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Este hombre ha mezclado a albert rivera con donald trump. Idolo…

THIS IS CHILD ABUSE! COSTING US $750 A DAY PER KID: "That was a horrific policy decision by the Trump administration to say that safe and sanity conditions don't include toothbrushes, don't include blankets, forcing people to sleep on concrete floors,"

Trump Goes All in on Racism - dividing people and sowing hate as a political strategy. via @TheAtlantic…

Graham declines to condemn racist Trump tweets and calls Democratic congresswomen 'a bunch of communists' - CNNPolitics…

If @StephenAmell and the cast of the season 8 #Arrow premiere don’t win an emmy fir these beautiful performances I’ve witnessed in the last week....there’s something terribly wrong with the system.

Nothing but respect for the Emmy nominated actress Margaret Qualley


i’m so happy that thor 4 will be directed by taika waititi UGH literally the only man who could do the job right. the only one i trust

John Lewis and Eric Swalwell send the House Republicans into a panic…

Trump isn't racist or unfair.. no... fuck them all equally !…

Trump’s campaign is to rally the racists, and our most likely next prime minister thinks it’s acceptable to refer to women in burqas as ‘letterboxes’. What is the world coming to... #r4today

A-Real(African)-GEM . Music legend Johnny Clegg dies via @YouTube

Hommage à Johnny Clegg, le Zulu Blanc, tu as mené un combat juste sur l’égalité. Ta mort, laisse l’humanité sans voix.




The American people need to be prepared for a conventional war with a peer adversary. Some contend that they are, in fact, not prepared.…

Farewell African legend Johnny Clegg. Your music will never cease to uplift my soul. I look back fondly on the days spent on the hockey field and nights under the stars singing along to "Impi". This will help you get through the day @AlettaHarrison --……

Agen : en images, sur la venue de Johnny Clegg au Pruneau show…


Germany aiding Israel to maintain "perpetual occupation" while "silencing any form of opposition"

good morning to everyone but especially good morning to tom hiddleston, taika waititi and thor 4

gonna ask this question once again: remember when mainstream media amplified this idea that Tumblr teens were to blame for the rise of extreme right to power? CNN just gave Richard Spencer a platform to "discuss" Trump's racism…

On the 75th anniversary of D day, Hitlers dream comes true, an unelected German is lording it over the whole of Europe with the exception of the UK of course, who are resisting today as we did 1939/45 whilst the rest of Europe capitulate. A very sad day for democracy and Europe.

Gwendoline Christie and Alfie Allen deserve the Emmy's they're nominated for.…

Here we are. 21st Century USA in a coup. By a party that itself experienced a coup. There are no republicans in the republican leadership. One side is fighting the coup with truth, laws, and appealing to The People. One side is preparing to kill us if we do not comply. Awaken!

17 July 1918. RMS Carpathia, the ship that rescued 705 survivors from RMS Titanic in 1912, was sunk off Ireland by the German submarine.


He cannot speak German, still less Russian. 彼はドイツ語はもちろんロシア語も話せない。

I appreciate Beyonce's commitment to uplifting black and brown people in a dignified and aspirational way. She is an icon. #spiritmusicvideo.

I love that Damon is making Ricky work for his trust again instead of just giving into his shit. #PoseFX


An absolute wrestling clinic put on by Chad Gable and Jack Gallagher on tonight's #205Live. Seriously one of the best matches of the year in WWE. Even better than their last one. Shame that most people will never see it. If you're a fan of good pro wrestling, make time for it.

Chad Gable & Jack Gallagher absolutely killed it tonight. Brilliant match! #205Live

Those who suffer from #ScheerDesperation don't care about Canadians, Indigenous Peoples, the environment, or our future. They'll gladly sacrifice our future for short-term gains. So, vote...Green, NDP, Liberal...just deny the PCs your support.

Interesting trends in Canada. I saw #TrudeauMustGo on twitter. But then I click it. And see that the CPC seems to have originated that but its mostly drowned out in people denouncing it. Then I saw #ScheerDesperation and #TrudeauMustStay desperation trending and it's like yay!

Seattle to Name Ron Francis as First GM via @YouTube

Oh, hey. Welcome back to the world of GMs, Ron Francis. @mattsunday has the full details, courtesy of @PointParkU:…

Source: Ron Francis to be named Seattle GM…

The top-10 NHL point-getters of all-time, 1-5 in top row and 6-10 in bottom (L to R). Soon-to-be-named Seattle GM Ron Francis top row, far right.… #NHL #NHLSeattle #Whalers


That was the hardest flower arrangement I've ever had to make! #AmazingRaceCanada

Anthony & James brought tears to my eyes with their ribbon skirts and bandannas honouring #MMIWG on this episode of the #AmazingRaceCanada. You guys are doing great and we are so proud watching you!

