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A mí también me invitaron a Palacio pero les dije que no podía porque estoy velando a Juan Diego, a Santiago, a Nicolás y a Dilan Cruz.

Carly Simon is so good at Instagram


Nicolas Maduro: "hemos creado el consejo presidencial de los trabajadores para defender el ingreso de los trabajadores..."

Tuit de apreciación a Nicolas Pasquini con el dato más falopa que creo que voy a tuitear en la historia Desde la temporada 17-18, Pasqui tiene el mayor número de pases clave entre todos los jugadores del fútbol argentino [150] No, no es joda


Jetzt wird es langsam immer offensichtlicher, dass Llambi Rúrik nicht mag. Seine Bewertung ist einfach nur unklar. #LetsDance

do any british people want to yell at me about the Labour Party on twitch today? dm

RESULT: @NicolaSturgeon re-elected to Glasgow Southside, the SNP leader seeing off a challenge from Labour leader @AnasSarwar. #SP21 #HeartNews

Corona-Impfstoffe: Regierung sieht Patent-Freigabe skeptisch…

Another Leave-voting, Northern constituency. Another socialist candidate who ran on a clear, left-wing and community-oriented platform. The result? A Labour GAIN from the Tories. Congratulations to Peter North.…

I wrote about what we can all learn from the working-class vote in the Hartlepool by-election. Of course I didn’t, I took the piss out of some houses on Rightmove:…

"What people want us to do now is to get on with delivering on everything else." Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken to Sky's @BethRigby from Hartlepool, saying the election has shown "people want a party and government that is focussed on them."

Klingt wie ne Mischung aus Lob und Liebeserklärung: Für den sächsischen Verfassungsschutz ist #Pegida „ein nicht mehr wegzudenkender Bestandteil der rechtsextremistischen Szene".

Gee, it's almost like people don't like to vote for parties which insist on abstaining on everything. Much as I don't want the Tories in, Labour are completely unsupportable. #ukpol #ukpolitics


Gleich Live euer #Boomer Torro.




BBC Newsbeat Radio 1 “Today Hartlepool is celebrating”

Chart of the Day: The Conservatives’ vote share increased by 23 points, the largest gain achieved by a governing party in a Westminster by-election since 1945.…


Hobi olarak yine öv istanbulu ama bula bula bu bokum gibi fotoyu mu buldun nesine aşık olcaz şimdi bunun…

The voters of Hartlepool have NIPPED that Northern separatist rubbish in the bud.


"Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has responded to the Hartlepool result and early local election defeats for the party" The man who had an open goal before him but put the ball into the stands has an opinion.

Sozialkranke Wohlstandskrüppel machen sich mal wieder über die Menschengruppe lustig, der sie ihren Wohlstand überhaupt zu verdanken haben. #Boomer

Time to outlaw Boomer parents sending texts that say things like CALL ME before 9am.

Nachdem sich die NZZ schon für den Patentschutz ins Zeug gelegt hat, auch mal ein offenherziger german Wirtschaftsbericht. #Patentfreigabe #Patentschutz #profits


Es braucht dringend Kooperationen bei der Herstellung auch außerhalb der erfindenen Patentfirmen. Dafür muss der #Patentschutz nicht aufgehoben werden. Außerdem würde das WTO Verfahren wegen Einstimmigkeit lange dauern. Bringt also kurzfristig nichts.…

Als größter Kohleverbraucher und bevölkerungsreichstes Land ist #China entscheidend für den Kampf gegen die Erderwärmung. Nun überholt das Land beim Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen erstmals alle Industrieländer zusammen. Pro Kopf führen hingegen weiter die USA.…

#China: Mehr Treibhausgase als alle Industrieländer zusammen. Die Emissionen des grössten Kohleverbrauchers und bevölkerungsreichstes Landes steigen immer weiter an. #Treibhausgas…

Arsenal’s core problem is the changed culture under Stan Kroenke. The club’s become more about individual motives, not collective, about what people can take, rather than give. Arsenal need a re-set of their values before addressing the managerial and squad issues. #afc

Spotify's billionaire CEO Daniel Ek has offered to buy Premier League club Arsenal…

The Racism dominating the Policies of the Zionist regime towards the people of Palestine has roots in the Supremacist teachings of the Talmud. For them, every non-jew is equal to an animal, created with the purpose to serve "The chosen People" #FreePalestine #القدس_أقرب


Score final : Clippers 118-94 Lakers, pour la troisième win de la saison face à eux. On aura beau calculer encore et encore, cette win fait du bien hein !

A good way to start a day of wall to wall election results, fingers crossed for Welsh Conservatives in Powys @russ_george and @James_Evans91


Here’s what’s Alex Bregman had to say after the win today: “Felt great to help the team win a game. The guys played great today. Let’s keep it rolling.” And here’s the amazing play he made to end the game.

chris martin is a genius if him and namjoon got together to make music while coldplay was in korea we are NOT prepared for it

Cazadores de tesoros han comenzado a excavar en busca de 10 toneladas de oro nazi en un palacio polaco del siglo XVIII ubicado en el pueblo de Minkowskie.…

France delaying EU order for COVID-19 vaccine -Germany's Welt


anlat bakalımda mavi takımın dikkatini dağıtmaya çalışan ismaile dora ve poyrazın 8 tane bilmesi şoku Ayşe Berkay #survior2021 Alex De Souza

In just about five minutes, THE FINAL DRUM STREAM COMMENCES. Come join me for one last playlist fulla jams. No whammies, I promise.

Interesting: hours before #Merkel's firm "nein" to waiving vaccine patents, she discussed the issue by phone with Biontech CEO Ugur Sahin, @derspiegel reports…

İsrail'de 5 milyon kişi incelendi: Biontech yüzde 95 koruma sağlıyor VPNsiz

Tarde o temprano la verdad sale a la luz. #Pfizer la vacuna que quieren los macristas, se niega a liberar la patente desafiando al Presidente de EEUU #Biden. "El dueño es #BlackRock, el fondo que trató de impedir la reestructuración de deuda Argentina" #EspeculadoresDeLaPandemia

#Niemcy zezwolą na podawanie szczepionki firmy #AstraZeneca dorosłym w każdym wieku i zamierzają podawać szczepionkę osobom między 12. a 18. rokiem życia…


Deepfakes are objectively terrifying for our democracy AND YET it’s good to know that in a few short years I’ll be able to run an app that puts Steve Buscemi and Christopher Walken in episode of “The Odd Couple” or have David Schwimmer replaced with Werner Herzog in “Friends”.

İsrail'den umutlandıran haber! Pfizer-BioNTech aşısının koruyuculuğunu açıkladılar…

Pfizer ve BioNTech, Tokyo Olimpiyatları'na katılacak atletlere Kovid-19 aşısı sağlayacak…

쉬ㅣ발 안녕 이지랄

[INFO] 06.05.21 | RM dominou os trends do Brasil e do Mundo depois de postar fotos com cabelo rosa ao lado do Monie. Brasil: #10 Monie #15 rapmon #16 PINK JOON #17 PINK HAIR #29 Joonie Mundo: #4 PINK JOON #23 PINK HAIR #RM #방탄소년단RM #방탄소년단알엠 #BTS @BTS_twt


Woke up to pink Joon and I started crying. He was so hurt by previous words of unimportant people that he hasn't had pink hair in so long. I don't know what motivated the change of heart (perhaps ARMY telling him he looks amazing with pink hair) but I'm so happy for him.



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