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James Bond has nothing on this speedboat/submarine

#ripbianca please fill the tag with images of her alive and thriving or the turn out to support her family. Nothing else.


People: watches show about girl who killed herself. Also people: Gets upset when that show shows girl killing her self. #13reasonswhy

Who cares about Netflix cutting out a scene for a show that's sucked to begin with? #13ReasonsWhy

lmao people saying that scene should be left in when there was no warning for it and having a scene that graphic did more harm than good,,,,,,,,,,,,, #13ReasonsWhy

It’s mad that Sebastien Haller was only West Ham’s second choice when he would start for almost every Premier League side. It makes me wonder what players they could have got instead of their flops

#Netflix has altered the much criticised, graphic suicide scene in one of its flag bearer shows, #13ReasonsWhy…

Evolução Cristiano Ronaldo #PES2020

#Mercato Ça sent bon pour Benjamin André à Lille

Alan Turing to feature on new £50 banknote…

Mercato OM: Accord trouvé pour Benedetto…


Today in The Guardian – Balarabe Musa urges anti-Buhari protest as Nigerians back Obasanjo. Get a copy. #FrontPage #Headline #Business #Politics #Sports #Pilgrims #Nigerians #Entertainment #News #Nigeria #Africa #TheGuardianNg


Although Nigeria’s inflation “dropped” in June, Nigerians aren’t just feeling it…


Una final inolvidable: aquí están los mejores 10 puntos del histórico partido entre Djokovic y Federer.…

Obasanjo letter is more of Politics than Statesmanship. If he truly loves Nigeria, he can book an appointment with the President and present his concerns in a one on one meeting, or he can present his concerns in one of the Council of State meetings.

Codebreker en oorlogsheld Alan Turing zal op nieuwe biljet van 50 pond prijken…

I’m personally very pleased that @bankofengland has chosen to honour Alan Turing by putting him on the £50 note. He undoubtedly saved millions of lives and was treated poorly in return. #therightthing #money #uk #computer #enigma

Investors’ 11-year wait for the Nigerian government to open up Africa’s biggest crude industry may be over

Scar in #TheLionKing is delightfully deceitful, and he sure moves that plot along, but is he also the most inept government leader in the history of animated movies? @MichaelBaumann:

Alan Turing unveiled as the face of the new £50 note…

The lives of the people living in Wuro Dadi were disrupted by communal violence that further exacerbated the humanitarian challenges posed by the #LakeChad conflict. Wuro Dadi is a village in Adamawa state, #Nigeria.


In THE LION KING, do you think the name Scar was given at birth, or was it more of a nickname? Because if it was his birth name that's pretty fucked, no? I mean, no wonder Scar grew up to be so poorly adjusted.

lmao what if timon slapped pumba's hindquarters

VIDÉO - Corse : un mini-cyclone au large de Bastia

Has @idriselba met the royal baby? Plus, he talks #HobbsAndShaw action scenes... and sneak-peeks his #CatsMovie dance moves!

Download A750FNXXU1BSG1: Official Android 9 pie for SM-A750FN SM-A750FN Greece (vodafone) – VGR…

#FRANCIA | 15.07.2019 Imponente tromba marina hoy, en la costa de Bástia, Isla Francesa de Córcega


Å ver så snill, James Bond er ein mann. Gi oss ein. Og lat det bli Idris Elba. Den neste 007 kan bli spilt av en kvinne – NRK Kultur og underholdning…

Encerrado, castrado y torturado por ser homosexual. Alan Turing será la cara de los billetes de 50 libras. Pequeños gestos que ayudan a reparar siglos de opresión.


Nikad, a posebno posle više decenija stradanja i utrošenih milijardi sa svih strana, na pitanje “koji je plan, koja je ideja za Kosovo” odgovor sa vrha države ne bi smeo da bude “NE ZNAMO. Ali hvala ovom, onom... što hoće da razgovaramo”.

