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Please someone show this to @realDonaldTrump. No, the virus is not his fault, but it’s time to stop tweeting about ratings when people are dying. Children in Brooklyn saying their last goodbye to their young dad who passed away from #coronavirus…

"I have Mike Pence call... He's a nasty person." President Trump discussing his relationships with governors across the country. "That's why your ratings are so low." President Trump is saying that Democrats aren't praising his coronavirus response. This shouldn't be political.

This press conference is like #TigerKing. Just when you think it can't get any crazier, boom, the flash.

He tweeted 4 times today about his TV ratings.…

So far: Donald Trump has lied about testing. Donald Trump has lied about ventilators. Donald Trump has lied about threatening states. Donald Trump has lied about his own statements. #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #PressBriefing #TrumpMadness #TrumpPressConf #DumpTrump

#COVID19NIGERIA Remember, there is a higher risk of spreading #COVID19 through movement and travel. We advise that you stay at home and avoid all non-essential movement and travel. This is NOT the time to travel Please share!!! #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #TakeResponsibility

Hello for Real babies out there that need help or sugardaddy and mumover this”Quarantine” period they are a lot of rich people wanting to help but demanding won’t be tolerated they will only give what they have #COVID19 #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #collegegirls

Rosie and Sophie are social distancing. You should too!


não foi bem um post, mas a sadie apareceu em uma live da tess e sophie, perfeita.…


Lake Erie has little patience today. @PUT_IN_BAY West shore, gusts around 40 mph. Pic by Diane Nemec. #ohwx


Animal Crossing Diane, Dad & Crothers by @Versescaaa


diane’s divorce episode was DEVASTATING to watch


Donald Trump's face on toilet paper makes using it even more fun, especially when you want to give him a make over. #FakeToiletPaperFacts

#ICYMI here's @25YLaura big #TwinPeaks theory exploring the Dweller on The Threshold in Buddhism and Theosophy, and what meeting his shadow self meant for Agent Cooper, Laura, Audrey and Diane.…

After travel to the states I've been in self-isolation since the 14th. I've been joking how much I miss air. Today is my first day of freedom. As the ever-perceptive @lanigan_beth points out, nature is sure giving us her all on our first day out! #onstorm #Covid_19


Aprovechando que hoy la actualidad gira alrededor de NieR y de su décimo aniversario, recuperamos y os recomendamos leer este texto que publicamos el año pasado: el camino existencial de NieR a Automata…

WOW. It’s even more beautiful in person than expected. @jeremyMraymer you’re the hero we all need right now. Thank you. #Uptown #TigerKing #StreetArt #Mural #Pittsburgh


Ozark finale had me going "oh shit" to "awwwwwwwww shiiiit" @therealelp @KillerMike @runjewels

*invisible ink* Ozark is boring me

Okay fam I’m starting episode 3 of #TigerKing and see that there’s a difficult mystery to be solved

Having finished #TigerKing, let me just say that virtually everyone involved is terrible, and even the “outsiders” have stuff like weird clown masks on their wall.


#Sismo M 5.6 SOUTHEAST OF LOYALTY ISLANDS. 29-03-2020 18:19 UTC #Temblor #CSEM #EMSC #Earthquake


No glee, Little Marco. It's anger at the #CoronaDon for denying it when a lot of us foresaw this happening. Stop criticizing the media & for once strap on your cojones & tell the emperor that he has no clothes. #TrumpGenocide #TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus…

Twitter forcibly deletes Rudy Giuliani’s latest deranged tweet #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver we need a new POTUS #TrumpGenocide The single biggest threat to America is Donald Trump.…

PCSOs and Officers have been out in communities in #Canterbury , #whitstable , #hernebay and #Reculver over the weekend. Glad to say everyone is following government the guidelines. #StayHomeSavesLives


Second largest mass lay-off in Canada’s history. All in one province and during one of the most stressful times in our world’s history. I have no fucking words. #ableg #25klaidoff…

I watched Nova Scotia’s #COVID19 update today and my daughter said “He sounds just like you” referring to @StrangRobert direction to stay home and practice #SocialDistancing . I said “No, I sound like him.” Keep it up, Good Doctor! #StayHomeSavesLives

@kick1972⁩ Merci pour cette entrevue. Gilles Vigneault est un service essentiel, un être essentiel. Merci.…

seni hicbir zaman sevmemistim zaten #BillieEilishisoverparty

Que daora que Nier vai ser refeito ou remaster não sei ainda, é um dos jogos que queria jogar no ps3 mas a mídia física tava lá pros 150 no melhor dos casos, alívio. Tô bem interessado

“Carol you think you slick b*tch,” Cardi B tweeted while watching #TigerKing

Michiganders perform essential roles during coronavirus outbreak…

como assim estão chamando o neném de feio? Mds parem parem ele eh lindo só merece amor #BillieEilishisoverparty


Whitmer orders that homes' water service be restored amid COVID-19 pandemic… via ⁦@detroitnews

Watching Tiger King on Netflix. My wife says, "This is weird." I agree. My wife continues, "People going to other people's front doors and shaking their hands."

6 episodes through “Tiger King” and my only takeaway is I want a tiger.

Donald Trump “not calling” Washington State, or Michigan because their governors. refused to stroke Trump after an inadequate response. Likewise Nebraska and NY. THIS. IS INSANE! This goes down in history,Trump condemns people to death over stroking

I’m not going to argue about it... The Dream wiped Sean Garrett last night. My goodness! That man is talented beyond measures.

Nations plunged into darkness on Saturday for #EarthHour 2020

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