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bruh this would've been great for fortnite publicity and hype if they had kept it for 2-4 hours but this isnt fun and mysterious anymore it feels like a chore waiting for this #fortnite

- nicolas... tus 30 seg... min.. bue lo que sea. - macri gato arreglame fortnite chupapija. - le quedan 20 minutos, digo segundos bueee ajajaajja toy re dura #DebatePresidencial


Me watching the black hole for hours: #fortnite


Desearía quedarme viendo el punto de Fortnite fijamente durante 24 horas que esto, AYUDA.…

Anyone else see the striking resemblance between this ring and the ring we are staring at on Fortnite? Watch out from what crawls out from screen. #Fortnite #thering



I just realised something with the #fortnite thing... what if everything is returned to 0... like if people stopped watching the stream and stuff...


E vou aproveitar pra usar hashtag porque eu nunca faço isso #LGBTQtakeover



Melvin Gordon is still in the preseason... #PITvsLAC | #NFLSunday


Las armas en México vía @YouTube Mientras #AMLO no tenga una política externa y la diplomacia la haga con el estomago, los gringos seguirán mandando armas para los narcos, este vídeo habla de eso #Fortnite #GoNiners #wapayasos #DallasCowboys #FestejoQue

Christian Mccaffery Deshaun Watson Russell Wilson…

Tô trabalhando ainda mas todo mundo falando que a nossa defesa AMASSOU os caras! Que foda! #GoNiners

That being said, I also think Deshaun Watson should’ve won a Heisman Trophy. People I did not think should win a Heisman Trophy? Baker Mayfield.

Deshaun Watson had a BIG game today, with 280 passing yards and 42 rushing yards leading to three touchdowns, in a huge 31-24 win over Kansas City.…

Kyler Murray has been way better this year than Josh Rosen was last year with the same dam team. QB does make the difference. #TankForTua

Jets (+275) backers after the Cowboys failed the two-point conversion... #DALvsNYJ | #NFLSunday

Congratulations to Adam Gase, Gregg Williams (DEFENSE), Sam Darnold and the #Jets locker room. That first win can be so tough to get when you're stuck in a vicious spiral. #NFLSunday

Not even mad about my Dolphins losing to a terrible Redskins team. Miami has committed to the rebuild. What’s Washington’s excuse? #FinsUp #tankforTua #suckfortheDuck

ICYMI: Referees are playing grabass at the end of Cowboys/Jets... #DALvsNYJ | #NFLSunday

If the Cowboys lose to the jets, it’s time to #TankForTua

As @MercedesGlobal has explained, they were members of the RCMP's Emergency Response Team. I'm excited to see you recant and apologize, but somehow I don't think I'll hear from you again.…

Trudeau took 'unprecedented' step by wearing bulletproof vest: RCMP sources | CBC News…

RCMP sources say Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau took 'unprecedented' step by wearing bulletproof vest at campaign rally.

Under watchful eye of RCMP, colleagues @ICILouisBlouin and @salimah_shivji file from strip mall curbside. It's all glamour on #elxn43 campaign trail.


I fucking love El Camino

Долгожданное полнометражное продолжение «Во все тяжкие» доказало очевидное: мы все соскучились по Альбукерке, Джесси Пинкману и американской безнадеге.…

No sé por qué, pero cuando camino contra el viento... #MarioBenedetti


◇プレイヤー・オブ・ザ・マッチは福岡堅樹!大坂なおみからトロフィーを受け取る 持ち前の嗅覚と快足で2トライを決めたうえ、松島のトライをアシストするオフロードパスで文句なしの受賞。W杯3試合連続トライは日本代表初の記録となった。 #RWC横浜 #RWC2019 #JPNvSCO


#F1noGP Assista AQUI aos melhores momentos da vitória de @valtteribottas no #JapaneseGP de #F1


Pero si tenemos que hablar de algo sea de que este equipo lleva 8 victorias que no son fáciles de conseguir.. Que el trabajo y la auto exigencia nos están llevando por el buen camino y que todos juntos conseguiremos, afición +equipo es lo que realmente importa, vamos Linares❤️

#PRP want you and your family to have a wonderful Thanksgiving together. If you plan on drinking then remember to plan ahead. 1) Take a Taxi/Uber 2) Have a designated driver 3) Hand over your keys and just stay the night. Wishing you a peaceful and happy holiday weekend.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all, or as we call it in Canada, "Thanksgiving".

That is not so. The last week of the campaign our messaging and advertising criticized both the NDP and Conservatives equally and we ran the only effective ad attacking Ford’s ideas. The NDP had a chance to win and couldn’t. That’s on them. #elxn43 #onpoli #canadavotes2019…

.@bbc hilarious acc of rebellion week.. Watch "The Mash Report | BBC Two" .@cbc .@CBCStephenQuinn .@CBCComedy

"You've got to outwork the other team. That's the bottom line." Relive last night's Motor City magic in Game Tape. #LeafsForever

Go vote! Advance polls are open - we were up bright and early = no lines! They're open all day today and tomorrow from 9am to 9pm, so get out there! #canadavotes2019


With expectations reaching an all time high, the hotstove continues to provide measured and detailed analysis of the process on a game-by-game basis #Leafsforever…

I don’t care who you vote for, but threats of any kind are always unacceptable. Every politician must be able to go to work free from violence, harassment or bullying. @JustinTrudeau deserves the same #Election2019 #canadavotes2019…

From @CntrLeafsNation, I'd like to wish you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!! Thanks again for all your support! Myself, @luc_uggenti and @anthonycino13 couldn't do it without your support! #LeafsForever #Thanksgiving #leafsnation

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