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TOI Quick Edit | NRC Disaster: Centre and Assam virtually admit flaws in the process  Read:


सभी प्रदेशवासियों को भगवान शिव की आराधना के पवित्र श्रावण मास की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं| भगवान शिव आप सभी की मनोकामना स्वीकार करें। ॐ नमः शिवाय।। #Shravan #LordShiva


सभी प्रदेशवासियों को भगवान शिव की आराधना के पवित्र श्रावण मास की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं| भगवान शिव आप सभी की मनोकामना स्वीकार करें। ॐ नमः शिवाय।। #Shravan #LordShiva


Two Years And Counting: NCLAT Order On Essar Steel Sends IBC Process Into A Tailspin… via @swarajyamag

Please share this. Its a timer and process to help you slow down your breathing during anxiety attacks, overloads, stress... etc :) It saved my life today. It might save others. My friend sent it to me and I just want to share it with others. #anxiety #autism #stress

It’s a wonderful feeling to improve kids educational spaces .. A new process to design a school around a focussed curriculum .. team work #gaurikhandesigns


We question the process for selecting David Adjaye for some of these projects.-Augustus Richardson, Ghana Institute of Architects (GIA) #JoySMS

مزید جاننے کے لیے کتاب "مِرآۃ العارفین" کا مطالعہ کریں کتاب منگوانے کے لیے رابطہ کریں۔ +92-322-4722766… #SultanBahoo #SultanulAshiqeen #TDF #Faqr #ImamHussain #RuntowardsAllah #WorldEmojiDay


भगवान शिव के सबसे प्रिय व पवित्र माह 'श्रावण' के शुभागमन की सभी देशवासियों को हार्दिक मंगलकामनाएं। यह महीना आप सभी के जीवन में भरपूर खुशियां व सुख-समृद्धि लाएं तथा ईश्वर की कृपा सभी पर बनी रहे।


A century before #KulbhushanJadhav, the debate at The Hague was over VD Savarkar… [Archives]


#KulbhushanJadhav verdict today: What arguments has India made? And what has Pakistan argued?…

Remember when Elon Musk promised us automated tunnel magic, and all we got was a road tunnel? This is the reality of the #Neuralink.


Oh non... Kaneda a déjà emboutit sa belle moto... à cause de Thor en plus ! #AKIRA #akiramovie #Thor4…

पवित्र #श्रावण_मास आरम्भ के अवसर पर आप सभी को हार्दिक शुभकामनाए ।


भगवान भोलेनाथ, शिव का महीना इस बार में कई विशेष शुभ संयोग लेकर आया है। || श्रावण (सावन) मास की हार्दिक शुभकामनाए || #MahadevTwitter


Bi #FaceApp değilsin ama sende beni çok yaşlandırdın

FaceApp’ta herkes kendini yaşlandırıyor #FaceApp

amo porque las thor stans ya creíamos en harían thor 4 desde ragnarok

if professor hulk is not in thor 4 then whats the point ?

i facetuned my old person face. #FaceApp


#GuruPurnima Saint rampal ji maharaj is the only complete guru in the world . #TrueGuruSaintRampalJi


#TheRealWorship It is a request to the entire human society that the great man who has spiritual knowledge similar to Supreme God Kabir is #TrueGuruSaintRampalJi


संत रामपाल जी पूर्ण गुरु गीताजी के 15 अध्याय के श्लोक 1 वेदों में तत्वदर्शी संत की पहचान बताई है जो यह उल्टा लटका हुआ पीपल का वृक्ष है इसका सवेद वित्त वर्णन कर देगा वह तत्वदर्शी संत है जो रामपाल जी के अलावा किसी ने नहीं किया है #TrueGuruSaintRampalJi


#TrueGuruSaintRampalJi एहूं जीव बहुत जन्म भरमिया, ता सतगुरु शब्द सुनाईया। पूर्ण ब्रह्म कबीर साहिब जी को गुरु बनाने के बाद श्री नानक साहिब जी कह रहे हैं कि मेरा यह जीव बहुत समय से जन्म तथा मृत्यु के चक्र में भ्रमाता रहा अब पूर्ण सतगुरु ने वास्तविक नाम प्रदान किया देखें साधनाTV7:30


This is the critical bit that seems to have eluded everyone in the #RichaBharti matter - infringement on rights and all is secondary; she has effectively been damned by the judge without a trial. #SackManishSingh…

गुरु पूर्णिमा की आप सभी को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं और सभी गुरुजनों को सादर प्रणाम । On the auspicious day of #GuruPurnima, we bow in reverence to all our Gurus who have played an important role in inspiring, moulding and shaping our society.


