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Lion numbers have HALVED since the original Lion King...if you're as excited as we are about the remake of Disney's classic and iconic film, read this before you watch it:… #LionKing #ProtectThePride #ThisBigWildLife


Just seen the Cats trailer and I just know them human cat things will infiltrate my nightmares tonight

tous les screens du film «cats» me dégoûtent profondément ; de corrompre l’animal mignon, attendrissant et souvent harmonieusement obèse qu’est le chat avec une morphologie humaine, sérieux quoi

Darling 6yo ELLA loves human company but really dislikes other cats She's not tested with dogs & would be best suited to a family with older children. She'd eventually like outdoor access once the recommended indoor-only period has passed. #Caturday…


Gledali smo za vas TOP GUN 2 Maverik i Čarli se sreću posle tries godina i odma' pada sex. Ajsmenu se i dalje sviđa Holivud, a Slajder pati. Vajper i Džester igraju balota ispred kantine u bazi. Kerol ima nalog na Tviteru i piskara budalaštine o zaključavanju dece i špajz...

2 x iMAX 3D Lion king tickets for sale, tonight 8pm - shout me!

We can do 40 of the easiest trade deals in history #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

THIS MORNING ON @GMA: President Donald Trump spoke out for the first time Friday about the case of rapper A$AP Rocky, who has been held in a Swedish jail for more than two weeks without charges following a street fight. @ErielleReshef has the latest.


The greatest thing about that scary CATS trailer dropping is that for the last 24 hours we’ve been bombarded with some legitimately great performances from the CATS stage show in all its weird, beautiful glory.

I don’t know what to think about the live action Cats movie. Cats was my absolute favourite musical as a kid and the trailer just looks creepy.

I'm not saying my house was haunted, but I did live on Elm Street and some rather alarming things happened there. #SignsYourHouseIsHaunted

Am dads no speaking to me cause I said top gun was a load eh crap

Bastante curiosa la relación actual que tienen los Flames y los Oilers. Talbot y Lucic en Calgary. Smith y Neal en Edmonton...

Milan Lucic TRADED to Calgary for James Neal – Milan Video…


Il difensore Jacob Trouba firma ai New York Rangers per sette anni e 56 milioni -…


Is anybody actually hating on Trouba? Everyone knew he was a goner, now has penned a crazy sweet deal...good for him. I care about what will happen with Morrissey, because he’s our investment D player, Trouba wasn’t ever going to be that.

"Really? Do we think the formulators of the UN Declaration of Human Rights were careless when they left out the human right to crotch grooming?"…

if someone kicks jake out of the house its OVER for all you bitches #therealityhouse @JakeWebber9

Hey guys pls don’t lose hope remember there are plenty more chances!! I’m trying my best to help my mutuals to get a follow!!! #therealityhouse

Nobody: Corey next week when they start the first challenge: #therealityhouse

UPDATE: Second tanker seized by Iran in Gulf released, British operator says…

Je suis ni algérien,ni sénégalais ,mais je lis genre que les algériens ont tricher , arbitre etc mdr...perso avis neutre j'ai plus vu un arbitrage en faveur du Sénégal que l'inverse hein #SENALG

Incidents à Lyon, affrontements en cours #SENALG #CAN2019 #LesFennecs

British-flagged ship reportedly seized by Iran in Strait of Hormuz… via @msnbc

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has seized at least one British tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, according to Iranian state media, setting up a new showdown with the West, from @LizSly…

Algeria won the trophy. But Senegal won our hearts. #AFCON2019EndGames

Front page of Kayhan, the chief editor of which is appointed by the supreme leader: "Trump's drone revenge from Iran, but in dreams!" In red on top right says, "the corps seized an English oil tanker in the Hormuz Strait."


WHS to be 9th grader Michael Myers will represent the red and black tonight at the Iron Sharpens Iron All Star Dual!!! Michael went undefeated in all duals and pinned every opponent.

Hey @JulieDiCaro. Serious question. You ran to Twitter as soon as the Jonah Keri news broke, but you have yet to comment on the WNBA player arrested for DV. Why is that?

Either I have a medical condition that causes me to roll my eyes and groan whenever someone refers to Michael Myers as "The Shape", or it's just a really fucking lame aspect of the Halloween series.

Thank you to all our wonderful lion & dragon dancers, and volunteers for your energy and smiles at this year’s #kdaysparade! #yeg…

James in yellow is a long time volunteer #kdaysparade . Thanks for all your support #abndp


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Trump's racist comments about four Democratic Congresswomen "undermine America's strength" and that she stands in "solidarity" with the women.

