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Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends #GoodFriday


Dear @narendramodi ji as an India I request you to please extend Lock down. Please don't worry about the economy, that thing always recovers. Money comes and goes but people die forever, the flesh anyways #LockdownExtended

This lockdown is like a holiday for animals from humans i bet they are having the time of their lives & that makes me happy. #LockdownExtended #COVIDー19


So GoK sent sh.10M to Wuhan,China to be distributed equally to All 86 students.Instead of giving each student Ksh.116279 Sarah Serem bado alidhania Ako SRC,akapunguza to Ksh.14000 per student. #BringKenyansInChinaHome #ChinaMustExplain #DeportRacistChinese


#ChinaMustExplain every blame goes to the Kenyan embassy in China for sleeping on work

Name : Anirudh City: Hyderabad To all the Police officers, Doctors, Nurses, Milk Vendors, Vegetable Vendors, Security Guards, NGOs, Other Individual Volunteers and other Government Employees working for the safety of the public during this pandemic situation #DilSeThankYou


#TheLastMessenger of Saint Rampal ji maharaj The Great Hindu saint rampal ji Maharaj is a saviour of the world Hanuman Chali #GodmorningFriday Must watch sadhna TV 7:30pm

ଲକଡାଉନ୍ ବେଳେ ଭିଆଇପି ଟ୍ରିଟମେଣ୍ଟ?ମେଡିକାଲ ଏମର୍ଜନ୍ସି ବାହାନାରେ ମହାବଳେଶ୍ବର ବୁଲିବାକୁ ଗଲେ ଓ୍ବଧାଓ୍ବନ ପରିବାର…

I miss மிடிாஸ் சாரய ஆலையின் இயக்குனர் சோ.... அவர் உயிரோடிருந்தால் அவரின் பிம்பமும் உடைந்திருக்கும்... #மதுவந்தி

Is this the reason behind Amitabh Gupta’s bravado?…

#Breaking | BJP MP files a complaint against seeking action against Amitabh Gupta. Herman, Kajal, Megha & Bhavatosh with details. | #VVIPLockdownPass

लॉकडाऊनमध्ये वाधवान कुटुंबातील 23 जणांना महाबळेश्वर पर्यटनासाठी मेहरबानी, प्रधान सचिवांना सक्तीची रजा, गृहमंत्र्यांची कारवाई @AnilDeshmukhNCP…

IPS Officer sent on compulsory leave after Mumbai billionaires violated coronavirus lockdown #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID19 #CoronavirusInIndia…

மொல்ல மாரிதாஸ் - கணக்க தப்பா எழுதி குடுத்துட்டோமா... இப்ப எல்லாரும் நம்மள செருப்பால அடிப்பாங்களே... #மதுவந்தி


The whole Islamic world is just epitome of assholiness ..also the answer to Malaysian request for HCQ is "India wont sent HCQ to Malaysia, any other country (except Pakistan, Turkey and comparable assholes) can have it. #IndiaLeadsCovidWar @AmitShah @DrSJaishankar @narendramodi


IPS officer Amitabh Gupta who issued that permission letter to #Wadhawan is sent on forced leave. Wadhawans were allowed to travel but @KiritSomaiya ji was arrested. This is what happens when the corrupt Government is in power. Citizens & Bureaucrats suffer. Let's not blame him.


60 के दशक में हम अमेरिका से गेंहूं मंगाते थे आज भारत उन्हें दबाई भेज रहा है है न गौरव की बात - @Ramlal #NationFirst #IndiaLeadsCovidWar

अमिताभ गुप्ता यांनी वाधवान कुटुंबियांना दिलेलं पत्र, कोण आहेत 'ते'२३ जण @Ashish_jadhao…

WATCH: Tracy Morgan says "we've all got to pull together" and stop blaming Trump on coronavirus


Trump touts new possible Pfizer coronavirus treatment currently used to treat SARS…

México reducirá 100 mil barriles diarios de petróleo en el consenso de la OPEP. La OPEP quería que México redujera 400 mil barriles diarios. ¿Habrá consecuencias? Veremos si México pudo convencer a la OPEP y a Trump (que pidió el recorte) de que sólo podíamos reducir esa cantidad…

