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102:45:57 Duke: (Reporting that Houston has received telemetry confirming engine shutdown and that they have heard Buzz’s transmission regarding address 413) We copy you down, Eagle. #Apollo50th

102:45:47 Aldrin: Mode Control, both Auto. Descent Engine Command Override, Off. Engine Arm, Off. 413 is in. #Apollo50th

102:45:44 Aldrin: Okay. Engine Stop. #Apollo50th

102:45:40 Aldrin: Contact Light. #Apollo50th

Big budget film version of Cats is slammed for its CGI 'whitewashing' of black star Francesca Hayward

“Trailer for ‘Cats’ eye view of soundcheck..” nigel godrich’s photo on Instagram


Hall of Famer Greg Maddux on the traits all Hall of Fame pitchers have in common.…

Happy birthday to the Island's very own son of a bitch, @JoshHolloway. Thank you for being central to what made #LOST the greatest TV show of all time. cc: @FuckYeahLOST


Hot take: there is no more overrated comedic personality than Eddie Murphy…

His week in Umbria: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy bought an estate in Italy back in 2004 with ...… via @MailOnline

⚽️GGOOALLL!!! What a goal! Brody Murphy lobs the keeper from 30 yards out! @CorkCityFC 2-2 @WexfordFC

Embassy warns Indians against UAE visit visa misuse

The @Indians only warning track is so #lastyear. The concourse is where it’s at @bikeVeloSano 2019.


#BDS Israel is isolating #Palestinian universities by forcing international scholars to leave their academic positions in the occupied West Bank…

Mxxx racist Indian pig trying to compare and claim Indians had it bad.... No you didn't you racist pig even cause you've always been sellouts sucking up to pinkies.... Even your Gandhi was a racist…

The person who aided Lisa Smith's radicalised view of Islam and convinced her to travel to ISIS territory held a very important role in the Islamic State. Details in tomorrow's @IrishMailSunday

Today in pulp I'm looking back at life 540 million years ago. It's a fascinating period in Earth's evolution known as the Cambrian explosion! Come and meet your ancestors... #FridayFeeling


The PM was warned in 2016 that her commitments on Brexit and the Northern Ireland / Irish border were incompatible, according to Sir Ivan Rogers, former UK Permanent Representative to the EU. Read the full transcript here:… @tomtugendhat

The world record for the loudest thing ever shouted belongs to an Irish female teacher who shouted the word “quiet” at 121 decibels, the equivalent of a jet engine.…

Lord David Alton of Liverpool told CNA that the UK Parliament is unfairly imposing an abortion law with "contempt" for Northern Irish voters. Read more:

The Battle of Ridgeway and the threat of more Fenian incursions rattled Britain’s northern colonies, hastening their unification to form Canada. “Fenian raids would prove instrumental in the creation of a new nation, just not the one Irish men intended.”…

This looks like they're blaming Iran for the Cats movie.…

River Cats manage to push one more across and now lead 7-1 head to the bottom of the 5th!

Me trying to figure out what amber sees in Michael #Loveisland


im not at all for this cats movie but That song is rly so beautiful and i’ve had it stuck in my head all day like i cannot believe it came from a musical abt Cats

I look like an egg and Michael Jackson had a baby

Jelang laga Madura United vs Arema FC, Greg Nwokolo sudah mewanti-wanti sosok Milomir Seslija dikubu Arema FC.

This week on the MICHAEL AND US podcast, @LukewSavage and I revisited one of the dustier relics of The End Of History: the Academy Award-winning AMERICAN BEAUTY.…

The Indians are three games back in the AL Central. Three. After being 11.5 back in early June. This. This is pretty, pretty good. #RallyTogether

Step into the danger zone and check out the new trailer for #TopGunMaverick. #SDCC2019…

In honor of Top Gun Trailer day, here's a reminder that the trailer for the original kicked serious ass Like I've said before, Top Gun is great but I want to go see *that* movie Also someone should dub Stranger Eyes over the new one, it kind of works

In light of the new Top Gun movie coming out, a confession: I've never seen Top Gun. That is all.

