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Paula y yo yendo a ver Thor 4 con 25 años:

They wouldn’t even return my calls about playing blade, but I’m happy for him.

mcu twitter talking about phase 4 like “tag how old you’ll be when thor 4 comes out in 2021 ill be 12”

The Times is reporting the European Commission is drawing up a multibillion pound aid package for Ireland to offset the economic damage of a no-deal Brexit…

Coelhanna (Coelho e Clara), é o primeiro casal finalista, vocês gostaram? #PowerCoupleBrasil

é de 4? é como quiseres, o meu martelo parece o do thor ela bate com a cabeça, parece uma festa de hardcore



A little bummed to hear they are remaking Blade, not because it will be bad, but because Wesley Snipes was AWESOME in that series...yes, the later movies stunk, but the first one was quite excellent (especially for it's time - sort of did bullet time before the Matrix)

He’s got some big shoes to fill but I’m absolutely stoked Blade is coming to the MCU.…

Just blocked somebody who has followed us for a long time, for what I’m guessing was an alcohol fuelled pro Brexit rant

Khalil Mack should’ve been casted as Blade

A very proud night for Clara, Offaly and Ireland Rise of The Open Champion Shane Lowry 2019 The Open Champion Royal Portrush Golf Club 2009 Irish Open Champion as an amateur in Baltray 1999 Starring for An...…

Reason why Theresa May & David Cameron are failed PM's - liberal infiltrators trying to impose a liberal PC agenda on back of Conservative votes. Belonged in liberal democrats. Not real Conservatives -… #StandUp4Brexit #ToryLeadershipContest #NoDealBrexit

Despite Brexit, politicians and officials are determined Britain will be part of it. “EU army: Brussels ‘delighted’ that Angela Merkel and Macron want to create European military force.” ⁦…

“A história reafirma a necessidade de um Partido Comunista, com iniciativa e presença no povo, com uma visão revolucionária de seu papel, com uma clara concepção do seu projeto de luta pelo socialismo, as alianças necessárias e a unidade.”…

European Commission draws aid package for Ireland -The Times… #Brexit

Last 2 players to be in the top-5 of #TheOpen through 54 holes and shoot 87 or worse in the final round: 1905 Tom Williamson (was T-5, shot 87) 2019 J.B. Holmes (was 3rd, shot 87)

I tear my hair out at these religious Brexiteers turning round in circles & avoiding every straight question in blind deference to their ethereal deity #Brexit. @BBC5Live @StephenNolan

Brexit: get a f*****g rocket - Johnson thinks he knows the answers to a problem he has yet to properly define and certainly doesn't understand. And that, when push comes to shove, is what makes him so dangerous....… #Brexit .


"This feels like an out-of-body experience." Ireland's Shane Lowry claimed a first major championship win with victory at #TheOpen in Portrush. Read all about it:


"I kept on telling him how nervous I was, how scared I was, how much I didn’t want to mess it up." Shane Lowry gave an emotional tribute to his caddie who helped him win #TheOpen


College Green earlier. If only we can make this permanent to help towards a cleaner, safer, nicer city for all. If you want @DubCityCouncil to make this a permanent fixture email & tell them how you thought the trial today was a good idea. #CleanAirZone


I would go as far as to say that’s the best game of football I have ever seen 2 great teams going at it full tilt and some unreal personal performances and some mighty scores. Roll on castlebar

I really want college green pedestrianisation to work & become a thing. Can you send me positive tweets from today to counter my poor experience please? I’ll start: This was my free caricature via @anitacaricature - love it. Plus more pics #StreetsAreForPeople #collegegreenplaza


Republic of Ireland manager Tom Mohan is "full of pride" after watching his team win to make the last four at the U19 European Championships. #U19EURO

Imagine designating College Green as a pedestrian area and then keeping pedestrians off the road... Baffling.…

There was such a lovely vibe in city centre today. Great atmosphere on College Green and other streets felt far calmer and friendlier - particularly good for families! Really hope this will eventually be permanent for our fair city! #CollegeGreen #CarFreeDay


The results went the way Mayo needed in order to set up a do or die in Castlebar. The two week rest better be all it's cracked up to be though because Mayo quite a bit off Donegal right now. Great thing is you can never say never with this group.

