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Until they sack Ed Woodward, i ll remain a Liverpool fan #LIVMUN

Liverpool are 30 points clear of Manchester United in January and pundits and Twitter are praising the latter for 'staying in the game' in a 2-0 defeat with two disallowed goals. Amazing fall from grace. #LIVMUN

Jurgen Klopp won't admit the title race is over but Ryan Giggs will! #beINPL #LIVMUN

#LIVMUN 2-0 pour Liverpool. Mo Salah après son but habdomadaire.


#SpaceX launches, destroys rocket in astronaut escape #test…

For all you #UFC fans... another fun fact... #CowboyCerrone accidentally kicked me square in the balls while filming interrogation for @CBSAllAccess all I can say is I’m very happy I was convinced to wear a cup at the last minute #UFC246

The #Dragon flew! The #SpaceX #Falcon9 launched, shut down and the Dragon performed its test perfectly and then we had a few booms! Last time I want to see this, but congrats to @NASA and @SpaceX on a successful test!


#UFC246 @TheNotoriousMMA vs. @Cowboycerrone...epic soundtrack. Artist: Chvrles Vnthony Song: Lawrence St. #PowerTV #sundayvibes #SundayMorning #

#SpaceX #CrewDragon #Falcon9 Crew Dragon's In-Flight Abort Test is SpaceX's last major safety test before launching NASA Astronauts for the FIRST time to the International Space Station this year! Today's test was successful! Congratulations @elonmusk !…

Why Take Rs 500 and Plate of Biryaani to Go Against Nation in Saheenbaugh! Well exposed @republic EARN EASY BY HELO App 1. Download - Install 2. Login 3. Share and Earn Upto Rs 300 per friend easily #OperationShaheenBagh #INDvAUS #LIVMUN

It's going to be a good day!!!!!!! #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation #SundayMorning @49ers @49ersCommunity @JohnLynch49ers

Why can't all our houses be painted fun colours like in Newfoundland?

We don’t have Newfoundland levels of snow but it’s very densely packed and our poor snowblower isn’t up to the task. On the plus side, I may emerge from this ordeal with a second ab.

When you’re FINALLY done shovelling your driveway...and the plow comes by and makes a snow barrier at the bottom. #onstorm

As someone born and raised in Calgary, who has lived in three provinces, including Ontario for more than 30 years, I can say with absolute certainty that a dry cold doesn’t feel as cold as a damp/wet cold. Period. ⁦@RosaJSaba#ONStorm…

Be like this awesome little trooper! Help us and the city clear the hydrant near your house. Every second counts when it come to getting water for a house fire. Three feet all around and a clear path to the road for the hose. #OnStorm #Ottweather #Snowmageddon #FireSafety…

Kasper Wikestad; Det ække alt for mange tenner per innbygger i Burnley.


Cómo pedirte que renuncies a tu vida, cuando es por ti que yo no renuncié a la mía y aún sigo aquí #CHEN_STAYS #MyAnswerIsEXO9 #엑소9_평생_함께가자 @weareoneEXO


“We have now reached a point where words are not necessary and a hand gesture is enough.” #엑소9_평생_함께가자 #MyAnswerIsEXO9 #CHEN_STAYS @weareoneEXO


#DumbThingsIDidInHighSchool I thought it would be a good idea to have my hair up in a ponytail, and use wet look styling gel to make it look slicked back Like the hot chicks in dude where’s my car Bald.I looked bald ... and my elf ears stuck out

Wow...the snow pictures from Newfoundland are incredible!…

je l’aime vraiment beaucoup et c’est pas grave si elle n’est pas dans ce comeback, il y’en aura d’autres, tout ce qui compte pour le moment, c’est sa santé. #AlwaysWithHaseul

McGregor vs Masvidal please @ufc

I see in Guilty Gear Strive that Faust can give his opponents afros, which seems like a mistake to me as an afro is always a powerup.

Businesses remained closed on Saturday and all vehicles were prohibited from using city streets, except emergency vehicles.

Prachtige timelaps van zware sneeuwstorm #Newfoundland #blizzard. Doet mij denken aan de winter van 1978/79 toen winters nog winters waren.

'Snowmageddon': cleanup begins after record Newfoundland storm…

Screw you Loui Eriksson!!


The RIGHT answer appears to be Loui effn Ericksson. #canucks #1…

I’ve pledged myself to the Nights Watch, for this night and all the nights to come... #defendthewall #nlwx


#nlweather #NLblizzard #nlwx Kindness Heroes⬇️ Thanks a MILLION Paul Fahey+his son who read my FB post, hopped on a skidoo in Northern Bay, had to walk 200+ft (such a long lane) thru chest-high snow to check in on my 82yr old dad who now lives alone. Phone & power out. Dad's fine


NL is the only place that can get hit with a massive winter storm and still make you feel like you’re missing out. #nlwx #fomo…

Aaron Carter has no excuse as a celebrity (washed up as he is) for not reaching to the original artist he stole from. Most artists are more than willing to work with you if you just fucking talk to them. If you like someone's art and want to use it, here's a radical idea, ask!

POWERFUL moment at #WomensMarch2020 "Cage the con, not the kids!" #WomensMarch

I was so honored to speak at the Women’s March in Portsmouth NH, and remind folks why we still fight #ImWithHer #WomensMarch2020

Revenue generated by these franchises: Winnie the Pooh: $76 billion Star Wars: $68 billion MCU: $35 billion Harry Potter: $32 billion Batman: $29 billion Toy Story: $20 billion James Bond: $20 billion Avengers: $15 billion #WinnieThePoohDay

not sure about this body language expert Joy Ann Reid brought on to talk about Bernie


We march for equality. We march for diversity. We march for justice. #WomensMarch2020


At today’s #WomensMarch2020, I chatted with a group about how tired we are of the typical Democratic, male platform on women’s rights. “Women’s rights are more than just choice and equal pay,” one woman said. So we started to talk. (1/5) #NY24

An old painting for this #WinnieThePoohDay. Hard to image this character has been around since 1921. #poohbear #cartoons


I am so grateful for my coven. We have marched 4 years in a row. I am sad that in this election year the Women’s March has dwindled in size. (Apathy?) I know these women will do everything they can to flip the senate and (hopefully) elect a new President. #WomensMarch2020 #women


"It took a state of emergency, by the way, to get me on Hockey Night again." Iconic broadcaster Bob Cole returned to @hockeynight to provide an update on the blizzard in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Major snow storm happening in Montreal and the Habs are doesn't get much better than this. #GoHabsGo #Montreal #SnowStorm #Quebec

I’m sorry but Aaron Carter is trolling y’all better than you’re trying to troll him. I originally showed up to troll him too but dude is making me laugh too much. I can’t. He’s funny as hell.

Newfoundland looks fantastic.

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