I just had a very trustworthy source who wants to stay anonymous confirm to me that Scp will be joining FaZe this month. #FaZeScp #FindingRyan #Callofdutymobile #TheLionKing

#instagramdown Sofia Richie Welp, Here’s Sofia Richie Posing Topless on Vacation With Kylie Jenner #AgeChallenge

Nigel Farage is complaining about Ursula von der Leyen being voted President of European Commission with 52%. I’ll just let this settle here for a while so you can soak in the dripping irony.


Elue sans enthousiasme, Ursula von der Leyen s’expose à des débuts difficiles à la tête de la Commission européenne…


Vale Johnny Clegg, the soundtrack of my African identity. Hamba Kahle.

While defending Trump, Kellyanne Conway asked a reporter: 'What’s your ethnicity?’


Republicans in the House are more upset about Donald Trump's racist comments being *called racist on the Congressional RECORD* than they are about migrant children being kept in cages without access to clean water, soap or medicine. Wow.

I’m starting to think you save a bunch of money on your car insurance by calling Trump a racist

Who are the nine democrats who voted "no" to restore Pelosi's speaking privileges?

House Democrats are attempting to condemn the President when some of them have a history of anti-American behavior themselves.

Watch Rees-Mogg's furious reaction to Ursula von der Leyen's EU victory – 'Stitch-up!'…

please taika let the sun shine on Loki and Thor in Thor 4 please taika let the sun shine on Loki and Thor in thor 4 please taika let the sun shine on Loki and Thor in Thor 4 please taika let the sun shine on loki and thor in Thor 4 please taika le-


when i open my instagram b like #instagramdown

Les fameux TT-EP01, déjà souverains des meilleurs rapports qualité-prix, bénéficient aujourd'hui d'une réduction de 25 %, amenant les intras et leurs 4 étoiles au prix de 20,99 €.…

Bill Barr so far: white washed the Mueller Report. Made a DOJ case against the #ACA. Ignored subpoena from Congress. Decided it’s fine for Donald to prevent asylum. Refused to allow a NYC cop be accountable for Eric Garner’s chokehold death.

This is a miscarriage of justice. If we are going to confront systemic racism in our country, we must radically transform our approach to criminal justice and hold those who kill innocent civilians accountable.…

“A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing.” – Payne Stewart


Nine Democrats are listed as No Vote with respect to restoring Pelosi’s Soeaking Privileges. Let me find out who they are...

Thank you for the book @paul_tomkins, can't wait to get on it. You can order it here:


Pose's Billy Porter Is First Openly Gay Black Man with Emmy Nomination for Lead Actor in a Drama

Nothing quite like shopping at Amazon Go after a long day of shopping on Amazon Prime Day


Remember, the side smearing four Democrats as ‘antisemites’ is also the side that asks a Jewish reporter what his ethnicity is - and of course the side that praises neo-Nazis in Charlottesville and invites Holocaust deniers to the state of the union.…

Aproveitei o Amazon Day pra adquirir os livros: Anatomia do Estado, Democracia - O Deus Que Falhou, A Mentalidade Anticapitalista, e o Análise Fundamentalista do José Kobori.

I pop my antidepressants without water. I could singlehandedly free palestine & end the republican reign in america with the power I have DO NOT test me .

GOP GA Rep Collins: Democrats admitted her words violated the rules of decorum, the very rules that ensure democracy’s every voice can be heard as we carry out the people’s business. Still, every Democrat lawmaker voted against striking her words from the record.


Política que vem sendo preparada pela chanceler como possível sucessora vai tomar o lugar de von der Leyen em ministério…

Mort du chanteur sud-africain Johnny Clegg, le « Zoulou blanc » qui combattait l’apartheid…

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu #traveltuesday

DAMN! Gotta admit - I didn't see that coming. This is one of the most valuable 18 seconds recorded of Bernie. #Bernie2020 #TheSquad #NoMiddleGround…

.@BernieSanders thanks @iamcardib for her supportive comments: "Our fight for justice is far from over"


"Game of Thrones" bate recorde com 32 indicações ao Emmy…

Dragon Ball In Depth Episode 50 is in the works and I am SO proud of it. Its my favorite since the Dragon Ball AF DBID. The topic? THE CREATION OF DRAGON BALL - The timetable of events of Akira Toriyama's life from 1982 to 1984. Some goodies unearthed in this. Coming August.

