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It's like 2015-2106 all over again. Nonstop coverage of Trump and his allies' denying that Trump is a racist, a crook, a rapist, and a traitor instead of focusing coverage on Trump's lifelong actions proving that he is, in fact, a racist, a crook, a rapist, and a traitor.…

“We oppose them and their policies because their policies are dangerous and wrong, and would destroy America.” House Republicans defend President Trump’s racist tweets, saying “our opposition to our colleagues’ beliefs has absolutely nothing to do with race or gender.”

Trump tries to woo Federal Reserve in China trade fight

Above all, the next confirmed SecDef shouldn’t be malleable for Trump. The role of SecDef is to give frank advice to POTUS regardless of policy preferences. Mattis did that, but Trump didn’t appreciate it. I doubt we see another Mattis-style figure.…

Pres. Trump says tweets attacking on several female lawmakers of color were "not racist" and urges Republicans not to "show 'weakness'" ahead of House vote on resolution condemning his statements.

Our baby turn 23 years old❤️❤️❤️ Enjoy your day and pls be happy and pls be more sexy okay??? SARANGHAEYO❤️❤️ #HAPPYWONWOODAY #달빛보다_예쁜_원우야_생일축하해


When we break the alien out of Area 51

Today only, @jaketapper's HELLFIRE CLUB (@TheHellfireClub) is available for only $3.99.


The moulineux would stand a chance as just like area 51 it has been a ghost town for majority of its existence until recently ☺️ #wba #wwfc…

What the fuck is all this stuff about Area 51 I’m lost please someone explain in FULL detail. #Area51

Take our insider threat challenge during lunch Table #3 @CyberSummitUSA #DCMetro! Chance to win an Amazon gift card. #CSSDC


Harry Maguire is dominant in the air and graceful on the ground, making him the ideal partner to Victor Lindelöf. Despite being a cheaper option - much cheaper - this is one reason Toby Alderweireld may not have been considered. #SquawkaTalker

Africa on top, in this beautiful 1272 Persian map (with Europe (al-Andalus) bottom right. Beautiful exhibition "Talking Maps" in the Weston Library @bodleianlibs -incl a Britain Brexit map!…


kpop ain’t that deep but if you ever dare to talk shit about jung hoseok i’ll k word you

Stage Bye Stageのここほんと好き


The Frozen gang, soon back to the front of the stage.


Galtier : "je veux minimum 2 recrues titulaires avant le stage au Portugal" Lopez & Campos :

The Walt Disney Company: Allow Lloyd Jones to put a picture of Spider-Man on his four year old son's gravestone - Sign the Petition! via @Change

Turkey's Erdagon with his new allies. Turkey is still in NATO. Trump has made this a joke. Turkey has acquired hundreds of surface to air missiles capable of destroying NATO planes: Purchased from Russia!


I'd take no deal over no Brexit, says Labour's Sarah Champion…

Bu haber asılsız. Rahip "şişman kadınlar cennete giremez" demiyor. Meczup kadının biri sahneye atlayıp rahibi aşağı itiyor.……

Легендарный советский сверхзвуковой самолет Ту-144 будет установлен на постамент в подмосковном городе Жуковский. На фото транспортировка борта к месту дислокации. Автор Михаил Поляков.


Born on this date: Stage and film performer, Blossom Seeley (July 16, 1891-April 17, 1974). Here with her husband, Benny Fields, in BLOSSOM SEELEY AND BENNIE FIELDS (1927). #botd #btd #BlossomSeeley

Russia to Begin Full-Scale Work on 2 Guided Missile Frigates for Indian Navy

Sign the petition: Detaining humans in prison camps for profit is WRONG! End tax breaks for private prison companies. Sign here:…

It’s confirmed that #AFC have asked the leaders of Real Madrid to take Ceballos on loan. Waiting for the player’s and manager’s decision. [via @Kike_Marin_]

Numerous waterspouts reported near Sochi and Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Russia on the Black Sea today, July 16th! Report via Maycol Checchinato.


