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Washed Up Rapper Eminem Releases Music Video Pushing Bloomberg-Funded Gun Control Groups…


Washed Up Rapper Eminem Releases Music Video Pushing Bloomberg-Funded Gun Control Groups…


I’m currently being attacked by barely sentient beings with transformers avis who are bored searching the word “Eminem” on twitter at 1:40 am To find my tweet where I said he was the worst rapper in the history of mankind

Eminem listens to Chefy

のび太君は泳げないイメージが強いが かなり泳げてるじゃないか と言わせる様なシーンならある そう 「大むかし漂流記」ならね

Lihat yang hijau hijau sebelum padatnya rutinitas


Have Target Tori and New Guy started dating yet?


地雷臭つよめで刀ステライビュ行ってきます いざしゅつじん!


Jason Garrett, a coordinar la ofensiva de un clásico 'enemigo'. @NFLEspanol #NFLenFD #NFLeros #NFL100


What’s sexier than Wizards? NOTHING Can’t wait to see these two absolutely kick ASS together. Working on getting used to the ipad - I’m pleased with how this one turned out!! Enjoy babes, hope y’all like it too! #criticalrolefanart #shadowgast #crspoilers


I’m kinda hyped about Jason Garrett idk why

Also, that Wizards crepe was fucking fantastic. Wiz > Deeper > DEN > Wiz?!?! Wooooooooot

Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett will stay in the NFC East in 2020 and serve as the New York Giants' offensive coordinator, according to a media report

Not quite sure why giants fans wouldn’t want Jason Garrett as there OC. If he was a head coach for any other team with that resume they would be begging for him. Some head coaches are better as coordinators just remember that.

Jason Garrett hired by Cowboys rival Giants to be offensive coordinator…

desmond cole was basically told not to be an activist if he wanted to work at the star. the post just published basically a climate change denial piece by rex murphy. canadian media has interesting priorities.

If CJ McCollum is actually out, I want the Blazers to trade for Bradley Beal before the deadline then focus on signing Anthony Davis this summer

Rex Murphy Nat Post column full of nonsense, falsehoods, & singular one-sided ignorance = free from corporate-owned newspaper. Wpg Free Press columns full of vetted, differing politics and multiple opinions = few bucks from independent newspaper. #nobrainer #prettysimplechoice

Oh f*ck Rex Murphy is trending. That can’t be good news.

Twitter should create a category called Dead. Then we will all know when Rex Murphy is trending that we are certain he is...

First time talking to Bradley Beal since Chicago, I asked him if he wanted to expound on his "culture" comments: "No, 'cause we're in a new game. We're in a whole new game. That game is over with. At the end of the day, all we gotta do is try to win. That's all I care about."

How are Gasol and Powell playing so well after missing 3+ weeks? Nurse: "Fresh. Fresh as daisies. Marc played for 19 straight months and he finally had a month off so he's got a little bounce back." Nick also said Gasol spent a lot of time working on his shot while he was out.

In the last three weeks, #Wizards beat the Heat, Celtics and Nuggets all without Bradley Beal. He comes back and calls out the culture after a tough loss. Next game he goes 4-12 and played with little effort. Hate to say it, Brad does not deserve to be an All-Star this season.

Had to make Bradley Beal feel good that the Wizards followed up his “culture isn’t good enough” fiery anger by losing by 30 letting Toronto put up a new regulation scoring record for them (140)

Impresionante el temporal de #nieve que están viviendo en #Terranova #Newfoundland #Canada el espesor de la nieve ya se mide en puertas y esta noche sigue cuajando ... wow! #snowstorm #snowmaggedon2020


Hah! Well said. Rex Murphy: We’re freezing! Isn’t it great? The carbon tax must be working! | National Post…

Bradley Beal chose to stay in the jail by signing an extension with the Washington Wizards.

Marc Gasol joins @Kayla_Grey to discuss the Raptors' massive victory over the Wizards.

Norman Powell's now scored 23 or more points in a game 12 times in his career. Seven of them have come since mid-November.

Masai please save Bradley Beal

Jack Armstrong just let out a “jheeze” like a real Toronto man.

I would pay to listen to Jack Armstrong* of @TSN_Sports #Raptors read the phone book. Do they still print phone books? * @Matt__Devlin too


The snow storm continues! Believe it or not. There are at least 6 cars in there somewhere... #snowmaggedon2020 #nlblizzard2020 #stormageddon2020

Me when I see Rex Murphy is trending and my first instinct is to hope he finally died.

Why do people still publish Rex Murphy? His eyebrows aren’t all that…

‘Hey Google can I get a clue on life please’ Jack Armstrong is the truth #rtz

Is Loui Eriksson a significant contributor for the #Canucks? @rayferrarotsn says not so much. Hear the full interview:

Now that my hairs super short i look 16...


Hear me out.... One game, even preseason is fine... Buck Martinez and Jack Armstrong call a @BlueJays game...

Até a Gabi tá namorando, é eu sou a tia encalhada

Eminem surpassed 32M Followers on @Spotify & 27M Followers on @Instagram

Eminem reenacts Las Vegas concert shooting in new 'Darkness' video while calling for better gun laws… via @YahooEnt

Omg President Trump is done for now, Parnas, he’s the golden ticket, uh wait what? Absolute FACEPLANT...…

David Brooks’ profile pic, based on his op-ed today


Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz are joining forces to defend yet another billionaire sex pest

Trump’s defense will be led by a ‘lunatic,’ ‘wacko’ and ‘off his rocker’ Ken Starr, according to Trump himself Trump loves to call other people crazy because during his lucid moments he knows he’s mentally ill. This time, he’s probably right.…

‘Maman Dion,’ mother of singer Celine, dies at 92

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