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I hope Modi can learn some ‘class’ from world leaders like Trudeau.


adrian mi nie da bloka bo ja codziennie zmieniam pack i on mysli ze to inne osoby sa... hes not wrong tho

Camino a Qatar 2022: La Roja ya tiene programación para los duelos clasificatorios ante Argentina y Bolivia…

So, to sum up, a truce and a draw has been called. Except it was never an even match to begin with. In the space of a week Adrian Delia has received validation as a candidate and has now received validation as an equal to Jason Azzopardi. In other words: just what he wanted.

GRCA partners with Forests Ontario to help landowners plant 20,000 trees


¿Por qué lxs modelxs se ven super cool urbanos con ropa deportiva* y yo parezco que vengo de mi clase de zumba? *No importa el tipo de ropa.

Gary Bettman is a joke. The @NHL @NHLPA and @NHLPlayerSafety are all laughing stocks.

Today showed the future of Newfoundland & Labrador is directly linked to the future development of oil & gas EXPAND the offshore #MyOffshoreMyFuture #nlpoli

It's good to know that Brian Lilley now gets to determine what feminism is for Canadian women. #cdnpoli

Dame Moya Greene and the other highly-skilled members of the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team have clearly put a great deal of thought and analysis into The Big Reset, and I thank them on behalf of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.


Dennis Eckersley, who grew up in the Bay Area, calls Willie Mays - who turns 90 today and is now the oldest living former MLB player - the "greatest player who ever lived."

Willie Mays always put on a show for the fans! #SayHey90

The #CyrilSuspended gang now calls itself the ANC , they are only a part of the ANC , but their behaviour is like they own the ANC & no one else has any right to the ANC except them only, well according to the ANC constitution Ace is still the SG as we speak .#thursdaymorning

Ontario vowed to investigate horrific deaths in long-term care. Now it says that didn't happen.


An Ontario PC party ad campaign critical of the federal government's handling of the border during the COVID-19 pandemic is drawing some criticism of its own #onpoli

The Ontario PC party are so nervous about putting Ford in front of a mic that he's now banned from every karaoke bar in Ontario...

Doug Ford: “And this study from Qatar, holy doodle, it says the Fizer is only 30% effective against the India Virus” Me: “Mr Premier can you please spell Qatar for us?” Doug: “(chuckling) Jesse, Jess, Jes muh friend...”


So here comes the resettlement hard sellers. And I will say again: you need more than a list of communities. You need a vision fo4 an end state. There is no reason that tide wouldn't keep rolling all the way to Halifax otherwise. #nlpoli…

must have teleported into an alternate universe or something bc pink joon exists and that can't be bc namjoon said he wouldn't go pink again


Line 5: - 45% of the petroleum refined in Ontario and Quebec. - Ontario receives 540,000 b/d processed into gasoline, diesel and propane. - ~5,000 job losses - Pearson airport relies on 100% of its jet fuel for Line 5.

Disgraceful dogwhistling from Ontario's PCs. It's as though they'd rather use resources to attack and control the messaging around the outbreak failures, than the virus itself. Or not "as though". It is that.…

The Premier must have found out about this when he called the Qatar Consulate two weeks ago trying to find some more vaccines…

Say Hey!!! Say Happy Birthday. Willie Mays.


Happy 90th birthday to Willie Mays, the true GOAT.


If the Trudeau government wants to target assistance to seniors in need, it could simply increase the Guaranteed Income Supplement benefits.…

Why are these schemes always 'big' e.g. The Big Reset. Polanyi observed rapid structural change led to the double movement. That is, either social forces would reembed the market within social relations or there would be a turn to fascism.


A toast to George Clooney's 60th Birthday


Me certificando de estar online quando a NHL anunciar que o Pavel Buchnevich for suspenso e o twitter entrar no modo furioso master blaster.

MUNFA rejects the “The Big Reset’s” recommendation to cut the operating grants of @MemorialU and @CNA_News by 30% over the next 6 years. MUNFA is calling on @vianne_timmons and Iris Petten, Board of Regents Chair, to denounce such a dramatic cut to PSE #nlpoli

Five new COVID-19 cases today. #nlpoli

People who actually fell for the smoke and mirrors of the @nlliberals during the election, how’s it going? #nlpoli

If you suspend him after not suspending Wilson you need to seriously reconsider who is making the decisions. Mantha was going to cross check him as well, Buchnevich just went high in defending himself, especially after taking 3 hacks to the back of the leg after a clean hit.…

#LeafsForever Legend @wendelclark17 joins @FAN590 to talk about the #AllCaps Tom Wilson #NYR incidents the last two games. Clark does say that the cross-check by Pavel Buchnevich to Anthony Mantha was worse than what Tom Wilson did in the previous game.

Buchnevich to have hearing for high-sticking Mantha in the face


Carleton E. Watkins, Lower Yosemite Fall, 1,600 feet, ca. 1872, printed ca. 1876… #themet #photography



$500 60 minute giveaway at some point today to celebrate bonfire up 500% in the last 48hrs. Turn notis on, don’t miss this.

Just stop calling yourself a conservative or Right Wing if you would even consider voting for “Caitlyn Jenner.”

A real nightmare Angel Hernandez explain the rules to Tony La Russa

Tucker says vaccine has killed 4000 Americans so far. Does that mean Canada is on track to kill ~500 Canadian via the vaccines? That will make the 1 or 2 cases being reported on now looks like child's play.…

Embid je bolji u odbrani i to je to. Jokić bolji u svemu ostalom, a ovaj nije toliko bolji defanzivac od Jokića koliko je ovaj bolji napadač. Jokića bacanja sprečavaju da bude 50-40-90. Čovek šutira 60% za dva i ovaj bolji šuter, lol. Trol matori.…

Aim Higher #BONFIRESQUAD We are the strongest community in crypto .Claim it ! #bonfiretoken #BONFIRE @token_bonfire

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