News regarding Harry Maguire will be out in around 1 hour. Just need to get confirmation first. #mufc

A family in Michigan is being bullies by their local community for practicing and expressing their faith. Please sign this petition to defend the Samona family:…

I really couldn't give a toss who has the license to Ronaldo / Juventus. If a game plays well, the rest is all bonus. The problem is, all that shit is the focus over gameplay. C

.@Kike_Marin_ reporting that Arsenal have contacted Real Madrid leaders for Dani Ceballos. Club also has some other options on mind. He also clarifies that if we're to sign Ceballos, it will be on loan. Option to buy or obligation buy is something we're yet to find out. #afc

Leicester City have been doing great business for a couple years now, they've made £176.5m profit from selling 4 players Kante - £5m➡️£25m = £20m ✅ Drinkwater - £1m➡️£35m = £34m ✅ Mahrez-£500k➡️£60m = £59.5m ✅ Maguire - £17m➡️£80m = £63m ✅

Mehrheit der 154 Sozialdemokrat. Abgeordneten im Europarl wird für von der Leyen stimmen

Como faço p te conquistar? — sei la, acho q me fazendo da risada, gosta de toma uma cerveja e ter uma bjoka boa ja é meio caminho ksks…

Arsenal have asked Real Madrid for the transfer of Ceballos on loan. [@Kike_Marin_]

Among the 108 @RenewEurope MEPs only the Freie Wähler German delegation (kinda conservative independents) will not be backing von der Leyen tonight

Confirmado: @Arsenal ha pedido al Real Madrid la cesión de Ceballos (no su fichaje), pero tiene otras opciones abiertas, también como cedidos. Veremos qué deciden el jugador y Zidane.


4 días para que el Real Madrid vuelva. Como si pierden por goleada me la suda, necesito ya mi dosis de droga blanca.

What is important to Jung is not knowing or understanding but experience.~ Aniela Jaffe


Preparing for Pakistan’s Voluntary National Review of the #SDGs that our Parliamentary delegation will be presenting soon @MalBokhari @kanwalshauzab


PStS @rischwasu: "#Klimaschutz und Kampf gegen Armut sind eng miteinander verknüpft." Das ist ein zentrales Thema beim #UN-Nachhaltigkeitsforum in New York, auf dem auch der Fortschritt bei der Umsetzung der UN-Nachhaltigkeitsziele #SDGs überprüft wird:


Pakistan will be presenting Voluntary National Review today at the #HLPF2019 in the next one hour. To watch it live kindly click… #SDGs #VNR @AsmaHyder @shabnumsarfraz @pidepk @SDPIPakistan @UNDP_Pakistan @SarwatAdnan1 @Zafaralmas @81shaz @haider_mehtab


9 recommendations to turn data into action Read the latest report from @sdsn_TReNDS @UNSDSN on the value of #opendata and a roadmap for governments to use #data for the #SDGs…


La famille s'agrandit encore ! Nous souhaitons la bienvenue dans la #MCESFamily à @FiskeR_R6 en tant que coach R6 ! #MCESPower #R6FL


Movistar, Astana e Arkea, as três equipes que menos receberam prêmios em dinheiro no Tour até aqui.… #tourdefrancenaespn


Delighted to be awarded a European ITN grant of €4.35m with Aalborg, Halmstad & @UniOulu universities to explore legitimation of newness. 15 PhDs with built in mobility across Europe. @MSCActions @EUhorizon2020 @ASBSresearch @UofGAsbs @UofGlasgow #loveeu #phd

Niels Frederiksen har fået en god start som Brøndby-træner. Kent Nielsen har fået det stik modsatte som Silkeborg-træner #bifsif #sldk…


Cort om problemerne hos Astana, analyse af sidevindstons, optakt til Pyrenæerne og enkeltstarten… via @Audioboom

Ny #veloropapodcast hvor @MagnusCort fortæller lidt om, hvad der foregår bag linjerne hos Astana, ikke mindst på gårdagens vanvittige 10. etape. Optakt og spiltips til Pyrenæerne og enkeltstarten.

Hidtil usete billeder fra øjeblikket, inden Alex Vanopslagh gik amok i sine unge dage:… #dkpol #sldk

Preggo rant (undskyld): Hvordan er det blevet alment accepteret, at det er ok at kommentere på gravide kvinder? Så er maven for lille, for stor - det er i forvejen svært nok at finde sig til rette i den vildt mærkelige og anderledes krop, man render rundt med. Rant over.


こいつは攻めた表紙だ、アマゾンなんちゃらデーだし買うか 熱環境計算戯法 version 2.2.0 富樫英介… @amazonJPさんから

【Amazonセール】【50%OFF】:食品・飲料半額ストア 掘り出し物から新商品まで。数量限定なくなり次第終了!

I am going to start a club called Area 51, aliens, gays and girls free.

