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We are live discussing FAKE Lady Thor Outrage & The Rest Of Comicon Including Reactions To All The New Trailers.

I just realized Mahershala Ali had a college football hat ceremony on stage at Hall H in San Diego and then pulled out the surprise hat nobody saw coming with Blade U



I'll accept Thor being skinny again in the new movie, but only AFTER an 80's style workout montage set to Maniac by Michael Sembello

Iunno about the rest of that garbage, but I will watch the hell out of some Mahershala Ali as Blade.

ana clara ta ficando louca q isso pai

I need friends who like Fleetwood Mac.

It’s about that time of the night where I cry to Fleetwood Mac

“Tommy Fleetwood did not look fine as he walked down from the high tee on the 5th. He resembled a man with a large overdraft about to visit his bank manager.” - John Hopkins says the Englishman was outplayed by Shane Lowry…

Dog I went to the bar in sweatpants last night Nintendo switch in hand, and I just dipped a chicken nugget into mashed potatoes. I’m stuck in this shithole in Greenland for 20 more days wtf am I gonna do with myself

Fleetwood rues missed chances after another second-place Major finish (via @the42_ie)…

Fleetwood Post 625 lost to Wanderers from Bethlehem 5-1 in an elimination game at Bear Stadium. Fleetwood Post 625 had a nice run. They beat Boyertown on opening night and gave South Parkland all they could handle in a 5-4 loss last night.

Tomas O Se today #kerryvdonegal #SundayGame

What a brilliant game of football . Football championship would be seriously good without the dubs #thesundaygame #kerryvdonegal

God help Mayo, they are so far behind Donegal it’s frightening. Kerry & Donegal both will be safely through. Murphy/McHugh are the best tag team since The Hardy Boyz, both currently are POTY nominees, incredible game #KERRYvDONEGAL

The path to new lows in alts & $BTC in this bear market should be severe. Vast ignorance (imperfect knowl) & fraud have delayed price efficiency. Markets are not price efficient ST but they are LT. HODLers will find out soon the meaning of intrinsic value.…

Selling stray kids Cle2 & yellow wood Version albums! 16€, no customs! Fix price :3 you get a full album + 1 special mymusictaste photocard. Pm if you want to order #straykidstrade #straykidssell #straykids #straykidsBerlin #yellowwood


Now that I’ve graduated, my price has gone all the way up. You’ll never hear from man if you’re not benefiting me mentally or financially

Is #NataliePortman worthy of the hammer in '#ThorLoveAndThunder'? Here's what Twitter feels . . . . Female #Thor

We Have Unbathed, Malnourished, Tender Aged Kids (under 10yo) Taking care of Toddlers & Infants As They, All Try To Sleep On Cold, Hard, Cement Floors With Lights On 24/7 Infested with Lice, Flu, Stench Of Urine & Feces. For The Low Price Of $750/day Ea.


O Thor é tipo a gente que em 2011 era emo e hoje virou indie…

Wonder how many sick notes this man might be responsible for tomorrow ? Ireland bracing for outbreak of “Lowry flu”? @RTEsport @rtenews @TheOpen @bbcnewslineDT @FergalBowers @joerob65 @jimmymacRTE @ShaneLowryGolf @davidlynas2 #TheOpen


Kelly Price was snapping on “he proposed” my gawd.

Coming up at 4pm, the Kingdom take on Donegal in Croke Park in phase 2 of the Super 8s and as always, we'll be there to bring you live commentary! Safe travels to everyone heading up this morning.


Lina has been texting me shit like this since the cats trailer dropped and it makes me cry laughing


48' | BOOM! Brandon Allen gets on the board! @ChickfilaMem #MEMvNY | #DefendMemphis | 1-2

Iris west Allen. WILL SHE EVER BE HAPPY??


Late Saturday featured an ominous foreshadowing of what's to come. A calm before a storm that will undoubtedly have a role to play on Sunday of #TheOpen


Doctor Abu Yusuf of Australia sends important messages to Muslims in the West and is treating Muslims who were bombed by the American-led coalition in the city of Raqqa #MarvelSDCC Allen Whyte

Greg Vanney is an idiot. #TFCLive

natalie portman is back as lady thor!!!

Greg Edwards is all over the bumper of CE Falk III for second. Edwards takes P2 on Lap 26 coming off Turn 2

3:50 a pint tomorrow in the clubhouse! The Offaly Rover May be sang! @ShaneLowryGolf and @EskerHills our support will be there..enjoy the day and just keep being who you are!