É só o primeiro episódio da 4 temporada de #QueerEye4 e já estou chorando. Kd a @AnaOak pra segurar minha mão? Obrigado por esse programa lindo @NetflixBrasil <3

I had a rough week and my soul truly needed @QueerEye. Thank you @antoni @Karamo @bobbyberk @jvn @tanfrance for being such a positive force in this crazy world #QueerEye4

TOP GUN 2: Maverick Trailer (2020) @YouTubeさんから トム・クルーズって、今何歳よ?

Rd 3 Scoring Ave Y-T-D (made @TheOpen cut): Cantlay: 67.4 (12 rounds) Glover: 68.6 (15) Simpson: 68.6 (13) Xander: 69 (13) JT: 69.17 (12) Furyk: 68.18 (11) Finau: 69.2 (14) Rahm: 69.27 (11) Kokrak: 69.29 (17) DJ: 69.3 (12) Fowler/Kuchar: 69.4 (15) #TheOpen #DK #DFS #Showdown

#TheOpen 2日目 BestScore -6 ジャスティン・ハーディング選手 世界ランク50位  南アフリカ 今年の3月に欧州ツアーで優勝して 「出たい試合にだけ出れる」とコメントしてからアメリカツアーに参戦している選手です。 #JustinHarding

The latest: Newsday (N.Y.): J.B. Holmes, Shane Lowry share British Open lead after 36 holes…

Greg is Irish, a rugby player, training in law AND he loves WESTLIFE, brings you 2 types tea in the morning,what more could you want #LoveIsland

Rory McIlroy can only watch on the weekend as one of his best friends, Shane Lowry of Ireland, goes after the claret jug.

Golf: Shane shoots in to share: Rory McIlroy missed the cut but there will be Irish roars at The Open this weekend after Shane Lowry moved into tied first at Royal Portrush. (Getty Images) #Golf #Portal4Sport


Shane Lowry, J.B. Holmes share British Open lead as Rory McIlroy’s rally to make cut falls one stroke short @Globe_Sports


Greg saying “I really like Westlife” is a BIG mood #LoveIsland

Friday night wine night. Had a meal and drink at Spiral Weave. Came to Chapel Tav on the way home for some pink gin and lemonade and some Madonna and Oasis. Laura's fave Westlife was on also. #lovethelifeyoulivelivethelifeyoulove


Local Man Fairly Sure He Shifted Lisa Smith In The Oasis…

what Greg should of done when amber didn’t share his love for westlife #loveisland


Irish native Shane Lowry is tied for the lead halfway through the The Open, which just so happens to be taking place in Northern Ireland. @DaveTindallgolf has more on Day 2 from Royal Portrush. The Roundup:


My #fridaynightdram after a busy few weeks, Springbank 10 year old.


That's not just a stack of books, that's a stack of books by or including Northern Irish authors. What a talented little place this is !


At the Irish Center in Philadelphia. Had no idea how many people in this city are from Northern Ireland. And they are excited about Frampton in Aug 10 at the @LiacourasCenter! Good stuff. #boxing

Early start for my #FridayNightDram. Lovely pint of @GuinnessIreland in @BowesWhiskeyBar accompanied by a wonderful @WalshWhiskey Copper Pot.


Okay... but with CATS being through Universal Pictures, what’s the probability of us getting one of those Real Housewives sponcon commercials? Because that might actually kill me.

Me after watching ‘Cats’ trailer

Little-known fact: TS Eliot’s real first name was Tabby. He was mocked so much on St Louis playgrounds that he fled to London as an adult. He wrote about cats to process his childhood trauma.

Eoghan Murphy isn't responsible for the entire housing crisis. He is however responsible for not adequately responding to it and insisting on dying on this hill that Co living is the answer. We don't want to live in dorms, we just want our own space. Build up and build loads.…

I wonder which popular performance artist they'll get to do the updated version of "Danger Zone" for the new Top Gun... Bieber, Post Malone, Lil Nas X, Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled?

#FridayFeeling सरकार द्वारा नशा मुक्ति अभियान के बावजूद भी कोई सफलता नहीं। लेकिन संत रामपाल जी महाराज के ज्ञान से लाखों लोगों ने नशा छोड़ दिया और शक्ति अपनाई है। अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखें साधना चैनल शाम 7:30 बजे से कि ऐसा क्या है संत रामपाल जी महाराज के सत्संग में।


Ever wonder if we’re all just living in a world where James Corden released a genie from a bottle

Omg I just watched the Top Gun Maverick trailer and now I can't wait to see it. Might have to watch Top Gun tonight now. I feel the need, the need for speed!

