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me: i love the mcu marvel: we just said mutants not xmen me: i never said that marvel: we have you on tape me: the mcu is NOT my friend

Marvel Reveals ‘Blade’ Reboot Starring Mahershala Ali…


KEVIN FEIGE Explains Why a New AVENGERS Movie Wasn’t Announced... Yet…


Is it just me or does marvel phase 4 look like a series of lower budget films direct to Netflix?

Zidane on Bale: "I have nothing personal against him, but there comes a time where things are done because they must be done, I have to make decisions, we have to change."

On Bale or anyone else the quote from North Dallas Forty sums professional sport up for players and their relationships with clubs. ‘Every time I say it's a game, you tell me it's a business. Every time I say it's a business, you tell me it's a game.’

the eternals, blade, kate bishop and the falcon and the winter soldier are what are keeping me fed in this 3 years of spider-man drought

If we get a team up between Ali’s Blade & Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU at some point like the animated series, I’ll be so happy

Un pequeño review de mi concierto en Madrid. Gracias a todos por hacer esto posible. ¿DÓNDE ESTÁN LOS QUE ESTUVIERON HOY EN EL SHOW DE LONDRES? Luego estaré montando imágenes de lo sucedido.…

Mal debut para el elenco merengue. Derrota frente al campeón alemán.

You don't say no to Mahershala Ali.

Gareth Bale has three years left on a Real Madrid contract that reportedly pays him £600,000 ($1.06m AUD) per week. If he's not going to Spurs, where is he going? #OptusSport


El "León" Nández. Único tipo en la historia que fue a trabar con las 2 patas para adelante y perdió. El que entró al Monumental el día de las piedras gritando "Gallinas putas, están cagadas" y se terminó arrodillando en Madrid. Otro "ídolo" bostero que se va con el culo roto.

I know it's random now but is zidane a good manager or did he just have a good team when he won them champions leagues?


Harry Kane mencetak salah satu gol terbaik sepanjang kariernya, saat sepakannya dari tengah lapangan menjebol gawang Juventus.…

I was there live as Tuoyo was evicted from the bbnaija house. Had mad fun #BBNaijaEviction #Bbnaija

Muricio Pochettino Terkesan Dengan Gol Harry Kane…

Harry Kane is so good that you can only mock him about how he talks uno he’s massive.

If Harry Kane continues attending these speech therapy sessions he could really overtake Aguero as the best English speaker in the Premier League.

Por cierto, Kroos NO puede jugar de MC en un Madrid con Marcelo, Carvajal, Modric, Benzema y Hazard. A ver si lo tenemos claro.

First y3k)t3 adwaay3 k) hw3 Ivy Charlie mansua mmas3m nyinaa Ny3 me fault oo na s3 nudes no nyinaa gu IG @StrongmanBurner Is more than rap #21stCentury

How about we live and let live, and not judge or interfere with people’s personal choices on intimate matters. #21stCentury…

Drop your favorite line in #21stCentury Listen here if you haven’t

Today be Sunday buh asofo) bi adane won ho DJ Khalid na )mo kyer3 yen cars #21stCentury @StrongmanBurner @StrongEmpire1

We are ready for Greater Works!!! Are you ready? #YellowSunday #GW2019


Muchos lo aman, otros lo desprecian. Lo importante es que marcó un estilo y dejó huella por cada lugar que pasó. Es excéntrico, es apasionado, es único. Está loco. ¡Felices 64 años, Marcelo Bielsa!


Donc, pour 20 Minutes, le tweet de Morano est raciste mais le lynchage à mort du "noir" Mamadou Barry, et bien...rien...pas 1 mot...Silence... #MamadouBarry #honte…

Zlatan worshipping his idol


Lineup against Arsenal? Changes I’d make to start would be play Odriozola, Mendy and Kubo. Keep the same midfield and also Benzema because he and Eden linked up well and I know he just needs that one goal to then go off.

Marcelo Figueras, el hombre entre las misas: del Indio a Cristina, cómo es la intimidad de la gira | Por @Lulamaravilla…

I think @Okyeamekwame is behind all the ladies who like replying guys with "OK, OK" #GhanaGirlsNotRomantic

A study published in International Journal of Food Science & Technology found that cooking #asparagus stalks boosted the levels of 6 #antinflammatory compounds, including beta-carotene but cut the #vitaminC content in half.

Zlatan talking shit about Carlos Vela then battering in a hat trick v LAFC is great

Madrid 2019/2020 = Benzema eres mas malo que el ebola

Si Jovic pilla las tres que falla Benzema, las mete para dentro. El problema es que no veo a Zidane sentando a Karim. Bueno, no le veo sentando a nadie. Este equipo sigue con un déficit importante de cara al gol y eso no lo arregla Pogba.

Luka Jović i Real Madrid. Kraj vica.

