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Luego hay gente que si Riot buffa a un campeón y justo saca skin los de Epic te venden todo lo de Batman ahí y tE BORRAN EL JUEGO

bon j'ai une grosse hypothèse alors l'image du trou noir est en faite comme un big bang sur leurs instagram ils ont drop 9 photos (qui serons en dessous) bon c'est un peu dans le thème du big bang donc la creation de l'univers dcp chaque photo corespond à une planète il y en a 9


Bu hafta sonu El Camino ve Çiçero’yu izledim..Çiçero’yu mutlaka izleyin,son sahne de ağlamak serbest.

Como dice este miembro militar, necesitamos paz... Se ha tomado el camino de la represión y la violencia y eso solo genera más violencia... Se debe recurrir a la inteligencia no a la violencia, urge el diálogo...

Los siguientes Packs ya no estarán Disponibles al comenzar la Temporada 11 para su compra! B-1000´s Pack de Desafíos Batman Bundle The Red Strike Pack Los Packs de Pavos Todas las Ediciones de Salva el Mundo


Watched EL CAMINO last night...only intended to watch about half of it then and finish it today, because it's 2 hours long, I started it late and I'm old, but boy, it didn't SEEM 2 hours long. When the credits rolled I was certain Netflix had marked with the wrong running time.

Batman : Batgirl = Montalbano : Imma Tataranni #immatataranni

El Camino. Eine Fortsetzung die keiner wollte aber jeder braucht. <3

I was 8 and asked the face painter for “Batman”.


Tasha better watch her back,tommy is coming,and he is doing that really hard #PowerTV

If I was Tasha I would’ve left the signed papers with keisha #PowerTV

Lado positivo do jogo hoje (sim, tivemos alguns poucos): os running backs Kenyan Drake e Mark Walton.

Kenyan Drake's ability to evade and break tackles is uncanny. He isn't even a power runner, he's just slippery.

Don't lie! Name drop: 1. @timmychan1206 2. n/a 3. @cindyacaso 4. @timmychan1206 5. @/mom 6. @/mom 7. @/mom 8. no one :(( 9. a lot 10. @/shoti ❤️ For the questions! (only for people i know)

A #Sagittarius wont just get sick of someone & drop them for no reason. Theres always a reason.


Dear @officialEFCC, I can see that you’re responding to Tweets mentioning you. When are you releasing the result of your forensic investigation into Ganduje clips? Your Chairman told me Nov. last year that he’s in London to do forensic analysis, when are you releasing the report?

honestly if gugudan or elris actually drop teasers one day ill probably not believe it bc we have been clowned for all these months already

tell us about yourself 1 - Wiktoria 2 - singleXD 3 - wszystko od bts 4 - 10tys 5 - Safari 6 - O i J 7 - plastyk 8 - polka 9 - 4 10 - 0 11- moje zycie XDDD 12 - 2018 13 - momsterki 14 - no mutual no drop an emoji for the questions

The White Evangelical Christian Extremist in America are as dangerous as any other religious extremist group in the world,if not more so.…

Díky za upozornění na #NoBraDay, to je opravdu dobrý způsob, jak upoutat pozornost na prevenci rakoviny prsu. Pečujte o ty krásný hebký bochánky s náležitou péčí, ať (nejen) vám dělají radost.


Man! This day legit belongs to ma ladies with em big titties to start row call lol #NoBraDay ✌️

CAN A MUSLIM MAN MARRY A CHRISTIAN WOMAN? .....a candid discussion with Paapa Angola on this delicate issue. Watch here:


gostei do El Camino mas não amei assim tanto como o hype geral, é um bom filme que é necessário para fechar o ciclo do Jesse mas as cenas não têm o brilhozinho da série (mesmo tentando)

“The challenge encourages people to make time and space to spend time alone, with no access to other people, telephones, gadgets or wifi. As part of the process, we expect that participants will acknowledge the experiences of those who live on their own"…

Wil gelijk heel Breaking bad weer terug kijken nu na El Camino hahaha

Am staying happy & Repulsive for the rest of the year,That’s the new vibe.

40,000 to 50,000 Christians live in the area under attack.…




The north has drawn Nigeria backwards too much. The yorubas have only been doing follow follow. The north contributes nothing to our economy. For once lets have an Igbo president, Igbos are known to be natural businessmen. Hopefully the economy will boom #IgboPresidency2023

Tisha.... You can hear a pin drop in that room! Wow, even Marsau didn't defend himself. Just wow! ! #lamh

Fixed: "Trudeau wore bulletproof vest for publicity stunt as his polling numbers drop"…

Did you guys know Chowder was apparently cancelled against the staffs wishes because they didn't think boys in the kid demographic watched it enough. They then replaced it wih Destroy Build Destroy... if you remember, that failed miserably. Like all of CN Real.


Now I have a friend her name is Paula White and she's based out of Tampa and she's a Christian Christian preacher who who supposedly got Trump saved well you need to work with him some more I mean he is is not ready for but he was not ready to become president and I can tell you

El Camino makes me want to watch Malcolm In The Middle start to finish then Breaking Bad so I can imagine Walter White is Hal on his second marriage with a new family.

Jesse foi o personagem que mais sofreu ao longo da história de Breaking Bad, nada mais justo para ele do que esse final maravilhoso de El Camino

Muere estudiante de Medicina Universidad de #Veracruz a causa de dengue. Tenía 18 años…

Afuera llueve pero aún hay sequía dentro mío Y cuando la lluvia se detiene sigo escuchando su ruido Un arcoíris presume colores que en blanco y negro percibo Sale el sol pero es oscuro mi camino Hace calor pero mi cuerpo se siente frío

1er match de la saison pour moi @CentreBell = 1ere vraie VICTOIRE des @CanadiensMTL



"Eliud Kipchoge, la primera persona en correr un maratón en menos de dos horas"…

Autos con láser, “liebres” y zapatillas especiales: por qué la hazaña de Eliud Kipchoge en la maratón desató un debate…

When it comes to Song writing, Kofi Kinaata is the best ~ KIDI say so


No sé cómo sucedió pero... sea cual sea la razón por la cual el universo haya puesto en mi camino a Lau, Akim, Zath y Collier (segunda vez) en mi vida, estoy muy, muy, muy feliz.

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