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Britain’s election result shows the Tories could afford to lose some suburban upper-middle-class voters because they gained far more working class voters in progressive strongholds—this could be the winning recipe for @realDonaldTrump in 2020…

Let's Talk about #TheGameAwards 2019 Watch Here -


Also not for nothing but this was the worst vote share for Labour since 1987. Guess who the leader was then…

saddened by seeing mean spirited arguments about the left & electoralism in the wake of the Labour defeat. rather than relitigate the controversies of the 60s I’m happy just to vote tulsi and let third world liberation forces sort out the rest

I mean, he got it right. Good for him. The replies are the more illuminating thing tho: these people are in denial. They will not take criticism. But most of all they won’t choose: let Brexit go or let Labour go. Been over this before but these ppl can not just make a choice.…

Stay, @jeremycorbyn. Keep fighting. In a year, the world will have changed dramatically. The Tories will have flushed the UK down the toilet and, at the same time, progressives in the US will light up this darkness by electing Bernie President. You’ll be desperately needed then.…

Olhem como estava linda a plateia enquanto a Taylor cantava “#Lover#HappyBirthdayTaylor #Z100Festival

the tories have done this


Funny, I had this strange but vivid dream last night. I dream't that Tories won a landslide victory despite the leader being labelled as untrustworthy.

What centrist Remainiacs did to Labour since 2017 is very reminiscent of Scorpion-Frog fable. Labour Frog agrees to carry Remainiac Scorpion over the water to escape Johnson’s hard Brexit, but sting inevitably comes and they both drown. It’s just in their nature to harm the Left

Feeling sad and detached from my siblings under the rainbow in Britain, and other countries where it is still illegal for us to be ourselves. Send me a gif or picture of your favorite LGBT+ character! Canonical is always preferred, but head canons are just fine, too! I'll start:

“So X. You’ve been calling #Brexit voters racist for 3yrs. you’ve been calling Tories racist. You do nothing but advocate crazy economics & Marxism. Exhibit identity politics. Why did you lose #GE2019 ?” X “Media in this country is biased! Our policies r great!” #bbcqt #Newsnight

Since Labour lost the election, there has been a lot of self-pity talk about their difficult choices when it came to Brexit. With Remainers and Leavers so bitterly divided, it was impossible for Labour to find a compromise that would satisfy both sets of voters. 1/

The new album #FineLine from my pal @HarryStyles is siiiiiick !! really proud of him

Do these people not realise that... the Tories... have, like... been in government the last nine years? Everyone's got so used to bashing Labour that they think Labour are to blame for the state of things, though they've not actually been the ones in power.…

A big Johnson win, Brexit is now 'easier', the pound jumped +2% and this is what we think will happen next after the extraordinary UK #GeneralElection

#GE2019 Is there any way to vote out/in some of the commentators on @BBCnireland @bbcradioulster in order to be spared another term of tired monotonous false-equivalence analysis? @BBCgmu @BBCNolan @StephenNolan @vinnybelfast @BBCTalkback @williamcrawley @BBCevex @bbctheview

Seriously, Justin Trudeau is having one hell of a PR week. Scheer resigning due to internal knifing within the Tories, and Wilson-Raybould proving the Liberal narrative why she was difficult to work with. #cdnpoli

My sense is that it will be along the lines of: No-one: .... Tories: Shift left for no reason.…

Smashed! Fuck the tories!

Dear Jeremy, If an engineer and engineering company director has been homeless in #oxford for 5 months, and eaten only biscuits for 3 days to be alive, and your Labour Party members in Oxford were kidding with him, this result map must not be suprise for you #GE2019


#GE2019 At the end of the day Labour doesn't have2woo back "traditional" voters. If the Tories can do wondrous things for them&keep their promises, fair play. But more than likely they won't and why should Lab have2 changes its inclusive values to woo those who don't share them?

Live now! Talking about the big announcements from #thegameawards #stateofplay and more on

Aaargh. Please stop doing this. Boris Johnson is an unprincipled liar who is way out of his depth - but he isn't Adolf Hitler, this isn't the Second World War, and you're not Simone bloody Segouin. Any more than Corbyn is comparable to Christ.…

Speaking outside Downing Street after his #GE2019  win, UK PM Boris Johnson "urges everyone" to "find closure and let the healing begin" on Brexit, after years of "increasingly arid argument"


RIP Vaughn Johnson - one of the baddest dudes to ever suit up in the @NFL The former @Saints LB was an unstoppable force on one of the fiercest group of LBs the league has ever seen. Vaughn and the Dome Patrol were one of my favorite things about growing up a Saints fan.


I’m quite relieved to have avoided hearing Boris Johnson all day so far , let’s hope that continues

Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds opted for a more casual election victory look…


‘Anti-India’, ‘Anti-Hindu’ Jeremy Corbyn Rejected By British Voters As Boris Johnson Wins Thumping Majority #UKElection…

Thursdays election in the UK which put Boris Johnson in No10 Downing for another 5 years is Dickensian in its proportions...a return to the medieval and shadows what is coming in the USA and the world

Tory John Baron fights off Labour by 20,000 votes in Basildon…

BREAKING: Open Britain/People's Vote organisation officially gives up on trying to force a second Brexit referendum.


In between the trade news and Boris' news conf, the US House Judiciary Comte OKed in separate votes the two articles of impeachment. Full House vote next wk with no doubt left Trump becomes 3rd impeached president. Senate trial starts in Jan. #Trump #impeach @anthonymace

5 more yrs of Tory austerity/nativism incomes dropping,no raises teachers needing handouts gig economy abuse hard Brexit alienating our best market only benefiting hedge funders, well-off & those who want enviro/labour deregulation... really, UK? sure U thought this one out?


like they dont know u Godsent but me i view u like that

Dopo aver detto addio alla Ue, Boris non vuole prendere ordini da Alexa… di @repubblica

Boris Johnson Wins, and Britain Chooses the Devil It Knows


'Celebrate Boris!' Trump promises 'massive new trade deal'

BBC News, a small point: why do you cover sometimes a third of the screen with repetitive, redundant banners. Your live coverage of Boris Johnson's speech, outside number 10 today, was an egregious example. At times you cut off the view of the PM while he was talking. #bbcnews

Anyway enough raging about Britain politics Currently I'm learning about gerrymandering and raging about american politics

I'll carry on banging that drum that's looking pretty tatty about now. FPTP is not fit for purpose, and does not reflect how people vote. We're never going to get PR while Labour or the Tories remain in power but what...…

I still believe Jeremy Corbyn is a decent man. But his self-delusion is frightening…

when you realise it’s friday 13th and tories won the election #notmygovernment #GeneralElection

When are people going to realise that there are 2 things that fucked up #Labour winning One of them is not #racism One of them might be #Brexit But one of them is definitely #Corbyn and the other one is probably #DianeAbbott Pull your heads out your arse. #GeneralElection

Ken Loach claims there is an active conspiracy to smear Corbyn as an antisemite. He doesn’t recognise JLM., even though it was a founding organisation of the party. He said he defers to JVL. This man setup left unity and stood against labour under EdM. Kick loach out.

E poi ci sono tanti soloni che cercano ancora di analizzare i risultati delle elezioni in Gran Bretagna e la sconfitta di Corbyn.... #HaStatoFassino #BrexitParty #GeneralElection #UKelection2019


Disgusting that Trudeau is sucking up to countries like Pakistan. Media and Conservatives both silent…

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