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Israel ga laboratory in ufahdhaa gerimas market ah nerenee


Amazonプライムデーの最終盤、ヤマハのサウンドバー「YAS-107」のセールがねじ込み気味にスタート! テレビやプロジェクターの音響を底上げしたい、という人におすすめでしょうか。… #プライムデー


【アルター】アズールレーン『ヴァンパイア(1/7スケール)』7月発売予定 特徴的なツインテールも丁寧に造形され、ふわりと広がり躍動感を演出。スレンダーな体型を覆う衣装や装備パーツもしっかり再現


Amazon deals 5% off! original price: 1144.73$ deal price: 1087.49$ (you save 57.24$) Link:… n2


Amazon prime dayだけど、特に何も買わずに終わりそう。物欲少な目だから、毎回こんなもん。逆にみんな何買ってるんだろう。

Israël : de la start-up nation à l'« impact nation » - Opinion via @CercleLesEchos >>

It's #Review Time! We discuss #WWE's #ExtremeRules PPV as well as the #G1CLIMAX29 Days 1-3 and #FightForTheFallen. If you enjoyed the episode. Please do leave us a review of your own on iTunes! All RTs, Likes and Feedback appreciated! @iTunes :… #podcast

A 9-year-old boy is fighting for his life after being shot in the head by Israeli soldiers last Friday. Israel claims no live ammunition was used. ISM calls out their lies #KafrQaddum #IsraeliLies #IsraeliCrimes


President Trump's racist tweets don't just affect America, they risk upending international norms | Analysis by Nic Robertson


more examples of dumb americans who have never left america but think that they know what the rest of the world is like…

To the political mind, everything is political. Even high school level math. Behold this political math commentary from the duly elected leader of America's highest taxed County. It starts, naturally, with name calling:…

the big box of crest 3d white strips are on amazon for $27 instead of $60 for prime day, so none of yall have any excuse to have yellow teeth in 2019.

You guys realize the government had almost 3 months notice on this whole area 51 thing? They could've moved everything out of there in less than a week

Yup. Republican "support" for Isreal has nothing to do with the well being of Jewish people and everything to do with their highly antisemitic eschatology regarding the "role" of the state of Israel to help start the Rapture. That script doesn't end well for the Jewish ppl.…

n’area 51 ka mundsi mu kon qelsi per me na dhone vizat neve Kosovarve

LIVE ON YOUTUBE! It's my pro-wrestling show where we have to talk about everything: RAW, SmackDown, Fight For The Fallen, Extreme Rules, SummerSlam! It's gonna be packed:…

After years of decrying McCarthyism, Lindsey Graham accuses members of Congress of being Communists…


Le père de l’ordinateur et de l’IA Alan Turing, nouveau visage des billets de 50 livres sterling #Tech

Alan Turing, the pioneering British mathematician whose codebreaking helped end WWII but was persecuted under anti-homosexuality laws, is to be honored on the £50 bank note starting in 2021.

After years of decrying McCarthyism, Lindsey Graham accuses members of Congress of being Communists || via: thinkprogress…

Le prochain James Bond serait une femme!!! C'est quoi cette propension à vouloir que les femmes deviennent des hommes? Les femmes ne peuvent-elles pas bâtir leurs propres héroïnes?? On dira n'importe quoi de moi, mais cela me tritille.

I think that Lindsey Graham's use of 'radical leftist' translates to 'someone who stands up to the GOP' and 'communist' apparently means 'someone who's alarmingly effective at standing up to the GOP.'

Alan Turing on the next British £50 note! By breaking the unbreakable German coding machine “Enigma”, he is considered to have shortened the war & saved million of lives.… (Thread)


Joe Scarborough Wrecks Lindsey Graham's 'McCarthyist' Tirade: 'You Called Them Communists!'

Batman porvari ja James Bond rasisti? Riittävästi twitteriä tälle päivälle.

What have you done for the military Brock…

Updated @WWEBrayWyatt Fiend Attire. Available now on Community Creations. Search tags: Bray Wyatt, Fiend, Azorthious @WWEgames found a work around to remove the beard, added chest tattoo and praying hands logo on the shirt. #WWE2K19 #BrayWyatt #Raw #WWE #FIEND


After being reported missing during a camping trip in Algonquin Park, two girls have been found safe and unharmed. READ:

#ICEbae: Hot Border Protection agent went viral as she was providing security for #Pence, during his visit to a migrant detention center in #Texas

Sorry to keep coming back to it, but Brock Lesnars daughter is actually me as a bird


Holye sh*t, lads! White girls are MAD AF (yep, they still mad) over that #IceBae meme. Apparently they think white men are abandoning them (instead of the other way around, w/ mudsharks). I thought Shaprio's sister clued them in on the meme. Is this hilarious?

