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Hoy @nexosmexico publica un ensayo que escribí sobre los dos paradigmas económicos en América Latina y sobre los nulos resultados que ha tenido la visión predominante desde 1980, pues partió, e insiste, desde un diagnóstico equivocado. Van ⬇️

#NowPlaying "Not Enough" by >> @testimonynaija on the #LWRadioMorningShow . Tune in to to Participate. Or Download your LoveworldRadio App on Google Playstore #ReferenceCode: 561423 #MondayMotivation #PastorChrisOnRadioEverywere


#ObamaWasBetterAt ....... - Deporting "brown people" - Building cages for children - Spying on Americans - Planning coups - Bombing Syria & Libya - Creating ISIS - Apologizing for #America - Inviting Domestic Terrorists to the WH What have I missed here?

50 years ago today the entire world was glued to their TV's watching Apollo 11, united in our pride of America. Today we are debating what to do with a racist POTUS. I don't think this is the direction we want to go. #Apollo50th #RacistInChief

Prime Day ends today! Visit for incredible deals and help save #greyhounds by selecting the GREY2K USA Education Fund as the charity you support. #PrimeDay


¡Amigos! Recuerden que hoy es el último día para las ofertas del #PrimeDay de Amazon. Además de los descuentos tiene un 15% descuento extra con banamex/banorte, en compras mayores a 1,500 pesos con código SOYPRIME.

If you've been looking to save on a new TV, these discounts from Amazon, Walmart, and our own storefront should do the trick: #PrimeDay


Armstrong's like a doting dad up there. "How does zero g feel? Your head feel funny, anybody, or anything like that?" Collins: "No, I don't know, it just feels like we're going around upside down." Current view from #Apollo11:


On this day #Apollo11 took off for the Moon. You can follow the journey in real time at

Today in 1969, the #Apollo11 space mission began its journey to the Moon. Photography played a significant role both in preparing for the mission and in shaping the cultural consciousness of the event. #Apollo50 [@NASA, "Earthrise across Mare Smythii," July 16–24, 1969]



Marking the Apollo 11 blast off with an article on preserving the history of Neil Armstrong's space suit. #Apollo50 #Apollo11 #FullMoon #airandspace @smithsonian @airandspace @NASA @NasaHistory @Mizzou…

In der Nacht zu Mittwoch lässt sich am Himmel eine partielle #Mondfinsternis beobachten. Die wichtigsten Infos für alle, die das #Naturspektakel anschauen wollen:…

„Wir freuen uns, dass Mr. Startup heute beim #MC2032 ist“ @maschmeyer erklärt, warum Gründer erfolgreich sind.


:Nemaju para da kupe rakete: Makron: Nema sastanka sa srpskom opozicijom, jer nisu poslali pismo na vreme -…

Unser Direktor Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh - Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Produktionssytematik der #RWTH - bei #mc2032 @Metro_Cities…

Kontroverser Diskussionsstoff für die Sommerpause: Gibt es zu viele Kliniken in DE? Muss man gleich alles schliessen, wie @BertelsmannSt fordert? Was denken andere Verbände, die @DKGev @BvKHIT @gmdsEV usw.?…


They've got a plan to raid Area 51 and 'see them aliens.' But what will happen if they actually do it?

Il matematico Alan Turing sulla banconota da 50 sterline


Le prochain agent 007 de la saga James Bond sera... une femme

Communists? That's what you got Graham? How about YOUR CROWD are a bunch of #WhiteNationalists HOW ABOUT THAT? #RacistGOP #RacistPresident #ImpeachNow #ThrowThemAllOut…

Bond's number is up: black female actor 'is the new 007'…

Lashana Lynch is the first black woman to play 007 in 'Bond 25'…


Die scheidende Verteidigungsministerin von der Leyen erklärt in zwei Briefen ihr Regierungsprogramm als EU-Kommissionspräsidentin:

Skulle säga mer eller mindre max-utfall på lånet av Örnen. Sju mål på ett korttidskontrakt i början av serien är så bra det blir i allsvenskan. Synd att han inte gick att lösa permanent. 5+ sportchefande av JJ ändå. Nu hoppas vi Áron kan fylla Islands-dojorna.