Eoghan Murphy should change places with Muhmmet for one day only ...I suspect that would do the trick #CoLiving…

OBJECTIVE RANKING OF THE CATS FROM ‘CATS’: 1. Rumple-Tump Teezer 2. Foogy Wisebottom 3. Uncle Jerome 4. Ben Chunch 5. Constable Slut 6. Lil’ Stinkoh 7. Anfernee Comcast 8. Jon-Benet Ramsey (Cat Version) 9. I Swear That One Keeps Winking At Me 10-98. The Extras 99. James Corden

Shane Lowry's golf ball is awesome.


If Steve Smith & David Warner were Indians ..... They would be in line for the Bharat Ratna.

Fair play Paddy Power, this is a quality short reveal! Other brands, take note! #SaveOurShirt


Shane Lowry being caddied by the FaceApp older version of himself is an impressive commitment to current social media trends


The first trailer for the star-studded Cats, releasing in theatres December 20, has arrived. Watch it here.

Haha I mean, that's cool as an #Indians fan but also nuts.…

James Corden prepared for his role in the Cats movie by spending five years licking Hollywood's collective arse.

North West Frontier on @TalkingPicsTV: a modest, thought-provoking British locomotive action chamber epic; script fueled by complex political argument; Kenneth More's willingness to follow orders questioned; Indians cast in Indian parts; PLUS Wilfrid Hyde-White and Lauren Bacall?


45 years ago today, Dick Bosman of the Cleveland @Indians no-hit the world champion Oakland A's — on just 79 pitches. Read the @SABRGames story on Bosman's 1974 gem:… #SABR


i did it. i faceapped the james corden cat.


How they casted #Cats. Rebel Wilson: Only if James Corden does it. Corden: Only if Jennifer Hudson does it. Jennifer: Only if Judi Dench does it. Dame Judi: Hold my beer, I’m calling T-Swift.

Shane Lowry & his FaceApp caddie at The Open today.


Me: surely there is no way I can dislike James Corden any more than I do? James Corden:


BREAKING: Darren Clarke has three-putted the 18th green to miss the cut at #TheOpen. Heartbreaking.…

نادي هدرسفيلد أقام حملة توعوية من اجل توضيح قيمة شعار النادي خدعوا الجميع ان هذا سوف يكون قميصهم الموسم القادم بالاتفاق مع شركة المراهنات paddy power مما اثار استياء الجميع بسبب ان الراعي اخذ حيزاً كبيراً من القميص


Sneak peek of the #DublinMaker map for tomorrow


Paddy Power's head of PR Lee Price says bookmaker 'blown away' by success of Huddersfield kit hoax. He also admits some fans might feel like the butt of joke. We ask PR pros for their views. | PR Week via @prweekuknews #SaveOurShirt @paddypower @htafc

La criticada equipación del @htafc, en la que muchos cayeron, no fue más que una ingeniosa forma del auspiciante (Paddy Power) de presentar la nueva camiseta bajo la campaña #SaveOurShirt que no lucirá la estampa patrocinador. Valorable y lindo ver camisetas limpias.

Some atmosphere following Shane Lowry for the last hour. Feels like an Irish Open with almost everyone in the crowd willing him on.

Fair play to Paddy Power. Wish United would follow suit and get the ghastly Chevy logo off our shirts but that's obviously not gonna happen at all.…

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says he wants Irish IS bride Lisa Smith to come home as he would never separate a child from her mother that is Lies Tusla Child Snatchers have taken over 6000 Children into care @Tusla #Tusla…

Declan Power: 'If the Government was serious on Lisa Smith issue, it would have sent in forces'


Stories are emerging about ISIS using brides in refugee camps to train young terrorists This seems lost on Irish journalists, particularly those at @rtenews who are printing pro ISIS stories every day And who are desperately trying to get Lisa Smith back to Ireland


Margaret Chase Smith was an icon. Joni Ernst, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, where are you!