Bray Wyatt should be the first person on the main roster to defeat The Demon. That's how you reestablish a character.

How Zoe the lab sniffed out 2 missing girls in Ontario's Algonquin Park.…

How Zoe the lab sniffed out 2 missing girls in Ontario's Algonquin Park


Lindsay Shepherd is JBP-tier in terms of controversy - but she refused to appease the trans lobby. For that crime, Twitter have banned her, vapourising her social media footprint and severely damaging her ability to support herself from home as a mother with a baby. Disgraceful.

UPDATE: Twitter permanently silences Canadian free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd…

Adidas had Nylander shirts on sale a couple weeks ago. now I see why they were cheap..

Nylander with 88 looks better

Talk about #MondayMotivation! Lauren Bruzzone, 72, is true fitness inspiration:

President Trump Hosts ‘#MadeInAmerica’ Showcase, Touts Nation’s Manufacturing Sector | via @OANN |…

Everything I was taught about America’s greatness in civics class, and which has been celebrated worldwide, is pissed on daily by Trump with your help. Separation of powers; freedom of the press, dissent, religion; right to vote; rule of law; standing against dictators—all gone.…

President Trump will never do wrong in @FoxNews eyes nor will he ever do right in @CNN eyes. Tragic the news media and elected officials who are supposed to bring us together for the better good are the very ones dividing us in today's culture and society.

Johnson is a Russian stooge like Trump isn't he?…

Make America Not Have Donald Trump As President Again

Normal Americans AGREE with Trump’s go back to where you came from tweet about the #FraudSquad #IngrahamAngle

the US government: "I heard SOMEONE is breaking into area 51. Not. Cool. Dudes."


I understand that Prime Day is capitalist and we should be supporting the workers who are protesting but without it I coulnd't get this superb lizard hammock


Looking for a 240 Hz monitor since I just found out it's Prime day.

When people ask if I’m gonna participate in the Area 51 raid

If people don’t show up in these to raid Area 51 I’ll be upset


This whole area 51 raid meme is hilarious and all, but I'm kinda upset someone leaked the game chasers movie script.

this is what storming Area 51 bout to look like

PSA: if you have Amazon Prime, The Office complete series is on sale for $35 prime day only!! Hurry!!!!!!!!

You are right @realDonaldTrump DOES care what color you are.... RED, WHITE, AND BLUE!! If that makes him a #RacistPresident then you can leave!!!

LeBron James played in 50 games last year and was 3rd Team all NBA And he plays absolutely no defense anymore going into his age 35 year old season yet his #2KRatings  is a 97 and the highest rated player in the league NBA2K Conspiracy theory in full effect

The only reason left to support this President, is that he reflects your hateful heart; shares your contempt of people of color, your hostility toward outsiders, your toxic misogyny, your ignorant bigotry, your feeling of supremacy.… #RacistPresident

#WWE: “Our ratings may be in the toilet, but our new executive director of #Raw, Paul Heyman, will fix this!” Heyman two weeks later: “Guys I have a genius idea! Let’s make Lesnar champion again!”


#TheSquad Standing up to the schoolyard bully. This is what leadership looks like... #RacistPresident #RacistInChief

Islam is not a race. Radical Islamist are all races, and being a member of Al Qaeda isn't a race. It is the easiest fucking thing in the world to denounce AQ.…

Natalya channeling Brock Lesnar's post-fight speech at UFC 100

So James Bond is going to be played by a woman. Let all the incels come out and show their "nice guy" colors.

In the immortal words on Bill Goldberg prior to his match with Brock Lesnar at WMXX "FUCK THESE STUPID FUCKING PEOPLE"

Graham Backs Trump's Racist Tweets: The Squad Are 'Communists' Who Hate America | via thedailybeast…

Hope she pulls as much lady tail as the original James Bond…

Lashana Lynch is the first black woman to play 007 in 'Bond 25'…


Two full manuscripts read in the last two days, and another one the week before, none of which I am getting credit for on GoodReads yet! (Even if I were using it today, which I’m not, because #AmazonStrike.) But I had to tell SOMEONE.