मेरी सबसे फेवरेट और बेबाक पत्रकार, अपनी छोटी पहचान रखने वाली, हक की बात करने वाली सच्ची मुस्लिम पत्रकार कविश खान को मेरी ओर से गुरु पूर्णिमा की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ।…

Happy #WorldSnakeDay! Here are two very early English snake coins, the first incorporating an ouroboros (snake eating its tale like Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent) around Christian imagery of the cross & dove


इंग्लैंड के वर्ल्ड कप जीतने पर पूरी जिंदगी मुफ्त में वाइन पिलाने का वादा किया था जोस बटलर को इस खिलाड़ी ने… #ICCWorldCup2019 #michaelvaughan #JosButtler

England bowler Jofra Archer 'privately grieved' during the cricket World Cup after his cousin was shot dead in Barbados

British Prime Minister Theresa May hosts the World Cup-winning England cricket team in the garden of her Downing Street residence. More here: #CWC19

I was an immigrant once upon a time. In England. I got sick of my host country's intrusive surveillance apparatus, speech restrictions, and gun bans. Some of my acquaintances suggested that if I didn't like it, I should leave rather than change it to my liking. So I left.

Hey #ManishSingh were you directly promoted from Khap Panchayat to Ranchi court? @rsprasad ji, please elaborate... Who appointed him? #RichaBharti

思い出した、今年の誕生日プレゼントはまだ何も買ってなかった。 、New Balanceのmade in USAかEnglandのやつでも買おうかなぁと思ってたけど、珍しく、ジャージが欲しいと思ったので例のallblacksの一番良いやつでも買おうかな!! こう考えだすと、早く買ったほうがいっぱい着れるなぁと思う。

It’s #WorldSnakeDay! In a new study, USGS researchers found that giant garter snakes like this one now depend on flooded rice fields in California’s Central Valley. Read about it here:


The expansion of mental health liaison services under #FYFVMH is on track to deliver 50% of hospitals at the Core 24 service level by 2021. Find out more here:


Dada please we need you as head coach @SGanguly99


- one of my better pieces. They are super heroes and once again gearing up for the world championship in England next month. Go well team @PDCAOfficial…

Laying on the grass, enjoying my lunch break in good old rainy England. Wait... what’s wrong with the sky!?


If you are poor or middle class in india, only frog marriages can save you. Shameful state of affairs and an apathetic govt. #MumbaiBuildingCollapse #Dongri…

The new-look Broncos — with a new head coach in Vic Fangio and with Joe Flacco now under center — come to Indy for a Week 8 matchup against the #Colts. @JakeArthurNFL has your early look at the Broncos:…

Who was the youngest #USOpen champion in history? #TriviaTuesday

⚡️ “Mumbai Bridge Collapse: Many Feared Dead, At least 40 Trapped” #MumbaiBuildingCollapse #Dongri #DongriBuildingCollapse…

தமிழ் உள்ளிட்ட அணைத்து மாநில மொழிகளிலும் அஞ்சல் துறை தேர்வுகள் நடத்தப்படும் - ரவிசங்கர் பிரசாத் #PostalDepartment #Exams #RaviShankarPrasad @rsprasad #PostalExam #Tamil #TN #Tamilnadu #BJP #Modi #ModiSarkar2 #KathirNews !!


கடந்த 14ம் தேதி நடைபெற்ற தபால்துறை தேர்வு ரத்து - ரவிசங்கர் பிரசாத்.… #RaviShankarPrasad | #PostalExam

தபால் துறை தேர்வு ரத்து. #HindiImposition #postalexam #sunnews


பெரிய நடிகர்கள் எல்லாரும் பயந்து கொண்டு இருக்கும்போது #சூர்யா தன் மனதில் பட்டதை தைரியமாக கூறியுள்ளார் என மகிழ்ச்சியும் பெருமையும்தான் அடைய வேண்டும் - சீமான் சினம் கொண்ட சிறுத்தையாய் சீறிடுவோம் இனி ஒரு விதி செய்வோம் #SuriyaFCWarnsBJPnADMK #StandWithSuriya…

