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नफरतों को जलाओ,मोहोब्बत की रौशनी होगी। वरना,कुछ जब भी जला लो सब ख़ाक ही हुएं हैं। #टीवी_देखना_बंद_करो

आखिरकार कोरोना से निपटने की तैयारियों में भाजपा सरकार की नाकामियां सामने आ रही है। भाजपा सरकार द्वारा देशहित में उठी इन आवाज़ों को न सुनने का नुकसान आज देश भुगत रहा है। #StopInjusticeToDoctors


पीएम मोदी ने अस्पताल और आइसोलेशन की क्या सुविधा है इसके बारे में जाना #coronavirusindia…

Raj Thackeray ne aaj 130crs desh vasiyo ke maan ki baat kahi hai. Big Salute to for this @RajThackeray. #COVID2019 #coronavirus #BeingAMuslimInIndia #TablighiJamat #NizamuddinIdiots

PM Narendra Modi holds meeting of Empowered Groups to formulate response against spread of coronavirus

#BeingAMuslimInIndia is the most luckiest thing in the world. * One is able to avail freebies. * Has the licence to ra¶e & carry out love j!had. * One is able to kill KUFFARS & destroy temples. And lastly stand FREELY in front of the World to say minorities are killed in India.

Tablighi Jamaat members should be killed by firing bullets: MNS chief Raj Thackeray…


#LifeAfterDeath सबसे बड़ी विपत्ति The Calamity @IICMaharashtra @anwarbmm

आज देशभर में डॉक्टर्स सरकार से सिर्फ व्यक्तिगत सुरक्षा उपकरणों की मांग कर रहे हैं। बाकी वो कोरोना से जंग लड़ने में अपनी तरफ से कोई कमी नहीं रख रहे हैं। क्या भाजपा सरकार चाह रही है कि वो बिना सुरक्षा उपकरणों के ये जंग लड़े ? #StopInjusticeToDoctors


No one denies one's birth. No one denies one's death than why deny #LifeAfterDeath ? You are well aware of the first creation; then, do you learn no lesson from it? #Quran (56:62)

#LifeAfterDeath भौतिकवाद का परिणाम Result of Materialism

Even street dogs understand the meaning of Social distancing unlike some people. PC: Rohit Gupta #BeingAMuslimInIndia #COVID2019 #COVID19 #Covid_19australia #Covid_19australia #WuhanChinaVirus #COVID19outbreak


You know shit is so lousy that Raj Thackeray also starts talking sense

"When I die, my money is not gonna come with me. My movies will live for people to judge what I was as a person. I just want to stay curious and keep smiling like the Joker." - Heath Ledger Happy 41st Birth Anniversary. Gone but never forgotten. #HeathLedger


मुस्लिम समुदाय हिंदुस्तान का अभिन्न अंग है! "कोरोना की आड़" में "मुस्लिम समुदाय" को "मानव बम" की "संज्ञा" देना हिंदुस्तान के "धर्मनिरपेक्ष ढांचे" व "सविधान" के "खिलाफ" है। लॉक डाउन का "सख्ती से पालन" हो। #BeingAMuslimInIndia

कल याद रखियेगा आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री @narendramodi जी के आवाहन पर रात 9 बजे, 9 मिनट के लिए अपने घरों की सभी लाइट बंद करके अपने दरवाजे, बाल्कनी या छत पर दीये, मोमबत्तियाँ या मोबाइल टॉर्च जलाएं और इस अंधेरे को एक साथ हराने का संकल्प लें @cmohry #Citizen #IndiaFightsCorona #COVID2019

#Iraq|i Resistance Factions” issue a Joint Statement threatening coalition forces and claiming that the Prime Minister-designate Najaf Adnan Al-Zurfi is a CIA agent.


My younger sister @prachipandey221 made this sketch in support of HPM Shri @narendramodi’s appeal to light a candle or diya in support of #Coronafighters at #9baje9minute on Sunday (5 April). #IndiaFightsCorona #YouthFightsCorona


"We dont have Mask, Gloves & even Sanitizer. Sir, we are fighting this war without weapons. We dont want any incentive, just give us PPE" Doctors' message for Nero How soon before he is sacked or reprimanded? #ModiMadeDisaster #StopInjusticeToDoctors

The govt has jeopardised the safety of our healthcare workers by not responding timely to the PPE production queries. Does the govt have any answer for this a delay? #StopInjusticeToDoctors


लॉकडाउन के बीच पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी का विपक्षी दलों के साथ पहला संवाद, 8 अप्रैल को होंगे नेताओं से मुखातिब @PMOIndia @narendramodi #coronavirus #COVID19 #Covid_19india #Narendermodi…

