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Aaron Hernandez was the medium hood nigga yall be looking for

Vishal behenji se lekar asin chuslet sab ne ek sath sid ko down krne ki koshish ki lekin unhe kya pta tha vo un sab ko akela hara skta hai.... #ChartbusterSid

Alan ‘I never took my underwear off at Epstein’s mansion’ Dershowitz #AMJoy

Never been a huge fan of Eminem or Mac Miller, so I don’t understand the hype.

I’m a stan. From New Era Em (Revival • Kamikaze • Music To Be Murdered By) this #MusicToBeMurderedBy album has been the best effort from @Eminem out of those 3 albums. I love it. #shady #eminem #replay

a bed of lies masculina do eminem com a skylar grey…

Eminem so trash it’s hillarious

Eminem’s new album was corny but y’all are acting like the man hasn’t been saying off the wall shit for the last 20 years. Why are you pressed all of the sudden…

Sending love and shovel power to my people in Newfoundland - thank you for posting the amazing pictures especially the excellent selection of my favourite, full door imprints. Are they calling in the army? I really think this is one of the calling in the army times.

Heartbreaking to hear ⁦@TRobertst⁩ provide an update on this story, as the search begins. Hoping for the best.…


My favourite thing about Marc Gasol is no matter how smooth the pass he’s making or the shots he’s taking his body often looks just so awkward like even at 34 he hasn’t grown into his body

✄------------ PM 4:00 ------------✄

Didn't know NWA was getting back together #LivePD #livepdnation

The fuck is wrong with people? He knows damn well that Tori would definitely get written up for that and maybe lose her job. He also knows damn well that this was a pricing error. God I hate people.…


¿Cómo ve el baloncesto Marc Gasol? Así de fácil...

I cum squirt very much time after time, if that doesn't bother you, call me BadBoysForLife Luka WorstThingsToYellOutAfterSex LivePD AFallFromGrace Tyler Perry Smackdown Space Force Ja Morant Mavs Jhene MFFL Iowa Doncic Jason Garrett BadBoysForLife eminemisCANCELLED Smackdown


Rex Murphy is your grandpa.

Looking forward to the day I find Rex Murphy trending for a good reason. Like his retirement. Or the other thing.…

Norman Powell tonight: 28 Points 3 Steals 44.4% 3PT FG% (4-9) •5th game with 25+ PTs this season. Marc Gasol tonight: 20 Points 5 Assists 85.7% 3PT FG% (6-7) •Ties career high in 3PM. Terrance Davis tonight: 23 Points 71.4% 3PT FG% (5-7) •Ties season high in PTs.


With Ken Starr, a “lunatic” & “disaster” are you sure we haven’t slipped through a time-warp & into an alternate universe??

okay, having read this article – specifically with regards to Sybil and Cheery's roles – it sounds like uuuh this isn't going to have much to do with the actual Watch at all. Oh well.…

When the clock hits 5 and you're given another work assignment... #FridayFeeling


Targets hit on GBPJPY right before the close. #Trading #FridayFeeling

We will never hide the truth of what bullets did to our bodies or our loved ones’ bodies. Thank you, @Eminem. This is our truth. #EndGunViolence #survivorslead #FridayFeeling

Due to worsening weather conditions and limited visibility, #MountPearl has suspended snow clearing operations. Our operators have been asked to return to the Depot until weather conditions improve. The safety of our residents and operators remains our top priority. #nlwx

Showing what a good class conscious socialist I am by making fun of David Brooks’ teeth

I just wanna be cozy and snuggle☺️

David Brooks can be mocked without reading his nonsense, giving him and the NYT clicks. Clicks just rewards his idiocy.

#ShouldICallTechSupport No, You should never call tech support. ever....

Why #ShouldICallTechSupport when I can delete my own cookies?

#ShouldICallTechSupport or just wipe it, like, with a rag or something?

Shocking that Jonah Goldberg Finds the tall tale told by #Parnas credible enough to be called evidence…

#KremlinKevin keeps lying. His good friend Parnas is singing like a bird. What do you think Parnas is going to say about #KremlinKevin?…

Laughable that people think Jose Altuve can't put up big numbers without cheating. I bet he sets the single-season record for HBPs this year.

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