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#BorisJohnson at the Swami Narayan Akshardham Temple (file pics). Big Conservative victory in UK forecast. @BorisJohnson returning to Westminster. (UK back from the Brink?) #Brexit (Jeremy Corbyn who fell for Pak propaganda on #Kashmir says he will not lead #Labour in future)


Liberal Democrats victorious in St Albans to unseat Conservatives in the 2019 General Election…

My UK channel has been experiencing some nice growth over the past month. I'd like to hear your input on how I could improve it in the future? Still hope I can roll out the Japanese and Spanish channels eventually. Dang coppa :/


Conservatives win Beaconsfield - Dominic Grieve gone #GE2019


Congratulations to Prof @heeraman98 on his batchmate Boris Johnson's (extreme right) victory, although my vote would have gone to Lord Buckethead. All those snooker sessions you two had down at Balliol, Oxford have brought this on.


Theresa May urges Boris Johnson to say no to #indyref2

Looks like the #ScottishBorders didnt want a voice and happy to let Boris decide the future of what we need here..... So sad for @CalumRKerr it was an amazing campaign and you done us all proud. You were by far the better candidate and you should be proud of what you achieved.…

As a three-time recipient of Time Magazine's Person of the Year recognition (1969, 2002, 2006), I congratulate Boris Johnson on his magnificent victory. Hopefully, the UK election is a prelude to the 2020 U.S. election. #UKElection #GeneralElection @guardian #BorisJohnson

“I think that Boris Johnson was absolutely right when this election was called: we didn’t want an election but Parliament was broken” Re-elected Conservative minister Michael Gove says PM put Brexit “at the heart of his campaign” #BBCElection #GE2019

Commonsense has prevailed, three cheers for Boris, time for bed, sweet dreams fellow Brexiteers.

British people made fun of the U.S for voting for Trump, while they went ahead and voted for both Brexit and Boris Johnson. I just - #GeneralElection2019

TORIES are 77 seats ahead so far: GOOD NEWS ITS OFFICIAL :…

#Brexit back on? Exit Polls: Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party Demolishes Labor Party in Election | News and Politics…

Scotland i applaud you tonight

Brexit has poisoned this country.

Jeremy Corbyn set to resign as Labour party chief facing crushing defeat to Johnson…

British PM Johnson heads for big Brexit election win


Big win for BoJo and Tories in Britain.... #Brexit... snatched many traditional seats from Corby's Labor party....

My thoughts are that Bercow, Cooper, Benn et al have done an awful lot of damage. The British sentiment of "fair play" has, I suspect, seen Remain voters voting Tory in an attempt to move things on. Both sides saw the "anything to block Brexit" policies for what they were.

Scotland reject UNIONISM.

Ok, so lots of you are cunts. I don't even care anymore. You have screwed us over. You don't deserve the air we breathe, **** bitches. #UKElection #GeneralElection #GeneralElection19 #GE19…

Here's what the results look like so far in Britain's election


... americans watching congress tonight: "our government is bananas." britain:


Mark Andrews been running free whole night.

Leftists don't actually care about kids getting criticized over their calls to enact global Marxism. They relish in the opportunity to accuse conservatives of attacking teenage girls with Aspergers. That's why they use them promote their propaganda in the first place.

#impeachmentDebate is #JimJordan of #Ohio auditioning for a VP spot to replace mild mannered #Pence for the #2020Election ? Or does he just have a bad case of the the #trumpereah -spew-FLU?

It’s our 3rd general election in 5 years. Doesn’t that tell you that the current situation is NOT working and it’s time for change? #VoteForChange #GeneralElection2019 #ToriesOut #YouthQuake

Say what you want about Greta but Melania's son, Barron is OFF LIMITS! Wait to talk about him until he is older and does something newsworthy like shoot up a school! #BeBest #bebestmyass #MAGA

It’s hilarious these GOP members pretend Zelensky has the freedom to admit he was pressured when they are too scared to speak truth to Trump because it would jeopardize their political futures. In Ukraine there are actual LIVES at stake. #impeachmentDebate

It's poetic justice Republicans chose unfit @POTUS Donald Trump as their career/legacy hill to die on, for their careers & legacies will certainly die shameful, disgraceful & appropriate deaths. #RIPRepublicanParty #HouseJudiciary #ImpeachmentDebate #ImpeachmentHearing

All the russian bots on twitter make me want to fight for the fate of democracy exponentially harder. #impeachmentDebate

IN THE HEIGHTS Dreams Big in Newly Released Movie Trailer (VIDEO) #InTheHeightsMovie…

"Around 10 million Mexicans expected at celebration for Our Lady of Guadalupe"…

Premier Legault thinks all French Canadians are Catholics. The 25% non- Catholic French Canadians think M. Legault is a "beau cave."

All French Canadians are Catholic???? Then what the fuck do you need the secularism bill for? Why ban burkas, turbans, hijabs if everyone is catholic anyways? #smellslikebullshit #francoislegaultisracist #bill21

Por conta de Greta na capa da revista Time, “Mudança” chega aos Trending Topics do Twitter…

#InsomniaIn4Words Welcome to my world

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