Watch last night's Prime Time interview with Lisa Smith, the woman who joined #ISIS on #RTÉPlayer #RTEPT ▶️…

Wow Liam Neeson’s going to rescue Lisa Smith


Apparently @leovaradkar want Lisa Smith repatriated, at great expense and danger, for the 'sake of the child', but has no problem with the children of law abiding citizens livings in hubs and hotels indefinitely. @FineGael Virtue signalling egged on by usual media. #todaysor

John McGuirk says that Lisa Smith is contradicting herself in her RTE interview. Either she didn't know what ISIS wanted to achieve when she travelled to join them or she did and therefore she laments their failure. One or the other, but not both.…

So just to make this clear, the Government here is to engage with people to bring Lisa Smith home from Syria, she being a member of ISIS, one of the most brutal terrorist groups in the World. If a confessed, repentent IRA member was stranded in Libya, would they do the same?

.@DavQuinn excellent on @TodaySOR on Lisa Smith affair. He says she has shown no remorse and her regrets are based on the fact that ISIS were beaten. #Irishfreedom

'How am I a monster? I didn't fight': Isil bride Lisa Smith denies she was involved in violence


How we deal with Lisa Smith will tell us something about ourselves… via @IrishTimesLife


the good hair crew and tj and amber and marty and jonah are all going to grow up without us and we won’t ever get to witness them in highschool

Top Gun! Hala ilk günkü gibi. İlk izlediğim zamanı hatırlıyorum. Soundtrackleri mükemmeldi, Cool’un tanımıydı. Şimdi de 2020 sürümü geliyor!

No ha sido una pesadilla: el tráiler de #Cats, con Taylor Swift, es bien real y viene a instalarse en tu cerebro.…

i personally can’t wait to see Cats because you know what i like more than good movies? bad movies

あのトップガンの正式続編「Top Gun: Maverick」の予告編が公開、トム・クルーズが再びやってくる - GIGAZINE… おお、監督はジョセフ・コシンスキーか。期待

Watch: Tom Cruise and his magnificent flying machines are back in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ trailer… via @TheReel_in

der top-gun-trailer lässt auch schlimme grütze erwarten, aber niemandem gucke ich liebe bei seiner eigenen kultischen verehrung zu als tom cruise. er ist halt einfach komplett irre, das find ich gut.

Nike Blazer Mid Vintage in Amber Rise and Grand Purple…


omg amber and marty dancing together? mamber endgame!


so we all have 167 hours left until we lose the good hair crew, the mack family, marty, amber, and tj...... ouch

Time moves oddly in some places in Middle earth. It quickens and flows and pools like amber. IT rushes and flees, and it lingers. Time is... far from a constant. And time is just ONE of the subjects for #TolkienFriday. Set your watches, folks...

Going into @UFCSanAntonio, Greg Hardy says his goal is to win the @UFC heavyweight title. "I'm here to take everything:"

Morning, it's day two at #TheOpen @ColinMurray and @ConorMcNamaraIE are stood where Rory McIlroy's ball went out of bounds on the opening hole starting his day one disaster. Can he recover today to make the cut? #5livebreakfast


Hey Greg, great tweet! Does this mean you'll also be signing a law securing the right of individuals and organizations to support the BDS movement?…

I just got home and my dog was blasting uncle cracker in a Greg Myers mask. Nice.

#Loveislandusa is kicking out people way too fast. I feel like I’m not attached to anyone for that reason. Love island UK gives us time to really see people grow. #lovelsland

Anyone else wanna slap the baby voice outta Caro?? #LoveIslandUSA #lovelsland #ewww

jordan needs to make sure he never attempts saying mEsSaGe again and just leave it to ovie #lovelsland

@RTÉ reporter claims she met children who were trained and are “afraid” of #LisaSmith #rtept should publish that material or evidence against her

Bradser either a tactical genius or got starting team all wrong. Either way no doubting the class of Jack Byrne. Great night in Tallaght

You will recall I tweeted about ppl not aware of LTI Book and you were all shocked feeling it could not happen, see this article by @paulodonoghue93 how it could easily happen. Spread the word #RTEPT #TonightVMTV…

Dec. 8, 2015: Calls for Muslim ban June 3, 2016: Attacks federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel Aug. 15, 2017: “Very fine people on both sides” at Charlottesville Jan. 12, 2018: Shithole countries July 14, 2019: Tells congresswomen to "go back"

I wrote about Tucker Carlson's nightly incitement to violence for @newsweek #IStandWithIlhan…

OK.... if #Mattel announce Hollywood Hogan then this official becomes the greatest #WWE #SDCC ever!!! Mattel have knocked it out the park!!!! Chyna Greg the Hammer Valentine A REFEREE!!!! Rey Mysterio as Mysterio from Wrestlemania Both me and my wallet are close to tears

I really like this new guy Greg omg his vibe is 10/10 #LoveIsland

Kuip: “Both of you guys (Greg Papa & John Lund) are like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston, we all knew eventually you’d get back together.” @JohnLundRadio: “So who’s who?”