Bomb and strafe #Japanese invasion fleet off Java! Read HOLD BACK THE SUN #WW2 #ASMSG #histfic #IARTG (0.07)


長引く梅雨に! 「Amazonプライムデー」でタイムセール中の部屋干し家電6選


ベルト専門店のベルトン【Belton】 レディース ベルト ベーシック おしゃれ 大きいサイズ ダークブラウンM Belton(ベルトン)… @amazonJPより

Me at Area 51 pretending i’m just on vacation to the gaurds... My alien:

What single moms will be trying to find at Area 51


Wenn James Bond jetzt von einer schwarzen Frau gespielt werden soll ist auch der Weg frei für Manuellsen als Ariel die Meerjungfrau

#LoveIsland's new bombshell India poses topless in Page 3 shoot…

I wish the girls would stop telling Amber that her and Michael are meant to be together and tell her to get with Ovie. #LoveIsland #AmberandOvie

“According to the global MPI 2019 report released Thursday, between 2005-06 and 2015-16, India, lifted 271 million out of poverty, significantly reducing deprivations in many of the ten indicators.” #GlobalGoals #SDGS…

Iconic non-violence sculpture in front of UN Headquarters. Also called - The knotted gun sculpture that symbolizes a world without violence. Without #Peace there can be no development #SDGs #HLPF2019


Thanks to this terrific panel @UN #HLPF on #DigitalTransformation to achieve the #SDGs. If we can leverage #digital, we can empower people and ensure #inclusiveness and #equality. @DIAL_community @GeSIConnect @ATT @UN_Montenegro @verizon


From attending Kenya’s event on #SDGs where Janet Mbugua was moderating, to meeting the UN Youth Delegates and talking about the work young people are doing to random selfies in the streets of was a great first day at the #HLPF2019


#Deaf participants, sign language users, & our @sgpwd alternate representative @maloutfy from the Stakeholder Group of Persons with #Disabilities week 2 #HLPF2019 #sgpwd @WFDPresident @annikademaeyer @vbautech


In Norway, it is the ministry of EDUCATION responsible for migrant INTEGRATION, says @ManosAntoninis ‘2 mil youngsters enter the labour market each month, 1 mio in Africa’ says @ADixon_WB #HLPF2019 #mig4dev


Suriye'nin Moskova Büyükelçisi Haddad, S-400'ler ile ilgili, “Türkiye şu anda Rusya ile birlikte Astana sürecinin garantör ülkesi olduğundan ve adımlarını Rusya ile koordine ettiğinden, bu konu ilgi alanımızda bulunmuyor” dedi.

главная польза Astana LRT будет в том, что приехавшие на вокзал "Нурлы-Жол" смогут без пробок добраться до аэропорта "Нурсултан Назарбаев" и побыстрее улететь в страну, где не ставят памятники живым правителям, когда вся страна является одним большим памятником коррупции.


(Dinamarca, 1ra) @OscarWhalley fue titular en el empate del @AGFFodbold Aarhus 1-1 ante Hobro


Anel fick 90 minuter direkt för Hobro. 1-1 hemma mot AGF. Bra där.

WATCH: Fox News' Shep Smith blasts Trump over "xenophobic eruption" on minority lawmakers


Trump called @aoc @RashidaTlaib @IlhanMN and @AyannaPressley “anti-American” but nothing is more anti-American than conspiring with the Russians to attack American democracy so you can use xenophobia to become dictator for life.

Don't ever argue with a Trump supporter, it's like trying to teach a fish how to play basketball.

We come from Area 51. What’s the big deal?


RW 2009: man it’s them Chinese RW 2016: nvrmind them its been the ADL the whole time holy shit RW 2019: man fuck the Chinese Back at square fucking one

Michael says he wants to leave but hasn’t. he sees things could be better remaining in the villa but feels too embarrassed to go back to the 1st deal he had. Michael is sad now cus he’s fucked it up. Michael is the UK. The villa is the EU. Joanna is brexit. #loveisland

O Manchester United está mais determinado que o rival Manchester City em contratar o zagueiro inglês do Leicester, Harry Maguire. (Sky Sports)


TIL: the Rockies have a concession stand that sells chicken tenders and fries for $17. Seventeen dollars. For chicken tenders and fries. Normally I just accept that ballparks are going to rip you off but holy shit.

