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9:07 EST - The final set of numbers are revealed 9:33 EST - Chapter 2 Begins #FortniteSeason11 #Fortnite #fortniteevent #FortniteBlackout #Fortnite2

I'm legit watching the #Fortnite thing on @Twitch because the ambient music makes me think of Dune. Also it's super chill

A mis chicos les rente un Server de Minecraft y que Cabron la pasamos, les recomiendo que hagan lo mismo o algo similar. Jugamos mucho esa madre y se sentirá un vacío muy Cabron si no ocupamos el tiempo en algo cool #Fortnite

Carson Wentz record vs .500 teams: 7-19 Without a 100 yard rusher: 2-14


do álbum de 10 fotos que eu realmente me sinto bonito #LGBTQtakeover


I bet Kirk Cousins falls asleep tonight with a smile on his face.

NFC West watch: 49ers (5-0) beat Rams 20-7. Next: at WSH (1-5) #Seahawks (5-1) beat CLE 32-28. Next: vs. BAL (4-2) Rams (3-3) lost to SF 20-7. Next: at ATL (1-5) Cardinals (2-3-1) beat ATL 34-33. Next: at NYG (2-4) @thenewstribune

A perfect representative for Eagle Fans - LB who Ripped Kirk Cousins dodges questions in post game.…

Happy Thanksgiving from the Bailey house hold to all our friends and followers !


Greta Thunberg ridiculisée par le gouvernement du peuple de l'Alberta ! Greta ira-t-elle au Venezuela et en Arabie saoudite ?… via @lp_lapresse

QB Chief Justice Mary Moreau, QB Justices Eric Macklin, Donna Shelley, Don Manderscheid and John Henderson and Provincial Court Judges Elizabeth Johnson, Bill Andreassen and Dave Hancock marked the 40th Anniversary of the @UAlbertaLaw Class of '79 Saturday. #ABQB #albertacourts


Our team secondary let Kirk Cousins throw 7 incompletions, 4 TDS, and 333 yards and you hate the all pro TE man I will never understand…

Response from Kenney’s office is spot on.…

What’s more dramatic than this? An “alleged” plot to assassinate #DearLeader ? #TrudeauMustGo #FakeNews…

Baker Mayfield laments bad breaks, mistakes, still believes #Browns can turn things around after falling to 2-4 with loss to #Seahawks.

Ryan McLeod scored his 1st pro goal for Bakersfield today. #Oilers

My official statement: After saying i like the Oilers before the season started, I will not be releasing Oilers wagon shirts. I learned my lesson last year. Proceed with your night.

This is true folks. Another zinger for Trudeau. Ran it through the BC CSO yep and his name came up. To find out more though is a $6 dollar paywall. Thanks BC Government. #TrudeauMustGo…

I’m convinced that Freddie Kitchens uses ask madden for every play

With the leader of the Liberals having to wear a bulletproof vest while being surrounded by RCMP ERT officers, it might be worthwhile to revisit a Michelle Rempel Garner tweet thread. It might be, but as I am blocked, I can't. Oh wait. here we go. #ScheerHarper #elxn43 #cdnpoli

Dom XXVIII Jesus atiende el grito de 10 leprosos.Los manda presentarse al sacerdote, en el camino se curan. Solo uno (el samaritano) regresa a darle gracias. Seamos agradecidos también nosotros.Todo lo hemos recibido de Dios:Fe, salud, vida, amor, familia, inteligencia, libertad


Operation OLOSHO everywhere we no con know who be responsible girl or OLOSHO anymore all the girls na dae find likes,re tweets and comments tomorrow when guys look at you as a sex thing no vexoo cause na you cause am #NoBraDay

#NoBraDay let’s all celebrate let’s start a thread I go first


Nadie sabe que camino político va a tomar AF. Pero si hace solamente la mitad de lo que se propone acá vamos a un shock inflacionario terrible. No analizo políticamente la propuesta. Solo opino que no existen recursos genuinos hoy para algo tan ambicioso…

oh so today's #NoBraDay i never wear a bra on Sundays anyway hmm

ฉากดวลปืนใน El Camino แม่งโคตรเท่


An entire article about Canadians’ anxiety during #elxn43, yet not one word about western alienation! How out of touch. 120,000 oil & gas industry workers in Alberta & Sask lost their jobs. Despite that, Trudeau imposed #carbonTAX, Bill #C69, Bill #C48. #TrudeauMustGo…

"They know they are offside of the law. They know they are offside what their own executives have told them. So why do this? It looks like they want to protect their favoured leader, Justin Trudeau." #cdnpoli #elxn43…

Wait what , no body armour? No body guards ? , Just a feel good PM in waiting vrs a Fear and Devision specialist Trudeau .. See the difference .. #SCHEER4THEWIN #TrudeauMustGo…

Okay. I'm gonna come and just say it. I believe Sheila Copps is George Soros in drag. Before Liberal trolls insult me, compare the photos and get back to me. I think a few apologies will be in order. #trudeaumustgo

On @bobdylan's birthday, we're revisiting this archival clip of his surprise visit at the 1986 JUNO Awards:


Yankees' Gleyber Torres, 22, not scared of the big stage in the #ALCS as he torments the #Astros in Game 1 with record-setting performance.…

The Oilers are among the two undefeated teams remaining. Well, well, well, how the turn tables ....

This country is going to need a serious industrial sized enema after this election. The Liberals/CBC have filled Canada with so much chit there might be a chit tsunami from coast to coast. It'll feel good after though. #trudeaumustgo

NHL roundup: Oilers stay unbeaten, drop Rangers…


If only Lucic would have punched someone in the face. Flames would have won for sure.

Another soft goal by Rittich as Reaves' shot trickles between the legs after Flames turned it over in their zone. 5-2 Knights.

Paul Stastny adds a 4th for Vegas, shot it at Rittich and it somehow squirted between his 4-2 Vegas in a wild 2nd period. 5 goals in the 2nd

Pretty funny that Dern wears the Brazilian fight kit

If you look at how Hall/Tonon have adapted their striking to accommodate their BJJ you see something totally different than what you saw from Dern/Gracie tonight #UFCTampa

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