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Time for @chiefs to get back on track this half

Big key for O’Brien and the #Texans in the second half: Stay aggressive. Don’t try to take the air out of the ball up six points with thirty minutes to play. Now is not the time to get timid, especially with an opponent like the #Chiefs.

HALF TIME: --Perfect half aside from the fumble & bad tackling --BIG Tyrann Mathieu energy is fortunate --Rush Watt v. Erving --Tunsil>Clark --O'Brien has a great gameplan attacking KC's linebackers --Roby is covering Hill well for the first time in his career

Freddie Kitchens continues to have some clock management issues. Browns rushed their drive at the end of the half, turned it over, and left Russell Wilson with way too much time. Seahawks score and get the ball to start the 2nd half. We have it on @ESPNRadio.

Congratulations to @SaulGac_AnDun on winning the U16 B Championship final today! Came from behind at half time thanks in part to goals from our girls Molly and Erin! Great result girls!! @assumptionlive


Split second timing by the @ComdJHC heli crews from @RAFBenson & @RafOdiham today. Co-ordinated by our two chaps on the highest part of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the #NFLLondonGames #NFLUK #Buccaneers vs #Panthers match. #TogetherWeDeliver #NoOrdinaryJob


Great culmination of the inaugural @Teamworks #FootballxFootball weekend in London! #NFLUK #TeamworksFamily


Day 1 of IRFU Coaching Youth Award @Newryrugby. Great to see so many Club and School coaches involved, plus our very own staff member Coach Downey!


Jamie Ritchie best Scotland by a mile. One of Finn Russell’s worst games in a Scotland shirt. Fair play to Japan.

Looking for 6 tickets to #RWC QF2 (Ireland and NZ) if anyone has any leads. Willing to pay outright for them, or I have 6 tickets to QF4 (South Africa and Japan) to swap if that helps! #RWC2019  #ticketswap #RWCtickets #IRFU #AllBlacks

Finn Russell kills Scotland again !!! #SCOvJPN

Statement says claims made by journalist Stephen Jones are ‘scurrlilous and untrue’ (via @irishtimessport)…

Does Finn Russell get paid by the kick?

Now it's Scotland's turn to stir the senses. Some individual brilliance by Finn Russell and they are back in this. 28-21 Japan lead.…

スコットランド Zander Fagerson トライ。Finn Russell コンバージョン成功 日本代表 28-21 スコットランド代表

See what Irish Water started? How many more wasters will be spending our money telling us what a great job they are doing? #marian…

1. This shit is honestly on Jerry Jones and our good ole boy Board of Trustees. It’s just facts. Glad John Stephen got a scholarship. Might as well start him now. Our Texas high school backed coach, whose programs took off when he left (see Clemson post 2013 & SMU), has now

#marian Show some respect to the leader of the opposition in Britian. It is Jeremy Corbyn NOT Corbyn. Notice the PM is referred to as Boris Johnson @rte @deeforbes_dee

Of all the most useless motorbike ashtrays available #marian @rte decides to ask Dermot Ahern what is happening in the #EU tunnel....@olivercallan couldn't make this sh1t up.

Not long till kick off. 75000 Japanese fans ready to go OFF. #JPNvSCO @FOXRUGBY


/ 日本の #おもてなし \ 今夜、行われる #日本 対 #スコットランド の大一番。 日本のファンたちが、試合開始前にスコットランドのアンセムを練習しています。応援はノーサイド! #RWC2019 #JPNvSCO

恒例の撤収風景見学中。 #F1 #F1jp #JapaneseGP #Suzuka #鈴鹿サーキット #鈴鹿


Overthinking your past mistakes like #F1reactions #JapaneseGP


IRFU call on journalist to withdraw "scurrilous and untrue allegation"

The union are unhappy about Stephen Jones' claim that they were opposed to the pool match being postponed

Predictors for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Treatment Outcome in Denmark 2009–2014 HT @SyddanskUniv


Can we all spare a thought for Stephen Jones who now has to block all Irish rugby fans today... I hope he has hand cream it’s going to be a long day

Like why would someone report something that could be rebutted so easily. Will Stephen Jones publish a retraction and apology... Let's wait and see... I think not


Stephen Jones being taken to the cleaners for the lies he tells, love it.…

#TonightsEvent is Billy Connolly – The Sex Lives of Bandages

el camino is the best movie this year

EL CAMINO was SO great. Loved the Lost-esque flashbacking with the Vince Gilligan lens. I didn’t know I needed more of this story, but turns out that I did. I missed you, bitch.

1 2 3 4 esse é numero de carros da Hendrick nas quatro primeiras posições de Talladega

John Hendrick = Wade Phillips some coaches need to be a coordinators. We might beat Valley, but that’s it too many people coming to the games for these L’s. We thought Hughes and Jackson were bad, but he has more talent and the team has regressed since week 1.

Next up on my agenda is to do a final editorial pass on my Mick novel. I will also finish some promised business in my email file. It's the what's next after that where I'm frowning. I need some order-of-operations hard-hat thinking to decide. #writingcommunity #witchboard #vani

I absolutely have a burning hatred for the yankees

"There is self-censorship and the self-censorship is based in real fear because people have been killed and I have to live with security in Denmark," says editor Flemming Rose who defended a newspaper for printing 12 cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.

#Strictly star @MichelleVisage demands the show introduces same-sex couples next year…

Errr.. that strictly result is just as fucking bananas as the scoring was tonight #strictly

okay no offence but the tweets saying “now strictly will get less views” like...why would you want that?? the show your fave will still be on and the show that is their livelihood and how they make their money?? like why would you want it to suffer i don’t get it #strictly

Kathleen Watkins reads 'In Memory Of My Mother' by Patrick Kavanagh. #RayDarcyShow

Ray: Hi Claire! You're going to Prague! Claire: Good! #raydarcy #raydarcyshow

She's even wearing green. Bonnie steals the hearts of the Irish again. #RayDarcyShow

Misogynistic, toxic masculinity, this wan has all the buzz words. #raydarcyshow

Mick McCarthy: Take him on James!!! McClean:…

As a gael all i can say is i hope the Enniskerry men are all ok and on a speedy recovery. Scary scenes tonight!

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