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ozark gonna be on breaking bad level soon enough just wait

Critics say Laura Linney's Wendy Byrde takes the criminal reins, bolstering #Ozark's narrative strength.…

Marco Rubio, and others, are quite right.  So much of the media are simply awful.  So many classless, immature, agenda-driven jerks.…


What’s really sad is no one in this # cares about the truth. They care that Trumps approval ratings have hit over 60%. They are more concerned with him winning re-election than beating the virus. #BoycottTrumpPressConferences


Here's hoping the entire Trump family takes a walk around NY hospitals, ICU units, without masks, shaking hands, hugging people on shared ventilators, maybe licking some door knobs. It would be a great photo op. Fantastic for ratings.…

羽生結弦の今季を振り返る「王者の足跡」のお写真40枚来たわよ!今季様々なプログラムを見せてくれたからこその多彩な表情で、一枚一枚にドラマがあるのよね。 #羽生結弦 #王者 #ファンタジーオンアイス #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver…

seeing people getting extremely excited for nier puts me in such a good mood

rubio cuando ve q flavio saca el móvil para subir una story a instagram

Senator Rubio: We can assure you this is not glee. #CoronaOutbreak #CoronaUpdate


Claire McCaskill has had enough of Marco Rubio's crap…

Gnarly vs. Super... gonna be a tough choice! Who ya got, #SHRFans? #NASCAR // #MarchMadness


.@DaleJr's Crash Evasion is on A DIFFERENT Level! (via u/zJimb0) #NASCAR

I see Canucks twitter is back to being Canucks twitter. So I'll add... Gillis was the benefactor more than the instrument who made 2011 possible. Though he played his part Yes it's cheesy to screenshot DMs. No they shouldn't trade Boeser to keep Toffoli. As u were.

OH Please. @JustinTrudeau was never w/ Sophie. She went right to Harrington Lake from UK. Common sense-Why would he put himself in danger when the PM? He's hiding so not to face HOC opposition regarding his Sleazy attempt for Govt takeover. @CPC_HQ @CP24 @CBCNews @AndrewScheer…

The 50,000 dollar diamond ring thief "Good old Svend Robertson "…

Stop w/ your bullshit. Sophie & the kids have always been at Harrington Lake. @JustinTrudeau has been alone, using this isolation not to face his opposition in HOC re his sleazy attempt for a Govt takeover. Nobody's getting fat except Rosie on her bribe money from Lib Govt. @CP24…

Amazing to me how some DiE hArD fAnS refuse to give Mike Gillis credit for the 2011 team and would rather give praise to the guy who signed Brad Isbister, Marc Chouinard, Richard Park, Byron Ritchie, and who's big brain plan to save the team was... Fabian Brunnstrom #Canucks

Is what you’re telling me that I should start watching Ozark?

Calling all Nier: Automata fans - a new remastered version of the original Nier game from 2010 is coming (plus a new mobile game).


#WhenCoronaVirusIsOver, the girls can finally head back to school and play music

netflixten ozark dizisini izlicem anlik yorum alayim

Preliminary M5.3 #earthquake 221km/137miles from #Lénakel, in #LoyaltyIslands, 2020-03-29 18:19 UTC time by @raspishake network. Join the largest #CitizenScience #seismograph community ➡️ EVENT➡️…


The ending of season 3 of Ozark had me like...

Risked getting gas this morning & took a look at the grocery parking lot again. No go, but I went in a smaller store and found a few bottles of soda. I was too awkward in a blue bandana mask & yellow rubber gloves and too scared to try for more items. #SundayMorning #cats


Btw...we've made it to 69 #subscribers (Nice!), thank you all for that. Just 31 to go and we'll hit our current goal of 100! Be sure to tell your friends about us. #gaming #smallyoutuber #greasygamer #SundayMorning #SundayFunday…

Dear @realDonaldTrump and the #MAGAts: #ThatWomanInMichigan is 500x the leader you have ever been or ever will be, you murdering piece of shit. #TrumpVirus #TrumpGenocide #TrumpPandemic #TrumpKnewJan3 #TrumpKillsAmericans

Send over any #AllRightHamilton you have. Make them interesting. See if you can bump out current selections. Don’t forget the #.

So... safe bet that Adriana LaGrange is working from home? #25Klaidoff #FiredByTweet

When Daisy is selling turnips on your island for a low price of 90 and you run an AC discord server #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions #ACNH

I would also LOVE to hear what you have to say to us about this @brad_rutherford. Your silence on these cuts when so many in your riding rely on these support staff are deafening. #ableg #abpoli #25klaidoff…

Hey @brad_rutherford, what do you tell the parents of Leduc-Beaumont whose kids are losing their EA at a time when they need them most to help navigate through a very new form of learning? Firing 25,000 education workers at this time is reckless! #25klaidoff #ableg #abed #abpoli

Not only are they replaying old Raptors and Blue Jays games but now they are replaying Wrestlemania 30 in its entirety! Thank you @Sportsnet for keeping us Saskatchewan health care workers sane with great stuff to watch on breaks :)

Hey @shandro I know you are busy going to the doors of private citizens to yell at them, but I'm pretty sure the parents of Calgary-Acadia want to know why the UCP is firing 25,000 education workers when their kids need support navigating a new way of learning. #25klaidoff #ableg

Les sœurs doigts de fée me voyant arriver pour acheter un truc hors de mes moyens #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions


Ojalá saquen la próxima semana Wrestlemania 30. #WWEenGol

Trudeau says wife Sophie has taken the kids to Harrington Lake. He says, although he was careful, he was still sharing a roof with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, so he will remain in isolation. No timeline given. #cdnpoli

Incase u heard only the elites contract the corona virus, tell them only the elites get tested!! USA is currently topping the charts of infected people cos they are leading interms of tested citizen!!! #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe

My daughter’s close friend is a nurse in ER in Detroit. Thank you to her and all health care workers. #HealthcareHeroes #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe…

Kalo tidak bisa berbuat banya, Diam dan jaga diri baik2, sudah sedikit membantu, Tetaplah menjadi "MANUSIA" #LockdownAtauMusnah #DirumahAjaCekalCorona #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe

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