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Letters: Seizing an Iranian oil tanker was reckless, and now we're paying for our actions

Trump Backs Britain: 'Iran Is In Big Trouble' U.S. President Donald J. Trump backed the United Kingdom after Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps seized a British-flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, saying the Islamic Republic is in "big trouble". …

UPDATE 6-#Iran says it seized tanker after collision, #UK calls move a "hostile act"…

Iran Releases First Footage Of Seized Oil Tanker | Zero Hedge…

"Yesterday's action in Gulf shows worrying signs Iran may be choosing a dangerous path of illegal and destabilising behaviour"

British FM warns Iran of ‘serious consequences’ if UK-flagged tanker not freed…


A British-flagged oil tanker in the Gulf has been seized by Iran's revolutionary guard corps after Britain seized an Iranian vessel this month, ratcheting up tension along a vital international oil shipping route.

La presse et l'élite sénégalaises étrillent Sibeth N'Diaye pour son look sac à patate : "elle fait honte au Sénégal", tenue de SDF". On attend les tweets rageux de LREM pour fustiger les Sénégalais racistes. #Morano…

Defence source to @thetimes : HMS Montrose, the type-23 frigate...sped to help Stena Impero while it was in Omani waters. The warship was 10 mins too late..arriving after tanker entered Iran's territorial waters.…

Die Nazidemo läuft jetzt wirklich außerhalb der Stadt, an einem Autohaus über eine Bundesstraße, ihre eigenen Parolen kommen eher unmotiviert rüber. Gleich kommen sie am Platz der deutschen Einheit an. #ks2007 #ks20juli

#RIPChesterBennington. Bennington's music with Linkin Park meant a lot to me during a formative time. He died by suicide two years ago today. I wrote about it here:…


Noch nicht einmal #Deutsch (Gegenoffensive) können diese Faschisten. #ks2007 #Kassel #Lübcke #NazisRaus #noafd


Ça fait froid dans le dos de savoir que des personnes avec une telle rancoeur, font partie de l'opposition. Que peut-on construire en ayant comme soubassement la haine? Que Dieu protège le Sénégal de ces gens! #RepublicainTweeTeam


I won't be around much for the rest of the year, as I will be watching this over, and over, and over... And over again! #TheWitcher is going to be glorious!

We don’t hate America we hate Donald Trump!!


#Donald #News Donald Trump defends rally crowd that chanted ‘send her back,’ calling them ‘incredible patriots’

All the faces in the Cats trailer look like they're the result of a deepfake program

based on the trailer they’re giving cats this entire plot that just does not exist like why is victoria being framed as the lead does she even speak once

When your big cats being the little spoon #cat #cats #kitten


Tom Cruise es Benjamín Button ? Cómo hace ?

Henry Cavill está más cerca de ser He-Man!!! #TheWitcher #TheWitcherNetflix


I have not been to the movie theaters in years but, I will be there for Top Gun 2…

Oh wouldn’t you know. It is Friday and you know what that means, who has got the Friday feeling? #StarWars #LukeSkywalker #FridayFeeling #ForceFriday


Between Black Panther last year and 2020 Album of The Year nominee #TheGiftAlbum, I’m really here for the return of the soundtrack. The Rush Hour 2 soundtrack is looking down from heaven so proud.

Black panther and lion king, two movies solely about Africa both chose to use Americans as lead acts for the respective soundtracks. Why didn’t they get African acts to lead the album 100% ?

Klimaschonender, bequemer und oft kaum teurer: Nachtzüge wären die perfekte Alternative zum Fliegen. Doch die Bahn muss viele Versäumnisse nachholen:… #Klima #Klimaschutz #Flugscham #Nachtzug

It's nice to see normies and furries share a common pain. CATS

taylor fazendo cats esse ano, já quero ela como mulher gato no the batman


i feel physically ill watching the cats trailer

A hana Fulani tafiya da Shanu zuwa Kudu - Ganduje

«فيس آب».. يثير الجنون ويخترق حسابات 150 مليوناً #عكاظ #FaceApp

King County Superior Court failed to adequately oversee allegations of racism and implicit bias among jurors deliberating in a Shoreline man’s assault and murder trial in 2016, the state Supreme Court said as it sent the conviction back to the lower court.