Eric Garner's daughter condemns the Department of Justice's decision not to charge the officer involved in her father's death five years ago: "Don't apologize to me. Fire the officer!"

“A lot of people are sick and tired of this country....” she says, pausing, before adding “...tired of this country coming last.” Kellyanne accidentally says something circling the truth.…

金融資産なしで年金だけでどうやって暮らしているのか? 週刊プレイボーイ連載(391) #橘玲公式BLOG

39degrees "SILK" と Hump Back "人間なのさ" 本日7/17発売です。 デモCDの時から見てきたバンドたちの初のフルアルバムです。 入魂されてないわけが無いので、触れてみて下さい。

List I hate "Complain, the Twitter Account"'s as much as the next guy but why they gotta go and push back the Akira live adaptation again just so we can get a fourth Thor movie to satisfy all the 16 year old white girls in love with Shmoki

The Ryan Hollins hoop mixtape is done, y’all want me to drop it at 6pm instead of 8pm?

I’d vote for Bernie if he included free beer in his social welfare reform. It helps me be social so I don’t see why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe burgers, too

shut the fuck up grimes what the hell is the matter with you

can grimes go be an elonfucker somewhere else

i want the grimes eyeball surgery

Republican Mayor Says Immigrants Are Welcome In His City Following Trump’s Racist Attacks #DavidHolt #RacistPresident #TuesdayThoughts

Give it 3 days before someone tries to sell Grimes’ eyeball on Depop

Taika foi escolhido de novo e surpreende 0 pessoas. (Ele dirigiu o Thor Ragnarok, e deixou o Thor incrível e um dos melhores personagens do MCU) #Thor #TercaDetremuraSDV…

#TrudeauMustGo ahead with the business of representing and running our country, cuz the options are too scary. #ScheerWeakness and #ScheerDesperation will destroy canada if given the chance.

Canadians are fed up with the current government, hence the trending #TrudeauMustGo Canadians can’t afford another 4 years of a liberal government

I'm only one woman in a sea of women, but I would personally prefer anacondas over mushrooms. Just sayn. #ObamaWasBetterAt not tweeting like a lil Bit@h.

Just saw that #TrudeauMustGo hashtag. Agreed. The election is coming up. Let's just put the whole @liberal_party on an ice flow and wish them well.

Český Krumlov, in Bohemia’s deep south, is one of the most picturesque towns in Europe, full of #Renaissance & #baroque #architecture. #Czechia #CzechRepublic #Europe #TravelTuesday


De Rossi ha aceptado la propuesta de Boca y jugará en la Bombonera que era su cuenta pendiente. 500.000€ durante los próximos 8 meses. vía @SkySport


Non è incredibile e bellissimo che questa #eclissilunare coincida con l’anniversario del lancio dell’Apollo 11 e che Carlo Sibilia non possa farci un beneamato cazzo?

Some big name RFA's still unsigned (other than McAvoy and Carlo). Blue Jackets need to sign Werenski which could set the market price if he's signed before B's RFA's.


Remaining RFA list is an impressive collection of elite talent and quality depth players. Marner Point Rantanen Laine Boeser Gusev Connor McAvoy Carlo Trouba Provorov Konecny Tkachuk Werenski Buchnevich Compher Zacha Beauvilliere Kempe Fiala White Sundqvist

ESPN execs when Ryan Hollins throws up more garbage on First Take

It's been 24 hours and still no sign of Ryan Reynolds... Quote tweet this and tag @VancityReynolds and be entered to win a $2500 travel voucher. Help us spread the word - YVR is a community-based, not-for-profit organization! #FindingRyan

The year is 2050. Andrew Wiggins is still playing on a max contract for the Timberwolves. Still hoping that, next year, he will play with effort.


The fact that @EASPORTSNHL spent time working on the raw gameplay rather than game modes and cosmetics is a huge W for the franchise. #NHL20

#Eskimos announce Ricky Ray will be added to the Wall of Honour on Sept 20 at half-time of the Esks-Tiger-Cats game. Will become the 31st member of the Esks Wall of Honour. #CFL

"Explosive transitions" have me super excited. #NHL20

“No Mr. Trump, the ‘Squad' Doesn't Bother Israel”…

Trump invokes his support for the racist endeavour that is israel to defend his unforgivable racism #PalestinianVoices #GazaChallenge…

#freefrederick frederick no voy a hacer ningún montaje con tu cara porque eres tan guapo que mi móvil explotaría Espero que no te sientas muy solo en el area 51 Esta noche iré a rescatarte y te daré cobijo en mi casa Te quiero NENE!!!

