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I think @realDonaldTrump attacked Greta Thunberg because he was jealous that she had bigger hands.

Regardless of what you voted, regardless of you wanted brexit or not, Brexit is now happening and like it or not we have a tory govt. Can we all now please pull together and heal the wound of this once wonderful country. We all have to accept the democratic outcome. Let's move on

Jeremy Corbyn was pro Brexit too. That’s the problem. There were all these Remain voters and not really a Remain party. The Lib Dems tried, but party allegiance won out. How Labour became pro Brexit I will never know.…

UK stocks may move from Brexit fear to 'fear of missing out'


Ja Twitter, anti-Brexit partijen kregen de meerderheid van de stemmen in het VK. (En ja, dan reken ik gemakshalve Labour tot anti-Brexit) 47.8% stemde Conservative 52.2% stemde SNP, LibDem en Labour. Waar haal ik de cijfers vandaan? ⬇️⬇️⬇️ @Nieuwsuur…

Vatican calls Greta Thunberg 'great witness' of Church's environmental teaching: Angelus… #environment MORE w/ EcoSearch - news:… web:…

Sanders revokes congressional endorsement for Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur…

Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg is asking young people to fight for their future in the next decade.

Chrystia Freeland has just been made the face of several important facets of Canada. She has become the Right hand woman. Is this to take the blame for Trudeau or hide Trudeau from imploding on himself without his Butts? #cdnpoli

Odds of Bernie getting a Cenk question at the debate/another candidate smearing him about Cenk?

It's true, we do. But shh... You didn't hear it from us. #mybanffchristmas

#BBCQuestionTime wishing Id never tuned in, less than 12 hours after @SNP delivered another stonking result #GeneralElection2019 Scotland is told it cannot leave UK or afford Independence by both losing Labour and Tory colonial masters. Time to get tae..#ScottishIndependence

Do you know what you need to do to fund your #SmallBusiness in Canada? Ask us

Canada’s infrastructure was once cheap and effective to build. Now, it’s a titanic transfer from taxpayers to the world’s biggest businesses and investors…

In tribute to Danny Aiello & a chance to show some love for Hudson Hawk. #ripdannyaiello

You know an intrepid reporter would ask the Sanders campaign if Cenk was taking endorsements - would they still retract.

“Un talento raro que triunfó”: las conmovedoras despedidas para Danny Aiello

Cenk Uygur is a millionaire who brought in entertainment execs and venture capital to run TYT. He’s consistently saying shit like “I’m a capitalist”, “don’t call me comrade” and that we shouldnt use the word socialism. He’s not really a “champion” of anything. He’s a profiteer

2 things 1. Cenk still has the endorsed by Sanders video up on the TYT channel. 2. I thought @cenkuygur was a fighter who was going to fight? How many times did he call Dems weak for running from Obama, now he's refusing all endorsements aka enabling that weakness cuz twitter?…

Danny Aiello improvised the line "Michael Corleone says hello" in The Godfather Part II. Some viewers think it ruins the movie. Others, that it gives the scene and the villainous Hyman Roth MUCH more depth. Where do you stand?… #WritingCommunity

RIP, Danny Aiello! An amazing actor and one of the nicest guys around. I used to see him all the time on the UWS, and had the privilege to really meet and talk with him backstage. Watch Moonstruck in his honor!


A much needed reminder from @kimberleylbh - “Never loose sight of the fact that the work we do as public servants has a profound impact on the people we serve.” #TEDxSSCWomen


Looking for a pudding to make this #Christmas? Try one of our 100 yr old recipes! #ArchivesHashtagPartEH #FestiveDishes


Most British voters disapprove of Boris Johnson and think Brexit is a mistake, yet they gave a historic landslide to Johnson, the candidate who ran on getting Brexit done. How to explain? Corbyn's Labor Party, soaked in antisemitism, became morally abhorrent


You know how Andrew Scheer always had that ridiculous insincere look, just like a guy who’s hiding something? He still looks like that. #cdnpoli

Bitches say I'm not crying, when they listening to Falling by Harry Styles. #FineLine

Remember in the Attitude Era when Undertaker threw Mankind off the top of the XBOX Series X? #GameAwards #GameAwards2019 #XboxSeriesX


"What am I now? What am I now? What if Im someone I dont want around? Im falling again, Im falling again, Im fallin What if Im down? What if Im out? What if Im someone you wont talk about? Im falling again, Im falling again, I'm fallin" dont talk to me while im listening to this


Falling iTunes: #3 Czech Republic #4 Ukraine #18 Philippines #25 Mexico #32 South Africa #35 Denmark #51 Brazil #61 Austria #61 Netherlands #61 Norway #74 Australia #77 United States #87 Indonesia #89 Italy #93 New Zealand #128 United Kingdom #152 Canada #197 Germany #241 France

That new @Xbox Series X sure reminds something Right?


( •_•) (•_• ) ( ง )ง ୧( ୧ ) /︶\ /︶\ Harry styles fine line fighting to be harry styles ’s best album #FineLine

bom dia especial pra todas as fãs de sekiro, principalmente pras solteiras

Conservatives win in a landslide victory in the UK and the immediate reaction is European markets hit record highs. Over issues like borders, immigration, & laws. Hello, BREXIT. Same reaction as the USA in 2015. Congrats to the UK. Canada, are you watching?

Xbox Series X : plusieurs jeux en pause en arrière plan sera possible #xbox…


Wait the Xbox Series X is the NEXT Gen Xbox? I thought it was just a new Xbox One variation lmao What a weird name

SEKIRO受賞記念CODMWゲーム実況動画第26夜 @YouTubeさんから

So at TGA last night, they announced the Xbox X when they already have Xbox One X and Bravely Default 2 when they already have Bravely Second. What's next? "We're pleased to announce that in addition to the Final Fantasy VII remake, we're also doing a Final Fantasy 7 remake."

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game! leg

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game! card://1204178767310016513

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game!

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game!

If the Conservatives want to win the next election, there is only one person who can replace Andrew Scheer as leader. @VancityReynolds needs to throw his name in the hat and launch the #BuckAGin challenge to unite Canadians around the country.

As a party we need to listen to the brutal verdict of Canadians in the last federal election! Canada is changing very rapidly! This time we need to turn from the past and look forward! Who could replace Andrew Scheer as Conservative leader? | CTV News…

Modi in India, Boris in UK, Trump in US, ScoMo in Oz, Jeanine Áñez in Bolivia, Duterte in Phillipines, Guaidó in Venezuela, Abe in Japan and so, so many more. The right-wing hold feels like an iron fist, a fucking death grip.

Donald Trump. Boris Johnson. Narendra Modi. What do they all have in common? Brazen populists who capitalize on Islamophobia to shore up their base, gain power, and incite violence against Muslims to maintain power.

The single biggest mistake Labour made, more than brexit even, was not bringing in mandatory reselection at conference. Given the constant media hostility, we needed a cohesive united front to beat the Tories. This was impossible given the Blairite sickness within the plp.

jokes on u lot thinking Brexit's gonna take one more vote in Parliament and that'll be it "done". The withdrawal agreement, the bit we've been stuck on for so long, is one of the first steps of a much wider process that's going to take years and years and years

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