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Läser vad Cats handlar om och ärligt talat känns som att jag är 100åring från landsbygden som försöker begripa sig på Pokémon

literalmente no habéis visto ni una puta imagen de las representsciones teatrales de cats and it shows

Acabo de veure un pavo amb un tattoo al cap que deia Soldado de Cristo, jo ja em retiro de la vida... Bye bye

#ThingsStupidPeopleSay I know you are depressed but... have you tried whale sounds? Essential oils?

Cats (2019, dir. Tom Hooper)

trump isn’t lighting the fire of racism in America #ThingsStupidPeopleSay



Um sonho: sentar numa mesa de bar com os produtores de elenco de Queer Eye

eugenia cooney is healthy?! :D

yami fell asleep watching queer eye with me but lookie


I was so excited for @veronicamars and now that I have finished it I feel personally absolutely destroyed. #VeronicaMars #VeronicaMarsSeason4 #uglycry #HeartBroken

Waiting to watch queer eye with my friends so we can all collectively cry together is probably my best decision of 2019

What makes this day even worse is that part of me feels like this was always the plan - extricating Veronica from the ship that stole the show. Of course, they needed the shippers on board if they wanted any hope of resurrecting the franchise. #VeronicaMars

Logan deserved better. PERIODT #VeronicaMars

Quick rant, no spoilers: they were always like „the fans, the fans, the best fans in the world“ and then they do this? So do they hate us or?? This is not controversial just bad and cruel #VeronicaMars

don't mind me, i'm just sitting here weeping over an adorable 65-year-old Croatian Catholic bachelor who lives in his dead parents' house he never cleaned out AND his dog just died I CAN'T GO TO BED UNTIL I KNOW HE'S OKAY #QueerEye4

If there is a more life-affirming show on TV than #QueerEye4 I don’t want to know. Each damn episode makes my wife and I weep copiously - me, stoic weeping of course.

Everytime @antoni is not on camera in this episode, I know he’s with that corgi!!! #sojealous #QueerEye4

Antoni from Queer Eye meeting a corgi is such a mood #QueerEye4

Cannot stop watching #QueerEye #queereye4

Flames e Oilers si scambiano Milan Lucic e James Neal, entrambi alla ricerca del rilancio -…


“Seven teams—the Braves, Cubs, Dodgers, Padres, Rays, Reds and Red Sox—had one scout in attendance Friday at Comerica Park. The Yankees had two—including former Cubs general manager Jim Hendry, a top advisor to Yanks’ GM Brian Cashman.”…

Marcus Stroman might’ve made his final start for the #BlueJays on Friday, as trade talk intensifies. How did he do? No walks. No runs. Many impressed scouts. My column from Detroit:… @MLBNetwork @MLB

16 *genital handling refusal* complaints by 1 trans person at BC #HumanRights. Can there be ANY possibility that ANY of these women will be DIRECTED to comply or FINED for saying no? What is Commission possibly weighing FGS? #bcpoli… via @nationalpost

"The West is a tough conference and when you come to Winnipeg you have to prepare for a tough game." WATCH ▶️ #ForTheW

"It was an awesome atmosphere out there tonight... It is great playing in front of this fanbase." WATCH ▶️ #ForTheW

New record: @MattNichols16 completed 19 consecutive passes to set a new franchise record and now ranks fourth in CFL history. #ForTheW


Lot of fun chatting with Section 10 people at Camden tonight but one thing I chose to avoid is the Sox scouting Marcus Stroman. If they trade for him I’m going to flee the country

Marcus Stroman shut out the Tigers for seven innings in Friday night’s 12-1 Blue Jays victory in Detroit. @lauraarmy:…

“Papi, I don’t want you to go!” Vlad Jr. seems to want Marcus Stroman to stay with the #BlueJays

One of the coolest moments of my life was on my 9th birthday going to a hitting lesson and seeing this dude in the same place as me and my hitting coach telling me “that’s Marcus stroman... remember his name” ever since then I’ve been rooting for him…

With that win, Coach O’Shea notches his 50th win as head coach! #ForTheW


Marcus Stroman was not fazed by the scouts here today: “I don’t think it matters, man, to be honest with you. Everyone was saying that going into the game. I couldn’t care less, to be honest. I feel like you could watch a game from home ..." 1/2 #BlueJays

#BlueJays Marcus Stroman, reflecting on trade talk: "Vladdy was hugging me a few weeks ago, I feel, and he was kind of upset because there was a bunch of rumours going on and you could see him. He was like, 'Papi, I don't want you to go. I don't want you to go.'"

