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We will just have to wait another inning to see if Mr Thomas' tweet shows up on the broadcast

Mustang varsity shot a solid round of 167 tonight at Beaver Creek East. Mustangs did fall to Gilbert (162) and ADM (163). Perrin 38 Junge 39 Ross 42 Jansen 48 Howard 49 Thomas 51

GOOD SAMARITAN: Jonathan Bauer said he was driving with his daughter over an Ocean City bridge shortly before he saw a 2-year-old girl in the water below. Today, he spoke to the public for the first time.…

Si Lille devient champion, Il faudra sortir les drapeaux turcs. Burak Yilmaz est le nouveau roi de Lille en déplaise à tous les racistes idenditaires.

Cuerpo técnico de Tigres dándole la bienvenida a Florian Thauvin

Newcastle celebrate win ft. Andy Carroll, Jamal Lewis, Federico Fernandez & Joelinton #shirtless #hotfootballers #NUFC #NewcastleUnited #Newcastle #LEINEW


Hello, Newcastle! I’m Kate, your new Community Engagement Coordinator. Thanks for your patience during our social media hiatus — we’re back, and I’m excited to work with you!


Alguém mais aí feliz com a notícia do novo filme de Dragon Ball Super?


Huge congratulations to @strinkovsky for a Labour Gain! Delighted to win Eastcott ward from the Liberal Democrats.

último capitulo de One Piece SANJI CARREGANDO ZORO NAS COSTAS Apenas um trago, otários! (sem spoiler aqui ein)…

there's this incredible rewriting of the corbyn period going on among the commentariat right now as if it was 4 years marked by a continuous decline and not, you know, the closest that labour have come to being in government in over a decade.

Do you remember when that report saying Labour should shag more flags was leaked and Starmer's people were adamant that it was just an observation and not the strategy? A report from the Guardian on the Hartlepool campaign:


Has anyone checked on Ash Sakar and her clutch bag, Owen Jones? #Labour

One of, if not the main issue with Labour currently is this exact thing. Entirely focused on winning over Tory voters. A labour leader who prioritises Tory voters over labour voters is just a Tory leader. And we’ve already got one of them…

#ONEPIECE1012 . . . . O law de pernas cruzadas em cima do sanji e o zoro mortão KKKKKKKK


Julia Louis-Dreyfus on ‘Veep,’ ‘Seinfeld’ and Why Republicans Have ‘Lost Their Minds’… via @variety >><> Oh yeah. The political expert speaks.

해시태그올라가라제발 #NCT는_미국진출의_수단이_아니다 왜이렇게안올라와얼른올라가라 #CANCEL_NCT_HOLLYWOOD 이스만정신차려바보야 #엔시티_할리우드_반대 엔시티무한확장하지마


the only people I'd tolerate in nct hollywood. end of discussion.


Here’s for you @GUYSHELTON - Marco Van Falco’s venomous volley against Arsenal from back in ‘83. I thought I had a better version sir - apologies. Acknowledgements 1991spurs.c @falco_mark #falco #spurslegend #requestagoalfriday #thfc #COYS

Miss The Rage gn

Read my thoughts - Pain in the Arsenal. @Arsenal Arteta Emery Wenger #KroenkeOut #ArtetaOut #COYG #EuropaLeague #PremierLeague #pl Aubameyang Smith Rowe Ødegaard Wilian Ozil Kanu Henry Joshua


스물셋지켜해시쓰지말아주세요 #NCT는_미국진출의_수단이_아니다 해시이세개로사용부탁드려요 #CANCEL_NCT_HOLLYWOOD 띄어쓰기숫자기호사용불가능 #엔시티_할리우드_반대 앞뒤로열글자이상써야합니다

지금애들충분히예쁘고애들사랑하는데 #엔시티는_미국진출의_수단이_아니다 여기서더늘어나면난조건없이다사랑을퍼줘야하는걸까 #NCT_HOLLYWOOD_OUT 지금애들이엔시티라엔시티가좋은건데 #엔시티_할리우드_반대 엔시티라는이유로들어올수있는사람을내가다사랑할수있을까

#GreysAnatomy sono brividi forti e voglia di gridare:


Like this tweet if you want to make Jake Paul cry

#JakePaul launched #gotchahat merchandise collection after stealing Floyd Mayweather's hat, which some say is an incredibly shrewd business move. This is exactly how the notion of Paul brothers being "smart businessmen" has helped them conceal their outrageous antics.


me and the boys after hearing the mario judah version of miss the rage

"Portrait of a Noble in Gauzy White Costume", Folio from the Davis Album, late 17th century… #islamicart #themet


Ramaphosa: DNA forensic testing backlog unacceptable, hampering GBV fight | By @Gaye_Davis


Brawl as Mayweather faces off with YouTube star Logan Paul #jakpost

Make #LoganPaul fight a professional boxer of a similar age and fighting weight to him. Logan Paul loses that fight ten times out of ten.

Hey #GreysAnatomy fans I have 17x14 episode REPLY to THIS and FOLLOW me Wait for my Next Tweet!!! #GreysxStation19   Hey #Station19  fans I have 4x13 episode REPLY to THIS and FOLLOW me Wait for my Next Tweet!!! #GreysxStation19…

huh nct hollywood?? sorry to say it sounds so ugly and no one wants it. if SM wanna make a new group just don’t bring NCT’s name. SM is always like this, they already have so many potential artist but doesn’t let them to show up, but ended to make a new one. this is so sick

끼발진짜스엠아티스트들겁나많은데 #엔시티_할리우드_반대 돈을아티스트케어하는데좀쓰지 #NCT는_미국진출의_수단이_아니다 지욕심에써버리는중견기업의수장 #CANCEL_NCT_HOLLYWOOD 제발명예롭게내려와주셨으면좋겠습니드


지금스물세명도제대로 #NCT는_미국진출의_수단이_아니다 책임못지면서할리우드진출이라니 #CANCEL_NCT_HOLLYWOOD 새팀도할리우드진출하고또수납시키겠죠 #엔시티_할리우드_반대 제발현멤버들부터책임지고무언갈하세요

Reminder that off the couch Floyd walked Conor down and rearranged his face while giving up 20+ lbs in weight. The Paul bros are screwed.


Its very hard being an Arsenal fan at this time!!!! I wish i had not led my kids into supporting this team. Now I have to comfort 3 distressed boys.

TL sleep? Anyways logan beating floyd


How it started ▶️ how it' going #GreysAnatomy #JaprilEndgame #Japril


miss the rage got me like


Ole might've reached the final but Emery has won this tournament several times over. It's not done yet.

Le mec de solveig quand elle vient de se calmer mais qu'une pub charal passe à la télé #TPMP


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