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Hwiyoung: “I kept worrying if I could enjoy the performance well, but Bobby hyung made the atmosphere really comfortable, so I was really thankful.” iKON OF ALL TRADES #iKONKingsOfNoLimit @YG_iKONIC #iKON #아이콘

Sunwoo: “Bobby hyung told us to just have fun, and that was very beneficial to us. I couldn’t understand it at first. I was like ‘no, shouldn’t we win anyway?’ But I felt so happy. I didn’t think a comp can be this happy.” iKON OF ALL TRADES #iKONKingsOfNoLimit @YG_iKONIC #iKON

In response to Bobby's opinion on "having fun", Sunwoo said he’s never performed a stage with such a setting like that (e.g. no formation, being free), so Bobby decided to show them how he usually does it. iKON OF ALL TRADES #iKONKingsOfNoLimit @YG_iKONIC #iKON #아이콘

May Allah bless your life & fulfill all your Dua. @vizous wishes you all EID Mubarak. . . #eidmubarak #eidcelebration2021 #eidmubaraktoall #eid #eid2021 #eidwishes #celebration #festival #festiveseason #vizousinterio #Bhubaneswar #interiordecorator #homedecor #mybhubaneswar


Assalamoalikum and Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones! May Allah(SWA) accept our prayers, good deeds and sacrifices and shower us with his holy blessings.


Eid Mubarak besties


#EidAlFitr holidays: How UAE residents are making the most of a long weekend amidst #COVID-19 concerns

Pak Army is blessed with INDIAN delicious Sweets on #EidAlFitr by our Soldiers & vise versa. Good to see!


Hydro-Quebec proposes fully-underground transmission lines + generation to provide clean, renewable #WindWaterSolar power (1.25 GW) to replace peak power from Indian Point U3 (1.04 MW) by 2025… @howarth_cornell @HeidiHutner @NSVann @ChrisDudley85 @AOC

Very few people could take top birthday billing away from Stevie Wonder but one did, my mom. No idea where my brothers or I would be without her. The strength and selflessness she shows on a daily basis, are attributes I can only aspire to.


sunwoo looks like the litte brother who adores the eldest a lot which is bobby and hwiyoung looks like the calm middle child who always gets teased by the eldest and the youngest

On the one hand, Quebec is investing $400 million on a green company and local jobs. On the other, one of the company’s executives is a business associate of a Quebec cabinet minister.…

5月13日 Stevie Wonderの誕生日。湧き出るように良い曲を作り続ける天才。 思いつきで作った10曲縛りのプレイリストでお祝いします。 Happy Birthday, Stevie !!!!!!!!!! HBD, Stevie 2021 (10songs)…

François Legault va écrire aux premiers ministres fédéral et provinciaux pour leur expliquer le recours à la clause dérogatoire dans sa réforme de la loi 101…

Premier League Chief Exec Richard Masters has called for the breakaway ESL six to be punished “justly and appropriately” on the day the government gave permission for the league to extend its £4.5 billion domestic broadcast deals, reports @SamWallaceTel…

so dougie lost $4.4 billion of tax payers money? man is the biggest puta in canada no cap

Starting a GoFundMe to relocate to Moncton and open my wildly anticipated Mmmuffins franchise…

Continue to avoid the Centennial Park area in #Moncton while police investigate reports of shots fired. Access to the park remains blocked. Do not post information on social media about police locations or operations.

Alert Ready message issued following report of shots fired, #Moncton

1/2: At around 8:30 a.m., #RCMPNB responded to a complaint of shots fired in the Centennial Park area in #Moncton. The information has been confirmed as credible and no injuries have been reported.

Why Rihanna set her self up right before the album drop


Bitcoin doesn't get stuck in a canal. And its pipeline doesn't get hacked.

Name of Elon Musk’s latest child confirmed by Football Focus presenter


MicroStrategy, GrayScale gibi kurumsalların #Bitcoin yatırımı trade amaçlı değil, pastada hakimiyet kurma amaçlıdır. Bakmayın siz Elon Musk'ın piyasayı dumpladığına. Ondan çok #Bitcoin için ağzının suları akan yoktur. Düşürüyorsa almak için düşürüyor.…

Yes I’m sure the market has topped when all the MSM are bearish Search “bitcoin” today and I’m sure you’ll find some great MSM takes


"After further research it turns out we were completely wrong. Bitcoin is a carbon reducing technology. Our complete destruction of this false narrative was not planned. We are just bumbling through life too." -@Tesla in 6 weeks.

The Daily Star wishes all its readers, subscribers, advertisers and well-wishers a joyous Eid. May better times lie ahead. Eid Mubarak! #EidMubarak #EidAlFitr #Eidulfitr2021 #Bangladesh


May Almighty Allah bless us & brings happiness and peace in the lives of our Palestinian brothers and sisters. #EidAlFitr #EidMubarak #HappyEid #SafeEid #EidMubarak


UPDATED: The Codiac RCMP is actively responding to a call where shots were fired in the Centennial Park area of Moncton, N.B.…

SUN HALO... a beautiful rainbow around the sun on another gorgeous morning in Portland. Hard to capture with a camera looking at the sun, but the rainbow colors were bright & vivid over the city #LiveOnK2 #thursdayvibes #StormHour @NWSPortland @rshelbyTV #sunhalo #Portland


Gal Gadot. Rihanna. Mo Salah. David Beckham. And every other Zionist, Zionist-sympathizer/or/apologetic.

Community hopes for answers from inquest into death of Atikamekw woman who filmed Quebec nurses mocking her | CBC News via @FrancaMignacca @JuliaBPage…

Robert Pattinson #BOTD English actor who began his career in theatre with his breakthrough role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005). He played T.E. Lawrence in Queen of the Desert (2015), and starred in The Lost City of Z (2016), and Tenet (2020).


Joyce Echaquan, 37, an Atikamekw mother of seven, filmed herself at the Joliette, Que., hospital last September as female staff were caught on the Facebook Live video insulting and mocking her.…

« Je me sens prêt », dit son conjoint, Carol Dubé

Chris Selley: Canada's lockdowns-forever doomsayers are actively working against the vaccine miracle…

Chris Selley: Canada's lockdowns-forever doomsayers are actively working against the vaccine miracle | National Post…

C’est l’ouverture des audiences du @CoronerQuebec sur le décès de Mme. Joyce Echaquan, femme atikamekw de 37 ans. Sa mort a soulevé l’indignation et menée à des excuses du PM @francoislegault #joyceechaquan #troisrivieres #joliette #manawan #noovoinfo


Coroner's inquest into Joyce Echaquan's death starts Thursday…

At 23, I was still in school (OAU) studying and running two business (kolord polos /edzy media) to survive. Edzy media metamorphose to @WeStudiosng today and KolordPolos is doing well with other side businesses as well. No pressure, just consistent steps. #Keepbuilding

At 23, I was a new mom, confused, grieving my dad who had just died, jobless, numb and that’s completely okay. It’s okay to be confused at 23, 27, 34...because life doesn’t need your permission to happen .Trust the process, if you can’t move, water yourself were you’re planted .

We all saw the tweet from Elon Musk about Bitcoin. Many people are losing a lot of money because of him!!Let’s band together and destroy the biggest scammer in crypto. Fuck Elon’s tweets. He is manipulating the fuck out of crypto. Buy now!! @FckElonTweet

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