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Prince Harry and Meghan are no longer working members of the royal family and will repay the Sovereign Grant funds they recently spent to renovate their official residence, Frogmore Cottage, according to the statement

Oh man, seeing Aaron Carter get absolutely destroyed by Twitter for being a Grade A douchebag to people he tried to shit on makes me happy. It's nice when mob mentality gets it's target audience right

US Space Force mocked for unveiling camouflage uniforms…

Unpopular opinion: we need to expand our presence in space. The space force might sound dumb and it was already a part of the air force, but that doesn't make it a bad idea or unneeded

"... Face tattoo maverick and all around bad boy [Dip shit] Aaron Carter..." Come on man, even Forbes is making fun of you.…


Found this scrolling through my pics. I forgot about this one. #WinnieThePoohDay


#Bales2020FilmChallenge -- January 18: MOVIE BASED ON A CHILDREN'S BOOK . Breaking out a new #WillyWonka #Drawing for today's prompt! . Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) . #WinnieThePoohDay #WillyWonkaAndTheChocolateFactory


Tu t’appelles comment ? Cataleya Tu as quel âge ? 32 ans Tes origines ? russe - polonaise - italienne Tu fais quoi dans la vie ? Rien T’es celib depuis lgt ? Oui et j’ai 2 enfants. Voilà les réponses à vos questions en DM, je fais gagner du temps à tout le monde.

Top Twitter Trend Today: #ChartbusterSid ⭐ Currently trending at #️2 with 4439K tweets⚡️ ⭐ Started trending about 8 hours ago. ⭐ Has trended for more than 8 hours today. (via

Is shehnaaz Gill Dumb or too smart ? Biggest questions of the Season. Tell your point of view. #ChartbusterSid @RealVinduSingh #ColorsTV @BB13Official

Aaron Hernandez did not pull the trigger.

Peet oeche kon kya bolthe farak ni padtha samne kisika muh nahi kultha ithna kaafi hai #ChartbusterSid


Eminem relying on shock value bars to get folks talking about his music, over 20 years into his career, is sad & hilarious.

I really could watch the Aaron Hernandez documentary again. It was good af + I have questions. Lots of them.

Le nouvel album de Eminem est sûrement le meilleur album de 2020 et de la future décennie réellement il est venu reprendre son trône.

Eu to chocada com essa série sobre o Aaron Hernandez

All 12 of Mac Miller's album tracks streamed over 1 million on US Spotify yesterday (2 of those songs streamed over 2 million) Halsey only had 1 song stream above 754,000.…

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande mustve had some unreal pillow talk

I cant wait for the new arrangement for Edge of Dawn when Byleth comes out in Ultimate. Sounds soo good in the trailer. Might be better than the original too tbh

Here's a Dear Leader moment courtesy of Alan Dershowitz

Dershowitz: ‘Abuse of Power’ ‘Is Not an Impeachable Offense’ via @BreitbartNews

Our week of summer better be a friggin' good one this year. #nlblizzard2020 #nlwx #stormageddon2020

Thinking of everyone in Newfoundland dealing with this mega snowfall. #stormageddon2020…

Rod Rosenstein worked with Ken Starr and Brent Kavanaugh on the Whitewater investigation. Just in case anybody is confused as to why he is a partisan hack.…

Five thoughts from last night’s victory over the Wizards, featuring The Big Anchor Marc Gasol, consistency from Norm and OG, and more:…

Someone should start a GFM for Tori and raise enough for her to move to a mansion on an island where she never has to work in customer service ever again, and then Target should give her job to David and give him nothing but Karens with expired coupons for 18 hours a day.…


#LivePD Wow. Rum extract. That is really sad.

Ellen fuuuucked up #LivePD

Cooking rum?!?! DAMMMNNN!!!! #LivePD

余談ですが、チーム八王子は申請時にミスがあったため (まえけん・がくちょうの2人がチーム結成押してしまったため) まえけん→PIKAに変更です


That chick passed her sobriety test #LivePD

Damn, that dude had more red dots on him than Arnold Schwarzenegger's commando crew at a predator convention! GET DOWN, GET DOWN, GET---BZzzzz! #LivePDNation #LivePD @OfficialLivePD @watchmefly13


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