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Let’s mentally ride on this and keep improving. Played very good team play today. GG @TeamVitality Next event for us is SLTV in Turkey.


フォートナイトクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソクソ 動作がおかしい場合は 管 直人までご連絡ください

please someone bring me a turkey hoagie LTO banana peppers mayo and oregano thanks

#TrumpBetrayedOurAllies and their lying dead in the streets. He sold them to Putin, for a hotel in Turkey.

Trump helps ASSAD, PUTIN , and now ISIS. Turkish attack on Kurdish-held town allows 950 ISIS detainees to escape…

Toutes mes félicitations à Christian Jacob qui va présider notre parti. Il peut compter sur moi pour l’aider à la reconstruction de la droite. Bravo aussi à Julien Aubert et Guillaume Larrivé. Et maintenant, au travail !

No. But if we lose against Japan in the Quarter Final, it will be a Pravin plot for sure. Bunch of corrupt idiots!…

エイムがクソむずい ウンコ

Jérôme Boateng has changed his agent. He's no longer advised by Christian Nerlinger and joined LIAN SPORTS, the agency that represents Koulibaly, Pjanić, Rebić, Jović (among others) [@Plettigoal]


#RWC2019: Japan enthral a nation and beyond as they storm into quarter-finals #JPNvSCO (via @irishtimessport)…

そしてTPP視点 ウンコ

.@AZCardinals inactives announced against Falcons: IN: RB David Johnson LB Haason Reddick LB Terrell Suggs WR Damiere Byrd OUT: WR Christian Kirk DL Zach Allen

Je sais que tout le monde (ou presque) s’en fout mais Christian Jacob a été élu président des Républicains avec plus de 60% des voix. Ça en dit long sur l’état du parti, non? #LR #lesrepublicains

I've never witnessed "inclusion" as a Christian value at all. "Charity" and "mercy" have highly Christianized connotations that are not in any way similar to the Judaic values they're associated with. Just say Christian, Chris, you don't have to pretend that's not what you mean…

Skin was looking nice today for once #LGBTQtakeover

חג שמח למי שחוגג


From a sukkah in London, Chag #Sukkot Sameach!


渡辺麻友&宮田俊哉、X JAPANのToshl とYOSHIKIになりきって「紅」を披露!?


台風被害、全国で21人死亡 15人不明 #tbs #tbs_news #japan #news

宮城各地で河川氾濫、広い範囲で住宅地が浸水 #tbs #tbs_news #japan #news

Happy birthday Jimin stay happy forever


Kisses xoxoxo goodnight everyone stay beautiful

For a four-decade-old Philippine disco band, the namesake super typhoon bearing down on Japan has brought a sudden rush of interest in its macho act.…

These schools are helping kids left fatherless by lynch mobs In a unique initiative, two schools are helping children of lynching victims by offering them education and a safe place to stay READ:


1st SET Medvedev! Alexander Zverev offers the 1st act of this final to the Russian 6-4 after two double faults. Can the German get back in the game? #ShanghaiMasters


В Тунисе выбирают президента. Кандидатов два: один из них профессор, другой — медиамагнат, который только что вышел из заключения — его обвиняют в неуплате налогов, коррупции и отмывании денег. В первом туре они набрали почти одинаковый процент голосов…

I use to have it no be property... Stay guarded... Happy Sunday folk

This is a great audio doc on the mechanics of journalism, what happens when journalists get it wrong, and how institutions like the Paper of Record have to respond to that. This case is about the Christian foster child to a Muslim family story:…

אז רק לוודא שהבנתי את הסיפור עד הסוף: הבלוגר הסעודי אמר לפייק גדי טאוב שהוא לא אוהב שמלקקים לו את האוזניים?

Scotland’s faith leaders are calling for action to halt the rising tide of poverty. As #ChallengePoverty week draws to a close, 15 representatives from Scotland's Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Christian and Baha'i communities have come together


בסד. כמעט חג סוכות שמח לכל המציצים. מקווה שאתה סיימת כבר לבנות את הסוכה. איזה כיף החג איזה כיף לנענע את הלולב, לאשפז את האושפיזין, להתבונן בקישוטים ולאכול תחת כנפי הסוכה. אני כל כך רוצה כבר לעמוד בסוכה מלובש בלבן. חג שמח✡❤ (הציוץ נכתב בלשון זכר אך מתייחס לארבעת המינים)

עושות בלגן בתאגיד חג שמח


המאבק של גדי טאוב בפייק שלו עוד ישמש רקע לרומן פילוסופי גדול

כל מילה בסלע גנץ מתאים כי הוא בן אדם. ומהו ביבי?…

Well that's certainly interesting


what if I went to bom’s fanmeetings in japan haha... unless.....

U.S. citizens affected by #TyphoonHagabis in Japan can follow @ACSTokyo and @TravelGov for updates. Additional information can be found here:

"It was hard out there, it was really windy. I just said, let's go for it, let's stay with the big boys." -Tim O'Donnell, on his second-place #IMWC finish #IMKona #imwc #kona2019 #IronmanWorldChampionship #ironmankona2019

My town is really safe, but it seems Japan was gotten a lot of damage...

Interesting to think how much has changed in the last 27 years.…

I believe the draft should be brought back 2 year mandatory service for everyone to on their 18th birthday till 20 stay if you want get out after 2 years we'd have less pussies and more men less liberal b****** and more functional women…

#日曜討論 民主党系議員にはびっくり 台風19号被害 事業仕分けでスーパー堤防批判してたくせに

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