This would be a good time to remind you that our next home game August 8th will have a 50/50 pot starting at $100,000. TICKETS ➡️ #ForTheW

Marcus Stroman, Drop Down & Stro-mo Deliveries (back to back pitches).

Stroman pitches seven shutout innings as Blue Jays rout Tigers. MORE:…


George Nader, a key witness in Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, is charged in a new federal indictment with transporting a 14-year-old boy for sex, child pornography and carrying obscene materials. - @CNBC


All of these people are pedophiles! Why are more people not outraged?!…

Trade is now official. Factoring in the retained salary for Edmonton, the deal essentially breaks down like this: - Flames get Lucic (5.25M AAV), conditional 2020 3rd round pick - Oilers get Neal (6.5M AAV) Both players have four years remaining on their deals.

Kanye: Yo Donald, get gotta get my dude out of Sweden ASAP Trump: No problem, Ye. What’s his name? Kanye: A$AP Rocky Trump: I know, I’ll work on it ASAP. What’s his first name? Kanye: ASAP Trump: Homeslice, I’ll get him out as soon as I can, but I still need his first name.

If Oilers are retaining 12.5 percent that’s 750k, so they more or less bring in Neal on a 6.5 million cap hit for the same term. Pretty ugly.

Conditional 3rd and 12.5% retained to flip Lucic for Neal. I think that’s a win for Holland.

A$AP Rocky once he’s free n realizes trump n kanye freed him

Official: Flames also acquire a conditional third round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft and Oilers will also retain a portion (12.5%) of Lucic’s remaining contract.…

It's official: The Flames and Oilers have swapped wingers.…

The Oilers finalize the Lucic-Neal trade. The Flames get a 2020 conditional third-round pick in the deal.

'Extraordinarily brazen' : Iran seizes tankers in Strait of Hormuz, raising tensions with Britain @CNBC…

Grant MacEwan and Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Klondike Days Parade, 1966 (A117a). #kdaysparade


We're having a K-riffic time at this year's @KDaysyeg festivities! Glad to see so many faces braving the weather to come out and enjoy the Premier's Breakfast and #kdaysparade #KDays


Proud to be in #YEGdt this morning as smiling faces lined the streets of Jasper Avenue for the @KDaysyeg Parade! The 10 day summer festival kicks off today and runs until July 28 – #yeg #community #kdaysparade


Há operação policial na Furquim Mendes, no Jardim América, zona norte do Rio (09:41) #RiscoDeTiros #FogoCruzadoRJ


There's an America ass's on my shirt.@ChrisEvans


A Progressive candidate can get elected President in 2020. In fact, it is more likely a progressive will win than anyone else. America has elected progressive candidates before: Obama, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, etc.

The @GOP knew what DJT was (and is) and they foisted him on us anyway. He is the GrOPer's revenge on America. The plutocrats are laughing at us in their country clubs and gated communities. Their victory in the class war is now complete. #TheResistance…… by registering for and using the Service you consent to the transfer of information to the U.S. So my humble request to stand up with me and start this trend. #stopstealingmydata.#FaceApp #stopstealingmydata #stopsteaingmdata #stopstealingmydata ....

Trump says he stopped supporters from chanting ‘send her back’ about Rep. Ilhan Omar. He did no such thing.

Breaking news: All ports in the Gulf Coast,East Coast and West Coast areas are lining up ships that’s being donated for 7days for people that doesn’t like America can leave for free. Meals will be provide. Destination will be Cuba,Venezuela and China. Don’t miss this opportunity

Very obvious why everyone on the political spectrum from center to far right, from Pelosi to Trump, is terrified of this brave and inspiring woman…

Российское приложение FaceApp в США заподозрили в сборе данных и требуют удалять. "Российский IT-бизнес еще долго будет токсичным, вынужденным доказывать, что он не аватар ФСБ, ГРУ и прочих подобных структур", - сожалеет Александр Плющев @plushev…

my babies always look so happy performing power

Today worth re-watching Barack Obama @BarackObama giving the eulogy to John McCain CC @realDonaldTrump…

power oh my god war flashbacks

Sen. Lindsey Graham: "I don't remember anyone treating John McCain the way they're treating Trump. I don't remember John McCain having to go through this crap every day all the time."

