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Moro, Weintraub, Xoice, JB e Greta Pirralha e muito mais com a Bárbara. Confira! #MAB #AvançaBrasil…

Ivan Rogers: the EU will be “sequencing the negotiations again to maximise their leverage. How Johnson deals with that will, in practice, define his first year in office.”…

BBC: "Johnson BELIEVES he has the mandate to get Brexit done". This is simply a mental disturbance masquerading as reporting. How a broadcaster whose watchword is 'impartiality' insinuate that after three elections, including a landslide, there's no ACTUAL mandate for Brexit?

Said it at the start of the campaign, but this was the BBC election - Brexit, Boris and Corbyn.

Brexit : messieurs les Anglais, sortez les premiers ! -… via @libe

Nah that’s some sort of brexit shit #justiceforrobbie #XFactorTheBand

White House on Greta Thunberg: Trump, first lady communicate differently…

Well said @BrookeBCNN -- the President of the United States is bullying a child.…

Correction. Greta Thunberg is not a normal teenager, not a Saint, not a hero, and not an honest person.…

In defense of @RepRichmond ...who doesn’t and who can’t ‘multi task?’ And admit it, there was lots of repetition ...…

“Get Brexit Done” was a very good slogan “The People’s Government” is a very bad slogan, and will do real damage if it sticks for long enough to get the chance to ring hollow

Con ustedes, la «Xbox Series X», el nombre oficial de Project Scarlett, 4 veces más poderosa que Xbox One X| #Games…

I will wait 8 hours for the next Xbox next year

Show me in your web history the last time you watched the Young Turks and I'll listen to your take on the importance of the Cenk thing.

Tour #Scotland travel video of #perth2021 City of Culture 2021 Mural on visit to #Perth, #Perthshire…

Casual Friday w/ Cenk Uygur & Andy Kindler - MR Live - 12/13/19

The new Kaytranada LP is so good

I am trying to understand why SNP keeps perpetuating lies about EU membership for independent Scotland. Scotland leaves EU with UK or independently. Scotland appears to believe in equal influence when rest of UK is around 60m people to their 5m.

This new KAYTRANADA...I’m pleased


Boris Johnson #Brexit #SextaLigaDaJusticaSDV #SextaDetremuraSDV Sexta-feira 13 sextou 13 #AeroFla Marinheiro Ricardo Galvão DOIS MESES LURIANY tentando ser notado, se vc viu isso e puder dar um like.... srrsrsrsrsrs

For 1st time all 4 of my kids voted Labour in 4 different constituencies We rarely discuss party politics Their overwhelming disappointment is a failure of the Labour leadership They care about public service, are intolerant of hate & want to help the vulnerable They’re my legacy

#Scotxit ? Frankly it's not a good idea, too much at stake for #IndyRef2 . UK must heal and unite for a new directions after #brexit…

Well I guess that case is now finally closed. Apparently 'we' were wrong to believe that there is a majority of people in the UK against Brexit. #LetThemGo #Brexit

La UE demana la ratificació del Brexit al gener i admet les dificultats i el calendari ajustat per negociar la futura relació comercial i política amb el Regne Unit "No és el final de res. És l'inici d'unes relacions excel·lents entre bons veïns", diu @vonderleyen


Traurige aber auch krass falsche Darstellung, denn das Wahlergebnis von #Labour ist auf #Corbyn und die besondere Situation rund um den Umgang des Parlaments mit dem #Brexit zurückzuführen. Außerdem hat die #SNP (Sozialdemokratische Patei) in Schottland haushoch gewonnen.…

RAPAAAAAAAAAAAZ QUE ALBÃO BOM DA PORRAAAAAAAAA eu achei tudo lindo demais porem a fase da tristeza em cherry, falling e to be so lonely me ganhou

Sobre Fine Line - Harry styles foi feito pra cantar músicas tristes, senti falta de mais músicas assim. - Falling, Fine Line e Golden são minhas preferidas até então - Amei a vibe de Treat People with Kindness (e só me fez querer mais uma versão de estúdio de Ultralight Beam)

“ we were too young to know we had everything ” – too young, louis tomlinson “ don't blame me for falling, i was just a little boy ” – to be so lonely, harry styles


falling n to be so lonely being back to back. yea. might cry.


to be so lonely and falling are possibly my favs off the album


When Taylor’s fight paves the way for a law on making the creator of music the 1st priority in the purchase of their masters and the sale of it without the creators’ knowledge becomes illegal #HappyBirthdayTaylor


gonna go listen to #FineLine harry better not disappoint


Andrew Scheer is stepping down as the Conservative party leader

Tá certo, não é um mv mas depois de 9 meses ganhamos uma música nova das meninas e por isso vamos dar todo o apoio e amor pra elas que se dedicaram e colocaram todos os seus sentimentos nessa música tão linda para nós! ♡ #ThankYouLOONA #365WithLOONA

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game! I don't need friends; they disappoint me.


Hora da piada de tio... que bom que o The Game Awards foi em dezembro... pq se fosse em Setembro não poderia ter show do Green Day hahahaha

el puto de Miyazaki aprovechó la distracción de ganar el GOTY para irse sin enseñar trailer

Doug Ford rules out bid for federal Conservative leader after Andrew Scheer's resignation. Ford spokesperson says the premier wants to focus on Ontario. @fordnation @CPC_HQ #onpoli #cdnpoli…

日本のゲームが数々GOTYい選ばれてるのに 肝心の日本人はスマホゲー。eスポーツも普及する気配無し。 超少子高齢化日本からは スマホゲー と パチンコ で搾取して 未来ある海外向けのゲーム作った方がいいね。

the band is called green day but they were performing at night....somebody is lying here

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game!

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game!

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game!

Gimme. Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game!

Thanks @TheGameAwards & @Subway for this #FreshIndieDeveloper game!

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