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#क्या_करें_क्या_न_करें #हर_हर_महादेव गीता अध्याय 4 श्लोक 34 में कहा है कि उस तत्वज्ञान को तू तत्वदर्शी सन्तों के पास जाकर समझ, उनको दण्डवत प्रणाम करने से नम्रतापूर्वक प्रश्न करने से वे तत्वदर्शी सन्त आपको तत्वज्ञान का उपदेश करेंगे।


Asaduddin Owaisi: She (Pragya Thakur, BJP MP from Bhopal) also clearly tells that the kind of work the caste has defined, that should continue. It is very unfortunate. Also, she has openly opposed the PM's program. 2/2…

Singer-social media sensation #ShirleySetia makes her acting debut in #Nikamma opposite actress Bhagyashree's son #AbhimanyuDassani. 2020 release, this action entertainer is directed-produced by Sabbir Khan in association with Sony Pictures Intl Prod. #NikammaFirstLook


Asaduddin Owaisi on BJP MP Pragya Thakur's remark 'not elected to clean toilets': Not at all surprised, neither I'm shocked by this obnoxious statement; she says this because that is her thought process. The MP believes in the caste & class discrimination happening in India.1/2


आस्था परिवार की ओर से पवित्र श्रावण मास के प्रथम सोमवार की सभी शिव भक्तों को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। #AasthaTvChannel #MahadevTwitter #हर_हर_महादेव


Say hello to the brand new pair in town! The 'lad who feels no pain' @abhimannyu_D unites with social media's favourite singing diva @ShirleySetia in @sabbir24x7's #Nikamma! Coming out in 2020. #BMSMovies #NikammaFirstLook @sonypicsindia #SabbirKhanFilms


मुंबई से नागपूर की दूरी को कम करने के लिए @CMOMaharashtra द्वारा बनवाए जा रहे महामार्ग के लिए एलआईसी ने भी बढ़ाया हाथ। ☼ #Polytcs #Dev_Fadnavis #Devendrafadnavis #mondaythoughts #MondayMorning #MondayMotivation @mygovindia @mybmc @Dev_Fadnavis @BJP4Maharashtra @LICIndiaForever

असदुद्दीन ओवैसी ने सांसद प्रज्ञा ठाकुर पर निशाना साधा…

महाकाल की आराधना को उत्तम माने गए इस अलौकिक सावन माह के प्रथम सोमवार पर उनके श्रीचरणों में कोटि-कोटि नमन। कांवरियों की श्रद्धा व आस्था के इस माह में आप सभी भाइयों-बहनों को ढ़ेरों शुभकामनाएँ, भगवान शंकर आप सभी की मंगलकामनाओं को पूर्ण करें। #हर_हर_महादेव #हर_हर_महादेव

Bathing with warm water (lukewarm) on the body part below the neck increases power, but by putting hot water on head, bathing can damage hair and eye power. #क्या_करें_क्या_न_करें Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji


#क्या_करें_क्या_न_करें To keep our life force energy safe, one should sleep by heading south or east direction. Keeping head in the north or west direction can make a person sick easily, Hence shd be avoided.

#क्या_करें_क्या_न_करें Fill your mouth with water, dip your eyes in container filled with water while bathing and take a moment to blink or sprinkle water on your eyes. This increases eye power.…


तुकाराम काका जिस तरह भाजपा के कार्यकारी अध्यक्ष जे पी नड्डा ने मुंबई में आकर अपने विचार धारा और भाषण से भाजपा कार्यकर्ताओं का मनोबल बढ़ाया है, वो काबीले तारीफ है। ☼ #Polytcs #Dev_Fadnavis #Devendrafadnavis #MondayMorning #MondayMotivation @JPNadda @BJP4Maharashtra @BJP4India

Birthday Greetings to Hon’ble "CM of Maharashtra" shri @Dev_Fadnavis ji. May god bless you with health and happiness! @Dev_Fadnavis #Devendrafadnavis #cmofmaharashtra


रवीश कुमार का ब्लॉग: कैमरे में हिमा दास का इतिहास है, उसकी जीत के क्षणों की रिकॉर्डिंग नहीं #HimaDasGoldMedal #ravishkumar…

युवा सीएम देवेंद्र फड़णवीस और नवनियुक्त भाजपा कार्यकारी अध्यक्ष जे.पी. नड्डा के नेतृत्व में भाजपा विधानसभा चुनाव में 220 सीटें जीतेगी। ☼ #Polytcs #Dev_Fadnavis #Devendrafadnavis #MondayMorning #MondayMotivation @CMOMaharashtra @JPNadda @BJP4India @Dev_Fadnavis @BJP4Maharashtra

