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The British Left overplayed its hand with Brexit and got a major ass-kicking today from the Tory Trumpster Boris Johnson. Guess who’s next in line? Go to it with impeachment, fellas. Our turn comes in November 2020

RESULT: Ashton-Under-Lyne - Labour Hold


At least I don't live in a Conservative held constituency. Maybe my Labour MP will fight for my rights... But not holding my breath

I want the message of this song to become irrelevant. Sadly, its relevancy will be the reason both you and I die. This is for every heartbroken person in the UK today. "Vote with a Dollar" - JPEGMAFIA, SHADI, GRYPT & True Neutral…

"To any non-Muslim reader of the Koran, Islamophobia... seems a natural reaction" "The problem is Islam. Islam is the problem" “The best fate for Africa would be if the old colonial powers... scrambled once again in her direction" ~ Boris Johnson - re-elected today in the UK

Daniel Zeichner has held #Cambridge for Labour

Counting complete, here’s the #GeneralElection2019 result for Tonbridge and Malling: April Clark (Green) 4,090 Dylan Jones (Labour) 8,286 Richard Morris (Liberal Democrat) 8,843 Tom Tugendhat (Conservative) 35,784

Boris now begins the task of leading a very unique coalition. Beyond Brexit, his message is nationalist, traditionalist, and anti-austerity. He also faces a significant challenge in managing a strengthened SNP. Interesting times indeed.

Tories take Great Grimsby, Labour since the Second World War, voted 71% Leave.

Opinion | The Politics of Exhaustion - The New York Times…

#UKelection | Britain's opposition Labour Party leader #JeremyCorbyn says he would not lead the party into the next election after admitting it had been a “very disappointing night”

A reminder that a solid core of the Democratic Party leadership and its allies have faced precisely zero consequences for utterly blowing it in 2016, and a sizeable chunk of them are using results in the UK to argue that the left is bound to lose

Boris Johnson: Conservatives have 'a powerful new mandate to get Brexit done'


Trump and Boris in charge. Love it.

Like Hull East, The Brexit Party vote for Michelle Dewberry has probably helped Labour’s Emma Hardy retain her seat in Hull West & Hessle

Have really enjoyed watching the last ever UK General Election tonight

CAMBRIDGE RESULT: Jeremy Caddick (Green) 2164 Rod Cantrill (Lib Dem) 16,137 Peter Dawe (Brexit Party) 1,041 Keith Garrett (Rebooting Democracy) 67 Miles Hurley (Ind) 111 Russell Perrin (Con) 8,342 Jane Robins (SDP) 91 Daniel Zeichner (Lab) 25,7xx

The Conservative candidate for Penrith and the Border has said "he has big boots to fill" as he was elected to replace Rory Stewart with an increased majority. Story: #Cumbria_GE19 #Penrith


Andrew Marr just saying he's now 'hoping' for a softer Brexit. Looked like he had been crying? Maybe just a bit tired. I'm sure he won't, but please, Boris. Don't water it down. Go as hard as you dare!

Jeremy Corbyn says he won't lead UK opposition into future election. #GeneralElection

It’s a bad morning for England, but at least it’s safer for the Squirrels of Scotland! This was my reaction

.@CllrGarethEales reacts to the Northampton South result, where he couldn't unseat @ALewerMBE. He says: "For whatever reason, the Great British public just didn't take to Jeremy Corbyn. We will regroup and carry on." #LDReporter #GeneralElection19

The EU is "ready for the next steps" on Brexit following the #UKElection result, says Charles Michel

wait it’s been 11 months since corbyn followed me next month will be a year wTF?????

I simple canny believe England wid just turn around n do this to sweet little woodstock Grandad Corbyn, except of course I can believe it because it's England.

#Corbyn #Labour quits. The experiment failed. This is what happens when the cult gets to choose a leader, when you ignore your core vote. It happened in Scotland and was disregarded. Ultimately, this is what happens when ordinary folk know your history... #GeneralElection #GE2019

Congrats, you're tonight's #Flames1stGoal winner! Keep an eye on your DMs for more info!…

The only option left is for the Highlands to rise and place the Stuart heir and true King of England and Scotland, Franz, Duke of Bavaria, on the throne


Major caveat to @joswinson losing her seat. The Phil Woolas case may well come into play here. Court order forced literature from the SNP to stop being distributed. I have a feeling we won’t have heard the last of this. #UKElection #LibDems

British pound surges as polls indicate Johnson win in U.K. election.: #UKElection #fx #forex $GBP $GBPUSD $EURGBP…

Damn my fantasy team wanted that Lamar Jackson to mark andrews 60 yard TD stack

Me and Zach Collins are literally wearing the same pair of maroon pants...

Every Mark Andrews #fantasy owner after that overthrow... Come Onnn!!! #NYJvsBAL

I sat Andrews for Waller in fantasy. Already a bad choice, but for once I'm low-key glad a player on my team missed a clear 72-yard TD.

Private corporations: during the climate change apocalypse, we're using our wealth to fund climate denial Government of Alberta: hold my beer…

As 100% expected, the ethics push of the Conservatives is complete and utter partisan nonsense that only applies to other parties. #canpoli #cdnpoli #ScheerLies #ScheerResigns…

Bibeau, Mercer and Lavoie to Sags. Wow #JeanNotDoneYet

Selon @MLalancetteTVA et @daveainsley: Des transactions majeures à venir dans la LHJMQ | Halifax fait le ménage et Raphael Lavoie écope

Moncton -> BO Groulx et J.McIsaac Chicoutimi -> F.Bibeau, R.Lavoie, D.Mercer Rimouski -> ? Sherbrooke -> ? Cap-Breton -> ? #LHJMQ…

Tout un succès pour la première causerie de la #sérieInspiration avec @Pierre_Lavoie @LeCentrefranco. Merci, Pierre, d’être inspirant et merci à vous tous pour votre magnifique participation!


L’activité physique c’est une question de santé et de plaisir – Pas seulement une question de performance @Pierre_Lavoie @Csviamonde @CFORP_TacTIC @LeCentrefranco @Djemai_Lotfi

Okey.. Canada is gonna be stacked. Literally. Lafreniere-Hayton-Cozens Krebs-Veleno-Dellandrea Byfield-McMichael-Thomas Foudy-Newhook-Lavoie Foote-Groulx-Perfetti Holloway-Dudas-Mercer And they miss some guys for injuries and also for not even being selected while being amazing

Daws only had to face 5 shots in his half-game. Made a nice stop early on Lavoie. One goal allowed. Jones was 10-for-12 and lost his stick twice!

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