#TheHillsNewBeginnings

you coulda had a bad stitch, non-committal #TakeASongToDisney

Rich Tigger, eight-figure, that’s my type #TakeASongToDisney

This is a picture Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar's advocate Paul Heyman bickering during #WrestleMania season. Last year. If #WWE wants to keep recycling their storylines, then I'll just keep recycling these photos.… #RAW #BattleRoyal

Seth haters: "They are doing the same thing with Seth that they did with Corbin. You should complain about that too!" For Seth fan they can say: "At least he earned the title shot!" Me: #RAW #BattleRoyal

me trying to convince @VancityReynolds to be the spokesperson for @yvrairport which im flying from in 34 days to ryan taiwan reynolds #FindingRyan


Nevermind I’ll find someone like Pooh. #TakeASongToDisney

Free speech activist @NewWorldHominem (aka Lindsay Shepherd) permanently suspended from Twitter…

Looks like Lindsay Shepherd got trolled by a fellow bigot into getting herself permanently banned. Linds took the bait (they both seem vile) and went off on an ugly misgendering safari.

Polarizing free-speech activist Lindsay Shepherd banned from Twitter…

Lindsay Shepherd banned permanently from Twitter…


Freezies. Any other answer is wrong. Don’t @ me.…

A run in with Captain #ladydique has lead to Lindsay Sheperd being removed from Twitter. Make no mistake, Twitter is run by creepy misogynist's and Sheperd was booted because she is a prominent Canadian woman commenting on this mess. #canpoli…

Me bringing my alien from Area 51 to gatka practice


let camila disrespect omg one more time im throwing her into area 51 headquarters she not getting out

James Fields, an avowed white supremacist, was sentenced to life plus 419 years on state charges for deliberately driving his car into anti-racism protesters during a white nationalist rally in Virginia.


Bilgisayar bilimi ve yapay zekânın babası, Nazi şifrelerini kıran matematikçi Alan Turing'in fotoğrafı, İngiltere'de yeni 50 sterlinlik banknotlarda kullanılacak

Lindsey Graham takes Trump's attacks on Dem reps a little further

I really hope our generation in the US go out and vote next year. I’m not saying the older generation condone this behaviour but we have the numbers to fix this. #RacistPresident

Trump has always been a #RacistPresident what are y’all talking about?

Graham also called trump a race baiter but now it looks like he's given up his spine like the rest of the GOP. #LindseyGraham #RacistPresident

Hey all, we need some #MondayMotivation. Please reply with your favorite #MTGM20 card, and/or a picture of your pet(s). Thank you in advance.

Graham said Iran or Syrian terrorists "easily" cross the U.S. border alongside Central American migrants

El científico Alan Turing será el rostro del nuevo billete de 50 libras

PR for Public Radio 5K on Saturday, July 20…


Multibillionaire Reid Hoffman has donated to: • Cory Booker • Hillary Clinton • Lindsey Graham • Kirsten Gillibrand • Josh Gottheimer • Kamala Harris • Amy Klobuchar • Joe Kennedy III • Mike Lee • Zoe Lofgren • Joe Manchin • Barack Obama • Chuck Schumer

“Give me the full Paul Ryan.” - Lindsey Graham at the spine clinic

Simply put: @amazon is complicit in state violence—from its facial recog software to its blatant ties to ICE's detention-deportation machine. Email @JeffBezos directly—demand he cut @amazon's ties to ICE: #PrimeDayAmazon #AmazonVSImmigrants #AmazonStrike


#mondaymotivation At FINFROCK, we value employees who demonstrate a strong work ethic and want to be part of a successful team with great pay and benefits. Explore our current openings and apply online: #constructionjobs #orlandojobs #centralflorida


Si les estorba algo de dinero, con el #PrimeDayAmazon se pueden comprar el Nintendo Switch en 4,799

The world truly is a disgusting place. #ripbianca no one deserves what you went through..

#ripbianca. Reading about what happened to you this morning made me uncontrollably burst into tears. You deserve to still be here with us. :(

.@guardian revealed cases where workplaces injuries left @Amazon workers “deprived of income & forced to fight [for] medical care.” @JeffBezos amassed his wealth by exploiting workers. #HearOurVoice on #PrimeDayAmazon #AmazonStrike…

He visto a alguno bromear con que poner a Turing en los billetes es lo más cerca que los británicos estarán de pedir perdón por la barbaridad que le hicieron. No seré yo quien rompa una lanza a favor de los ingleses, pero estaría bien recordar esto:…

Very pleased to just read that Alan Turing will be the new face on the £50 bank note.


