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.@SXMMornings is LIVE from 7-8 am EST on #SiriusXM 167 with @mattgurney ! On today's show: @TitanicMuseum on scavenging the #Titanic @JonathanWilling on the Ottawa transit mess #OCTranspo #OttawaLRT @fordm @newrepublic #ImpeachmentTrial

"I would rather go the long way. I would rather go Bolton....The problem is a national security issue." - @realdonaldtrump in Davos saying he would be ok with NSA John Bolton testifying. #ImpeachmentTrial

Hillary Clinton responds to backlash: "I will do whatever I can to support our nominee"


It's funny that myself and Hillary Clinton have the same chance of being US President.

Hillary Clinton says 'nobody likes' Bernie Sanders

Desde “El bello indiferente” hasta “Monseñor Gómez”, pasando por Albertico Limonta y Alejandro Ascanio, Raúl Amundaray está asociado, en forma indisoluble, a la evolución de la telenovela venezolana.

News: Temtem - Das Pokémon-like für PC begeistert die Steam-Fans


Descubre las hermosas palabras de Omira, hija del actor venezolano Raúl Amundaray, luego de su fallecimiento este #21Ene | Ingresa #_

Hillary Clinton Trashes Bernie In Disgusting New Interview @farronbalanced…

El primer actor Raúl Amundaray tuvo un gran éxito durante su carrera profesional pero tuvo algunos proyectos que siempre tuvo entre cejas y, por un motivo o por otro, no llegó a encarnar | Conoce cuales fueron ingresando a *-

Die Länder wollen Onlineglücksspiel erlauben, aber Cannabis bleibt weiter illegal, weil schon so Viele Haus und Hof verkifft haben! Schluß mit der Doppelmoral: Cannabis legalisieren. Jetzt. #Cannabis #Hanf #legalizeit #verfassungsWEEDrig

#BILD-Schlagzeile vs. #INHALT: #AfD+Fuktionäre aus #Kassel meldeten Unterstützung vom #Lübcke-Mordverdächtigen selbst bei der Polizei; AfD-Bundesverband im September 2019: Nähe bestand in keinster Weise… Die Headline suggeriert trotzdem eine Nähe?!

#Habeck ist hier ehrlich: Er will das System ändern, #Trump will das nicht. Also ist Trump der Gegner, weil er Habecks Ideologie ignoriert. Und die Fakten sind eindeutig: Trump hat recht, Habeck & Co sind Esoteriker, Anhänger einer Endzeitsekte.…

Bom dia Gays Já se alimentou do hino hoje ? #GagaIsComing #StupidLove

“Germany is a very precise society. Its people love the comfort of being oppressed." – @aiww…

Can't someone impeach @RepJasonCrow for repeating the lie that military equipment was held up? The Javelins were not affected, and the "security assistance" was for the *following* year. Then again maybe all the House Democrats can do is lie to the Senate in the #ImpeachmentTrial

I find it bizarre and yet not surprising that in only the 3rd #ImpeachmentTrial in history that @FoxNews does not show the proceedings but has talking heads surmising and spouting things that simply are not true. Let your viewers watch for themselves as history unfolds. Pathetic.

The House Democrats are exploiting Senate Democrats' procedural motions (collusion!) to make substantive arguments before opening statements are even delivered. It's clever, in that it goes right to the (weak) arguments -- but also exhausts the ammunition early. #ImpeachmentTrial

#NoticiasAlCalor ❄️ | El Parque Nacional #PicodeOrizaba reportó que este martes también amanecieron con nieve. "No es de gran dimensión, pero debemos esperar a ver que deja este frente frío", dijo el director del área natural protegida, Raúl Álvarez Oseguera


#ÚltimaMirada - Raúl Sohr por Cumbre de Davos y la presencia de Greta Thunberg: "Pese a su juventud, ha pasado a ser un icono de la lucha contra la contaminación y el cambio climático"

Jason Crow, House Impeachment Manager • Juris Doctor, University of Denver • US Army Ranger • Captain, 82nd Airborne • 3 tours in Iraq, Afghanistan • Battle of Samawah 2003, Bronze Star • American Patriot • American Hero • Nothing like Donald Trump

I’m watching some temtem streams, and it seems very gameplay first and world building/immersion second. Everything is just a video game level. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea. I’m trying to be open minded about it though.