I finally watched the Cats video and my only question is, does this take place in a post apocalyptic future after genetic experiments have gone very wrong

You could turn a profit just by going against the majority on these polls. Today's game - Royals at Indians Who are you on? #VegasKillers #SportsBetting #MLB #Royals #Indians

I have the solution. Just fix the mouths. Then the cats wont be so damn creepy

Cats (2019)

Whole world including India desperately waiting to see the outcome of Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI visit of America. Indians can't afford to see the good relationship between US & PAK. But as #PMIKVisitingUS nations expecting something huge going to be happened.


This is what pure class looks like. A open tribute to @NASA from @Roscosmos, congratulating the U.S. space agency on its technical achievement of landing people on the Moon 50 years ago today. #Apollo50th.…

ADOPT A CAT: Sophie 13 year old outdoor, black female cat. Details #catsprotection #AdoptDontShop


Wheels up with @SecondLady, @TheRealBuzz, the Armstrong family, @JimBridenstine & @Robert_Aderholt to Cape Canaveral for the #Apollo50th Moon landing celebration!

Well done NJ! @PhilMurphyNJ signed 4 gun bills, 3 to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, 1 to encourage #SmartGuns. @bradybuzz @RalphFascitelli…

102:46:06 Duke: Roger, Twan...(correcting himself) Tranquility. We copy you on the ground. You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We're breathing again. Thanks a lot. #Apollo50th

The Houston #Astros will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the #Apollo11 moon landing by wearing these special caps today against the Rangers #Apollo11at50 #Apollo50th Our post with details, history, pics and more here:…


No it's not, poor analogy. Eddie Murphy is the GOAT, well deserved, well worth it.…

Michael Murphy: ‘I’m still that six, seven, eight-year-old puling on the Donegal jersey’…


Hahaha yo TNaq nabbed this dude by FIVE FEET. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! *oh yeah and that average is almost .300 @TyNaquin #KCU…

When you don’t use it for 10 years or so, years Murphy’s Oil Soap becomes a bit like Murphy’s Extra-hold Hair Gel. #summercleaning

The trade deadline has been quite the topic for the Indians with Trevor Bauer taking center stage. To trade him? (via @mlkrall )… Or not to trade him? (via @thejaketakeblog )…

Ease migration rules for Indians to win post-Brexit deals, say MPs (20190624 - Guardian)…

Fellows participated at the "Friends of the World War II Memorial.” Lisa Smith, ‘16 (TX), Deborah Puckett,‘07 (TN), Win Anderson, 14 (MN), Richard Vanden Bosch, ‘04 (CA), Amber McMunn, '13 (TX), Heather Loeschke, '10 (MN), Scott Bradley, '10 (CA), Maryanne Hipple, '19 (FL).


Yesterday the Royals lost to the Cleveland Indians because of Willy Peralta. Peralta kept yelling at rookie catcher Meiburys Viloria over pitching signs. My question is why isn’t Richard Lovelady and or Josh Staumont not in the majors right now?#AlwaysRoyal

One important point Lisa Smith made was her ability to escape or be removed from the camp by ISIS. She said: "Dawla will just buy me back" This is why she needs to be repatriated quickly. Populist statement like "let her find her own way back" affect Irish security.

Cats (2019)

i’m really about to have three dogs and three cats...word

I can’t make it through the trailer for the live action Cats movie because all I can think about is how many guys in fursuits have jacked off to it.

Lucy Stoner will be president of the United States of America someday I’m calling it now #QueerEye4

A's 5, #MNTwins 3. The record: 59-37 (1st, +3.0) The Indians are within three games as the normally sure Ryne Harper coughs up two runs and the fire-breathing Liam Hendriks shuts the door.

After watching tonight's episode of love island I want Amber and Greg to win the 50k, they're so cute together and have such an amazing connection #loveIsland

Great night tonight @BCBirdBall - Nokona 15s with a 4-2,win led by good pitching from Matt Murphy @PNHS_Baseball Jake Burns @KPBaseball2019 and Nick DiRito @CathMemBaseball Offense led by Garrett Burke @BHHSBaseball 2-3 2RBI and Matt Ray @Baseball_LS 1-2 2R 3B. Awesome tour too!


"I asked why it was unsafe and they said they couldn't explain that," Toronto resident Greg Hopkins said.

how is it that im eating smart popcorn but im dummy thicc -griffin murphy

Eddie Murphy Working Out Netflix Deal for a Reported $70 Million…

The movie I’m keen to see is 'Charlie' Top Gun 3 starring Kelly McGillis and telling the story of how Christine Fox became the highest-ranking female official in history to serve in the US Department of Defense. #TopGunMaverick #TopGun2 @TopGunMovie

The audacity of this bitch. Michael can fuck off #LoveIsland


Sir Ian and Dame Judi telling James Corden that he really has a future ahead of him.

