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U.S. hunger rates pre-COVID were at a historic low of 11.1%, today they are at an all time high of 23.1%

Join my Instagram live at 4pm for the retirement of my high-school jersey.


Wishing you all a very Blessed and Happy Eid “Taqabbal Allahu minna wa minkum" [ May Allah accept (fasts and good deeds) from us and you ]

New CDC guidance won't end NJ mask mandate — at least for now, Gov. Murphy says…

Got what it takes to win our #CoolHockey2021PlayoffPool??? Winner takes home a FREE hand-stitched authentic NHL @adidashockey jersey of their choice. It's FREE* to sign-up. Entry closes Saturday at 7pm ET. *Entrants will be added to the CH mailing list.

-No Everton defenders -Mendy/Rüdiger fail -Zaha>Greenwood -Selling Alonso for a hit to buy Maguire


U.S. biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong will give $213 million to South Africa, the country of his birth, to help fund the transfer of new technology for Covid-19 vaccines and therapies

The Information Regulator says it will take further action regarding WhatsApp’s privacy policy. The Regulator also wants WhatsApp and Facebook to appear before Parliament in South Africa.…


Eid Mubarak.May Allah grant us all the kindness of this day and accept our Ibada. #تقبل_الله_منا_ومنكم

Eid Mubarak y’all, may Allah SWT accept our Ibadan.

It was great to meet virtually with Minister Ebrahim Patel of South Africa today. I emphasized our commitment to saving lives and ending the pandemic. I welcomed an update on his efforts to review the waiver proposal and we agreed to stay in touch.

At 23 Sapa still Dey choke me

All these at 23 yarns up and down. I can't even remember what life was like when I was 23.

MULTI ADSBX MANOEUVRING ALERT : At time Thu May 13 19:23:18 2021 #DR01 was likely to be manoeuvring at FL132 15nm from AAF Apalachicola_NDB_US near Ralph's Road, Franklin County, Florida, United Sta #AvGeek #ADSB…


आप सभी को ईद मुबारक। ख़ुदा रमज़ान के पाक महीने में आपके रोज़े और इबादतों को क़ुबूल करें और उसके सदक़े तुफैल में इस वबा से निज़ात दिलायें। आपसी भाईचारगी, शफ़क़त और मुहब्बत बनी रहे यही मेरी दुआ है। मेरी दरख्वास्त है कि इस बार भी अपने घरों में ही ईद मनायें। #EidMubarak

किसी ने टूटते सपने बिखरती शाम भेजा है किसी ने अपनी आंखों का झलकता जाम भेजा है हमारी ईद को रंगीन करने तुम भी आ जाओ किसी ने आंसुओं के साथ ये पैगाम भेजा है #EidMubarak

i’m just checking in to say that drake is artist of the decade and i need y’all to respect that.

For all the troubles Gavin Hunt is going through as he is placed under scrutiny, the coach has received sobering support from one of Kaizer Chiefs' former players. Read more ➡️


#EidMubarak, brothers and sisters. I pray that Allah has accepted our fast and prayers. May we remain steadfast in our imaan to observe another Ramadan. Stay blessed!

Eid Mubarak to all of you - May the blessings of Allah fill your and your family's life with happiness & open all doors of success #EidMubarak #EidAlFitr #eidmubarak2021 @naqvimukhtar @DargahCommitte

May Allah give you all the success and happiness you deserve. May Allah be with you always. Happy Eid Mubarak to you! #EidMubarak Kindly don't forget to send your prayer for Palestine brothers and sisters. #PalestineUnderAttack


This is our reality Africa. Look at South Africa, at the bottom of the rung. @mailandguardian gives you a broad perspective, inviting deep reflection on global and domestic barriers. This comparative analysis paints a clearer picture. Read all about it


Sab Bhai Aur Behno Ko #Eid Mubharak Sabki Bhala Ho Aur Sukh Sukh Ke Saath Jeevan Kush Rahein #EidMubarak #EidUlFitr #EidAlFitr