“Planned Parenthood could no longer afford the fancy picture of themselves as healthcare providers. They fired Dr Wen precisely because they know very well that they are not really in the healthcare business. They are in the abortion business.”…

דרשוביץ', חברו הטוב של ביבי ושלדון אדלסון דרשוביץ' : "רק הבוחרים, לא המשטרה או בתי המשפט, יכריעו את עתידו של נתניהו" כלומר : נתניהו הוא מעל לחוק.…


.@GlowNetflix Season 3 is a tender triumph that uses humor to examine the heartache of America in the 1980s: #GLOW


It's been two weeks since the Copa America, and my dad is still watching Peru highlights. I love football

How is it racist that’s where you elites lose us normal folks it’s America love it or leave it @realDonaldTrump did make it up . The Jews would like to see your outrage for all the anti Semitic things the squad says George .…

Gracias a Faceapp podemos ver como será el colegio dentro de varios años #MarzàDimissió


Vi a una persona en el bondi que era el faceapp de un ex jefe.

Wanna know what I’ll look like when I'm OLD?? Well here ya go! I reckon I’m a proper OAP – Old Age Porker! #FaceApp


Tic tac tic tac: Franklin Virguez pasó por Faceapp y así se ve | #LaIguanaTV


Someone needs to tell Trump that just because June was for Pride doesn't mean that July is for Prejudice.

beat him, he is another trump and mcconnell, he needs to go, why hasn't texas kick his ass long ago…

says a man who has embraced Donald Trump as the face of the Republican Party…

Jim Jordan reacts to the House vote condemning Trump via @YouTube

"Wait a minute, there's movement. It seems to have life." #UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon

the way power bgm, choreo, fanchants, the whole song just stood well in my mind

Tom Cruise goes back to the Danger Zone in 'Top Gun: Maverick'… via @DailyMailCeleb

what movie are you embarrassed to admit you've never seen? If you missed mine, it was Top Gun... I know. I'm a failure. lol #NeverSeenIt

Hot take: The Cats trailer isn’t nearly as bad as the Top Gun trailer.

#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon This isn't cheese. Houston, this is bullshit.


nawala ang free! sa kyoani huhu

#UnlikelyFirstWordsOnTheMoon "Cut! And that's a wrap everybody, well done"


Its my infusion treatment day for #crohnsdisease + as usual I loved the ritual of going to Llandough hospital art gallery afterwards. Totally believe in the power of arts in health for patients through to staff. 'Superdog' in these photos is part of a series by a hospital porter.


#SamSmith ปลดปล่อยตัวตนใน MV ใหม่ คราวนี้ขอเต้น หลีกทางจ้ะ แม่มาแล้ว ! #HowDoYouSleep #Kapook

Something I learned just this week at age 48: I had the same third-grade teacher as Tom Cruise. That is all; carry on.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Makes ⁦@LindseyGrahamSC⁩ look Like An Ass After He Compares Trump To John McCain…

アニメイト、京アニへの募金開始 全国の店頭で… 近くのアニメイトまで行って募金しよ

Thank God there is no more John McCain! People need to know what he did to the #ussLiberty…

When was John McCain President Lindsey? SMH I'm done…

hermione after drinking polyjuice potion with cat hair in it was less unsettling than the weird humanoid cgi in cats. WHY ARE THEIR FACES FLAT??

I know the most comfortable place in the house right now. I think all cats know it.


Mark Levin literally portrays Donald Trump as a White Savior, claiming Trump's saved the lives of millions of women and babies of color. He then says actual women of color haven't done a "damn thing" for "men and women and children of color"

Dear normies. You can't always rely on furries to make porn from your mistakes, no matter how many times you invoke us in the comments of the CATS trailers: you did that shit, you do porn of it.

Why do the cats start on all fours and then abandon it for bipedalism

Yankees’ Aaron Boone explains ‘savages’ meltdown, meaning…

If Danger Zone isn't in Top Gun: Maverick, we riot.…

Tom Cruise shocks Comic-Con with new Top Gun footage…


The Top Gun Maverick trailer is freaking awesome. These flying sequences rock. I can’t wait for 6/26/20. #topgunmaverick #topgun…

My take on TAGtv Canada on ICJ Verdict on Jadhav, Hafiz Saeed Arrest, IK visit to US-Tahir Gora and...

Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures Top Gun: Maverickのトレーラーが想像以上にトップガンでヤバイ。しかも、今作はエド・ハリスも出演するので超ヤバイ。スーパーホーネットは想像以上に格好良く撮れていて最高だが最後の3秒でマジ気絶。

A smile from a Canadian made me feel included in Canada, when I arrived here in 1999. I haven’t forgotten my roots & most certainly haven’t forgotten the people that embraced me with open arms & helped me integrate to Canada. Nice to catch up with friends, that welcome me.


