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.@NICKIMINAJ we want pictures on mother’s day

Joe please don’t advise Max to not get his very pregnant wife a Mother’s Day gift

It’s a Sunday full of light and love sa Mother’s Day celebration kasama ang inyong ASAP fam! ‘Di niyo dapat ‘MOM-miss’ ang finest kantahan at sayawan sa ASAP Natin ‘To! @Espanto2001 @BonifacioAc


It's Mother's Day weekend. Hug your mom!

o poder da lily james de pamela anderson ta tão grande que eu quero quebrar a minha regra interna de só colocar icon de pardinhas por ela É MOLE??? amanda largue de ser franga consigo ouvir thami dizendo

Donald Trump Jr., Jimmy Carter possesses more intellectual horsepower and has forgotten more about being a good man than anyone in the Trump family will ever know. Nice try. #StandForBetter #wtpBLUE #ONEV1 #DemVoice1


Bianca’s legs!!! This look is everything!!! #SmackDown

So what did everybody think of the Retro Friday Night #SmackDown kind of a letdown for me we got digitally fisted I did enjoy the #Usos being back together

I think that was the best performance of Sergio Pettis’ career. Incredibly precise, technical, poised and composed. Beautiful counter boxing. He’s a special talent. Congrats to the new Bellator champ. #Bellator258

.@peterqueally responds to @PatricioPitbull claiming he used an "illegal elbow" to beat his brother at #Bellator258: "This is nonsense… There's something you can do you're angry and that's fight me." Watch full video:

I was asked what we do for fun in Manitoba with all the rules , this is how I best described it


President Jimmy Carter NEVER LED an INSURRECTION!

#Bluejays fall 10-4 (good buddy) in Houston in the opener of the weekend series. Ross Stripling didn't have it, Ty Tice may have turned into a pumpkin and three homers weren't enough.


Don Jr. decided to insult Biden tonight by comparing him to Jimmy Carter. What a stupid piece of shit Jr is. Jimmy Carter is one of the most extraordinary humans to ever walk the planet. Jr. isn't fit to lick his shoe.

Seeing so many friends and loved ones deeply effected by Manitoba’s Scooby-Doo-villain-levels-of-cartoonishly-evil smear of a premier has me riled up. My heart really hurts for my home town right now.

Aren’t school staff in most other provinces eligible? Why are those who work in Manitoba schools dependent on the White House rather than our own province? #covid19mb #mbed #mbpoli…

Shutting down gyms and patios but not slaughterhouses says it all. #Covid19MB

Got my first dose, and passive immunity for my baby, thanks to @VaxHuntersCan. In addition to the suggestion below I would also like to offer them the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship, a handful of Junos, and a free turkey dinner. #VHCvaxxie…


Ross Stripling has been very good in the odd-numbered innings tonight. #Bluejays

Maybe Ross Stripling needs to wear tighter pants. #BlueJays

At the very least, I expect the the new #covid19mb orders to be met with a 24/7 vaccination rollout

Vous le savez hein qu'il n'y a pas juste des colons en Beauce hein??!!…

J'ai reçu un courriel aujourd'hui d'un camarade qui vient de la Beauce. Je vous le lis. «S'cuse.» Je n’ai jamais reçu ce courriel. Mais disons que j’aimerais le recevoir.

Strong UNIONS build strong COMMUNITIES! We had a blast stopping by South End Children's Cafe and Connect Center for Youth to drop off some beautiful bouquets for kids to give to someone special for Mother's Day! Proud to support these organizations! #FeelThePower #FeelTheCare


Just received the greatest Mother’s Day present ever. Oldest son achieved a 93% and an 86% in two of his courses at university. Lucky mom.

It's absolutely delicious watching @PressSec pin faux "journalists" like Newsmax's Emerald Robinson wriggling to the wall as they sputter and blather and blither on their own BS.…

Government of Nova Scotia: "You all need to stay home and have everything delivered." Also GNS: "Our government-owned liquor and cannabis monopolies don't do home delivery."

Katie Telford refused to answer the basic question: Who made the decision NOT to tell Trudeau about allegations against Canada's top general? If there was nothing to hide, then it would be easy to answer. See our full statement. #cpc #cdnpoli #NDDN @LeonaAlleslev @PierrePaulHus


me estallo con todas ustedes soñando cosas re lindas con algún bts y después estoy yo que hoy soñé que estaba en un CARRITO DE GOLF con seokjin que se volvía montaña rusa de la nada y en el medio me decía que me debía un lemon pie

don’t forget to breathe in that ocean air Nova Scotia.


Frequented by the likes of Bill Gates and Justin Timberlake, the resort says it can safely turn wastewater into powder.

Emerald Robinson is a journalist for Newsmax. She should demand her journalism school refund her money.


Can someone tell the evil ignoramus Don jr that comparing @POTUS to Pres. Jimmy Carter is actually a good thing ,he was a good president and an even awesome ex president something his one term impeached disgraced former guy father will never be #DemVoice1

That’s not a REPORTER, @forbes. It’s a @newsmax spokesmodel…

Jimmy Carter was a terrible president and that’s historic fact. Also, he’s not a great former President either but people pretend he is because of his charitable work. Ask any former President, Dem or GOP, and they all have stories.

I know you all have to be mindlessly partisan and dunk on Donald Trump Jr. whenever you can, but no one ever actually thought Jimmy Carter was a good president.

Not only should Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax be treated like the domestic enemies that they really are but so should the cable companies for letting them exist.

Telford said "she was very concerned about the allegation against Vance". So concerned she did NOTHING about it -about BS our PM did not know, disgusting liberals -I sure hope you guys are on Telford's twitter page etc. I am blocked otherwise I would be on there

Could CTV shill harder for Telford? Global headline: "Telford repeatedly dodges questions about not telling Trudeau of 2018 Vance allegation" CTV headline: "We did not know what the complaint was about: Telford says of Vance allegation"

Matt Gurney: Katie Telford's feminism has done little for women in Canada's armed forces…

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