TALKING RIGHT NOW Jason Crow is a former U.S. Army Ranger. He served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Crow took part in the Battle of Samawah in 2003 as a platoon leader in the 82nd Airborne Division; for his actions during the battle, he was awarded the Bronze Star..…

alright I was gonna wait for @NickJFuentes to finish but I’m going live I’m talking about the issues that REALLY matter and we’re playing TemTem the new Pokémon MMO that came out today

TALKING RIGHT NOW Jason Crow is a former U.S. Army Ranger. He served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Crow took part in the Battle of Samawah in 2003 as a platoon leader in the 82nd Airborne Division; for his actions during the battle, he was awarded the Bronze Star.


We are going to try Temtem. Then we will move on to Pokemon if the servers are laggin!

Yesterday my 5 year old @Sonos system worked perfectly. Today Sonos informed me that it’s junk destined for the landfill, and I need to upgrade. It’s not a hardware problem, it’s a Sonos attitude problem. This is no way to treat your customers.


It appears I chose the worst time to buy a new Sonos speaker.

I have Klipsch powered speakers and I have Sonos powered speakers. And the Klipsch don’t need software to run, so they can never be suddenly left without support and be forced into obsolescence. All Klipsch from here on out.

i just took a three hour nap and had a dream that kylo ren, not adam driver but kylo ren, was leaving behind his life with everything in space and had become a national park ranger- and that was still a better redemption arc than the rise of skywalker.

Wenn #Habeck der Vaterlandsliebe stets zum Kotzen fand, der Antisemiten, Homophobe und Radikale in unser Land einlädt aber nichtmal die #Pendlerpauschale kennt, so über unseren wichtigsten Bündnispartner die #USA spricht, dann wird mir echt Angst und Bange für unsere Zukunft.

Habeck: „Trump steht für all‘ die Probleme, die wir haben“ Was sagt #Habeck eigentlich über Xi Jinping oder Putin? #Antiamerikanismus…

Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton trending is a timely reminder of the bankruptcy of the US political class The loyal servants of empire will remain in power until we put the empire out of commission

THIS IS THE WAY! Hoy vengo con una increíble figura de El Mandaloriano de la serie de TV. Un personaje ÉPICO y una figura de lo más bonito que he abierto recientemente. ¿La abrimos? #TheMandalorian #ElMandaloriano #StarWars #ThisIsTheWay #DisneyPlus…

We need to raise awareness about #NationalHugDay. I'm tired of people acting AFRAID when you hug them from behind while they are at an ATM. It's hurtful to those of us who AREN'T AFRAID to express ourselves emotionally after doing a little banking.

In a new documentary Hillary Clinton gives a scathing rebuke of Sen. Bernie Sanders

I voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election (in New York!) and I regret it more and more every single time she speaks.

#MyPhoneHelpsMe take photos of my pets.. and it’s #NationalHugDay, so show us your pet-hugging pics! (As long as they like being hugged, that is). (No pet? Adopt, and spread the love:

#CancelHulu. Poor People Don't Have To Put Up With Hillary Clinton Elite Greedy Shit. She IS FOREVER EARNING MONEY FROM OUR GRIEF. #ILikeBernie

We change the names of the countries we bomb, elect new presidents to guide us, but nothing really changes in the foreign policy we follow #MLKDay

#ALERT || Following orders from the ministry of civil aviation @MoCA_GoI, the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport @RGIAHyd is among six airports in the country that initiated the thermal screening of passengers to detect the deadly #Coronavirus #China on Tuesday


Massima allerta in #Cina e Asia per la diffusione del #coronavirus che ha già contagiato oltre 200 persone. A spaventare sono i turisti che viaggeranno durante le festività del #capodannocinese. I rischi e le misure di prevenzione nell'


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