Here's my scouting report and verdict on young Troy Parrott's Spurs debut. Have a read and let me know if I've got it right.…

Michael Murphy is the best player in Ireland. #fact #donegal #gaa

PLS RETWEET: *Double room in maynooth (college green) €400 a month August - August €800 deposit* My friend needs the room filled ASAP!! xo

Donegal far from a one man team but in Michael Murphy & Ryan McHugh they’ve two inspirational players who very rarely disappoint.

Great to see @DubCityCouncil trial the street closure at College Green for Family Fun Day. We have been doing street closure #StoneybatterFestival for the last three years with great success #StreetsAreForPeople


Michael Murphy nails a late free to ensure a draw result at the end of a Super 8s thriller between Kerry and Donegal. #rtegaa

Michael Murphy and Ryan McHugh are like Batman and Robin

A draw here in Croke Park so all to play for in Castlebar next Sunday

Cracking match in woeful 2nd half conditions. Every team should be allowed have a Michael Murphy.

Boules on the green! Taking advantage of the pedestrianised College Green for a game of pétanque today @DubCityCouncil @neasa_neasa @maevestone @IrishPedestrian @DublinCommuters #StreetsAreForPeople

#StreetsAreForPeople College Green this afternoon. As Van Morrison said in Coney Island: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if it was like this all the time?’


Any day you beat Meath is a good day. Still in the Championship with everything to play for in Castlebar. Far from our best for most the game but finished strongly. Boyle was outstanding. The two week break should do us the world of good! #MayoGAA #Super8s

Both Mayo and Donegal beat Meath by 9. Meath so much closer than both scorelines reflect. Castlebar in two weeks will be hopping. Mayo still there #super8s

And that's it folks never doubt this mayo team, castlebar will be bouncing in 2 weeks time, #gaa

Today: • Kyle Walker-Peters pocketed Ronaldo. • Troy Parrott can definitely be a Kane back-up. • Ndombele is winning Balon D’or • Poch refusing to deny that we’re signing Bale. We feast.

Good morning to Mahershala Ali and whoever brilliantly cast him as Blade. This art gives me all the feels. I CANNOT wait. I need to know who’s writing and directing immediately. #BladeMCU @MarvelStudios @Marvel


Abi şunu anlamıyorsunuz herkes Natalie'yi sevmek zorunda değil ben kadını çok seviyorum ama herkes sevmek zorunda değil ve onu leydi thor olarak görmek istemeyedebilirler hakaret edilmediği sürece birbirinize bok atmayıp kendi işinize bakın


I mean they’re both thor in the comics so..…

Ripple XRP Current Price: $0.329 1 Hour: -0.34 % | 24 Hours: 0.48 % | 7 Days: 2.76 % #xrp #ripple

Te puede caer Bale mal o bien. Te puede parecer mejor o peor jugador. Pero echarle de malas maneras en una rueda de prensa me parece lamentable.

قدّمي بأناقة بنص السعر الآن من نايس Serve elegantly with half the price now from Nice يمكنكم الآن التسوق من منتجاتنا عبر موقعنا الآتي'> You can now shop the items you want from our website'>


Hi im gonna buy uchiwa and sell it in a lower price pls help me decide hahah (sorry soonhoon is expensive HAHHAHAHA)

Di bale ng hindi gusto ni crush atleast may cash.

Reconozco que mis únicos intereses por Blade eran Wesley Snipes y los litros de sangre y muertes cafres. Lo segundo dudo que lo tengamos dentro de MCU (quizás me equivoco) y lo primero está claro que no. Mahershala Ali es buen actor, eso sí.

La bonne et """courageuse""" nouvelle de cette Phase 4 : pas d'Ironheart, d'Iron Lad, d'Iron Patriot, de War Machine ou de Rescue pour remplacer artificiellement Iron Man. Le MCU est bien assez solide pour s'en passer.