Lo siento He sucumbido a la dichosa moda de #FaceApp No he podido evitarlo


WANTED: Volusia County convict flees courthouse during jury deliberations…


Pernah nyapa temen dijalan, trs dia bilang "Siapa ya ?", dari situ aing milih mendingan buang muka dari pada kudu nyapa duluan kalo ketemu temen yg kaga deket-deket amat #DasarAkutuh

Ini satu satunya ladang duit aku mau ilang, kudu piye aku

Now that @realDonaldTrump has made this clear, when will the mainstream media ask Democrats to disavow all of the vile, anti-Semitic, anti-American rhetoric that Ilhan Omar and the rest of the Squad consistently spews?…

During a campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina Donald Trump continued his racist vilification of four Democratic congresswomen. When Ilhan Omar of Minnesota was mentioned his base responded by chanting: "Send her back." The public responds:


WATCH: Rep. Ilhan Omar stops in the middle of Independence Avenue, shutting down two lanes of traffic to give an impromptu news conference

It’s not going too far to say that right now Ilhan Omar is the most important, and certainly the most courageous person in US politics. What Republicans can get away with in attacking her, and what Democrats will tolerate, will determine where Trump’s fascist flirtation goes.…

Thet are changing their reporting. Notice they aren't saying Trump started the chants anymore. "Trump met by chants of 'send her back' after slamming Rep. Ilhan Omar at rally"…

BMWi announces Reallabore winners. @hydrogeniousTEC is successfully represented and we are looking forward to the cooperation with our partners! #Reallabore, #Energiewende, #Wasserstoff #hydrogen #LOHC #greenhydrogen #greenenergy…

As good as the #G129 was today it is eclipsed by the awful news that the Art Of Wrestling podcast will be coming to an end. I have listened to this show since around the first 10 episodes and is hands down my favorite show of any kind. #ArtofWrestling

G1 CLIMAX DAY 5 Kenta v Archer 3.75/5. Archer keeps putting out great performances. Evil v Sanada 4.5/5. Great match. Okada v Fale 2.5/5. Boring. Tanahashi v Zsj 4.5/5. These two just can't have a bad match. Ibushi v Ospreay 5/5. Match of the tournament so far. #g129 #njpw

Wer hat das formuliert? Die Schüler streiken nicht,sie nehmen ihr Recht auf Demonstrationsfreiheit war, das sie außerhalb des Unterrichts ausüben können ⁦@ZDF⁩ "Fridays for Future": Erste Bußgelder für streikende Schüler |…

#Klimaschutz ist wichtig für die #Wirtschaft! Mit 10,5 Mrd Euro Umsatz 2017 leistet #Bioenergie besondere #Wertschöpfung gerade im ländlichen Raum. Gutes Argument im #Klimakabinett pro #Bioenergie, Herr @peteraltmaier. #Bioenergy4Climate Grafik: @RenewsTweet


Bundesregierung hat den Stellenwert von #Wasserstoff für die #Energiewende erkannt – heute wurden die Gewinner im Ideenwettbewerb „#Reallabore der Energiewende“ benannt @BMWi_Bund


„Wir wollen bei Wasserstofftechnologien die Nummer 1 in der Welt werden." - BM @peteraltmaier verkündet Gewinner im Ideenwettbewerb "#Reallabore der #Energiewende" Details gibt's bei @BMWi_Bund unter #Wasserstoff #industriederzukunft

I'm trying to think of a time in my life when I might need to send a banjo emoji…

Die neue Bundesverteidigungsministerin Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) hat die Kritik an ihrem Eintritt ins Kabinett zurückgewiesen.…

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer: Gemisch aus Inkompetenz und Aufrüstungswillen…… Beyaz Saray açıkladı:Türkiyeye 35'leri vermeyeceğiz" Trumpla fotoğraf çektirmeyi zafer havasında bir politik başarı olarak takdim edenler, Hollywood'dan teklif alabilirler.

U.S. judge blasts drug lord El Chapo's 'overwhelming evil,' imposes life sentence…


rede social não é vida real.

El Chapo Was Just Officially Sentenced To Life In Prison INSIDE The U.S.


Tras su condena, se espera que sea trasladado a una prisión federal de máxima seguridad en EU donde pasaría el resto de sus días

Year 7s enjoyed a lovely classic curry for dinner tonight. BBQ tomorrow!! #camp2019


Ayesha Curry does the milly rock Black Twitter:

A atualização do Instagram ficou extremamente perfeita! Quem sabe assim as pessoas usem a rede social pra mostrar o que querem, não o que os outros querem ver :)

Si nou pa bloke ti mesye politik yo andan peyi sa, n ap sezi wè gren pa gren nap kite peyi a oswa nap jis mouri mal. Chita la ranse sou vye sijè sèlman. Politisyen yo twò alèz nan yon peyi sitwayen nòmal pa alèz. #Ayiti

#AfD-Mann #Junge, der zum #Putsch aufruft ("Wann kommt endlich der Aufstand der #Generäle?), hat auch angekündigt, man wolle "Mitläufer" von #Merkel "nicht wieder laufen lassen". Für solch schlimme Hetzer muss gelten: Sie gehören unter Beobachtung, aber nie wieder ins Fernsehen!

Noch zwei Tage bis zur #FridaysForFuture Fahrraddemo um 11Uhr am Kronenplatz! Kommt alle vorbei! Den Lippenbekenntnissen der Politik müssen endlich Taten folgen. #Verkehrswende #Klimaschutz #nomorepillepalle


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