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Girls und communism dr stone products link below…


Dr Stone es uno de los mejores animes que he visto en años. Espero con ansias su segundo temporada, y me leeré ahora su manga.



Dr Stone no início me prendeu, mas eu não queria continuar, não sabia o pq, depois de certo ponto eu queria ep todo dia. Nessa última cena do último ep eu fiquei triste pq me lembrou o início do anime, e eu descobri o pq, Taiju, aquele fdp me faz querer morrer, eu odeio ele.

Le #GotagaOnTour n'est pas tout à fait terminé ! Revivez l'événement avec l'After Show présenté par @Gotaga et @Doigby. Moments inédits, temps forts, coulisses... c'est maintenant sur au coeur du Grand Rex !

"Abdelmadjid Tebboune a présenté ses remerciements aujourd'hui dans un tweet". 0_o

Miracle démocratique en Algérie : Abdelmadjid Tebboune, 74 ans, ex-Premier ministre de Bouteflika, élu président…

British belly flop. Ei muuta kuin herran haltuun. #Brexit

Mark van ­Ostaijen zuigt om zijn duim dat winst voor Boris Johnson zal leiden tot bureaucratisering, centralisering en despotisme.…

1/ This says nothing about Johnson's mandate for Brexit; he now has one. But it shows the folly in allowing two issues - Johnson vs Corbyn, and leave vs remain - to be mixed up in one vote, complicated further by our FPTP voting system.…

Ahora seguimos sin saber si han votado así porque quieren Brexit duro o porque no quieren a Corbyn. Putos Tories.

Path to a softer Brexit? Johnson's win gives him leeway… via @rte

Triunfo absoluto para Boris Johnson, ¡Hello Brexit! Johnson conduce a los conservadores a la mayor victoria desde la era Thatcher . El primer ministro británico ha ganado las elecciones en Reino Unido con 359 escaños.

Durante la entrega de premios de los #TheGameAwards, se ha dejado ver un nuevo tráiler de Ghost of Tsushima. Finalmente, el esperado título de Sucker Punch Productions llegará en verano de 2020 exclusivamente para PlayStation 4. -…


Here are some tips for #TheGameAwards, @geoffkeighley! 1) Have the winner of last year's Game of the Year to present the award like Jeff Kaplan did. 2) I love the gamers segment. Please keep that! 3) Get rid of unnecessary categories like Best Family Game 1/2

You can't put gameplay on the back of a box, nor can you show it off in a minute-long teaser trailer. All these new IPs at #TheGameAwards need to realize this.

Happy Birthday to the person who changed my life. I will follow you anywhere. I'm so proud to be a fan of this incredible person. Thank you thank you #HappyBirthdayTaylor


That #youthquake, if the exit polls are correct.

Twitter wird von Medienleuten (wie auch mir) zu oft komplett überbewertet. Es ist Null repräsentativ für die Haltung im Gros der Bevölkerung. #generalelection19 #YouthQuake…



What if #Rare the song is released tonight at midnight?


Turns out the Labour #Youthquake was just somebody slamming a car door…

Well I have see a few elections over the years but I have never seen kids queuing in the poring rain to vote before change may be coming. #YouthQuake #GeneralElection2019

t's finally here! No, not the #GeneralElection2019 #PollingDay! I am talking about a dedicated @arcadeattackUK podcast for "rare" Dreamcast games! Dyl goes through Giga Wing 2, Project Justice & Cannon Spike! Can you spot any connections? #sega…


Still can't get my mind around the fact that in the UK you can vote without an ID. You need nothing. You show up where designated and you state your name and address. Perhaps because of very tough Italian laws to avoid vote frauds, but I am always mesmerised #GeneralElection2019

No one: Literally nobody: Not a single soul: My parents: My friends: Me in 2020: #Bieber2020


Raga esce domani che vi costa aspettare? #FineLine

15% OFF my very lovely poorly drawn band merch on RedBubble! Use code: 15OFF. hope you’re all doing ok. it’s a bit rainy and cold here. also i’m going to vote later. anyway, here’s the link if you’re interested…


some ppl can already listen to #FineLine fookin time zones

So glad I didn't ruin #fineline For myself by listening to leaks. Thank you @Harry_Styles, your art is so amazing! What an album !


Aku bangga banget punya BTS and ARMY mereka udh kayak keluarga ku. Kita harus semangat.. #BTSForTheKids #BTSforCharity @BTS_twt


"Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. Jesus answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me." ~John 13:8 #Jesus #Hope #Bible

I can’t wait until Harvey Weinstein produces a movie for Mel Gibson, and nobody says anything.

Le 12/12 est le Jour des Kanji, du fait d'un jeu de mots avec la lecture des chiffres de la date (jeu de mots appelé goro awase 語呂あわせ) 12/12 > いい(1)じ(2)いち(1)じ(2)(いい字1字) Chaque année, c'est le jour où est dévoilé le Kanji de l'année. 2019 - le 令 rei de Reiwa 令和.

La magnifique #crèche de 35m2 sera visible à Notre-Dame de Verdun jusqu’au 2 février 2020.…

Hey that Sett looks pretty cool. Gotta say update on lol. Very much big enjoy having fun

Galatasaray'dan Avrupa'ya buruk veda…


Me waiting for 2020 be like: #Bieber2020

can we get in 2020 a more active justin on twitter? i really want him to interact with us. #Bieber2020

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