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote eight majority opinions this term. But it was his 18 dissenting and concurring opinions that raised eyebrows

Ist aber auch kompliziert. Der bisherige amtierende US-Verteidigungsminister ist als Minister nominiert und amtiert deshalb nicht mehr, während der derzeitige Secretary of the Navy amtierender Verteidigungsminister wird. Alles klar?…

Wonder what happened last time an arrogant quote like this was made by a Florida player..…


Captain Marvel’s Lashana Lynch to Take Over as 007 from Daniel Craig's James Bond: Report

If you film your self driving, you are a fucking mong

HOLY SHIIIIIIT! WE GOT ALLL THREEEEEE! Happiest Sky fan on planet earth right now!…

EU faces chaos as Brexit Party rallies MEPs for first upset against Europhiles, says @math_patten…

Astonishing bullshit. Defying reality in order to impress the Brexit-demented base.…

Novo filme de James Bond terá mulher negra como 007, diz site…

¡Peleón! el sitio de está reportando que se trabaja en un combate entre Brian Ortega y Chan Sung Jung (Korean Zombie) para UFC Fight Night México, el próximo 21 de septiembre. ¿Qué más quieren? #MMA #MMAMexico


hoseok spotify'da en çok takipçisi olan solo sanatçıymış ee ne diyoduk stan bts stan jung hoseok

Over 90% of the goals and targets of the #SDGs correspond to human rights obligations. Our #HumanRights expert @SarahRattray1 explains how #HumanRights underpins our work for a greener, more just, and #MoreEqualWorld. #HLPF #ROL4Peace

JUST RELEASED: A preview of our upcoming report, Counting on the World to Act. Click through for TReNDS' recommendations on building modern statistical systems in support of the #SDGs.

Lys og skygger...jubel og frustration...ung og gammel... Billeder fra #hobagf hos Getty Image her… #sldk


Norway will provide NOK 35 mill to the @UN #Tax Trust Fund over the next 3 years. We need all member states to engage in global tax norms. The challenge of financing the #SDGs is urgent - Min of Intl Dev @dagiulstein #HLPF…


Ikke alle AGF-fans kaster med sten... Nogen tager også bare på Hobro Stadion med far og svoger og ser GF spille 1-1 #ultratwitteragf @AGFFodbold


Aalborg, Denmark Weaart 2014


Thorsteinsson var et kæmpe JA TAK .... #ultratwitteragf

Facit efter sæsonpremieren #hobagf #ksdh #aarhus


I also highted this evening at the launch of special @GEMReport #CommitToEducation on implementing #SDG4 how investing in early years educators leads to quality education #SDGs #HLPF2019 @UNESCO @UNICEF @irishmissionun @DCYAPress @merrionstreet #HLPF #GEMReport


Vi er altid bedst i hhv sommer- og vinterpausen. Vi glæder os til december #hobagf #ultratwitteragf

Slutfløjt i Hobro 1-1. Ikke uretfærdigt for nogen af holdene. Babayan får min personlige MOM foran Ahmedhodzic og Kirkevold #hobagf

Slut. Det ender 1-1 i sæsonens første kamp #HOBAGF


In the Danish Superliga, US U-23 winger Emmanuel Sabbi scored a goal in Hobro’s season opening game in the 63rd minute vs AGF. It’s currently 1-1 in the 87th and Sabbi was subbed out in the 85th.

Hvor er det irriterende, at dommer Peter Kjærsgaard-Andersen skal give henstillinger ved alle dødboldsituationer. De andre fejl han laver, kan jeg leve med. Men hans ligegyldige moralske prædikener er godt nok irriterende. #hobagf #ultratwitteragf #sldk

Chanceskabelsen var flot for #Brøndby i 3-0 sejren mod #Silkeborg søndag aften. Et kig på xG viser Brøndby lande på 3.22 xG, sidst der var så statistisk set stor en BIF-chanceskabelse i en kamp var 30/07/17 i 5-3 sejren (3.57xG) hjemme mod Lyngby. #sldk #sldkstats #Pedersbæktal


AGF på hjørnespark i 2018/2019: 1 mål i 36 kampe AGF på hjørnespark i 2019/2020: 1 mål i 1 kamp Begge imod #hobroIK #hobagf #sldk #ultratwitteragf #ksdh

1-1 #hobagf

Emmanuel Sabbi scores the opener of the season and of the match for Hobro, continuing his excellent form ftom last season. #USMNT…

Sabbi har hadet ågf lige siden, han som knægt stod på Faxe-tribunen...