It's very rare you see in professional golf opening holes that test player accuracy and metal. #theopen

Listening to Meek and Blade brown in the mornings to shift your focus into grind mode >>>

Marvel's Eternals movie with Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden explained

Main Lagi di 'Thor', Natalie Portman Kini Jadi Dewi Petir…

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness officially announced by Marvel at #SDCC2019 - and he'll be joined by Scarlet Witch


Y Natalie Portman será la primera mujer 'Thor'. Echa un ojo a las novedades de Marvel ⚡…

Shang-Chi! Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness! Blade?? Here's everything that Marvel announced at #SDCC yesterday…

Follow The #OpenRadio as the leading groups begin their final round in the quest for the Claret Jug #TheOpen

Ich wünsche Euch allen einen schönen Sonntag aus #Duisburg. Heute war der Kinderrechte-Bus @BMFSFJ bei uns. #kinderrechte


We are starting Sunday funday off right here at the quest house with some Jack in the morning. @MarvelStudios put out some Phase 4 info and we're so hyped for the new Thor movie. Now we just have to wait 2 years lol #MCU #TwitchPrime


Ben Allen has agreed to become the new Senior team physio, replacing Niall Shannon who has gained a place at Leeds University to study a Masters degree in his field;…


Just seen Bale poolside, stupid hair still. Half a San Miguel, XL chocolate cornetto. On the same flight back as us... #lcfc

“Variation on a Theme by Ernest Hemingway” by Dick Allen -…


There’s no hiding from the fact that Dave Allen is NOT in good health like he says. He is a massive slur in his speech which has got worse over time and he needs to get out before he ends up in a worse condition.

Mayo and Meath are set to another chapter to their long history when they meet later today in their Super 8s battle at Croke Park. #rtegaa

Showing some fancy footwork ringside at the big fight last night #whyterivas

Man of the match Con O'Callaghan reacts to Dublin's victory over Roscommon in the Super 8s!

Dublin & Tyrone have progressed to the all Ireland semi's with a game to spare and Shane Lowry is on the cusp of claiming his first major. Gordon Manning from the Irish Sun is going through this morning's top sports stories with us now #WeekendAM


Best wishes to Tadgh, Gavin, Adrian, Killian and the ⁦@Kerry_Official⁩ Seniors vs Donegal in today’s Super 8s Round 2 game in Croke Park #ciarraiabu


Tyrone used to masters of the dark arts, bruising tackles, sledging and downright nastiness. Stuff you hated them for but kinda admired. This is an insult to the people who payed to watch that match and Gaels everywhere.…

If Shane Lowry wasn’t insulted by Laura Davies calling him British this will certainly tip him over the edge.


keanu reeves for live action cats

O pior Woody Allen é melhor do que 80% do cinema atual.

The new Cats movie is basically Jim Carey masquerading as the Cat in the Hat for the whole movie. You heard it here first.

本日14~18時に開催される渋谷中央街フェス「カレーバトル・泡バトル」に「Shot Bar Cheers」も参加します。同店の泡バトル提供カクテルは、ガージェリースタウトとシャンパンのブラックベルベットです!!投票した後に行ってみるべー。 第6回渋谷中央街フェス @shibuya_chuo

Reminder: alcohol solves exactly zero problems. But neither does milk. Cheers!!

Black Widow coming in May 2020. Interesting enough, Scarlett Johansson got mostly cheers, a few boos when getting introduced on stage. #Hallh #SDCC #ComicCon #MarvelSDCC

Lead change on Lap 40 Greg Edwards, CE Falk, Danny Edwards, Mike looney and Brenden Queen all get around former leader Nick Smith who led the first 40 laps. Something might be wrong with 'Quick Nick.' 43/200 #HamptonHeat

David Allen was given oxygen treatment, left the ring on a stretcher, and sent to hospital after his stoppage loss to the 6-foot-8 heavyweight David Price…

See, we didn’t just stage the photo of @AlexBowman88 in the he car working on getting the “current primary” car ready for Sunday. @bobpockrass reported it.…

Aaaarrgh I’ve SO NEARLY finished my book. Just 1000 words to go!

It’s my Friday so I’m gonna have a couple more drinks than I know I should. Cheers you guys!

Hey @espn @espnmma @danawhite @WaltDisneyCo. Please don't tolerate domestic violence. It's not too late to pull Greg Hardy from this card. Don't use his name to draw viewers.

