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'Unfit to be president': Full text of House impeachment resolution on Trump…

July 17th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #909…

South African Music legend, Johnny Clegg is dead…


I gotta admit, this #FaceApp thing is pretty damn cool.


Después la gente se quejará de si utilizan sus imágenes #FaceApp #faceappchallenge ESTAIS DANDO PERMISO AL ACEPTAR LAS CONDICIONES. muchos teléfonos y app de pago utilizan reconocimiento facial #ahílodejo

Game of Thrones has topped this year’s Emmy nominations, making TV history, as it’s the first show to secure 32 nods in a single year.

.@SiansUniverse is nominated for an Emmy for @fleabag and that’s my day made, thank you.

This is Chance the Snapper. Are you kidding me? This looks more like Kermit the Frog. Chicago you are so soft.



Republicans scramble to contain Trump fallout…

The Republicans Who Voted to Condemn Trump's Remarks (and Other Things to Know)…

Production on Zack Snyder's ARMY OF THE DEAD has begun. And it looks like Zack is going to be his own DP.


Espero que Taika vuelva a contar con Mark Mothersbaugh para la banda sonora de Thor 4.

ten was at neocity chicago

I just hope that those who decided to honor @realDonaldTrump - this racist bigoted bully - with a State Visit to our country only a few weeks ago should now hang their heads in shame #TrumpIsARacist #Racism #RacistPresident

Ein Start-Up Unternehmen von @elonmusk bastelt an einer Gehirn-Computer-Schnittstelle, die Gedanken lesen kann.… #braincomputerinterface #Neuralink

Endurance by Scott Kelly One year on the International Space Station - his story Exciting, dramatic, fascinating and often funny Great read for all ages - 5* read… #ISS #Space #Apollo11 #ManOnTheMoon


BREAKING: @NHLSeattle_ will name Ron Francis its first general manager. Francis, who was GM in Carolina from 2014-18, played in the NHL for 22 seasons and is fifth all time in points. @GeoffBakerTIMES story:

coconut? naw shawty spell Esteban Julió Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez on the dick s/o to suite life of zack and cody

Η #Neuralink του @ElonMusk είναι έτοιμη να βάλει ηλεκτρονικά εμφυτεύματα στον εγκέφαλό μας…

Is Angela and Pope’s love real? #AnimalKingdom

Ron Francis. The only Penguin I ever liked. I’m totally ok with the choice. #NHLSeattle

Kleines Präsent von Ursula von der Leyen: Jeder EU-Parlamentarier findet Berater auf seinem Tisch…

La ministre allemande, devenue mardi la première femme à la tête de l’exécutif européen, doit en partie son élection aux voix eurosceptiques du Mouvement Cinq Etoiles et du PiS.…

Happy #WorldSnakeDay! #DYK that there are over 3,000 kinds of snakes, most of which are of no harm to humans. Snakes play a vital role in ecosystems, so make a hisssssss in their honor today!


#VideosLaJornada La conservadora alemana Ursula von der Leyen ha logrado el apoyo de una mayoría absoluta en el Parlamento europeo para presidir la Comisión Europea. Se convertirá en la primera mujer en dirigir la institución.

anuncio: thor 4 é oficial! loki stans vindo pela 72298202 vez dizer que loki is alive e que é obrigação ele estar em thor 4:

Do you believe Trump is a racist? (please share for a good sampling)

Photos of Eric Garner you can use that ARE NOT screenshots of his death.



Doug Collins- it’s the president’s words that you find undignified and out of order. Rep Swalwell simply repeated them. Why not go to the source of the filth? Donald J Trump.

AMERICA is now awake. We have seen Trump for what he is, and we don't like it.

Johnny Clegg, South Africa's 'White Zulu', dies at 66


De acordo com o THR, a adaptação de #Akira teve sua produção pausada por tempo indeterminado devido a conflitos de agenda. Taika Waititi permanece como diretor. Coincidentemente a adaptação da obra prima de Katsuhiro Otomo, que se passa em 2019, completa 31 anos.


Aunque recientemente Taika Waititi había puesto fecha de estreno al live-action de #Akira, Warner Bros ha pausado el proyecto indefinidamente -…


Our mission to share science has earned #Emmy nominations! @NASA’s journey of discovery that started with one small step on the Moon continues today as we bring the world with us to Mars. More on the @NASInSight & @SpaceX Demo-1 campaigns honored today

Grimes and Adidas, a match made in baggy heaven.…

Got lots to do but instead I think I’ll just look up the Emmy nominations from today and then hate-fold the laundry

kral emmy’e aday gosterilmis. olumune senciyiz be:(


Le musicien sud-africain Johnny Clegg, fervent opposant à l'apartheid, est mort à 66 ans…

He seems ill prepared to celebrate the 50th anniversary of #Apollo11 on the Moon but there he is.


