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Ok I admit it, I did it, and I LOVED IT. #tigerking for the quarantine win. But after watching Joe Exotic’s story the question I need answered is where is the Netflix documentary on @MIKEBUSEY and the @sausagecastle ?!?

the new york times isn't honest but they said the ratings are good

Reply and I’ll rate you: First impression: Your nickname in my head: Closeness ratings [1-10]: Do I like you: You are my: Ever had a crush on you: Should you post this too: Von @MrPinnngg

Holy cow he’s bragging about ratings.

Major #TigerKing vibes! @gwenstefani just helped take @blakeshelton's quarantine mullet to the next level.

NSFW: This Tiger attack video is crazy. #TigerKing #JoeExotic

Tomorrow on @CrossingBroad I'll rank Peppa Pig characters, then give you my Mount Rushmore of Ozark episodes

What's one thing you're going to do #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver?

Brother Nier, Papa Nier, Uncle Nier, Grandpappy Nier, Great Grand Nier, Eldest Nier, Diet Nier, Nier Deluxe, Nier 3rd Strike, Nier Turbo HD Remix, Nier 358/2 Days, Nier: Accent Core Plus R, G-Nier, Nier Gaiden, Nier Chronosaviours, Nier III Third Lightning, Nier Delta, Nier Final

KH 18th anniversary just happened and Nomura mentioned 2 titles and that one is “coming soon”... FFVIIR is releasing in 12 days... NieR Replicant remaster/remake was just announced... Square Enix i give you my entire soul

#FakeToiletPaperFacts Ancient Egyptians wrapped their dead in toilet paper to ensure they had a prosperous afterlife.


If anyone wondered what the banging track was in Ozark S3:E1. I’ve found her. Music video doesn’t disappoint. Reminds me of my youth when I gathered in moderately sized groups to eat, drink, and be merry.…

#NieRReplicant Trailer Reveals #PS4, #XboxOne, And #PC Remasters... along with a really long name. Details & Video:


Nier fan excitedeth to playeth Nier for the first time (tis I)

I hope more spending will go towards public health care and agriculture. #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver

Ozark is telling me to never go into business with my s/o

Just finished Ozark.... WOW

Primero incendiaron los pulmones del planeta en la #Amazonia y #Australia, crimen del cual no se habla ya, y ahora con el #CODVID19 dañan los pulmones de los seres humanos. Casualidades? #TrumpGenocide


Premier Jason Kenney is pushing tens of thousands of Albertans into unemployment amid a deadly pandemic by cutting crucial supports for Alberta students. #25klaidoff #ableg #abed

#TrumpGenocide trends as Donald Trump confesses to mass murder of Americans… via @PalmerReport

You're not STUCK at home, you're SAFE at home. And, keeping other people safe. #mentalhealth #perspective #StayHomeCanada #StayHomeSavesLives #corvid19canada


Merci @kick1972 d'avoir capturé ces paroles réconfortantes, allumées et remplies de sagesse de M. Vigneault. La science, la terre, le courage... Des mots qui me rappellent d'ailleurs ce moment que j'avais capturé il y a quelques années #cavabienaller…


Gin and crimble crumble #FridayNightDinner. Ok cooking a roast too but thank you @Alex_Hollywood1 for galvanising me and @PinksterGin for saving me #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe


Welcome home #E19019 #AerLingus flight from China carrying supplies for all our #FrontLineHeroes Much respect to all who made it happen! We will get through this together. #WashYourHands #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #COVID2019IRELAND


When asked about President Trump's comments slamming the Governors of Michigan and Washington, Dr. Anthony Fauci says "the reality is that the people who need things will get what they need" #CNNSOTU

Nier Automata'nın Xbox ve PC için Gamepass'e gelmesi müthiş bir şey. Ben oyunu bitirdim ve çok beğendim. Hikayesi ve atmosferi ile (Sekiro hariç) bu nesilde kendi türündeki en iyi oyundur bence. Microsoft yeni nesilde kazanırsa Gamepass ile kazanır.…


Nier remake nier remake nier remake thank you yoko taro tonight we all eat well


should i watch steven universe???

M3.1 #earthquake (#tërmet) strikes 28 km NW of #Durrës (#Albania) 26 min ago. Updated map of its effects:


Lmfao Sean Garrett was popping big shit too tho…

Hell yeah we move for brother Nier

Desde Milán a Michigan, pasando por Madrid, los médicos tomaban duras decisiones sobre qué pacientes salvar.…

Don’t let snopes or other fact checkers tell you trump didn’t say this. “I say ‘Mike, don’t call the governor in WA, you’re wasting your time with him. Don’t call the woman in MI’” Trump said. “If they don’t treat you right, I don’t call.” #amjoy #velshi…

"At a time when Americans must adjust to a world without hugs, kisses or handshakes, the least a president of the United States can do is call our governor by her name." #Michigan #PureMichigan #ThatWomanInMichigan…

a partir do momento q vcs levantam tag pra ofender outra pessoa já perdem a razão, a Billie não é obrigada a achar o Louis bonito ou coisa do tipo, deixem de ser retardados e ficar subindo tag idiota #BillieEilishisoverparty

Kitaplar en mükemmel eğlencedir: reklam yok, pil yok, para gerektirmez. İnsanlar o ölü anlar için neden kitap taşımazlar anlamam. #DevletimizYanımızda #dayanışmazamanı #WeLoveLouis #neksflis #SağlıktaSiddetYasası #BillieEilishisoverparty #MansurYavasYalnızDeğildir

You know what, since steven universe has ended I think we should do steven day on Saturdays so steven never is truly gone, so starting next Saturday let’s have steven day!

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