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Jesus escalou o Lucas Silva porque ele se adpata melhor ao gramado sintético em outras palavras: é peladeiro e deveria estar jogando no aterro, não no brasileirão

Assad-Kurds deal for protection from Turkey confirmed by AFP…

Trump knew this would happen - it's 100% on Trump: Hundreds of ISIS Supporters Flee Detention Amid Turkish Airstrikes

someone i follow on tumblr just made a post about how they’re r*public*n and voted tr*mp in 2016, and will vote for him again in 2020, and then was like. unfollow me if you must. YES. I MUST. JESUS.

"Lucas tem características que se adaptam bem ao campo de jogo, que não é grama, é sintético", diz Jesus

Jesus falou q o Lucas Silva entrou pq faz boas indicações! Ae caralho, enem pra faculdade de Turismo, é isso po

The balls @DIRECTV has to have to ignore NFL Sunday Ticket problems until half time of these early games and then to simply say "we are looking into it"

The sky turned vivid shades of purple in parts of Japan as Typhoon Hagibis approached


Take another peek at the progress of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan…


King of Prism All Stars: Prism Show Best 10 premieres in Japan on January 10 #kinpri


Are people looking for jobs ? I hear black holes just ruined half the streaming platform... Time to promo variety !!!

Delstanche wobbling on at half time with his shit knees and blasting in a hat trick any way…

今気づいたけど、JJ始めコーチ陣喪服だったのか。そこまで気を使っていたのか。トモさんも「台風の後、ラグビーはちっちゃいなことね。亡くなった人、家ダメージ受けた人、本当に頑張ってください」と語る。夜中にまた泣いてしまうじゃないか。#RWC2019 #RWC横浜 #JPNvSCO

McClean's performance condensed into 2 minutes. I've been reluctant to tweet it. I'm really not looking to single him out for unfair criticism as some will say. It's nothing personal. I'm aware no-one played well. But I think he stood out & often gets a free pass #COYBIG #GEOIRL

Earlier in the day, Hamilton Tigers QB Frank Filchock was granted his playing certificate by the IRFU. Prior to this game, Hamilton forfeited any game Filchock dressed for. Tigers were legitimately 0-4 in games he dressed and 1-2 in games he missed.…

I have 2 QF4 tickets JPNvSA, Sunday, exchange for 2 QF2 tickets IRLv NZ Saturday. Meet in Tokyo from 16 October? #JPNvSCO #allblacks #irfu @RWC2019 @scottishrugbyXV @scotlandteam #braveblossoms #rugbyworldcup #braveblosoms @BraveBlossoms #RWC2019ticket exchange

“The Irish Rugby Football Union calls on Stephen Jones to immediately withdraw this scurrilous and untrue allegation.”

• Turkey assault could displace 400,000 in Syria, warns UN • Turkish forces and Syrian allies seize large parts of Suluk • France suspends Turkey weapons sales Follow the latest updates on Turkey's operation in Syria:


I read somewhere the other day that Scotland has never beaten a higher ranked team at the World Cup. Well............


Imagine if Scotland gets another independence vote, and they vote to leave the UK. How would they react if parliament spent the next three and a half years telling the Scots they didn't know what they were voting for and should have another referendum?

*Cue Stephen Jones blocking the IRFU on social media*…

Wonder will @stephenjones9 just block @IrishRugby, like everyone else who challenges his Bs, or actually issue an apology? Gwan IRFU sue him and the ST for all you can!

Fun as it was, I'm not convinced #XFactorCelebrity has legs. The most baffling thing about ITV's decision to rest the civilian version for a year though, is the crazy belief that we'll all come rushing back to it next year. Good luck with that.

Just watching #XFactorCelebrity again. The most heartening thing about it is that Dermot O'Leary genuinely appears to be having fun. After what he's had to sit through these past five years the lad deserves a little payback.

First they came for the Armenians. Then they came for the Jews. Then they came for the Kurds. And nobody gave a damn.