Completely forgot Jovic made his debut as well, how did he play?

Not many chances during his 45 minutes against Bayern last night, but Luka Jović is looking sharp ❄️ Kit looks so good on him!


Hazard’ın ortaya koyacağı çok şey var, Kubo 5 yıldız, Vinicius yeteneklerinin yanına zeka da eklemeli ki Balotelli olmasın. Rodrygo daha hazır görünüyor. Mendy yeterli değil. Ya çok heyecanlıydı, panikledi ya da hataya açık bir oyuncu. Jovic top alamadı ayağına ama iyi oyuncu.

Il Real spende 250 milioni per Hazard, Mendy, Militao e Jovic; noi abbiamo difficoltà a prendere Barella e Lukaku per meno della metà e volete paragonare le dichiarazioni su Bale con quelle di casa nostra? Ma siete seri?

In a few minutes the internet is going yellow! #YellowSunday #40DaysOfPower #SundaysAtICGC

More than 300,000 #HongKong residents braved rains for rallies on Saturday afternoon to voice their strong opposition to violence and firm support for #police.…

“Stand firm against [Satan], and be strong in your faith. Remember that your family of believers all over the world is going through the same kind of suffering you are.”1 Peter 5:9 This is important to remember as you face opposition.

More than 300,000 Hong Kong residents braved rains for rallies on Saturday afternoon to voice their strong opposition to violence and firm support for police.


Era só algo pra fazer msm

Ike : I don't even know y I started this I LOVE YOU shit !!! .... Sheyi :: breathe ... You have to be great #BBNajia2019 #BBNaija

So because Seyi said the truth along with Sir Dee and the others, you guys want him to be against Mercy in front of Ike so you can call him a relationship breaker. Abegi it’s called wisdom and he is wise #bbnaija #BBNajia #BBNajia2019

I’m so proud of wizkid... my goodness

#ElTrafico hotline (562)641-LARS call and let us know your thoughts on the game!! #LAGalaxy #Zlatan


“BROWN SKIN GIRL” by @Beyonce, SAINt JHN & Wizkid featuring Blue Ivy Carter has entered the top 20 on US iTunes, currently sitting at #13.


Zlatan would be the best player in the epl. The talent is dwindling…

La lumière qui éclaire la lumière et qui justifie l’existence de la lumière #SeydiBarhamaa…

Vamos vamos rayados!!!!!

Missed the game as I was out and came home to see an Nketiah brace. I'm hearing names like Greenwood? Lol. What's that?



"Manchester United can counter here" Daniel James:

#bbnaija In my own Honest opinion all the guys in there r way better bigger n classy than all the girls in the house. What's the comparison btwn Mike n Tacha or Omashola n Thelma.. These girls sucks..these girls are overrated....


If Thelma had been the one who mistakenly opened the door on Omashola, and Omashola went on a ranting spree despite her apologies, e-feminists would have been on Omashola's desitiny by now. Nobody said women should not stand up for themselves. Just have sense. #BBNaija

Yah Allah ttanggapin nio na po ang dalangin ko na maipasok c Tan Roncal SA slot ,alm nio po ang knyang hangarin Di lng pra SA knia kundi pra dn SA pamilya Nia bihira lng ang katulad niang kabataan SA panahon ngaun ,sna po bukas bigyan nio ang mga kasma Nia Ng nglakas na lumaban.


daniel james howell stop being such a thot

if i die blame daniel james howell


.#YellowSunday #Gw2019 Ezekiel 11:19 And I will give them one heart,and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh:


Idara was the final performer for this week's #VoiceFactory and she did impress many people. If you loved her, keep voting for her


Daniel James: From Swansea City prospect to Manchester United's fittest player in pre-season - the rise of United's new Welsh winger | @DavePrestonMUFC #MUFC…


It’s cause neggas ain’t seeing the bigger picture. As Kanye said “close your eyes and let the world paint a thousand pictures” @sarkodie @bankulli #AlreadyChallenge #SarkSZN




This Idara performance is my best #VoiceFactory performance so far. She's performed one of my favorite songs perfectly in her own way.