Joe Biden on President Trump: "I'm not backing down at all from him." Watch more of the interview on @Morning_Joe:

Morning Joe panel brutally dismantles Lindsey Graham for doubling down and backing Trump’s extreme racism…


New Column: The Democrats can't let this be Trump vs. The Squad. It has to be Trump vs. the whole unified Democratic Party, and it has to be squarely about his racism.… via @thedailybeast

area 51 is a decoy to distract you from what the previous 50 areas are up to

How is trump not fully blind yet from the time he stared directly into an eclipse


I've just signed this open letter standing in international solidarity with the congresswomen facing Donald Trump's racist attacks. You should too.…

Sadly, 40% of America is no better than Trump. Unless the rest of us work our asses off to get out #democracy vote, he will cheat his way to re-election.…

Amazonセールだから服とか買ったけど入院してるから実家に変更したら全てセール対象外になってる… もうめんどくさいからいいや… ブランド品はセール外出しセール中でも時間制限あったりとか微妙な物しかないから大したことなかったなぁ〜

These are the best islands in Mexico & Central & South America #TLWorldsBest


Nueva linea de muñecas chochonas en venta en Amazon 1.30€ gastos de envío gratis


Get the Amazon Fire TV Stick for just $15 on Prime Day…


You can save up to 25% on #PrimeDay by getting a @Pampers diaper & wipes bundle. This is my go-to deal! #PampersPartner

Dear America. Your President continues to malfunction, please replace as soon as possible. Best wishes, the rest of the world.

Trump's tweet can be read as the DEMOCRATS have made Israel feel abandoned by the US. Not the congresswomen. And that is absolutely true, but it goes back to the Obama admin. Not saying EVERY Israeli feels that way, but many do. Or did before Trump.…

Bilgisayar bilimi ve yapay zekânın babası, Nazi şifrelerini kıran matematikçi Alan Turing'in fotoğrafı, İngiltere'de yeni 50 sterlinlik banknotlarda kullanılacak

EXCLUSIVE: After overcoming the odds at #ExtremeRules, The #SDLive #WomensChampion @itsBayleyWWE promised to do whatever it takes to hold on to her title.

Folks, we are witnessing a tour de force of political judo against these Democrats by President Trump never before witnessed in our history.…

Former Obama Faith Adviser Warns That Voters Are Not Aligned With 2020 Dems On Abortion.…

Els nous bitllets de 50 lliures esterlines estaran dedicats a Alan Turing, un geni de la computació que va ser represaliat per la seva homosexualitat i va patir la castració química

The Bank of England selected Turing from a shortlist that included famous Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking…

President Donald Trump's amplified attacks on four minority Democratic congresswomen have been widely condemned by Democrats and others as racist. But conspicuously absent amid the uproar: Trump's fellow Republicans. More here:

¿¿Cómo??? ¿¿James Bond una mujer negra??? ¿Qué será lo próximo? ¿Marlon Brando haciendo de chino?


To tolerate bigotry is to perpetuate bigotry. We must impeach. #RacistPresident #ImpeachNow

Bray Wyatt finally returned on last night's Raw, attacking Finn Balor in the process:…

RAW Reunion is next week What if Bray Wyatt attacked Hulk Hogan?!?!? @WWEBrayWyatt yowie wowie that man brother!

guys in the comments getting themselves heavy raging becuase they assumed she is actually playing james bond lol y u so mad when u dnt even care bout the james bond franchise enough 2 read the article ?? hmmmm i wonder ???…

The great nephew of Alan Turing has said the decision to honour the pioneering scientist by featuring him on a new banknote is a “wonderful dedication”, but stressed it should also serve as a reminder of the persecution he endured.