WE relied on the #Kurds to defeat #ISIS on behalf of humanity! Now the Kurds have been betrayed by Trump & need you! Support the Kurds by boycotting Turkish airlines, products & all holidays to #Turkey PLEASE TAKE #CollectiveActionAgainstTurkey Please retweet to show support.


Top story: Leader of Syrian Kurds tells US 'you are leaving us to be slaughtered' - CNNPolitics…, see more…

Turkey invades Syria after US forces get out of the way and watch the slaughter of civilians. Is this Trump's first big mistake? Turkey's past history at killing Kurds should have given Trump pause!

Letters to the Editor: No one would ‘help us with Normandy’ after Trump abandoned the Kurds.…

Now that it's clear (as if there were ever any doubt) that Turkey is conducting wholesale political assassinations of Kurds, I think we can say unequivocally that the President's accommodation to Erdogan was a humanitarian disaster, whatever other considerations there may be.

Just saw a video of what appears to be the Turkish military blowing up a Kurdish captive with an artillery piece. If it's true, all I have to say is this: Kurds: Amp up the bombings. Hit every military installation across Turkey. And please go for Erdogan.

I am praying for the Kurds you abandoned. Mr Trump. “You are not willing to protect the people, but you do not want another force to come and protect us. You have sold us. This is immoral," said General Mazloum. (Commander Kurdish led forces, Syria) (CNN)…

I wasn't at all interested in what happened in #enniskerry until I read all the posts asking people not to share the video. It really isn't that bad and no one seriously injured.

It’s great that no one was injured. The video should be shared far & wide, at every business, every volunteering organisation, this is what happens when adults don’t do the very basics in health & safety. We should learn from this not hide it. #Enniskerry #GAA (I have seen video)…

I hear the #latelate would give it a run for it's money.!…

Latest update from Enniskerry GAA club. Injuries, but none critical nor life threatening. They also ask that people don't share the video.


We’ve taken the video of the Enniskerry GAA junior B team down, didn’t mean to cause any offense to the lads on the team or there families and we respect if they don’t want it to be shared. Obviously we hope no one is seriously injured and make speedy recoveries #GAA #Hurling

#DSFC1 QF (Extra Time (2nd half), 74min) Ballyboden St Endas 2-15 (21) Na Fianna 1-15 (18) Goal for Boden!! Colm Basquel puts it away!

Georgia, a team we've never lost to, and ranked 91st in the world, had: - 56% possession. - Double the number of shots (14). - 104 more passes (485). - An actual game plan. Simply not good enough. #GEOIRL #COYBIG

Welcome to the show! Started off with Nyashinski's Marathon Runner, #np Gidi Gidi Maji Maji's Unbwogable (fellas, we need an Eliud Kipchoge remix, stat!) #Eliud159

Porque estamos donde hay que estar, e invertimos la plata de los vecinos dónde hace falta, en diciembre las guardias de los 58 hospitales de la provincia van a estar totalmente renovadas. Para seguir por este camino el 27 de octubre acompañanos con tu voto de confianza


A brilliant performance man for man from each and every one of the boys which ended with a well deserved victory on the road! Saltash 1-5 @StMawganFC #UTM #CornishFootball @StPiranLeague

Brilliant – əla! Çox yaxşı! Mükəmməl! You’re kidding! – hə, əlbəttə! dammit! – lənətə gəlsin!

Contrary to your LABELING Ben Shapiro a *LUNATIC*...this man is BRILLIANT with CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS approaching the supernatural. Anyone following Ben Shapiro KNOWS he isn't a fan of Trump's but he IS A CONSTITUTIONALIST. I'd love to see President Trump appoint him to SCOTUS.…

Kesho n matembe day, if you know you know #Eliud159

As close to Vienna as I can get... #eliud159


Smh. How easily swayed by the mandugu digital PR duo. They have failed terribly in the one job they had. Leading this country. #Eliud159 #NoHumanIsLimited #eliudkipchoge…

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