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The Lion King e alt yazılı mı gitsem dublajlı mı bence dublajlı gideyim inşallah eski Aslan Kraldaki sesler vardır da şok yaşamam çünkü Aslan kral çizgi filmini hep dublajlı izledim çünkü çocukluk budur shdjdjdkdkd

wont be tossing ur cats here, i will just hug them.

When the cast of Cats caught fire they put them out with Memory Foam. #cats

What's your favorite track on Beyonce's album the lion king Mine is Already ft Shatta wale

Lyrics: Beyoncé ft. Wizkid, Saint Jhn, Blue Ivy – Brown Skin Girl (The Lion King)…

Best blooper from the opening to the review of The Lion King

The lion king was so good I wanna go see it again

Lebo M proud of songs in remake of ‘The Lion King’ South African composer Lebo M says he feels a sense of pride in the songs in Disney’s remake of ‘The Lion King’ – saying they were created with energy and some with a touch of South African colour.


Twists and turns keep you guessing until the end! ★COZY MYSTERY 7 BOOK SET★ ✔ sylviaselfman #ASMSG ✎via Pizzazz Book Promotions #ebooks


I cant do that that's not in my job description. #ThingsStupidPeopleSay

Ken Holland could not have gotten rid of Lucic fast enough #CalgaryFlames #Oilers #NHL Good riddance

#NYR Twitter is apoplectic over the Trouba contract. #InGortonWeTrust

Gears 5 - Killing Kait (SOUND ON!) #gears5techtest is trending in the U.S. #gears5 #GearsofWar #xbox #xboxonex

شاهد.. ساديو مانى يرد على تحية الجماهير بعد خروجه من الملعب #محاربي_الصحراء #123VivaLAlgerie #CAN2019 #الجزايز_السنغال #WeLoveEgypt2019 #SENALG #AFCON2019 #Algeria منتخب الساجدين #الجزاير

Final update of the day on the Strait of Hormuz situation available here via @LloydsList and powered by @LLIntelligence. Now free to read. DM for interviews. ……

okay so like my actual last tweet i have to sleep unfortunately but if u read this i wanna say i truly love u both so much and i’ve been stanning for over three years, i’m so proud of u and it would mean soso much for u to follow me i love you :( <333 #therealityhouse @KianAndJc

Aljazair baru saja memastikan diri sebagai juara Piala Afrika 2019 usai mengalahkan tim unggulan Senegal.…

Iran seizes British tanker in Strait of Hormuz…


SECURITY UPDATE: How can you tell if your Waste & Recycling company is really LOCALLY OWNED? Check the awesome and badass truck decals for local landmarks. Thanks to everyone who we “met” in today’s #kdaysparade. @LocalWasteCorp is proud of being purely #yeg.


Has the president singled out any specific instances of AOC, Omar, Pressley or Tlaib “hating” the U.S.? He makes vague reference to policy and I assume he means Green New Deal, raising minimum wage etc. but has he even said that’s what he means?

لو كانت كليه حقوق او اداب مثلاً بتاخد من 99% كانت كل الناس هيبقي حلمها تدخل حقوق او اداب احنا مش بندرس اللي بنحبه احنا بندرس اللي بنتفشخر بيه قدام الناس #زعيم_تويتر_فولوو_الجمعه

Trump wants to run against the Squad. Democrats must stay united | Lloyd Green…

"Faceapp kullanmayanlar olarak toplanıp masa kuralım zira çok az kişi kaldık."

Мне кажется, FaceApp не хватает таких фильтров - как я буду выглядеть через 30 лет, если жена умрет через год - как я буду выглядеть завтра с утра, если выпью вот это вот всё - как я буду выглядеть в глазах окружающих, если они узнают, что мне нравятся песни Тимати

Good morning! Tune in to One America News for the latest! (Photo: An American flag flaps in the breeze in front of blossoming dogwoods in Zelienople, Pa. -- Keith Srakocic via AP)


Donald Trump’s opponents know to expect a harsh reaction after criticizing the president. It is only for women, though, that Trump and his supporters deploy their most sinister lines of attack, @elainaplott writes:

Nadia Murad won the Nobel Prize for her horrific struggle with ISIS-the same ISIS Trump uses to scare his base. His reaction to her is a combo of jealous over a prize he wants and not really listening distain. "They gave it to you for what reason?"…

El canciller de Trump en la Argentina | Mike Pompeo, secretario de Estado de EEUU, ya está en la AMIA para homenajear a las víctimas del atentado terrorista que dejó 85 muertos

One of the most ridiculous aspects of Trump's and Graham's whataboutism is they pretend the media never covered Tlaib's "impeach the MFer" or the controversies about Omar's Israel comments. The latter, in particular, was a massive story.