In this house we love @itsbedtime_ masks


Bernie Sanders Praises Biden’s New Healthcare And Education Proposals #TuckFrump

60 के दशक में हम अमेरिका से गेंहूं मंगाते थे| आज भारत उन्हें दबाई भेज रहा है | मित्रो है न गौरव की बात #GoodFriday #FridayThoughts #GoodMorning

free cat to bad home. today he stole: -spinach -a tortilla -one loaf of bread -a bag of cookies which he flung all over the house


#RSS_की_पोलखोल ट्रेंड चलाने वाले दुष्टों हिन्दू होकर भी RSS को कोसने वाले, उन देशों के बारे में पढ़ लेना जो कभी गैर इस्लामिक हुआ करते थे, शायद तुम्हारी आंखे खुल जाएगी। अपने आपको बौद्ध कहने वालों अम्बेडकर जी का कहना ही मान लो... #पहले_कागज_फिर_व्यापार


GHOne TV issues apology through Ag. General Manager, Nana Aba Anamoah, for airing pornographic content… #ghone #Duvet #LockdownGhana #lockdownextension


#TheLastMessenger of God is none other than sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. To see the proof must watch Sadhna TV 7:30 p.m.


లాక్ డౌన్ ని ఏప్రిల్ 30 వరకు పొడిగింపు #LockDownExtension #Odisha #CoronaVirus #99TVTelugu Click and Watch Full Video…


A starred review on @blueinkreview for Treasure of the Blue Whale, which "provides an oasis of humor and comfort as it portrays a small town during the Great Depression...creating a novel that’s charming and even laugh-out-loud funny."…


While we Africans are treating everyone outside our continent as Kings and Queens, You people are treating our brothers and Sisters like trash. This is unacceptable! We are suppose to be one people #ChinaMustExplain #LevelOfConcern #Africans #CNN #KingsAndQueens #unacceptable

IMF: #COVIDー19 is the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression of the 1930s.

the second Great Depression

A R Rahman and Mohit Chauhan after listening #Masakali2


Wow! Indian citizens who are H-1B visa holders in the US are losing their jobs and are asked to leave US in 60 days. Back home, BJP Govt is sending HCQ drug to the US cutting short the domestic supply, putting life of Indians at risk! #PMका_देश_को_धोखा…

रविश कुमार कह रहे थे महामारी आने के बाद पता चले अस्पतालों के हालत ऐसी महामारी शायद इनके दादाजी ने भी नहीं देखि होगी ये 10 जनपथ पर पोछा लगाने वाले पत्रकार 60 साल से सो रहे थे तब तो ये रक्षा सौदों की दलाली खाने में लगे थे Nostradamus #पहले_कागज_फिर_व्यापार #MahabharataOnSuvarna

गरीब एवं बेसहारा लोगों को राशन उपलब्ध कराये जाने के संबंध में आज हरदा कलेक्टर को पत्र लिखा। #indialeadscovidwar #IndiaFightsCorona


हर जगह मुफ्त का चाहिए पर अगर मुफ़्त में जांच करानी ही है तो दक्षिण कोरिया चले जाओ, मना किसने किया।…

Look closely yes he is the savior and liberator of the world and he is #TheLastMessenger Sadhna TV Naet tim 7.30 pm


#TheLastMessenger फ्रांस के डाॅ.जूलर्वन व अन्य सभी भविष्यवक्ताओं के अनुसार भारत से उठी ज्ञान की धार्मिक क्रांति नास्तिकता का नाश करके आँधी तूफान की तरह सम्पूर्ण विश्व को ढक लेगी।वह महान भारतीय आध्यात्मिकनेता @SaintRampalJiMजीहैं…


#NewsAtNine Government sanctions Rs 15,000 crore for COVID 19 Emergency response. PM Modi and South Korean President Moon Jae-in discuss steps to tackle COVID-19 Home Ministry says, steps are being taken to help those stranded.…

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