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Arsenal have ended their worst winless run in 42 years by coming from behind at halftime to beat West Ham 3-1 in the Premier League…

wow juice wrld basically died bc his bitch ass pilot snitched somebody need to murk that nigga

Hold up my nigga Juice wrld died? Damn


United fans were gassing up Greenwood so much, only for Martinelli to flip him on his ass. Now, Pépé is slowly gaining momentum and will overtake Martial and James. Just wait on it.

Arsenal haven't registered away victory after losing first half for ages and finally a comeback win over West Ham…

Arsenal vence al West Ham y corta la racha sin victorias


#Video #PREMIERxESPN ¡CHAU MALA RACHA! Arsenal cortó la seguidilla de derrotas para vencer 3-1 como visitante al West Ham. Martinelli, Pépé y Aubameyang marcaron los goles Gunners, mientras que Ogbonna había adelantado al local.…

Nicolas Pépé Vs West Ham

Surrounding Paul George with this lineup then getting mad at him for demanding a trade is hilarious



Paul George says he wanted to be on 25 different teams depending on what day of the week it is and who he is speaking to I ain’t tryna hear this noise lmao his words change every day…

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul. - George Bernard Shaw #quote #quoteoftheday

Paul George talked to Oladipo after the game- “I told him to come back on his own time. He’s only scratched the surface.”

Paul George is averaging 24-6-4 on a 61.6 TS%. He's doing so in just under 30 minutes (29.7). That seems good.

Clippers Nearly Give It Back Before Toppling Pacers, 110-99…


Paul George:” I want to win a title in Indy.” Paul George the very next day: *Leaks that he wants to be traded to LA thus tanking his value* It’s not the fact that he left, it’s the fact that he wanted to leave and threw a live grenade behind him as he walked out the door.…

Les concours de miss ne reposent pas que sur la beauté extérieure. Le discours de miss Afrique du Sud était ICONIC…

Man said Zaha > Payet with a straight face.…

Payet today is better ffs. Have some respect.…

Mandam me sempre a mesma pessoa naqueles jogos. Vou esclarecer uma coisa. NÃO, EU NÃO TIVE UM CASO COM O DIMITRI PAYET

Nesta terça, aconteceu o sorteio da fase 32 avos da @coupedefrance O Paris enfrentará o ESA Linas-Montlhery, time que joga o Regional 1 (equivalente ao 6º nível do futebol francês) O jogo será fora de casa, no primeiro jogo de 2020 - entre os dias 4 e 6/01 #CoupeDeFrance


Dan Aykroyd calling Jason Reitman every day for the last 18 months and telling him he absolutely *has to* write a scene where the Stranger Things kid gets brains from a ghost in the new Ghostbusters

a bighit observando pelas câmeras a jtbc andando pela empresa inteira

jtbc: *breaks into bighit* jungkook, waking up at 3am in a cold sweat: somethings wrong

This actually looks really good. Love that they seem to be going for a smaller scale, more character based movie here, which makes sense cause that’s what Jason Reitman is known for.…

Also erases Ghostbusters (2016) because sexism…

they should do a ghostbusters with john belushi where he explains that because he missed a filing deadline he has to spend eternity in hell

There’s a new bioshock being made, my favorite single player series of all time. I’m so excited!

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2020) Dir: Jason Reitman


Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are going up against each other for original song! #goldenglobes

Which #GoldenGlobes nominees snub had you most surprised?


New Bioshock game announced? Fuck yeah (even tho we're gonna be waiting years for it)

We're so proud of you @ItsRamiMalek! Congrats on the #GoldenGlobes nomination!

Justo ayer volví a empezar el primer Bioshock, para mi el mejor juego de la pasada generación y seguramente entre mis 10 favoritos de toda la historia y hoy me encuentro con la noticia de una nueva entrega. Mañana empiezo Half-Life.

I am in disbelief. At 5:50am, I was asked if I could talk to Andrew Scott in 10 minutes. May we all raise our canned G&T's for @fleabag's "Hot Priest," who told me how he heard about his #GoldenGlobes nom, his favorite line, & his musings on THAT FOX @THR…

grr >:( timberwolves at lakers lizzo ghostbusters stranger things stephen castor impeachment steve castor todd phillips new bioshock when they see us infowars batista nike logo ivy park mr castor rikishi egon lupita eskom stage 6

-Pauvreté: 18% des Français en 1970/14,1% en 2017 -Ascension sociale: 28% des hommes et 40% des femmes ont une position plus élevée que leurs parents en 2015 -Homicides: 1800 en 1993/800 par an depuis 2008 -Violences physiques: 776.000 en 2006/672.000 en 2017 Etc.…

HOLY CRAP Bioshock Infinite sucked

Heads up game dev friends, this is some great news! Not only is this an amazing franchise coming back, but it's also career opportunities! Follow this link and select the Cloud Chamber locations.……

La Russie met en garde Israël contre une résolution qui vise à reconnaître le genocide de la population ukrainienne par les russes entre 1932-1933. L’holodomor aurait causé la mort de plusieurs millions d’ukrainiens par la faim.…

«La décision de l’AMA est stupide et incompréhensible»: le monde sportif russe déçu par le verdict


Les manifestations déferlant sur le monde est le reflet du dysfonctionnement de bcp de sociétés, malgré des progrès dans la lutte contre la pauvreté, la faim et la maladie. Le dénominateur commun, selon le rapport du PNUD lancé le 9 décembre, n’est autre que les inégalités


#رياضة إدارة نادي #مارسيليا تكرم الناخب الوطني #جمال_بلماضي بعد التتويج بكأس إفريقيا #belmadi #Marseille #OM

Zozibini Tunzi, première Miss Univers noire aux cheveux crépus #MissUniverse2019

#यथार्थ_गीता_अनुवाद गीता जी के अध्याय 18 के श्लोक 66 में गीता ज्ञान दाता ने अपने से अन्य परम अक्षर ब्रह्म की शरण में जाने को कहा है। जहाँ पूर्ण शांति मिलेंगी देखे ईश्वर Tv 08:30 pm से @PMOIndia @AnupamPKher @SriSri @SrBachchan @akshaykumar @AnushkaSharma #MondayMotivation


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