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The Economist chart: Having given the world the coronavirus, China now has the world’s best-performing stockmarket via @VIM84437144…

“China did the Corona virus by accident” Yes... because a virus that puts an end to the Hong Kong Protests and takes effect directly after China signs the trade deal with Trump & destroys America’s economy, making China the #1 economy is an “accident”. CHINA MUST PAY FOR THIS!

Coronavirus Crisis Awakens a Sleeping Giant: China’s Youth. THE CCPs got problems.

Dear Fox News Viewers Nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a nice class action lawsuit. Love Ronnie…

Fun Chinese response to me: "Mr. Grossman, if you accept that both Taiwan & SCS belong to China, you won’t be so worried. Even if you do not accept...TWN will soon be taken back by China. Then your anxiety will be gone. With recovery of TWN, China would not value SCS as much."

He goes through the science like he’s reading someone else’s class presentation.

when will non americans figure out that mass shootings and healthcare issues aren't actually jokes…

Oil Prices Crash, Virus Hits, Commerce Stops: Iraq Is in Trouble. Iraq and its political class in big trouble. See my new post soon at The New Middle East: "Corruption, Corona virus, Collapse: How Can Iraq face the Demise of the Green Zone elite?

only person in class 1a with good music taste is jiro and kiri everyone else has white taste

for everyone that still thinks this is minor illness watch a frontline doctor suit up #coronavirus #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe

One of my last squad updates of the year unless the Easter promo is lit. What do y’all think?


i thought easter holidays started tomrorow but i still have another week of “school”


Kia Ora getting ready for @inglis_sales Easter parades


Marco Rubio wants the U.S. to take a harder line on China (via @jendeben & @sbanjo)

Exclusive: @WHO backs China, says it shared critical data to combat the #coronavirus #CoronavirusPandemic


Easter’s a-comin’ and #trump wants them churches packed!


Butts in the pews = bucks in the bank.…

Unprecedented systems in place at Temescal farmers market in #Oakland. 15-minute waits in spaced-out lines for greens from the top farms. Strawberry man hangs your box of berries on a hook and slides them to you.


Fauci: Coronavirus could kill over 100,000 Americans (I assume this doesn't factor in Trump's call for packed churches on Easter, which could easily spike us into more critically ill than hospitals could handle. Even if he walks it back.)… via @nbcnews

Logo designers are busy. So are ad agencies. Companies want commercials now, even if they are created remotely by animation and post production. So many of us are home with the tv on, they can get more eyeballs. A chance for more brand recognition.

.@Dubsdread1924 is a municipal course in Orlando that is open but the greens no longer have flagsticks. I called to ask why and was told players were not abiding by the rules and instead, handling the flags. So, they were taken off the course.


UEFA president admits current season may not finish…

TORINO-Hajduk S. 1985-86 Coppa Uefa


You gotta think that somewhere in the Army, there’s a staff officer who was determined to be “essential” whose main job right now is projecting how the coronavirus will affect the rollout of the new “Pinks and Greens” Army green service uniform.

Manufacturers cast doubt on UK ventilator target

The owners of Citywest have said: “Although the Golf Hotel building is not currently fit or safe for residential use, there are residents in three of the Suites, including two separate families. Alternative and superior accommodation was identified last week and...

There is no one reason for migrant movement, says BJP’s Vinay Sahasrabuddhe #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronaLockdown…


#CoronaLockdown के बीच फंसे ड्राइवर ट्रक में ही हैं खाना बनाने को मजबूर। घर वापस जाने के लिए पैसों की भी है किल्लत। देखिए कोलकाता से आजतक संवाददाता @manogyaloiwal की रिपोर्ट #ReporterDiary अन्य वीडियो:…

Nice job, Congress. Suckers. Can we end this sham now? #CoronaLockdown…

The entire country is stocking up on foodgrains, worried about their uncertain future, while these men and women have been left to fend for themselves by the cruel admin-Rakshak agency nexus, without access to their salaries. #CoronaLockdown #JusticeForJNUWorkers


1916 - Episode 1: Awakening, today at 6pm on @RTE2 Narrated by actor Liam Neeson. Landmark documentary giving an overview of the Easter Rising, looking at its impact in Ireland and around the world, and the crucial role played by Irish America in the lead up to the rebellion.


First Of Its Kind COVID-19 Facility To Open At Citywest…


Just had to explain that the timing of Easter isn't actually based on paganism and oh blimey it's That Time Of Year Again, isn't it.

Bagi 'kita' yang bisa swakarantina seperti video Arnold Terminator dan Hotman Paris, patut disyukuri ya. Bagaimana dengan yang serumah berpuluh orang, atau bahkan yang tak berumah/kontrakan?

Column on Greens that for some strange reason annoyed my good friend @EOBroin and set loose a murder of Shinnerbots…

Coronavirus Ireland: Self-isolation facility with 1,100 bed capacity to open at Citywest hotel


A reminder that John O'Keeffe who talks about suspending human rights during the pandemic told RTÉ News that Gardai did NOT falsify breath test figures. @RadioBrendanRTE…

There’s a goddamn Terminator after me! #ManlyExcusesForEscaping

People who have already watched movies like #Terminator #Matrix etc see them once again and guess yourself what’s coming..... can someone name that movie where Bradd pitt injects himself with the vaccine to save everyone ????? That’s a must watch !!#DepopulationAgenda #Agenda21

Citywest Hotel in Dublin will become a temporary location for isolation and for step down care. But it will not have ICU facilities.

Paul Reid: “Citywest is the first of our temporary locations for isolating and stepdown care.”

Paul Reid, CEO of HSE, is at a briefing at the Citywest hotel. "Measures currently in place will make a big difference."

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