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aga maske takicagimiza astronot kiyafeti giyelim cikalim disari bu aminakoydugum virusu o tulumdan da geciyosa artik yuh yani oha yani

As a grocery worker, I thought I’d share some of my shifts this week: Mon:8am-4pm Tues:Midnight-8am Wed:7am-3pm #covid19pandemic

I want to punch things and chug a bottle of wine and execute a handstand and eat mac and cheese and take a nap all at the same time

false god and some red wine weather................

Ima ft group call all the women who’s number I have at 10 PM, wear the prettiest lingerie you have. We drinking wine together and having demon time without men bothering us

A wonderful tasting again at Page Mill Winery: #wine #winetasting #livermorewine #wineThursday


We are LIVE with our discussion on how the #COVID19Pandemic uniquely impacts medically underserved communities. Join our expert panel and comment with any questions. #HealthEquity #AMAChat


Beaker plays Jared Kushner in the film adaptation of #COVID19Pandemic takes Manhattan #COVIDIOTS


Kızlar maske takmayın amk hanginiz güzelsiniz seçemiyorum

Evde pratik maske yapma yöntemi

1 Stunde gefühlt wie 5 Minuten, könnt ewig zuhören. Danke für die TV-Übertragung, danke wie immer für die gute Folge! #BaywatchBerlin

Rüdiger Nehberg ist leider verstorben. Er erlebte Abenteuer wie die Überquerung des Atlantik in einem Floß oder die Durchquerung des Regenwaldes ohne Ausrüstung! Auch sein aktiver Einsatz für die Menschenrechte wird uns immer in Erinnerung bleiben. #nehberg #RüdigerNehberg

Growing wine selection for take home, kombucha, vintage sodas, and of course ice cream!! Still taking take out orders for tonight 4-8pm wouldnt fish and chips be awesome? 613- 831-2183 or @Eli_ElChantiry @EdHandMedia @OCDSB @OCSBContEd @OttCatholicSB


ya girl finally got her wine

Georgia: you could have had Stacey Abrams, but no... Florida, you could have had Andrew Gillum... but no... #VoteBlue #COVID19Pandemic #Coronavirus

literally!!!! so many people struggle to come out and to be accepted and for some tiktok fuckboy to do it as an april fools joke is so fucked up


This was an April Fools’ Day joke LOL…

who ever let this cishet white boy have a platform and to think that he thinks that this was a funny april fools prank is so disrespectful to the lgbtq+ community


No laughing matter: DuckTales Quackshots April Fools’ joke was a real pitch…


Interessante Darstellung der #Coronakrise im #maiLab von @maithi_nk mit einer schonungslosen Offenheit über die Herausforderung für die Gesellschaft #coronaberlin…

Können wir das Video bitte heute um 20:00 Uhr auf jeden Fernsehkanal senden ? #maiLab

Kindern vorzulesen ist immer eine gute Idee - nicht nur in Zeiten von #Corona. Es fördert die Konzentration und regt die Fantasie an. Deshalb beteiligt sich auch Franziska #Giffey an der #ZuhauseLesenChallenge der @StiftungLesen mit dem Buch „Der Löwe in dir“. #Kinderbuchtag

Top 3 Televangelist Conspiracy Theories About Coronavirus: 1) "Coronavirus is God's punishment for homosexuality" 2) "Coronavirus is God's punishment for Jews" 3) "Coronavirus is God's punishment for sex before marriage" #COVID19Pandemic #ConspiracyTheory

"The U.S. Wine World Faces Tough Times And Tough Decisions" @forbes…

Support local vineyards by buying and drinking English wine this Good Friday! See #theBIGenglishwinegoodfriday for more. We're offering 20%off and free delivery over£50 in time for Easter, so go get some! (Our Pinot Noir is perfect with Lamb!)


The novel #coronavirus came late to Spain, but it came with fury. #Wine country was an early casualty, with lockdowns starting in Rioja before the whole country shut down. Still wineries are tending their vines and making wine. @trmatthews checks in.

Meu deus esse novo EP de Claudia. Antes uma Bailame do que essa Meus Olhos Não Mentem zzz. o resto é até legal

We go way back in today's #ThrowbackThursday to the 1898 baseball team on the steps of Old Main. The team had wins over Furman, South Carolina and Clemson.


Start the day with that 2014 Rumble Johnson energy. #ThrowbackThursday #ThursdayMotivation


#2Abr Alcaldesa de #Bogotá, Claudia López: "Gracias a medidas de congelamiento de arriendos y prohibición del desalojo, la Alcaldía y la Policía hemos logrado desde ayer reinstalar en sus viviendas a miles de familias colombianas y venezolanas inhumana e ilegalmente desalojadas".


This is literally the first April 1st I have EVER lived through, where I didn't see a single "April Fools" joke. It's a COVID-19 miracle! #SilverLining

i’m horny but just as an april fools joke

I would like a box filled with bottles of wine delivered to my right now

Sin duda alguna, el mejor tuit de Claudia Sheinbaum en toda su historia tuitera.…

never just been wine drunk. it’s a wonderful feeling

Pouring some wine out for Ms Suzanne tonight…

i actually am really loving my online tutes i love being able to get up and eat a biscuit or drink a glass of wine and no one can tell me otherwise. i love showing the cats off and admiring myself on screen then turning the video off to go annoy harry in the other room

Fuck it, ima make an onlyfans

It went still and Matthias’ shoulders slumped.

Offensive coordinator Colin Thomas promoted to Liberty head football coach… via @azcentral

Needa lil shawty to wine pon me

LO-ekonomerna presenterar ett uppdaterat konjunkturscenario med anledning av coronaviruset. Även den ekonomiska politikens inriktning kommenteras. Datum: Torsdag 2 april 2020 Tid: Klockan 13.15…

Wine Penis Crabs I think I'll stay quarantined.…

Dev: "How much did you have to drink?" Italian dev: "Nothing" Italian dev: "Well actually, a little wine" - Heard on a PDS voice chat

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