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Defense needs to finish this game now.

Pittsburgh defense has been so good. You have an inexperienced QB. Punting sucks but it's the right call.

Dearest depleted and suddenly leaky defense, Get a damn stop. Thanks. #HereWeGo

??? Nuevamente empiezan a salir los números! El número 11 ha salido nuevamente así que es posible se repita todo #Fortnite


There must be something wrong with my internet. It said the Jets won a football game.

Darnold Shines, Jets Survive Late Cowboys Rally

Assad regime shot at Kurds just for displaying a Kurdish flag and spent years arabising their areas and changing demographics. If that’s who these PKK whores want to become his little bitches let them carry on living in humiliation…

As you start making plans for upcoming week, don’t forget to make plans to show your Sparkman spirit by attending the game Friday night as the SENATORS host the Jets! Kickoff is at 7:00 pm.


The most encouraging part of the Jets game today is that Cowboys really didn’t play that bad and give us the game. Jets really just matched up with them well and still came out on top

So YPG assholes had the option to withdraw 30km from Turkish border so that Turkey could create buffer zone & return Syrian refugees to live free from assad rule. Instead they’d rather fight Turkey but give land to Assad without a fight. If u idiots can’t see that then ur blind

Rams and Cowboys have both lost 3 in a row while teams like 49ers, Seahawks, and Vikings have been surprisingly better than expected record wise

Essa vitória da C9 foi mais feia que bater em mãe, mais horrível que comer sem carne. Os caras ficaram o game inteiro FOCANDO UM GAREN COM YUMI, até os narradores estavam se perguntando até quando iria insistir nisso. Santa burrice kkkkkkk

Avec cette journée des #Worlds2019 , j'ai peur pour la suite du tournoi. Le combo Garen/Yuumi qui bloque des games inutilement, c'est nuisible à la compétition et au plaisir des spectateurs selon moi. Vous en pensez quoi vous ?

We Take those #C9WIN #Worlds2019 Fuck Garen Yummi tho , no skill.

a win is a WIN we take those FUCK garen / yuumi LOL #C9WIN #Worlds2019

#PrayForJapan geçmiş olsun japonya tüm iyi dilek ve dualarımız sizinle


kuha ko na bat roses are red violets are blue hmmm #PrayForJapan

RIP to those who have died please stay safe if you’re in Japan #PrayForJapan

Nach dem antisemitischen Anschlag auf eine Synagoge in #Halle ruft auch @CDU-Chefin @akk dazu auf, sich in Diskussionen der #AfD entgegenzustellen, um eine Gewöhnung an von Rechtsradikalismus geprägte Debatten zu verhindern. #DLT19 #Deutschlandtag @Junge_Union #JungeUnion

Einen schönen Sonntag wünsche ich euch ♡


Losgegangen unser Super-Sporttag mit über 18 h Livesport am Stück! Next: #WALvURU mit @markuskrawinkel und #SimonJung sowie #JPNvSCO mit @JanLuedeke und @mulu80. #ranRugby

Eine Rugby-WM in Deutschland wäre eine geile Möglichkeit diesen großartigen Sport hier bekannter und vielleicht auch beliebter zu machen. #RANRugby

my drawing for the day started weird but ended in a way that i really like. now i have a bold out on a great adventure across the seas #inktoberday12


Fandom Inktober Day 12 - Dragon I love that a lot of the fandoms I'm drawing for this Inktober are either airing their new season now or announced the next season fo 2020, including this lovely Dragon Prince! #inktoberday12 #inktober #inktober2019 #TheDragonPrince


Toute notre sympathie pour le Japon. Nous aussi on aimerait un jour craindre seulement des catastrophes naturelles et non des catastrophes causées par la folie des dictateurs et des djihadistes qui font la guerre à nous et à la vie! #PrayForJapan

Wow. Was eine Enttäuschung. #DieLiveShow

yesterday watched him in el camino oh god ... RIP ❤…

#Lamentable Muere el actor Robert Forster, participó en "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie"


فيلم 'El Camino: Breaking Bad' يحصل على تقييم (93%) من موقع 'Rotten Tomatoes' بعد تصويت أكثر من 54 ناقد.


El Camino?? 10/10

El Camino has given me all new reasons to hate Todd. #ElCamino #BreakingBadAFilm

Great session by @VolkerGoebbels on (remote) team management. Great points #unkonf


Jetzt über “Zugänglichkeit” mit @Flocke #accessibility #unKonf


Focus on Terror & Trade #ModiXiMeet @ #ChennaiConect Chennai has Historic Link with China, there is increased Stability between India & Chinas Strategic Relationships,#WuhanSummit has given New Perspective & our Ties goes back to Centuriessays PM @narendramodi @ Delegation Talks

#MasacreEnQuito Despiadada represión hasta estas horas de la madrugada en los alrededores de la Casa de la Cultura en #Quito, existen niños en el interior. Acciones de terror lo que realiza la fuerza pública @CIDH @UNSR_VickyTauli @inredh1 @UNHumanRights #RomoCriminal

A man arrested on suspicion of terror offences after three people were stabbed in Manchester has been detained under the Mental Health Act. Three people were stabbed and two others were hurt when a man with a large knife started "lunging" at people, according to police.


Happy national coming out day from your local nonbinary ace! I’m proud of you all!!! #NationalComingOutDay #nonbinary #asexual #trans… @ZDF Natürlich verurteilt die #sogAfD den Anschlag. Was haben Sie erwartet? Ein Bekennerschreiben? Das ZDF sollte aber als Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts, die Lügen der #sogAfD nicht weiter verbreiten. #Lügenafd #AfDVerbot jetzt

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