#SuriyaFCWarnsBJPnADMK My favorite pic.. Pic speaks to all... Like surya anna fans ➡️unity and power


#Brahmaputra has been rising menacingly above the danger level across #Assam, swelling up in #Guwahati and overflowing its bank in the Uzan Bazar area. #AssamFloods…

Visual representation of us at the beginning of the month, vs #MonthEnd. See more #WarTeaser #Super30 memes here:…


War teaser is trending Worldwide ... 16th position in US and 7th position in UK. #War #WarTeaser @iHrithik @HrithikRules @Vaaniofficial @iTIGERSHROFF @yrf


India's lunar mission, the Chandrayaan 2 was called off due to a technical snag an hour before blast off.. #ISRO #Chandrayaan2…

"We are forever grateful." The words of one of England's cricketers today as the team basked in the glory of being World Champions for the first time. @MontyPanesar, @theanalyst and @simonvigar5 give their reaction. #CWC19Final #CWC19 #ENGNZ

This is profound. A man whose contributions were hidden for decades for no other reason than his sexuality will now be the face of England's currency -- a visual reminder of horrific past discrimination against #LGBTQ people and the progress we're living now.…

मैं भला कैसे इस हैशटैग को भूल सकती हूँ!! #SareeTwitter


Accountability at every football club should be paramount and that’s why several supporter groups / blogs have got together - we’re telling Stan Kroenke that we care, but asking if he does too? #WeCareDoYou

تعدادی از گروه های هواداری آرسنال طی نامه ای به استن کرونکه به او این هشدار را دادند که در زمانی که آرسنال توسط او خریداری شد در فینال لیگ قهرمانان حضور داشت و حالا در چه وضعیتی قرار دارد این نامه هشتگ #wecaredoyou بازتاب زیادی در شبکه های اجتماعی داشته است.…

Arsenal Football Club fans unite in warning to owner, Stan Kroenke. #WeCareDoYou…

1,00,000 Tweets reached Don't Leave If You Still Online Right now Retweet #SuriyaFCWarnsBJPnADMK

Okay. Let’s try this one on ex associate’s demand. #Sareetwitter Pic ~ @TedhiLakeer


When's the open-top bus parade for England's cricket World Champions? Can't believe nothing's yet been organised. Come on @theresa_may @englandcricket @BorisJohnson @Jeremy_Hunt @jeremycorbyn - get it sorted between you. Our heroes deserve it.


Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow revel in England's ‘ridiculous’ World Cup glory…

when are you going to start playing cricket for england's national cricket team? — Just to let you know, if I ever play for England I’m losing on purpose against Pakistan.…

Codebreaker Alan Turing will be on Britain's new 50-pound currency…

ورلڈ کپ فائنل میں اللہ ہمارے ساتھ تھا، اوئن مورگن #ARYNewsUrdu #CWC19Final #Morgan…

İngiltere, 2021 yılında tedavüle girecek olan yeni 50 poundluk banknotların yeni yüzü olarak, II. Dünya Savaşı'nda Nazilerin Enigma kodlarının çözülmesinde büyük katkısı olan ünlü eşcinsel matematikçi & bilgisayar bilimcisi Alan Turing'i seçti. #AlanTuring…


I think a every woman looks best in a saree. #SareeTwitter love this Trend. @maliniawasthi @SarojPandeyBJP


Music lovers check the amazing product now All thanks to @amazonIN for bringing in such amazing deals and offers for Prime users. #AmazonPrimeDayLive

Sorry (not really) #AmazonStrike people. I don't care. I'm still going to get some shopping done. I'm not going to entertain following others online & not buy what I want or cancel my Prime account. I've never been a follow the leader person. #AmazonPrimeDay #AmazonPrimeDayLive

#AmazonPrimeDayLive must say Prime day sale is great creation to new LED Smart TV on amazing price @amazonIN

लोकसभा ने एनआईए संशोधन विधेयक 2019 को मंजूरी दी, विरोध में पड़े मात्र 6 मत पढ़ें, पूरी खबर:




England's cricket world cup win yesterday is so much better with the music from Titanic.

The umpires may have had trouble in the heat of the moment deciding whether the batsmen had crossed. But with three balls left in a World Cup final, you ask the TV umpire. That's it. That's what should have happened. Instead, we got a massive, potentially match-changing mistake.

