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Proper funny seeing right wingers who didn't even bother to campaign for their candidates say the left should be purged for the election results.

valentina zenere being beautiful in every color she wears


Morgen redet #Palmer über CancelCulture, weil er für rassistischen Aussagen kritisiert wird. Übermorgen darf er dann einer großen Zeitung ein langes Interview über böse linke Cancelculture geben, so ist es jedes Mal. Dabei sollten Rassismusbetroffene endlich mal zu Wort kommen

Of the Twins' nine starters, six have now required an injured list stint. If you add in Alex Kirilloff, that's seven of 10. All but Nelson Cruz, Mitch Garver and Jorge Polanco have been on the IL at some point this season.

Inauguración de la fuente de las Nereidas de la escultora Lola Mora, 21 de mayo de 1903, en el Parque Colón, luego se trasladó a Costanera Sur, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.


Jorge Polanco está bateando .366 (71-26) con 3 jonrones, 10 CE, y un OPS de .919 en sus últimos 17 juegos vs. Detroit

Que suerte que soy yo el que puede comerteeeeEeee

Labour has lost control of Sheffield City Council in the local elections. They lost seats to the Green Party and the Lib Dems. It means no one party has overall control of the council.

Important SNP win in East Lothian from Labour. That’s the first of those 9 key target seats to declare and it’s a positive sign for Nicola Sturgeon. She needs another 5 of those marginals to go to her party and her hopes for a majority will be on course. @itvnews

Conservatives Dominate Local Elections In England…

Yoongi konuşsun diye bacaklarını ayırıp tehdit etmeleri,ununu kaçırdı diye hobi'nin kook'a uçan tekme atması,bozuk para ayağına jimin'in tae'yi,kimchi ayağına tae'nin hobi'yi ayakta götürmesi,namjoon'un delirip jk'i çığırarak kovalaması ve arkada yumurta soymaya çalışan seokjin..

Der Verfassungsschutz hat #Pegida zur erwiesenen extremistischen Bestrebung eingestuft. Dort werden Positionen,Hass & Hetze propagiert, die mit dem Wertekanon des Grundgesetzes inkompatibel sind. Es ist richtig, dass Pegida jetzt unter Beobachtung des Verfassungsschutzes stehen.


It’s the day after #Elections2021 & the only Labour Party policies I’m aware of are take the knee & ignore grooming gangs. What do the Labour Party stand for? Where are their policies? #ElectionResults2021


Boris Johnson told reporters that "getting Brexit done" was one of the reasons his party won in Hartlepool Follow LIVE updates:…

Who would have thought not standing for anything in particular and capitulating to the tories on absolutely everything is not exactly a vote winner, trying to win over Conservative voters is a pointless endeavour, and offering non-voters absolutely sweet fuck all gets no results?

The Labour Party paradox. If Andy Burnham is as radical as people proclaim him to be, there is not a chance in hell the party would rally around him. If he isn’t, what’s the fucking point?

Remember the Council seats Labour is losing in England this time are ones we won under Corbyn in 2016 or 2017.…

So @Keir_Starmer you alienated the hard left, the soft left, the little bit left, the occasional left, the yet to be left all in pursuit of the right , who voted for the real right! If you care about anything other than yourself, please in the name of hope resign.

I don’t think @LenMcCluskey is in a position to lecture @Keir_Starmer on ANYTHING. EVER. Watch this space .

If Hobi was the neighborhood barista who can never get my name right I will go by Anzch now


Why are these fools proud of helping the tories…

Tories have a double whammy.Everyone is talking about Labour's defeat.Tories quietly getting on with privatising the Health system.This time next year NHS hospitals will be more run down and under resourced.Outcomes will be less good and you will have the choice to fund your HC.

The BBC, Labour Party and Keir Starmer underestimated the popularity of Boris Johnson. Every insult, criticism, hostility and abuse they projected onto him, made us value him even more. We used the power we had and used our votes to silence them.

Es ist Mai 2021, wieso erscheint #Merz 1951 in den Trends ...

Kommentar zum Patentschutz: Auf der Suche nach der gerechten Impf-Welt.  Die Pharmakonzerne haben viel im Kampf gegen #COVID19 investiert. Der Anreiz, solche Leistungen zu vollbringen, muss erhalten bleiben. Das Patentrecht ist ein Baustein.… via @faznet

Linke & Sputnik: Same energy, Feindbild „big pharma“ & „Profite“. Marktwirtschaftliche Anreize sind kein Problem, sondern Teil der Lösung - auf die man sich auch die nächste Pandemie verlassen können muss! Besser: Kooperationen ausweiten & Covax global beliefern! #Patentfreigabe


Ein Impfstoff der vor allem mit Steuergeldern entwickelt wurde sollte auch der Allgemeinheit zur Verfügung gestellt werden. #Patentfreigabe jetzt!

#China produziert erstmals mehr Treibhausgase als alle anderen Industrieländer zusammen“. #Deutschland muss sich bei der #CO2-Bepreisung mehr anstrengen. Dann schaffen wir das! Wenn wir nur genug bezahlen, wird Klima das honorieren.

Viel Glück an die Anhänger der #Patentfreigabe bei der nächsten Pandemie Firmen zur Entwicklung eines Impfstoffs zu überreden.

New: Arsenal 0-0 Villarreal: A dismal end to a dismal season – #arsenal #afc


NBA: Clippers finish off sweep of season series vs. rival Lakers

#OTD... Thierry Henry's confirmation of where his Arsenal loyalties lay led to widespread panic…


1. Defy the Stars is the story of a 21 year old student who went to Gaza. Through a single selfless human act, he lost his life as he carried a Palestinian child out of the range of an Israeli army sniper in the Gaza Strip. #FreePalestine #القدس_أقرب

The war on Innocence! Israel intentionally target Palestinian children. #FreePalestine



I'm getting married the last week of July in a county park in NJ. The Mrs. and her family are worried about restrictions still being in place, but I don't think anything will still be mandatory, especially after the Fourth of July. Thoughts?

The whole Arsenal squad a hot ball of steaming shit

Coldplay's new single is out of this world (quite literally)…

Im tired of Arsenal Football Club. This is not how it's supposed to be.

Lag Ba’omer at Mt Meron (where 45 died) was meant to signal the return to post-pandemic normalcy. Perhaps reliance on miracles is what sadly passes for normal in Israel. A state commission of inquiry is only useful if its recommendations are implemented.…

Arsenal will be playing one match a week next season like Burnely

Coldplay beam their new single "Higher Power" into space. Excellent news. Why should we earthlings be the only ones to suffer?…

when i was a child i thought alex had a gay crush on marty bc i didn’t understand he was a lion and was trying to eat him

Germany set to be home of new WHO pandemic data hub #WHO #Pandemic #Germany


I sure would let you Venmo me if it were available in Germany. I even pay with my Apple Watch in supermarkets or for parking. Jeez. Even my mum is on Twitter. Stop acting like anyone over 45 can’t handle anything more complicated than a calculator.…

فریاد میزنیم و صدامان نمی‌رسد . . بی تو کلید واژه‌ی مفقود خسته‌ایم ظاهرشو آفتاب محمدﷺ در آسمان از این همه ستاره‌ی داوود خسته‌ایم #القدس_أقرب #FreePalestine

1,995,496 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in B.C., 95,868 of which are second doses. A new record of 52,266 doses were administered yesterday.

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