Isn’t it funny how weed is now legal in several states, and all of Canada, and our children are not all rushing to get hooked on heroin? Why,it’s almost as if Republicans have been lying through their asses all these years.

Jennifer Hudson is hotter as a cat than I’ll ever be as a human.

The internet reacts to #Cats trailer feat. Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo and more


Time for crooners like Jennifer Hudson to "chant" "send them love" to counter the "send them back" racism. "Jennifer Hudson"

.@WheresKernan highlights an important change for the #Yankees this season: "Boone has led the charge and has shown the fire the #Yankees need this year to get to first place." And that fire was memorably displayed today.…

o jason derulo de gato... ser furry parece aceitável


I will say one positive thing about CATS. Okay two: Jennifer Hudson for another Oscar and also they actually show the feet during the dance sequences a lot.

o cast de cats é FODÁSTICO judi dench, ian mckellen, jennifer hudson mas não sei se engoli esse trailer não em

When cats see u and they roll over with a little noise love that

Porque las noticias nos buscan… Muy buenos días, te comparto las #Portadas de los diarios nacionales de hoy jueves 18 de julio de 2019. Cadena perpetua a El Chapo. Se sienten inseguros en su ciudad, 70% de mexicanos. l Sígueme en Twitter: @MCasiqueOlivos


아니 오늘 툥 너모너무넘 잘생긴고 아니녀? 미쳐벌ㅜㅜㅊㅠㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠ너무 잘생겼네ㅠㅜㅠ #LongFlight_TY #태용 #TAEYONG_LongFlight


I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you. - Nietzsche #quote #ThursdayThoughts


We got her back and not just with hashtags. We will ensure that she is sent back to Congress in 2020. #IStandWithIlhan…

#Lunes 22 de julio de 2019,Hora 4 de la tarde,Acto Político-Cultural en Homenaje a los 40 años de la RevoluciónSandinista, Lugar Parroquia 23 de Enero,Sector la Cañada,Sede de la Radio Al Son Del 23,La 94.7 FM. Ofrenda Floral para AugustoCesarSandino,Presencia de Yaosca Calderon.


TWO THINGS DAVID PRICE & DONALD TRUMP HAVE IN COMMON: 1. They are both equally thin-skinned. 2. They both fail miserably in trying to control/dictate the media.

We have an incredible Conservative team working hard across this country supporting our amazing candidates like @ctochor. Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday’s BBQ in Saskatoon and offered their support! Together we can build a stronger, freer and more prosperous Canada.


I can't believe they're making this a binary choice between Trump and Omar.

Where is this hatred coming from? It's coming from the top.…

.@MarcACaputo reports that @Scaramucci has been disinvited from a Florida GOP fundraiser for criticizing President Trump's racist tweets

雨音聞きながら猫達とまったり。ムンちゃんサーモス重宝してます。 #猫 #cats


Así es “supermax” la cárcel y la celda donde el “Chapo” pasará el resto de su vida (+Fotos) | #LaIguanaTV

Έκανα #FaceApp την μούρη του Άδνι και μου έβγαλε μια ζαρωμένη κωλοτρυπίδα. Και κοίτα να δεις που δεν πίστευα οτι δουλεύουν αυτές οι εφαρμογές

My songs are the door to every dream I've ever had and every success I've ever achieved. - Dolly Parton #quote #thursdaythoughts


Handsum puppit prime minister of Pakistan #FaceApp


I’ll be seeing these super strong women later today! Lets get him girls!! Representing 3 different continents & countries; Canada, Brazil & Australia! #DonGiovanni with @GarsingtonOpera #theLadiesOfDonG


Ya know who really hates America? This asshole. He hates everything the Forefathers stood for, Lincoln stood for, and the greatest generation fought for. The only thing he stands for is himself, and racists love him. #IStandWithIlhan


#superHet excelente la sección de tecnología, que bueno que ayer no tiempo tuve de bajar #FaceApp, yo creo que solo 10% o menos de las personas lee los términos y condiciones.

#goodmorning if you're calling 911 to report that homeless people are living outside, please reconsider your choice to live in A CITY #ThursdayThoughts…

I repeat my plea: we need a well-positioned feline with the same degree of political insight as Larry the Cat here in Canada…

2/2 With improved diagnostic tools, we will be better able to reach people living with undiagnosed #HIV, viral #hepatitis and other #STIs so that they can access the care they need. #STBBIActionPlan

ช่วยกูทีโดนสันกรามบาดหน้า #TAEYONG_LongFlight


надеюсь вы все стримите long flight прямо сейчас #TAEYONG_LongFlight

Conmueve a @lopezobrador_ condena a cadena perpetua a “El Chapo”


