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Eighteen Indian nationals among the 23 crew members of a British-flagged oil tanker were seized by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz amid a fresh escalation of tensions in the Gulf.…

President Donald Trump backed Britain after Iran seized a British tanker at sea, saying the Islamic Republic is in "big trouble."

İran'dan İngiltere'ye #tanker yanıtı / İran Dışişleri Bakanı Zarif, "Cebelitarık Boğazı'ndaki korsanlığın aksine Basra Körfezi'ndeki eylemimiz denizcilik kurallarını savunmak içindir. İran, Basra Körfezi ve Hürmüz Boğazı'nın güvenliğini garanti eder." #Gulf #Körfez

Iran seems to view armed takeover of Stena Impero as a carefully calibrated response to July 4 taking of Iranian supertanker off the coast of Gibraltar

There are 18 Indian and five crew members from Russia, Philipines, Latvia and other countries on board of Stena Impero. The captain is Indian, but the tanker is UK-flagged,"…

It's been 2 years. And it still feels surreal. #RIPChesterBennington

The man with the hat as always puts his finger on the sore spot: there was no legal ground for impounding the tanker at Gibraltar, so no ground for indignation at Iran's response…

Britain warns of 'serious consequences' if Iran doesn't release seized tanker as regime insists it was 'reciprocal' move…

One of the last interviews #ChesterBennington gave was on @q1043ootb here in #NYC in 2017. You can listen to that interview here #RIPChesterBennington #LinkinPark @linkinpark


1540 Bitte bleibt trotz der gescheiterten Nazidemo in den Blockaden. Es gibt noch die den Versuch des "Sommerfests" und da hängen noch viele der Nazis fest, denen es weiterhin #Halle nicht gefallen soll #Hal2007

EU warns #Iran seizing UK tanker "brings risks of further escalation"…

Identitäre in Halle erfolgreich an ihrem Haus festgenagelt und blockiert. #hal2007 #ibster #noibster…

#LinkinPark #RIPChesterBennington あなたの歌声はずっと僕の心で生きてます I'll never forget you. 2019.7.20



Fanáticos de Linkin Park recuerdan a Chester Bennington a dos años de su muerte #20jul #RIPChesterBennington

Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey are only Democrats who can beat Trump in 2020 says president's friend Piers Morgan

What a bunch of pathological liars! According to Republican strategist Stuart Stevens, the “send her back” chant was not spontaneous. It actually planned and pre-rehearsed by the crowd under the leadership of Lara Trump.…

"Don’t listen to Trump’s lies, skip the alarmism and turn down the send her back' volume ... He isn’t our all-time favorite. Period," via @latimesopinion.

Is it time to start suing Trump for his lies about people?…

A challenge to you, Twitterverse. MOTHER But as cats. (It can be anyone from any of the games.)

people be talking about how Cats the movie looks bad and its like....buddy thats just how Cats the musical looks

#本田とカードバトル#私は本田のAを引く @pepsi_jpn をフォローして 1日1回、 #本田圭佑 とカードバトル! 勝てば、 #ペプシ #ジャパンコーラ 1ケース当たる!計1000名様! 【7/22まで #毎日挑戦 #毎日11時

my cats name is root beer and i just realized that spelled backwards thats YouTube

Seth says not much was asked to be taken out of the show and when it was he usually just left the clip in, hoping the network wouldn’t notice until it was too late. That’s how Tom Cruise was blown up. Seth did get an angry phone call from Tom’s representatives though. #Preacher

SDCC: Tom Cruise Returns To The Sky In First ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer


‘The most pushback we got from @AMC_TV was we blew up Tom Cruise.’- @Sethrogen #Preacher #SDCC


.@Sethrogen thought that @AMC_TV would take out them blowing up Tom Cruise but they didn’t. #Preacher #SDCC2019

Algeria crowned champions of Africa for second time after beating Senegal 1-0…

Senegal’s Cisse laments another missed opportunity #vanguardnews


I don't want to get my hopes up, but I am here for Netflix's #TheWitcher adaptation.…

I just found out that Cameron has never seen Top Gun so I would just like to let everyone know that this is the end of our relationship

Si sale Top Gun 2 debería salir Hot Shots 3.…

"Il saute sur l’aile d’un avion qui s’apprête à décoller" Pas de quoi s'inquiéter, c'est juste Tom Cruise qui part en vacances.

as a government assigned tiktoker i have a habit of assigning musical songs to ships and a lovely night is ineffable bureaucracy

A brand new musical number about racism! @ambermruffin

Y se impone la crónica teatral con el gran conocimiento musical de @alexcastillob @reformagente @Reforma Ante esos frívolos comentarios radiofónicos de que @iambetocuevas no tiene cuerpazo de gym, Alex Castillo analiza interpretaciones y tesituras ópera rock @JSELMusical


Also, if you’ve never seen the musical cats, I’m just gonna go right out there and say it’s weird. It’s been weird since it opened on Broadway. This isn’t new information.

