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Can’t wait for Monday when all the verified annoying liberals call bernie supporters racist bc we made fun of the body expert on joy Reid’s show

I'm still thinking about what Joy Ann Reid did and how "body language" is completely skewed. I think about all the ways I actively assert myself or assimilate into my environment as a black woman, many of which could be easily construed as lying or signs of aggression.…

Thousands marched down Market Street in #SanFrancisco today as part of the #WomensMarch2020. More from @LaurenPorFavor on @sfchronicle


Crowd went wild for this hand-painted protest sign, inspired by 19th century Mexican retablos #WomensMarch2020 #SF


The number one person that has to leave Napoli is ADL.

Fiorentina, Vlahovic: "Il Napoli resta una squadra forte, la classifica non vale niente!"…

FOTO ZOOM - Il pianto del bimbo tifoso del Napoli commuove il web, Sosa: "Vedete voi"

happy #WinnieThePoohDay. Came across this the other day when I was researching preoccupied attachment.


As soon as he injured Anti Raanta, I knew he had fucked them…

Final: Oilers 7, Coyotes 3. Bad decisions by Phil Kessel & Alex Goligoski early in the game put AZ in a 2-0 hole. It was all uphill afterward. Antti Raanta didn't bail his team out; poor performance in his return. Lots to chew on during the break. None of it'll taste pleasant.

Brady Tkachuk has a pair of goals...Senators lead Flames 3-0...

Time for the last round. Are the #Oilers fans going to lose their hats and toques? Can we get a @RNH_93 goal? #LetsGoOilers #ARIvsEDM

We have more bonus coverage for you! #ARIvsEDM is next.

For what it’s worth, I honestly don’t know if I’d keep Raanta in net while he’s rocking a .500 save percentage. There’s confidence building value in getting comfortable on the shots and salvaging his stats a bit, but seems a bit like he’s fighting the flow of play.

Ok #Oilers, do NOT take your foot off the gas.. we don't need a repeat of what happened against the Rangers on NYE!#ARIvsEDM

Nygard makes it 5-0, and the merciful person in me wants to see Raanta pulled... but the savage in me wants see him in forever.

That's five. You have to pull Raanta here. He doesn't have it, like, at all.

Connor McDavid short-side, PPG. 4-0 Oilers. Raanta was off the post. Poor technique. Can't say I understand leaving Raanta in. Then again, this game is over. What a way to enter the break. Barring a miracle here, the Coyotes will have lost 5 of their past 6 games (1-4-1).

McDavid makes it 4-0. Raanta awful so far. Start the bus.

Lol Raanta knew that beat him before the puck had crossed the goal line.

Why is Raanta still in this game? he’s clearly not ready today. You can see it. His movements are timid.

I say we dub Mike Smith 'el loco' in honour of the adventurous Colombian keeper Rene Higuita! #Oilers #ARIvsEDM @Lowetide @EdmontonOilers

It is game day in Maryland as the Blue Devils begin an important two game road trip at Mount Saint Mary's. 1 pm tip time. Stay warm and watch us light it up! @CCSUBlueDevils @CCSU #NECWBB @CCSU_MBB


泣きそうです(T ^ T) もっと頑張ろう!! Thank you Mr.Wiggles... Never stop! Keep going! Stay busy!…

Stylish and captivating, rooms at the Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel) are designed for an unforgettable overnight stay. Offering the intimacy of an igloo, rooms are… #canada

I am not watching BB .. Trend is important for me Are you doing the same ??? #ChartbusterSid

"The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do, and then do it." @sidharth_shukla #ChartbusterSid


Four of the team members — Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz, Pam Bondi and Robert Ray — have made at least 365 weekday Fox News appearances since January 2019.…

why is there an ed sheeran feature on the new eminem if he hates the revival reception so much? actually, why is there an ed sheeran?

This guy in the Aaron Hernandez doc is absolutely sending me. Chose to come out as his gay lover after we find out he’s a murderer. And his demeanor. I just can’t. When he interviews with his dad. Even better. Bravo on your performance, truly.


They said John Wick with CTE lol. I gotta see this Aaron Hernandez doc

Dershowitz doesn’t give one shyte about the law. His only goal is attention. #amjoy #reiders

The truth is Eminem is always relevant #MusicToBeMurderedBy

esse cd novo do mac miller tá tão gostosin

#AaronHernandez’s Ex-Fiancee Shayanna Jenkins Speaks on #NETFLIX Outing All of Hernandez’s Gay Relationships and His Lawyer Jose Baez on The Producers Lying For Cash (IG-Post)…

I haven’t watched the Aaron Hernandez documentary and I’m not going to. Fuck Florida. Fuck New England. Fuck Aaron Hernandez. Thank you for coming to my ted talk

Right before Aaron Hernandez was arrested, I did a presentation on him in my Spanish class because I thought he was hot and we had to research a Hispanic athlete but then he was charged with murder. Conclusion: My judgement has always been real shitty


Aaron Hernandez down low say it ain’t so bro. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that * Seinfeld voice)

wasn't it specifically Nintendo gave Sakurai a selection to choose from like in the Byleth video he talks about considering BOTW Zelda…

#AMJoy Ken Start the defense attorney is not going to be the same Ken Starr prosecutor that we saw in the Clinton impeachment Everything he wanted to say Clinton did wrong will become okay when it applies to Trump

odeio album póstumo mas o do mac miller ta mt bom vsF

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