गोल्डन गर्ल हिमा दास की शानदार जीत पर कुछ इस अंदाज में कुमार विश्वास ने दी बधाई. #HimaDasGoldMedal #HimaDas #KumarVishwas…

Firstly, Natasha, then Tony died.... Hulk's one hand destroyed.. Steve is not Captain America anymore.. Thor doing his last movie.. Our childhood is getting lost... Please be back... Avengers we love you 3000❤ #AvengersEngame

Chandrayaan 2: India's moon mission to the unexplored south pole costs 2.5x less than what Hollywood spent to make Avengers: Endgame #ISRO #Chandrayaan2 #AvengersEngame


Chandrayaan 2: India's moon mission to the unexplored south pole costs 2.5x less than what Hollywood spent to make Avengers: Endgame… #ISRO #Chandrayaan2 #AvengersEngame


I would be a lot happier about #AvengersEngame topping Avatar if I owned stock in Disney... yay the billion dollar company is #1!


भगवान शिव के प्रिय #श्रावण_मास के प्रथम सोमवार के पावन अवसर पर आप सभी को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। देवाधिदेव महादेव जी से प्रार्थना है कि सभी भक्तों की समस्त मनोकामनाएं पूर्ण करें। #ॐनमःशिवाय

Before making a movie on Hima Das, make sure she is made as rich as the Indian cricket players #HimaDasGoldMedal


It's been 3 weeks since PM #Modi condemned Akash Vijayvargiya's assault & over 2 months since he said that he would never forgive Pragya Thakur. Modiji's rebuke may not have been aimed at them, but his Jumlas were definitely aimed at the people of India.…

Happy Birthday CM of Maharashtra and the man with vision, Shri @Dev_Fadnavis Ji. Hoping this year turns out to be a year of extraordinary achievements, good health, and immense happiness. #DevendraFadnavis #GlobalAdvertisers


Didn't become MP to clean toilets, says BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur. Read more:

Arkadaşlar sizden tek bir şey istiyorum chanhun un bu albümünü bolca dinleyin what a life ı bolca dinleyin gerekirse sabahlayalım ama yine de dinleyelim lütfen her şeyi onların yaptığı promosyon bile yapılmayacak olan bu albümü sevdiğimizi gösterelim lütfen #WhatALifeWithSeChan

I am very luck to get a chance to serve Haj -yatris @igiT3 airport .i am thankful to the DCP Igi t3 delhi airport, #Delhipolice #hajcommetee .


Indien, ligger långt efter övriga Asiatiska stormakter men nu rullar snart 4 #vätgas drivna bussar i Delhi. #fossilfritt #miljö #klimat #bränsleceller Fuel cell bus: MNRE invites proposal to run four fuel cell buses in Delhi-NCR, Auto News, ET Auto…

Zidane’s just pissed off because Bale scored a better champions league final goal than him

It's celebration time! Endgame is No:1. This is the best day of my life. YAY! YAY! YAY! 2.79 billion is so frickin huge. #Endgame #AvengersEndgameSweeps #Avengers #AvengersEngame #MarvelSDCC #MarvelStudios #MarvelPhase4 #MarvelPhase3 #IronMan #CaptainAmerica #Thor #Hulk #Hawkeye

Don’t even come near me with ”Zidane is disrespectful”. The club clearly told Bale & Barnett to leave, but they chose to ignore it and chose to force a stay, even after Bale was granted the ”main man” role after Cristiano left last summer, a role he didn’t fulfill.

You all heard Stan Kroenke went to meet with Real Madrid president Perez in person? Well rumor has it that he's coming back with Gareth Bale on loan. #scenes

Zidane: «Se Bale puder sair amanhã, melhor»…


Not taking anything away from Bale. He has been a great player of us. Won us big games and trophies. I thank him for his contribution. But it's time to leave, it will be the best step for him as a player, and for our club too.

'Zinedine Zidane is a disgrace': Gareth Bale's agent issues stunning response to Real Madrid manager

she thor yapan aklınızı sikim ♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿

technically thor four IS more thor because we get jane foster as thor so . we won

'Zidane is a disgrace' - Bale's agent slams Real Madrid boss over exit talk


Va a ser muy gracioso, Bale ira fuera, ficharemos a Pogba, Zidane se tendra que ir en Octubre y vendra Mou...jajajajajjaa...le vetaran Ramos y Pogba y acabaremos con Quique Setien

Lo de Zidane me parece lamentable la verdad

Loved Zidane as a player but the man is a cunt show some respect to a player who achieved more than you at Madrid.

