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People after they go outside since #Fortnite hast permanent downtime on


#Fortnite Item Shop for October 14th 2019 | Use creator code Squish If you would like to support me! #Fortnite


I found out what the numbers mean from the hole 11 - I’m 146 - Gonna 15 - Kill 62 - Myself 87 - Because 14 - I 106 - Have 2 - Been 150 - Watching 69 - This 146 - Hole 15 - For 36 - 6 2 - Freaking 176 - Hours #Fortnite #Fortniteleak #TheEnd

can everyone just unfollow fortnite #EndTheEvent #fortnite

Looking at the #Fortnite blackhole makes me feel like I'm waiting for my ps2 to start

Do you think if @Ninja flosses for as long as the #Fortnite black hole goes on for it will come back? #BlackHole

Nobody asked Deshaun Watson to break down the Chiefs defense?!?!?

ignore my messy a$$ room i j wanted to participate #LGBTQtakeover


Tier 1-A Wilson, Mahomes Tier 1-B Wentz, Watson They are the future of the NFL. Any other QB you’d add to that top Tier and a half?

Had few hours to reflect on Eagles game Many Eagles fans I follow should do this before making statements regarding long term prospects of the team Normal to be upset about game + criticize about today's game Judging Pederson/Wentz after today longterm is upper level stupid

NFL Week 6 Sunday Huddle: Deshaun Watson wins QB duel vs. Chiefs; #49ers top Rams to stay undefeated [@sportingnews]

Pope Francis tweets ‘thanks to the Lord for our new

Teddy Bridgewater deserves more credit after leading #Saints to another win.…

pat mahomes is a poor mans deshaun watson

Another tough loss for our #Chiefs today. Who are you blaming for this one?

#Chiefs fans: “Andy never runs the ball! We have to establish the run!” Andy, facing a 2nd & 13 deep in his own territory, down by 7, late in the 4th: “We should establish the run.”

The season will be completely turned around if the #Broncos beat the #Chiefs in four days. LET'S GO DENVER!!!!

Updated EPA/dropback leaders. Dak Prescott: .34 EPA/dropback Russell Wilson: .34 EPA/dropback Patrick Mahomes: .30 EPA/dropback Deshaun Watson: .26 EPA/dropback


I'm thinking that @brianlilley should ask @MercedesGlobal to mentor him. After all, she was able to identify the men as RCMP ERT. Maybe following a real journalist would be beneficial for Brian. #elxn43 #cdnpoli…

Texans' Deshaun Watson not sacked for second week in a row

Dirty Dan Sorensen logged 3 tackles today as the #Chiefs fall to the #Texans. @DannySorensen49 | #ChiefsVsTexans

*NSYNC giving some love to the #Seahawks receivers for their celebration…

#Broncos win AND the #Chiefs lose? Someone pinch me.

Should the #Chiefs just sit Patrick Mahomes until he's fully healed? @vgregorian lays out the dilemma in this @kcstar Subscriber Exclusive...…

The threat was readl. The guards were the RCMP ERT and one Toronto ETF member. #elxn43…

Join the winning family, I made a subscription of for today's game staked high and see what I won, Contact @MRHENRY11402097 if you’re interested #Okoye #keisha #ndidi #casemiro #chukwueze #osimhen #uzoho #IgboPresidency2023 #rohr #onuachu #iwobi #neymar #BRANGA #NoBraDay #Det


El drDiegoCadena ha hecho un gran esfuerzo para confirmar informaciones de testigos manipulados por extremistas que sintieron que mi Gbno les cerró el camino.Las nuevas pruebas le ayudarán y me ayudarán. Defiendo la democracia, defiendo mi honor, no se de sobornos ni de fraudes

Taquilla USA: #joker mantiene el num 1, y sus porcentajes aguantan bien altos (camino ya de las mejores recaudaciones del año). Buen estreno para #TheAddamsFamily (ahora que la animación comienza a titubear) Discreto para #GeminiMan (y no parece que la crítica vaya a impulsarla).…

Assisti el camino Não é ruim, porém, não era necessário.

Something I sketched up while watching the Finale. Enjoy! #MLPSeason9 #MLPFiM #MLPSeriesfinale #MyLittlePony


Got home from my #MLPSeriesfinale watch party a little while ago and wanted to take the time to thank every single person who put their heart and soul into 9 years of making a silly show about pastel ponies and change the lives of so many people, me included. #brony


Well, I guess it's time for me to make my #MLPSeriesfinale post. It's true the show saved my life many years ago, and made me into who I am today. But I'm not here to talk about that. No, I'm here to relate the words of an old lost friend of mine. "All ends are beginnings"

más mona abby es uno de los únicos bebés de fics que no es gilipollas #Walls…

Ni la oscuridad de la noche impedirá que sus pasos imaginarios recorran el laberinto de sus miedos buscando el camino que le lleve hasta el corazón dueño de sus suspiros... #microcuento


Ehlinger was 26-38 210 yards against Oklahoma today. 31/47 401 yards against LSU.

Oklahoma kicked our ass. I didn’t see that coming.

#nowplaying on @BBC6Music #NationalAlbumDay @AlbumDayUK BOOKER T. & THE M.G.'S - Time Is Tight - from their 1969 soundtrack album for UPTIGHT


Happy! #Caturday ! I Have Exactly! Three! Nose Freckles‼️


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