கர்மவீரர் காமராசர் அவர்களை சிறப்பிக்கும் வகையில் பெருந்தலைவர் காமராசர் கல்வி & மருத்துவ அறக்கட்டளை சார்பாக, மதுரை-நெல்லை தேசிய நெடுஞ்சாலையில் விருதுநகர் நுழைவு வாயிலில் அமைக்கப்பட்டுள்ள பெருந்தலைவர் காமராசர் மணிமண்டபத்தை மாண்புமிகு முதல்வர் அவர்கள் திறந்து வைத்தார். #HBDKamarajar

England's World Cup win proved another point. Cricket doesn't need The Hundred. It already has three very good formats. It just needs to build support for them beyond the old heartlands.

Eng vs NZ: जैसी अंपायरिंग हुई, लगा गली-नुक्कड़ का मैच हो. अंपायरिंग पर धोनी की बात भी सही लगी.… #ICCRules #ENGvNZ #NZvsENG #WorldCupfinal #WorldCup2019Final

Here's what New Zealand's Prime Minister has said on her country's controversial loss to England in the World Cup final #ICCRules…

रोहित शर्मा, युवराज सिंह और गौतम गंभीर आईसीसी के इस नियम से खासे नाराज हुए हैं #ICC #ICCRules #WorldCup2019 #ICCWorldCup2019 #worldcupfinal…

#SpiritOfCricket #ICCRules #ICCWC2019 Interesting angle this. Should England have got five, and not six, for overthrows?…

Ben Stokes' journey to redemption steals the show in England's historic #CWC19Final win, writes @GideonBrooks…


Watched the #CWC19Final live and have only just heard the @bbctms commentary from the winning moment. Yup, I blubbed like a baby

At least 18 #infants and toddlers under age 2 were separated from their parents and kept apart for 20 days to half a year, a House report finds.... #ICCRules #WarTeaser #MondayMotivation

भारतीय नारी की महानता विश्व स्तर पर चर्चा का विषय रही हैं प्राचीन समय से ही भारतीय नारी हर क्षेत्र मे सदा आगे रहती आयी है लेकिन कुछ समय से नारी की गरिमा धूमिल की जा रही है जिसे महिला उत्थान मंडलो के गठन ने रोका है #EmpoweringWomenSince9Years

Mahila Utthan Mandal also taught women to defend oneself against all odds and reach till d goal of "self realization ".Under the guidance of their beloved Gurudev, disciples learn the technique of yoga ,meditation & work skills. #EmpoweringWomenSince9Years

WAT. EEN. WEDSTRIJD. Amsterdammer @WWEAleister en @WWECesaro zetten hun lichaam op het spel tijdens #ExtremeRules!

Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji द्वारा प्रेरित 'महिला उत्थान मंडल' समाज की हर महिला को अपनी संस्कृति का ज्ञान देकर जीवन जीने की कला सीखा रहे हैं । #EmpoweringWomenSince9Years


महिलाओं की प्रगति के लिए Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji के महिला उत्थान मन्डलों की बेहद जरूरत है। ये महिला मंडल समय समय पर अनुष्ठान जप शिविर लगवाकर नारियों को दे रहे हैं उनकी प्रगति का ज्ञान। #EmpoweringWomenSince9Years


आज भी Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji से प्रेरित महिला उत्थान मन्डलों के महिला सशक्तिकरण व समाजसेवा कार्य अनवरत रूप से जारी हैं। #EmpoweringWomenSince9Years


Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji द्वारा प्रेरित महिला उत्थान मन्डलों द्वारा दिव्य शिशु संस्कार सेवा, बाल संस्कार सेवा व महिलाओं की सर्वागीण उन्नति हो वैसे जप अनुष्ठान शिविर लगाकर महिला सशक्तिकरण में अहम रोल निभा रहे हैं। #EmpoweringWomenSince9Years

Celebrating #WorldYouthSkillsDay, everyday. We provide a #safe, #supportive space for girls to develop academically and personally. Teaching the key #skills they need to build a future for themselves and their families.


