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This year’s #WorldHealthDay theme couldn’t be more apt as it is dedicated to honour the indefatigable work of nurses and midwives across the globe…

"Geçtiğimiz 8 sene için teşekkürler EXO-L" Geçtiğimiz 8 sene için teşekkürler EXO ❤️ #8ternitywithEXO #EXO #우리의_청춘_시대는_엑소라고_부른다 #EXO8thAnniversary #8YearswithEXO


Today, on #WorldHealthDay, we ask you to join us in acknowledging the unsung #healthheroes who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. We salute you!


Birthday photo This kid saved my life. #TuesdayMotivation He is my motivation


The world was forever changed by the Bronco's bus tragedy in 2018. In memory of those 29 people, we remind you that even during the uncertain times we currently face, others still need help. Talk to your loved ones today about #OrganDonation #GreenShirtDay #LoganBouletEffect


Dylan Samberg, fresh off signing his contract with the #NHLJets, is speaking now with local media.


Shopify cancels plans to host annual developer conference virtually. #CDNtech #COVID19…

Jets ink blue-liner Dylan Samberg to entry-level deal with average annual value of $1.175M.…

Today is World Health Day, and the theme for this year is Nurses and Midwives. Nurses and midwives play a large role in providing essential health services to people in need worldwide. Thank you for all you do! #WorldHealthDay #SupportNursesAndMidwives…


How much is @RealDonaldTrump 's personal stake in the malaria-drug maker Sanofi? It could be as small as $99


Let's salute the true heroes who fight on the frontlines towards fighting the coronavirus and making the world a healthy and a safe place to live. #WorldHealthDay #ThankYouHealthHeroes #Corona #coronavirus2020 #skillrecruit #work #safety #prevention #selfcare #health


There's an objectively correct answer to this: Buffy, Veronica Mars, and Friday Night Lights…

thinking sbout how good veronica mars was but also v underrated i wish that show was done by other networks

you mean to tell me that Veronica Mars is trending right now?!?!

#CERBWontHelpMe because my full-time job was cancelled but not my part-time job. Instead of $2,000/month from #CERB, I will only have $800/month to live off of. I am a student and I need the summer to save for next year! #EmergencyUBI #BasicIncome #UBIWorks #HumansOfBasicIncome


This was a blast! Thanks to all for your engagement and participation. Check out the presentations and share your thoughts/questions! #WIISTOTC…

Beer crabs illegal #MyFirstJobIn3Words I was 13 and wanted to study abroad so I got a job bussing tables and being paid under the table.

This paper by @caredunton aims to ground some of the relatively limited research on Canada and the #UNSC in IR theory about status and identity. This is a good thing. Previous work has been utterly devoid of theory. #WIISTOTC 1/10

“I say as a black man that I know that people have died for the right to vote. This is very important to our entire country, and if people are going to go out there and vote, please do it as safely as possible,” @Surgeon_General says when asked about Wisconsin primary

It seems to me the Supreme Court got it right on the Wisconsin primary: 1) right on the narrow issue of a last-minute change to basic election timing 2) right on the broader question that one cannot make last-minute changes that deligitimize an election... A good precedent, no?

I join @SantitaJ at 7AM on radio in Milwaukee (1510AM) Madison (92.7FM) and Chicago (820AM) with latest on Wisconsin’s #PandemicElection. We’ll explain: — court rulings — where polls are open — how to protect yourself and your right to vote today. BE SAFE! Love and Solidarity!

Dana White oznajmił, że będzie starał się robić gale UFC na prywatnej wyspie, pierwsza próba 18 kwietnia. Sądzę, że Dariusz Snarski powinien wziąć przykład z łysego i spróbować swoje wielkie imprezy robić w podobny sposób

Dana White is about to start Mortal Kombat


where in the uk can i get a gigabyte geforce gtx 1660 super oc 6g for delivery???

#MyFirstJobIn3Words - Daily Newspaper Delivery. Taught me how business works, including customer service, reliability, profit margins, etc. Also learned how to save & begin basic investing. Wish I had learned back then how to build wealth in stocks. Dow was below 1,000 back then!

Join us now (there's still time!) for our wellbeing webinar, focussing on 'stress management'. @ByGeorgeA will be discussing practical strategies for recognising and managing stress, to help ourselves and our #apprentices! #MondayMotivation #MentalHealth


Don't lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out. #famousquotes #wiz #quotes #mondaymotivation #whatsappstatus #WhatsApp

'I clicked like 3 buttons': Laid-off workers praise ease of COVID-19 emergency benefits site

Rocky, Remember the Titans and Miracle.…

PM Boris Johnson is not on a ventilator Michael Gove tells @BBCr4today

There are many political leaders I genuinely don’t like, but I would never wish any of them dead. The response of some people to the news about Boris Johnson is truly unsettling.

Michael Gove tells @BBCr4today that Boris Johnson is not on a ventilator but is receiving oxygen support in intensive care at St Thomas’ hospital

Boris Johnson is not on a ventilator, Michael Gove tells @BBCr4today

junhee saw me having a soobin moment and said lol watch this

Another onslaught of cool shots tonight. Here are a couple. #BetterCallSaul


Beach + Work = Beachworks #MyFirstJobIn3Words

So, since 3MB: Jinder Mahal became WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre became WWE Champion, and Heath Slater... got kids. #Wrestlemania36 #RawAfterMania

one of the greatest episodes, #BetterCallSaul , well, after #BreakingBad


Many thanks to the dedicated CRA employees working tirelessly to support Canadians during these difficult times. #CERB #proudtobeCanadian #CanadaEmergencyResponseBenefit…

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