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Stopniowy upadek PO bardzo mnie cieszy. Zachwyty nad Lewicą mniej. Nadal zero zaufania do tej formacji...

Wishing you and your families a Happy Eid! Eid Mubarak to you all, may the blessings of Allah be with you today, tomorrow, ... @MDILYASQURESHI2


#EidMubarak from FaZe Clan! We hope you have an amazing day. Stay safe and enjoy the time with family & friends!


thursday for deobis be like: -anxious and kinda excited before kingdom -being happy only while watching performances -being mad at rankings and mnet -riots on the tl and fanwars -updates from tbz -calming down -getting spoilers of new content - deobis happy and calm again

Dineo for president #LegacySA @MNet

జాతీయ స్థాయిలో ట్విట్టర్ ట్రెండింగ్ లో నంబర్ వన్ గా నిలిచిన #AskKTR కోవిడ్ కు సంబంధించి 2 గంటల్లో 200 లకు పైగా ప్రశ్నలకు మంత్రి @KTRTRS సమాధానం


#Nadal, vittoria da brividi: "Ma che soddisfazione! Ora però devo riposarmi..."

Guys how evil is felicity yohhh that women #LegacySA @MNet so much demand

hanbin’den fuck mnet selcasi


9K tweets more to reach the golden 500K mark. Keep tweeting & retweeting guys. Kudos to hardwork of all those who are here since the beginning & are participating selflessly just for unconditional love towards @sidharth_shukla. Let's reach 500K. ARRIVAL OF AGASTYA RAO

" Ethereum Co - Founder " Ethereum co - founder & the world youngest cryptocurrency billionaire Vitalik Buterin donated 50 trillion shiba Inu tokens worth $ 1.14 billion to India Covid Relief fund #cryptocurrency #Ethereum #Bitcoin #ButterTeaser3 #AskKTR #EidMubarak


"An eighth-grader could have hacked into that system," said Robert F. Smallwood, whose consulting firm delivered an 89-page report after an audit.​

#राधे_फिल्म_का_बहिष्कार_करो #AskKTR #EidMubarak #ButterTeaser4 #EidAlFitr फिल्मों में दिखाए गए दुर्व्यवहार की वजह से समाज में भाईचारा खत्म हो गया है सभी दुखी हैं फिल्मों ने समाज को निर्लज्ज बना दिया है l अधिक जानकारी के लिए S A News Channel Youtube पर Visit करें |


Dekha jab se tmko bas dekha tumko yara tmse koi acha h n tmse koi pyara.... @rahulvaidya23 #RahulVadiya #RKVians 2M IG POSTS FOR RKV

Russia's #SputnikV Vaccine Ready For Rollout, To Be Available In Market From Next Week Know more:


#PositivityUnlimited Overall, 216 crore doses of vaccines will be manufactured in India between August-December - for India and for Indians. There should be no doubt that vaccine will be available for all as we move forward: Dr VK Paul, Member (Health), NITI Aayog

Dr VK Paul added that the production of #SputnikV will begin in the country from July | #India #CoronavirusVaccine…

Any vaccine that is approved by FDA, WHO can come to India. Import license will be granted within 1-2 days. No import license is pending: Dr VK Paul, Member (Health), NITI Aayog


ELON düşürür ALIBABA yükseltir. Takmayın kafanıza zamanı var arkadaşlar. Bu piyasa manipüle piyasası. Wallstreet de bu işi öğrenmş biri olarak herşeye coinci gözü ile değil borsacı gözüyle bakan böyle zamanlarda kazanır. #bitcoin #btc #Eth #kriptopara ELON MUSK #binance #bitcoin

kebahagiaan bukan lah hal yang harus kalian raih, kalian bisa merasa bahagia selama proses meraih suatu hal -Namjoon BANGTAN 5TH TSA I vote @BTS_twt for #BBMAsTopSocialTopSocial


#MessageOfAllahOnEid The glory of the Baakhabar saint is written in all religions. The Quran Sharif, Holy Bible, Holy Guru Granth Sahib, Holy Veda and Holy Gita Ji, etc. He is no one else, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji. Allah Kabir


One who live in the present transcending infinity. One who loves unconditionally. One who is full of compassion. One who will never leave your hand. That's how my Guru is. Thank you Gurudev for coming in this world ❤️ @srisri #ThankYouGurudev

#MessageOfAllahOnEid Allah Kabir पवित्र कुरान शरीफ में प्रमाण है प्रभु सशरीर है तथा उसका नाम कबीर है। कबीर परमात्मा को अल्लाहु अकबर भी कहते हैं। अधिक जानकारी के लिए Satlok Ashram Youtube Channel Visit करे।