Emmanuel Gyamfi in 21 #GPL games before today: -One goal ⚽ Emmanuel Gyamfi against Ebusua Dwarfs today: -Two goals ⚽⚽


aye man all i’m sayin is SOMEBODY fucked Wayne & they fucked Drake. wasn’t me tho so y’all b eazy…


Special economic zones in South Africa were supposed to make doing business easier with unique infrastructure and administrative setups. Are they creating investments and creating sustained jobs? Watch #eNCABusiness on Thursday, 13 May at 9pm on #DStv403

ICYMI: “No, it is madness because they say this place is an exit; God has given you one hole to enter and there is another hole that is the sewage track; then you say it is the exit you want to enter from and you say you are not mentally deranged?”…

This government has super disappointed us all. Listen to @benkoku on #FixTheCountry #pointofview Zoe #citicbs Bernard Avle COCOBOD KNUST Zouma Rawlings #WeDeyManage Nana Addo Agenda Azugu #Ghana

If i had done one of the serious crimes and they beat me that way,i would have understood - Caleb Kudah. #pointofview Zoe #citicbs Bernard Avle COCOBOD KNUST Zouma Rawlings #WeDeyManage Nana Addo Agenda Azugu #Ghana

Zoe Abu-Baidoo details how the National Security tricked her into thinking that she was talking to Caleb Kudah, before storming Citi FM/TV to arrest her #pointofview Zoe #citicbs Bernard Avle COCOBOD KNUST Zouma Rawlings #WeDeyManage Nana Addo Agenda Azugu #Ghana

Arsenal’s third kit better than Chelsea’s home kit already



Is this the sallah dey usually kill ram or cow or na only chicken dem dey kill for this 1? Happy eid Mubarak guys


It's time we understand who Satan is, that's part of my assignment. #Farrakhan #RamadanPrayerLine #EidMubarak

May this season give you all the more reason to be merry. Wishing you a happy Eid day! Eid Mubarak! #eidmubarak #simonpagenigeria


Mikel Arteta is the youngest manager in Premier League history to complete a league double over Chelsea. Lampard❌ Arsenal 3 - 1 Chelsea Tuchel❌ Chelsea 0 - 1 Arsenal


Media don't seem to understand that Arsenal were the better team in the first 15mins, pressed high and got their goal, then retreated into a structured press & asked Chelsea & Tuchel show us what you got. The media don't like Arsenal winning ugly but its fine for others.

It is the #Ascension of Our Lord, Jesus Christ! Catholics have the obligation to observe today the way we observe Sundays by at least celebrating the Eucharist. In case you could not celebrate the Holy Mass this morning,look for a Church for evening Mass. Happy #Ascension2021!


I genuinely cannot believe that I'm seeing "why would Zouma pass to Jorginho under pressure?!" takes this morning. Well, let's see, A. relieving pressure is literally Jorginho's primary job description and B. he was actively showing himself for the pass.

This how I see the Caleb vs the Stupid National Security issue and Caleb denying his Ewes Root to how we can #FixTheCountry. #EidMubarak to my muslim folks and let's all rally in building Ghana for the next generation.

Did you hear what GJA Prez said? That what Caleb Kudah did was against the GJA Code of Ethics. Today, there are extra judicial killings of persons perceived to have committed crimes. Journalists are killed or hounded for their work in 2021 Ghana. So why was Rawlings so vilified?

GRANT, we beseech thee, Almighty God, that like as we do believe thy only-begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ to have ascended into the heavens; so we may also in heart & mind thither ascend, & with him continually dwell, who liveth & reigneth with thee and the Holy Ghost... Amen.


Grant, we pray, Almighty God, that as we believe your only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to have ascended into heaven, so may we also in heart and mind there ascend and with him continually dwell. #MorningPrayer

We bring you another playback from the #PointOfView; @benkoku's interview with former President John Kufuor #CitiCBS

#CitiCBS #pointofview frm Caleb’s accounts, Chinese n sm suspects of Western Togoland movement hv bn detained in a cell. Are they supposed to be there? How long have they been in that detention? What are they there for? Atleast we know that der r mad people at d National security

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