These bike lanes were crucial for the development of the bike network in Vancouver. A bold investment that yielded great returns for the city. #BikeLanes#ActiveTransportation…

Canada day , the Best Radio station


The @IUCNRedList has just been updated, adding nearly 9,000 new assessments. Sadly, at least 28,000 species are threatened with #extinction. We must turn this around! Read more at:… #ThursdayThoughts #wildlife #plants #ScienceTwitter #scicomm


Does anyone know the number of votes the Tory government has actually won? It feels like about 15% in recent years. If a student got 15% in any paper at any university they'd be out on their ear. #FailedGovernment #ThursdayThoughts

Too bad Parks Canada doesn't own the Chateau Laurier…

#TAEYONG_LongFlight Stream now!! Its worth the listen


the only acceptable reason for taeyong not doing a vlive is that he's too busy scrolling through our comments and seeing how much we love the song, NOTHING else is acceptable #TAEYONG_LongFlight

ACE SL-22" 3B Ultra Slim LED Television w/ 1 Year Warranty Click / open link to BUY NOW COD #MAYMAYGandangGanDOLL #PrayForKyoani #TAEYONG_LongFlight #FrankiAnaInPadrísimo #INDAKMediaCon KIANO WantsGINOtoVisitPBB Bea Alonzo Gangnam Beauty El Dorado Petron


‘Deeply Disappointed’: Kirsten Gillibrand Slams Rand Paul for Blocking Unanimous Vote on 9/11 First Responders Bill… via @AlexThomasDC

Serase el chapo vai dar boa?

Drug Lord El Chapo Who Has Escaped Mexican Prison Twice, Sentenced to Life in Prison in the U.S…


10/10 would take a shit on Rand Paul's...well...anything

‘Game of Thrones’ quebra recorde com 32 indicações Emmy…

Iran says it has seized foreign tanker, accuses it of smuggling fuel - The Wall Street Journal And Rand Paul wants this job..…

Tonight on the #SWU Podcast: - A LIVE report from #SDCC! - #TheMandalorian: Season 2! - #StarWars Book news! - #StarWarsResistance is #Emmy nominated! - We discuss our experience at #GalaxysEdge! - & much more! Tune in LIVE at 9:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM PT on @Channel1138! -B-


gossip girl sem blair e chuck nao é gossip girl mas vamo assistir…

Andrew Scheer doubles down on his criticism of new Canada Food Guide, demands to know why he doesn’t see egg salad sandwiches on white bread and Tang.

With all due respect, ⁦@AndrewScheer⁩ is not a health scientist, and is visibly overweight. One might question his advice on healthy eating and Canada’s food guide. #StayInYourLane…

Andrew Scheer: ‘my 6-year old negotiated me into the ground until I had no choice but to give him gallons of chocolate milk each day’ Also Andrew Scheer: ‘I would have negotiated a much better NAFTA deal with Donald Trump than PM Trudeau did’…

The new Canada Food guide has been praised by the medical community & experts for (finally) being based on science. Andrew Scheer wants to go back to putting industry lobbyists in charge of our health? Irresponsible. Childhood obesity is no joke… #cdnpoli

“Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor says the food guide has received an “incredibly positive reception.” She suggested the Conservative leader’s comments prioritize “pleasing big business and lobby groups” over Canadian’s health.” How typical!!…

Inside the prison where El Chapo may serve his life sentence


“Everybody’s at war with different things...I’m at war with my own heart sometimes” -Tupac

The Tupac work guy seems very good and wholesome and I'm hoping he isn't milkshake ducked

A pesar de la condena a cadena perpetua del Chapo Guzmán, la fiebre por lo relacionado a la cultura narco sigue en aumento, algo similar a lo sucedido con Pablo Escobar.


#3PopularThingsIHate 1. Nothing 2. Nothing 3.People who hate things

ANOTHER 9/11 TRAGEDY: Hours before Sen. Rand Paul blocked a vote to fund the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, another retired member of the FDNY died of 9/11-related cancer. Kevin Nolan was just 58 years-old. #CBSNewYork

Sin misericordia: Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán recibió todo el peso de la justicia estadounidense


You go #JerryFoxhoven. Imagine firing a 66-yr-old #Iowa white man bc he finds inspiration from Tupac quotes like "Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are 2 steps ahead." The #rapper community needs to support this guy Plz.@SnoopDogg @iamcardib…

PopTV's President is "Sweating" with Excitement Over Schitt's Creek's Emmy Nominations

He shed so many tears... | Tupac Superfan Asked To Resign From Government Job A Day After Emailing Tupac Lyrics To 4,300 Employees… via @okayplayer

Diamond Bar and Signal Hill, Kogi truck out of commission for to night couldn’t be repair. Sorry

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