No to. Mohmad Shami & Khaleel Ahmad.. Cricket is HARAM Completely UnIslamic Gunnah. Sharia law punishment for that.. @BCCI. Must BAN Muslim in Cricket & Respect Islam sentiment. #SundayMotivation…

.: This Anti-Hindu justice imposed by corrupt court is not only against Richa Bharti Ji but it is an attack on Hindus & their sentiments. Wake up ! sick-secular fools i.e. Hindus. Your faith is crushed. #LetsStandUpForRichaBharti


A truly sensual woman is the kind of woman only a man with a deep soul can intoxicate and satiate Lebo Grand #KYYTURNS5

संसद में एक मुस्लिम नेता खुलेआम कहता है कि मैं वंदे मातरम नहीं कहूंगा तब तो उसपर कोई कार्यवाही नहीं हुई, एक मुस्लिम युवक अकबरुद्दीन ओवैसी हिंदुओं को मारने धमकी देता है उसे कोई कुछ नहीं कहता, तब इनका जमीर कहाँ सो जाता है ?  #LetsStandUpForRichaBharti


It's my play music list. Whenever I hear these songs, it's reminds me of only MaNan and KYY. #KYYTURNS5


.: अब तक कितने पत्रकार, नेता और समाज सुधारक ऋचा भारती के साथ खडे हूए ऐसा दोगलापन कब तक चलेगा ? हिंदूस्थान में ही हिन्दू शोषण का शिकार तो और जगह पे हंम उम्मीद ही क्या करेंगे। #LetsStandUpForRichaBharti

"By ordering Richa Bharti to distribute Kuran , court has attacked on her fundamental rights. She has used her freedom of expression & it should not be violated. #LetsStandUpForRichaBharti"

.: संसद में एक मुस्लिम नेता खुलेआम कहता है कि मैं वंदे मातरम नहीं कहूंगा तब तो उसपर कोई कार्यवाही नहीं हुई, एक मुस्लिम युवक अकबरुद्दीन ओवैसी हिंदुओं को मारने धमकी देता है उसे कोई कुछ नहीं कहता, तब इनका जमीर कहाँ सो जाता है ?  #LetsStandUpForRichaBharti


अगर आज ऋचा की बेल पर पांच कुरान के मुद्दे पर भी हिन्दू नहीं चेता, तो वह दिन दूर नहीं जब हिन्दूओं को मुस्लिम और क्रिश्चियन बना दिया जाएगा। हिन्दूओं उठो और संगठित होकर अपनी विरासत को संभालो!! #LetsStandUpForRichaBharti

#TeachSomethingIn5Words Trump news: President responds to Iran seizing British ship, as he announces he spoke with Kanye West about A$AP Rocky #HOPELESSISGOINGTOJAILPARTY

Space Force: The long and bumpy road to getting Trump’s pet project off the ground

#TeachSomethingIn5Words Trump news: President responds to Iran seizing British ship, as he announces he spoke with Kanye West about A$AP Rocky #HOPELESSISGOINGTOJAILPARTY

#TeachSomethingIn5Words Trump news: President responds to Iran seizing British ship, as he announces he spoke with Kanye West about A$AP Rocky #HOPELESSISGOINGTOJAILPARTY

#TeachSomethingIn5Words Trump news: President responds to Iran seizing British ship, as he announces he spoke with Kanye West about A$AP Rocky #HOPELESSISGOINGTOJAILPARTY

You serve with a member of Congress who called the president a “motherf’r.” You serve with a member of Congress who is anti-Semitic ( aren’t you a Jew?), and you serve with a member of Congress who accused NP of being a racist. I’m just getting started. You are spineless.…

#BREAKING: There is a vast and insidious conspiracy at play. #WatchmenHBO. October.

♜ Happy #InternationalChessDay! ♞ Thomas Jefferson loved to play chess, sometimes engaging in “four hour games” with his close friend @JMMontpelier. He even taught his granddaughter Ellen Wayles Randolph to play. In the summer, the two played under the trees on the West Lawn.


