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Nick Cannon came out with an Eminem dis track that was softer than charmin. If he performed it on America’s got talent he’d get the golden shower.

This is the equivalent of a nick cannon diss track…

Uploads video: "Your video is monetizable." *Makes public for 5 minutes* "Your video has limited or no ads" *Appeals claim. Waits 4 hours* "Your video is suitable for all advertisers" *2 minutes pass* "A copyright claim was created by Nick Cannon and EMPIRE on your video."

Nick Cannon and Eminem dissing each other? I feel like I’m watching the giants play the jets again

Arsenal Bungkam West Ham United 3-1

Arsenal berhasil kembali ke jalur kemenangan setelah menghempaskan West Ham 3-1 di Liga Inggris. Delapan statistik mewarnai hasil positif Arsenal.…

Mesut Ozil sends message to Arsenal fans after first win in 10 games |…


Finally, a Ghostbusters movie for the REAL fans. You know, they type of fans who care about... uhh... ladders?


मिलिए दुनिया की सबसे युवा प्रधानमंत्री से, इसी हफ्ते लेंगी शपथ #SannaMarin…

Sanna Marin will become the world's youngest prime minister at age 34 when she's sworn in as Finland's prime minister later this week. She'll lead a coalition government consisting of five parties, four of which are led by women.…

Ghostbusters needs to die. Any sequels or reboots have all lost the original spark; it was an accidentally good film that has been, by force of nostalgia, misremembered as a great one. Just let it rest. Some things don't need sequels and reboots.

p-value of code availability increasing reviewer score for #NeurIPS2019 submissions: 1e-08


I'm at the Promare showing and spilled baked beans all over myself and this black teenager shouted "this n**** eating beans!" and everyone laughed

Miss South Africa has been named as the most beautiful woman in the universe. Zozibini Tunzi takes over the crown from the Philippines' very own Catriona Gray #MissUniverse2019 @iampinkywebb sits down with pageant expert Norman Tinio | #TheSource live:


I had a great time working on this one!…

It’s just fucking embarrassing that the Pats are cheating against the Bengals for fucks sake. (I know they probably have done it for all opponents.)

Promare 4D was great, I wasn't expecting the part where they sprayed Gasoline at the audience and lit a match.

Bill Belichick joined OMF for his first response to the Bengals allegations of the #Patriots videotaping their sideline signals BB: "This is something we 100% have zero involvement with" @GlennDOrdway @LouMerloni @christianfauria

So... film about an advanced scout required filming of the Bengals coaching staff for an entire quarter. When busted, the cameraman says something not unlike, "OK, I stole your merchandise, but since I didn't get away with it, you can keep what I intended to steal. No harm."…

Sanna Marin, 34, will become the world's youngest prime minister when she is sworn in this week in Finland

In her final question, when asked what young girls today should be taught, #MissUniverse2019 Zozibini Tunzi answered leadership: ‘It's something that has been lacking in young girls and women for a very long time’

The face of power is changing : Finland new government is led by 5 women, all from different parties n 4 out of them under 35. #womenempowerment


Be realistic, expect a miracle. - Osho #quote #mondaymotivation


Here's how to make sure you're buying safe gifts for kids this holiday season:… #MondayMotivation


“I mean, it seems worth mentioning that we are about a quarter richer based on nominal per capita GDP and about a third richer based on purchasing power.”…

Notice how the Bulls introduce Lauri in the player introductions as “From Finland” not “From Arizona” as we saw in his first two seasons. Wonder if that’s Lauri’s request?

This is the second time the Philippines won the award. #MissUniverse2019


Ozil keep your head up. Do not mind what people says. #WHUvARS #WHUARS

I see many people posting pics with famous people at #NeurIPS2019 and I'm jealous. Here's mine with @JeffDean at Google holiday party. It's been true pleasure working under his lead at @GoogleAI Brain team! #NeurIPS


Join @karol_kurach, Piotr Stanczyk, @OlivierBachem, @rikelhood and @MMMichalski now at our #NeurIPS2019 booth to learn the latest about the Google Research Football Environment ( Also, learn about Dataset Search ( with @chrisgorgo!

Ela é linda assim pessoalmente também, alguns fãs tivemos a oportunidade de ver essa beleza bem de perto! #galgadot #wonderwoman #ww84


Mesut Ozil sends message to Arsenal fans after first win in 10 games |…


Has the AI hype peaked? #NeurIPS2019 has 8,648 attendees—only slightly more than last year.


LOWER MAINLAND TRANSIT USERS: In less than 24 hours you are going to face an unprecedented level of disruption if the Skytrain strike action is not averted. John Horgan & the NDP should use the many tools available to help avoid a full-blown strike.


Having a great time at #NeurIPS2019! Tomorrow we present SWAG, a simple approach to Bayesian deep learning at the ImageNet scale. There may also be some SWAG at the poster... 10:45 AM-12:45 PM @ East Exhibition Hall B + C, with W. Maddox, @Pavel_Izmailov, @tim_garipov, D. Vetrov.


Nice coverage of IBM's #AI research at the intersection of multimodal learning and sports commentary. Come check out our demo at #NeurIPS2019 in booth 111 #ibmresearch…

"To be very clear, there is no way to replace a system that reliably moves 150,000 people per day." SkyTrain contract negotiations are still underway, but TransLink is warning commuters to plan for the worst.…

Meet the AI choreographer! To help automatically create a dance video, @NVIDIA researchers developed a #deeplearning model that can automatically compose new dance moves. The work is being presented at #NeurIPS2019 this week.

I like London, but it'll be so nice to just forget about Brexit and think about nothing but AI for a week. #NeurIPS2019 Day 1:


.@BruceRalston, Minister of Jobs, Trade + Technology, & @raghwagopal, Innovate BC’s President + CEO, are talking all things AI today at @CityAge’s #crossoverai. Reverse pitches are going on now until 4:30pm followed by a networking session.


.@TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond to talk in #NewWestminster while contract talks continue in downtown #Vancouver with union for 900 #SkyTrain workers. If no deal reached tonight, trains will NOT run Tuesday and no extra buses added to alleviate pressure. #skytrainstrike @NEWS1130


This is Metro #Vancouver's transit network during the SkyTrain shutdown #transitstrike #Translink


Fantastic presentation by Gary Marcus. Tempering our expectations about AI and the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge. #CrossOverAI


Excellent presentation from @GaryMarcus—educational and entertaining about the hype around AI, the current reality of it, and expectations. #crossoverAI


Best advice by @GaryMarcus for surviving the coming AI Robot invasion "Dress like a bus". #Awesome #CrossoverAI

Artificial intelligence: hype, promise and prospects @GaryMarcus #crossoverai


Excellent first panel on challenges in building and #ai cluster at #crossoverai with @handolkim @NatCartwright @AlanMackworth @Maryam_Sadeghi @JeffBooth

Getting started at #CrossOverAI on the margins of #NeurIPS2019. Full house! Great opportunities to push innovation & growth in #AI across BC.


#CrossOverAI is on. Great turnout and look forward to the day’s reverse-pitches. Kick-off panel from #ArtificialIntelligence leaders from #BritishColumbia. #AINBC. #TCS_SDC


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