Lowry and Fleetwood will be the final pairing in what could be a wild finish with weather blowing in. Sunday tee times for #TheOpen


He was dropping putts from all over Royal Portrush ⤵️ Here's all of @ShaneLowryGolf's birdies from Round 3 in 30 seconds. #TheOpen

'Nobody has hit it better than me' Koepka certainly doesn't sound like a man who's seven shots off the pace at #TheOpen


The Connaught Telegraph posted a video of a pride parade in Castlebar to their Facebook page, and I know I shouldn't have read the comments, but fuck me, I've never wanted to book a one way ticket out of here as much as I do right now.

Tyrone's blanket defence is awful to watch. Doesn't matter what they score on the counter, it's painful stuff when every player is pulled back behind the ball. I'd be in favour of a rule change where four players have to stay within the opposition 65.…

The more I rewatched the end of #ChisoraSzpilka, the more I realized that I was hard on the ref. These guys are only human. #Boxing, even with appropriate health and safety protections, remains a brutal, inherently risky, combat sport.

i still can’t believe he said zendaya’s version of “tyrone” was average and then proceeded to do this. the audacity

Lekarze po przebadaniu Szpilki stwierdzili znaczne uszkodzenie mózgu, problemy z wysławianiem się oraz trudności z rozumieniem podstawowych rzeczy. A to wszystko przed walką xD #ChisoraSzpilka

Has @BorderIrish moved? Just seen that @SkySportsGolf Laura Davies thinks @ShaneLowryGolf is British (have been watching on Spanish TV where he’s definitely Irish ☘️)

Nahhh naming your friend group is ridiculous

Tyrone Ebuehi vai entrar

Con O’Callaghan is Man of the Match.. What a season he’s having! #DUBvROS


Kilmurryely #graveyard, just outside Shinrone #Offaly is unique in the county, being the only burial ground to be enclosed by wrought iron railings. There is even an iron coffin rest.


“Siri: where can you buy offaly jerseys in the portrush/portstewart area?” #TheOpen

Back in 1982, a Lowry was part of a late drive by @Offaly_GAA that in all probability brought happiness to 31 of the 32 counties, tomorrow let’s hope that another Lowry @ShaneLowryGolf can maintain his drive and bring happiness to all of the 32 counties #OpenChampionship2019

Well done to all the @Offaly_GAA contingent with @SarsfieldsPerth who won the W.A. hurling championship for the 4th time in a row today. They'll all have a late night tomorrow rooting for @ShaneLowryGolf in the #TheOpen


And let's not forget that 64% of delegates from every county voted for this sham of an empty stadium tonight in the Super 8s. John Costello talked about the 'massive Dublin fanbase'. Where are they? Why did everyone else vote for this with no transparency?

Super 8s (2nd half, 72min) Dublin 2-26 (32) Roscommon 0-14 (14) Nice point from distance from Paddy Small! #UpTheDubs

Regardless of how it finishes Dublin could hve won this game by 30+ if they wanted. This championship is dead. Pundits need to quit the bullshit and call for change @JoeBrolly1993 @officialgaa @SkySportsGAA #DUBvROS

Shane Lowry being Ole’d up the 18th at The Open. Legendary memory in recent Irish sport history. Up Offaly

Best,most enjoyable 9 holes of golf I’ve ever watched #shanelowry #OpenChampionship #offaly #GAA

This is like watching someone kicking a dog for 70 minutes. Awful stuff #DUBvROS #GAA

Just the 34k in attendance at Dublins neutral venue game this week. Was just over 32k last week for their home game. Super 8s was meant to be about the best teams playing each other in front of packed stadiums. We'd be better off going back to the way it was #GAA

Laura Davies calling Shane Lowry British. Nothing new there! I bet she thinks that Iceland is the capital of China. If Shane doesn't win The Open he'll be Irish again in their eyes. #ShaneLowry #TheOpen

The brits either do this purposely or they’re completely ignorant, how Laura Davies can claim @ShaneLowryGolf is British is beyond me #TheOpen

Message for Laura Davies who thinks it's ok to claim Offaly's Shane Lowry as British. @SkySportsGolf


Can someone give Laura davies a geography lesson there quick suddenly Shane Lowry is british. Sweet divine do some research below speaking #OpenChampionship2019 @TedFergie

102:45:25 Aldrin: 4 forward. 4 forward. Drifting to the right a little. 20 feet, down a half. #Apollo50th

102:45:21 Aldrin: 30 feet, 2 1/2 down. (Muffled) shadow. #Apollo50th

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the commentary of Laura Davies at The Open. Seems to blend the insight of a great player, the enthusiasm of a genuine golf fan, and doesn’t get tempted to talk utter drivel to fill the gaps!