Sweet Pea was a hero to us in Norfolk. We would see him around town and at HS fball games (watching his nephew) and yell his name and he would wave at us. He was our local celebrity. The guy who was one of us but who had made it. Sad. Lord comfort the family during this time.…

Meghan McCain slams "Uncle" Lindsey Graham for defending Trump: "Not the person I used to know"

The man convicted in the death of Heather Heyer and the injury of multiple protesters during the 2017 Charlottesville rally, was sentenced in state court to life in prison, plus 419 years


Neo-Nazi James Fields get life plus 419 years in state court for murder in Charlottesville


You guys know Floyd is mad as fuck with all this “one of the best defensive fighters of all time” talk. He’s about to start low key dissing Sweet Pea watch lol

There's no viable debate over whether Trump is a #RacistPresident. Racial housing discrimination. Birtherism. Charlottesville. Fake national emergency. Family separation. Shithole countries. Kids dying in cages. Attacking American congresswomen. The man is a flat out racist.

Svima treba jedan Roger Federer u zibotu.

Is there a better way to debut the new Bray Wyatt than having him lay out Brock?

El #wrestling es mentira en el wrestling no se pegan de verdad #ExtremeRules

Young people constitute a tremendous & essential asset worth investing in. It is only by engaging and working with them that we will be able to achieve peace, security, justice, climate resilience & sustainable dev. for all #WorldYouthSkillsDay #youth2030


Alright before #RAW gets going. Who do you think Brock Lesnar should drop the title to?

The new episode of I Need Five will be out this Saturday. We list the top 5 matches of @TripleH's career, and review #WWE #ExtremeRules and #AEW #FightForTheFallen. Check out our previous episodes here: #Wrestling #NJPW #TripleH #IN5


Sweet Pea was my absolute favorite boxer ever.…

Rest in Peace to one of the greatest boxers in history, Hall of Famer Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker.


This is not the white supremacist Richard Spencer that @IntegrityforUSA is suing for the #Charlottesville violence (although the fact that this requires clarification these days should tell us a lot…).…

Wrestling fans when Brock won the Universal Title!

Man die inreed op betogers Charlottesville krijgt tweede keer levenslang:

We’re off and running! I can’t wait to hear all the partner stories and successes this week at #MSInspire! Let’s make the most of our time together to plan for an awesome FY20! #PartnersMakeMorePossible…

Essential oils, vitamins and more are essential for a busy travel schedule. Stop by the Inclusion Lounge @ #MSInspire for your wellness needs! @msuspartner @msinspireus


Last month, Fields received a life sentence on 29 federal hate crime charges.

#NEW on @OANN: The driver who plowed his car into a group of counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, killing one and injuring dozens, has been given a second life sentence on state charges.

‘James A. Fields Jr. sentenced to additional life prison term in Charlottesville car ramming’…

Scarlett Johansson needs to play me at family gatherings so I don't have to show up

Thank you for attending today's #MSInspire Corenote from @JusdonAlthoff and @gavriels1 at our annual partner conference. ICYMI ➡️ Watch it on-demand:

If you don’t see the power in online education, you need to meet the inspirational paraolympic athlete, McClain Hermes!!! #D2lfusion


“Because of the platform that D2L built, I, as a blind student, am able to accomplish the same academic rigour that my sighted classmates can achieve.” - @McClainHermes #D2LFusion

JUST ANNOUNCED: New R&D funding to 103 small businesses across America, helping to advance innovations used in energy, nuclear nonproliferation, environmental management, particle physics, and more. #SmallBiz #SeedTheFuture @SBAGov @SBIRGov @DOESBIR…

When young people have #career opportunities, they succeed! See how USAID supports youth on #WorldYouthSkillsDay:


About to take the stage at #D2LFusion with @D2L! So grateful I get to share my virtual teaching and learning experience and the importance of #inclusion with these innovative learning leaders!

Scarlett Johansson Clarifies “Politically Correct” Casting Comments After Backlash READ MORE:…

Scarlett Johansson says comments she made on "political correctness" in casting have been taken out of context.

do y’all think that maybe they weren’t going for a portrayal of tex gill as a trans man but for the “woman posing as a man to succeed in a male-dominated field” trope? because casting scarlett johansson, who looks nothing like him, showed they weren’t going for accuracy at all

OMG I won a moose!!! So super excited!!! Thank you @D2L!! #D2LMoose #D2LFusion


Just been confirmed by my source at Old Trafford that the Maguire signing will be announced by United after all the pictures have been leaked and the excitement of our entire fan base has completely died out. #mufc #GlazersOut

JUST IN: Sen. Cory Gardner announced the U.S. Bureau of Land Management will relocate its headquarters to Grand Junction. More to come.

UPDATE: OPP locate teen girls missing in Algonquin Park since Thursday…


Two teenage girls from the Kitchener-Waterloo area who had been missing in Ontario's Algonquin Park since Thursday have been found safe.

Local Market Analytics! A new data viz tool from @moz and @getSTAT. It's an add-on for Moz Pro to weave together market-level insights. @STATrob #MozCon

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