#WorldYouthSkillsDay Recognizing the role of skills in improving the economy and increasing access to employment. @NYC_YouthVoice @RoySasaka @accelevateleads


⭐️ Ferguson's terrific catch ⭐️ Stokes' unstoppable six ⭐️ Neesham's brilliant maximum What a #CWC19 final it was! Which of these moments will have your vote as the @Nissan Play of the Day? Vote here:

इसरो ने तकनीकी कारणों से चंद्रयान-2 का काउंटडाउन रोक दिया है। अब लॉन्चिंग के लिए नई तारीख और वक्त का ऐलान किया जाएगा। @PMOIndia @isro #IndiaMoonMission #Chandrayaan2 #CHANDRAYAAN2 #India #चंद्रयान-2 #भारत #MissionChandrayaan2 #GSLVMkIII #ISRO…

#CWC19 #CWC19Final #ENGvNZ #NZvENG A six, couple of runouts and a wicked deflection of the bat for a 4- WATCH: All that happened in the last over and why England won despite a tie in the #Superover…

Congrats England and New Zealand on a truly epic, amazing game. But why break a tie on boundaries? Surely wickets is a better measure? @ICC @cricketworldcup #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ #BlackCaps

#CWC19 #CWC19Final #ENGvNZ #NZvENG It was a shame that the ball hit Stokes' bat, says Kane Williamson REACTIONS:…

Roger Federer’s wife Mirka Federer appears tense in crowd while watching Wimbledon final #WimbledonFinal…


Estoy comiendo pasto en tu honor 16 titulos y contando #WimbledonFinal #NovakDjokovic


What a day for world sport. 2 incredible finals where no one really deserved to lose but someone had to win it. Fell extremely bad for Fed n Kane, 2 legends of their respective that really didn't deserve to lose today. #WimbledonFinal #CWC19Final #FedererVsDjokovic #ENGvsNZ

होल्ड पर रखा गया काउंटडाउन #Chandrayaan2 #IndiaMoonMission पढ़ें ताज़ा अपडेट्स:


Sew with as low as 2k.... Promo on d go..... +2347068916325 is what u should call love. #BBNaija #SENTUN #WimbledonFinal #ALGNGA #TotalAFCON2019 #Tacha #EliminationSunday #SundayMotivation


#BREAKING: The countdown for the launch of #Chandrayaan2 has been put on hold. India Today's @RajChengappa joins us for more. #Chandrayaan2 #IndiaMoonMission Watch LIVE:

What I saw wasn’t an epic match. It was aseptic tennis with hardly any emotion on both sides. #WimbledonFinal

As biggest scientific glory awaits @isro with the launch of Chandrayaan-2, TIMES NOW’s @Ahmedshabbir20 takes us through the ground details from Sriharikota. Listen in. | #IndiaMoonMission

Ben Stokes for a Halberg #toosoon ?

If that moment when Stokes dived to get in, but the fielder’s throw hit his outstretched bat and fly out for a boundary WAS IN A FILM AND HAPPENED IN SLO MO, you’d be like “RIDICULOUS! THIS SO FAR FETCHED IT’S JUST DAFT!” #CricketWorldCupFinal2019

The moment England Cricket team knew they had the luck on their side to win the World Cup......Now where is the Premier League trophy? @englandcricket @Everton #CricketWorldCup #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ #England #WorldCupfinal #CricketWorldCup2019


2011: Yuvraj, Ms Dhoni 2019: Ben Stokes, Buttler #CWC19

For Jason Roy to pick that ball up cleanly & get the throw back smoothly; for Jos Buttler to gather it & transfer it immediately to his left glove to break the stumps - that’s what months, years of training drills does. Makes two seconds to win the World Cup entirely instinctive.

For India and the world it's a giant leap to the South Polar Region of the Mighty Moon where no country has ever dared to go before. Watch the historic Chandrayaan-2 take off live at… @isro #Chandrayaan2 #GSLVMkIII #ISRO #IndiaMoonMission


This moment will go down in history. The game changer 'stroke' by #BenStokes that changed the results of the #WorldCupfinal #England #NewZealand #ENGvsNZ #ENGvNZ #CWC19Final…

Most Wickets #CWC19 M Starc / 27 Wickets L Ferguson / 21 Wickets J Archer / 20 Wickets M Rahman / 20 Wickets J Bumrah / 18 Wickets M Wood / 18 Wickets M Amir / 17 Wickets T Boult / 17 Wickets S Afridi / 16 Wickets C Woakes / 16 Wickets #CWC19Final #ENGvsNZ #NZvENG

Burn the image of Buttler wheeling away in celebration into my retinas

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