Top Gun: Maverick (sight unseen) > Cats. Don’t @ me.

You want to know an unsettling way to start Friday? Realizing you're still sexually attracted to Tom Cruise... as long as he's wearing a jumpsuit and responding to call sign Maverick.…

Me, flying economy class as I always do: Ugh. First class is such classist bullshit, the grossest display of the corporate pandering to the oligarchical wannabe power hungry. Me, flying first class for the first time today: GAZE UPON MY PRIVILEGE, YOU SAD COVETOUS POORS.

Tom Cruise is making his return to the big screen in Top Gun: Maverick. The official trailer was released yesterday and Cruise also made a surprise appearance at San Diego Comic-Con to promote the sequel.…

アニメイト、京アニへの募金開始 全国の店頭で… @hyamazaki26より

#TrudeauMustGo oh my goodness, Pooh says Oct, 2019 can’t come soon enough.…

The legacy of John McCain, allegedly fighting terrorism while simultaneously fostering terrrorism. And #FiveEyes applicants welcome! #Gladio…

My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost someone from the arsonist at KyoAni. It’s sad to see such a prominent studio, that’s created so many shows that I’ve loved, suffer through this. #PrayForKyoani

愛に出来ることはまだあるかい コメ欄がPray for KyoAniであふれかえってる…

デマはあかん! 京アニ火災「犯人は在日?」を根拠なく拡散 トレンドブログが複数掲載、ヘイトスピーチも…

Reading about KyoAni arson and trying not to cry. KyoAni was such a large part of my beginning as an anime fan and their works have such life and energy in them. Going to look into ways to support after work. #PrayForKyoaniが世界に拡散 #PrayForKyoani

Hey @AndrewScheer: aside from making chocolate milk food guide approved, what is the CPC plan to eliminate child poverty? Asking from NS, the province with the nationally worst rates of child poverty in #cdnpoli

Uh, with all due respect to @LindseyGrahamSC -WHICH IS NONE- you can go fuck yourself! I did not vote. for John McCain & honestly rarely agreed with any of his political positions. HOWEVER, on his WORST day he was never like Trump so for this jackass to compare is astounding…

A single question can be more influential than a thousand statements. - Bo Bennett #quote #ThursdayThoughts


If Lindsey can't tell the difference between John McCain and Donald Trump, then @LindseyGrahamSC WAS NOT a friend to John McCain. @realDonaldTrump @MeghanMcCain…

Dear @AndrewScheer and #conservative colleagues: #Evidence is not a partisan issue and Canada’s #foodguide is informed by #science not special interests. Spreading misinformation is not leadership. #cdnpoli…

I'm curious ... how precisely does one have an "ideologically driven" "philosophical perspective" and "bias" against dairy products? I think this position needs some clarification.…


“I am not capable of doing big things, but I want to do everything, even the smallest things, for the greater glory of God.” - St. Dominic Savio (Photo: @StJosephOratory, the Institute’s apostolate in #Detroit, MI) #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation


#ThursdayThoughts #RadhaSoami_Exposed यह है कि यह पंथ लोगों को भ्रमित करने के लिए चलाया जा रहा है इस पंथ में कोई गुरु नहीं है जो मोक्ष विधि जानता हो । अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखिये साधना TV चैनल पर 7:30 से 8:30 तक


प्रभु की परिभाषा #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखे रात्रि 7:30 साधना चैनल।…

Beware of the perilous last days, when people will be self centered, proud, heedless, blasphemers, high handed and lovers of worldly pleasures more than eternal pleasures. Jumm'at Mabroor. #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts

EFCC, Lagos Zonal office, has arrested a Nigerian Immigration Service officer Adebimpe Kehinde alongside 14 other suspected passport racketeers in Lagos yesterday. #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation


There's only one person that they could have hired to help make the new Cats movie a reality.


Oh my God, what kind of hell is this. Cats the movie? Help.......…

It Chapter 2 marketing team: this will be the scariest trailer released today ;) Cats: Hold my digital fur tech

Cats seems like a really weird direction for the Blade Runner franchise to move in, but okay, sure, I'm in.