Cart full of people = people trying to raid Area 51 Elephant = US Airforce fighter jets and armed guards

Yéndome del Área 51 porque ya no quedaba un alien para mí

What's the nicest thing a stranger has done for you? #MondayMotivation #Upworthythoughts


Alan Turing, el matemático que descifró los códigos nazis, será la imagen de un nuevo billete en Reino Unido


I see Criado-Perez has protected her tweets after having a go at Alan Turing backfired on her

Con todas las ofertas del #PrimeDayAmazon necesito unos 4 trabajos para no morir endeudado.

‘Pai da computação’, Alan Turing será homenageado em nota de 50 libras (via @mundo_gazeta)

OK je change d'avis un potentiel méchant de James Bond parle donc respect.…

Um lance capital da corrida foi o acidente entre Sebastian Vettel e Max Verstappen, causado pelo alemão. Mas deixo no ar uma pergunta e peço para que você utilize os comentários para opinar (com argumentos e não ofensas). Houve culpado? Você aplicaria algum tipo de punição? #f1


#SLTDHotTake: #ExtremeRules This was a far better PPV than I was expecting. There was a lot of enjoyable matches! I was sceptical of the mix tag main event, but was a solid match from everyone involved. Lacey took a beating like a champ, and Corbin held up in the man event.


Attending @DataConnectors Vancouver? Come talk to Infoblox to learn how to take your #cybersecurity to the next level. Learn more and register here: #DataConnectors


When was the last time your company ran a Red Team? Cybersecurity Question #6 My company has secure configurations for network devices such as WIFI, routers and firewalls. #CyberSecurity #Cyber #security #vulnerability…


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Why do people continue to use less-secure @microsoft products with end-of-life dates? Ending support for #Windows7 on Jan 14, 2020 is #DANGEROUS, especially heading into an #election year.… #privacy #cybersecurity #DataSecurity @InfosecurityMag


The only thing that could have bettered yesterday’s game would have been if Tony Greig & Richie Benaud had have been there at the end with Ian Smith! #DreamTeam #CWC19Final

Defense is possible. Some firms suffer little or no damage even when malicious #hackers penetrate their networks. Establishing proper #cybersecurity procedure goes a long way.…

Eg har aldri høyrt nokon snakke om serien "Gentleman Jack" på HBO. Den er fabelaktig.

AUDIO #PressBox Morning Show H3 @edgraney @claytheproducer… - #Area51memes & other bad ideas #BlackoutNYC2019 - Tennis Analyst @VGKFrank Harnish Interview on #WimbledonFinal on Novak Djokovic's resolve and why don't they let #SerenaWilliams alone?

Several rapidly evolving R gene loci w functional consequences presented at #ICMPMI2019, Pia NLR-ID by @ryoheiterauchi, RPW8 CC by Eunyoung Chae. Awesome insights from phylogenetic and syntenic context…

Clear signature of co-evolution between plants and microbes is fascinating. #icmpmi2019

Structural modelling of activation to form the pentameric ZAR1 resistosome revealed significance of the N-terminal alpha-helix of the CC domain, consistent with its importance in HR, likely forming funnel shape, membrane-interacting domain Jijie Chai #icmpmi2019

#icmpmi2019 Jijie Chai talks about their historical work about NLR structure and function. I still consider this is novel prize class finding.

Von wegen bessere Versorgung durch weniger Kliniken, wie in der #Bertelsmann-Studie verlangt: Das Potsdamer Gesundheitsministerium hält es weder für sinnvoll noch für nötig, in nächster Zeit auch nur ein einziges #Krankenhaus in #Brandenburg zu schließen.…

Prof. Dr. Anne Tauch spricht über "Data and Information Literacy – eine Sicht der Infrasturkturplanung mit Geoinformationssystem". #Iscienceday #potsdam #fhp #science #dataliteracy #informationliteracy


"Nigerians We Are Sorry, We Gave Our Best But It Was Not Enough" - Odion Ighalo

What a game of cricket yesterday. Congrats to both teams for putting on a terrific show - full of skill, drama and courage. Feel for NZ as they were outstanding. Well done England. I just wish there was another super over or as many super overs as required to have a clear winner

#ICCRules Everyone should dare congratulate England and accept their victory and hard work. Though they raised to prominence by sheer dint of Marit. Yet their hard work and the sixer of Stoke in such a bad pressure, which actually brought the match at tie, can not be ignored.

