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The question isn't where Mitt Romney got the "Pierre Delecto" alias, it's whether he paid @briancgrubb a fair commission for it.

Unlike Mitt, I have 3 alt accounts. 2 backups and 1 personal account. None of them have a name as cool as Pierre Delecto, though.

The Bears ran the ball 7 times today. SEVEN. And it was 12-10 at halftime, so it's not like they were forced to throw the entire game.

Not a good week for Doug Pederson. He’s flying back to #Philadelphia in 2nd place. His decision to take the ball after winning the coin flip backfired when the #Eagles fumbled. Is 3-4 Philly in trouble?? Next 4 gms: at Buffalo(5-1), Bears, Patriots, Seahawks at home. Yikes!

Thanks for tuning in, BatFans! Next week - Magpie pays a visit to Gotham. Hide your valuables, Gothamites... #Batwoman

I’ve got a bad feeling about these cards... #Batwoman…

Catherine... what are you hiding??? #Batwoman

my game takeaways: - if you don't put pucks on net, you simply will not score - the jets are still a fun team to watch in 3v3 ot - though we're thin on the blue line, the boys were mildly impressive tonight (especially 3, 4, 23 and 44) - wheeler needs a shake

Bears Let’s trade up to draft David Montgomery! Also Bears Let’s give him 2 handoffs!

Two quotes from #NHLJets captain Blake Wheeler on HC Paul Maurice collecting his 700th NHL victory…

I would like to take a second to interrupt all this Kern, Simmons, and QB talk to acknowledge that @RealLoganRyan is the real MVP of this elite defense. That is all. #TitanUp #MMCNB #TheBoys #Titans #Titans #Titans

!!! JETS WIN !!! @PatrikLaine29 IN OT!! Helle-Yeah!! What a Game! #HometownHockey #GoJetsGo

KinkaidのWindmill(風車)save! Windmill saveはGoalieが目測を誤り『B-fly slideが間に合わず、Shoot時に自分のpositioningが完全にズレている』ときに使う技術。 両脚をStackさせることと、reboundを後ろに出さないようCatch後にTrapperを体の前に持ってくることで体が回転する。

Je viens de voir l'arrêt de Kinkaid sur Zucker en reprise, j'ai de la misère à ramasser ma machoire du plancher.

Luc Lavoie est tellement minable et démagogue anti québécois. On aime ça à radio Canada d'avoir des chieux comme lui #tlmep

Kinkaid = Niemi so far for #Habs. This weekend is indicative of who they'll be this year; a .500 team without enough elite talent at every position to be a real threat. Will they address Wing & LD, or stand pat & finish 9th?

Fuck the @nhl the refs and officiating are a disgrace. They determine too many games. Chris Lee should not be allowed to ref a game of checkers #habs

Chris Lee wants to hand Minnesota this game. He’s such a POS. #Habs

Continental Birmingham,AL Boutwell Auditorium October 20, 1986 Tony Anthony b Wendell Cooley DQ Roy Lee Welch b @drtomprichard The Bullet & Tennessee Stud b The New Guinea Headhunters DQ Rip Rogers b Adrian Street The Nightmares d. Chris Von Colt & Sheik Abdullah


Going to have breakfast on this Manic Monday 8:31am Here in New Zealand. Fried eggs on toast and porridge. Then a hot cup of lemon drink. #YNWA

Liverpool ratings: Origi led cast of Reds delivering shocking displays as Lallana saved them #MUNLIV…

Correction: Mark Esperanto is the "The Secretary of Defenseperanto." We apologize for the error.…

„I’m not sure who Trump is referring to.“ - Die Überschrift einer Präsidentschaft. #Esperanto…

Trump Refers to Defense Secretary Esper as “Esperanto” in Rambling Tweet About Syria… via @slate

Why Esperanto? My theory is that he was told that his incoherent gibberish is “Esperanto”. “Wow, Trump seemed liked he was stroking out during that presser!” It was Esperanto.

When asked to comment, Secretary of Defense Mark Esperanto said: "Mi ne scias pri kio parolas tiu idioto."

This video is a parody now, watching it after #KinsellaGate. You should redo it to say "I am focused on getting ahead at any expense, including and not limited to hiring consultants to manufacture lies on my rivals." #ScheerVendors…

C'mon people the hiring of Warren Kinsella is not a scandal however the hiring of Rebel Media co-founder Hamish Marshall most certainly is

#Scheer said as a rule he couldn't say who he'll be putting in charge of cracking down on illegal drugs but that #CertainVendors have already been vetted and are ready for the job. #ScheerVendors #ScheerLies

Thread: The U.S. voted in an unqualified, serial liar to its highest office. He engaged in vile attacks against opponents, urged jail for them, spread misinformation, used bots, trolls, engaged in dirty tricks, vilified immigrants. How'd that work out? #ScheerVendors #elxn43


#الدوري_الانجليزي ⚽️ في حوار خاص.. سولشاير يشيد بأداء رجال مانشستر يونايتد! #beINPL #MUNLIV

De ese jonrón para dejar en el terreno a los Yankees en el Minute Maid Park se hablará por décadas, se hablará por siempre.…

A reminder about Aroldis Chapman in October. In 2010, he blew a save & lost a Div Series game for the Reds. In 2016, he blew saves in the Div Series, NLCS & World Series, nearly costing the Cubs the Series. In 2017 he lost Game 2 of the ALCS. And then came Altuve last night.


Sterling had a very energetic call of the Altuve homer. People think hes a homer bc of the catchphrases but hes really not. Compare it to the Houston broadcast of the DJLM homer, which is very downbeat. Sterling gets excited for big moments, for or against

#hugsforchan the most wholesome human to exist ♡


After latest postseason ouster, it's time for the Yankees to pay up and get Gerrit Cole… via @YahooSports

Yankees lost. Giants a disaster. Get excited Big Apple, it’s Knicks season!

José Altuve, el amor del béisbol; por Mari Montes (@porlagoma)

Alex Bregman (@ABREG_1) from the #Astros celebration last night: “We’re ready to take it back.”

Andrew Scheer refuses to confirm or deny whether his government would be beholden to their corporate sponsors and donors #ScheerVendors #CertainVendors


Really have to respect @TeamCJCorrea here taking the time to celebrate with the #Astros fans. This is what it’s all about. More players in general should be like this.

TORONTO closing down central streets in the city for marathons has to end. Am I missing something- Is the city getting paid for these? Stuck in traffic on the TTC for more than an hour in all directions. Why can’t we use the CNE grounds or parks or Ontario place? #STWM

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