Rate Lina's performance on the #VoiceFactory tonight


Oye performing on the #VoiceFactory earlier today


How well did Cleck Boyson do with his attempt at a 'Kojo Antwi' He earlier performed the latter's 'Enfa me nko ho' Share with us your thoughts on his performance ? #VoiceFactory


Daniel James can't wait for one particular moment in his United career #mufc…

Wate anaa strongees on the Mic Dope music by all standard!!! #21stCentury @StrongmanBurner

Hello my name is Kwame fynest and I rep @SarkNativesGH #SarkSZN #SarkNation


Fun fact about Roland/Dark Shepherd Roland was my 2nd character I made when I joined the fandom who was supposed to be my first suit and who was supposed to be a character based on who I was while Xepher was someone a mix of who I am and who I want to be


At long last, the power of monster cat furry memery is in your paws/claws. My birthday gift to YOU today is the unabashed release of this new merch design via @teespring! (And yes, it's here to stay.)…


The MOF Super Bowl teams are set! It will be the (14-2) @MofPackers and the (16-0) undefeated @BrownsMof. Coach Dolan will try to stop Pettigrew from becoming only the 2nd undefeated team in MOF history, the other coach? Dolan! Good luck to both! #MOF @leaguecrawler @MaddenAccord


I have no feelings one way or the other about Zlatan, but I’m thoroughly enjoying how he’s making millions while absolutely shading the crap out of MLS, the business model, and the poor quality of the product. Amazing.…

MLS in one sentence. Well said, by the god....Zlatan.…

#BREAKING Africa Cup champs Algeria return home to hero's welcome


Today we celebrate Neil Armstrong & Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary of humans setting foot on the moon (1st pic). The one I remember is the 6th & final time (so far) we visited the moon, Apollo 17 (2nd pic). Thanks astro Gene Cernan for inspiring me to become an astro myself! @NASA


2nd day of the #ZUFSpiritualRetreat in the blessed company of His Eminence Shaykh @PirHasnat sahib. The session began with the recitation of the Qur’an followed by praise of the Sublime Messenger #MuhammadPBUH by @AlMusafirun nasheed group #ZUFSR2019 #ZUFRetreat #ZiaUlUmmah


At this point, it'll be fair to say that Zlatan is running the MLS.…

Birkett and Lemmy’s lemmings when the 2nd went in #OAFC



So my neighborhood is in an emergency. Our bridge across the lake collapsed and washed away and now we're trapped. No power either. This is neat.

Really need the energy wizkid has. How can you make a song with Beyoncé and not even drop a single tweet about it till now. If I was wizkid immediately I finished from the studio I will be like...


So my dear Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI your Interior Minister Brig Ijaz Shah misused his power and got a case shut down forcefully in FIA Lhr against Minister Zartaj Gul of slander/defamation filed by me. She has again misused her power. Is this your Naya Pakistan, sir!?

Promise this my mood 4 eva !


mood 4 eva (i worked so hard don’t let me flop lol)

Of course the weekened before I go to the city burna boy does a free concert

On a more serious note, rap was introduced to address issues, not to Bragg. This is pure rap. @StrongmanBurner has really addressed whole issues in less than 3 minutes. This is a genius rapper. #21stCentury

How @shattawalegh stayed original on this chune is the real deal, he could have ragga patois if he wanted, but he gave it the Ghanaian taste and they loved it...And still crowned him the Dancehall king! #AlreadyChallenge

"MOOD 4 EVA," my friends, is a near-perfect song. @hunteryharris writes

Du coup for now : #TheGiftAlbum 1. Bigger 2. Brown Skin Girl 3. Spirit 4. Mood 4 Eva 5. Otherside 6. Already 7. My Power 8. Water 9. Don’t Jealous Me 10. Ja Ara E 11. Keys to The Kingdom 12. Nile 13. Find Your Way Back 14. Scar

How many times has Vic lost this case already? I’ve lost count.

sometimes when i plan on being contrary i say someting wrong on purpose and admit i'm wrong about that, with this decoy i can deny being contrarian because i already admitted being wrong once, but its just a decoy. watch out for this.

Sorry, everyone, but no stream tonight! There's some severe thunderstorms in my area so the power may be going in and out. As well as with the amount of thunder and lightning, I'm expecting a very upset 5 year old. So stream will continue tomorrow. <3 Love you, friends!

I literally tweeted this a month or so ago. My power.…

I’m gonna go ahead and guess that it is because of our extreme heat wave, but my power keeps going on and off and me no likey!

my super power is that you can't make me hate you

Burna boy just single handedly ignited my hot girl summer

#Urbanroll ; Beyonce ft Tekno, Yemi Alade , Mr Eazi – Dont Jealous Me

Pre order my new album AFRICAN GIANT NOW!

Algeria was to win. Stop stressing yourselves. Was the best team in group C. Congratulations to @harambee__stars for playing with the best teams in Africa. #SENALG

แลมพาร์ดพอใจความฟิตนักเตะแม้จะมีปัญหาเรื่องสภาพอากาศในญี่ปุ่น #CFCinJapan #CFCThai

ランパード:選手達のコンディション、クル・ズマ、ケネディについて #CFCinJapan

Me when I found out Berlin is still alive #MoneyHeist

so my top three is: 1. mood 4 eva 2. brown skin girl 3. bigger honorable mentions: spirit and water

Beyonce's 2nd verse on "Mood 4 Eva" is literally the best thing to happen in music all year.

