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To everyone over the last two years who called me a war mongering centrist dad and told me Corbyn’s long Brexit game would pay off and that he wasn’t unelectable: here you go.

That’s the most depressing map I’ve seen in my adult lifetime. The political contrast between Scotland and England, and Wales it seems, is there for all to see. There’s going to be some disappointed people when they realise life hasn’t miraculously improved when Brexit happens.


Ready for the grand Brexit finale? We spoke with Dan Scott, Deputy CIO Vontobel Wealth Management about what the #UKelection outcome means for investors. #VontobelTopicsThatMatter #generalElection2019

There'll be time for fuller analysis in the days ahead, but one lesson we can definitely take from this election is that both Leave and Remain voters are sick of the 'Groundhog Day' of the last two years and want to move on. #Brexit is now coming very soon. #Election2019

I remember as a young Canadian growing up and thinking that England and the United States really had it together, that they were the model for Canada to aspire to. Today, I truly don't know what the hell happened. #UKElection #Brexit #ImpeachTrump #LiarInChief

Britannian parlamenttivaalien tulos kertoo myös siitä, että ihmiset ovat kyllästyneet #brexit veivaamiseen ja äänestivät nopean loppuratkaisun puolesta.

un déménagement pour le vendredi 13, j’ai vraiment peur de rien

#AORUS100KPC pile quand je voulais refaire ma config ça tombe hyper bien

#AORUS100kPC histoire d'avoir un truc propre

a taylor já vai fazer 30 anos e pra mim ela sempre vai ter 22 #HappyBirthdayTaylor


What happened to #YouthQuake? Did they vote Tory to stop Corbyn and end the Brexit chaos? Maybe there is hope for the future. #BBCNews

Happiest Birthday to this living legend and an Artist of the Decade. She's turning 30 wooot woooot. #HappyBirthdayTaylor


Looks like #YouthQuake was a ripple. Suddenly feel a bit queasy. Need an anti-emetic, quick!



Estamos a 29 días de escuchar #Rare el nuevo álbum de Selena Gomez.



De l'énergie, des talents, de l'enthousiasme! #Diversidays enflamme la mairie de Paris ce soir!


The long queues of young people at polling stations could just be the new influx of voters that registered. Average of 2000 plus per seat. that can win labour 50- 70 seats. #GeneralElection2019

Hey Britain, if you get rid of your crazy-haired huckster, we’ll get rid of ours. Deal?#GeneralElection2019

Just gave an elderly neighbour who suffers with severe swollen ankles a lift to the polling station. When we got inside he shouted out “Which box do I cross to get the gammon faced toff bastards out?” . Everyone cheered. #GeneralElection2019⁠ ⁠

Today is a very important day for the UK. Please get out and vote!#GeneralElection2019

#FineLine já está disponível para transmissão no Spotify na Austrália e Nova Zelândia!…


Well, its a landslide for the left according to my timeline. Its the hope that kills you.

When you see my face hope it gives you hell

What if we getting something on the 1st of Jan?! #Bieber2020ً

#QT8 review: An ode to Quentin Tarantino but marred by clunky Harvey Weinstein mentions

Listen live to Mathew Wright ► ► Harvey Weinstein reaches settlement with sexual assault accusers ► Pret A Manger owners atone for family’s Nazi past ► Jimi Hendrix in the clear over parakeet invasion @Matthew_Wright | @TVKev | @JimmyAkingbola

Danmark har också demografiska problem: * I vissa kommuner är invandrare i majoritet bland nyfödda barn. * Totalt sett har över 20% av de nyfödda barnen utländsk härkomst (deras föräldrar är invandrare eller barn till invandrare). I Köpenhamn är siffran 25%.

L'@Anses_fr et son DG @RogerGenet s'enferrent dans l'affaire des #SDHI, refusant de répondre aux questions scientifiques du Mouvement des Coquelicots et son million de soutiens. Pire, notre agence sanitaire nie le problème. Pourtant, chaque jour compte.…

Grève du 12 décembre : manifestation à Metz, barrages filtrants en Moselle via @fblorrainenord…

Precisamos elogiar a coragem do Aaron Baynes em tentar proteger o aro, porque noção não tem nenhuma. Já Morant atualizou a lista de pôsteres do pivô do Suns.


Mise à jour du 12.12.2019 - Un certain nombre de corrections de bugs ont été implémentées aujourd'hui - Consultez la news:


Grève du 12 décembre : manifestation à Metz, barrages filtrants en Moselle


Alors que les partent enfin de Jean-Macé, le début du cortège arrive lui à Saxe

I dont even play league but this sett guy uuhhh


sisliebers, we did THAT. justin’s impact #BIEBER2020


La única razón por la cual quiero que ya comience el próximo año :3 #Bieber2020

Sett is a powerbottom dont @ me

Galatasaray and PSG try to get at each other inside the ground tonight #PSGGS


Kill Bill 3: Quentin Tarantino habla del proyecto…

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