"LIFE is like a game of chess. To win you have to make a move knowing which move to make comes with in-sight and knowledge, and by learnling the lessons that are accumulated along the way. we become each and every piece within the game called LIFE". #InternationalChessDay


Did you know our CEO and Founder, Alan Trefler tied for first place in the World Open Chess Championship in 1975? Happy #InternationalChessDay! #LifeAtPega


My Dad stopped playing chess at 14 y.o. after getting 2nd in a school's championship after some guy. Later on he taught me chess to give it a try. His face of joy after me beating that guy almost 40 years later was priceless. #InternationalChessDay

Alaska’s Republican governor slashed the state judiciary’s budget in *direct* retaliation for a decision affirming abortion rights. GOP attacks on an independent judiciary did not begin with Trump and they will not end with Trump.…

Zamfara governor commends Naf for helping to ‘force’ bandits to negotiating table

We are diverse. We have our brains and hearts to stan bts until the end. You don't have to tell us to give others a chance, that they didn't even experience when they're in need. You can't tell us what to do. We ain't robots. #ARMYCYPHERPARTY

Governor Greg Abbott signs Chick-fil-A law to protect 'religious liberty'


All state-owned banks today in a meeting with RBI governor @DasShaktikanta have agreed to setup enabling #infra for digital payments in one district per state over the next year in line with #NewDelhi’s #digital and #financial #inclusion objective…

Besieged Puerto Rico governor goes quiet amid protests…

Senate Republicans have filed a lawsuit against Governor Steve Sisolak and Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, alleging they violated the Nevada Constitution.…

Pandai pulak speaker tu hala ke asrama, ni tak, macam nak bagitau warden la kan parents tengah tunggu

I played 3 years with @jrfree19 and if there’s one individual that inspired me to be the best player and person I could be. He should be the speaker. Period…



प्रियंका गांधी की गिरफ्तारी पर सियासी 'बवाल', देश भर में कांग्रेसियों ने किया प्रदर्शन via @NavbharatTimes #SonbhadraMassacre #PriyankaGandhiVadra


आज दिनांक 19 जुलै 2019 रोजी मुंबई काँग्रेस च्या वतीने मा श्री मिलिंद देवरा यांच्या नेतृत्वाखाली उत्तर प्रदेश येथील सोनबदरा या ठिकाणी अखिल भारतीय काँग्रेस कमिटी च्या महासचिव श्रीमती प्रियंका गांधी यांना...…

इतिहास दोहराया है,1977 बेलछी बिहार के नर संहार के समय इन्दिरा गांधीजी और आज बहन प्रियंका गांधी वाड्राजी आदिवासियों के सोनभद्र उत्तरप्रदेश के जाने के रास्ते में


La Casa De Papel!!!! Season 3, episode 2. They’ve got the LFC anthem playing! Such joy to watch! #MoneyHeist

मैं श्रीमती @priyankagandhi जी की गिरफ्तारी के लिए यूपी सरकार के कृत्य की कड़ी निंदा करता हूँ,जबकि वह सोनभद्र हत्याकांड में मारे गए लोगों के परिवारों से मिलने के लिए जा रही थीं। @myogiadityanath के नेतृत्व वाली UP सरकार में कानून-व्यवस्था की स्थिति खराब हो गई है। #UPmeinJungleRaj


उत्तर प्रदेश के सोनभद्र में हुए जमीन विवाद को लेकर नरसंहार के बाद प्रियंका गांधी शुक्रवार को पीडि़तों का हाल जानने वाराणसी पहुंचीं। इसके बाद सोनभद्र जाने के दौरान उन्हें वाराणसी-मिर्ज़ापुर बार्डर पर नारायणपुर में रोक दिया गया। इसके बाद प्रियंका गांधी को हिरासत में ले लिया


Yogi Adityanath सोनभद्र के लिए कांग्रेस जिम्मेदार! प्रियंका गांधी हिरासत... via @YouTube

भारी जनादेश के अहंकार ,दर्प ,घमंड में चूर होकर योगी सरकार ने प्रियंका गांधी को हिरासत /गिरफ्तार ,/नजरबंद करने की गलती आखिर कर ही डाली और प्रियंका गांधी को यूपी की राजनीति में पैर जमाने का सुनहरा मौका दे दिया ।

Ben Stokes nominated for New Zealander of the Year ! Kiwi by birth, Stokes has been nominated for the prestigious honour along with New Zealand captain Kane Williamson. @benstokes38 #NewZealanderOfTheYear @ICC @ECB_cricket


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