'Thor Ragnarok' writer-director Taika Waititi returning for 'Thor 4'


Migues, se Game Of Thrones ganhou indicação de melhor roteiro em série de drama do Emmy 2019 com a oitava temporada, você consegue criar uma lhama

Responding to today's news that the NYPD officer involved in Eric Garner's death will not be federally charged, @JulianCastro passionately called the situation "a failure of our justice system. It is a travesty." Castro is the only #2020 candidate w/ a police reform policy.

Musician Johnny Clegg Dies at 66 After Cancer Battle… via @uskeus


眠い(ง 。-_-)ง うー…٩( ´⚰︎` ) ۶さげぽよ~…

Exclusive: The drama following #TheBachelorette’s Peter Weber isn’t going unnoticed.…

CAPCOM: "And we have some stars recommended for you. For stars 26, 30, and 24, when you get to attitude 000. Over." Armstrong: "... Roger. And, let's see, that is Spica, Menkent, and what else?" CAPCOM: "Roger. Stars - Codes are stars 26, 30, and 24. Over." #Apollo11 #Apollo50

"I jokingly suggested to Neil Armstrong 'Do you think we could put a little Union flag on that?' because there were 27 British engineers that worked on this." It's 50 years since #Apollo11 But who were the Brits involved? WATCH: #newsnight | #Apollo50

THIS is why Kaepernick,et al kneels. This is fucking criminal: William Barr steps in to make sure the NYPD cop who killed Eric Garner won't be prosecuted… via @thinkprogress

russian doll was nominated for best comedy series and it’s what she deserves

movie questions 1. ffh 2. itsv, good will hunting, ffh 3. booksmart 4. a lot i’m sensitive 5. the last airbender. 6. la la land (rewatched) 7. 13 going on 30 8. ragnarok 10. itsv, crazy rich asians reply with an emoji and i'll send u the questions!

#ObamaWasBetterAt also putting kids in cages but doing it in a woke way


Trending Last time Trudeau was trending this much as he is with #TrudeauMustGo It was either Bhangra dancing in India or Castro Eulogies In your opinion tell us why #TrudeauMustGo

Tim with an epic reality check for the Obama apologists. #ObamaWasBetterAt…

I’ve never watched the show before but @AlabamaHannah made me want to with her personality alone, with that said, I really feel like Luke needs therapy otherwise domestic violence looms in his future. That’s coming from someone who ignored the signs & stayed. #TheBachelorette

Longleaf pine forests in Alabama and Florida have disappeared & so have Eastern indigo snakes. AZA-accredited facilities are committed to #SavingSpecies by expanding reintroduction of these snakes to protected habitats through AZA SAFE. #WorldSnakeDay


in our new, empty house watching old college basketball games. this 06 UCLA team was stacked... darren collison, aaron afflalo, luc mbah a moute, jordan farmar, ryan hollins... also the same team that beat memphis in the elite eight. tough.


Find out more about @Shadkmusic's #Polaris2019 #ShortList-nominated album 'A Short Story About A War.' Watch:


Got the chance to meet Zack #Smith twice. Such a nice, down to earth guy. Smith was a massive part of the #Sens the last 10 years. Sad to see one of our last veterans go, Good luck and go win a god damn CUP!

I couldn’t tell you the state of Anisimovs game right now but he’s a big rangy C. #Sens got a few good years from Smith but at this point it’s time to move on. I like the deal

Zack Smith has been with the #Sens organization since 2008, suiting up for 612 games with the team which sits 9th in franchise history. Always came across as a genuine guy that loved being a Senator. Hope it works out for him in Chicago!

When I reviewed the Fet.Nat record I called it a glorious mindfuck that sounded like the wheels falling off Deerhoof's van. Their world is our mystery gift. Now it's on the #Polaris2019 list.……

.@HaviahMighty’s album 13th Floor has made the @PolarisPrize shortlist. Revisit her #FirstPlayLive session of the album: #Polaris2019


Wonderful move by @Esks to add Ricky Ray’s name to the Wall of Honour. No need to wait for the CFHOF to call him first. Have him throw one last pass to Jason Tucker.#CFL

Riders get some justice in seeing Simoni Lawrence suspension upheld:…

Ocasio-Cortez fires back at Lindsey Graham for calling Dem congresswomen “anti-Semitic” and “communists”