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A new treehouse show is available this morning. A pretty good one too. In fact, other than having to stop for 20 minutes to take in Brexit updates & the preliminaries of the Bahrain Grand Prix it's identical to how we were on @bbc5live Get it here:


So if any of you noticed that I wasn’t my usual Friday night slabber last night, I spent it on twitter’s naughty step for saying this to Boris Johnson just before the debate.


Janet Street-Porter: When powerful men behave like stroppy toddlers, can we really blame kids for their bad behaviour?…

TV-Debatte im britischen Wahlkampf: Corbyn erhöht Druck auf Johnson… @ZDFheute (rad)


I am urging everyone who has registered to vote, to vote wisely!Vote for the party whose manifesto works for you and in your favour. Not on whether you like the leader or not because you don't stop supporting your football team just because you don't like the manager. #BBCDebate

Thank you @blakeshelton for spending 42 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

Thank you @TechN9ne for spending 400 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped

Poor old Andy. The fella is deluded. Having the play the honest, working class card for Corbyn! #bbcbreakfast #BBCDebate




No subais escenas de Marriage Story por favor que hay gente que aún no la ha visto, gracias os amo.

Good luck with your legal letters now #chrisingham! BBC News - Elon Musk wins defamation case over 'pedo guy' tweet about caver…

adam driver is going to nab the oscar just for that chin tremble at the end of marriage story

This is also excellent from @_seanogrady about Boris Johnson dodging the Andrew Neil interview…

Vi 'Marriage Story' y pues nada, gracias Noah Baumbach. Ahora me aterra más que nunca estar en una relación seria y pensar en matrimonio por miedo a que acabe en divorcio. La habilidad con la que Adam Driver captura el dolor de un corazón roto y resignado es fuera de este mundo.

Boris Johnson urges voters to get Britain ‘out of neutral’ &blasts Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘failure of leadership’ on Brexit…

"Let's Get Brexit Done" From the people that brought you "New Labour, New Danger" "Are you thinking what we're thinking?" "Britain, stronger in Europe" "The Big Society" "Strong & Stable Government"

#bbcbreakfast Looking forward to Elon Musk tweeting "pedo guy" about Prince Andrew

Boris Johnson’s excuse for ducking his Andrew Neil interview is being destroyed with facts…


'Get Brexit Done' - is a CON trick!

The only time we can blame @Conservatives & @BorisJohnson for brexit failures is when he has the majority to do it and he doesn’t I will vote conservative in my area so we can get brexit done but with your majority, if you fail brexit your party is toast!

The incident has led to a lot of people calling him the "c-word"...

Randale um 21:30 uhr in lidl ... spaß meine mama arbeitet da :)

Boris Johnson discusses his fury at being preached at by Andrew Neil…

Okay, so my daughter wanted to watch #ImACeleb so I've gone onto ITV Hub and I have to punch in my date of birth to register. The first age targeted advert is for Tena Men, the cure for embarrassing leakage. Fuck you very much ITV, fuck you very much.

Let’s remember apart from the 4 Kardashians who didn’t meet caitlyn at the end of the bridge, she also has SIX other biological children who never made the effort either x #imaceleb

it’s ok caitlyn love, ur part of the uk family now. americans yous can shite off, caitlyns ours xx #imaceleb

Hey guys meet UEFA Champions League…

Join the lads (@reggiecorrigan1 @pbreen67 @Moz12345 ) as they look through todays papers - from 9 only @Sunshine1068fm #papers #FAI


Patrick Reed said his club was no close behind the ball before he took it back and moved the sand, improving his lie. Check the shadow of the ball and the shadow of the club. #playitasitlies via @YouTube… Interesting to read 4 @Deloitte as advisor 4 @BPCLtd #BPCLDisinvestment appointed by @SecyDIPAM & bid of #Rs1 as advisory fees has raised the Eyebrows now @PetroleumMin @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @INCIndia @dpradhanbjp Next? @ANI @ETEnergyWorld *Disclaimer

GOD. de Kendrick Lamar est sûrement mon plus gros retournement de veste. C’était vraiment le son que je ne supportais pas du tout dans l’album puis quand je suis allé au DAMN. Tour, qu’il a interprété GOD. Ma perception a totalement changé en live c’est une autre expérience (J)

Cocino un menú navideño con el robot de Lidl, Aldi y la Thermomix: los trucos para el mejor resultado…

Patrick Reed is a cheat. Plain and simple. Irrespective of how "far from the ball my club was", he knew exactly was he was doing. Cheat

Πάνω από μισό τόνο σκουπιδιών καθάρισε η Deloitte από παραλίες…

They tried to charge us 150 to get in Tao to party with them PNC/Deloitte nerds no thank you

Very much so. I spent that New Year’s in the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center watching the globe tick off hours every 15° of longitude.…

Anyone wanna go to the movies with me and @Rymazing or literally anything tonight? Lmao

BOYS HOOPS: Dalton 29, Waynedale 19 — HALF. Jalen Wenger has almost out-scored Waynedale by himself, scoring a game-high 18. He’s gonna be a matchup problem for everyone in the WCAL.

Congrats to the DuPage County All-Area Football Team!…

goodnight to joshua bassett ONLY

JOSEPH PARKER: Anthony Joshua can get the job done and exact revenge on Andy Ruiz Jr... but he must keep his opponent at arm's length

Gracias, Los Outsaiders, por pasar 28 horas conmigo este año en @Spotify. Eres mi artista número 1. #EnTiemposDeSpotify…

Thank you Smile Empty Soul for spending 143 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my # 1.

Flashback to late September and my third single, Black Rain. This track has a slightly darker feel. Aiming to release a single monthly, striving to get better at all aspects of music production. If anyone tunes in that's a bonus.… #synthwave #synthfam

Howie Kendrick Anna Kendrick Pitch Perfect Max Scherzer Blue Eye Frank Sinatra Young at Heart Childish Bambino Donald Glover Lando Calrissian Cheater Houston Astros m.A.A.d. city Kendrick Lamar Howie Kendrick Welcome Home

Karim Benzema TOTT Uefa Champion League ✅

bro i normally wouldntbut.... longitude lookin kinda good tn damn hahaha wua x

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