Lashana Lynch Reportedly Set to Inherit '007' in New James Bond Movie

Man City winger Riyad Mahrez branded 'world class' after sending Algeria into Afcon final #mcfc #afcon2019…

Opinion: We need a woman on the £50 note – and no the Queen doesn't count…

Cuarta semana de Septiembre. Año 2021. Diego Pérez ha asesinado a Roger Vilanova. 43 ripolletencs restantes. #RipolletWarBot


Sì, lo so che il governo americano sparerà a tutti quelli che cercheranno di entrare nell’Area 51 è proprio per questo che vado

Get motivated. Stay motivated. I know it's easier said than done, but the sense of pride one feels when you stick to your routine is unmatched. A mix of functional & #yoga, love the malasana going into the Uttitha Chaturanga dandasana. Thankyou @BColemanFitness. #mondaymotivation

And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another HELPER. John 14:16 AMPC YOU WILL ENJOY GOD'S HELP IN THIS NEW WEEK FOR GREATER RESULTS by GOD'S GRACE #MondayMotivation,#grace,#help,#faith,#success,#love,#peace,#promotion,#glory,#joy,#happiness

With @BrockLesnar cashing his #MITB contract and defeating @WWERollins to become the Universal Champion, @WWE #ExtremeRules2019 delivered exceedingly well. Now head to the #WWE Mayhem #ExtremeRules Ultra Event and complete your part of the journey.


#Bond25 : Selon Le Daily Mail, Daniel Craig sera toujours James Bond, mais plus l'agent 007…

I was blessed yesterday by @MRALBER01584154 thanks for this, if you want to win this too you have to subscribe with @MRALBER01584154 HE IS REAL AND TRUSTED #BBNaija2019 #TotalAFCON2019 #TheThirdTerm #BBNaijaUpdates #BBNIAJA #ALGNGA #NGAALG #NGRALG #NGRAGR #mahrez #Algeria


Wenn man der offiziellen (mit Häkchen) Facebook-Seite von Wolfgang #Dietrich Glauben schenken darf, ist er eben als Präsident des @VfB e.V. zurück getreten. Natürlich nicht, ohne sich bar jeglicher Selbstkritik in die Opferrolle zu begeben. #VfB #VfBMV…

Kann mal bitte kurz jemand im Daimler Intranet nachschauen ob der Rücktritt von Dietrich stimmt stimmt? #VfBMV #VfB #DietrichRaus

#primeday : balance Withings à 41€, 3xE27 Philips HUe à 32€, Seagate USB 3.0 4To à 89€


More big #JamesBond news came our way over the weekend. We know Bond is coming back, but it seems he's no longer 007...


Formula 1 heads to Silverstone for the 2019 British GP. This week we find Haas in PR confusion, Grosjean spinning in the pits, the Safety Car stepping in and Vettel trying to get back into the Red Bull (via the gearbox). We hope you enjoy.…


✈❌ Não viajaram para os EUA com o #BVB: Procurando por novos clubes: #Kagawa #Schürrle #Diallo (deve passar por exames médicos no PSG) Lesionados: #Schmelzer #Akanji

Roger Federer, con 37 años y 11 meses, perdió la final de mayor duración en la historia de Wimbledon. "Espero que sirva para que mucha gente crea que a mi edad todavía se puede. Ojalá sirva de inspiración".