→ 2015. Seth Rollins canjea su Maletín Money In The Bank ante Lesnar para convertirse en nuevo Campeón Mundial Pesado de WWE. → 2019. Brock Lesnar canjea su Maletín Money In The Bank ante Rollins para convertirse en nuevo Campeón Universal. REVANCHA DE LA BESTIA. #ExtremeRules


“I will fight anyone and beat anyone till I FIGHT Brock Lesnar and BEAT Brock Lesnar...” - @WWERollins #RAW


Shame Brock Lesnar didn't bring his wife @RondaRousey to go after @BeckyLynchWWE #RAW

The #AmazonStrike comes amid a year of increasing pressure to alter its business practices and put labor, climate and human rights first. In 2018, thousands of Amazon workers in Europe mounted their own #PrimeDay strike, citing union-busting. #FightFor15…

Saw this on Instagram. I deleted my Tweet from last night since I second guessed myself, but apparently I was correct. Seth Rollins’ #ExtremeRules gear was based off an X-Men suit. I recently watched all the X-Men movies so the suits were fresh in my mind.


Who can put the best Michael Scott quote over a picture of Jeff Bezos in support of the #AmazonStrike? Post your memes below!


A massive search comes to an end as provincial police find two teens missing in Algonquin park, @mikewalkerctv reports.…


"They're doing excellent" Two Kitchener girls were homeward-bound on Monday following a three-night ordeal in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Bruh, Eric Lindros probably don’t even remember what number he wore FOH.

lmao r ppl seriously mad that william is wearing leaf legend eric lindros’ number? he played for the leafs for like three weeks

"Paging @VancityReynolds, please pick-up the nearest YVR courtesy phone, Craig Richmond needs to speak with you. Thank you!" #YVR #FindingRyan…

Billy McKinney - Toronto Blue Jays (5) 2-run

"Stop seeming, start being. Don't pretend that your content is the best. Make it the best so you KNOW it will rank." @rjonesx #MozCon #BoostatMozCon

Two Kitchener teens who went missing in Algonquin Park have been reunited with their families. @CTVStephanieV reports.


It's funny how many (there have been dozens) of tweets I've see mocking people for suggesting Nylander shouldn't wear Lindros' number. But haven't seen one actual tweet making that suggestion. Sure theres one somewhere but Twitter is the mecca of fighting an imaginary enemy.…

Two teenage girls who went missing during a camping trip in Algonquin Park have been found safe, Ontario Provincial Police said Monday

Kitchener girls headed home after Algonquin Park ordeal. Canine unit locates teens about two kilometres from where they were last seen Thursday.…

Two Kitchener teens who went missing in Algonquin Park have been reunited with family:…

Healthy Parks Healthy People day is Friday July 19th and day-use is FREE! There are deals at the Portage Store and Algonquin Outfitters, a fun paddle painting activity at the Art Centre and some awesome Discovery Programs - for details check out:…


Saw that #FindingRyan is trending. And I can confirm I am RIGHT HERE.

.@BlueJays recall OF Billy McKinney from Triple-A Buffalo; option 1B Rowdy Tellez to Triple-A.

As expected, INF/OF Billy McKinney is the corresponding move in the Rowdy Tellez demotion.

Help Craig find Ryan! Quote tweet this and tag @VancityReynolds to be entered to win a $2500 travel voucher. #FindingRyan

What Trump said yesterday was not racist. His point was if you are going to come to America, which is the best country on earth, and you're going to bash us for not being perfect then you should fix your home country and then come back here and show us how to be perfect THREAD


This is what America is about!Not illegals at our borders.These are my great grandbabies! It's there America there future at hand. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR FAMILIES!!! STAND UP SPEAK UP !!!!


Las mujeres son percibidas como más efectivas en todos los niveles jerárquicos y en prácticamente todas las áreas de la organización. Sin embargo, no ocupan los puestos más altos

#BigLittleLies production designer reveals a $30,000 price tag for a train set that appeared in one scene. Now that's how you do authenticity right:


With the sporting success of the England cricket team in the World Cup, @ianpaynesport asks: Do we need to be investing more money and resources into youth sport?