"Winston Churchill said Alan Turing made the greatest individual contribution to winning WW2" and all we did was prosecute him ... Incredibly moving interview on #Skynews with his great niece, Rachel Barnes, who has fought that others be "pardoned" too as part of "Turing's law"

jfc some of the shit im reading about #ripbianca is infuriating the social media side of it where people are trying to capitalize by posting the picture or redirecting to their own profiles the dudes saying how ITS NOT JUST WOMEN WHO GET HURT social media was a mistake

#ripbianca first off, and second please listen to women. please don’t let this happen again. please help us feel safe again

VIDEO Landa sbattuto a terra dal francese Barguil

"Bond is about the guns and the girls" is a perfect example of a man who doesn't understand the James Bond franchise.…

i need 3 ibuprofen, 2 iced coffees, and a big blanket and then maybe everything will be okay

Wielerlegende Raymond Poulidor (83) genoot vandaag in de Tour de France van ritwinnaar Wout van Aert, bij het veldrijden de grote concurrent van zijn kleinzoon Mathieu van der Poel: ‘Wout is geweldig en verrast me’…


Tal vez ya lo hayan dicho por aquí pero para mí la etapa tuvo un momento clave: cuando el grupo Pinot-Urán-Fuglsang se desintegra, dejando muchos gregarios atrás, estando la diferencia con respecto al grupo Alaphilippe en solo 12 segundos.

El único sentido de un ejército europeo, innecesario dada la OTAN y sin capacidad real ninguna frente a un enemigo exterior, es darle a París un pretendido y ridículo liderazgo “militar” para gloria de Macron y sugerir una amenaza para los cada vez mas miembros discolos de la UE.…

Can Senegal disrupt Algeria’s plans to clinch their second African cup of nations title when the Teranga lions face off with the Desert foxes this Friday? Share your views using #VivaAfrica2019 @BernardNdong @MikeOkinyi @MukamiWambora

A day and a match I will never forget. Extraordinary resilience from Novak Djokovic to save two championship points against Roger Federer and win a 16th grand slam title at Wimbledon.…

Imagine… Imagine… having to choose between Swimming the whole of Atlantic Ocean to set up a small scale business or trekking from Nigeria to Madagascar to achieved just a goal from your dream goals. Imagine… Imagine… having to choose between 3 dead options just to leave your


Your #MCM can now get Health Tips delivered right to his phone. Kindly tell him to use these codes to subscribe to Daily, Weekly and Monthly Health Tips For Men. Please note that this service is only available on MTN Nigeria. #ThinkHealth #Spinlet


"We all know where kidnapping started in this country and who started it"- Bola Ahmed Tinubu, 15th July 2019. "The first high profile kidnapping in Nigeria was General Buhari's attempt to crate Umaru Dikko. His terrorist kin just perfected it"- Ibrahim Bunu, 16th July 2019.

Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Macron: “Uzayda ordu kuracağız”… @medyascopetv aracılığıyla @omertulunay

Novak's greatest grand slam triumphs: After ANOTHER Wimbledon epic, here's how the world's No 1 turns it up a notch on the showpiece occasions

El argelino del #RealBetis Mandi jugará la final de la Copa de África frente a Senegal…

Bond's number is up: black female actor 'is the new 007'…

Bleu blanc sans rouge, le 14 juillet 2019 au lac Majeur, #LagoMaggiore #Laghi #Lake #Italia #Italy #Lac #Italie


Salim Wazir: For Senegal, we talk about the likes of Sadio Mané but Cheikhou Kouyaté is the unsung hero of that team #KTNAFCON2019 with @R_okenye @moseswakhisi


البرازيلي #نيمار دا سيلفا لاعب باريس سان جيرمان يعود إلى تدريبات الفريق تمهيدا لحسم انتقاله إلى #برشلونة التفاصيل |


Bonjour @CCastaner, on devrait payer les heures supp de nos policiers avant de faire des spectacles sur les #champselysee #14Juillet…

