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i just woke up and it’s still real fuck yes #WeMadeIt

Man United to splash £300m transfer kitty in bid to rebuild squad as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer eyes big summer


हमने तो तुम्हें सारे ही मनुष्यों को शुभ-सूचना देनेवाला और सावधान करनेवाला बनाकर भेजा, किन्तु अधिकतर लोग जानते नहीं… (क़ुरआन 34: 28) #AllahuAkbar

Liverpool failed to record a record-equalling 18th straight Premier League win, but Adam Lallana’s late equaliser saved the European champions from a shock defeat at Manchester United in a 1-1 draw on Sunday. Read more:…

Teremos o El Trafico, o Derby de Los Angeles, decidindo uma vaga na final da Conferência Oeste da MLS. O Los Angles Galaxy, de Ibra, bateu o Minnesota United por 2 a 1 e se classificou para pegar o Los Angeles FC, melhor campanha da conferência. Ibra não fez gol.

#PoliceCommemorationDay is observed to honour the supreme sacrifices made by #policepersonnel. Big Salute to all those who sacrificed their today- fighting against terrorists, extremists & other disruptive forces- for our better tomorrow!! (Infographic by TOI)


On this day in 1959, 10 CRPF men lost their lives while battling a Chinese onslaught. On #PoliceCommemorationDay we pay our homage to the Police Forces across the country for their service to the nation


Excited to learn more about @BentleySystems and @topcon_today's joint venture @official_dcw. @official_dcw aims to make the construction projects better while also helping to institutionalize these digital workflows throughout the full project portfolio. #YII2019 @geoworldmedia

☁️ The pitch is covered in Ranchi for now, but @the_kk reports that there's "some grey in the sky, but nothing threatening just yet" | #INDvSA


Grid security is a major concern for the United States government today, as more than $100 million has been invested into America’s power infrastructure to make it more resilient in the event of a cyberattack.

.@BentleySystems announces strategic acquisitions of @Citilabs, @OrbitGT and the geotechnical firm @Keynetix. Bentley Systems today has one of the world's best geotechnical portfolios owing to these acquisitions. @geoworldmedia #YII2019

#Power_Of_TrueWorship पूर्ण परमात्मा कबीर साहेब उनकी सत भक्ति करने से कोई सी भी बीमारी हो सभी ठीक हो जाती है और इंसान सुखी जीवन जीने लगता है अवश्य देखिए साधना टीवी पर प्रतिदिन रात्रि 7:30 बजे


Mortal remains of two #IndianArmy jawans Hav Padam Bahadur Shrestha (#Golaghat, #Assam) & Rfn Gamil Kumar Shrestha (Palpa, #Nepal) martyred in ceasefire violation yesterday at #Tangdhar sector will arrive at Palam Technical Area Delhi at 12 noon, VCOAS will pay the homage @adgpi

I'm here n enjoying n evolving every minute..second year is an equally interesting experience ☺️ #YII2019 @BentleySystems @GolgiAlvarez @christinebyrne


Today at #YII2019 we announced a new organisation set to revolutionise the way the construction industry automates, optimises and digitises processes. Founded with @BentleySystems, Digital Construction Works will provide consultancy to enable a complete digital solution.

Crl garin é muita qualidade que isso mane

میدونید احمقانه تر چیه؟ اینه ک اکثرا اصلا واسشون مهم نیست،واسشون مهم نیست بی سواد و بی مهارتن،انگار اومدن دور بزنن برن.هیچ کس اعتراض نمیکنه چراهیچی نداریم. یه سری جزوه ی استادخون داریم ک فکر میکنن خیلی درس خونن تعداد ادمای باسوادمون واقعا خیلی خیلی کمه و من خودمم جزوشون نیستم.

