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This is pathetic! It’s completely unacceptable. I’m done defending Arteta, he has to go. Every single one of them should get out. Disgraceful #ArtetaOut #KronekeOut

Arteta ketib, Xavi kesinchi nima bo'larkin.

#Cavani en finale. #Tuchel et #Silva aussi... le vivrais mal en tant que supporter parisien..Tu vas me dire...Ca tombe bien je le suis pas !!! Aahhahah #TeamOM

Costo&ingaggi ManU DeGea 21M (20M) WanBissaka 60 (5) McGuire 87 (10) Bailly 40 (4,5) Shaw 40 (8) Fred 60 (6) Pogba 105 (15) Greenwood 0 (4) Fernandes 60 (9,5) VandeBeek 40 (6) Cavani 0 (11) - Mata 15M (9) Telles 18 (5) Matic 48 (6) Lindelof 35 (6) Rashford 0 (10) Martial 60 (13)

İsmaille batuhana hep zor kelimeler geliyo şaka mı #survivor2021

Is it because @realmadrid got eliminated in the #ChampionsLeague Semifinal and @Arsenal got eliminated in the #EuropaLeague Semifinal........…

Emery has beaten Arsenal and Arteta. Much deserved. Revenge and Karma really is sweet. Gunners no longer a top-six club. As I said before, finished. #EuropaLeague #ARSVIL.

Imagine being Saka and telling your grandchildren that you wasted your career at Assna.

You wouldn't pick Telles in a Paralympic match

#UEL yarı finalinde Manchester United, 6-2 kazandığı ilk maçın rövanşında Roma'ya deplasmanda 3-2 mağlup oldu. Toplamda 8-5 ile tur atlayan taraf oldu ve finale çıktı. ⚽️39' Cavani ⚽️57' Dzeko ⚽️60' Cristante ⚽️68' Cavani ⚽️83' Telles (KK)


If ole had started this game with Axel, Amad, Telles, Mata and Williams, we'd have won 5 - 0 PE teacher, clueless

Btw Arsenal fans that was just a small taster of life without Granit Xhaka at Arsenal. Be careful what you wish for.


Arsenal fans are confused rn. Can't even Blame Xhaka for this Debacle

Imo Virgil and Messi are 2 of the most unique players of this century. Neymar, Henry, Pogba, Ronaldo, Suarez follow suit

India is hiding its Covid crisis – and the whole world will suffer for it | Ankita Rao…

I’ll give the Ontario government this: their vaccination booking hotline hold music absolutely slaps

Kenney says Alberta government will table new turn-off-the-taps legislation with 'minor revisions' #ableg #abpoli

Resident doctors of surgical branches have suffered alot . Since past 2 years we r doing covid duties leaving our specialization. When government is not concerned about the quality of the healthcare then why it is mandatory to conduct exams. #Promote2SR #JusticeForFinalYrPG…

Professor Harvey- the face of the increasingly bizarre ‘New Ireland’ campaign- lauds praise on a convicted IRA bomber.…

Pretty spot on. Next time some tosser lectures you about staying firm and #COVID19, share this with them. Ireland failed, others failed worse, but we definitely failed. @WeCanBeZero and we should have been months ago.

Four months into Brexit, the UK and France have resorted to gunboat diplomacy over fish…

Ook Frankrijk stuurt schepen naar #Jersey in snel escalerende visvete…

As the Union Jack, I’m one of the world’s most iconic flags. But ahead of an important Scottish vote, I may come to embody what was, not what is.

Breaking Napoleons Fleet spotted off the coast of Jersey HMS Victory has intercepted according to week old reports

Congratulations to all players chosen for @lionsofficial to South Africa later this summer. It takes exceptional performance both on and off the field to become a Lion, and we're proud to partner with this historic event. A bottle is heading your way!