Trump admin attacks endangered Pacific Leatherback, a seagoing turtle that can weigh a ton. @DCReportMedia has the latest on Trump's assault on nature from our @SarahOkeson. The facts here are disturbing so please read, urge others to see our Action Box.…


Iran says U.S. may have shot down its own drone by mistake… via @usatoday

What You Need to Know About Trump's $8 Billion Saudi Arms Deal… via @frontlinepbs

Perhaps because John McCain wasn’t a racist, xenophobe. With Trump, we are living through George Wallace’s presidency. This ‘crap’ is entirely of Trump’s doing and design, and calling it out - each & every time - should be the duty of every American, Senator.…

Elected officials and supporters rally behind Rep. Ilhan Omar after Trump's attacks…

Starting a hashtag..feel free to join in using the hashtag, would love it to trend, list the things that define you want to define your and our America. use: #InOurAmerica

WAKE UP AMERICA! The DEMOCRATIC Party are NOW THE ANTI-AMERICAN party of "radical domestic terrorists" BENT ON THE DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! All God-fearing, FREEDOM loving, GOOD, caring and respectful person MUST #WALKAWAYFROMDEMOCRATS…

Madeleine McCann ‘FaceApp AI’ could offer breakthrough after missing kid found years later…


They named a ship after John McCain, and a street after President Obama. What do you think they will name for Trump? My guess, a porta potty and a crayon: traitor orange, or the Donald J Trump chemical toilet.


Haven't stopped listening to Take my breath away and Final countdown Since that Top Gun: maverick trailer has dropped

"Top Gun Maverick" : Tom Cruise dévoile la bande-annonce du nouveau volet

Heat wave in Michigan: Hot weather, health warning signs you shouldn't ignore…

Everyone this morning who claimed they were quitting #BB21 last night.

Bot this media ... #TrudeauMustGo Would a bot know that he is a total idiot who has trouble completing a thought he has not previously rehearsed? #OnPoli #CanPoli

最後なにかある人でkyoaniに金落としてくれって行ったらみんな集まってkyoaniの話になっていいコミュ二ティだなぁってなった #frokan

Road to Principal Park gets hot tonight. Game time moved to 8:00 pm vs North High due to the excessive heat warning. Come and support the boys of summer. #rolldrags

Kemi will now know what fakes Christie and Sam are. I hope she completely ignores them finale night. #BB21

Kemi was looking so good last night. #bb21

The National Weather Service in Cleveland has upgraded an excessive heat watch to an excessive heat warning in effect from 12 p.m. on Friday to 8 p.m. on Saturday. Heat index values - what it feels like based on temperature and humidity - may reach 107.

Excessive heat Warning entire Chicago area of northeast Illinois into northwest Indiana until 7PM CDT Saturday

Lost in all the chocolate milk back and forth: “Mr. Scheer promised to scrap the Liberal plan to make front-of-package labels mandatory for foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fat” #CPC wants an unhealthy, uninformed Canada #cdnpoli…

Mau ngerjain tugas atau kerja pun bisa…

Yankees vencen a Rays tras expulsión de Boone NUEVA YORK — El manager Aaron Boone enfureció con un umpire novato, pero los Yanquis de Nueva York enderezaron el camino tras un mal comienzo y vencieron este jueves 6-2……

Can Aaron Boone stop by the Twins dugout Monday and scream at them to tighten this (bleep) up?

One mildly funny thing that comes to mind is that I know someone who has two cats named Goose and Maverick.