62' MÅÅÅÅL!!!! Edgar Babayan smækker bolden ind foran mål med ydersiden, og her kunne en helt fri Emmanuel Sabbi sparke bolden i mål #HOBAGF 1-0

Ok nu afpresser Vibeke Manniche folk hun mener, har chikaneret hende. Sig undskyld og betal 150 kroner…

Fedt at Josta Dladla tilbage i AGF! #sldk #hobagf

0-0 ved pausen i Hobro...evigt uheldige Mads Hvilsom måtte udgå med skade efter 20 min #sldk #hobagf


Lincoln Riley: "We don't plan on the offense dipping" -- interesting take for smokeless tobacco companies.

Mike Gundy doesn't want to name a QB but does hint at the fact they plan to use one in 2019. Noted.

We've now heard from Les Miles and Gary Patterson. Both coaches prefer winning football games this season. Will be interesting to see if that trend continues with the rest of the league.

Got a lot of stick for this comment on Saturday. The way I see it, today's fallout from the crosswinds underlines my point. Astana, Trek, Movistar, Groupama and EF (even though they started it!) panicked and didn't know how to respond. Cynicism is justified, but Ineos race well.…

Jeg bliver næsten helt skummende vred på Fuglsang og Astana. Hvis man har ambitioner om at vinde Touren, så bliver man altså ikke fanget på den måde. Eller tager jeg fejl? Har kun set med, efter udskilningen. #tourtv2dk #tourtv2 #tdfdk

Around lunch time I will be reporting from the actual spot on the field here at Jerry World where Cody Ford took Breckyn Hager's soul.

Tak for en fantastisk dag på Lyngby Stadion, hvor 2971 overværede De Kongeblå gøre et fornemt Superliga-comeback, da AaB blev slået med 2-0 på to mål af Frederik Gytkjær.

Another year of outright disrespect. Makes you wonder. Yet again I pick myself off the floor.


Af alle hjernedøde fanrelaterede ting i dansk fodbold - ever, så tog en idiot/nogle tumper i Aarhus lige prisen. Jens stage har stået på tribunen og heppet på De Hvide. Jeg forbløffes…

Alguien me explica lo del area 51?

Despite recent reports claiming that Harry Maguire is set to join Manchester United, Leicester are actually optimistic that the Englishman will remain at the King Power Stadium this summer. Unless their asking price is matched, Maguire will not be leaving. (Source: Telegraph)


maybe we can find day6’s first music show win in area 51

How Matthijs de Ligt transfer could impact Man Utd pursuit of Harry Maguire…


One million people have now signed on to “storm Area 51”.…


mañana cojo un avión y tengo el ojete más tenso que doraemon en un control de aduanas holy shit

Podéis abandonar los memes del área 51, este es el ganador


Up $40 in span of 1 hour bc i have people that aren't retarded and can actually play as a team holy shit lmfaoo

아 역시 초콜릿은 가나가 최고야.

I’ll say it again - @russellcrowe is just brilliant in The Loudest Voice playing Roger Ailes. If you’re not watching this show - what are you waiting for?? #TheLoudestVoice @StanAustralia

"I like to transmutate it in a way. So when the crowd is chanting ‘#Roger’ I hear ‘#Novak’. It sounds silly but it is like that. I try to convince myself that it’s like that.” - #Djokovic on overcoming a partisan #Wimbledon crowd.…

Why Novak Djokovic celebrated his Wimbledon win by eating a handful of grass


Leicester City are yet to receive a second formal bid for defender Harry Maguire from Man United this summer, after the Foxes rejected the Red Devils’s first offer of around £70m for the 26-year-old. (Source: Leicestershire Live)


- Las redadas en EE.UU. - La sentencia del Chapo - Manifestaciones en Puerto Rico Además, te explicamos por qué Djokovic celebró su victoria en Wimbledon comiendo pasto. Esto es lo que debes saber para comenzar la semana:

Genre habe ich Mausfeld gelauscht, der gewarnt hat, jetzt zu glauben mit neuer Politik etwas neu machen zu können. Alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen, wer jung ist darf sich einen Überblick verschaffen und wir alle sollten uns vernetzen. Auf geht es..…

Deepika Padukone and her sister Anisha were among the many celebrities who were at the Centre Court at Wimbledon to watch the scintillating final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.

Hvis man da overhovedet er i tvivl om, hvor god en fyr Jens Stage er, så kan man se dette indslag, hvor han fortæller om alle de overvejelser, der lå bag klubskiftet… #ultratwitteragf #fcklive #sldk

Delighted to announce my newest collaboration with @nibmai. With the support of @IrishResearch, we're combining the forces of @UCDHumanities and @ICTS01 to explore the broader historical context of crises concerning migrant communities and identities in a conference next year.

