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Creo que salimos de tendencias... #SM_PROTECT_EXO9 alguien me puede confirmar? #FaithInCHEN sigan ocupando los hashtags :( @weareoneEXO

Arvind Kejriwal( @ArvindKejriwal ) used call “politics is gutter”, so formed Aam Aadmi Party( @AamAadmiParty ) and entered politics to clean the gutter but now he became worst non-decomposable garabage and his party biggest gutter of the Country. #BJPWinningDelhi

An Anti-CAA, NRC, NPR protest Similar to that of #Shaheenbagh Happening in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. #WeReject_CAA_NPR_NRC


GUYS today i m supporting sidnaaz trend bcoz i hate rshmi N its evident that colorstv are using sid to make trsmi winner nd it wiil happen like shreepika but i love sana so fr sana #WeLoveSana #BBshowusSidnaaz

Bigg Boss 13: After Sidharth and Rashami’s patch up, fans trend #BBshowusSidnaaz…


I don't like Rashmi Desai pls show us Sidnaaz #BBshowusSidnaaz

This Shit Show is no more Reality Show or Public Show bcoz Nowadays Makers trying to plot their Planning to up Rashami . Scripted Show nowadays @ColorsTV @BiggBoss @BeingSalmanKhan #BBshowusSidnaaz

Today's episode will be emotional. @TheRashamiDesai your millions of fans will also cry with you today as after watching the promo only we are not able to control our tears so how can we control that after watching the episode.. #RashamiDesai #YouAreNotAloneRashami

Last night! I slept around 3am beacuse not able to cope up what she is goi g through. #YouAreNotAloneRashami


My birth is my fatal accident. -Rohit Vemula (University of Hyderabad) I thought I would learn in college but people started showing their colour. -Payal Tadvi (BYL Nair Hospital) My name itself is a problem. -Fathima Latheef (IIT Madras) #द्रोणाचार्यों_का_नाश_हो

द्रोणाचार्य अर्जुन तो बना सकते है पर एकलव्य नही बना सकते बन भी जाते अगर एकलव्य किस किस का अंगूठा काटते आज परिस्थितिया बया कर रही है उठो जवानों बनो एकलव्य द्रोणाचार्य को बतला दो तुम एक अर्जुन का निर्माण करो हम लाख एकलव्य बना सकते है #द्रोणाचार्यों_का_नाश_हो @TribalArmy

द्रोणाचार्य नाम नही एक संकुचित विचारधारा है जो हजारो सालों पहले से SC ST OBC bप्रतिभा को आगे बढ़ने से रोकती है हमेशा दुर्व्यवहार करती है एकलव्य जैसी हजारो प्रतिभा को इन्होंने नष्ट किया है सहमत हो तो रिट्वीट करो #द्रोणाचार्यों_का_नाश_हो

Here comes #SBAC2020, one of the finest discussion on @SPJIMR by the team, its all about new generation technology guys!


Never miss to catch the latest ideas on innovation and technology happening at @SPJIMR #SBAC2020

The Best Thing That I Have Came Across Today Is #SBAC2020 Conclave @SPJIMR

Today, Mr. Akash Banerjee tells us About data enables and for better business. Just watch this fabulous video #SBAC2020 @spjimr


Loving the buzz around @SPJIMR #SBAC2020 with great subject of innovation and technology watch it live

Everybody On My Timeline Is Talking About #SBAC2020 Conclave @SPJIMR

Mahi hasn't played since July 2019, he is not going to play for India in next few months so obviously he can't be included in contract. If Dhoni feels it back into the team for the Asia Cup and WT20 Cup, he will be automatically included in the contract list. #DhoniWeNeedYou


#GodMorningFriday If one claims that killing an animal while reading kalma will make that soul reach in Jannat then why such person is not sending his family to Jannat, after all everyone wants to reach Jannat. #FridayThoughts Must Watch Ishwer T.V-8:30pm

#GodMorningFriday Are immense. It's written in Vedas that supreme God can give age of 100 years to a dead devotee, he can treat a diseased devotee if he is worshipping according to our spiritual texts. To Know More Watch Ishwer T.V-8:30pm #FridayThoughts

#RespectYourPM trend karne walon ko itna bhi nahi pata ki RESPECT gidgidakar maangne se nahi milti

#Kerala is trending! Why? #LoveJihad allegations by Syro Malabar Church Beef tweet by Kerala Tourism on Makara Sankranthi day The state with highest Islamic State recruitment Social professional boycott on Dr. Vijahari by a group of Islamists Doctors for supporting CAA. Negatives

मी ओसामा बिन लादेनशी बोललो होतो, असं ट्वीट एकीकडे मनसे नेते संदीप देशपांडे यांनी केले आहे.… @mnsadhikrut

If u are showing Hindu women wearing hijab & image of crushed Swastika which is a sacred Hindu symbol ur protest is not constitutional. Stop using secularism as a mask to hide ur real intention.ur real intention is Jihad.u don’t want democracy.u want Khilafat #हम_मोदीजी_केसाथहैं


PM @narendramodi welcomes the agreement to permanently settle Bru-Reang refugees in Tripura saying it will "greatly help" them. In a tweet, PM said the Bru-Reang refugees will benefit from numerous welfare schemes of the govt. PM Modi said it is a special day indeed. #BruRefugees


अब बीजेपी की मां बहन होना निश्चित है #महानऔरते_शहीनबागकी…

जैसे आज @BhimArmyChief संविधान बचाने के लिए, बिना कुछ परवाह किये बिना संघर्ष कर रहे हैं ऐसे सारे नेताओ को करना होगा, नहीं तो आप संघर्ष करने लायक नहीं बचोगे। #RavanisBack…

Another historic step by @HMOIndia: An end to the long pending Bru community issue. Solving a case where a community becomes refugee in their own region. Keeping sentiments of people of #Mizoram, #Tripura & Bru community the agreement will bring fruitful future for Bru people.…

According to @INCIndia, criticising a venerated freedom fighter Veer Savarkar is perfectly okay. But dare anyone criticise His Highness Rahul Gandhi, they will be sent on a forced leave! Hypocrisy, thy name is Congress! #NoFOEinCongRule

योगेश सोमण जी ने किया हुआ सवाल - राहुलजी क्या आप सच मे गांधी होने के लायक हो? #NoFOEinCongRule

Pikachu I choose you #SeduceSomeoneInFourWords

#SeduceSomeoneInFourWords people: *only tweeting about food and money* me: Let's watch Star Wars.

[SONGCHELIN GUIDE] “Hi SONGNIMs! Chef Song Yunhyeong here! Today’s menu is stir fry pork pizza that I make when I eat pizza! I was curious will it match well the somehow unmatched stir fry pork and pizza, thus I tried to combine it and surprisingly it is so delicious!... Cont-


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