#MessageOfAllahOnEid क़ुरान सूरह अल-फुरकान 25 आयत 52 से 59 में लिखा है कि कबीर परमात्मा ने छः दिन में सृष्टी की रचना की तथा सातवें दिन तख्त पर जा विराजा। जिस से परमात्मा साकार सिद्ध होता है। Allah Kabir अधिक जानकारी के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube Channel पर Visit करें।


You won't find god in temples because he made gurus to help us find him, within us, in the light of our souls. ✨ #ThankYouGurudev #happybirthdaysrisri @SriSri

#EidMubarak #MessageOfAllahOnEid Quran Sharif- 25:54 "And it is He who has created from water a human being and made him [a relative by] lineage and marriage. And ever is your Lord competent [concerning creation]."


#EidMubarak I believe our beloved Bhakts LOVE Charlie Hebdo very much......⬇️


BJP IT Cell was celebrating when Charlie Hebdo carried a series of cartoons depicting Islam in poor light. What now?


No one is going to b0mb Charlie Hebdo for this. Got the difference?…

#MessageOfAllahOnEid ALLAH IS KABIR QURAN, SUR AH AL FURQAN 25:59 Prophet Muhammad's God is saying that, Allah is Kabir who created nature in six days and sat on the throne on the seventh day. @SaintRampalJiM For More Details Visit :- Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel. Allah Kabir


To all our Muslim brothers and sisters #EidMubarak


عيدكم مبارك سعيد كل عام و انتم بخير. #EidMubarak

#MessageOfAllahOnEid Allah is no other than Lord Kabir, who created the universes and all that is between the earth and the sky in 6 days and sat on His throne in Satlok on the 7th.Only a Bakhabar saint can tell the corrat will help attain Him Allah Kabir


#MessageOfAllahOnEid The Knowledge giver of Quran Sharif is ignorant about him, he does not know about Allah Kabir! He has left an option to go and ask about Bakhabar from an Enlightened saint. -Baakhabar Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Allah Kabir

#MessageOfAllahOnEid QURAN SURAH AL FURQAN 25:58 KABIR ALLAH IS WORTHY OF BEING WORSHIPPED. HE IS THE DESTROYER OF ALL THE SINS. -LAST PROPHET @SaintRampalJiM For More Information Visit Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj YouTube Channel Allah Kabir


#MessageOfAllahOnEid Bakra Eid special Muslims kill animals in the name of Allah. Individuals who commit violence (whether killing any creature such as cow, boar, goat, hen, human, etc.) are great sinners. They can never attain heaven. Allah Kabir


#MessageOfAllahOnEid The God of Hazrat Muhammad is saying, O Prophet! Do not obey the Kafirs, because they do not consider Kabir to be a complete divine being. You remain firm on the basis of the knowledge of this Quran given by me that Kabir is the absolute Lord and Kabir must


#MessageOfAllahOnEid Quran Sharif- 25:59 "He who created the heavens and the earth and what is between Sky and Earth in six days and then established Himself above the Throne - the Most Merciful, so ask about Him one well informed." Allah Kabir


#MessageOfAllahOnEid Kabir Saheb is the absolute Supreme God, the true and greatest of all. That is Allah Hu Akbar. He is worthy of worship. For more information, read the book Gyan Ganga Allah Kabir


#MessageOfAllahOnEid Holy Quran Sharif Adhyay Surat Furqan no. 25, Aayat 52 to 59, it is said that in reality, (Ibaadaii Kabira) Kabir Allah is worthy of being worshipped. Allah Kabir


#MessageOfAllahOnEid The knowledge giver of Quran Sharif to Hazrat Mohammad is saying that the Almighty God is Allah Kabir. @SaintRampalJiM Allah Kabir


Eid Mubarak 2021; Here’s wishing you a happy Eid al-Fitr 2021… "Allah Kabir" "Quran Sharif" "Oh Prophet" "Allahu Akbar" . . . . #EidMubarak #EidUlFitr #Eid #MessageOfAllahOnEid #GodMorningThursday #HappyEid #eidmubarak2021 #allah #Eid2021 #tentaran

#MessageOfAllahOnEid Allah Kabir Allahu Akbar has a sense of God Kabir (Kabir Sahib means KavirDev). Direct evidence of the glory of the name Kabir is not hidden even in Fazaile Darud Sharif.For MoreKnowledge visit- sany rampal ji maharaj youTube channel


Who circulated Sushant's fake tweets on 14th June? How did Aajtak get these tweets? @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @DoPTGoI Did AU Bhatt Plan SSR Murder…

#ThankYouGurudev for the infinite love, compassion, wisdom and service @SriSri Wish you a very Happy Birthday. Here are 10 famous quotes on Happiness by #SriSri #MultiplyYourHappiness

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