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Juice WRLD allegedly took "several unknown pills" prior to suffering a seizure


'Oh shit, this is like my year. This is like the beginning of my decade.' #Lizzo is just getting started!

РУСАДА должно будет выплатить WADA штраф в размере 100 тысяч долларов или десяти процентов от своего годового бюджета. «Этот штраф является максимально возможным в рамках правил», — говорится на сайте WADA. Плюс два миллиона за техническую проверку анализов из Московской лаб.

So Juice WRLD isn’t dead!

#MondayMotivation Have a great day, folks. Not a good day. Not an okay day. Have a Great day. @JensenAckles Jacksonville, 2016.


#MondayMotivation Hehehehehehe. Have a great day, Spokane!

#यथार्थ_गीता_अनुवाद #MondayMotivation जानिए गीता जी के गूढ़ रहस्य को केवल साधना चैनल पर 7:30 से 8:30 बजे रोजाना सत्संग ईश्वर चैनल पर 8:30 से 9:30 तथा श्रद्धा चैनल पर दोपहर 2:00 से 3:00 तक रोजाना @Poojadassi5

Marriage Story vient d’être nommé dans 6 catégories aux Golden Globes, dont Meilleur film dramatique. Il est déjà disponible, si tu veux comprendre pourquoi.


WADA ta haramtawa Rasha shiga wasanni tsawon shekaru 4


Surprised someone had the guts to stand up to the Russians on this doping scandal. Great to see this action by #WADA, which I used to cover occasionally back in my #Olympics reporting days.

#Rusia tiene 21 días para apelar ante el TAS. El Comité Olímpico Internacional aún no se pronuncia.

"Сотрудничество" с невменяемыми организациями, как ПАСЕ и WADA, это просто распил госбюджета чиновниками!

Tomorrow, @EnergyCommerce will hold a hearing on nine bills designed to achieve "universal coverage." But eight of those bills won't finish the job. Only H.R. 1384, the #MedicareForAll Act, would guarantee comprehensive coverage for everybody.


#Russia was banned from the Olympics and world championships in a range of sports on Monday after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) ruled to punish it for manipulating laboratory data, the TASS news agency reported.

Tijdens het @NOS #Sportgala worden de beste sporters van 2019 bekend gemaakt. Presentatoren @primadeluxe en Dione de Graaff vertellen over hun favoriete sporters en praten over de historische straf die de Russische sporters opgelegd kregen van @WADA_ama.…

all my favs are getting snubbed except marriage story


WADA impone 4 años de sanción a Rusia por escándalo de dopaje

Paying bills is satisfying until you have no money

Bills vs Steelers is very likely a game for the #5 seed If Bills win, they are the 5, unless they somehow win the division If Bills lose, most likely the 6 barring a collapse by PIT, Bills getting to 11 wins or the nightmare scenario in which they miss playoffs

Your opinions on me don’t pay my bills. So sila fakoff

The @Ravens defense didn't complain about the wind in their game against the @Bills, they used it t their advantage. Defense scheme and personnel notes:… #Ravensflock @1057TheFan @purpleflocknews


'the best part of this is you'll get two free pairs of shoes' free pairs of shoes don't pay my bills, babe!

All the major bills passed this year are in one way or the other unconstitutional. #IndiaRejectsCAB

Cuban-Spanish actress ⁦@Ana_d_Armas⁩ is nominated for a leading Golden Globe award for her performance in ⁦…

KNIVES OUT has been nominated for ‘Excellence in Production Design for a Contemporary Film’ by the Art Directors Guild. #ADG800


The fact that he is so proud of using gay in a derogatorive manner & the N word,the fact that he is proud of himself for being “untouchable” despite being so horrible & yet people still have the audacity to defend him #h3h3isoverparty #BanKpopAccounts

Thank you to Tracey Shepherd for discussing the importance of clinical listening and their use of the ‘Effectice Listening and Interactive Communication Scale’ (ELICS) in caring effectively for children @LHSCCanada @WesternU @UofTNursing @HBKidsHospital #ChildHealthCan2019


Thank all of you in the room for so accurately portraying the proceedings at #ChildHealthCan2019 and for those of you not here for amplifying the discussions

Can’t wait to hear about these innovations! What a great format to hear about ideas from the front lines! #ChildHealthCan2019…

“Tell your stories”. A critical message for patients and providers. Here’s a story about my son and about my passion for helping #kids with #chronicpain #ChildHealthCan2019 @TheComfAbility @KidsInPain…

To all kpop stans tweeting #h3h3isoverparty shut the fuck up


#h3h3isoverparty bruh this why no one likes u dumb ass kpop fans blatant disrespect just so u can say some quirky ass remark about ur fucking kpop shit,


È morto il rapper statunitense Juice Wrld, aveva 21 anni…

“i still see your shadows in my room can’t take back the love that I gave you” my heartbroken song & rip juice wrld

emo me last night: idk im not sure i rlly wanna make stuff 4 fandom anymore im just tired revived me after seeing promare again: ok SO WHAT FIRST

Me sees #h3h3isoverparty is trending Me: oh no Sees a kpop profile picture

Jimmy Garropolo’s throws 4 TD passes, rallies 49ers past Saints

The Saints and 49ers may have just played the game of the year, which definitely featured the play of the year, courtesy of George Kittle. @rodger breaks down all of the winners and losers from NFL Week 14:…

Did someone say cheaper power bills? We’ve got you covered. Plus, we’re on track to reach 20% renewable energy next year, on our way to 50% by 2030. #qldpol


im so sad i love promare so much

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