Frank Lampard Ingin Chelsea Pertahankan Kurt Zouma -…

Could’ve sold Wilson to Ole Gunnar Lampard if Chelsea didn’t have the transfer ban

Mr. Eazi Wants to Expand Africa’s Reach — One Music Video at a Time – Rolling Stone…

Beyonce just googled best artistes in Africa and put all of them on an album, no further digging done. How about these lineup? Burna Brymo Omawumi Manifest Cassper Sauti sol Nasty Eazi Asa Kidjo Sark Ipupa. Jagz Mafikizolo A letter to Africa should have at least 2/3 of these.

We’re really waiting for you. Finish us. Next Friday, African Giant @burnaboy

İngiliz Times: "Batı'nın artık gözardı edemeyeceği bir Türkiye sorunu var." 1000 yıldır 'Şark Meselesi' adı altında örtülü bir savaş yürüttükleri ve son 100 yılda elde ettikleri zaferin tehlikede olduğunu anlatıyor kısaca. Evet! Dev uyandı. Devriniz bitecek...

Trolling Sark results Niger Apple Music: 84. Adonai Uganda Apple Music Albums: 127. Alpha - EP iTunes Albums: 13. Alpha - EP Apple Music Albums: 8. Alpha - EP Bleeding video 150k -170k views on YouTube Mary Album 67k-69k streams on boomplay

How @BurnaBoy became Nigeria's surprise success story


Blue Ivy Carter is becoming a star right before our eyes. Baby girl serves in her mom's videos and on red carpets. I stan a Queen in the making. Check out this track on TIDAL: "BROWN SKIN GIRL" by Beyoncé, SAINt JHN, Wizkid, Blue Ivy Carter


beyonce stays providing us with bops. diasporic fusion at its finest + lion king sounds reimagined and reinvigorated. happy friday ya'll #TheGiftAlbum

God I have the perfect tweet to annoy Nigerians re: this whole Beyoncé thing but I don't have the liver after the MJ fiasco. If you're in the mood for a laugh and an onslaught of insults in your mentions, DM me.

I can’t believe my mom and dad saw fit for me to be alive during the same time as Beyoncé. Wow. Parents of the century.

Todo mundo sabe que a Disney só fez esse remake de Rei Leão para ter a oportunidade de trabalhar com a Beyoncé.

A VIBE DE “KEYS TO THE KINGDOM”... muito gostosa! Só faltou a Beyoncé mesmo... mas n deixa de ser boa! ❤️

"You're part of something way bigger Bigger than you Bigger than we Bigger than the picture they framed us to see But now we see it..." #TheGiftAlbum

Burna Boy gave me some Fella Kuti vibes in Ja Ara E... we are back to loving him in this household. #TheGiftAlbum

Just gave a training on implicit bias & power, oppression & privilege to social workers. My 1st time w/ SWs. They were engaged & shared generously. MDs, we must work on our vulnerability! I've led sessions with MDs & it's hard to get us to be vulnerable. This is a problem.

Blacking out in terror & blowing your diaper clean off with the sheer power of your fear-shits over any shift in the culture is Punk Rock, actually. My professor only gave my "Femoids: Biologically Incapable of Gaming" essay an F bc my Rebel Nature intimidates him.

Hi, I’m a big fan of your pod, I have a good question. Is it true that your new manager Frank Lampard Jr has adopted a 4-2-3-1 formation in recent games, a formation that be used in 20 away games last season & only tasted success in 4 of those games ?…

WiZkid is the only artist from Africa that I have worked with that break rules... I still remember something he said in ogudu in 2010. Man spoke life into existence.

Law enforcment power vacuums being filled right before our eyes. The first legal civilian tank on American soil will be sold 2025 mark my words…

Kurt Zouma may not be leaving Chelsea after all…

Lampard Suffers First Defeat As Chelsea Manager #ghanamotion


“Call and I’ll rush out” Literally them ‘Power over my by Dermot Kennedy’ is a Shawmila mood

WiZkid saw the future.

Frank Lampard confirms Chelsea transfer plan for Everton target Kurt Zouma… via @NewsNowUK

Just clocked Lampard lost his first game???

“DON’T JEALOUS ME” #TheGiftAlbum

gente keys to the kingdom é TUDOOOOO! e a beyonce nem tá na música hahahaha pqp

Beyoncé gave us an AFROBEATS-inspired album and Rihanna coming later this year with a Reggae-inspired album. The Queens are delivering!

my fav song so far is Don’t Jealous Me. Tekno>

Be a part of the excitement. get your 2019/2020 Barcelona home kit as well as other jerseys from @jersey_gh. customization and delivery service available nationwide. #ShattawaleBeyonceAlready #Chelsea #Already #kabutey #medikal #CitiCBS #CitiNewsroom call/whatsapp 0267453381


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