フェルスタッペン、ベッテルからイギリスGPの追突について謝罪を受ける「残念だが仕方ない」 #F1 #f1jp #BritishGP #RedBullHonda #MV33 #Ferrari #SV5…

“Acidente com Vettel tirou um pódio garantido de Verstappen”, afirmou Horner… #lancenet

Roger Federer will not play at the #RogersCup in Montreal this year, opting to use the time to rest in preparation for the US Open.…

Longest #WimbledonFinals. Congratulations #Djokovic.What a spectacular performance #Federer! The last half hour was almost unreal,even as one was watching. Oveshadowed in India by #Final #CWC19Final #CWC2019 #NZvsENG #FedererVsDjokovic #Wimbledon2019 Hearts won by #Federer & #NZ

An Indian friend of mine was overjoyed that England won today. His daughter was actually in tears of pleasure and pride at the emotion of the game. This has been a wonderful World Cup and shows that sport can unite where politics tries to divide. #CWC19Final #CricketWorldCupFinal

Was für ein Spiel, keine Minute der knapp 5h bereut. Auch als Roger Supporter, Herzlichen Glückwunsch Nole, der wahre Sieger ist die Zuschauerin, der Zuschauer #WimbledonFinal #FedererDjokovic #Federer #Djokovic…

Help me understand one thing. Main game tied Super over tied England lost 10 wickets collectively NZ lost 9 wickets collectively Yet @englandcricket won #CWC19Final due to more boundaries? SMH!! #KaneWilliamson

Sebastian Vettel explains the error he made in anticipation of a move as Max Verstappen rues a missed #BritishGP podium chance: #F1 @HondaRacingF1


Horner over race op Silverstone: 'Een frustrerende race voor Max'…


„Pam Pam Pam“ Detlef D! Soost hat sich gerade nen Sekt aufgemacht auf Senna #PromiShoppingQueen

10 punkte, weil die angst vor senna haben. #promishoppingqueen

#BVB | Abdou #Diallo vor Wechsel zu #PSG - für rund 32 Mio. Euro? Die Infos:…

Abdou Diallo est annoncé en route vers le PSG! Le défenseur central de Dortmund était suivi par Tuchel et met très certainement fin à la piste De Ligt au PSG! Paris tiendrait un nouveau défenseur central en tout cas ...! #Diallo #PSG

venga venga venga todos apoyando el hashtag #MarineJadeAGranHermane sigamos tueteando que ya somos tendencia en el área 51


When I have to leave the boys behind because I want to get the coolest alien in area 51


棚橋弘至対KENTA。思い入れの深い両選手なだけに どうしても見逃したくなくて G1大田区大会へ。内容も良かったけど勝利後のKENTA選手のマイクに感無量。他のレスラーとは違うあのニュアンス、空気感 、あれなんです。にしても棚橋弘至のプロレスラーとしての度量には感服。あっぱれ。#g129


On my way, @jKevinj! Staat het bier al koud?

So viele Zahlen. Müssen aufpassen, dass das keine Wirtschaftssendung wird hier. #VfBMV #VfB @SWRsport

2019.07.14 大田区総合体育館 明日の札幌のメインが楽しみ #g129


My AEW #FightForTheFallen review from last night. Plenty of positives, but the promotion's growing pains have never been so visible.…

2019.07.14 大田区総合体育館 モクスリー選手と海野選手 海野選手としては、本選にエントリーされなかったのは悔しいのだろうけど、モクスリー選手とのタッグ、セコンドの経験を糧にして飛躍して欲しい。 #g129


Vandalisme aan historische gebouwen komt daders op 400 euro te staan en op het verkopen of drinken van alcohol op straat staat een boete van tussen de 160 en 400 euro.…

Guten Morgen ihr lieben :) Bin heiser, total glücklich und überwältigt von meinen Gefühlen. Als Rammstein auf die Bühne kam hab ich die ersten 10min das weinen(vor Glück) unterdrücken müssen. Danach konnte ich lauthals mitsingen!

I closed out #PoliticsNation talking about Serena Williams statement about never stopping her fight for equality.

Please do not do to our chip factory what you guys are doing to Area 51. We legit can not stop more than like four people.

I thought Scotland was full eh banter but this area 51 patter is just next level... Never change America... Never change

When you escape Area 51 and need to make ends meet

Serena to fight for equality until 'the grave'


When you at Area 51 tryna get a uber back home... #Area51 #Area51Memes

Myself and @egoldie80 talking 18-game NFL schedule, Serena and NBA free agency fallout on @ESPNRadio tonight following the Sox-Dodgers. Gamenight takes you up until 1 am ET. Check it yo.

This is a point 8 in 8 men should focus on. Serena is amazing.

Got my butt kicked at ten pin bowling last night by two women. I could not win a point against Serena Williams

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