102:44:54 Aldrin: Okay. 75 feet. And it's looking good. Down a half, 6 forward. #Apollo50th

My daughter watches way too much wrestling with me. She’s constantly putting our cats in headlocks. It’s actually pretty cute.

Indians vs Yankees, Yankee Stadium- Can you guess the year ? (from the BW Vintage Collection of the Flagstaff Films baseball home movie archive)

Project A119 – The Bizarre Cold War Plan to Nuke the Lunar Surface… #Apollo50th #Apollo50 #MoonLanding50


102:44:31 Aldrin: 160 feet, 6 1/2 down. #Apollo50th

Most importantly-Yaniv targeted these women because of their marginalized status+because they worked from their homes. It's not like there's a shortage of official places where brozilian services can be purchased by those actually trained to perform them.…

Launching the Michael J Murphy booklet in Dundalk Library anois. I first read some of his stories and accounts of life in S Armagh, North Louth and other parts of our island when he sent some of his books into internees in 70s.


Yall making this about gender... yes, there are inequalities... but this nigga deserve every penny. Ain’t no woman/man/boy/girl can deny that Eddie Murphy is indeed the goat!…

El equipo alemán superó al campeón de la Liga de Campeones por 3-2, en un partido jugado en Indiana. En el segundo tiempo ingresó Balerdi…

Rose, Fleetwood and Westwood v Lowry and Holmes #TheOpen chase is well and truly on! Follow all the action live ➡ #bbcgolf


Join Jeffrey Brown, Maia Kobabe, Phil Foglio, @shaenongarrity, @Owly, Bill Morrison, @mrwolfcomics, @CobraTalon Greg Evans and many more at the @cartoonart Museum Sketch-a-Thon at @Comic_Con today! #SDCC2019 #ComicCon2019

On the 4th anniversary, We mourn for 33 victims of #SurucMassacre who murdered by an #ISIS suicide bomber in SE region of Turkey. We once again call for an effective investigation to identify who have negligence as well as the perpetrators themselves. #Suruc4yıl


" Murad said that ISIS “killed my mom, my six brothers.” This prompted Trump to ask, “Where are they now?” She repeated that they were dead. "…

Nolan Arenado this season: .307 AVG, .371 OBP, .546 SLG, .376 wOBA Cleveland Indians’ offense in July: .310 AVG, .371 OBP, .549 SLG, .380 wOBA

Ajax = Wolves Wolves > Man City Man City > Liverpool which means Ajax > Liverpool. Basically Ajax is absolutely winning the CL 2019/20 siuuuuu!


Very proud @HouseofHardcore in Kingston Ontario Canada raised $140,771, not including tens of thousands of in-kind donations @YouthDiversion Community living in Kingston & District benefited Helping people through wrestling Thanks @Jan_Murphy


US transports alleged American ISIS fighter back from Syria to face trial - CNNPolitics… Hey @IlhanMN Are you going to defend this asshole too? Asking for a friend


Brittany Murphy is another one that went too soon... uptown girls and girl interrupted are my faves ❤️

.@NASCAR_Xfinity qualifying @NHMS on NBCSN in 45 minutes. 41 cars, 38 spots. Who makes it? Inverse Prov. Rank: 68 Bassett, 17 Currey, 12 Menard, 21 Grala, 89 Cassill, 13 Long, 38 Bilicki, 93 Sieg, 74 Murphy, 66 Hill, 28 Lee, 90 Labbe, 42 Finchum, 35 Gase, 99 Martins, 78 Miller

Portadown equalise as Belper Town defender Danny South diverts the ball into his own net from a cross from Ports right back Greg Hall. Portadown 1 @BelperTownFC 1

New Delhi likewise asks Iran to free 18 Indians on seized tanker

Tribe has been on a ROLL! It’s great to see the @Indians handling their business in this stretch vs Tigers, Royals, Jays. Can we take the division lead before a tough stretch starting w/ the Astros? #RallyTogether…

Today’s the day, #YoungJusticeOutsiders fans! The long awaited panel is tonight, but before that, we want to know what questions you have for Brandon and Greg! @ArielHorn10 will be at the press roundtables, and she’d love to know your burning thoughts. Let us know below!