Idk how Amber and Greg will get on romantically but I still hope she picks him even if nothing comes of it. Then India can go to Chris, and Ovie is left alone again so Amber can couple up with him and they can win. They are the only winners I will accept #loveisland

“Nobody hits as hard as Greg Hardy” - Greg Hardy’s girlfriend #UFCSanAntonio…

Give #Mick Wallace a break. His son is more than qualified to be Chef de Cabinet for #Clare Daly . After all he ran one of Mick's restaurants up in #Dublin Where else would you find a better chef for your cabinet?

A longer version of this interview with Lisa Smith is on tonight’s @RTE_PrimeTime 9.35 @RTEOne…

Tonight we're covering the story of Lisa Smith. She says she's no plans to return to Ireland from Syria, where she's living in a camp following the collapse of IS. If you're unclear about how the war developed there, check out our video explainer: #rtept

Unionists in Northern Ireland fear Zimbabwe-type land seizures if a United Ireland comes to pass. V interesting report by Irish senator exploring unionists fears of a united Ireland post Brexit. It's part of due diligence in the event of border poll.…

"I would be very worried as leader of the Muslim community in Ireland if a lady with those radical views that traveled all the way to the so called IS and lived there for so long and still believes she didn't do anything wrong." Dr Umar Al-Qadri speaking about Lisa Smith.

Lisa Smith: ‘It’s very hard to talk about my family because I haven't seen them’ | Read more

“I want her child to be able to come home, I would never separate a mother and child, so yes, I want her to come home.”…

If Clare Daly were a man, this story wouldn't get light of day. It's not up to journalists to make a presumption about a relationship status other than they are colleagues.…

That awkward moment when you try the #FaceApp to check how you'll look old and withered and it shows you your current pic

Newcastle hoping to complete club record signing of Hoffenheim striker Joelinton in the next 48 hours. He is due for a medical ahead of completing a £36m deal and will be a welcome addition for new boss Steve Bruce. Newcastle been working on deal for six months.

On my way to #DHSS19 That means a local bus through Leeds for me this morning #KeepingItReal #USBchargers #wifi


Leeds in talks with Kalvin Phillips over new deal

Manchester United player ratings vs Leeds: Mason Greenwood and Paul Pogba excellent…

Thank you to @ed_aarons for posting this review of one of Steve Bruce’s novels. I mean it sounds pretty good to me:…

Huddersfield Town wearing the most famous shirt in football and scoring 3 goals in a game. I can't wait for the season to start @htafc @paddypower




Town ranked third-best Championship club in 'world rankings'…




Yahooニュース! 新種の乳首を発見(7月18日12時33分)



#TonightVMTV @cooper_m just said that Delaney gave the FAI the €100,000 “for tax purposes “ Perhaps Matt could elaborate.

For those of you who voted / vote for @Fergusodowd, PLEASE STOP. His only retort to every question is to vacillate, dither, and dawdle. #TonightVMTV

Banks are laughing at you @Fergusodowd They are still applying interim legal costs in repossession cases to borrower's accounts without direction from a judge. That's how contrite they are after the #TrackerMortgageFRAUD #TonightVMTV

Now, from Bank fiddles to Football fiddles , it’s a #CorruptKip . #tonightVMTV

#tonightvmtv @davidhall75 is so right. @finegael happily on holidays when results of one of the biggest scandals was announced.

LOOOL RELAX. how can he degrade Ovie like that. #Lovelsland

Why would bankers worry about committing crimes on customers when they know all that will happen is the minister will invite them over for tea and biccys,and Mr Noonan let them off paying taxes for 20 yrs.#TonightVMTV

David Hall hitting the nail on the head. How about some action as a follow up? Fergus trying to pass the buck on as per usual. Families LOST HOMES. #TonightVMTV

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