#IceBae is a psyop for dumb horny niggas and people whobpray to the social capital hot take complex. objectifying conventionally attractive jingoists is as much a part of American modernity as DHS itself.

if you think you or anyone else is in danger, call 911! if you think it’s okay to kill anyone in jealousy or hatred, seek mental help. if more people sought out mental help instead of letting out their anger on someone, maybe bianca would still be here. rip sweet angel #ripbianca


.@WWERollins overcame Superstars from #RAW and #SDLive in a massive #BattleRoyal for an opportunity to challenge @BrockLesnar for the #UniversalTitle at #SummerSlam... and more!…

The use of the phrase “the strong, black female” in aiding the stereotype of the masculinized Blk woman isn’t lost upon me In a dose of double whammy, this is a great way to kill the archetypical alpha male in an era where real men are few and far between…

So, #RAW in Gänze gesehen: - 10 Man Battle Royale deutete an, dass es frischen Wind gibt - am Ende gibt es wie erwartet Lesnar vs Rollins (ganz ehrlich: dafür hätte man sich das echt sparen können - Wildcard Regel diese Woche nicht einmal erwähnt - Drew McInytre: RIP ...

"Go back to where you came from." - #Trump the #RacistPresident


[Officiel] match de championnat annoncé pour SummerSlam ! Après avoir gagné la bataille royale, Seth Rollins s'est qualifié pour de nouveau affronter Brock Lesnar à SummerSlam !


Big bully Donald Creeps in the shadows Spewing racist hate Lies so much he can’t tell the truth Always thinks his cruelty is cute Such a mean old man! #MeanMrMustard #ImpeachNow #RacistPresident For in Christ #FakeChristian #TuesdayMotivation

Man can get 48 years for his constitutional right but Brock turner got 3 months for rape


Maybe we should be looking into the mental capacity of the people who are sick enough to make fake accounts, memes, & are mocking/praising the death of #BiancaDevins #ecsty before something like this happens again. #ripbianca

#respectthedeceased #ripbianca I just hate it when people get happy over the death of someone. So what if she "manipulated" men? That doesn't mean you should be happy over a death. Think bout how the parents would feel! Have respect to the deceased! R.i.p Bianca, you are loved❤


Matches I would of preferred over Seth/Brock AGAIN! Brock Vs Cesaro Brock Vs Bobby Lashley Brock Vs Drew Brock Vs Bray Brock Vs Zayn Brock Vs Big E Just someone different, this Seth/Brock shit is boring as fuck now #RAW

Its been my mission since Rumble to bring that title back to Raw and to the live events every week..and to defend it with passion. Lesnar is my Everest, and with your Summerslam I reach the summit.…

How Zoe the police dog sniffed out 2 missing girls in Ontario's Algonquin Park…


Ge moet echt onmetelijk geil zijn om niet te zien wat er mis is met dieje hele #ICEbae zever


Most clicked players at last week 1 Alexander Nylander 25,335 2 Henri Jokiharju 19,951 3 Jack Hughes 10,897 4 Maxim Lapierre 8,730 5 Matt Cullen 8,706 6 Dakota Joshua 8,522 7 Kaapo Kakko 8,253 8 Nikita Gusev 8,073 9 Lee Jacobson 7,668

Reason For Bray Wyatt's Return Attack On Last Night's WWE Raw:

I curated a piece in the current Uncut about Blue Note records, asking 30 musicians - including Sonny Rollins, Robert Wyatt, Kamasi Washington, Shabaka Hutchings and many more - about their favourite Blue Note LPs. It was an education and a delight.…

"Oww Lesnar Vs Seth is gonna be great, you fans are always complaining" Yep say that when we get Lesnar Vs Seth for Survivor Series and Royal Rumble.

Daniel Bryan was replaced by Sami Zayn in the 10-man No.1 contender battle royal on #RAW because WWE “decided to go in a different direction” with Bryan. [Meltzer] Strange. But, knowing Rollins was going to win, it seems like they wanted to protect Bryan. Which is a good thing.

Bray Wyatt Finally Made His Return Here Are 17 More Things That We Learned From RAW This Week:


How Zoe the lab sniffed out 2 missing girls in Ontario's Algonquin Park


How Zoe the lab sniffed out 2 missing girls in Ontario's Algonquin Park…


Wow Amazing Crowd!!! #DNAWorldTour 2019 #Montreal #Canada #BSBMTL @BackstreetBoys 26 YEARS STILL TOP ARTIST!!! DNA World Tour TOTAL 84 Shows Now!!! #Europe #NorthAmerica #Asia #BiggestBoyband #BestSellingBoyband #バックストリートボーイズ ワールドツアー 今日も満員!!!


I’ve only attended #MozCon once before, back in 2015. Reflecting back on that experience, it was quite an impactful event in my career. I’m looking forward to tomorrow—It’s very humbling to have been asked to speak at an industry event that really helped shaped me.

We’re thrilled to have won 5 @JessieAwards tonight for our 2018 season! #jessies2019…

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