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my 1st nba game was lakers v timberwolves & i got to watch kobe - a legend - but i was a dweeb & didn’t fully appreciate the opportunity. I grew up in a basketball fam & he was the topic of many dinner convos, a source of inspiration & symbol of hard work & resilience #RIPMamba

Untuk yang ingin mengikuti perkembangan dan penanganan Virus Corona secara real time dari The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at JHU. Berikut tautannya:… #JakartaLangitBiru #VIRUS_CORONA #selasaambyar

Gede kayak #siskaeee. Mau donk info pengecil payudaranya kak...


Andi Arief: Jangan-jangan Harun Masiku Sudah Aman Di Luar Negeri…. Melihat perkembangan kasus yang terkesan mandek ini, Wakil Sekjen @PDemokrat @AndiArief__ malah menduga, Harun Masiku saat ini telah benar-benar berada di luar negeri. #siapmainkan


remember: communication requires context, and twitter lacks that! if your point needs a lot of qualification to seem non-shitty, this might not be the best place to make it. looking at you, everyone criticizing meat eating in china and then running out of characters before you

Coronavirus update: - 2,900 confirmed cases - 82 fatalities - 439+ in serious/critical condition - Vast majority of cases in China - 12 countries reporting cases…

Check out these 20 moments from the #GRAMMYs you didn't get to see on TV! #GRAMMYs2020

Ariana Grande ganhou 5 #GRAMMYs feito e entregue por seus amigos. Quem disse que a lenda não foi premiada?

Since I was too excited and too hyped, I forgot to wish my @OfficialMonstaX good night so now I'm wishing my boys good morning! Hope you slept well tonight and didn't forgot to eat your breakfast ♡ Love you all ♡ @STARSHIPent #MonbebeAreStillHere #몬베베는_아직_여기있다


say whatever you want about justin bieber but it won’t change the fact that he’s amazing, really talented human being and also a good person with a heart made of gold. he deserves nothing but the best and that’s it. #JustinBieberSeasons

Nuevas fotos de Billie y Finneas en el backstage de los #GRAMMYs


If you’re still here, reply to this with the tags to make the boys smile again :) #MonbebeAreStillHere @OfficialMonstaX

Pakek masker dikit dikira kena #VIRUS_CORONA Padahal tujuan gw pake masker di kereta, biar kalo ketiduran gak keliatan ngowoh.


Pak tiati nabrak wkwkwk. Duh ilah ngakak gw #VIRUS_CORONA


Syirik atau ngga syirik bukan di lukisannya, tetapi di pikiran dan hatimu - mbah nun - #MaiyahPurbalingga #maiyahbanyumas #maiyahnusantara #maiyah #gambangsyafaat

Pertanyaannya. 1. Koe kuwi sopo? 2. Sbg sopo kuwi, kowe nandur becik opo lan ngopo? Coba jawaaab pada dirimu sendiri.. #MaiyahPurbalingga #SinauBarengCakNunKiaiKanjeng @JuguranSyafaat @maiyahan

Melewati pukul 23.00 WIB, Masyarakat masih bergembira dalam Sinau bareng Cak Nun dan KiaiKanjeng di Desa Limbangan, Kutasari, Purbalingga #MaiyahPurbalingga



every time my phone encounters poor reception/connecticity (4g to 3g/no service) and it takes a long while to get back to the set level, my phone batt will heat up so much to the point i lose 10-30% of my batt life in.. like 1min? sighhh apple telling me to upgrade liao

Smartfren! Yeayyy semangat vote Ziva neh Wuih hebat kuota Smartfren ku so ngirit bingit!! Hebat memang operatorku #idolasmartfrenWOW. ❤

Asli seneng banget bisa dpt tiket nonton Idol #idolasmartfrenWOW dan dpt bonus pulsa

Wow gokil kuota gue masih super ngirit banget padahal seharian nonton youtube Idol #idolasmartfrenWOW kemarin. Gokwel

Diperiksa @KPK_RI Selama 12 Jam, RJ Lino Tak Ditahan Sudah ada dua alat bukti yg cukup tp masih blm ditahan, luar biasa. Dorong KPK semoga tidak ada Dusta diantara mereka.…

WELP, we all learned something tonight: the way you play the Royal Rumble in one of those WWE 2K games would actually bore the shit out of an actual audience in real life. #RoyalRumble

Joe at #29, so it has to be Rollins at #30. R-Truth undeclared, so it sucks to be Buddy Murphy and Heavy Machinery. Worth it to get Edge in, but the Good Brothers? Not so sure. #RoyalRumble


I followed my dreams because of you Kobe. Your will and determination to be the best you could possibly be is what inspired us all. You will never be forgotten and you will always be my GOAT. May you, your daughter and everyone else aboard that helicopter Rest In Peace.


يمهه هذا الي اشوفه صج ولا جرافكس ؟؟؟؟؟ #GRAMMYs


Baru bangun and I’m shocked. I grew up watching him, practicing his moves and even shouting his name if I threw anything into a bucket. Man, this news hurts my heart like really. All I can say is thank you, thank you for inspiring so many lives. R.I.P, Legend. #BlackMambaForever

Rosalía qué haces ahí, esa no es tu familia. #GRAMMYs

Life is fragile. We must use the time we have to unapologetically fight for those oppressed in every corner of the world. #RIPMamba

DEP Kobe Bryant y las demás personas que han muerto en el accidente. #RIPMamba Estoy flipando completamente.

Ok so we got Joe, Rollins and who else? #RoyalRumble

No more surprises tho Seth, Joe #RoyalRumble

I don't think I'm going to get over that ultimate shock for a long time welcome back @EdgeRatedR #RoyalRumble

I have been worrying about LeBron and how he is taking this along with Kobe’s wife and girls. Sometimes life is too hard. @KingJames #hugsomebody

Lebron did not know he would be ‘eulogizing’ #Kobe last night; only this time Kobe got to hear a great player speak well of him. This speaks volumes about how we must not delay to love & appreciate those who have influenced us in productive ways while they yet live.…

Queen @aliciakeys, everyone. #GRAMMYs

BANDARA YANG JADI PINTU MASUK KE CHINA DIPERKETAT........ #CoronaOutbreak #coronarvirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #Corona #VirusCorona #Koronavirus #Korona #INA_CoronaVirusAlert #Wuhan #China #CoronaSebahayaJiwasraya…

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