Starting from here, Ireland is likely to suffer hundreds more "acceptable deaths" due to COVID19 in the coming months. New Zealand's total death toll in the entire pandemic is 26 people. The Fail West, by @tomaspueyo…


Join our next Irish Historical Society meeting at 7pm Tue 11 May, 7pm for a paper by Dr Brian Hanley (Trinity College Dublin) 'Boiling Volcano'?: the challenges of writing about the impact of the Troubles on the Republic.' Reserve your place here:

fianna fáil made your friends emigrate, fine gael made sure they couldn't come back

Republican economist warns about growth of the national debt under Joe Biden. But he supported all of George W. Bush's tax cuts and I don't recall that he issued any warnings about Trump's tax give-away. Very selective debt concerns.…

A spat over post-Brexit fishing rights has erupted into a standoff between Britain and France. Naval ships from both countries converged in the waters near the island of Jersey, where French fishing crews were threatening to blockade a port.

UEFA Medya Sorumlusu Pedro Pinto: "Şampiyonlar Ligi finalinin Birleşik Krallık'ta olma ihtimaline dair İngiliz basınında spekülasyonlar görüyorum. Finali İstanbul'dan alma planı olmadığını söyleyebilirim."…

The Jersey fishing row shows gunboat diplomacy isn’t dead – but what can our ships actually do?…

#ラムザイヤー教授の慰安婦論文は覆せない "The comfort women were a paid profession and not forcibly taken. The Japanese expression that combines the word 'military service' with the word 'comfort women' is inappropriate". Cabinet decision of the Japanese government @kantei…


The syndicate is just a government in discuise goodbye

The reason the LTC crisis is so concerning is not because the government made bad decisions or dropped the ball. It's because they willfully went out of their way to protect LTC corps who, under Mike Harris, were given free reign to do whatever they want.

Inspected the installation of the new oxygen plant at Satyawadi Raja Harishchandra Hospital. I want to thank the French govt for their support. We are setting up 48 such plants across Delhi to address shortage of oxygen


Negative #RTPCR report mandatory for train passengers arriving in West Bengal, @Central_Railway announced today. The Government of #WestBengal has asked train passengers to carry negative RT-PCR test report for a test conducted within 72 hours of train departure.

The French Valorant dream team will be back on Saturday for the Valorant Open Tour France! #BDSPOWER #VALOTF


They didn’t send the gunboats because of the fish! They sent them because Johnson, Cameron, Rees-Mogg and more or less everyone they know, have hidden their money in the notorious tax-haven which is Jersey

Looks like the French fishermen are calling it a day Understandable (If they stayed any longer they'd probably have to go on strike for working too long)


Listening to President of Jersey Fishermen's Association, Mr Thompson, talking about French demands on Jersey fish stocks. It seems the French are reluctant to disclose fishing quantities over past 20yrs. Their upset because they can't plunder any more.…

The young people of Ireland: - when they see newspapers advertising property porn and millionaire homes. - the subtle endorsement of house price increases by wealthier homeowners. - global investment funds buying up family homes. #MadAsHell #Housing…

De protesterende Franse vissers bij het Kanaaleiland Jersey keren weer terug naar hun thuishavens. Vanmorgen voeren ze de haven van St Helier binnen. Er zou daar overleg hebben plaatsgevonden over post-Brexit regelingen over de visvangst rond de Kanaaleilanden.


This Jersey standoff is a setup to give Johnson a boost in the polls

استون فيلا عرض على الإتحاد الاوروبي ملعب 'فيلا بارك' لإحتضان نهائي دوري ابطال اوروبا بدلاً من اسطنبول. حتى الآن UEFA ماتزال تفضل اسطنبول.[Sky]


Many Labour members in Gtr Manchester are saying they’ve never experienced anything like the support Andy Burnham’s getting. If his vote holds as Labour cracks nationally, the lesson couldn’t be clearer: people back you when you don’t politely defer to the Tories, you defy them

"We don't want you in the party anymore." "OK." "But you still have to vote for us." "Why's that?" "Because you'll let the Tories win otherwise." "Like you did in 2017 and 2019?" "Er..." "So I should vote for a party that lets the Tories win to stop the Tories winning?" [repeat]

Remember everyone, no matter who you vote for today, just remember that Martha Jones definitely voted Tory. *gleefully runs away*

I did a vote today! Get out there and vote please (unless you're voting tory lol) #dogsatpollingstations


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