Para quienes añoran a #TomCruise en #TopGun, aquñi está el tráiler con el regreso de Pete Mitchell «Maverick»…

Do you feel the need? The need for speed? First trailer for the Top Gun sequel, 'Top Gun: Maverick' starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Val Kilmer, Jon Hamm and more. Thoughts?

Confira o primeiro trailer oficial de #CatsMovie, novo filme musical de comédia dramática. O elenco conta com nomes de Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Rebel Wilson, James Corden e a maravilhosa Taylor Swift.

the real birds that werent killed to be replaced by the govt #thebirdsworkforthebourgeoisie #FoundAtArea51

Dad: "...Dora the Explorer the movie, really? Son: "there better be Swiper..." Dad: "how about the new Top Gun trailer? Son: "Goose is still gone, nope." Swiper and Goose = proud parent

God I love this video, they should really get mics on all the managers so fans can hear these interactions. Boone was awesome, the ump was bad and of course compounds the problem by ejecting the manager. That's so damn annoying when the umps are bad and can't take the heat…

its funny that the only big cats in the cats universe are rebel wilson and james corden, i dont think they had to do that but they chose to

Correction. We pay: Ottawa to pay nearly $1B to settle sexual misconduct lawsuits against Canadian Armed Forces… #cdnpoli

Today in the box office a total of five people including myself ceased all work and gathered around my managers desk to watch the CATS trailer together, the ever present spirit of James Corden hovering above our heads as we descended into collective madness

#BREAKING Ottawa to pay nearly $1B to settle sexual misconduct lawsuits against Canadian Armed Forces #cdnpoli…

Severe thunderstorm warning issued for Calgary, with hail possible #yyc #yycweather #abstorm


Ottawa to pay nearly $1B to settle sexual misconduct lawsuits against Canadian Armed Forces #hw #cdnpoli


Ottawa to pay nearly $1B to settle sexual misconduct lawsuits against Canadian Armed Forces…


Pretty #storm heading quick thru #yyc today. #abstorm #yycweather #stormchaser


In last 3 yrs, congressmen were shot playing baseball. Explosive devices were sent to political figures. Disagree w/“Squad” all u want, but Trump needs to stop this crap now before some wacko gets triggered & someone gets hurt. Republicans, grow a spine & denounce this, damn it!…

Mark Meadows said Republicans were respectful to Barack Obama. This is the same Mark Meadows who in 2012 said he wanted send Barack Obama back to Kenya.

Radical Racist Republicans are the enemy of “We the People of the United States.” You are either anti-Americans supporting RRR or you are intelligent? Supporting Trump and the Radical Racist Republicans is pathetic; opposing them is patriotic. Simple.

We’re not sure why HBO didn’t submit her for a nomination, but we know they dropped the ball…

I must say that Pakistan produces some of the worst scum ever. All these khooni liberals, pretentious copy cats, parroting the "western culture and ideology" are just self loathing turds with very low self-esteem. #Pakistan

omg wait maybe there is a song coming tonight bc CATS comes out in december and the grammy cutoff is august, so maybe taylor is trying to get nominated for a grammy with this song. BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTS EVERYONE

This man is everything that is wrong with the world. Say no to hatred. #IStandWithIlhan


#IStandWithIlhan Don't listen to a failed reality star, multiple business bankruptcy filing etc.

López se pone tierno con el Chapo Mientras tanto miles de muertes desde que empezó su administración le importan un comino Nuevamente, aparece conmovedor ate sus fans, los considera mediocres y les a habla a su “nivel”…

I can’t wait to see the next Cats featurette, where Rebel Wilson will share one single detail she knows about the musical Cats

La pregunta obligada a #LópezObrador Obrador esta mañanera fue sobre la sentencia de cadena perpetua a Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán… ¿Me ayudan a compartir?

If the cast of CATS are people but they’re cats, are they gonna look like people wearing cat costumes with cgi fur or are they gonna look like cats who can talk...?


Republicans need to stop chanting for brown people to be deported, but more importantly, Democrats must stop calling those people racist.

