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if jonas brothers can reunite, so can 1D!! #OneDirection2020


Perfect time to get more research material for my assignment #OneDirection2020

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8 NKJV #GoodFriday #LifeGate #GoodFriday2020


We all are in this together so you should also stay home and help to stop the corona spread.#DilSeThankYou #StopTheSpread #AkshayKumar #COVIDー19 please help us to share Tribute to our great heroes @akshaykumar @iTIGERSHROFF @kritisanon @ayushmannk @TheAaryanKartik #retweet

This makes sense to me. I am going to do this tomorrow. Join my Christian friends. #WorldwideFast #GoodFriday


DHFL's Wadhwans defy lockdown: Uddhav sends top IPS officer on leave | via @IndiaTVNews #Wadhawan #DHFL #Maharashtra #CoronavirusOutbreak…

If you’re feeling low and you need to lift your spirits, all you have to do is just read the comments on #Masakali2 on YouTube, writes @deekshay_.…

मकान बेचकर शाहीनबाग में 100 दिन तक बिरयानी खिलाने वाले सरदारजी को लॉकडाउन में कहीं किसी ने गरीब को लंगर या खाना बांटते देखा क्या..? #ShaheenBagh #Biryani #Langar #Sardar #LockdownExtended

Africa and Africans must come to the realization that making bit in life is best done in Africa, the motherland. Discrimination is as old as man himself. The only way we can make it is to build ourselves in Africa. We are always seen as less of humans.#ChinaMustExplain

We all know what our problems are but shida yetu ni tukifika kwa ballot huwa tunaacha brains kwa gate ya polling station. #ChinaMustExplain #ChineseVirus #TanoTena #Kumira

લોકડાઉનમાં બેદરકારી / મહારાષ્ટ્રના IPS અમિતાભ ગુપ્તાએ પાસ આપ્યા, ત્યારબાદ વાધવાન પરિવારના લોકો ખંડાલાથી મહાબળેશ્વર પહોંચ્યા… #MahaGovt #Maharashtra #IPS #AmitabhGupta #LockdownExtended #CoronaVirus #Covid19 #WadhawanFamily #DHFL

#महाराष्ट्र : लॉकडाउन का उल्लंघन करने पर DHFL समूह के वधावन परिवार के लोगों को महाबलेश्वर में कल स्थानीय पुलिस ने इंस्टीट्यूशनल क्वारंटाइन में रखा था।…

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta has joined the bandwagon and expressed his displeasure for the remix of AR Rahman’s #Masakali ! #Masakali2…

IPS officer Amitabh Gupta, who allegedly gave permission to the Wadhawan family of DHFL Group to travel from Khandala to Mahabaleshwar amid the COVID-19 lockdown, has been sent on compulsory leave with immediate effect until completion of the probe in the matter @IPS_Association

#COVID19 #LiveUpdates: 547 new coronavirus cases reported in India and the death toll climbed to 30 in the last 12 hours #IndiaFightsCorona #MumbaiFightsCovid19…

i want my trump money NOW

Seriously, too many of you liberals on here spend more time attacking @briebriejoy more than you do Trump. Says a hell of a lot more about you than It does her.

Even Republicans think Trump’s Press Rallies are horrid, but he still thinks that lies will bear the #CoronavirusOutbreak.…

Pence when he's trying to get trump's attention

If you were born after 1998 I'm going to need you to STFU about the crime bill. Especially if you're a Sandernista....Bernie voted for it.

I had been worrying about someone that I've been friends with on here for six years--she has a #disability and has been sick a lot recently. I hadn't seen her in my feed, so I went to check her TL. *blocked* No idea why. We've never had a bad exchange, ever. Biden? Bernie? Sad.

Tomorrow’s White House briefing on Good Friday is earlier than usual — 1 p.m.

Pundits shaming Berners & arguing election hinges on their voting Biden are ignoring something Bernie brought to table that’s critically important to beating Trump: support for Bernie among many who ended up voting for Trump in 2016, especially in WI/MI/PA, based on trade policy.

Karna #TwitterDown aku jadi ngantuk dan butuh istirahat dari kesibukanku stalking perempuan Terima kasih #TwitterDown

The idea that FDR's New Deal got us out of the Great Depression has to be the biggest lie perpetuated by our education system in America.

It’s like the Great Depression, only instead of standing in breadlines, people are baking bread online.

So @IBTimes writes a click bait article with headline "Indian H-1B visa holders leave US in 60 days " . Indian Liberals are sharing it like mad and feeling happy about it . Seriously these liberal douchebags have started hating India so much lately .

PERFEITA! Selena nos bastidores da gravação de 'Boyfriend'. Marissa Marino | Instagram #SelenasBoyfriend

I am once against asking you to give me your money so I can lose to Biden and get another house

The inaugural Round the House Half Marathon #13.1 #524 laps. #marathontraining #running Inspired by @jamilcoury @aravaiparunning Rooftop marathon.


Walking through his own house at night, a fifteen-year-old thinks he sees another person stepping through a doorway. The figure reminds him of his long-gone father. When he follows it he discovers his house is bigger and deeper than he knew.…


#TheLastMessenger is only Saint Rampal ji maharaj Asia and other countries people must know who is the "The Messenger of Allah" last call

#TheLastMessenger The Taranahar of the world was born on 8 September 1951 in the land of India. WORLD SAVIOR SAINT RAMPAL JI


#TheLastMessenger सतभक्ति करने वाला व पूर्ण परमात्मा कबीर साहेब पर विश्वास करने वाला व्यक्ति मर्यादा में रहकर सत भक्ति करें।और मोक्ष प्राप्त करें प्रमाण सहित जानने के लिएअवश्य देखेंTv साधना चैनल शाम7:30बजे और पढ़े पवित्र पुस्तक ज्ञान गंगा @SaintRampalJiM

#सतभक्ति_क्यों_ज़रूरी With the true devotion Dhruv get Kingdom who used to get meagre food by his step mother. One can achieve anything with true devotion #TheLastMessenger

Report :- Out of 23456789987654 terror attacks 23456789987654 are done by the followers of "Single Source Religon" @BhaktoKeBhakt @Rockumon


जो शख्स अपने परिवार अपने दोस्त को धोखा दे सकता है तो जनता किस खेत की मूली है साहब काम में नहीं प्रचार में यकीन करते हैं #PMका_देश_को_धोखा

This Asha worker treks 10 km daily to visit remote hamlets in Velhe tehsil of #Pune district. She simply says they need my service in this testing time and I am doing it sincerely. #COVIDー19.#BeatingCorona Salute to her dedication. @supriya_sule @Info_Pune @PuneCityPolice


#IndiaMaangeLockdown This whole thing is idiotic and dumb, people are posting crap without actually knowing anything about how a virus works. And if someone voices against the “Government agenda” he will get harassed or arrested by police. Welcome to India. #COVID2019india

Though we are living in 21 century... Still small wind effect the electricity.. Seems we are moving back to stone age thanks to @BescomTa @bescom #bescom...#complaint #Bengaluru no power since 2 hrs in hopfarm junction..@rmgbescomvig @mani1972_BESCOM

#bescom BLr is considered as smart City but moment drizzle starts electricity starts failing will people work from.home and all need to stay back and maange work

#TheLastMessenger Quran, Surah Al Furqan 25:58 Prophet Muhammad's God is referring to some other Supreme God & is asking Prophet Muhammad to sing the glory of Allah Kabir who is immortal. - JagatGuru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

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