Top Gun trailer? HELL YEAH LET’S GET BACK IN THE DANGER ZONE His Dark Materials trailer? HOLY CRAP yes please my eyeballs are ready! Cats trailer: ..........take it back. Please. I beg you.

Feelings about the CATS movie are called "felinegs"

But mostly I’m just... bemused... by the amount of tweeps who seem to have no previous acquaintance at all with Cats. Seriously? It’s new to you?

Me perturba el nuevo trailer de Cats? Si. La voy a ver igual? Oooobvia.

Fregona esta escena !! @TonoMendiville @CARLOSEES @wonderjuanita Top Gun - You've Lost That Loving Feeling (Legendado) vía @YouTube



Absolutely no one: Hollywood: Here's Top Gun 2

“My guys are fucking savages in that box.” You want Aaron Boone leading into battle!! #Yankees…

The worst thing about the #CatsMovie trailer isn't the uncanny valley, the neon garishness of the sets, or even the weird lack of genitalia. It's Jennifer Hudson oversinging Memory. Make her STOP!

Jason Derulo in cat form is something no one asked for and is now an entity that the world will have to cope with for the rest of eternity


THE GOOSE IS LOOSE. Tomorrow at noon! 80+ cases. 1 case limit per person.


Members of the Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team, the @SkyHawksCanada, just landed on the lawn of Parliament Hill and it was really cool to watch! Here’s the view from our CTV Parliamentary Bureau.

Ottawa to pay nearly $1B to settle sexual misconduct lawsuits against Canadian Armed Forces…


Top 5 Reasons to come to Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Night: It’ll be a season opener rematch on Thursday, July 25th when the Ottawa REDBLACKS host the Calgary Stampeders inside The Stadium at TD Place at 7:00pm. Thursday will also…… via @REDBLACKS


Senator Bernie Sanders, condemned Trump's comments, calling him the "most dangerous president in the history of our country"

From @DLeonhardt’s newsletter today: Chants of “Send her back!” about Ilhan Omar at President Trump’s rally last night expressed an ugly, lawless, racist sentiment — and Trump loved it

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. - Robert Heinlein

damn girl are you a knight of the seven kingdoms because you deserve an emmy nomination


1903: Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. 2019: Send her back.

“Cats da Universal Pictures será algo infernal. Nós teremos nossa primeira boa olhada no filme nessa sexta-feira quando lançarem o trailer, junto com uma nova música da estrela Taylor Swift.” -@Collider


Jon Stewart rips into Rand Paul after he blocks 9/11 victim compensation fund: 'An abomination'…

#IStandWithIlhan Trump needs to stop with the b.s. this is the shit that won't get him reelected (thank God)

Former Cats returning for @thetournament received a warm welcome yesterday. Thanks @KentuckyMBB , @UKDeWaynePeevy , and @UKCoachCalipari for the love. Much appreciated! #BBN


Trump's rally crowd chanted "Send her back!" as the president continued his attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar. #11MSNBC #11thHour


The new iteration of #GossipGirl will take place 8 years after the original website went dark…

このゲームの邦題は「我輩は猫である」しかなさそう。猫目線ゲーム… #Gameart #Indiegamedev #cats


Extinguishing the light of other peoples candles, does not make yours burn brighter. #quote #ThursdayThoughts


Jon Stewart blasts Sen. Paul for blocking 9/11 victims bill Wednesday.

Every Republican mentioned in this article shilling for the budget deal from hell that will not only kill Trump on spending but on immigration should be defeated…

Is there a ploy with less history of success than "I'll pretend to defend the Republicans when they act offended which will then give me credibility to call them out when the President says something batshit racist"…

Trump’s entire campaign and MAGA slogan centered on the fact that he thought America wasn’t great. Now anyone, especially a person of color, who dares to say America needs improvement is told to leave the country? What a bunch of hypocrites. #IStandWithIlhan

If the Gossip Girl spinoff is bad I will cyberbully HBO.

