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Modest Mahomes talks up team mates after win over Titans


Super bowl prediction niners 31 chiefs 27

New on @TheNFLWire: Following a near-pick and an actual pick against the Vikings in the divisional round, Kyle Shanahan put Jimmy Garoppolo in the Witness Protection Program. Odds are, that won't work in Super Bowl LIV.…

Chiefs just clenched a spot in the super bowl and it’s 9:40pm and no one is in p&l! Tf is wrong with y’all???

"Leo, you’ve been an inspiration for over 25 years to me and so many people. I thank you very, very much.” –Joaquin Phoenix #SAGAwards


We going to the Super Bowl what the hell

(opens envelope) "PARASITE" #SAGAwards

Quick work of Viks. Destroyed the Pack, again. Headed to Super Bowl 54. Feels great, baby! #49ers

Torcerei para os 49ers no Super Bowl. Nosso pupilo merece!

this is something that could be so personal CONGRATS PARASITE #SAGAwards


Las dos mejores actuaciones de #Joker #SAGAwards


#mahomeschallenge Part1: Playoff 3rd round TENNvsKC (1 chinup for the YTD @chiefs TDs.)62 chinups for James. 1 more game to finish our season. #chiefskingdom #mahomes #mahomes15

Easy To Kill #ReversedFilmTitles

Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging (6 pack) for $10!!! ! Over 50% off! #Deal #ganga… #ReversedFilmTitles


#ReversedFilmTitles Oh Brother Why Art Thou Here? Flight Club Ghostlusters Uneasy Rider #ElectronicMusic #Music

So sorry to report that Gordon Smith has died. What a life.…

We mourn the loss and celebrate the life of a true gentleman, artist, teacher and great Canadian. #RIP my friend. Gordon Appelbe Smith. 1919-2020


Dear Bruno, please see this. Use this video in your negotiation with Ed Woodward. You can add at least another million in your wage demands. #MUFC #LIVMUN

Clean sheet & an assist. 1st assist from a Liverpool GK in 10 years. #LFC #LIVMUN #Anfield @Alissonbecker


"Beast of a man. Beast of a player. My god, what a player." Roy Keane on Virgil van Dijk. #LIVMUN #LFC


If anyone told me that we will be 16 points ahead after 22 games with a game in hand, I would have told him/her even so, we shall focus on the next match, one game at a time, all in! #LIVMUN #ONEBYONE #FOCUS


One thing is that every player on the pitch in United colors gave everything they had but the opposition was just too good in every department. This game felt like a derby. I hope we get where we belong, someday. #LIVMUN #MUFC

19th Jan 2008:We beat Australia in Perth test,which was a sort of payback after a horrible Sydney test 19th Jan 2017:Yuvraj & Dhoni join hands to tick the clock back & help us win the series vs England 19th Jan 2020:We beat Australia Is there a luckier date than this? #INDvAUS

Never dwell on negative thoughts. Acknowledge their existence. Detach. Release. Let go. Know that you are destined for much greater things. #SundayThoughts #ShineOn#Love


The #DM2 crew talk about their next few months of training after a short holiday break. #SpaceX #CrewDragon #InFlightAbort @Astro_Doug @AstroBehnken

Talking to the DM2 crew right now. They confirm that... Doug Hurley is the Commander Bob Bhenkin is the Pilot. #SpaceX #Dragon #CrewLaunchIsComing @NASASpaceflight

Before we ask God for anything, lets thank him for everything #SundayThoughts

nothing like a fresh strong cup of Colombian coffee ☕ #Colombian #coffeee #SundayMorning


Yunho skarbie mam nadzieje ze wrocisz do nas z jeszcze wieksza energia,, Wypoczywaj #GetWellSoonYunho

jongdae watching kerries protest outside sm knowing they flopped so bad bcos he’s going to stay no matter what #CHEN_STAYS #MyAnswerIsEXO9

This episode makes it seem like Tariq is the killer, but I think it's Tate. If he didn't act alone, he did it with Ramona's help. #PowerTV

And here I was getting upset cos I couldn't get up to watch the fight. The King is back

Are we going to talk about how nice Tommy’s jacket was? #PowerTV

Power Season 6 Episode 13 Tommy didn’t shoot Ghost. #WhoShotGhost #WhoKilledGhost #PowerTV

strive faust response types -OMG VORE HFHFYGHTF (in a bad way) -OMG VORE HFHFYGHTF (in a good way) -he's creepy! -wow look at his moves! -wow look at his shoes! -lore, except they dont actually know his lore

At first, I was like wtf is going on with Faust, but honestly I'm here for super creepy Faust.

I feel a Loui empty netter coming...

Boo, I was hoping to see empty net specialist Loui Eriksson go for a multi-goal night tonight.

The Cisneros family out in full force for the #WomensMarch2020!


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