राष्ट्रीय जनता दल के युवा नेता और जामिया मिल्लिया इस्लामिया के रिसर्च स्कॉलर मिरान हैदर के समर्थन में देश का युवा खड़ा है. #Releasemeeranhaider @yadavtejashwi @qarisohaibrjd @manojkjhadu @MeeranJamia @TejYadav14


क्या इस देश में अपने अधिकार के लिए आवाज उठाना भी गलत है?????? फिर इस देश को कैसे महा लोकतंत्र कहा जाएगा??? #ReleaseMeeranHaider

मीरान को आखिर आपने गिरफ्तार क्यों किया? क्योंकि वह जामिया का छात्र है? क्या सरकार द्वारा लाये गए गरीब और संविधान विरोधी काला कानून CAA, NPR और NRC का विरोध करना जूर्म है? या फिर इसिलिए गिरफ्तार किया है की वह दिल्ली पीड़ीतो की मदद कर रहे थे! @AbdulTheWriter #ReleaseMeeranHaider

Resistance is the best way of Keeping the revolution alive. When nation is facing disaster, they are occupying the space. Shame on Fascists. Resist the witch hunt of Muslim activist. #ReleaseMeeranHaider #CampusFrontwithMeeranHaider

Mark Waugh, Jack Kallis, Carl Hooper, Ross Taylor and Ricky Ponting…

As being called by PM @narendramodi ji I appeal to every youth to join together and work in reducing distress for weaker section of the society . #YouthFightsCorona

#YouthFightsCorona Youth Volunteers carrying the Grocery Kits for long, walking amidst hot sun, reaching the Unreached needy people during the Corona Lockdown. #YouthFightsCorona


Dravid, Mark Waugh, Jayawardene, Kallis, Williamson…

Shehnaaz Gill has her own huge fandom - not because of any ship but because of the amazing person she is! Her fandom LOVES her! No insecure soul can take away that from her! #SelfMadeShehnaaz

केंद्र सरकार ने किया साफ, पांच अप्रैल को बिजली बंदी से ग्रिड प्रभावित होने का कोई खतरा नहीं #Powertrip #PMModi #Narendermodi #ModiUnityCall #powerMinistry #CoronavirusLockdown…

sex is good but have u seen this vid? our euphoria jungkook

'This nation is at the mercy of a criminal administration.' The @GOP don't give a damn about this country, because all they care about is staying in power at any cost. History will not be kind to @realDonaldTrump, and his den of thieves.… #SaturdayThoughts

Menurut hasil penelitian di AS, kesehatan mental generasi milenial lebih terpengaruh dibanding fisik. Ini dengan perhitungan data terbesar pada depresi dan hiperaktif.…

PM .@narendramodi की 9-Minute Blackout वाली अपील पर कहीं Power Grid Fail तो नहीं हो जाएगा ? | ABP Uncut (रिपोर्ट: @pankajjha_) #CoronaKoDhona #StayHome देखें-


Bob Simpson, Mark Waugh, Mahela (thought of picking someone from outside AUS), du Plessis (gut feel that he would be good at fourth slip) and Logie. Before anyone asks me, Dravid dropped quite a few at the fag end of his career.…

The @GOP has engaged in a cover up to protect one of the most corrupt presidents ever. History will will not be kind to those cowards in the @GOP. Spineless! #GOPCoverup #SaturdayThoughts #SaturdayMorning #SatudayMotivation

#9Baje9Minute | Government says PM @narendramodi’s call to switch off lights only for residences, won’t affect the grid…


It's obvious to me that the entire @GOP has drank the #TrumpAid, and is now a fully bonafide cult called #TrumpCult.They have all been compromised by Putin, and the rest of us have the enemy within our midst.A total sweep at the ballot box is our only solution. #SaturdayThoughts

*मुम्बई: मुस्लिम बहुल इलाका डोंगरी? इन जाहिलों को ऐसा ट्रीटमेंट देना चाहिए #BanTablighiJamat

#BanTablighiJamat - I do not blame them..they heard that the virus is only for human beings.

PM Modi chairs joint meeting of Empowered Groups constituted for planning and ensuring implementation of #COVID19 response activities in the country. #IndiaFightsCorona

‘Pandemics have forced humans to break with the past & imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world & the next' -Arundhati Roy If there is one thing people could rethink, let it be universal public health…

Combating COVID-19: PM Modi chairs joint meeting of Empowered Groups Read @ANI Story |…


Tomorrow, on Sunday the 5th of April, let’s get together at 7:30 pm and do a live session on my Youtube channel, #StayHome and prepare for #LightADiya #WithMe #AskShreya

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