Lowry, Holmes share Open lead after 2nd round Shane Lowry (8 under) and J.B. Holmes share the 36-hole lead at the 148th Open Championship after Friday's second round.… #golf #sports

Shane Lowry, J.B. Holmes share British Open lead as Rory McIlroy leaves with cheers.… #ShaneLowry, #JBHolmes #BritishOpen #RoryMcIlroy

'There's no point shying away from it' - Shane Lowry embracing Major challenge ahead of huge weekend


Omnium britannique: «C'est incroyable!» -Shane Lowry #FM93

Northern Irish twitterati: a colleague (almost esteemed) has a day off tomorrow & wants to play reasonably close to Portrush. Suggestions? Other than the obvious, of course.

Donald Trump’s campaign contact George Nader has been charged with sex trafficking of a minor, just two weeks after Donald Trump’s friend Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking of minors. There’s a pattern here, and it’s sick as hell.

Conservatives: Why are liberals upset about Trump’s comments? They’re just words. Also conservatives: WHY WON’T OBAMA JUST SAY THE WORDS RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM?

If you really LOVE her, give her this... #FridayFeeling

when you can read a Trump tweet and not become emotional or enraged you have acquired the Jedi Master resistance level to Toxic Narcissism.

Democrat Senator @jontester doing his best Antifa thug impersonation: #InsteadOfDissingTrump just "punch him in the face."…

This summer I was told that it was the hottest summer on record. I'm still happy that where I live, we've had weeks of 8-10 degrees below normal. Been wonderful. #fridayfeeling #fridaythoughts

How to go to market in middle America #startup

El archipiélago de San Andrés apareció señalado por primera vez en una Carta Universal de autoría anónima datada en 1527 y en el Mapa de Rotz de 1542. Jean Rotz, mapa de América del Norte y de las Indias Occidentales de 1542 donde por primera vez aparecía San Andrés


This week, we had our first deLaski Family Foundation Talent Recruitment fellowship meeting! #WashingtonDC #FridayFeeling


Help. I watched the Cats trailer.

Look, I am mostly here for nightmare fuel CATS movie I fully plan to drink an entire bottle of wine while watching it in a theater but I'd be lying if I didn't say how sad 11 year old me is that this will be a lot of people's only exposure to this silly/fun musical I loved.

Taylor Swift 'Cats' filmi için kedi kostümü giydi

People only have a problem with the cgi because they’re uncultured and don’t realize the cats are supposed to look like people

Shane Bieber gives the Key To going from a Minor League pitcher to an All-Star Game MVP @keybank

Anil Kumble hopes to see more Indians like Yuvraj Singh in T20 leagues

Shut the fuck up you little rat. Your biggest game in the past decade and we slapped you 4-1 without breaking a sweat. Try winning a European trophy before piping up you bunch of scrubs.…


Simon Jordan is absolutely loving the #HTAFC shirt stunt…

Duval birdies 10 to get back to +27 on #TheOpen

Good news from UEFA! We will not be banned from European Competitions. There will only be a 1-2 million euro fine and a possible player registration restrictions for CL/EL if we don't end the transfer seasons with positive numbers. We did it people!

Migrant in court accused of brandishing hatchet and hammer after riot outside Dublin music venue… #Ireland #ImmigrantCrime #Diversity #Multiculturalism #NewToTheParish This is what we let into our country.

Minister @MurphyEoghan has performed the official opening of 22 new homes at Ard Bhearna in Kenmare today with the assistance of @RebuildingIRL #Kerry


"On Arranmore" trying to get the rust out of my arm after my three weeks not painting, while in Donegal, Ireland, with this work in progress - now almost completed #wip #arranmore #Donegal #Wildatlanticway #Ireland


Пересматриваю Короля Льва. Удивительное наблюдение: меня прошибает на слезы в местах, где это совершенно не предусмотрено, а в плаксивых сценах наоборот, все ок. Со мной что-то не так :)

Fuck, I'm having a hectic day so I went to get some KFC to cry into over some Netflix and I fucking left the drive through with someone else's streetwise 5. Then my soda spilled everywhere. but okay maybe the lord thought they needed that All Star Boxmeal more than me

Piece for @the42_ie on falling out of love with the game and why the FAI president & Cork City board should tell their critics to go to hell.

Department of Foreign Affairs: "Tom Cruise on line one for you, Minister." Ireland ‘engaging with international actors’ to help bring Lisa Smith home, says Flanagan (via @IrishTimes)…

These are shocking figures. They beg further questions. Cork City Council (which only plants 200 trees) cuts more trees than Cork County Council. Why?…

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