Sebastian #Vettel und #Ferrari kommen in der Formel 1 zusammen auf keinen grünen Zweig mehr

Federer, Nadal and Djoko between them have 44 grand slam titles. That’s like the 3 of them winning all the grand slams for 11 years in a row!! That’s called being a “class apart”.

aproveitar enquanto minha auto estima me permite #issaLGBTQ


Voitures, vitres de magasins, tout y passe à Lyon lors d'émeutes suite à la victoire du match de l'algérie ! #ALGNIG


Yo, j'ai seulement 2 photos potables #issaLGBTQ


People can talk but at the end of the day Novak is one of the greatest players of all time if not the very best and that's an unbeatable fact

La Mer est à l’honneur aujourd’hui avec la nomination ou les promotions dans l’ordre de la Légion d’Honneur d’Olivier Le Nézet, Georges Tourret et Francis Vallat.


Battle ready! It’s all for a place in the final of #TotalAFCON2019  Senegal vs. Tunisia (5pm) Catch the action live on @GOtvNg and @DStvNg Who wins? #AFCONonDStv #AFCONonGOtv #AFCONnaOurOwn #SSFootball #SENTUN


Hier fliegt ein Soldat auf einem Hoverboard zu Ehren des französischen Nationalfeiertag #14Juillet:

Con Edison CEO John McAvoy said a problem at a substation caused the 6:47 p.m. power failure, which stretched 30 blocks from Times Square to 72nd Street.…

Un monde fou au Mur d’Aurec-sur-Loire pour la 9e étape #TDF2019 en direction de Brioude

Agora vamos ao 2° tempo dos afazeres de dono de casa... BOM DOMINGO A TODOS! Bon dimanche / Buona domenica.

DIRECT. Tour de France : la revanche de Bardet dans son fief ? Regardez et commentez la 9e étape entre Saint-Etienne et Brioude…


Restablecen electricidad tras apagón en Manhattan: metro paralizado, hubo problemas en el tráfico y Times Square quedó apagado....…

Times Square goes dark for a few hours on a blackout Transformer blew Back now


El corte de suministro ha afectado a 72.000 clientes y ha dejado sin luz lugares emblemáticos como los carteles luminosos de Times Square. Volvió la luz a Manhattan tras un corte de suministro eléctrico en Nueva……

"Contrôlé à Roissy, l'ex ministre grec Yanis Varoufakis sort de ses gonds" - Ah, quant tu as goûté aux privilèges, c'est pas facile de rentrer dans les rangs... dézolé… via @20minutes

Maverick Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis in Paris airport row…


"lors d’un banal contrôle de la police aux frontières à l’aéroport parisien". Non, c'est pas "banal".…

L’ex premier ministre grec, Yanis Varoufakis, a été pris d’une grosse colère suite à un contrôle de police à l’aéroport de Roissy. Manquerait plus qu’il fasse un duo avec Elisa Tovati....

#NoticiasUnoAlAire| #DeportesNoticiasUno| Tomas de Gent obtuvo su segunda victoria de etapa en el Tour de Francia. Thibaut Pinot le sacó veinte segundos de ventaja en la general a los colombianos Egan Bernal, Nairo Quintana y Rigoberto Urán

Tour de France : Alaphilippe, Pinot et Thomas, jusqu’ici, tout va bien... -… via @libe

acabo de fazer um macarrão mt bom q para ficar melhor só acompanhado de um bom vinho a exemplo do pinot noir (único nome de vinho q lembro da degustação

Police crack down on undocumented workers occupying Paris Pantheon - World Socialist Web Site… #migrants

Hundreds of illegal alien invaders riot/occupy Pantheon in Paris, 'demanding' papers that would allow them to stay… via @barenakedislam

Elisa Tovati elle a réussi son bad buzz mais dans le mauvais sens elle se fait lyncher sur les commentaires de son clip c’est chaud mdr

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