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Pierre Delecto for President

When Pierre Delecto & Carlos Danger get together

Lamar Jackson is this generation Mike Vick

Anyone notice how #gilbert is cutting up CARROTS when he’s talking to Bash about having feelings for a girl after the dance lesson?! I didn’t realize it until I rewatched the episode!! I was too occupied with that dance #annewithaneseason3 #annewithane #awae3spoilers #shirbert


Lamar Jackson played the role of Russell Wilson in the Seahawks' loss to the Ravens. @Matt_Calkins column on #BALvsSEA:

Eagles and Bears are awful.

The Bears don’t help the Sunday scaries.

Did the bears lose again. While Packers fans are over here celebrating our win against the Raiders today…

This drafting Trubisky over Watson sums up the entire existence of the Bears organization. #ChicagoBears

Lamar Jackson really making believers outta people. that’s MY QB

The good news is Kinkaid was excellent, and the Tatar - Danault - Gallagher line continues to dominate. The bad news is the Canadiens need more than just one line and a goaltender to win games. Here's the video review of the 4-3 loss against the Wild:…

Je déteste Luc Lavoie et ce qu’il dit au sujet des péquistes, mais pour une fois, son analyse de la situation politique au Québec avec le Bloc Québécois est pertinente.

Fabinho tucked Daniel James in and read him a goodnight story. #LFC

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hails Marcus Rashford's display the best he's seen since he came to Man Utd | @MaddockMirror…


liverpool #LGBTQoftwitter chase edmonds thielen marvin jones #OAKvsGB #NFLSunday waller coppola #SundayFunday klopp origi danny dimes fuller atkinsin morgan moses rojo daniel james robbie gould ashley young #btsbestdiscography raiders at packers rodgers

Man Utd rely too much on Rashford as better show vs Liverpool can't hide flaws…

Aaron Wainwright standing after being elbowed in the face. Origi rolling round after having his thigh brushed. Give me Rugby’s Mentality over Football any day of the week.

Chan, pase lo que pase yo estaré allí para ti, tratando de animarte con el mas mínimo mensaje, te amo demasiado y nadie quiere ver a la persona que mas ama triste y desanimada, siempre sonríe principe, se que aveces puede ser dificil pero se que puedes, eres fuerte #hugsforchan

I always thought Esperanto might come in handy one day.…

Scheer’s attitude reminding me of Stephen Harper and his slimy, lizard-like smugness. Why are conservatives so malicious? Just compete on ideas. You don’t need to lie and cheat. #ScheerVendors #KinsellaGate #TrudeauMustStay…

Put some f*ckin Respect on his Name. DANIEL JAMES. #MUNLIV


Emery talking like we are playing Liverpool and not Sheffield United. #MUNLIV…

My Aunt just called the Yankees tampons in the box

Sorry I can’t go to work I have to watch Altuve’s walk off all day

Reasons Yankees lost: 1. Aroldis Chapman threw an 86 MPH softball down the middle of the plate to the most dangerous hitter on the Astros 2. Who cares?…

#Deporte | El segunda base venezolano José Altuve se convirtió en el bateador clave de la Serie de Campeonato de la Liga Americana, que hizo posible que los Astros de Houston regresaran a la Serie Mundial por segunda vez en tres años. Conoce más aquí

I’m sorry, but I can’t entertain comments that say the Yankees failed or they’re failures. I know Aaron Judge said it’s a failure and people want to jump on board, but I don’t want to hear it. They have a great team, had a great season and they blew some games.

Anyone want to buy me an Altuve Jersey?

Scheer will not comment whether or not he hired Hannibal Lecter to help with his campaign . But he does admire and copies his smile. #CertainVendors #ScheerVendors #elxn43 #cdnpoli #elxn2019 #Kinsella


Tomorrow is ELECTION DAY! Polls will be open from 9:30am - 9:30pm #Brampton #BramptonCentre #cdnpoli #CDNvote2019 #PPC2019 #VotePPC


If I’m feeling a bit discouraged about the half truths and outright lies from certain politicians, I watch one of the #UpRiSingh videos and practice my #JagmeetJump. #elxn43 #LoveAndCourage…

Hillary Clinton Calls It Quits On Upcoming Event Where Tulsi Gabbard Is Speaking.…

listening to Frank Ocean don’t text

#IWasBornWithout a filter

I'm gonna get absolutely flamed for this but the new Frank Ocean tune is so sub par by his usual standards

Vocês também acordam com o namorado de vocês lançando música nova? Frank Ocean tudo pra mim

Altuve off of Chapman...insane

An entire calendar decade goes by without a #WorldSeries appearance for the #Yankees for the first time in 100 years. #Astros huge favourites to win the lot but the underdog tag hasn't stopped the #Nationals so far. Can't wait for Tuesday night!

who’s ready to frank ocean and chill

Seeing @theJagmeetSingh speak was so inspiring, I’m happy my daughter joined me to experience it! When meeting him it was clear how genuine, and incredibly kind this man is. Huge thanks to everyone who made tonight happen! #UpRiSingh


#MyUnpopularGamingOpinion Dead or Alive is the funnest out of any 3D fighter to actually play. The combat is incredibly fast, super fluid, every fighter feels unique and great. I just wish it was in the hands of a better studio.

#MyUnpopularGamingOpinion Dragon Age 2 was a great game. Yes the game was rushed but the story and characters were all well-written. Hawke's character development throughout the game was excellent.


Andrew Scheer was unable to confirm whether the Hansen Brothers had initially turned down the job of destroying Max Bernier before he hired Kinsella. #CertainVendors #ScheerVendors #Kinsella #CDNPoli #CDNvote2019

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