JAM 48 v 56 ENG #NetballWorldCup Now Ja, 2nd ranked team may well not reach semis. "(Ja) must win both of their two remaining games against Scotland and Uganda with a big goal margin and hope England or South Africa lose their remaining fixtures."…

Good news finally, BBC News - New face of the Bank of England's £50 note is revealed as Alan Turing…

England topped world champions after tremendous over end…


Hahahaha yea aliens hahahahaha Area 51 Hahahahah (The president hates brown people)

The Luke Lesnar account was a fake there is no jiggly titty beast jr bouncing around the Performance Center! Bryce Winkelmann just got famous for not being Brocks son lmao #wwe #raw


In what I believe should become the equivalent to the “they think it’s all over” quote, I give you “I think he’s run out, England think he’s run out, England are convinced he’s been run out” #worldcup2019…

you know if you storm Area 51 you gonna die right

Alan Turing will be the face of the £50 note - CNN…

The face of Britain’s new £50 note is Alan Turing, a WWII codebreaker considered the father of computer science

A sus 37 años, Roger Federer sigue más activo que nunca. El suizo dio una lección de buen tenis en Wimbledon, y pese a caer en la final ante Novak Djokovic, sorprendió a todos, incluso a su propia esposa.…

#Video Novak Djokovic y Roger Federer nos regalaron una verdadera demostración de tenis en #WIMBLEDONxESPN y nosotros te invitamos a ver las cinco mejores finales jugadas en La Catedral.…

Sadly apposite that Alan Turing is appearing on a note that isn't accepted anywhere.

Need any more convincing that exercise is powerful for boosting your mental health?! How's this for some Monday Motivation? #fitness #wellbeing #Workoutmotivation #MondayMotivation #mentalhealth

Thanks to @reshmasaujani and the @GirlsWhoCode team for visiting us last week to discuss how to empower women to enter the tech world and how to embrace a culture of risk acceptance.… #MondayMotivation


Big crowd gathered in front of Bezos’ NYC penthouse 2 protest Amazon’s huge profits at the expense of workers & immigrants. #PrimeDayAmazon


The Heiress of Winterwood is a #Amazon #PrimeDay #Deal! Grab the e-book for just $1.99! #PrimeDayAmazon #regency #amreading #TNZfiction


Wishing a Happy #PrimeDayAmazon to everyone today! #The80s


007 foi criado para trabalhar a serviço da Majestade Rainha da Inglaterra 007 = James Bond = Homem Rainha da Inglaterra = Mulher = Chefe do 007 Mas isso não foi o bastante Tomara que a Rainha abdique e a "nova 007" passe a trabalhar pra um macho escroto Assim vocês aprendem

#AmazonPrimeDay #PrimeDay #PrimeDayAmazon ECOVACS DEEBOT 500 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for $170 via @amazon

#BigLittleLies season 2 episode 7 preview hints at huge shocks in epic finale…


Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but with Scarlett Johansson as the mashed potato sculpture of Devil's Tower…

Scarlett Johansson should PUT UP and star as the title character in a remake of CLIFFORD.

Lesnar is Miami Heat Lebron at Summerslam…

#BREAKING: 2 teenage girls missing in Algonquin Park have been found safe

#BREAKING: Teenage girls missing in Algonquin Park found safe

#BREAKING: 2 teenage girls missing in Algonquin Park have been found safe

Não assisti ao jogo inteiro. E nunca escondi que sou #TeamNadal. Mas Federer é daqueles que a gente ama incondicionalmente. E Djoko a gente aceite pq dói menos! Um texto primoroso do @KfouriAndre sobre uma partida dos sonhos…

Mesmo que @Hamilton ganhe todas as corridas até o fim do ano, não tem importância. Se os espetáculos forem bonitos como o da Inglaterra, está de bom tamanho, analisa @flaviogomes69 #F1noGP #BritishGP

Some good news! Two teenaged girls missing in Algonquin Park have been located, and found safe. #ottnews…

OPP say two teenage girls have been found safe after they went missing in Algonquin Park last week. #ottnews…

Celeste cederà mai al compromesso? #BigLittleLies vi aspetta domani sera alle 21.15.