An honour to meet Ed Crawford, US Ambassador to Ireland, today. With strong family ties to Boherbue in Cork, he spoke about his experience growing up in an Irish-American household, recalling how his mother had emigrated from Ireland in 1927 and his father in 1925 #FridayFeeling


The Gift Album by Beyonce which feautures a number of African artist has been what is making everybody's Friday! What is your favourite track on the album? #TheGiftAlbum #TheLionKing #FridayFeeling


Jury Duty Scam- Victims get a call saying they missed jury duty and are asked to pay a fine to avoid a warrant/arrest. Don’t fall for it! Hang up immediately and call the police! We will never call you asking for payment over the phone.


Ich bin jetzt zum ersten Mal mit der #Bahn nach #Nordhorn gefahren. Seit 45 Jahren fährt seit letzter Woche wieder die Bahn nach Nordhorn und erschließt damit ein Einzugsgebiet von 93.000 Menschen, die ausgerechnet 1974 (Energiekrise!) komplett vom Bahnverkehr abgekoppelt wurden.

Rejection doesn't bother me too much, but I still take the opportunity to indulge in some light murder while I have sympathetic circumstances for a jury. #MeetThe2020s



Friends who don’t know CATS and are just now learning about it: so when do the cat introductions end, when does the story start Me: never, it’s just a shitton of cats introducing themselves and each other until one of them goes to heaven, that’s it Friends: whatthefuck

ok THESE cats *fuck* tho!!!


The first trailer for the movie "Cats" has arrived

i miss my cats so much :( this year cannot go by fast enough until i finally get a place and bring one of my babies up and adopt a new baby

GoI cannot be a mere silent spectator here when millions of peoples (common man) data is been compromised. The common man gets lured by Free Apps and doesn't understand the terms and conditions drafted by these tech giants. #faceappchallenge #FaceApp @rsprasad @ashwani_mahajan…


این صورت من، اولین چرک‌نویس است از صورتی در آینده.چین و چروک‌هایش جهتی را مشخص می‌کنند: آینده‌ای نامعلوم ولی از حالا حاضر. مثل مواد خام مجسمه‌ساز که از لحظه اول نشان از پیکره‌ای دارد که در آخر بیرون می‌آید؛صورت هم صورت‌های آینده‌اش را در خودش جا داده. #اگر_به_خودم_برگردم #FaceApp


Sepurane aku generasi menolak tua. Kudu teteo mbois sampek tuwek

seng kuat yo menghadapi hari-hari seng berat, kudu iklas, cek berkah.

Man freed from prison because he was deemed too old to be a threat convicted of woman's murder…



...Leaving behind nights of terror and fear I rise Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear I rise Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise I rise I rise.…

How Trump distorts facts to make Ilhan Omar seem like an enemy to the US…

The Trump Show you see: Racist tweets, demagogic chants at rallies. What you don’t see: Regulatory enforcement so lax white-collar defense firms worry they’ll lose clients, air pollution rising for the first time in years.…

It wasn’t just Ilhan Omar — Trump disparaged all 8 women he mentioned by name during his speech in North Carolina. He said nice things about zero.…

Ilhan Omar proposes resolution supporting boycott of Israel


Any time reporters have asked legitimate questions regarding whether Omar violated immigration law to assist Elmi they’re accused of Islamophobia by her team:…

Obrigado por terem contribuído para o meu anime favorito de todos os tempos. Que Deus conforte todas as vítimas e seus parentes nessa tragédia! #PrayForKyoani


Moderat & gut vertretbar: Preiserhöhung des #HVV bleibt mit 2,2 Prozent hinter der realen Kostenentwicklung (das wären 3% gewesen) zurück. Unsere Tarifbeschlüsse zeigen damit Wirkung. Auch am #HVV-#Jugendticket wird gearbeitet, Einführung in Vorbereitung!…

When you're so old that both pictures are the after results #FaceApp

This is basically my dad, minus a mustache. #FaceApp


El abogado del Chapo Guzmán, Jeffrey Lichtman, denunció que el trato contra el narcotraficante mexicano ha sido deshumanizante

#ElChapo Guzmán se une a la lista de jefes de la mafia que en su momento se enfrentaron a la Justicia de EE. UU. y que fueron condenados a pasar el resto de sus vidas en una cárcel de ese país.

Alejandrina Guzmán, hija de El Chapo, presentó oficialmente la marca de ropa que lleva el nombre: “El Chapo 701”, el número en el que Forbes colocó al capo en la lista de las personas más ricas del mundo

Solo io la trovo macabra questa #FaceApp ?

*Ayesha Curry dances* every guy in the world:

Twitter é a rede social que você rexxxxpeita

Gadu demaissss — não me respeitam mais nessa rede social…

#HWSQ Ich wette diejenigen die hier am lautesten rumzetern sind selbst die Schlimmsten mit den meisten Leichen im Keller!! Ich hoffe das euer Privatleben auch mal so durchleuchtet, angeprangert und falsch interpretiert wird! Und dann noch ein paar Drohungen und Demütigungen dazu!

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