NJ's Governor owns a multi-million dollar compound in Italy. Think he gives a crap about the people? #GlobalistScum…

Thankfully Ewan Murray quickly stated the fact that Lowry is from the Republic after Laura Davies stating that it would be great to have a British winner when referring to Lowry @SkySportsGolf All trying to get in on the act after @GaryLineker last night!

New Delhi asks Iran to free 18 Indians on seized British-flagged tanker #jakpost

Exactly this. The Rory story has been great this week, but big picture, what's noteworthy is that it's exactly what you'd expect from him. This is who Rory has always been. Thoughtful, measured, and genuinely engaging. Human.…

Highly recommended - Kimberly and Chris become allies in a battle against an evil that has existed since before the white settlers, before the Woodland Indians, and before the mound builders. @russ_trautwig


Tamil Nadu AIADMK govt decides to pay tuition fee and hostel charges of students in Banaras Hindu University who want to learn Tamil as 2nd language. This is the way to promote Tamil; not like DMK who's supporters keep abusing northern Indians on social media and promote hatred.

One of the most fascinating and wonderful things about Rory is that he has always been that genuine and open in interviews, no matter the circumstance. How he manages to treat every interview and interviewer with the kind of respect and dignity is truly telling of his character…

At the recommendation of Rory McIlroy, Rog visited the best chip shop in Portrush. Men in Blazers at #TheOpen returns tonight at 12:30 a.m. ET on @NBCSN. @NBCSports @GolfChannel


Crying over rory and jess again on a saturday night...i get it im a loser but who even needs a social life when you have gilmore girls

Check out Atlantic Jewel's son Russian Emperor finishing third on debut in a 2yo maiden over 1400m at the Curragh tonight. Blue, red colours, well off the fence for the most part @the_sleeper65 @marcohlmus @Quinny_1 @MichaelRodd2 @Rory_Flanagan @SkyRacingAU #horseracing

You never know who you might spot at the #Galway Market in July! (It's only Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, who played at the nearby St Nicholas' Collegiate Church on Thursday night!) #GIAF19 #WildAtlanticWay Photo: Angela Coughlan.


Mary Robinson’s 3 steps for climate action: 1. Make climate change personal in your own life 2. Get angry and get active. Support those who are working hard 3. Imagine a much healthier world #FirstThoughtTalks #GIAF19


We have occupied South William Street and declared a #CleanAirZone until 7pm. A viable pedestrian plan has been stalled for almost a decade on this street. #StreetsAreForPeople


Campaigners ‘liberate’ Dublin’s South William Street from cars for the day under #StreetsAreForPeople banner…


We were so delighted and honoured to have former President of Ireland Mary Robinson launch the #KitchenPower exhibition @NMIreland Country Life in Castlebar yesterday, and to hear wise words from her on electricity, women’s work and the climate crisis…

Finally got a chance to watch the CATS trailer...

there are some stray cats around the dock and theyre so sweet and these kids just came up and fucking kicked one of them like just kicked it. im so mad im going to fucking beat them

my cats at 2:37 am when i’m talking to them about universal consciousness and quantum entanglement :


The last picture of my baby girl, Mei Cat, taken in June. #cats


Hi, me again. I'm now here to inform you that the Indians are 3 games behind the Twins.…

The Indians now trail the Twins in the AL Central by 3 games. On June 3, the Indians trailed the Twins by 11.5 games.

#Indians win their 6th-straight. #Twins lose again and the division lead is now down to 3 games.

Happy birthday Greg. We love your crazy ass so much!!! Home at @kristysmalibu…

Or Top Gun V: Protecting the Feelings of the Chinese People…

Iran on Saturday seized one British tanker and stopped another in the Strait of Hormuz for "violating international regulations."…

Can’t wait for Top Gun IV: Guardian of the Belt and Road…

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