Salah has a bad game, Mane stans pipe up Mane has a bad game, Salah stans pipe up Just appreciate that we have the best winger pairing in the world while they are here and stop comparing them


Toss up between James and Rashford for me... but same sentiment.…

Mourinho and Solskjaer fire back at Klopp after derby


Tonight's episode is written by #Smallville alums Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson!…

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH not only for Muslims, but He is also for all universe. #MuhammadForAll


कमलेश तिवारी तुम्हारा कोय रिश्तेदार नहीं , सिर्फ तुम्हारे धर्म का है , उस के कतल पे तुम बे गुनाहों को मरवाना चाहते हो , और मेरे नबी पे भोक्ते हो , मेरे नबी ने तो अपने चचा के सच्चे कातिल को भी माफ़ कर दिया , ये है मेरे नबी स, व, का किरदार #MuhammadForAll

MANE and FIRMINO when they finds out its MAGUIRE at UNITED's defence #MUNLIV #ManUtd

#MuhammadForAll हमारे दुश्मन हमे मिटाना चाहते है नादान हैं यह लोग केहि पागल तो नही हो गए हो समंदर सुखाना चाहते हो #Allah_Kabir

If ever any man had the right to say that he ruled by a Right Divine, it was Mohammad, for he had all the power without instruments and without its support. He cared not for dressing of power. " ~ Reverend R. Bosworth- #MuhammadForAll

जम्मू-कश्मीर के कुपवाड़ा जिले के तंगधार सेक्टर में नियंत्रण रेखा के पार से कल रात हुई गोलीबारी में सेना के दो जवान शहीद हुए हैं और एक नागरिक की मृत्यु हो गई है। Jay hind #MaharashtraWantsDevendra


#MaharashtraWantsDevendra United @BJP4Maharashtra & @ShivsenaComms gives big victory over divided @INCMaharashtra . @Dev_Fadnavis is the popular CM of #Maharashtra &he has his own capacity to win&cross majority mark without any tie up #Haryana is a clean sweep under @mlkhattar

Those supporting this absurd trend #मुस्लिमो_का_संपूर्ण_बहिष्कार also know, it’s not possible. Lol.. Twitter trends ain’t the real world.

This is lovely and awesome feeling for this great football #LetsFootball

#SpiritualSunday @derasachasauda @Gurmeetramrahim ji रूहानी नामचर्चा में, हज़ारों अनुयायियों ने डेरा सच्चा सौदा में हुई पवित्र नामचर्चा का रूहानी लाभ प्राप्त किया।…


#KavinTimeToShine Unidam romba pidithathu un nermai. Athuku than evlo kuttom un pinadi nikuthu


#IndianArmy goes berserk into ceasefire violations in #NeelumValley today, attacking civilians. #PakistanArmy responds heavily!

#Power_Of_TrueWorship के द्वारा अध्यात्म ज्ञान रूपी औषधि सेवन करने से जीव का नशा उतर जाता है। फिर वह भक्ति के सफर पर चलता है क्योंकि उसे परमात्मा के पास पहुँचना है जो उसका अपना पिता है तथा वह सतलोक जीव का अपना घर है।#SaintRampalJi_TrueSaint


Good job by our #IndianArmy in #NeelumValley #POK Jai Hind. Salute to our brave soldiers.

#SaintRampalJi_TrueSaint Dharti per purn Parmatma Aa chuke hain Jo Sab ke Dukh sat Bhakti Se Dur kar rahe hain #Power_Of_TrueWorship Must watch sadhna channel satsang 7.30pm. #INDvsSA #IndianArmy


Dear Sir @narendramodi why bankers are always targted, we at branch level give our 100% to implmnt all gov schemes, but in return what we get? Sir pls consider our reqst and ask IBA to settle our wage revision on priority. @PiyushGoyalOffc @AmitShahOffice #BlackDiwaliForBankers

5 days banking : not possible; Min wage formula : not possible; At par salary with Insurance/Central govt. : not possible; Speial pay merger with Basic : not possible; #BlackDiwaliForBankers @nsitharaman @aiboc_in @AIBEA_India #IndefiniteStrike @narendramodi @FinMinIndia

Absolute entertainer on the field & just as lively off it too...He said to me recently @FollowCII, "I didn't need to stress while batting because I left that to the rest of the team" Here's to more stress free yrs ahead @virendersehwag! #HappyBirthdayViru #HappybirthdaySehwag


#BlackDiwaliForBankers We are falling in trending rank Do more tweets.

Vaughan, Kambli, Sachin, Gibbs & others react as India continue to dominate SA. #INDvSA…

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