Thank you Toronto! It doesn’t get much better than driving an IndyCar around your streets. See you soon!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #5ToTheFront // @ArrowGlobal // @spmindycar // @hondaracing_hpd // @hondaindy // #INDYCAR // #indyTO

here’s the daily i love colby brock tweet ha

EVERYONE: *rolls eyes* COLT AND DEBBIE: #90dayfiance #HappilyEverAfter

Ad: Almost 60% OFF Nike Air VaporMax 2019 'Wolf Grey' at $79.78 + FREE shipping, use code BEST30 =>


Can I brag real quick? I look GOOD!! Almost 60 pounds down

Waking up feeling like Coltie. “Dirty....piggy” #90DayFiance

Supremely ironic that it took OFF-field issues to get Kavis Reed fired as GM of the Alouettes.

#IntrovertsUnite took me a while to come to terms with being an introvert. I never realized this until I mandated a whole block of my day to “self-care.”

My bf really thinks people are going to Area 51, boy it’s a fuckin jo—

area 51 is a concentration camp for aliens. do better america

#BigLittleLies doesn't just have a directing problem (Column)

#BigLittleLies can not end next week! I need more. I pause during episodes to prolong their end. @ReeseW @HBO #anotherseason

Colteeee the fat dirty pigeeee is trying to pay the victim! He said she asked for 30 dollars here and there and she consumed me ! THIRTY DOLLARS! You can’t even fill up your gas tank with that #90DayFiance cheap ass

Mary Louise is a dirty cuuuuuuuunt #BigLittleLies

I swear Nicole is so fucking stupid lmao #90DayFiance

Wtf type of fishing is there to do in Morocco as a career?! Nicole plz stop with the lies! This shit got my head spinning! #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter #90DayFiance

Wonder how far Daniel Bryan can kick a football

Also before I forget, to respect to the fucking KING Daniel Bryan for putting over New Day AGAIN this time for the tag titles. We don't deserve him and he is the GOAT.

WWE #ExtremeRules 2019 RATINGS: Nakamura vs. Bálor 3⭐ Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese 3.5⭐ Undertaker y Reigns vs. McIntyre y Shane McMahon 3.5⭐ The Revival vs. The Usos 3⭐ Aleister Black vs. Cesaro 4⭐ Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss y Nikki Cross 3⭐ Strowman vs. Lashley 3.75⭐ #XRulesCL

I think we can all agree MOTN was Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

#ExtremeRules: Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler in a mere 17 seconds.


#ExtremeRules results: Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs. Big E & Xavier Woods vs. Heavy Machinery for the SmackDown Tag Team titles…


Rob Pelinka is in his bag! Hiring Phil Handy, one of the best player development guys in the league, is a huge move!! Happy to have him back in L.A. For a front office that is supposed to have no clue what their doing, they have built a good coaching staff and strong roster.

For those of you asking if Bo Bichette may be coming up to the Blue Jays, with Rowdy Tellez optioned to Triple-A, my money is on Billy McKinney being the corresponding move there. The wait for Bichette will continue.

after watching #CWC19Final tonight now i can understand how important luck matters in your life But at the end @ECB_cricket wins the #CWC19 but for me @BLACKCAPS is the real winner #ENGvsNZ #CricketWorldCupFinal #BackTheBlackCaps

Still can’t get over that. If that doesn’t inspire people to play, I don’t know what will. What a credit the @BLACKCAPS are to the sport are as well, all 22 players should be proud to be involved in such an epic occasion! #ENGvsNZ #CWC19Final

#Wimbledon NOLE SE LLEVÓ LA FINAL MÁS LARGA Novak Djokovic se coronó campeón de Wimbledon tras vencer a Roger Federer tres sets a dos (7-6/1-6/7-6/4-6/13-12). La final destacó por ser la más larga en la historia del torneo ya que duró 4 horas 57 minutos #ComoNuncaTeHanDado


Novak Djokovic head is the most effective shot in tennis ever

Well played @BLACKCAPS . Outstanding, exceptional captaincy by #KaneWilliamson . Shame on these types of rules in @ICC #CricketWorldCupFinal

عمران خان نے انگلینڈ کو ورلڈ کپ میں ہرایا اور پھر انگلینڈ کو 27 سال لگے اپنی پوزیشن پر پہنچنے میں آگے نون لیگی اور باقی تمام پارٹیاں اپنا حساب خود کرے #CricketWorldCupFinal #ENGvNZ #PMLN #PTI #PTIGovernment #pppp

Congratulations #englandteam for big history in #Cricket . and congratulations #NewZeland , who played well . this is match where defeat and win be keeps on . #CWC19 #WorldCupfinal #CricketWorldCupFinal #CricketWorldCup2019


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