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Raja Arab Saudi derma kerana kagum dengan Malaysia, kata Najib…


Another Saudi terrorist attack in the United States. What's the body count now?

It is what it is - an attack by a member of Saudi’s armed services. We made this mistake before - labeling and mislabeling terrorism. It cost us dearly. There’s a lot of arms deals in Saudi Us relations. Maybe this Involves one of them?…

Here’s the Stamann vs. Yadong scorecard. Sal D’Amato was the only judge to have Stamann winning. #UFCDC


This is so crazy. The 9/11 bombers were from Saudi Arabia trained in the US and then hijacked and took down the towers. Why the fuck did we allow them anywhere near us. And we’re training then again!! WTF! Trainee on Military Base Mounts attack. NYT…

Rob Font called me out during his post-fight scrum for picking against him on the @MMAJunkie staff picks and said I can't play with his dogs anymore. This is a very upsetting development. #UFCDC

“I didn’t prepare like I should of, I gained too much weight. The next fight I’ll be better.” Feels like we’ve heard that before. #RuizJoshua2 #AndyRuizVsAnthonyjoshua #AndyRuizJr #AnthonyJoshua #boxing #boxeo #monteroonboxing

How vile a person do you have to be to let Saudi terrorists killed Americans on our soil & your only response is ,"Saudi prince feels bad about it and will send us a check" Most disgusting , cowardly president ever has no interest in defending America @CNN @FoxNews…

Ladd vs Kunitskaya is up next! #UFCDC


Saudi Arabia has been one of the most repressive dictatorships for decades and yet some #trumpholes continue to support them...…


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Kok gak ada yg positif ke Manchester City sih? Mereka sudah kerja keras dan bikin gol. Bukan salah mereka sampai kalah. Memang lawannya aja yg jauh lebih kuat.

Gary Neville is a real one man

Couldn't agree more Gary Neville criticises PM after fan accused of racism at Manchester derby…

Race baiting is done more by the left than anyone else on the political spectrum. Gary Neville is a twat.

The Prime Minister has a long record of racist comments and they came back to haunt him live on Sky Sports on Saturday night.…

Anthony Joshua, as has been customary in his wins, stayed in the ring for a long while, enjoying the atmosphere, taking phones from fans at ringside and capturing selfies, then returning the phone. Photo by Nick Potts/PA/Getty Images #RuizJoshua2 #AJRuiz2 #JoshuaRuiz2


What did we think of AJ tonight? Professional, got the job done imo. #AJRuiz2

I just love Duncan Ferguson.

Happy 23rd Birthday, Scott McTominay! #MUFC


Duncan Ferguson. What a guy.

Watford are winless in their last 12 home Premier League games. #bbcfootball #WFC #MOTD


RTÉ hit a real low tonight. Their stand-up comedian contest was contested by four of the unfunniest comedians you could hope to see. The only funny part was the winner being the worst of the lot. A fuckin joke alright. #raydarcyshow

In his own head Brian dowling is a massive celeb #raydarcyshow

Really like Brian Dowling... but what has happened his whole mouth area?? #raydarcyshow

Boris Johnson: We must find source of UK-US trade document leak

Brexit ist für Johnson eine Nummer zu groß, seine Bevölkerung stehe Kopf, weil nix stimmt, Ärger an allen Fronten vorprogrammiert. Die Schäfer in Schottland erhalten Subventionen, die wegfallen, No Brexit! Wer kann, bevorzugt EU-Staatsbürgeschaft - kluger Ausweg mit Perspektiven,


Ero entrata su Netflix per vedere Marriage story e invece sto guardando Downsizing mi dispiace the dumb life chose me

I knew about the performance of “Being Alive” but nobody warned me about Adam Driver’s final chin quiver in MARRIAGE STORY and honestly what gave him the right.


7K within this show and MARK IS GONNA FUCK NEIL’S HEAD UP!!! #DCUtv24


My first professional job on screen was on SG1. “Yes sir. There’s no one here sir.” I had no clue what anyone else was saying but I sure as heck knew my lines. #WeWantStargate

Imagine the academic and lobbyist versions of Tom Cotton and John Delaney "debating" each other for 40 years. That pretty much captures the mainstream antitrust discourse since the late 1970s.

The idea that John Delaney ’acted alone’ is a nonsense, especially when you read something like this…

Fair play to @bartonscellmate for making the comments. The corruption in the FAI is disgusting! Every single Irish supporter will stand by Jordan until his ban is lifted. The FAI and John Delaney have finally been found out! #PutDelaneyInJail #FAIScandal #Corruption #FAIaccounts…

"The intersection between creativity and graft and craft is massive… the real work is under the hood and that deadly writing talent that you have will never work unless the engine has been built.” @UnaMullally shares words of wisdom for writers at #xpollinator


Two hours of 'speed-dating' style networking and now we're all exhausted and hoarse #xpollinator


If any positive came from the FAI report, it's that John Delaney will now never get the legacy he so badly craved. 'Man of the people, pints for the lads', fully exposed as the poison that infected Irish football and brought it to its knees. Poetic justice and fucking deserved.

Exciting times for @TympanyMedical this morning! We are lucky to be attending the announcement of #DTIF call 2.


Two professions people can be reluctant to question in any way, yet maybe need an awful lot of questioning? Revealed: How GPs and lawyers are fuelling our compensation claims culture…

Minister @HHumphreysFG announces the successful #DTIF Call 2 projects: "The projects are being funded with €65m of Government investment and will bring significant changes and benefits across all sectors of society, both at a national and a global level." #FutureJobsIreland


Oczywiście Ruiz nie ma żadnych szans dziś wygrać z Joshuą. Dokładnie tak samo, jak w pierwszej walce.

Dakota #Johnson flashes her toned figure and a big smile after her morning sweat session [Mail Online]…

Surely, no woman can vote for the #tories? #Johnson spells dire trouble for women with his cruel policies, his misogynistic language and his personal example of infidelity. #socialcarecuts #UniversalCredit #periodpoverty…

Boris Johnson is creating a Party where everyone thinks they are a firefighter for offering to put out a fire they started.


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