It's storming ⚡and Claire just wants to know where it's coming from & why she can't I see out her window... #Thunderstorms #ThursdayThoughts #cats #CatsOfTwitter


i talked to these gems catherine o hara and eugene levy about their last days on schitt's creek and what would moira rose do? (if she got an emmy nomination)…

¿No odian un poco más a los productores de Game of Thrones después de enterarnos que no quisieron meter a Gwendoline Christie a los Emmy y lo tuvo que hacer ella? Y la pinches nominaron. Leo son como $250 USD para entrar. Pinches miserables, y además idiotas porque les convino.

The 2nd quarter FEC results show these vulnerable #Republicans are not as vulnerable as #Democrats think - via @politico… #senate2020 #Election2020

Republicans, it’s going to be a scorcher this weekend, so remember to take those robes and hoods off if you’re going to be walking long distances.

To reduce the use of plastic bags Forest Departments and other nurseries can start using coconuts to nurse their seedlings. - Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. @Waste360 and Environmental Management Services #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation


Vivimos el año más violento y el remedo de presidente se conmueve por la sentencia del Chapo....nada más nos falta ver en Tabasco una avenida llamada Don Jarquín Archivaldo Guzman Loera…

"A fraud on the viewer," media critic Edward Wasserman says of a "random" panel of women on #CNN that praised #Trump -- but was actually an organized pro-Trump group. “I don’t see any good reason for CNN not to identify the affiliation of these women."…

#TAEYONG_LongFlight I’m so proud of Taeyong!!!


everyone’s excited about gossip girl then there’s just me here MAD

AL AIRE @asilascosasw | Llegó el final de "El Chapo" ante la sentencia que recibió. @SGarciaSoto en #SerpientesYEscaleras


#TemaEnTendencia | Descrita como la cárcel donde “la vida es peor que la muerte”, la #ADXFlorence es el lugar que recibirá a "El Chapo" Guzmán para pagar su cadena perpetua.

Good morning Rand Paul is more anti-American than Ilhan Omar send tweet…

Madre mía que vuelve Gossip Girl, increíble

The Signal Hill fence is just another example of incompetent government use of taxpayer funds following an imagined/manufactured problem which escalated in cost because they had to reverse a mistake that could have been avoided by simply asking taxpayers ‘Is this a stupid idea?’

Omg this headline. Fence and sensibility: Parks Canada tearing down Signal Hill fence | CBC News…

El chapo es un hijo de Ia chingada, pero es nuestro hijo de la chingada. El daño en violencia, terror y sangre lo causó mayormente en Mexico.. A ver si el gobierno de @lopezobrador_ tiene la capacidad por primera vez de hacer las cosas bien e incautar la fortuna que deja atrás.

And this has absolutely nothing to do with Tupac.…

regular emails about tupac in every workplace…

¡LA JUSTICIA LLEGA! “El Chapo” Guzmán es condenado a cadena perpetua en corte federal de NY

#3PopularThingsIHate number 1, kpop number 2, your dumb ugly ass number 3, pedophilic blood harvesting cults

I'm not condoning violence but I'd like to shake the hand of Rand Paul's neighbor. The way Paul used all of his power to punish that man who punched his lights out shows exactly who he is, but we already knew any way. This solidifies it.…

#Hallazgos con @MarioMunoz_ Dictan cadena perpetua y otros 30 años a “El Chapo” en Estados Unidos. Mientras el Gobierno de México apenas le aseguró dos casas, dos vehículos, joyas y armas entre los años 2001 y 2017. ➡

Raja dadah Mexico, El Chapo dijatuhi penjara seumur hidup…


The more I think about this story, the more I sort of love this guy. Would that we all were so unreserved about the things which give us joy.…

Sexual assault charges dropped against Kevin Spacey in Nantucket…


1. Hashtags 2. The word popular 3. The number 3 #3PopularThingsIHate

Prosecutors dropped a case accusing actor Kevin Spacey of groping a young man at a resort island bar in 2016

Shame on @RandPaul, who unilaterally blocked funding for 9/11 victims today. Reminds me of that time he unilaterally blocked sanctions on the Assad regime (Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act).…

Today, Junior Canadian Ranger and Kingfisher Lake FN community member Shawnda Mamakwa has been sworn in as part of the Canadian Armed Forces as a Canadian Ranger by Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Richardson


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