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Have a good time. Life is too short to get bogged down and be discouraged. You have to keep moving. You have to keep going. Put one foot in front of the other, smile and just keep on rolling. Kobe

Zowel Jimmy Fallon als Ellen DeGeneres konden hun tranen niet bedwingen aan het begin van hun uitzendingen gisteren #KobeBryant…

Tears shed, joyful times recalled at Kobe Bryant memorial…

Suddenly everyone is related to Kobe. Smh

Bolton tradisce Trump: «Condizionò gli aiuti all’Ucraina alle indagini contro Biden»…


#INFO | Shawn et Camila chantant Best Song Ever devant Niall lors de l’after party des #GRAMMYs -Ali

la lógica aplastante de devaluar el trabajo de Billie Eilish porque haya ganado cinco grammy y Lana del Rey ninguno ¿hasta cuándo vamos a tener que soportar vuestro berrinche?

Billie Eilish y el por qué usa ropa holgada.


Do #Democrats even read their own rags anymore? Didn't anyone bother to review the #NewYorkTimes bombshell about #Bolton? I did. It never mentions #Trump tying aide to investigating #JoeBiden.…

Matteo #Salvini fa più danni del virus cinese. L'epidemia piega le borse ma lo #Spread migliora per il flop leghista…

Moise, Adèle et leur fils Alex habitaient Marcinelle où ils ont été arrêtés le 24 mars 1943. Leur fille Jacqueline,15 ans, faisait ses devoirs chez ma grand-mère, sa meilleure amie. Elle a été sauvée. Adèle, Moise et Alex sont morts à Auschwitz #Weremember #Iremember #Auschwitz75


L’imbattibilità di #Salvini è uno dei miti dell’Italia contemporanea, costruiti da un sistema politico/mediatico alla canna del gas. Questi miti inevitabilmente prima o poi caracollano, poi però risorgono, come in un crime che deve andare avanti sfidando la fisica e la logica

#undercoverboss @cbs is back! One of the best shows on tv!!!

> 5 milhões de pessoas deixaram a cidade após o início do surto > vírus pode ser passado mesmo que ainda em estado de incubação > aeroportos e sistemas térmicos não tem como ter certeza de infectados, vírus se mantém incubado por até 14 dias sim, bem tenso #coronavirus


Pretty great way to spend a Sunday! More on #BillieEilish's epic #Grammys sweep

Sen @kikopangilinan urges the government to impose a preemptive ban of visitors from Wuhan, China | via @sherieanntorres #coronavirus


Ok sports fans, the Republicans are arguing, w/ some chutzpah, that can't subpoena Bolton b/c will result in long delay while Trump goes to court to argue executive privilege. They're wrong: Art I means Senate, not Trump, makes the call on executive priv.…

não tem desculpa pra não ter o justin e o jaden no doc até gravado esta #JustinBieberSeasons…

Two Republican senators, Mitt Romney and Susan Collins, said the revelations about John Bolton's book have made it more likely that senators will want to call Bolton to testify in the Senate impeachment trial.

WTF?! Alexander Vindman’s brother in charge of reviewing all NSC publications INCLUDING leaked John Bolton manuscript

Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump and allies want to suppress Bolton testimony because they are "deathly afraid"


E essas cenas q vazaram da hailey e do justin no documentário #JustinBieberSeasons

so is #JustinBieberSeasons gonna have a special live red carpet thing or do i have to wait for pictures!???

#FCKSGA Es hat nicht sollen sein. Die spielbestimmenden Roten Teufel vergaben gleich mehrere hochkarätige Chancen. Am Ende trennten sich beide Mannschaften torlos. Für den #FCK sind das zwei verlorene Punkte im Aufstiegskampf. #Betze Mehr zum Spiel unter:…

#Grammys Red Carpet Report: Lizzo stepped up her game and staked her claim to Immortal Diva status…


came back to say rip to the legend kobe and his daughter gigi as well as everyone else lost on that flight. just the shittiest day and i have been feeling numb ever since the news broke this morning. #MambaForever

Person in Mumbai Local sneezes Rest of the travellers: #coronarvirus


"Attendez, donc il y a un labo de recherche biologique qui a exactement le même logo que la Umbrella Corporation dans la ville d'où le #coronarvirus est parti, ET corona est une anagramme de racoon ?" #NousSachons…

Everyone dies but the trouble is we all think we have time #KobeRIP

I do it because I can, I can because I want to, I want to because you said I couldn't. - Steve Prefontaine #MondayMotivation #quote


This isn't life, it's just stuff. And it's become more important to you than living. Well, honey, that's just nuts.- American Beauty #MondayMotivation #SuccessTrain


Avoid negative people at all costs. They are the greatest destroyers of self confidence and self-esteem. #mondaymotivation


PM Viktor Orban and his wife, Aniko Levai, have laid a wreath at the grave of Lech Kaczynski and his wife, Maria, in Krakow. Later Hungary's PM will attend the #Auschwitz75 commemoration. #WeRemember(Photo: MTI)


A good actor always knows what to do when you spot a camera focused at you... Watch till the end #AcademyAward #scammys #WeRemember #modi…

Edge, un retour classé X à la WWE qui ne va pas s’arrêter là ! #RoyalRumble #CatchRAW ⬇️…

Today we remember the murderous genocide against the Jewish people during WWII. It happened because good men did NOTHING in the face of evil. Hitler was evil walking this earth. He should've been stopped at the outset. We must never allow his ilk to take power again. #WeRemember

In Deutschland gibt es fast täglich 5 antisemitische Angriffe von Rechtsextremen. #Amthor, dessen Großeltern Mörder u/o aktive oder passive Mittäter an der industrialisierten Ermordung europäischer Juden*Jüdinnen waren: „Warum importierten Antisemitismus wenn wir eigenen haben?“

Das #Kanzleramt hat zu einem Spitzentreffen über Billigpreise von Lebensmitteln eingeladen. Auch #Edeka, #Aldi Nord, und #Lidl sollen teilnehmen.…

Il #Milan celebra il tifoso Kobe #Bryant: un minuto di silenzio e lutto al braccio col Torino in onore della leggenda NBA…


#Muslime verbrachten am #HolocaustMemorialDay die Zeit vor dem gemeinsamen Mittagsgebet mit dem Säubern von Stolpersteinen in Freiburg um ein Zeichen gegen Antisemitismus zu setzen und informierten sich über die Geschichte der Opfer von #Auschwitz #WeRemember


WWE Royal Rumble 2019: I literally started screaming when Becky Lynch replaced Lana. WWE Royal Rumble 2020: When Drew McIntyre claymore kicked Brock Lesnar, I immediately knew it's his time this year. #RoyalRumble


Billie Eilish “Yılın Albümü” ödülünü kazanarak bu ödülü kazanan en genç sanatçı unvanını Taylor Swift’ten almış oldu. #GRAMMYs


A list of those who died along with Kobe and Gianna Bryant. Please pray for all of their families and loved ones who must be struggling with the sudden and unimaginable loss. #nbaprayers…

ووہان شہر مکمل طور پر بند، چین میں زیر تعلیم پاکستانی طالبعلم رضوان کا ویڈیو پیغام سامنے آگیا۔۔ #WuhanCoronovirus #coronarvirus #CoronaOutbreak #GNN #GNNupdates #PakistaniStudentsInChina #CoronavirusChina

装备有防毒面具的德军暴风突击队士兵出现在中国武汉街头,来自邪恶轴心的军事援助正在帮助中国抗击新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情。 #coronarvirus #China #WuhanCoronavirus


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