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In order to get to season 11 of #Fortnite you have to multiply 11 by 146 add 15 subtract 62 multiply by 87 divide by 14 add 106 subtract 2 multiply lastly by 150, then take that number, and shove it up your butt. #fortniteevent #Fortniteleaks #fortniteseason11 #FortniteChapter2

The titles of the #Fortnite pages go from 1 dot to 4 dots, what could this mean?


This tweet isn't #Fortnite related, but my Dogs are finally using the Doggy Door after 10 months. I'm so proud of them. #dogs


eu sempre quis participar dessas tags mas me faltava coragem #LGBTQtakeover


Russell Wilson called this another "crazy game." It was another crazy-good game for him throwing for 2 scores, running for 1 in leading #Seahawks back from 20-6 down to win at Cleveland… @thenewstribune


The @Seahawks are in the air and expected to arrive at SeaTac at 9:02 Seattle time. Go show them some love! #GoHawks #Seahawks #WhyNotUs

Combination pecan and pumpkin pie is what I didn't know I needed in my life. Thank you Quebec.

[Élections Canada 2019 - En rappel] La montée du Bloc au #Québec et le regain de popularité du NPD en #Ontario ouvre la porte encore plus grand à un gouvernement minoritaire. Le texte de @CNoelSRC #PolCan #Elxn43 #CdnPoli

Voilà c’est fait ns sommes allés voter pour une candidate exceptionnelle dans Ste-Thérèse, Louise Chabot fière candidate pour le Bloc Québécois. Un vote pour le Bloc, c’est un pas de plus vers la liberté.

GO BLOC GO....Allez voter gens du #Bloc....le Québec vous attend a Ottawa.....


J'ai été voté aujourd'hui et j'espère de vivre une vague bleu cette année go go go le Bloc Québécois ...

Obviously since the rally started 1-1/2 hours late this was not a routine or planed RCMP ERT action…

Some said scoring 4 goals in his 2 first NCAA games is no big deal. Well, it's the 1st time a Badger has ever done it. Congratulations to Cole Caufield on a great debut weekend @AllHabs @HabsUnfiltered @RocketSports #Habs #GoHabsGo…

any one know what ERT means for RCMP and so on?

"I am showing the world that no man is limited." Eliud Kipchoge made history by finishing a marathon in under two hours to show the world that #NoManIsLimited.

El Camino am gucken bisher echt spannend mit dem Kerl der wie ein E-Liquid heißt

How about instead of defunding CBC we simply tax the wealth of this extremely wealthy failson.


Température idéale, climat de fête, organisation parfaite. Les amateurs de sont réunis en masse pour encourager les participants au Marathon SSQ de Québec. @jecouts

I made the mistake of reading the comments re: CBC and latest controversy. I’ve lived in a bubble where all Canadians love the CBC. Who ARE these awful people who want to cut funding to the CBC??

What a weekend of marathon running! After Eliud Kipchoge went sub two hours yesterday, fellow Kenyan Brigid Kosgei shatters the women's marathon world record!…

Vote stratégique: #Conservateurs minoritaires avec un #Bloc fort. Sheer pourrait satisfaire les revendications de #Québec : impôt unique, + de pouvoirs en #immigration, respect des champs de compétence prov, et surtout de ne pas se mêler de la #loi21…

Québec! Dernière escale de ma tournée ce mercredi au @theatre_PC Pour souligner l'événement, voici une manchette express!

Former Syrian refugees vote as Canadian citizens "For the first time, I see a ballot with different choices and I get to vote secretly and then cast my own vote into the ballot — it's amazing” For goodness sake, if you can, go vote.…


"I just very happy." Ilya Mikheyev's speed, Frederik Gauthier's faceoffs, Dmytro Timashov's assists.... It's OK for superstars to go silent when the bottom six runs wild like this: #LeafsForever #LGRW


Elections Canada records show the Manning Centre has put $312,450 into five third-party advocacy groups running ads: Name & Shame time, Quebec Fier, Canada Strong and Proud, NL Strong, NS Proud, and Proudly New Brunswick. #cdnpoli…

【悲報】 ブロッコ侍には3歳の可愛い姪っ子がいます。仲良しです。 昨日、台風で外出できず家の中でTabataバーピーを鬼の形相でしていたらそれ以降口を聞いてくれなくなりました。

Pte. Richard Cox (Canadian Infantry - Quebec Regiment). Aug. 14, 1917. Age: 35

Voilà que Diane Dufresne aime les pipelines! Moi je préfère l’environnement. Je choisi donc le #Québec. Je choisi donc le @BlocQuebecois. #elxn43 #polcan…

Trudeau Liberals (28% -2) Wounded—Caught in Pincer Between Surge of Both Singh NDP (20% +5) and Blanchet’s Bloc Québécois (35% +9) in Quebec The numbers match Angus Reid's data closely. #cdnpoli

"On dit souvent "voter pour le Bloc, c’est voter pour les libéraux, voter pour le Bloc, c’est pour les conservateurs", a rappelé M. Blanchet. "En vérité, voter pour le Bloc, c’est voter pour le Québec, avant tout".…

Felicidades saludos desde mexico TE AMAMOS ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ #HappyBirthdayJimin


How does the official Rangers Facebook account manage to get their own player's name wrong?! This is just embarrassing #NYR #PlayLikeANewYorker #Kakko


Oh happy #Caturday! The event at the Tustin Library is going great! Check out all of these babies who found their loving homes! We’re here until 4 pm! @ocpublib #octalesandtails


The mood in the @CPC_HQ war room with all this free publicity of their Trudeau ad. #cdnpoli #elxn43

humbly asking for someone to make an overproduced slide show of every rare Justin Trudeau pic and costume set to the Battlefield 4 Warsaw Theme

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Cameron Corporation.


The fiscal follies of Justin Trudeau: My Sunday Toronto Sun column… #cdnpoli

Mentions in the Conservative platform - in case their total disinterest in health isn't obvious by now: Justin Trudeau: 105 Cancer: 0 Dementia: 0 Healthy eating: 0 Hospitals: 0 HIV/AIDS: 0 LGBT health: 0 Organ donation: 0 Seniors care: 0 STIs: 0 Women’s health: 0 Vaccination: 0

The land is strong for now - but Canada can't withstand four more years of Justin Trudeau My latest column on some of the big picture issues this campaign has neglected:… #elxn43

Triste spectacle! Voulez-vous vraiment une supplémentaire de 4 ans? Moi non! Je vote pour le #Québec Je vote pour le @BlocQuebecois #elxn43 #polcan


Nobody gets listed as a plantiff without their knowledge. Go away old man. #DefundCBC #defundthecbc…

C'est depuis que #couillard et #Trudeau ont élé élus qu'on nous traite de tout les mots ! Ces 2 salauds de politiciens qui insultent leur Peuple pour se faire apprécier des Immigrés ..Faut se débarrasser au plus vite du dernier Libéraux en poste. @BlocQuebecois #polqc #polcan #PQ…

Who is the white man in this video and where is Justin Trudeau?…

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