"Her şeye inanan safdilli vatandaşı kandırmak için politik dalavereleri ve tavizleri ile propaganda ve reklam devreye girer. Ve yalan dünya tarihinde görülmemiş boyutlara ulaşır." (Carl Gustav Jung)

David Moyes' spell as Manchester United manager was hardly glorious, but the Scot will have a measure of revenge if Harry Maguire becomes the most expensive defender in history after recommending him in 2013 when he was valued at €5m:…


If you love BTS you love them all. Love Kim Namjoon Love Kim Seokjin Love Min Yoongi Love Jung Hoseok Love Park Jimin Love Kim Taehyung Love Jeon Jungkook

보쌈 40분 걸린다매 오다 죽었냐고

Se højdepunkter fra gårsdagens 2-0 sejr over AaB ved at følge linket:…

“Hvis du tror, du er for lille til at gøre en forskel, så prøv at sove med en myg.” Dalai Lama

Overset detalje fra i går: Kaiser går ud ved modsatte sidelinje, efter de nye regler. Han går stille og roligt rundt og der bliver klappet ned mod ham. Da han kommer hen til langsiden står der en flok børn. Han går fra sidelinjen ud til tribunen for at hilse på dem #sldk #bifsif

SIF var en taknemmelig modstander i premieren. NF fik med sin opsætning vist det han vil med holdet, som i helhed leverede en fin indsats.Spillet vekslede mellem afventende defensiv og aggressivt pres når det gav mening.Naturlige fejl. Men overall godkendt. #sldk #bifsif #brøndby

Hold kæft, hvor er Theresa May lettet over ikke at skulle bøvle mere med Brexit...:-)…

Skud ud til @LyngbyBoldklub for dagens sejr, men også for den fremragende Youtube dokumentar :”Sammen For Lyngby” ... Dokumentaren tager en med bag kulisserne, og giver et unikt indblik i den vildeste og mest vanvittige oprykningssæson nogensinde i dansk fodbold! #Sldk

En vestidor águila lista la 'armadura' de Roger y Gio…

Terrorists are extreme but I don’t... I don’t think they’d make Federer and Djokovic wear burkas. That’s a bit too far.…

desculpa zuar o padre marcelo roger

"Es irreal tener dos puntos de partido en contra y ganar": Djokovic


La Carrera a Londres tras #Wimbledon. 1) Djokovic 6.725 2) Nadal 6.225 3) Federer 5.060 4) Thiem 3.315 5) Tsitsipas 2.995 6) Nishikori 2.070 7) Bautista 1.980 8) Medvedev 1.855 --------------- 9) Fognini 1.640 10) Zverev 1.590 11) Auger 1.481 12) Berrettini 1.410 13) Pella 1.375

I've just woken up with a nightmare. I dreamt that ball bobbled in front of Jason Roy and he misfielded. Proper sweats #CricketWorldCupFinal #ENGvsNZ

Roger y yo compartimos más que sangre.


Yoruma gerek yok herkes o geceden payına düşeni aldı. Kimi şehadet kimi hainlik.. #WimbledonFinal #avokado #iyigeceler #Unutmayacagiz #BundanSonra #iremsak #15Temmuz2016 #SonucOlarak #15TemmuzuUnutma #15Temmuz Tiyatro #15Temmuzdaoradaydım


Synes i ikke det er underligt, at danskere er så gode på nuke, når vi ikke har nogle atomkraftværker? Feelsweird #zulucs

Maguire gets into any team in the league and that can't be disputed, but yet there are rival fans bantering the signing? The deal isn't bad at 60m + 20m or as the media like to call it "The biggest deal in the history of mankind", the price only matters if he flops.

Everton's 1st choice back four cost less than Harry Maguire, ruining transfer windows though

Manchester United have agreed a £60m deal with Leicester City - potentially rising to £80m with add-ons - for Harry Maguire #MUFC

Dragged to within an inch of my life. Send help…

Harry Maguire will go from England's most beloved CB to an overrated fraud with a fat head, just from joining Manchester United. We're massive

Happy Birthday to little cutie Flynn! Wishing him the best day! Sending lots of love ❤️❤️ @sean_m_maguire


Unpopular opinion: Maguire > VVD One reached a World Cup semi-final the other was gracing International friendlies. #Mufc

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