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Kalau masih pacaran ya aku mau jalan sama siapapun ya terserah aku. Kalau masih pacaran gak usah dijaga perasaannya. Huhhh ngapain. Kekeyi, 2019

wiranto: pusaka abadi nan jaya!!!!


Kekeyi emng ajg si Sok cakep asuuuuuuuuuu Riinya juga asu siii Sok cakep asuuuuuuuuu

Aku ga seterkenal kekeyi :(


Saya melihat jabatan Wantimpres akan jadi akhir dari perjalanan politik Wiranto yg sdh melepas pengaruhnya di Hanura, partai yang sudah kehilangan pengaruh. #MesinPolitik…

Njirr ada hasil ujian. #UjianAkhirShopee1212 kamu. Share & dapatkan CASHBACK s/d 30RB!…


Cek hasil #UjianAkhirShopee1212 kamu. Share & dapatkan CASHBACK s/d 30RB!…


Cek hasil #UjianAkhirShopee1212 kamu. Share & dapatkan CASHBACK s/d 30RB!…


Cek hasil #UjianAkhirShopee1212 kamu. Share & dapatkan CASHBACK s/d 30RB! Nanaonan



Britové zvolili Brexit a libra stoupá. Není to známka toho, že trhy vidí dokončení Brexitu jako pozitivní věc? A co ti strašáci,kteří varovali před ekonomickou katastrofou? A jak v tomto světle chápat neustálá varování, že Czexit by byl pro ČR ekonomickou zkázou? #czexit

Corbyn blames the media and Brexit: “it has overridden to normal political debate. It has contributed to the result”

I never believed Jeremy was a racist. He has a long history of campaigning for social justice. He isn’t a Marxist. He just wanted better for the people of Britain. He gave them that choice with stunning success in 2017. Unfortunately brexit has killed Labour. Thank you Jeremy

The results are heartbreaking. I would therefore like to thank those leading 'moderate' MPs like @jessphillips @hilarybennmp @wesstreeting @YvetteCooperMP @leicesterliz who propped me up for absolutely no reason, trashed their reputations and lost #Brexit #GE2019

Jeremy Corbyn calls voters disgusting or something. I wasn't listening. Wondering why Islington North voted for Jeremy Corbyn, not the Jewish Brexit Party candidate.

Does this result show the British public want to get Brexit done? #GeneralElection


#UKElection: Jeremy Corbyn has held his seat in Islington North. #GeneralElection

It's a full moon tonight and Friday the 13th tomorrow Im feelin it

Is it Friday the 13th yet? Don’t forget the @twisted_twins new feature RABID hits select theaters and VOD tomorrow!


JK: [gets hit by a car] JM: oh my god r u ok? JK: i-i need my ph-phone JK: [opens twitter] JK: LMAOOO Y'ALL GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED @BTS_twt #BTS23M

Never forget that Comfortably Smug was laughing about how he was going to take over the Neoliberal shill bracket, even mobilizing his "minions" to vote for him en masse. Until everyone who justifiably hates him found out and voted against him.

Compared to the other minions, Sir Phent was deficient in magic and strength at arms, but he accomplished more with his silver tongue and serpentine schemes than all the necromancers and warlocks. But, after the incident with the apple, he was never heard from again. #vss365

After a while, as we have seen many times, mercenaries' tweets occupy the time line and then divert the subversive path. This is exactly what the US Wants! That's why, as your friends say, "Good luck", because with the help of your minions, they are taking over the Twitter space…

Just read somewhere that baby Yoda is like Minions but for millennials and I'm very upset by how true this is.

En Sevilla me esperaba "Ciberfeminismos” de @HolobionteEds y “Endo” de @FJota_Perez y @OrcinyPress Estoy muy emocionada por tanta maravilla, que me está ayudando en días negros


yibo is so pretty oh my god hes SO PRETTY his nose is so round and cute his lips are so pink his EYES are so pretty and when he wears some make up its <3<3<3<3 and his fluffy hair and hes so tiny and i want to hold his hand and give him a hug oh my god. but he likes minions

Malam Jum'at pada ingat cut tari ?#malamjumat

Very proud of this work. Huge thanks to @miRNA375 for the wonderful collaboration and to @nhmrc @DRWFDiabetes and @Soc_Endo for the support! #islets #dohad…

Minions Law : As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a call for civil war approaches 1.…

if you think the minions are "funny", maybe examine what's so funny about creatures who literally serve a villain that wants to destroy the world. THE WORLD.

pake bismillah lagi si tirto yee kocak wkw…

Wah parah.. Sobat indie mari datangi kantor tirto hahaha…

Woi y buset. W cuma pgn dpt satu barang dari flash sale yg Rp 99 susa amat. W udah mau cekot malah server eror!!!! W kg minta nmax bambang. Kg minta ipXmax juga, ngapsyyiiiii #Puncak1212

Orang2 yang menang flash sale Rp.99 itu jempolnya mijitnya gimana sih? Signalnya juga sekenceng apasih heran

udah seneng dapet koper harganya Rp 99 eh ongkirnya 200k lebih -_- pant8lah emang

12.12 jajanan [ rp 12 / rp 99 ]


Itu yang dapet promo sampai harga Rp.99 di SHOPEE gimana sih caranya? #PROMOPUNCAK1212

tuk apa ada flash sale rp.99 jika didompet pun tak ada isina

ikutan kuy... #Harbolnaskumparan HARBOLNAS di kumparan, Dijamin Diskon 100 Persen…

Sayang lagi apa ? Nggak lagi ambyar kan ? #KamisAmbyar

sedang melihat dia dg kekasih barunya yok mundur alon-alon yok #KamisAmbyar


Untuk yg ingin tahu ttg jalannya persidangan Dinda Lutfi sila lihat kultwit @berlianidris #FreedomForLuthfi

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