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Delingpole: Trump Offers Boris Coronavirus Drugs Not Available Through British Health Provider…

Wishing Prime Minister @BorisJohnson a speedy recovery. Thoughts are with his fiancé, family, friends and colleagues. Get well soon. Details via @edinburghpaper #COVID19…

A very big thank you to all the nurses, doctors, midwives, pharmacists, medical workers and everyone at the frontline of this pandemic #COVID19 we appreciate you guys!! Thank you #StayAtHome #WorldHealthDay

Ethan from @CrankGameplays just started his stream, donate now to reach $ 10,000. If we reach the goal, he will shave his head!!!#WorldHealthDay #HopeFromHome

Thank you for your courage. We stand behind you. #WorldHealthDay


Are you a #vegan #healthcare worker, working on the #frontline during #COVID ? Reply to this, if you are! #WorldHealthDay #THANKYOU

Queen sends heartfelt message to Carrie Symonds as Boris Johnson fights coronavirus

Why the Media is the enemy: MEDIA: POTUS Trump is pushing hydroxchloriquine because he owns stock in pharmaceutical company Sanofi and wants to make $ off of the Coronavirus. REALITY: POTUS Trump has indirect ownership of Sanofi through a mutual fund valued at LESS THAN $500.

Dominic Raab has been given a role which does not exist in the UK constitution, writes @cath_haddon

You sure it isn't Karen McEnany?

i aint sayin she a gold digger, but she ain’t messin with no broke karen

- RUMEUR - Jeff Hardy aurait pu remplacer Roman Reigns pour affronter Goldberg à #WrestleMania 36 ! Il n'a cependant pas été retenu par la WWE et c'est donc Braun Strowman qui a pris la place du Big Dog.


Trudeau just about blew up the free trade agreement supporting Supply Management price fixing. If it isn't a Quebec issue it isn't a Canada issue #albertaseparation 'Nowhere for it to go': Dairy farmers dump their milk down the drain

Why is B.C. flattening the COVID-19 curve while numbers in central Canada surge? | CBC News When you have a Health Minister like @adriandix who believes strongly in Public Health, and listens to leaders in Public Health, like Dr Bonnie Henry.…

One year ago, Becky Lynch became the #RAW & #SmackDown women’s champion at #WrestleMania. #WWE #RAW #SmackDown

I hope that the federal government #PhoenixPayroll problems have been worked out so that all the workers who are processing the CERB and EI are getting paid on time and accurately! #payroll

Self-isolation can be hard to deal with. It’s normal to feel anxious, frustrated or bored - and if you’re worried about the effect it will have on your mental health, you are not alone. This is our advice on how you can look after yourself. #WorldHealthDay…

As we recognise #WorldHealthDay, it's important to consider mental as well as physical health. Our investigation into mental health in the law showed that the industry has a lot of problems to address.


Michael Gove says "nobody likes the lockdown" - but adds the fact the PM and others are "in a serious condition" as a result of the #coronavirus emphasises the importance of making sure "we all do everything we can." Get the latest on #BorisJohnson:

Le ministre britannique des Affaires étrangères Dominic Raab remplace Boris Johnson "là où c'est nécessaire" #AFP

#COVID19 sweeps through #UK cabinet: - Boris #Johnson in ICU getting ‘oxygen support’ - Cabinet Office Minister @MichaelGove is self-isolating The #Queen is still kicking though!

Conservative Twitter: "Justin Trudeau is hiding at his house." Also Conservative Twitter: "It's awful what is happening to Boris Johnson." Where does it matter where Justin Trudeau is working from in the age of physical distancing? Can anyone answer that? #COVID19 #cdnpoli

Boris #Johnson est en soins intensifs depuis hier soir à l'hôpital public St Thomas à #Londres. Il ne serait ni intubé ni placé sous respirateur artificiel pour le moment mais il n'est pas exclu qu'il ait besoin d'une telle prise en charge. @arnaudcomte @lena_soudre #JT13H

民主党のミシガン州議会議員「トランプ大統領が抗マラリア薬ヒドロキシクロロキンを公表してくれたので、コロナウイルスに感染した際に急に容態が悪化した際、一命をとりとめた」と話した。 #FoxNews #FoxNews

#MyFirstJobIn3Words Hollywood Video Bitch-boy. They're dead and I'm not. I win.

By far the best show on television, Netflix or anything else. #BetterCallSaul…

COVID-19: Dévoilement des projections sur la pandémie au Québec aujourd’hui.…

COVID-19 in Quebec: What you need to know Tuesday


Canada is starting the day with 16,667 diagnosed cases of coronavirus infection, and mourning 359 deaths in this country since the outbreak began. B.C.'s outlook is slightly better than that of other provinces, due to a combination of luck and readiness:

'Cast aside': student job seekers say they've been forgotten in federal pandemic plan #hw #cdnpoli


Outside St. Thomas’ Hospital where PM Boris Johnson remains in ICU. An anxious time for the country as it battles with this virus and for the PM who is now fighting his own personal battle. A lot of media have been staked outside the hospital since the crack of dawn.


Soobin is seriously the luckiest fanboy ever

"Soobin" is still trending worldwide at #15 with 139K tweets. #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER @TXT_members


Rented house doesn’t have a garden only a rather depressing concrete backyard. But I can still get access to nature if I look hard enough. I think this is a forget-me-not growing in the cracks. And on a good day I can see & hear buzzards flying over the hill #BreakfastBirdwatch


eloise here is staging a sit-in to prevent me doing the last 2 squares of land development right in front of her house


Already a classic line. ➡️ "My cousins are going to meet you there with the money. 9 a.m. You'll like 'em-- they're good boys!"  ~Lalo Salamanca #BetterCallSaul

I’m a broken record at this point but every week @BetterCallSaul gets better and better. Unbelievable show. #BetterCallSaul

Consistently in awe of the way scenes are framed in #BetterCallSaul.


So very sad to hear that beloved Canadian author Jean Little passed away today. Legally blind, she was an advocate for children living with disabilities and always included characters who were facing these……

Apprentissage hybride: meilleures pratiques en apprentissage à distance mars 2020 Une expérience au Québec…

INHLONIPHO IYABOLEKWANA. Uma ngikunika inhlonipho bese ungayibuyisi, ungalindeli ukuthi uma sihlangana kukhona inhlonipho ozoyithola kimi futhi. Inhlonipho inhle ngokubolekana. Hlonipha ukuze uhlonishwe. #lockdowneffect #COVID19 #Manifest

"Luck and timing is part of the equation — but leadership at the top could also play a role."

this CERB shit fuckin w my mind bc i didn’t file my 2019 taxes yet, and my work is paying us a dime so we technically are getting paid....hahahaha shoot me

Trump says the federal coronavirus effort has been “incredible.” His own government disagrees.… via @voxdotcom

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