'An abomination': Jon Stewart blasts Rand Paul for blocking 9/11 victims bill…

Jovem que acusou Kevin Spacey de abuso sexual retirou a queixa…

Secret Agent Rand Paul Reporting For Duty!… by @5DollarFeminist

I really hope Kentucky can ascend from the depths of hell and purge themselves of Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell, two of the most evil and corrupt in congress.

Andrea Beltrao e Fernanda Torres juntas entende isso???? se fossem americanas o Emmy taria lambendo o chao desse encontro de gigantes

Ya que vuelve Gossip Girl exijo un final feliz para Nate Archibald gracias

I need people to be more specific re: Gossip Girl. Is it a REBOOT or a SPIN-OFF and there IS a difference!

Congratulations! The winner of #WorldEmojiDay contest is Suraj Sahu @surajsahu32. Kindly DM us your contact details.


Kevin Spacey wasn’t acquitted. The charges were dropped because the complaining witness refused to answer anymore questions. I smell a deal being made...#justiceisforsale

Es un buen momento para recordar que probablemente Kevin Spacey fue el único de todo el reparto que entendió lo atroz que era la escritura de House of Cards.


Well it looks like @JLaC975's Got WOOD ... Signal Hill Fence Wood. @ParksCanada @ParksCanadaNL #NoFences #GotWood?


Now, if they put the road up Signal Hill the way it used to be, there won't be any problems...Heard @rickmercer is on his way to the U.S and Mexico border!

Too ugly to survive: Signal Hill fence demolition underway…


Workers are disassembling the fence right now! (Anyone wanna buy a day-old fence?)

Los próximos gobiernos de #Nicaragua tienen una RESPONSABILIDAD con el pueblo, ENCARCELAR a los Ortega-Murillo y sus derivados. Y por si acaso, mandarlos hasta Estados Unidos, para que no terminen como Arnoldo Alemán, sino como El Chapo.

Este exjefe de operaciones internacionales de la DEA, apunta ahora el dedo a la importancia de capturar al actual jefe del Cartel de Sinaloa, Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada

She emerged from the shadows of the Sinaloa cartel to speak out in court as El Chapo was sentenced to life in prison

“The fundamental underlying dynamics of the war on drugs have remained the same for going on half a century,” said an analyst. “I don’t want to call it a futile struggle but what else can you call it?”

رفتم نون بگیرم خانومه اومد کنارم آروم پرسید یارانه هارو دادن؟ گفتم نمیدونم،چرا!! گفت میخوام نون بگیرم.... ولش کن بابا به ما چه که یه عده پول نونم ندارن به ما چه یه عده دارن مملکتو میخورن به ما چه زندونیای سیاسی چه حالی دارن ما فعلا کارای مهم تری داریم.... #FaceApp

When they talk about hating America remember that it’s Rand Paul (R) and Mike Lee (R) that are holding up the 9/11 First Responders Victims Fund. Remember the facts not the fiction.

➡El penal es conocido como el 'Alcatraz de las montañas Rocosas'.

#FaceApp so it allowed me to reload and age the same pic 4 or 5 times, the end result


Rand Paul blocks attempt to permanently fund 9/11 victims fund via @politico

At first I was like "this is going to be a silly news story from my home state!" and then I found myself sad and angry.…

Wtf are we freaking serious, tupac is rolling over in his grave over this. What you saying white men in office can't like tupac thats like saying Obama or me for example can't like tim McGraw, Darius Rucker, and so many other country singers or christian singers. Ppl is stupif

"Do you know how many foods are shaped like dicks? THE BEST KINDS." This concludes my #NationalHotDogDay content for this year, Thank you for celebrating with me.


Coming soon to State Farm Stadium. The 22-inch, 1-pound, all-beef hotdog called the "4th and Long". #NationalHotDogDay


This leaves out the “rural dog,” where you wrap the dog in white bread because you’re out of buns and the nearest grocery store is a 45 minute drive away. (That’s the real Idaho dog, btw - the TaterPig shown here is just for fancy events like the county fair!) #NationalHotDogDay…

I agree CETA has problems, but for an opposition party to sabotage a Canadian govt overseas goes shamefully far. Keep the politics at home @ElizabethMay and @theJagmeetSingh.…

Greetings from Appleton, Wisconsin where Justin Jarvis toes the rubber at 7:05 pm CST (Cheesehead Standard Time)! @jjarvis1515


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